Service with a Smile by ST99

“Six hundred, six hundred and fifty, seven hundred… there we go, seven hundred and fifty dollars. That should cover your half of the rent.”

Hannah couldn’t say anything. Her tongue was too deep in Chloe’s ass to speak. Instead, she forced herself to push deeper, to lock lips with her roommate’s dainty rosebud and put as much enthusiastic energy into the ass-eating as she could.

“You said that there were other expenses, yes? Tuition, textbooks, food, other such things? If you need more money, don’t feel afraid to ask. I’d be more than happy to loan you a little more. I know that country girls like you can find living in the city overwhelming. Everything’s very expensive here.”

Hannah still didn’t respond. Her nose was nestled deep between Chloe’s asscheeks. The rise of those tight cheeks pressed hard against Hannah’s closed eyes, and Chloe’s long skirt draped over her head like a head veil. Every breath she took came smothered underneath the other woman’s earthy scent. Thankfully Chloe kept herself clean, so the taste on her tongue was only a hard day’s work worth of sweat, grime, and feminine musk.

Hannah hated it. She hated the taste, the smell, the horrible sense of degradation that came with having her head buried in Chloe’s ass. But that didn’t stop her from sucking and swirling.

Chloe let out a soft sigh. “Yes, there we go. You’re doing a good job, Hannah. You’re a natural asslicker. Widen your circles, though, will you dear? Thank you.”

Hannah scrunched her eyes as a shudder of disgust passed through her body. She did as she was told, though.

Soon enough Chloe was softly moaning under Hannah’s toungework. As Hannah serviced her, Chloe’s posture slowly loosened, and the pleasure slowly began to mount Chloe relax to the point where she was lowering herself against Hannah’s face. Hannah was soon partially supporting the weight of Chloe’s body with her face, which drove her so deep between her cheeks that Hannah found herself being smothered. More than a minute of asslicking passed while Hannah was buried underneath Chloe, unable to breath and unable to pull away.

But before Hannah had to start seriously worrying, Chloe’s cellphone rang. Chloe made a noise of polite frustration, then nonchalantly pulled herself off Hannah’s face. Hannah gasped in fresh air like she had just broken the surface of a swimming pool.

“Stay there, dear. If this is who I think it is, I have to take this.”

Chloe strode over to her purse on the nearby end table and pulled out her cellphone. As she took the call, Hannah used the short break to pull herself together and gather her wits.

Hannah was kneeling in the center of their apartment’s living room. She was completely naked, utterly bare to the world, and her neatly folded clothes sat on the floor nearby. Her pink panties were placed atop her jeans and t-shirt, probably on purpose to make her feel just a little more humiliated. Chloe, meanwhile, was still wearing her work clothes. Her long black skirt, airy white blouse, sensible high heeled boots, and flawlessly applied makeup all worked together to give her the impression of a remarkably professional woman, though one that was also not afraid to highlight her more feminine features.

In short, Chloe looked good. She walked with the air of a lady who knew what she wanted and how to get it. Hannah was naked, kneeling, and had the taste of Chloe’s ass in her mouth. The contrast between the two couldn’t have been sharper.

“Uh huh. Yes, yes,” Chloe said, her cellphone pressed tight against her face. “Yes, I did. I know, I know, please. No need to repeat yourself, Rob. Just a second, hold on for a moment.” Chloe pulled herself away from the phone and turned to Hannah. “Dear, would you please lean back and open your mouth? Face straight toward the ceiling, if you would. No moving, and no swallowing.”

Puzzled, Hannah did as she was told. She tilted her head back until she was looking straight up, then held her mouth open.

For a few short moments, Hannah just stared at the ceiling, eyes squinting from the bright light of the ceiling lamp. Then Chloe strode forward and blocked the view with her bare pussy, the view framed by the skirt Chloe was holding up with one hand. She stood above Hannah, purposefully holding her pussy over Hannah’s open mouth. Hannah only had a few seconds of disgusted realization before Chloe began to piss.

“No, no, I’m still here,” Chloe said to the phone. “Continue on, please. I’m listening.”

Hannah forced herself to remain still. She locked her body in place, clenched down on her muscles so that she was utterly immobile under the disgusting spray. Most went into her open mouth, flooding her body with a warm salty taste that made her want to heave, but some piss sprinkled onto her face, where light trails dripped down her cheeks and chin toward the rest of her body. Hannah kept her eyes shut and her mouth open.

“Yes, yes, I have the girl right here. She took the money, so she’ll do anything I say. Within reason, of course. You know the limits of these sorts.”

The piss continued to rain down onto Hannah’s face. Chloe must have been purposely holding back on using the bathroom for a long while, because Hannah’s mouth was all but full and Chloe was still going. More piss streamed down her chin and forehead. Some soaked into her hair, the rest dripped down her body. She could feel it all over her body. It was beyond disgusting, and Hannah was actively struggling to keep herself from spitting out Chloe’s horribly tasting waste and throwing herself away from the stream.

“Like I said Rob, I gave her the money. I can take it back if she breaks our little agreement, and she can’t afford to do that. Quite literally, actually.”

Finally, Chloe began to slow down. The stream turned into a trickle, then a light drip. Each drop hit the open pool in her mouth, causing it to quiver and shake. Every so often a small wave spilled out and dribbled down her chin, wetting her already thoroughly damp chest and thighs. Hannah was trembling from the sheer power of the disgust boiling through her. She could feel the warm piss coating her body. The feel of it, the taste and the smell, it was something beyond de***********ion. It threatened to overwhelm the already slippery grip on her self-control.

“Yes, definitely. She’d do that.” Chloe paused, listening to the man on the other end speak. “Yes, alright, set everything up then. Try to stick to people you know can stay at least a little discreet, okay? And at least attempt to keep this between a few dozen men at most. Okay. Yes, fine, thank you, goodbye.”

Chloe ended the call. “Ugh, what a chatterbox. Anyway! Good news for you, dear. I’ve set something up that will let you earn some quick money and get you started on paying back what you owe me. There’s going to be a party later this week. It’s going to be hosted by one of your classmates, in fact, so expect to see some familiar faces. I just got off the phone with him, and he agreed to let you set up a… Well, I suppose a stall is the polite way to put it.”

Chloe stepped back, then pointed her cellphone down at Hannah piss-streaked face. The phone flashed as she took pictures while she talked. “You see, Rob’s parties are almost famous for their party girls. Guys come to get their dicks wet, and girls come to get fucked by half a dozen different guys. But those gals tend to be few and far between, so Rob usually hires help. Call girls, basically. They hang around the second-floor bedrooms. You, my dear, are going into the basement. Rob has all sorts of interesting furniture lying around down there, and you’re going to get the fuckbench. Here, let me show you a picture.”

Chloe tapped on her phone for a moment, then showed Hannah the screen. In the center of a remarkably small room, one made sinister through low lighting and scarred wooden flooring, there was something that looked like a low padded table. The cushioning held a shallow hollow in the shape of a spread-eagle body, and thick straps hung down like curtains on each side of the bench’s length. Manacles were chained to the bottom of each leg. Two small tables flanked the bench, one side holding a massive bottle of lube and a basket full of condoms, the other a small tip jar and a wastebasket.

As Hannah stared at the screen, Chloe said, “We’ll put you on the bench, get you wrapped up nice and tight, spread your legs as far as they’ll stretch, probably gag you so nobody has to hear any of your whining, and then we’ll let the guys at the party go to town. I’m thinking twenty-five dollars for your pussy, fifty for your ass? That sounds fair. Well, literally any other girl would go for more money, but they aren’t what we’d call fucktoys. They aren’t going to get screwed by literally every guy there. Public use whores are only worth discount prices, you know? You can swallow now, dear.”

Hannah closed her eyes and shuddered. Slowly, with extreme reluctance screaming through her expression, Hannah forced herself to gulp down the piss in her mouth. It was indescribably horrible. Tears leaked out her tightly-scrunched eyes.

“So that should earn you some money,” Chloe continued cheerfully. “I don’t think it will be enough to earn back all that you owe me, though. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure to give you more opportunities. There’s a room near the campus dining hall that nobody ever uses. Maybe I could have you suck off guys in there? Have you kneel down and offer your mouth to anyone who wants to use it…” Chloe hummed, thinking. “Fifty bucks a pop might be too cheap. But you’re not worth any more, are you? Certainly not a hundred dollars. I’ll have to think about it.”

Hannah continued to kneel, silent and still. Her breaths came in short and sharp, strained like she had just finished running, and her eyes weren’t focused on much of anything.

“I’ll have you finish eating me out in a second,” Chloe said as she fiddled with her cellphone. “But first I need to send some pictures to Rob. He has to know what his new girl looks like, you know. And he likes to have something to pass along to the rest of the boys. Gets them excited for the party, you know? So, what I want you to do is smile.”

Hannah blinked. A moment passed. Chloe stared at her expectantly. Hannah eventually forced herself to ask, “Smile?”

“Well, yes,” Chloe said patiently. “Service with a smile? You know the concept, yes? It’s all about presenting yourself as someone eager to help. If we consider the upcoming party a job, then this is the job interview. You pass or fail depending on how well you charm the interviewer. If you fail, you don’t get the job.”


“Well, yes. It’s not like I’m going to haul you into his house at gunpoint, dear. You can always just say no.”

Hannah’s expression brightened.

“I’d have to take back the money I loaned you, of course,” Chloe continued. “Saying no would break the rules of our little agreement. No money means you immediately get kicked out of the apartment for not paying your share of the month’s rent. And I understand that you aren’t familiar with the area? I’m not sure you could survive being homeless in this city. Not while attending all your classes, anyway. I guess you’d have to drop your classes, maybe even drop out altogether.”

Hannah’s expression dimmed.

Chloe shrugged. “In the end, it’s all up to you, dear. But in my opinion? You really ought to be thankful. I’m loaning you money out of my own pocket. I was here to help you out of a tight spot when you needed it most. And a date with the fuckbench doesn’t just get pulled out of thin air, you know. I had to pull strings to get your name in the right ears. I’m really going out of my way to provide you with these money-making activities. Honestly, I’m a little hurt you haven’t even thanked me.”

Chloe sighed, then drummed her fingers against her cellphone. “Anyway. Make up your mind. Smile and I’ll take the picture. Don’t smile and I’ll take back my money. Your choice, dear.”

Hannah’s thoughts raced. On one hand, she hated absolutely everything about this. She hated being treated like a mindless sex toy. She hated having to degrade herself. She hated how Chloe obviously took sadistic pleasure from her humiliation. Hannah knew that what she was suffering now would be a drop in the ocean compared to what would happen if she went to the party.

But on the other hand, she couldn’t afford to say no. She needed the money. There wasn’t any other way to get it. If she didn’t do what Chloe said, she’d lose the apartment and drop out of school. She couldn’t afford to do that.

Chloe patiently waited for Hannah to follow the logical train of thought to one inescapable conclusion. In the end, once Hannah knew what she had to do, she did the only thing she could. She smiled.

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