Seducing the uber driver

So first off, my gf and I are both bi and swingers. Last month we went to a swinger bar and met another couple that we decided to take back to our hotel. We decided that we would try to get another guy and we decided to get the uber driver. So we got an uber where we thought the driver was decent looking and younger. We found one guy, he was a normal looking guy about late 20’s. The two girls got in the back seat and me and the other guy got into the third row of the SUV. The girls began to make out and fondle each other. The driver saw and kept looking back and using the mirror. They pulled out their tits and and were fondling and making out. The guy next to me pulled his dick out and started stroking it. My gf tells me to suck his dick. Now the uber driver was surprised but I leaned down and started sucking dick. The other girl tells the uber driver to pull his dick out so the girls can see it. I couldnt see his dick from the rear seat but the girls said he has a nice dick. The other guys’ gf reaches forward and grabs the drivers dick and strokes him for a minute. In the meantime I am bobbing and sucking cock making some gagging and choking sounds. My gf is telling me to suck his dick good. He is moaning as Im sucking his cock. We get to our hotel and ask the driver if he wants to come up. He agrees and we all go up. While in the elevator, the girls were groping each other and I got on my knees and sucked cock real fast. When we got in the room, my gf tells me to get on my knees and finish sucking dick. So I get on my knees and pull the guys pants down and continue sucking his dick. The uber driver is shocked at what he is seeing. The girls strip to their bras and panties and begin to make out and fondle each other. My gf pulls the uber drivers dick out and begins to stroke him. Other girl is rubbing his balls. I glanced over and saw he did in fact have a nice dick. Not huge but very nice looking. The driver is looking at the girls and also watching me sucking dick. The guy Im sucking says he is about to cum and my gf tells him to cum on my face, which he does. Then she tells me to come suck the uber driver. However, he says he is not into it. They try to convince him to let me suck him off. He still declines. So the girls just stroked him till he was about to cum and they stopped. Then they said the show is over and thanked him for coming up to the room and they kicked him out. It didnt quite workout the way we planned but what the driver didnt know is that if he would have let me suck him off, both girls would have fucked him and would have given him all three of their holes. We still had fun though. Too bad for the uber driver.

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