Seemingly vanilla boyfriend surprised me today [F19]

Holy crap My guy and I just had the sexiest thing ever. To be honest, the reason our sex is generally mediocre is that he is a little boring. He surprised me today for some reason; I’m not sure if it was confidence or anything else.

He gave me a somewhat foolish and forceful kiss when we were simply cuddling and chatting about our days. I give him back a kiss and make jokes about how we smoosh together when we kiss, becoming one human being. Haha. He takes hold of my hair, I take hold of his head, and we begin kissing—jokingly at first, but eventually getting more passionate. We were having a serious sexual relationship, with our tongues stuck in one other’s mouths. As soon as he pulled on my lip, I bit his back. “I’m going to teach you a lesson,” he said. He jumped on top of me, grabbed my throat, and began to gently strangle me, making sure to block my airway, all the while biting and kissing my neck down to my chest and nipples.
He continued to hit my behind, and when I giggled about how painful it was, he remarked, “That’s the idea.” We arrived at the same moment and ended up fucking me so hard that we were just drenched in perspiration. Our sexual life has slowed down over the past six months, so this week has been revolutionary for me. We have had sex THREE times this week alone. which for us is a lot. Guys, my heart is crying from sheer happiness and tremendous libido. I simply had to impart. He’s in the bedroom right now, and I can’t get over how adorable his snoring is.

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