Schoolgirl prostitute by titsMaria

When I was in high school my tits were already D cup, so I was considerably bigger than every other girl in school. This got me attention from the boys, but the girls didn’t like it at all.

Even then, though, I already enjoyed the male attention. I guess it was the beginning of my journey to slut-dom, fucking every cock I can find and posting my nude photos and sex videos online, especially now I’m 34E.

One spring day, a boy I knew a bit came up to me behind the shelter sheds at lunchtime and started talking to me. I used to hang around there because it was a bit out of the way and allowed me to get away from the hustle of the schoolyard. He was a bit nervous and suddenly he blurted out: “If you let me feel your tits I’ll give you a dollar.”

I was shocked because I was from a catholic family background, but there was this strange buzzing in my ears and my throat constricted. Almost disembodied I heard myself say “Okay” and held my hand out for the coin. He hurriedly handed me the dollar and proceeded to grope my tits through my white school shirt.

I was about to say, “hang on, I’ll lift my shirt up”, when he muttered a quick “thanks” and ran off.

I was stunned, almost disbelieving at what had just happened, but then I looked down and saw the dollar in my hand.

The next day I was in virtually the same spot when a couple of boys came up. “We hear you let boys feel your tits for a dollar,” they said. I couldn’t speak, so I just nodded. They each handed me a gold coin and one reached towards me. I held up my hand and they pulled back, confused, but then I lifted my shirt to reveal a thin bra that hardly held my boobs in. Looking back, I realise I unconsciously chose that bra believing (hoping?) that the boys would be asking to feel my tits.

They crowded around me and the first one started fondling my tits. I could feel his hands trying to envelope my already sizeable tits, running his fingers around underneath them and coming over the top, trying to find a nipple.

The second guy was getting impatient. “My turn,” he said and started reaching for me.

I pulled down my shirt. “One at a time, or they get put away,” I scolded them.

Sheepishly they dropped their hands. “Sorry,” they muttered.” The second guy had his minute of feeling my tits and they ran off.

That’s how it began…

Wasn’t long before word got around and over the next couple of days I had a dozen boys pay me to let them feel my tits.

They all tried to hold my big woman tits in their little boy hands, their excitement spilling over as they pawed at me through that thin cotton bra.

By the third day I had a lineup of boys back there, and kids walking around were starting to notice. So I had to tell them to come in small groups otherwise we would get caught and no one would get to feel any tits.

But that cotton bra got pretty filthy after a few days and I had to go back to one of my “school” bras, with thicker cups and definitely not aiding any ease of access.

They boys wanted me to lift my bra up so my tits flopped out and they could put skin on skin. I didn’t mind doing that – it felt much better for me as well – but it was just such a struggle to get them put away again.

That weekend I was leafing through the paper and I saw a lingerie ad for bras with a front clasp. That was just what I needed, I could unclasp my bra and let them spill out onto my chest and the boys could have unfettered access.

All I had to do was make enough money to be able to afford one of the front-loading bras – or even better, two pairs.

A week later a boy who had spent a few dollars with me already came up with a two dollar coin.

“I’ll give you $2 if you let me suck on your tits,” he said proudly, having come up with that added extra all by himself.

The other boys whistled, or whispered “wow” under their breath, and tensed, waiting to hear my response.

“Sure,” I said again, unhesitatingly.

They all watched as he handed me the coin and bent forward, grabbing one tit in his right hand as his mouth moved to my left boob. I felt his lips encircle my nipple and as he started sucking my right hand went to the back of his neck without even realising what I was doing.

I felt my nipple hardening as he sucked and glanced down at my left nipple. It too was getting hard at anticipation of being sucked shortly. He switched from one boob to the other, and I felt a warmth spreading around my crotch as he again took my sensitive nipple into his mouth, even running his tongue across it.

I threw my head back as the other boys crowded around to watch him suck on my tits

The other boys started arguing between themselves as the smarter ones tried to negotiate a deal with their mates. They promised to give them a dollar tomorrow in exchange for their dollar today, so they too could meet the tit-sucking price. But the boys were unwilling to part with a dollar today, because it would mean missing out on fondling my tits.

Once the boys knew they could negotiate other “services” for a price, they started asking how much to finger my pussy, or how much to lick my pussy. I realised I would have to come up with a pricing structure.

That evening I sat down in my bedroom and worked it all out and wrote it in my journal, along with the story of how it all began. I recently re-discovered that journal, which is why I am sharing it all now. There was even a box of old photos, some polaroids, some Instamatics, that brought back even more memories and filled in some blanks for me.

My price list looked like this:

$5 to finger my pussy

$10 to lick my pussy

$15 for a tit fuck

$20 for a hand-job

I paused at that moment. I knew what the next step was and I had to finally decide if I wanted to go there.

Who am I kidding? I was already starting to realise that it wasn’t the money so much, it was the fact that I enjoyed it, and it didn’t take long to finish my price list:

$40 for a blowjob, plus a dollar if they wanted me to suck their cock with my tits hanging out

$80 for a fuck

That’s how I became a teenage prostitute.

My spot behind the shelter shed became immensely popular. I had to keep telling them to come in twos and threes, but the poor little boys just couldn’t handle it.

One occasion I must have had a dozen or so crowding around me, jostling for position, all reaching out and trying to get a grab of tit.

My shirt was pulled back further and further and my bra just couldn’t cope either. Eventually I was just topless and the boys just had their hands all over me. Not just over my tits either, they were rubbing my back and shoulders, along my arms, all over my body.

This pack of schoolboys was oohing and aahing as they got to run their hands all over me, their coins in a pile at my feet, forgotten, as the whole scene took on an unreal, almost out of body experience.

I could almost look down on myself with the boys all crowded around, hands everywhere. It was only then that I realised I was moaning in pleasure myself.

In the rush, my skirt started slipping lower and lower, exposing more of my lower body for their hands. They eagerly explored the newly opened up territory, as my skirt slid down to the ground.

I was there, in nothing but my panties, with more than 20 hands all over me. Those panties didn’t last too long either, as fingers reached inside them from various directions and the thin cotton quickly gave way.

I was naked, surrounded by all these boys and my body was theirs for the taking.

I guess you could say it was my first gangbang.

It wasn’t long before I had my first blowjob customer, followed shortly after by my first paid-for fuck. I gave the boys blowjobs and let them fuck me behind the sheds too, because I had no where else to go. I would simply drop my panties and bend over and let them fuck me from behind.

Of course, there was always an audience, no such thing as privacy, so every boy in school that year either fucked me or watched me get fucked.

I quickly learned that I liked the taste of cum, swallowing down every drop whenever one of the boys ordered a blow job, but I also learned to bring a towel because some of the boys were quite messy and had bad aim. Most of the boys who fucked me just dumped their load in my cunt, but some of the boys started getting smart and wanted to pull out and cum on my face.

One boy got caught trying to steal money at home to meet my prices and confessed what it was for. His parents told my father and I thought I was in huge trouble. Instead he asked me why I did it and if I enjoyed the attention. Then he said if I wanted to do that sort of thing it had to be done properly.

So he put me on the pill, bought some slutty outfits for me, and then introduced me to a steady stream of his male friends and acquaintances as he pimped me out.

I didn’t know it at the time but my price list had another step.

He added anal sex to the list.

That’s how I came to leave school and became a prostitute working for my father. I was getting fucked 4-5 times a day every week, usually by dirty old men who could hardly believe they could get their hands on a nubile young girl like me. They would strip me off, play with my tits, lick my pussy, then I’d suck their cock and they would fuck me, sometimes in both holes.

That is what has made me into the total slut and whore I am today.

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