Seth interviews Isabella by Heremod

It has been a very long time since I wrote something but here I am back again. i hope you guys enjoy.

Someone knocked on his door and Seth looked through the window. One of his employees, a middle aged Cuban man named Juan stood in front of the door, waiting to be allowed in. Seth never liked the man. He smelled like cigarettes, and had an irritating cough. ‘Come in.’ Seth spoke, wondering was this man was bothering him with. The man opened the door and started groveling. ‘Sir I am sorry to disturb you while you are very busy but I noticed that you have yet to find a new secretary.’ That was completely true. Seth had been too busy with his work and playing with his toys to really think of getting a new secretary after the old Miss Fire went into retirement. ‘That is correct.’ Seth spoke as he nodded. ‘You do no not happen to know someone who would be able to fulfill the function do you?’ He asked even though Seth knew the answer. The old man would not be here otherwise. The man smiled a toothy smile that showed off his black teeth. ‘As it so happens I do.’ He started.

‘As it happens, my daughter just finished college and is looking for a job. I was hoping that…’ Before the man could continue, Seth interrupted him. ‘You were hoping your daughter could work here in the office as my secretary.’ He looked strict at the man while considering this option. He had no clue if this girl had the qualifications. ‘Well she is looking for a job as a personal assistent or secretary and you know how offices are full of dirty old men nowadays. I rather have her work here then someone place else.’ So that you can keep a good eye on her, Seth had to admit that it was very fatherly but his cock began to stir with the idea of fucking the girl in the office while her father was working a couple of meters away.

‘What is her name?’ Seth asked. ‘Isabella sir.’ Came the answer. ‘How old is Isabella?’ ‘Nineteen.’ Came the answer. Seth sighted. ‘Tell her to be here the day after tomorrow at 9:30 and have her bring her CV with her,’ ‘Yes sir, thank you.’ The man almost bowed as he walked backwards to the door and left.

It was now Tuesday. If he had the interview on Thursday, the girl could start the next week.

That Thursday, beautiful Latina girl walked towards the office of Seth. She had brown skin, black long hair and was wearing a white blouse with the top buttons undone, which gave a small inklink of her large tits and a black skirt. She looked professional yet sexy.

Seth did hope she had some skill as well as looking pretty as he needed a good secretary as well as a toy.

‘Isabella, I assume?’ Seth asked as the girl opened the door. She nodded and Seth gestured her to sit down. She was filled on all the right places. Big lips, double D boobs and a ass to die for,

As the two talked about the job, Seth suddenly asked. ‘I see you have experience in finance. Why didn’t you apply for a job in our department?’ The girl clearly knew that this question was coming, as she had her answer ready. ‘I feel that this company is growing, and that it is a large part to you. I want to grow with you and I feel that, as your secretary, I am in the ideal situation to not only grow but also learn.’ A textbook answer, Seth smiled. He liked her.

‘Some of the things that you will be seeing or doing will be very confidential, how would you deal with that, considering your father works in the office?’ Again the girl had anticipated the question. ‘I live together with my boyfriend so I do not see my father the whole time and we discussed that we do not talk about work with each other and he will never ask and I will never tell, should I get the job.’

Seth had felt his cock stiffen the whole time the two were talking. and he really liked her. The man could also not wait to paddle that ass.

‘I am going to be honest with you. I am about to hire you.’ Seth said. He saw a look of relief on the girl’s face but then a look of confusion followed. ‘Before I do that, I need to tell you a little secret. A reason why I am so successful.’ Seth continued, he saw how Isabella just nodded.

‘I exploit the lust of those who I do business with and use females to convince them.’ Isabella was taking it all in. ‘I am telling you this because I would require you to help me in this regard, both for my own satisfaction and those I do business with.’ A look of shock came on the girl’s face and then she started stammering. ‘I.. I don… don’t know…. I… ”Of course you will be payed for the extra services.’ Seth added. ‘I… I could use… Money but…’

Seth looked the girl straight in the face as he held a folded paper in his hand. ‘You have three options now. You leave and the job offer is off the table, or you stay seated and you will be doing regular secretary work with the pay we already discussed or you remove your panties now and that will mean that I can use you when I want and with who I want. Your salary will be this.’ As he said that, he gave the paper to Isabella. She glanced at it and Seth saw her face move.

The girl put the paper back on the table and stood up. After a sigh, she put her hands under her skirt and slowly removed her black thong. As she put the thong on the table, Seth noticed a wet spot. ‘Neither my father, not my boyfriend can know about this.’ She said as she glanced out of the window, to her father. ‘Do not worry about that. Oh and you can only look out of the office through the glass, not inside.’ Seth spoke, which relaxed her a bit. After both had put their signatures, Seth smiled. ‘To seal the deal, how about a little taste.’ The girl nodded. ‘Stand in front of the chair and lean over.’ As she did what he had asked, Seth took a paddle out of a drawer and walked towards her. Her ass was beautiful.

‘The first hit of the paddle gave a small yell but Seth was more distracted by the full ass that wobbled with the hit. Another followed and another until they had reached ten. Her cheeks were very red and as Seth let his finger glide through her pussy, he noticed she was also very wet. ‘Did the paddling turn you on?’ Seth asked. ‘Yes sir.’ Was all she could say.

Seth’s cock almost burst, he knew he needed her right here and right now. Pushing her further to the chair, Seth undid his pants and slammed his cock in her. ‘MMMMM’ He heard her say as he fucked her bend over the chair. He felt her moist pussy as he glided in and out,

Seth opened her blouse and his hands found their way under her bra. As he fucked her, he played with her nipples.

‘On the table.’ Seth said. The girl removed her skirt before sitting on the table with her legs spread.

Her lower body was bare, which gave a beautiful look at her pussy and small strip of hair above it. Her blouse was open and her nipples peeked up above her bra. ‘Take it off.’ Seth spoke curtly. Isabella nodded and quickly removed her blouse and bra. her tits were large, with beautiful brown nipples. Seth took nipple clamps from the drawer and placed them on her nipples. He then pulled her legs towards him so he could enter her again. As he fucked her, he heard the chain rattle as she moaned.

As he fucked her, Seth yanked the chain a bit, which flicked her tits up and a ‘Oh God yes.’ From her. It was clear she was into pain. That was very good to know.

‘I am going to cu uu uu mmmmmmmmmmm’ She said as she tried to keep as silent as possible, failing at it. Apart from the glass, the office was also sound proof so she could scream all she wanted. However, her cumming had effect on him and Seth was about to ejaculate. ‘Kneel before me.’ He said. Just as she sat on her knees, Seth pushed his cock in her mouth and after a bit of sucking, he came in her mouth. She swallowed everything.

After both of them dressed again, Isabella left the office. She was about to start next Monday. Seth could not wait to fuck her ass.

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