Sex With New Comer In The Office – Part 1

Hi, I am Abhishek from Pune.

Aditi was all busy with work for a last couple of weeks as one of her team members had left and she had to cover for him. She was told that they had hired a replacement and he was going to join soon.

On one such afternoon, Aditi was working at her desk typically frantically on her desktop and that’s when she heard a knock from her HR manager.

“Hey Aditi, meet Armaan, your new team member. He is going to be the replacement for Ashish.”

Aditi looked up with half sleepy eyes and that’s when she realized, Armaan was a handsome boy in his last twenties, wearing a crisp black trousers and white shirt. He extended his hand, “Hi, I am Armaan. Nice to meet you. I heard you are going to be my boss.”

Aditi extended her hand instinctively. “Yes baby, I am going to BOSS you around here”, Aditi thought to herself.

“Aditi, Aditi?” the HR called to snap her out of her zone.

“Umm. Yes, sorry. I was thinking about something. Tell me”, Aditi said all embarrassed.

“You will need to onboard Armaan. So I will leave you guys to it”, she said this and left.

“Umm yes, right. Thanks”, Aditi waved to the HR.

“Ok, Armaan, I have booked conference room #3 for us. Why don’t you wait there for me. I will join you in a minute.”

“Sounds good”, Armaan said and left.

Looking at his compact butt, “I am going to rock his world”, Aditi thought to herself.

Aditi quickly rushed to the washroom, looked herself in the mirror. She hadn’t got any action for the past one week and wanted to know if it was showing on her face.

She washed her face, reapplied her lipstick and walked to the conference room.

Armaan was sitting on a chair filing out some forms given by the HR. Aditi knocked on the door and got in. She sat on a chair across him.

“Let’s begin with the basic introduction and then I will brief you about the project you will be working on”, Aditi said adjusting her hair.

“I have been working here for the past 5 years. I handle the portfolio for southeast Asia..” Aditi finished her introduction and waited for his reaction.

Armaan put down his pen, “That’s nice to know. As as I said before, I am Armaan..”

Aditi was paying 0 attention to what Armaan was saying. She noticed he had brown eyes. He had smoothly trimmed black beard with a hint of grey hair. And his jawline, Aditi could feel a sense of moistness building down there between her legs.

Looking at his biceps, Aditi could figure out he must be a work out freak. He had kept the top button of his shirt open indicating he had a clean shaved chest.

Wearing a black dress with lacy red bra and panties beneath it, Aditi had already started picturizing herself with him in the bed.

Oh, how awesome it would be to lick his chest and bite his nipples. They say the length of a man’s dick is proportional to the size of his foot.

Aditi intentionally dropped her pen down. She bent down to pick up her pen and took a good look at his feet.

Nice, must be 7″ at least, she thought to herself.

“So, which project am I going to be working on?” Armaan said this for the third time since Aditi didn’t seem to be listening.

Aditi came back to her senses. Sweating profusely even though they were sitting in AC, Aditi could sense her panties were dripping wet.

“Umm, you will be closely working with me on.,” Aditi said *and closely fucking me* she thought to herself.

“Hmm ah, that’s good to know,” Arman said this and rolled back his sleeves. Aditi looked at the throbbing veins on his hand.

Now, this was too much to handle for her. She was extremely turned on and was slowly rubbing her thighs against each other.

“You know what Armaan, actually I am not feeling very well right now. Why don’t we call it a day and I will see you tomorrow?” Aditi said this with gently licking her lips.

“Oh ok. Is there anything else I can help you with?” Armaan asked as he stood up to pack his stuff.

“Yeah, a wild fuck would be nice”, Aditi thought to herself, “No Arman, we are good for today, thanks for asking.”

Aditi stood up to shake hands with Armaan, Armaan also extended his hands.

*Ugh..So firm grip. Are you this hard and firm in bed too baby?*

Armaan took his bag and left the room. Aditi quickly locked the door from inside. She saw down on her desk, spread her legs and pulled down her wet panties

Aditi closed her eyes, her mind was still thinking about his jawline, clean shaved chest, and those veins.

She so wanted to just pull him closer, pull down his pants and suck his cock. Aditi was a sucker for cocks and she loved cocks. The fact that she hadn’t got any action for the past week was making her extra horny.

Aditi invariably put her thumb inside her mouth and started sucking it. She was licking it as if it was Armaan’s dick. Slightly smaller than what she would have liked but she would take it for now.

She licked the tip of her thumb with her tongue and slowly took it in. Aditi started sucking her thumb as if it was a real dick. She was fucking her mouth with her thumb. What a feeling that was.

Her brown nipples were super hard. She would have loved if Armaan had played with her boobs, sucked her boobs and gave bites on nipples. She would have happily given him a boobjob too.

Aditi pulled down the zip of the dress on her back. She took off her dress and kept it on the desk. She was sitting there with just her lacy bra which was barely holding her boobs. Now, she wasn’t worried about the fact she was at work. Actually, this was turning her on even more.

She was a senior manager in a reputed financial firm but here she was, sitting naked among hundreds of people at the workplace, albeit in a closed room.

Aditi loved the contrast in this situation. She always did. It is not too often that she dreamt about fucking people at work but today was different. Today was special.

Aditi pulled down the straps of her lacy bra, slowing letting off. There they were. The most gorgeous pair of boobs you would see – round and firm. Aditi took good care of her boobs and always took pride in the fact that they were firm.

Any man living or dead would yearn to play with them, suck with them. Such was the charisma of her boobs and those brown nipples. Aditi took both her nipples in her hands and gave them a sudden twitch, “Aaah” she let out a moan. She liked doing things the “hard” way sometimes.

Aditi started massaging her boobs, pressing them in between. How would Armaan have played with these babies? She asked to herself.

He was a muscular man, maybe he would have crushed them hard, she reckoned. She started rigorously massaging her boobs.

Aditi pinched her nipples, pinched them hard. She loved the pain. She held her nipple between her fingers and pressed those fingers. Aah, those shivers. She loved everything about it.

She wanted a real touch. She put her fingers inside her mouth making them wet with saliva. Then she put those wet fingers on her nipples as she was applying her saliva on them. She loved this game of playing it soft and hard. She would pinch her nipples hard and then caress them gently.

All along, she was rubbing her thighs against each other. The friction was giving some relief but it was not enough. She needed more. That’s the thing about being turned on, you want more and more until you are satisfied.

She was ready for the final act. She wanted to do it so badly. That’s when she heard a knock on the door, *Who the fuck is here now* she was fuming with frustration. She quickly put on her dress, leaving the bra and panties on the floor to open the door.

She opened the door and peeked out, it was Arman. Holy moly. What is he doing here? She got cold feet but she composed herself.

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Author’s Note:

This story is one of my fantasy and is a work of fiction. Please get in touch with me at [email protected] for feedback and more such stories.

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