Sex with my ex

My ex (f25) and I (m25) broke up recently. For context she’s a petite cute blonde with an innocent look to her. She insisted on remaining friends and I was open to it. She invited me over to hangout for a bit, things started casual but she slowly started to act a little flirty. I didn’t think much of it because she’s kind of been this way even before we were dating.

But as the night progressed she asked “would you like some wine?” I felt I already knew where this was going and gladly accepted. We drank and laughed while reminiscing on old times, we ate some food and then took the remaining wine to her room. We decided to watch some tv and she invited me to sit next to her on the bed. I put my arm around her without even thinking of it (old habits lol) she leaned over and gave me a casual kiss on the cheek.

A few minutes later she leaned over to give me another cheek kiss and I turned my head to kiss her on the lips. We immediately started making out. Like we both wanted to fuck but were waiting for the go ahead from the other. It wasn’t cute and romantic, it was rough. I started pulling her clothes off and she immediately reached into my pants to jerk me.

I pushed her hand away, ripped her pants off, and buried my head in her pussy. It tasted so good, like I’ve never tasted before. I flipped her over and started eating her ass and pussy from behind. She begged me “please fuck me already” I was hard as a rock, I whipped out my dick and slid it in, gentle at first until she told me to fuck her harder. I listened. She came after fucking her like this for awhile. I pulled out and she turned around and got on her knees in front of me, looking up at me as she licked my cock and slowly slid it down her throat. This girl has no gag reflex. She sucked me until I couldn’t hold it anymore. I came all over her face

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