Scottish Student gets her Start by Sexysuperslut

I would never have guessed that one small encounter on a beautiful hillside overlooking my historic home city of Edinburgh would lead me on a personal journey of discovery such as I could never have imagined. In a short time, I would be following a path that not only lead me to university but into a world of chain’s, whips, leather, pain and pleasure. It would be a road that tested my resolve and stretched me, literally and figuratively to my limit. An exciting, winding adventure that would end in my total submission!

It all started at eighteen with a rather innocuous walk with two rather handsome male friends from school. I had known them for about five years, and recently it had been obvious that they had a bit of a crush on me. What I was unaware of was that both had wagered each other as to which one would be the first to get me into bed! They could never have known what would materialise this chilly November afternoon nor could I have foreseen the long-lasting effects of what would take place within sight of Scotland’s historic capital.

As often when traversing this beautiful area, we stopped on the path to take in the far-reaching views north and west across Edinburgh and over the Firth of Forth towards the hills of Fife. The Lomond Hills are locally and seductively termed as the ‘Paps of Fife’ simply because from what was our vantage point they look just like the breasts of a reclined woman with nipples hard and erect. Often my friends had commented on what a fantastic pair of tits could be found in Fife! Although my two companions were not aware at the time, my own nipples were going to be an exact replica of what we could see in just a short time.

As we took in the far incredible vista of Arthurs Seat, and in the distance, the Forth Bridges one of my friends commented that ‘there were few better views in the world.’

Now, I knew, this was the opportunity to go for it! I had been waiting for an occasion to invite one or both guys to make love to me.

The majority of my female friends had had their first taste of sex months ago and had told of the wonderful experience it was. They had berated me for not allowing someone, anyone to fuck me. It’s not that I was unattractive or had no desire for sex. I had plenty. I had gone very moist between my legs on many occasions as they had regaled the stories of their sexual adventures. Why should I not have a bit of the action I had often thought. I had often lay on my bed at night imagining what such an experience would be like, especially with a handsome guy.

I stood tall at five feet ten inches, had a very slim but athletic frame and weighed in at just over eight stone. A size 8 to 10 dress, I was reasonably plain, at least by the standards of the day my long flowing dark auburn hair I knew matched my brown eyes and I wore little makeup, To be honest, I neither liked its feel upon my skin or the look it gave me once applied. The only negative side was my breasts. How embarrassed I had been as a young teenager when they had commenced forming. This embarrassment had eventually turned to excitement as I saw some of my less attractive peers proffering theirs in fun before spellbound boys in our class. Their’s, however, seemed to be very much larger than mine and were often nicknamed ‘melons’ by those guys who took an interest, which was most. My breasts though seemed to remain stagnant and, in my opinion at least, totally underdeveloped. A point that was not lost on either sex in my school year. ‘Titless; I was nicknamed! Not that such supposed insults hurt me, I had a thick skin and knew when I looked in a mirror that my own features, this little setback apart, rivalled and maybe even surpassed the looks of the majority of other girls I knew.

I was also popular. I was not sure why. I could be witty, as a multitude of lines given in punishment by my distraught teachers would testify. I was also intellectually bright. I had a desire to learn and was therefore conscientious in my studies ensuring all set work was completed on time and to my very best ability. Maybe this, along with my plain demeanour and shy retiring nature, just attracted certain types of boys in my direction. Often I had been the subject of interest among some who would hang around me, walk me home or wolf whistle from a distance. I had enjoyed this attention I admit. I had held several boys hands as we had walked home after school or spent weekends exploring Edinburgh’s varied delights or the many incredible walks that led right from my front door.

On one occasion I had gone as close as I dare too actually giving entirely in to any inhibitions I might have had. I had been the only girl to join a group of four male friends on bright Saturday afternoon. I had worn baggy knee-length shorts and a matching sun top as we took to the hills once again with no real plans in mind other than friendship and what we call in Scotland ‘craic’. We stopped in a deserted play park and sat down on the roundabout chattering away about anything. Suddenly one of the guys asked, “Will you kiss me Rachel?”

I was a bit stunned. I had never quite expected this, and although I had wondered about it on many occasions now I had been asked, it all seemed a little surreal. My friend looked at me expectantly and suddenly this incredible feeling of just wanting to please someone else, that would become increasingly familiar, swept over me. “If you really want,” I replied, moving to sit closer to him and puckering my lips.

What an excitement as our lips touched and our tongues met in a moment of sheer ecstasy. We were, of course, egged on by the others around us. To me, all I wanted to do was please the guy who had asked the question by giving him the very best kiss he was ever likely to have. As we continued passionately, I ran my hands through his hair, around his back and over his chest. This intensified his response, and his hands commenced to explore my excited body and run lightly and provocatively down my bare arms. I could feel him through my bra tentatively brush an enquiring hand across my breast, almost asking if he could feel them. I wanted to allow him full and unfettered access to squeeze my breasts through my sun top. I felt, however, that the pleasure for us both would be intensified greatly if I made him wait, just a little.

When I eventually took his hand and placed it over my right breast, allowing him to squeeze and feel my erect boob, the effect was electric for all of us. Our friends cheered us on as a feeling that I had never experienced before flooded through my already trembling body. His hands groped and pummelled my chest as we continued our long passionate embrace.

Once we had finished, he pointed to a bulge at the front of his trousers saying teasingly “Look at what you have done!”

My next surprise was that suddenly those who had been looking and egging us on were now also requesting a kiss. When we had met up outside the little corner shop an hour earlier, it had never occurred to me that I was going to be requested to kiss all four boys passionately. I was not sure, however. Yes, I had enjoyed THAT kiss but would I feel comfortable kissing all four in the same way and especially as two were not, in my eyes as attractive as the others. I decided that there was only one way to find out and meekly complied with a simple “Okay.”

This produced almost a mini fight as my three friends jostled to be next in line. Sitting in the roundabout was also not the most comfortable position to enjoy any form of intimate embrace. I suggested we move to a park bench. I was also painfully aware that at any time, someone could turn up at the playground and break into our little tete-a-tete. Quickly I decided on the order in which I would kiss them. I deliberately left the more attractive of the three remaining friends until the end. I reasoned that this would allow me slightly less time with the other two and more with the one I considered might arouse my passions the most.

I could see that he was hurt at being left until the end, but I had no way of being able, at that point, to explain why I had acted in that way. I hoped to make up when the time came. Thankfully neither of my next two companions were that long in my embrace. Maybe to them, I was just too plain or unexciting or had too many inhibitions for their liking. The fact that one’s hand kept straying to the area very damp area between my legs suggested to me that he wanted more than just a passionate kiss. I was not quite ready to comply at that time.

Eventually, it was time for my ‘handsome hunk.’ The bench had now become rather hard and uncomfortable. I knew a place about two hundred meters down the track that would, in my opinion, be ideal for what I had in mind. It was a small grassy clearing just through a wee gap in a tall hedge. I knew that the hedge too would help to shield us from anyone that might pass by also walking these paths. I took his hand and ran with him along the track towards my chosen spot. He ran, in a surprised manner, a couple of steps behind me enquiring where we were going and what was happening. Quickly I found the gap in the hedge and pulled him through and onto the soft grassy carpet the other side closely pursued by the others.

What a shock he received as I almost swung him round and into my arms. We stood bodies touching as I commenced to kiss him passionately on his lips. As he reciprocated, I ran my hands down across his bottom and gave it several exploratory squeezes on top of his jeans. I could feel his own hands moving down my back and on towards my backside eventually following my bum crack down to my legs. The thrill of this was terrific as we continued to cavort with each other, hands feeling, and lips locked together, still being greatly encouraged by the other three who stood looking on.

I think it was he who decided that it would be more fun lying down on the soft green grass beneath our feet. Gently he pushed me so that I was just off balance and made aware of what he had in mind. Our lips parted as he gently laid me on the ground and then lay partly on top of me and partly next to me to commence round two! It was less than a minute until I could feel his throbbing manhood pushing through his trousers and rubbing the top of my shorts. I remember thinking that it was a pity that he was unable to feel or see any sign that I too was as stimulated as he by our intimate embrace.

I longed to guide his hand under my shorts and into my knickers. I wanted him to feel the wetness between my legs resulting from his activities. I was however not sure, in those days, if a man would ever find such an experience a turn on. I did however pull my legs up so that he could feel up my calves under my shorts and towards my bum. I did long to be more intimate as his hands moved from breast to bum and back again along with occasional forays through my long hair.

Eventually, we both tired and flopped almost exhausted onto our backs looking up at our three friends. I had been so engrossed that I had not taken the slightest notice of our three other companions despite the fact that I knew they were all watching us kissing and canoodling on the ground. Now I was amazed to see that they had all undone their zips on their trousers and had their cocks in their hands fingering them excitedly.

I confess that such a sight shock me greatly and brought me very quickly to my senses. I had never seen a mans penis in the flesh before and so to see three all standing above me, all erect and all wanting to fuck me was, to say the least, a bit of a surprise. I was persuaded, after some coercion, to take hold of them one at a time and finger them for the three guys. I was amazed just how hard they were and just how much leaked out of them as I continued to play with them following their instructions.

Half an hour or so later we were all back on the track but chatting about what we had just done. I knew straight away that it would not be long until I would go the full hog and open up my legs to the inevitable. I had enjoyed the attention of all four so much that I wondered if one man would ever be able to fully satisfy all the cravings for sex I knew I was wanting. Time would only tell.

At last on this breezy hillside with its amazing views, I knew that I was going to be entered by a man’s cock for the first time and with luck, I might get two!

In answer to his statement about the view, I answered ‘there might be a better view available just here.’

The effect was electric! My friends looked at me, and one said “really” in a knowing manner.

“Yes,” I again reasoned, “If you want to uncover it and make use of it.” With that, I gave a wee nudge as to what I meant as if either required one. I opened my jacket and lifted my jumper to reveal the top of my jeans and the belt holding them up.

“Go on,” I encouraged them motioning to my jeans “I’ll not stop you if you want to remove them and do me.”

Nick moved first. I could see that his hands were trembling with either excitement or anticipation or both of what might lay ahead. He struggled to undo my belt, never mind my trouser button. If I hadn’t been so nervous myself in expectation of my first proper sexual encounter, I might well have laughed at his clumsy attempts to perform this simple task.

Andy eventually joined in and then asked if I was happy for my jeans to be pulled down. I was. Then for the first time, it dawned on me that my knickers were dead plain. They were white and ordinary, broad back and front and, well… frumpy.

‘Goodness,’ I thought, ‘why had I not considered this before and put on a lacy thong that would have been sexier to Nick and Andy.’ How stupid I had been not to have thought of that! I had about eight matching bras and panty sets any of which was far more attractive than what I was now wearing.

This rather embarrassing state of affairs seemed not to be of the slightest interest to my two companions. I was brought back to reality by the chilly November breeze suddenly blowing around my bare calves as my blue denim jeans were pulled down to just below my knees.

A hand went up and took hold of my knickers and looking up at me standing above him for a sign of approval commenced to pull them down, revealing my natural unshaven pussy and very wet vagina. I remember thinking that we were the wrong way round. It was all wrong. I should be kneeling in front of them, not them before me. It was a surreal experience that I have gone back to many a time.

With my jeans and knickers now sitting around my ankles I bent over to undo one of my boots. This allowed me to remove my trousers and knickers and let me open my legs, allowing access to my most intimate area. In bending over, I made sure that I provided an excellent view of my posterior, thus ensuring that Nick and Andy were made as ramrod hard as could be.

The breeze was undoubtedly cool as it blew between my now spread legs and round my pussy and bum. I watched in great anticipation as both young men undid trousers and lowered them down followed by underpants to reveal rock hard manhoods both waiting to push inside my cunt for the first time. I gingerly laid down upon the rough and slightly damp grass, feeling the cold of the earth as I pushed my backside down to prepare for what was about to happen. I opened my legs, giving both guys a peek of my hairy pussy and access to the dripping area beyond. My jeans and knickers stayed around my right leg held in place by my walking boot that I had not removed from that foot.

Nick was ready first and almost fell upon me in his anticipation to enter me. I felt him position himself and suddenly drop. I could feel his rock hard erection stretching me as it slid into position. Without saying a word, he began to pound away at me, holding tightly to my head and groaning with pleasure as he did so. Lying there, the cold of the ground was overcome by the heat of the passion taking place between us. The more he pumped, the more the friction between us increased, and the more I screamed with pleasure until I was at the point of total orgasm. Almost at the same time, Nick stopped his incessant pounding, his body trembling as if controlled by some hidden force that made him delirious. He fell panting and exhausted onto the ground next to me.

Almost as soon as Nick was off, and with my own body still shaking from my ecstatic pleasure, Andy placed himself over me. It took him a couple of attempts to enter my now open and expectant pussy. Due to the extra lubrication kindly provided by Nick, Andy had to work much harder to get to the point of his ejaculation, and I too found it a little harder to reach the zenith of the climactic moment that Nick had given. However, as Andy thrust harder and faster, I could feel my body once again start to tingle into the beginning of another wonderfully fulfilling event that really would make the ground quake.

I was now getting hot under my jumper and blouse and could feel myself beginning to sweat from both heat and anticipation. I moved my legs and swung my feet behind Andy’s back. In this new position, I felt his penis slip further into me, sending me almost delirious with excitement. I called out “More, more, more,” as he thrust deeper and harder. Suddenly he lifted himself high holding his body with his forearms outstretched and shook violently. I knew that now he too was filling me with his cum. That thought suddenly took me to my own point of climax so that both of us trembled together in one all too brief moment of uncontrolled pleasure. Finally, his arms gave way, and he fell back on top of me, kissing me passionately with his mouth.

After we had both breathed heavily for several minutes, he rolled off to lie on the opposite side of me to Nick. All three of us lay still side by side naked from the waist down, contemplating what we had just done. We gazed across the slightly overcast skies towards our home city. It was still the same, but I had changed. I had discovered something so powerful that it would control much of the rest of my life. I craved sex! Mad, rampant, no holes barred sex! I wanted it, I needed it, and I was determined that I’d get it!

Andy stood up first and looking between my legs as he lifted his trousers said “Wow! How sexy is that view with our cum dribbling out!”

Nick followed also taking a good long look at the area between my open legs. It was now oozing plenty of cum left inside by my two friends. Nick gave a little smile of satisfaction before offering me his hand to help me off the ground. Once again, I was left to bend over to place my left leg back into my knickers and jeans. When we were all in a respectable condition, I threw my arms around both guys and breathed out a big ‘Thank you.’ My journey had started.

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