Serendipity Pass: Chapter 3 – Trails Blazed, Roads Traversed / Re-Work by JoeRogue

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblances to actual events, characters, persons, alive or dead or beings of Earth or the multiverse, past, present or future, is purely coincidental. Unless, of course, I’m psychic, in which case this a work of non-fiction. But I highly doubt that, I’m not that attuned. I mean if I was, I’d have won Powerball by now and been able to afford creative writing classes and a proofreader.

Be forewarned, these writings may trigger some issue or issues that you have, either by the language used or it’s content in general. If you are one to get bothered by every little thing, just close it now and step away from wherever the hell it is that you are reading this.


Serendipity Pass

Chapter 3 : Trails Blazed, Roads Traversed

“Thanks, Joe.” Two words, spoken softly, almost hushed, fell on my ears with a sincerity that made my heart melt.

I’ve been thanked before. A few times. Not by everyone, but there’s been a handful. In my past, I dated working girls mostly. Not that kind, sheesh. Bartenders, waitresses, dancers, erotic and ballet, and even a five foot seven, one hundred forty five pound girl who worked on a road repair crew. She had a buzz cut with a short Mohawk, and abs that could break a fist. Funny, in bed, she was soft, shy and feline.

My first real girlfriend, was a corporate advertising exec, at a regional newspaper. She was your classic Italian beauty. Most of the rest, were just naturally hot, or athletically sexy.

Me? I’m a skinny, scruffy, motherfucker, who people would say was out of his league. ‘He has no business cutting her lawn, never mind being in her bed.’ And they’d be right, except, I had a pair, and was in the proverbial right place, at the right time, with the right attitude, on more than a couple of occasions.

Kinda like this one.

I tell you this why? Well, if you want to make a girl, especially one who busts her ass on her feet all day, happy, and make her cum with gratitude. Shower her like she was an Egyptian queen. Massage her like she was a Roman goddess. Get your hands working on her whole body, paying extra attention to her feet and legs, kiss and nibble and tease her everywhere, then fuck her like an equal, like a friend. Like it was your calling. You do that, she’ll keep you happy too. Unless she’s a selfish, self centered cunt, but then, you can smoke that out quicker this way and have fun doing it.

So yeah, I’ve been thanked before, mostly with laughs of stress relief, followed by a, ‘god I needed that!’. But this one, this one was different. The intonation of her words invoked something intimate and endearingly genuine. The softness in her voice and the length of her gaze expressed, something healing. Something needed.

“I’m glad that things led my day up to this. It almost seems like, umm, what’s that word?”




“Not it either.”


“Noooo, but almost. You know, Like when uncontrollable stuff, happens, odd meetings and bad timings. When things just go all shitty, but end up bringing good things. There was a romcom about it with a guy from New York and a girl from Britain, there was an ice rink and a book.”


“Yeah, that’s it. Serendipity.” She drifted off in thought, not distantly, more like contentedly here. She tilted her head and relaxed. I felt her hand move to my chest, settle over my heart, and unwittingly, trace patterns on my skin. “I honestly thought I’d never be with anyone. Especially not an older guy. No offence it’s just, with the people I’ve met, I was afraid I’d be beat up or worse. I fantasized about what it would be like, but I never thought about it being this comfortable and fun. Never mind just being myself, completely, with anyone.” Her words fell off again in a contemplative pause. “Anyway, I’m glad you happened by when you did.” Her head shot up and she quickly pecked my cheek.

*”You’re not getting all Romeo and Juliet on me are ya?

“Nah, just strangely calm and unbelievably, normal. I am definitely at peace with myself, you, and this.”

*”That’s good, cause I’m not picking out matching table settings anytime soon.”

“Awww, and here I was thinking of Joe and Sandy towels hanging on a rack. You really know how to slay a girl’s dreams don’t ya.”


She laughed and hugged me tighter, her head nestled into my neck, her body rose and fell slowly against me, matching the pattern of her breaths.

*”I’m glad to be here with you too Sandy. But I really hope you don’t think we’re done yet.”

“I was actually hoping you’d like to stay. I have nowhere to be tomorrow until seven. There’s an evening lecture I need for a class. I was just gonna study and work on some stuff all day.”

*”That! Would be my pleasure, besides you still have a couple hours on the beer. Never mind the weed. Just think of me as your private, voluntarily captive, semi-intelligent sexdroid. And you can show me what your working on, maybe we can start putting something together.”

She smiled and kissed me, I bit her lower lip. Her legs started losing their grip around me and they slowly slid down the back of mine. I held her steady as she lowered her feet to the floor and found enough strength to stand, barely. She was still trembling. “My knees won’t stop shaking. I think you broke me.”


She leaned on me, her head on my shoulder, her arms wrapped around me tightly, using me for support. I could feel her legs shaking through every part of me. Mine, in all honesty, weren’t doing much better.

“Maybe we should wash this off, before we run out of hot water.”

I reached over and turned off the faucets. She looked at me quite puzzled.

*”Have you ever tasted your own cum?”

Her brow furrowed, her eyes looked up in thought. “No, not that I can recall. I don’t think it ever even crossed my mind. Like I said I usually don’t do, that, when I touch myself. I’ve had wet dreams but I just play with my other part and barely ever does that happen. Have you?”

*”Yeah a couple times.”

She looked at me inquisitively.

*”I, don’t like that, ooh ahh, thanks I’m outta here sex. I like sex. Sex that doesn’t stop just because there was an orgasm. I like the sex itself and sometimes that involves kissing or tasting places where you’ve cum already.”


*And, what?”

“Aaand , what’s it like?”

*”Oh! Eh! I smoke too much, drink too much coffee, and eat too much meat. So it’s more, hmmmm, how was it put to me once??? ‘It’s more, taste numbing, than any flavor I can describe’. And that descrlptlon is better than anything I could ever come up with.”

“So why’d you ask, if you know what it tastes like?”

*”Because? I want toooo..?, taste you..?, and I was hoping for a, heads up?”

“Oh! I guess it would be different, wouldn’t it. Hmmmmmmmpff. Well, let’s see.”

She smiled, this mischievous smile, and carefully slid her way down, holding onto me for balance, with the cutest look of determination on her face. Her legs were still rocky and unsteady but she managed to get there, without crashing down to the tiled floor. She touched a rivulet, of the opalescent fluid that was still dripping down my cock, and slid it up the shaft, gathered it on my crown, put it to her nose and sniffed. It wriggled, sort of like when someones sleeping and some wise-ass tickles it with a feather. She pursed her mouth and brought it close, testing the texture against her lips, then she stuck out her tongue and tasted it. My whole body jumped.

*”Oh fuck.” My eyes widened, her tongue was still licking at my head. *”Well?”

She looked up at me coyly, then took my cock straight in her mouth and ran her lips down two thirds of its length. She held it there drawing on it. All I could do was groan nasty thoughts at her. I felt her lips clench tighter and rise up. Her tongue licked at the underside as she worked her mouth back up and off me. *”Oh fuck San, you keep that up I may just buy those table settings myself.”

“Mmmmm mmmf.” The last of me left her mouth, the air around it cooled but offered no comfort. “Don’t make me laugh. I’m experimenting down here.” She rubbed it up on her lips and cheek, smearing her face with the silky fluid. She stood up, with her own orgasm painted on her face in glossy swirls, and put her lips right under my nose. I breathed her in with a drawn out sniff. It was musky, not just that feminine kinda musky that drove me nuts, it was that and more… carnal? No, not carnal. Earthy? Heady? Animal? Sphagnummy? Yeah that’s it, sphagnummy .

I know that’s not a word, get over it and don’t bother looking it up, it’s one of the few things you – won’t – find on Google.

It was sphagnummy, with hints of frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood and spices and other earthen incenses, all mixed together in a untamed, amorous assault on my senses. So I kissed her and tasted her. It was buttery and creamy, in texture, with a salty linger and other tastes I couldn’t seem to describe. It wasn’t awful in the least, in fact, it was kind of salacious.

I pushed my tongue deeper into her mouth, tasting more of her essence. I felt her get harder as she rubbed against my inner thigh. My trepidation waned.

Emboldened, by her rebuilding desire, I slid down to my knees and cleaned her restrengthening muscle with my mouth, feeling it, sleek and smooth against my face, plush and sumptuous on my tongue. The growing heat was provocative. Cleaning turned to teasing. Her dick grew harder, bigger and thicker in my lips, the sensations were intense. Her sounds were pleasing to my ego. My mouth watered.

She started to fuck my face and I let her. Her hands held my hair in bunches. Her cock slid through my lips, growing stiffer and swelling. Mine tingled, with every stroke of her flesh on my tongue, like, there was a direct connection from my mouth and nose, to the nerves in my shaft .

I was enjoying this shit. We were enjoying this shit. I didn’t know if she could make me cum like this, but I was damn sure she’d get me close. And I was going to give that possibility a test.


for now…

This was her night.

I pulled myself away from my exploring and kissed my way up her stomach. Licking and nibbling up her chest, giving both pinkie-sized nipples a suck and a gentle tease with my teeth, before moving up to that lean tempting neck.

“Oh you cocksucker!” she chuckled and blushed. The words came out sounding like tease and were a cute contradiction to the shyness she usually displayed.

*”What did I do now?”

“I never touch my… penis, when I masturbate, or my boobs for that matter, other than in the shower to wash. My nipples are never this sensitive but now here you are, teasing them and making my toes curl with your teeth.”

*”Umm wouldn’t that make me, tit nibbler? Here lemme show you the difference, this…” I took her head in my hands and guided her down. She went half way, on her own accord, pulling my hands down with her. She placed her lips to the still slightly cum glazed head and looked up, with those hungry violet eyes, waiting. Her tongue peeked out from her lips and wet them, they parted slowly. I needed no more cues. *”, cocksucker.”

I gripped her hair cordially in my fingers and slowly eased myself into her, watching her eyes for the signs. Deeper. Slowly. Deeper. Hold. Deeper. More. *”Mmmmmmmmmmmmm” The hair on my balls just started to tickle against her chin, her eyes widened, her throat tensed. Tender hands on my hips held fast and squeezed. I knew I was at that reflexive spot, when her throat tensed and restricted. I stopped and slowly inched out and away from it, enjoying the warmth and the building sensations. Her eyes watered, just a bit. A moist trail meandered to a single, jiggling, drop right on the edge of her jaw.

I continued my play, in and out, forth and back, deep and shallow, in a delightful repetition, slowly torturing myself with this hot, wet, wonderful sensation around me. She started sucking in. The pressure on me pulled any thoughts from my head and replaced them with the blurred vision of ecstasy’s looming.

Her ass rolled, forward and back, grinding the air in rhythm to my strokes. Her moans undulated into the very same flesh that stroked in and out of her lips. My fingers were locked in her hair as I fucked that beautiful face slowly, steadily. I watched, enthralled, as my darker olive skin disappeared into the paleness of her face and those lips.

Drool started seeping from the corners of her mouth. My cock ached and throbbed, the skin was tighter than I can ever remember it being. The promise of orgasm loomed, the anticipation, deliciously unfuckinbearable. But, I wanted, so much, to enjoy more of her, before I came. She deserved at least that, for sharing this with me. I knew the pleasures, felt them before, and in that moment, I was damn sure, I wanted her to have, the first time of fabled first fucking times.

I pulled her up to full height. A tinge of disappointment fell into her eyes as my cock slid from her pale pink lips. Her forehead leveled with my mouth and I kissed it, she shivered and lost her breath.

*”And this, is tit nibbler,” I joked, as I took another mouthful of her enjoyably long nipple and sucked it between my teeth.

“Oh! That goes right through me.”

A fresh dewy droplet, building on the tip of her crown, caught my eye as it seeped from the tiny slit at the very top. I scooped it off with the pad of my thumb, prompting a surprised moan and wide eyes. I teased it on her lower lip, then sucked that lip right into my mouth and let my tongue have it.

Our hands interlocked as we kissed. I guided her left hand around my back and placed her thumb against my ass. I reached behind her and did the same, with mine, to hers. *”I’ll follow your lead, if you’ll follow mine.”

“Mmmhmm. Mmmmm.” she replied, with a soft anticipation.

She put her head on my shoulder angling it just right, offering her mouth to my desire. She gripped my ass and her thumb pressed into me, just a bit. My body reacted in a way I never would have expected. It relaxed and started to move, grinding into the motions. I returned the favor, a little more fervently, and started massaging her, slowly, tenderly, patiently feeling her open for me. Teasing it to take more of me in.

Slow but steady we worked them, both of us, rhythmically and steadily, grinding back to meet the others intruding digit Willing them in, willing them on. Our cocks, both now hard and hungry, pushed into the others, for our own pleasures, as well as to share it with the other.

Within a few minutes, very dry, deliberate, minutes, both our thumbs were fully engulfed, by the others grinding, spellbound body. Sounds of primal pleasure started to rise, barely contained, by mouths pressed together in want and need and…

*”Fuck, that feels good.”

“Yeah, there, right there.”

She started pumping herself into my stomach harder, her ass sliding steady and strong on my intrusive finger, building up speed. My middle and ring fingers found their way to her slit and played along the outsides of her womanhood. Her breath became hard and shallow and she sucked the air right through me.

Groans stopped as her body jerked and muscles squeezed tighter on my knuckle. There was a sustained, guttural heralding, a drawn out call to some ancient power. I felt the rush of her cum flood on my cock and belly and flow down me, the sensation triggered a rush deep inside. I gripped her ass and pulled her tighter with a solid grunt, as I tested my tongue to her lips and she sucked it back in to her hot inviting mouth.

I felt my seed work up within me, with an excruciating series of turbulent throbs. It climbed higher and higher, stopped, raged, then erupted from me, through me, out of me, onto me, and onto her. The warm slick elixir, sandwiched between us, flowed itself down and mingled with hers. The scent changed ever so slightly as two musks combined to become one overpowering essence. I jerked and tightened and released, over and again. Her gasps settled in time, with mine.

Our foreheads were pressed together, our noses touched at the tips as we caught our wind and settled into the hot mess we had just created.

Then we giggled. Yeah, we giggled, loud and unashamed.

*”Oh, fuck, that was good.”

“Toooo, damn, good, shit!”

I wiggled my thumb inside her, she spasmed and nearly fell back, again and again slowly. She went rigid and bit into my neck lightly and tenderly, mumbling obscenities under her breath. “You really… are, a… fucking tease.”

*”You’ll get used to it.”

“I hope, not, that would take the fun out of it. I wonder how many… more things, shit, there are that I…fuck… like.”

*”I’m willing to explore if you are.”

“That… could be…addictive.”

*”I think…”

She twisted her hand slightly, her thumb gyrated into tender, over-stimulated muscles, inducing the same pleasurable torture inside me that I had just prompted in her.

*”it… already… fuhuking.. is… !”

The feeling was alien, intense and completely consuming.

Every wiggle of her thumb was pushing on fire, little buttons of burning flesh sending spasms of electric plasma coursing through my every fiber. Each bump and nub and ridge, sending its signals to different muscles. Here, clenched the abdomen, there, legs buckled, here, tiny tickles tensed the spine and arched a back, and on and again until we stopped, mercifully, granting each other a calm.

It resounded, through our ears, loud and animal. Our bodies reacted with little uncontrollable jerks, and moans and contractions. Kisses continued as we slowly stopped teasing. We started to pull out our thumbs, but with no lube it was a bit, nah, not a bit, it was, hella uncomfortable.

~”Oh Shit.”~ we declared, in unison. We looked at each other and laughed.

*”Houston, We have a problem.”

“I think we may have to work these out the way we worked them in.”

*”That could be fun.”

She laughed, a lot more openly and honestly, gave me a look and kissed a path to my ear. “I’m, pretty sure it will be.”

After a few minutes of teasing and kissing and touching, and a whole lot of relaxing, both our asses were suddenly vacated, with unceremonious pops, as our sphincter’s, involuntarily, let slip the invading digits, constricted and returned to normal. We both gasped loud and went wide eyed. The sandpaper sensation on those closing muscles, as they were tightening and riding against the ridged sworls of their retreating intruders, sent one wave, and hundreds of tiny aftershocks through our bodies.

Then, being gone, it felt empty and hungry. I could feel her ass reaching to reclaim the object that just filled it, attempting to pull it back in. Mine was doing, pretty much the same. The fullness of our cocks was returning, accelerated on by the myriad of sensations that had just been imposed on the tender nerves inside us.

*”Oh fuck me sideways.”


*”Oh, cheeky bitch.”

I turned the shower back on. We washed each other from head to toe. I left her hair alone, the clean, crisp, scent of the rain was more pleasurable to me than any shampoo could ever be.

She turned off the water, slid the door open and stepped out of the shower, reached her hand back and escorted me to the dimly lit room around it. She wrapped us together in an oversized, terrycloth bundle. We huddled together just swaying in the silence, then toweled each other dry, teasing and tasting each other long the way.

*”Take me to your bed, you sexy little thing.”

She turned red, not so much from embarrassment, but more from the excitement and the promise of acts to come, the intensity her body could feel and the desire it could elicit in another.

She took my hand and pulled me to her bedroom, wiggling her ass a bit more as we walked. I couldn’t tell if it was from her impatience, or her on-purpose, but I was enjoying the view, so I really didn’t care.

I stopped at her bedside, got down and bit one cheek, then the other, kissing and licking ever so lightly. The super fine, white hairs illuminated in a glow from the light in the hall and shone in the wetness left behind by my tongue. Her butt cheeks bounced and flexed with every tease.

I stood, picked her up, laid her down and rolled her onto her stomach. I climbed on the bed, straddled her, placed my cock between her cheeks, then guided my head across both her hot, inviting holes. I leaned into her and nibbled on her earlobe, she moaned and twisted seductively beneath me. Slowly, I hardened my cock, riding it back and forth between the crack of a very shapely, absolutely cute, little ass. I could feel her pushing back to me, grinding into me with desire.

*”Do you have any oils or lube? Massage, olive, mineral, coconut, KY?”

“I have mineral oil.” She started to rise, my hands held her firm.

*”Stay here and relax. I’ll get it. Just tell me where it is.”

“Hall closet, on one of the middle shelves, with some computer stuff.”

I laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

*”I just thought, if we keep this up, we may have to go pick out matching lubricants.”

“HAH Ha.”

I smacked her ass and gave a follow up big squeeze. She yelped, then pushed back and wriggled into my hand.

*”Sorry! That was rude, I should have asked if you liked being spanked first”

I kissed the cheek that I just spanked, then gave it a little bite.

“Fucker.” She wandered into thought, as I butterfly kissed just inside the valley. “I really don’t know what I like, but that was, ahhm, fun, and a bit… exhilarating?”

*”Well maybe we’ll have to find all the things we both like.”

“Mmmhmm, I’m game.”

*”Play Station or Xbox360?”

“Asshole. Go! get the oil.”

*”Hmmmm never heard of that one. Bethesda?”

“You’re such a… nerfherder.”

I got up, went to the living room and got the weed, the joint, we hadn’t half finished yet, the two beers, that were somehow still cooler than room temp, the lighter and the ashtray. I found the closet and grabbed the oil and a tall thick candle in a nice marble holder, that I spied on the top shelf. I lit the candle and made my return, shutting off all the lights on my way.

I placed the ashtray, a beer, the lighter and the weed, on the nightstand. I put the candle across the room, on the dresser. It’s light was just enough to illuminate the almost white skin and the curves that were laid out before me. Wonderful curves, framed by dark blue sheets, which were summoning me to enjoy them some more.

I sat on the bed and ran the other beer bottle up her back, from between her knees, on up to her neck. The cool droplets of moisture traced a trail on her skin, provoking the fine hairs to stand at attention. “Oh God! You’re such a fucken tease.”


“Yeah you.”

*”Ah, you fuckin love it.”

“If I don’t already, I’m really, really close.”

I held the beer for her to taste and took a swig myself, finishing it. I lit the hybrid joint, enjoyed a nice big hit off it, then leaned in and gave her a very long, very deep shotgun kiss. My head swirled, from the long hours of work, the beer, some good smoke, lack of air, and some really enjoyable sex. Not to mention, a very nice orgasm. A well earned, long overdue one at that.

I straddled her again with my cock nestled in the valley of two radiant butt cheeks. I sat mesmerized, watching the glow and the strobe like effects of the candle, paint an even sexier mood, its flickering brushstrokes, playing upon that smooth, velvet skin. I watched the twinkling, waves alighting on the superfine hairs, creating an aura within their translucence.

She was literally, fucking glowing.

I trickled the oil down her spine and over my fullness, letting it flow off me, onto her ass. Her muscles tightened as the cool liquid shocked her overheated skin. I worked the oil up to her shoulders and kneaded my hands into them, searching for those spots that gave relief, and the others that gave something a little different.

My cock slid up to her tailbone and back down, slick and purposeful. It pulsed every time the head passed her wrinkled hole or was met by the heat of her moist welcoming lips. I had to fight back the desire to just slide it in her, as once again I was getting annoyingly hard.

Fuck, I was wanting. But from what? Was it just animal and raw? Was it pent up desires, or maybe, just being me, doing, having done, just exploring without judgement?

Maybe, it was a little bit of all of it?

Maybe, it was, love?


It was NOT about that.

Was it?

I tried to calm my mind, and nudge the rudder away from over-think, when I realized, it was something else, something, more free. It was more about just enjoying, than measuring up to some performance curve. Neither of us had any experience to compare this to, anyway.

Well that’s not true. I had the experience, but not with all the equipment I was playing with here. On the same person, anyway. It was kinda like, if you rode motorcycles your whole life and someone handed you the keys to a jet ski, there’s a few nuances to adjust too. The only thing I had, in my favor, was the knowledge of just how easy it was, to tune one of those toys to overdrive and a few tricks on how to get the other there too. Still there was something more here, something… serendipitous.

My hands kneaded into her slowly, steadily downward from her shoulders, firmly massaging into pressure points, tenderly working out the stresses. There was way too many knots, for so few years.

*”Jeez, I thought I was bad.”

“What do you mean?”

*”If pain was stone, this would be a mile and half of some really bad road.”

My fingers worked further, into the outside of her thighs, down her legs, to her feet, pressing and sliding, then up again. They tactically teased their way, up the inside of her legs, over her ass and back, to her neck. My cock teased into her. It pushed into the flesh of her perineum, and being unyielding to the pressure, it drove in, bent, then ceased its progress, and snapped free and up, and plopped itself down, settling against her, hurriedly.

“Oooh shit, Joe”

*”You okay?”

“mmmmmmmmmm, That was… wow… ummm, fun. I wonder why I never thought to call a masseuse.”

*”I wonder why you never thought to call an escort.”

“I… it didn’t work out.”

*”Shit, little one I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Don’t be, I got this instead. You’ve got amazing hands.”

*”Coming from you, that means almost, nothing.”

“Hey! What does that mean? Wait, did you just quote Shepard Book? Serenity?”

*”Yes Sir, Captain Tightpants.”

“I love Firefly, gotta binge watch it again.”

*“I have em both on dvd, I’ll bring em over sometime.”


*”Promise!.. Seriously though, you just confessed you never had a massage, you’ve got nothing to compare it to.”

“True. But they do feel great.”

I changed my method and just let my finger tips graze her skin, all the way down her back, then all the way around the plump, round globes fixed just above her legs. Circles of feather light touches elicited sounds of carnal awakenings. *”Well you did just cum, twice. Wild boars could be tap dancing on here and that would probably feel great too.” When I thought she was calm and ready I slid downward and replaced my cock with my thumbs. They pressed sternly on the tissue and flesh, massaging the outer edges of the ring.

“Mmm, that feels so weird.”

*”Good weird? Bad weird?”

“Awesome weird. It’s so, mmmmmm, erot, no, ah fuckit, just mmm.”

My middle finger tested her tightness. She reared back to it, gingerly, but with fervor. One almost imperceptible, slow solid push, one knuckle, deeper, deeper, two knuckles, deeper and deeper, right to the web, and it was in her all the way. Her back arched high, lifting her shoulders off the bed. She pushed back on my hand and rolled her hips gracefully skyward and back, like a serpent cresting the waves in a loch.

*”Are you okay?

“I’m fucking wonderful, you’re fucking wonderful, This! Is!, fucking wonderful. Oh god, that spot, yeah that one, oh that spot, good spot, so fucking good. I can feel it right through all of me.” I could feel the glow of the blood rush, fill her face.

I slowed my movements and just let her wiggle. She was moaning vulgar, sweet, nasty, things.

*”Maybe, one day if you need a massage, you call me, then we’ll see if it’s just as good or not.”

“Soo, massage first, next time? Oohhhh Shit. There, fuck!”

*”Cheeky, cheeky, cheeky. You know what? Yeah, massage first next time.”

“Mmmmmmm look forward to it. Do you like them too?”

*”It’s been a while but yeah I do. I like them and sometimes need them.”

“I’ll have to pay attention then.”

*”Nah, just enjoy, I’m pretty sure you’ll do fine. I can actually talk you through it real easy.”

“Joe?” Her voice was soft almost shy.

*”Yes, Alexandria.”

Her head cocked passed a comfortable angle, “You know?”

*”About you, your eyes and the myths behind them? Yeah. I caught a piece of documentary, a couple years ago, talking about Liz Taylor and the mythos of Alexandria’s Genesis.”

“I saw that too. You sound like you don’t believe in the theory.”

*”Well, there is someone who claims they made that up for a sci-fi novel, but there’s others who can trace mentions to different cultures. They gave it different names but most revered them, I like this name. And considering I’m here, right now, with a fair skinned, white haired, purple eyed, intelligent, kind, wonderfully crafted specimen of a human being, who is the epitome of that myth by definition, with extra pieces, I’d have to say it exists, even if the condition, of it’s coming to be, was slightly different than the basis of the myth itself.”


*”You don’t mind that I called you that do you?”

“Alexandria? No, it’s cool, it’s actually my middle name, besides you keep doing what you’re doing, the way you’re doing it, you could call me a fucking slut and I’d probably like it.”

*”I don’t know about that, not really my thing. Fuck bunny maybe, but I’m not into the humiliation and degradation stuff. Wait, didn’t you want to ask me something, before we got side tracked?”

She got quite and a little bit shy again, before hushing, “Do you like my pussy?”

*”Fuck yes. It’s quite beautiful. And intoxicating. I can’t wait to feel it wrap around me, if you’d still like that.”

“Yes, I would. It’s the part I really want to feel.”

*”Well I figured, as long as we have all night, I’d play with all the other stuff first, this way if you wanted to save that, you could and we could still have fun.”

“Save it? For what?”

*“You know a nice cute boy, closer to your age, that can appreciate you for who you are, someone you can start a family with, grow old with. Who knows who you’ll meet tomorrow.”

“Oh you silly, silly man. I can’t have kids. I can’t get or get anyone pregnant. And I don’t care who I might meet tomorrow. If we met yesterday, would this be happening? I don’t know, I don’t even know if we met tomorrow if this would be like it is. But I do know this, you saw the hurt in me, you saw me drowning in it and pulled me out. You made me know you, and see you and you made it comfortable, for me, to be me, with you. I want you to be the first I’m with, more than anything, I do, want it to be you.”


“Yes, I want to share that, with you. I want it here and now, tonight. If it never comes again at least I’ll have this.”

*”Doesn’t change my course, I’m still taking my time getting there. Now just lay down, relax and let me get back to work, please.”

I started an extremely slow piston like motion, half on, all the way in, pressing my palm firmly into the soft folds of hot flesh between her legs. *”Hey! If you could, would you… A, like to have the ability to have sex anytime you want, with anyone you want, no matter where, it’s all good. Or B, have sex, one day a week, for no less than twelve hours, with, someone you like?”

“Mmmmm Would that someone be you?” I pushed in and twisted then stopped, just to get her full attention. “oh shit, shit shit shit”

*”It doesn’t matter, it’s a rhetorical question, A, could never happen, without some divine, supernatural intervention, but, if there was a genie who granted wishes and, THIS, was the only wish choice they had left, which one would you pick, A or B?”

“B, tota…” I slipped my middle finger almost all the way out, then slid it back in with a little determination, my ring and pointer fingers slid through her overheated lips and brushed up against, a now swollen, clit. Her ass rose up to meet my palm, swallowing everything it could.”…fuhhhk…lyyyy.”

Long slow strokes, in and out, massaging, searching. I felt her opening, relaxing. In and out, her moans more edgy, in and out.


Each stroke seemed easier than the last and elicited a more desirous, unintelligible growling. I pulled my finger out, she gasped as it left her, her muscles tried to grip and keep it there but they slipped around the tip. “Back, Please? Please!”

*”How about we escalate this ride a bit.” I slid up and nuzzled her glistening hole with the head of my cock.

“Unghh, bigger, hot.” She turned her head to look at me. “Please be easy.”

*”Shhhh, I told you, I’m here for our pleasure, not our pain.”

Her body moved snakelike grinding her crotch into the bed. I teased and prodded, letting her come to me. She did, ever so slowly. My head was to the rim in minutes, pushing on the stretched skin inside her. It took every instinct and force of will, to get it there without driving it home. I teased with tiny, soft, push and relax movements, uttering words of relaxation. Words, laced with the details of this, wonderfully, erotic imagery I was witnessing. I massaged her lower back and the muscles, at the sides of her valley, with my fingers, and the ones just around her pussy with my thumbs. I pushed her cheeks, spread them, let them return, then back, then down, then up.

“More please, just a little, oh god please.”

I denied her request. Reaching my hand around her to play with her clit. I inched out just enough to hear her gasp, then held myself firm. Her ass rose off the bed and further onto me, then away, willing her body to achieve her goal. She wanted this, was enjoying this, and heaven knows I was having fun too. I just steadied myself there and fixed my attention to the sight below me.

Two luscious cheeks, strained towards the sky, spreading before me, lasciviously. A soft, strong back, now glistening with sweat and oil and afire from the touch of the candle’s light. The muscles of her torso, flexing and rippling as she worked herself, ever so slowly, back and around me.

A slender, graceful waist grasped in my hand. Soft flaxen hair moving softly against sexy, succulent shoulders. My cock, hard as an obelisk, pointing its way to a ring of pursing flesh, the head hidden in the freshly stretched skin surrounding it. She was starting to gasp for air and purring as my fingers teased at her clit and the base of her shaft as my cock was pushing on tender flesh. She was starting to cum. She reached back and grabbed my hip and pulled me into her, then tightened up and moaned and cried out and came.

“Too full, too much.”

*”Am I hurting you.”

“full too full, no, no, not pain, uncomfortable, full, hot, I’m okay, it’s, ughh.”

*”Relax, I won’t move.”

“Slow, move slow, fuck slow, please, slow.”

I moved back a tiny bit and moved side to side gently. Her body took control and she started rocking once again. It jerked and twitched then settled into a rhythm. My gentle probing and releasing continued. Over and over the scene played out before me. My cock stayed hard and true, and somehow never lost its steel through the minutes of delicious, tediously delicate movements. The sights and sounds of her single minded urges excited me and built up in me a need. Playing in my blood, keeping me stone.

I felt a release on my crown as it expanded against softer muscle, a sharp grip on my shaft clutched at the nerves just behind it. Her head snapped back, a low gravelly drone escaped her throat, answering the animal grunt from my own.

“Oh fuck Joe.”

*”Sorry, little one, you okay?”

“Yes. okay, Just be easy. Oh fuck, you’re in me.”

Her words were raspy and low.

*”So that’s a keep going?”

“Oh fuck, nnnnnnn, yes, yes.”

*”This looks so fucking hot. You ready?”

“Please. Fuck me.”

I rocked into her gentle yet strong, controlled and steady, testing her levels. She rode back onto me, building her motions with almost imperceptible changes. I felt a release of the tension around me. Her final resistance was gone, my cock slid in her deep. I held it there just a bit longer.

“Oh fuck so much, too good, fuck, good dick.”

I pushed forward tentatively. She exhaled hard and let out a steady fuuuuuuuuuck, as I propelled myself ever so slowly, feeling for her skin to slip back around me, as mine slid into her.

She pushed back, inching, engulfing, deeper and deeper, swallowing me with greed. One last gentle nudge, my balls touched her warm slick lips. I bore down, grinding into her. My full length was locked in the grasp of her freshly open, furnace. I lowered my chest to her back, letting her acclimate to her circumstance. I sniffed at her hair breathing her in slow and sensual, pressed my lips to her ear and kissed it.

*”Fuck, you feel so good around me. So hot, so tight, so fucking hungry.” My words came out airy, barely perceptible, crude.

“So full, so hot, so hard. Fuck so full, so good.”

*”Fuck I love your ass, so fucking perfect around me so tight so warm.”

“I…might…cum, just like this.”

*”Not moving?”

“Just feeling this, heat inside me. Feeling your heat, oh shit so good”

*”We can try that if you want.”

“Ohhhh, hmmmm,ummm, Not yet. Later. Fuck. Shit, can’t take this, please fuck me, please, fuck, please please me.”

*”As you wish.”

“Oh Wesley.”

We laughed hard, my cock pushed and moved in unison to every contraction. Her humorous crescendo was cut short by the onslaught of my rock hard muscle antagonizing every raw burning nerve inside her. It gyrated and pumped in short solid bursts, touching everywhere in succession, her head sprung back, her mouth found my ear. A loud moan reclaimed my attention and snapped me out of my whimsy, with one long, passionate, thrum of completely overwhelmed senses.

“Oh Joe, fuck me, fuck me good. oh so good this feels oh so…fuck fuck fuck”

I started slowly retreating, just a bit, then back in. I searched her from the inside and slowly found the spots that made her gasp.

They were everywhere.

“Beautiful cock. So full.”

My cock responded with every clench, spasm and moan by getting more rebelliously engorged. Agonizingly slowly I stroked in her. Sometimes stopping as deep as I could then nibbling her ear, kissing her neck, or grabbing both breasts and teasing them. As much to turn her on as to distract me from cumming.

Sometimes I pulled almost all the way out, holding it, right at the edge then driving back, deep and slow. Her breaths became labored, her back rippled and tightened, Her arm reached to her clit. I grabbed both hands and put them over her head and held her by the wrists in a firm easy grasp.

*”No hands.”

“You’re driving me fucking me crazy.”

*”And you’ll be returning the favor soon. Agreed?”

“Oh, fuck yes, I’m gonna drive you, just as, fucking crazy. I want you to feel this. You are mine to tease and fuck and cum.”

*”Well for right now you are mine to tease and fuck and cum.”

My strokes stayed slow, long and deep, her ass rose and fell to meet my motions. Almost out, all the way in. Stronger strokes, her ass started moving faster, up and down. Her hands clenched at mine tightly. I pushed downward and through her, shoving her cock deeper into the mattress. Her words, but mumbles, gave me my cadence.

“I’m fuckin cumming! Shit shit shit, Oh fuck Joe you’re making me, uhhhn huh huh cuuuuum. Fuck, fuck, FUCK.”

I continued my steady thrusts, one of her hands escaped from my grip, It grabbed at my thigh pulling me in tighter, deeper, and I just kept fucking. She didn’t protest. She just kept gasping and pushing herself back on me, pleading me on with moans, her hand willing me in to her.

“Oh fuck, so good,” she groaned, “you’re make…” I pushed a little faster, she gasped for air. “Cum, cumming fuck cumming. Faster, yes, faster.”

I quickened my pace a bit.

*”If I keep this up I’m going to explode, Oh fuck, can’t hold…”

“Fuck cumming, yes cum, cum in me, fuck me, cum in, deep, ahh fuuuuck.”

I reached my hand under her stomach and fell the rest of the way on her, then reached down with my other to play with her clit and push her further down that road. I could feel the release of her climax soaking my arm as I grabbed her nipple. Her head turned to mine, her other hand reached into my hair and pulled my face to her, her neck strained and contorted for our lips to meet and she kissed me deeply, orgasmically, moaning in my mouth as each spasm ripped through her, up and around my cock. “Ughhhh, fuckmph.”

Muffled words. I felt them in my ears as another moist shot of cum erupted from in her, onto my arm and her stomach and the bed. Her ass gripped me and her trembles tore through my nerves. Her clit drove into my fingers. I lunged deep, the world was lost to a bright flash, my cum shot into her, making the sensations even harder to bear. Those exotic purple eyes bore into me and tore away any resistance I had left.

*”Alexandria! Fuck, cumming, Oh, shit fuhk!.”

Each push into her, pulled more of my juice out of me as she pushed more of her tongue into my mouth. Sounds of her ecstasy forced themselves into my throat, mixing with mine, reverberating in the bell of my skull.

A final push and I collapsed on her, her tongue still probing into me. A hot wave rushed across my skin. I stayed inside her. Deep, spent, and gasping for air.

*”Fuck, I can feel your heartbeat around my cock.”

“Yes, I can feel your, oh and mine, around, in, oh, it too. Oh shit.” She tensed and twitched with every pulse, and every twitch of her body sent waves through mine. “Oh shit, oh shit shit shit. Feels, feel, ungshit, feels fucking incredible. SHIT FUuhuck. Oh god.”

The lewd and tawdry exclamations settled into sighs, and softly spoken fucks. She was kissing me softly moaning in my mouth.

*”Do you want to try and make me feel that?”

“Oh yes, and I’m gonna keep trying until you do.”

*”Good, cause now I want you to do to me, what I’ve never had done.”

She scrunched her eyes in curiosity.

*”If you, want to be the first person inside me, that is.”

She smiled and returned her lips to mine.

“Yes, please. I think I’d like that.”

*”Okay, but I’m stuck, can’t move right now.”

“Good, I don’t want that thing going anywhere yet.”

*”Good, cause it ain’t. For a while.”

We just laid there, face down, still merged at the cock and ass. Giggling, like fourteen year old girls at a Ramone’s concert.

Well maybe not.

That’s a bad analogy.


!No wait! You know what, no, that’s not a bad analogy, that’s a great analogy, a really fucking great analogy.

So, suck it up buttercup!

She moaned, stretched her arms to the headboard, and wiggled under me. My cock popped out of her with a gusto. “FUCK!” Her body bucked so hard she almost threw me off. “Fuck that was rude. My hearts fuckin pounding now.” She laid there as little spasms shot through her, then settled and left her. “Oh shit that was intense.”

*”It’s your own fault for being so wiggly. Let’s go wash up, I believe you have a thing to do.”

“Can we just stay here like this two more minutes? !That, fucked me up! Can’t move, can’t, don’t want to, and this feels, nice. Please? Please, pretty please, please, please please?”




I blew the smoke in her mouth as she drew it in, my cock started getting that feeling again.

“Hey, no fair, you’re starting without me.”

*”It’s not my fault my cock likes being between your legs. Shit it feels like it’s fifteen again.” I rubbed it against her thigh for effect.

“Joe???” I tasted the skin at the base of her neck, right where it flowed into her shoulder. “mmmmmm, never-mind. That’s nice too.

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