Sex With New Comer In The Office – Part 2

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“Actually, I forgot my mobile phone here. Just wanted to pick it”, Armaan said and just came inside going past Aditi. He picked his phone from the chair and looked around. That’s when he noticed the set of red lacy panties and bra lying on the floor.

Aditi was still standing in the door with messy hair and lust radiating from her eyes. He kept switching his glance between her face and her panties. He must have understood what was going on.

This was too much for Aditi, she knew she was caught in the act. Why not cash on it? She thought to herself.

She locked the door from inside and turned around.

“What a timing you have, Armaan.. Now that you have an idea about what was going on here, let’s finish it for good”, she smirked and moved towards him.

Aditi almost jumped on him and without letting him say anything, pulled him by his collar and pressed her lips against his. She attacked his lips, kissing them hard, and biting them. Armaan, as is the case with every male animal, gave in instantaneously and started reciprocating.

He opened his mouth and let Aditi’s tongue slide inside. He let her take the control, their tongues were fighting a battle on who was gonna lick other’s lower lips.

Aditi took his hands and put them on her hips. He moved down and gave her butt a hard squeeze. She could feel his boner poking her. Aditi then grabbed his cock above his pants and gave it a massage.

They broke the kiss, she looked into his eyes with lust, licking her lips. Then she got a hold of his dick, “I would make it mine but I have some more pressing needs now.”

She moved across the room and stripped down of her dress. Armaan was standing there with his mouth wide open. She sat on a chair, put her legs on the desk, and spread them wide, revealing her clean shaved pussy.

Aditi looked at Armaan with a poker face. “Eat”, she pointed at her pussy and commanded.

He moved across the room and before he could get down, Aditi said, “Oh and yes, take off that shirt first.”

She wanted to see his muscles and veins. Armaan hurriedly took of his shirt and put his hand over his head flexing his arms.

“Ohh fuck, get on with it. Come here”, Aditi said with desperation.

Armaan got down on his knees, pulled apart Aditi’s legs, sniffed her pussy taking in the seductive aroma of her juices and looked into her eyes, smiling. He knew she was getting impatient and he wanted to tease her.

“Please eat me, baby. Please”, the horny manager lady pushed the fresh joinee’s head on her pussy.

Armaan gave a lick at her clit, he knew she would want it more there but he wanted to beg her for it. So he just licked it there once making her moan and moved down, licking her inner thighs.

Aditi got crazy as Armaan was licking everywhere else but her clit. She pulled him by the hair and pulled up slightly hinting that she wanted him to eat her clit.

“Please suck my clit, please don’t make wait anymore” Aditi screamed and tried to choke his face with her legs. He understood it was finally time to take her to heaven.

Armaan put his tongue on her clit. He pressed it hard on her clit without making any movement, just steadily pressing it. Aditi started making sounds, “Aaaahm ummm..”

Armaan then released the pressure and started licking her clit like a hungry dog. He made circles around it with his tongue, licking it clean and sucking it occasionally.

Armaan then suddenly put his index finger into Aditi’s pussy as he was licking her clit. He knew she wasn’t expecting this and it came as a surprise. Aditi gave him a sudden jerk and moaned hard.

Armaan moved down to Aditi’s pussy and replaced his finger with his tongue. He let it slide in once and took it out. She knew what was going on.

“Will you just put your tongue inside?” Aditi screamed and pulled Armaan’s hair. Armaan let his tongue inside Aditi’s pussy and started tonguefucking her. He started doing it in rhythm. And on top of this, his beard hair was touching Aditi’s inner thighs, sending shivers down her body.

Armaan increased his pace. Aditi started moaning harder and harder.

“Stop”, Aditi screamed. Armaan stopped and looked up in her eyes.

There she was, eyes swollen with the work and the stress and with messy hair. She looked so sexy.

“I.. I want the real deal now. I wouldn’t mind cumming to your tongue but let’s save that for some other time. Today, I want your real flesh!”.

Armaan got the cue and stood up to take off his pants. “Well, I would love to take you with the real thing but first it needs some lubrication”, he said.

Aditi moved forward, took off his belt, unzipped his pant and pulled in down. She pulled down his boxers and his brown circumcised dick got out, saluting her.

“You are good”, Aditi only mildly appreciated with a smirk and took it in.

Aditi first gave it a lick along its length with her tongue and then moved down to lick his balls. Then she took the shaft in and started sucking it. She was caressing his balls with her fingers. She gave it a hard squeeze in between, Armaan screamed hard in pain. She looked into his eyes and laughed.

“Oh Aditi, oh my gosh Aditi, you are so good, baby. Take me in completely. Oh Aditi”, Armaan moaned in pleasure. He felt the pressure building up in his body, He pulled her up. Pulling her close and smooching her, taking in the taste of his own precum.

Aditi too responded well with her hands moving on his back. He bit her lips and gave a tight slap on her ass cheeks. She moaned in pain.

Before she could digest this, he flipped her around and made her bend on the table.

Armaan slapped her ass cheeks again and positioned his dick in her pussy from the back. He held her by her hips and let it slide in.

“Aaaah”, Aditi screamed in pain as his thick dick moved inside her pussy. He gave it more jerk and let it slide in completely.

Aditi bit her lips in order to control the screaming. Now that he had positioned his dick well, he started fucking her. As his body was touching her, it made “thapp thapp” sounds. He put his hand on her neck, grabbing it, started fucking her hard.

End of Part 2

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