Sexual awakening in Amsterdam (M22)

High off my ass after my and my friend get brownies in Amsterdam, in my opinion the sluttiest city in the world. As a very scared bi man scrolling through tik tok to see a music video with the lyrics “I wanna fuck you, kill you, marry you.” The things that did to my body; feeling how hard I was becoming, urging to have cock fill my mouth as my bright blue hair trialled down the front of my tits, before being tied up and having my mouth pulled down the shaft of a growing dick as I’m teasing him. Kissing the head. Wrapping my tongue around before enclosing my lips and whilst looking up at him, sucking him off.

All this fuelled by bratcore on my for you page. I’m fighting the urges. Trying to work out if this is really how I feel. As soon as I become super stoned. My first thought is cocks. Having a man, pick me up, legs over his arms slamming into my prostate whilst I’m gripping his chest and neck with my false nails leaving scratch marks. Making me scream, make up trailing down my face before he throws me down, on my hands and knees, arching my back, he smacks my ass before spitting on my hole. Playing with my boy clit before pushing his cock into my ass again. Inviting his friends over to fill my mouth as well as jack them off.

This was all before my friend jokingly said “suck my penis” now I’ve never wanted to do that to him before. But my god in that moment, I just wanted to rip his pants down and suck him dry. Gagging on his dick whilst he moaned about how good it was. Licking every last drop of cum that left his shaft. Grinding my hips on his cock before letting him use my ass.

As I headed to the toilet afterwards all i seen in the mirror was a used slut. Black bra, big bimbo pink lips with black mascara trailing down from my eyes. Getting ready for the next cock I will be taking. Feeling my insides being turned inside out like a whore. Knowing I’m down the road from the red light district, the sluttiest, dirtiest road in the world. Filled with woman using their body’s to lure men in and take money for sucking cock. I just imagine myself in a window, where a group of men walk over wanting to have a fun time, I lower my price to the usual as I’ve become really horny at the thought of men using me and taking control of my sissy body.

Imagining my cock locked up in a chastity cage, my tits slowly growing with pericings all over, tattoos covering my body, one of the men come in pushing me up against the wall, grabbing my tits, whilst holding my hands above my head, making out with me. A slowly feel his friends coming over, a little older, grabbing my ass, my other tit, slowly undressing me before they pull their cocks out. All besides the man making out with me, I work my way down him. Crawling down his chest, undressing his pant buckle, feeling his crotch whilst I’ve got a cock in my hand and another in my mouth. I then turn all attention to him as he grabs my face, pulling me closer by my hair, I undo his underwear, when his cock slaps me across the face. Balls heavy.

Corressing his balls before shoving my slutty throat, which is dripping with saliva, down his shaft. Feeling my head shoved down the long shaft before feeling my legs spread apart. My tits being grabbed. My hands placed on cocks. My ass being pressed up against another big, thick cock.

I gasped as I felt his cock enter me, changing my mouth between cocks, being flipped on my back and having balls sit in my face, my nipples toyed with, my tits growing red. Hearing how they want to use me, teasing me about pissing on me, slapping me.

We walked down the red light district tonight. I heard him talk about his fantasies about the women and oh my god, I wish I was them woman. Just being fucked all day and being paid for it. Getting cock all day, showing my tits in the window, being a powerful woman.

This trip has really awaken the whore within me. I think I’ve been able to find my true self. I might investigate the shops if I get a chance by myself to buy myself a little whore kit. A nice bra set, anal plug, dildo vibrator. And really ready myself for my first of many cocks.

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