Sex in the cinema (part 3)

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I take off her skirt and pull her panties off
They’re sticky wet and oozing juices from her pussy,I take them completely off and put them on my face

As I smell her panties and taste her juices on my fingers she takes the top off
Her juices taste heavenly
A bit salty and violety (idk how rose to describe it) and her panties smell like a rose but sweaty and salty

As she removes her bra I stop her halfway and tie her hands behind her with the bra
I take my belt off and tie it around her throat
As my pants fall off
I then remove my underpants and fling them across the room and dangle my dick in front of her

She starts biting her lips and i pull her using the belt and whisper in her ear
“today there’s limits for experiencing the pleasure I want”
I then pull her neck down by tugging on the belt and she kneels and puts her tongue out
And before she realises it I shove the whole of it into her throat

She gags and chokes and tries to push me away but in vain as I tug on the belt around my back to keep her in place
Her eyes start tearing up and turning red and she’s gasps for air
She looks at me begging to let her breathe but I’m not yet done…

Final part coming..

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