Sam 23 by pars001

.For those that want to know

Solar time unit = year

planetary time unit = day


Thantas’ mouth was still hanging open. Sam had healed all of them, then without really thinking about it, had gone after the Tetricons. Shaking her head she tried to retrieve her memories. So many were there though, she couldn’t reach them.

Almost nothing of her time on her home planet, her family, friends hardly anything was there. Her capture, her orders, the last fight all seemed fresh, standing out. Her rescue by Sam, the help she’d given him, were the only recent memories she had.

Thantas buried her face in her hands trying her best to bring them to the surface, to no avail. Taking a deep shuddering breath, she reached inside feeling her healing power. It was there though weak, very weak compared to Sam’s.

“I can’t believe that I can remember about you, though nothing else from home. There is hardly anything I can recall at all. I can feel them there, I just can’t seem to reach them.” Thantas told Tynco.

Tynco patted Thantas on the shoulder, “I am not experienced in that field my dear. My mate Cyan, and the other female Triann, are both doctors. I am afraid that, they are more bio-engineers than anything else.

Thantas was nodding almost understanding though, it was causing her head to start aching. Worse yet after a few moments it also started to throb slightly, steadily increasing.

“I think I need to lie down,” Thantas stated as she stood, then started to float back to the bed she’d been in. She barely made it when her eyes rolled back into her head as she fell.

Tynco started to yell as he caught Thantas. A moment later both Mellos and Raydy, were there to help Tynco, get an unconscious Thantas back in bed.

“I am afraid we need Sam, to heal her more, she was dangerously depleted when he brought her here.” Here Tynco looked at Mellos and Raydy. “Can either of you contact him? Her own healing isn’t active enough, it’s barely keeping her alive. If you can, tell him we need him here as soon as possible.”

Mellos and Raydy looked at each other with great concern. “Sir, I haven’t gotten that far as of yet. I know that you have had over a solar time period, I’m sure you can.” Raydy said to Mellos.

Mellos’s face screwed up in anger, then was just as suddenly calm. “I have had the few abilities that I have, for a shorter time than you think, Raydy. I am not sure if I can though, I will try.”

Mellos closed her eyes as she tried to ‘see’ where Sam was. She’d managed to do this once, though not at a great distance.

{Sam? Can you hear me? Come on Sam I didn’t think I was that weak. Damn it Sam! Answer me! If you don’t come back soon Thantas might expire, SAM!} Mellos’s thought seemed to scream in desperation.

A few systems away, Sam, was heading back to Queen Triada’s world, when Mellos’s thoughts hit him like a wall. {Damn it Mellos! What the hell is wrong? He tried to tune in her thoughts, only getting {— back — Thantas — expire!}

When he got nothing else, a worried expression crossed his face then a worm hole opened. A mere two minutes later another opened near Queen Triada’s world, Sam streaking out of it.

Sam landed with a large thud, he then hurried to Thantas. Laying a hand on her head, the other on her chest he concentrated feeling her breathing ease up. Good he thought, reaching further he felt that she was more depleted than he thought she had been. Growling, he put more into the healing feeling her start to grow stronger. Shaking his head he felt she wasn’t strong enough yet.

The sound of several pairs of feet almost distracted him. Then he felt two males, try to pull him away they were thrown several feet away from him.

“He’s going to deplete himself again, if he doesn’t stop,” Tynco stated getting off the ground.

“What can we do? There’s no way we can get through that healing shield!” Fino said, as he was also getting off the ground.

“Can I try?” A tall blonde female asked as she slowly limped to beside Tynco.

Tynco was about to speak, then his mouth snapped shut as he nodded. “Sam? Sam can you hear me? Sam talk to me.”

Without turning, answering in an almost whisper Sam said. “I’m busy you’ll have to wait your turn.”

The blonde female sighed as she closed her eyes. {Sam, are you trying to die? You know by now that you haven’t that much energy yet. We need you, Thantas needs you, if you continue this then all hope is lost.”

Sam was shocked a moment the energy he was infusing into Thantas almost stopping. “She’s a lot smarter than the both of us thought, I suggest you listen to her. I think I have enough for right now, a lot more than the last time.” Thantas whispered up to him.

“Thantas?!” Sam said as he pulled his hands back from her head and chest.

Stumbling back he was caught by three males. A startled look came to his face as he recognized two of them though, not the third.

“W… wh… who the hell are you?” Sam said to the much older male with gray and black hair.

“Ah! I am sorry I haven’t had a chance to introduce myself. Rycon, first class engineer, I worked with your mother on the project.” Rycon said. “Also, I am Raydy’s father.”

“Uh huh,” Sam said as he stumbled again. At least it wasn’t as bad as before.

“Really Sam,” a now familiar behind Sam stated. “One would think that you were trying to end your life.” Sam turned to see Thantas sitting up on the bed looking a hell of a lot stronger. “I have to admit your osmosis healing is indeed stronger than I have ever felt. My own is nowhere near what yours is.”

“You,” Sam swallowed hard as the world started to slowly spin. “You have to use it, then it gets stronger. I am sorry I didn’t do more. Had I just done a minute more, you might not have been in peril.” Sam said to Thantas.

This time Sam’s legs gave way, sinking to the floor. Breathing a little hard from the effort of staying up as long as he had.

“I think he needs this more than I do,” Thantas said as she rose, with Sam placed on the bed.

“Try it Thantas, try it, it won’t at first but soon after a few tries, it will get stronger.” Sam said, then his eyes closed.

Thantas shook her head, “He is far more stubborn than leader Concof was. He is strong, the strongest I have ever seen, even among the planetary guard.” Turning to Fino and Triann she bowed, “I know that you are very proud of him.”

Triann and Fino nodded then Triann was running a small box across Thantas head. “It appears that this latest healing has rejuvenated well over half your memory.”

Thantas was nodding, watching what Triann was doing. As soon as Triann finished, Thantas grabbed Triann’s hand, looking over the black box. “This confirms it,” Thantas said, releasing Triann’s hand. “An advanced Cliveastone bio-metric medical scanner. I’ve only seen one of these before.”

A shocked look came to Triann’s face as she slightly nodded. “Not many outside the medical and science fields know that. How is it that you do?”

“I… I’m not sure, it’s there at the edge of my memories, the ones Sam just released. I can feel that I am missing a great many things, I just can’t seem to find them long enough to grasp them. I lost a lot of my self, Sam gave me a great deal back though, I am still missing a great deal.” A slightly shaken Thantas said.

Again Triann, started to run the black box across Thantas’s head. Triann nodded, as she looked toward Fino slightly.

Fino’s eyes were wide a moment then he also nodded.

“I suggest that you not push the memories Thantas. You have slightly more than fifty percent restored, pushing them might cause irreparable damage.” Triann advised.

Thantas whirled to stare hard at Triann, something in what the female said had triggered… something. Again, it was an irritating tickle at the edge of the memories she had just gained.

Thantas turned back to look at Sam, she thought about what he’d said. [“Try it Thantas, try it, it won’t at first but soon after a few tries, it will get stronger.”] Shrugging she decided what the hell? Walking over to the newest resurrected male she tapped him on the shoulder.

“It was suggested by Sam that, I try to use my osmosis power.” She was about to ask permission when, a glaring malady appeared on the male’s chest. Shaking her head it didn’t go away. “I am sorry to impose, it seems that there is something wrong with you, in this area.” Thantas indicated an area of the male’s chest.

The male’s eyes got large then he nodded. “So the rumors were true, you are an osmosis healer.” Extending his hand the older male shook Thantas’s. “First class engineer Rycon at your service.”

“You are Raydy’s father, it is indeed an honor to meet you. So, as I asked what is this malady that I am seeing in this area?” Thantas asked again indicating the area of his chest where she was seeing it.

“That I am afraid, was the result of an industrial accident a few solar time units before the end. The medical staff had managed to arrest it, though had no way of repairing or regenerating the damaged tissue.” A sad Rycon said. “I just hope that, I get a little more time with my mate before it takes me.”

Thantas was nodding, then said, “As I said before, Sam said that, I was an osmosis healer also. He said I needed to use it so I could grow stronger. I thought that I might begin with you, if I may sir?”

A small, sad smile, crossed Rycon’s features as he nodded. “I don’t think you can do more damage, than has already been done.”

A slightly shocked Thantas, placed a hand on the male’s chest. At first nothing happened no matter how hard Thantas tried. Sighing, her whole body seemed to relax as she shook her head. She was about to remove her hand when she felt the oddest sensation. It almost felt as if, something was flowing from her hand into the male’s chest! What the hell? Then she looked at the male, the large area that covered the entire right side of his chest was slowly shrinking.

Thantas eyes got wide as did the male’s! “I never thought I’d ever feel it get smaller!” Rycon said, even as Thantas felt a small twinge, then swiftly removed her hand staring at it.

Tears started to fall from his eyes as he hugged Thantas. “I think I need to sit a moment; I see now why it takes so much out of Sam.” Looking at Rycon as she sat Thantas said. “I am sorry that I am not as strong as Sam or didn’t do more.”

Triann walked up a moment later running the small black box over Rycon’s chest. A small smile crossed her features as she gathered readings.

“Whether you believe it or not, you healed far more than you think. I am reading at least forty percent of the damage is gone. Those areas, show complete regeneration, the new tissue is healthy. He is not completely healed, though he isn’t in as great of danger than he was.” Triann advised Thantas.

Both Thantas and Rycon were staring at Triann with their mouths agape.

“I am not in as great of danger? Forty percent?” A stunned Rycon could only state as he looked at Thantas with a new respect. “Thank you so much, at least now I have a chance.” He was about to say more when there was another pneumatic hiss not far away.

Rycon and Triann quickly moved away toward the regeneration Chamber. Thantas watched as slender redhead was helped to sit up in the chamber.

{I told you, you just need to rest. Use it again, though, well, I guess you already have a way of knowing how far NOT to go.} Came the thoughts of Sam shocking Thantas.

{Well, that’s easy for you to say.} She thought back. {You have a hell of a lot more control than I have.}

{Really? You think so huh? Here’s a little secret, I’ve only done a total of seven, maybe eight. The thing is I want to help as much as I can. You have to decide if you want to or not, I know it was hard, you can do it, you just need to use it more. I can already feel your osmosis power has increased twenty five percent. Damn good if I say so myself.} Sam’s thoughts returned to a shocked Thantas.

{For all that you have done and given me Sam, I’d follow you to hell to pay back those damn Tetricons!} Returned the thoughts of Thantas.


The Lord Doctor was still shocked that the Sam creature had gotten as close as he had. With the new body, the Doctor, should have felt him before any.

The doctor cursed himself, then flexed out his eight tentacle like appendages. The transfer had been far more painful than he thought it would be. Then again, he felt as powerful, as he did five centuries ago. Then, he and the other seven had taken humanoid bodies to hide amongst them.

At first, it had been almost too disgusting to inhabit those weak bodies. He had to admit the first fifty solar rotations, had been the worst, after that they all managed to live through it.

The doctor pushed himself up on his four legs, he scanned all around feeling for any danger. Thinking back he could have sworn that he’d felt more than one pure Cliveastone. Going through all he’d felt, he was almost sure he’d felt four, no five of the goody goodies.

He shook what resembled a head on the large body, he felt a bit of fear for only the second time. Five fully powered Cliveastones could easily take them. He remembered the one that they had held captive all that time. She wasn’t even one of their elite, yet it took the collective, himself, plus the last three elite Tetricons.

The doctor shook his head he remembered the three elite took control of her. They mistakenly thinking she was safe, she lashed out destroying the three. The sheer power she’d used had surprised him as he and the others finally got her restrained. They were going to destroy her when, he felt their planet explode a mere half a planetary time unit after the Cliveastone world.

The doctor was glad they had hesitated, especially when he discovered that her body fluids, could sustain them. Every time they took a dose it added at least a hundred solar time units. He growled a bit when Triot and a few of the council almost destroyed her.

It had taken almost all his patience to keep from destroying Triot and the council. Reaching out he stretched himself out to the galactic edge. He could still feel the two powerful members of his race. He just had to delay a few planetary time units.

He turned toward the direction he’d felt the Cliveastones, he hoped what he’d felt was wrong. Reaching out he drew closer to Queen Triada’s planet.

The Doctor slowed he gasped as he felt a total of nine pure Cliveastones! Then he felt two others that, felt as if they more than three out of four parts pure Cliveastone. Looking closer he could swear that the last two felt familiar.

He reached out as hard as he could, he felt Thantas, Mellos, Sam, another one that he’d gotten a report on not long ago. Then he felt five others! Trembling a moment the doctor nodded, only two there felt as if they had their full power.

The doctor breathed a sigh of relief, then looked again at the partial two. Why in the world did they feel so familiar? He was as close as he could get when he gasped again. It was Drivas and Thellus, how in the hell had they been changed to almost pure Cliveastone.

It seemed impossible what he was feeling. He himself, had worked on something like that, only to discover that their DNA was far too complicated to mix and change other races, into them. Then he thought of that idiot Triot’s claim that he’d done just that. He’d claimed that he’d used his own DNA to get a humanoid with child not once but twice.

The doctor shook his head he’d demanded proof, Triot had laughed stating it was an experiment. He’d refused to give up the children so the doctor could dissect them. At first the doctor thought Triot was growing soft. Then he thought of the possibilities, he decided to let it be for then. Now the doctor could see that Triot had been speaking the truth.

The doctor was going to look even closer to see if his suspicions were correct, when he was hit. The force, was led by Queen Triada herself, as thousands of minds tried to crush him. Using all his power at first worked, then thousands of more minds were added. It felt as if all three triads, were fighting him. Finally, he withdrew not making any headway against them.

He then retreated all the way back to the IP homeworld, the doctor sat to think a moment. They had lucked out with only two of the Cliveastones at full power. That wouldn’t last long though, if Sam did a full osmosis healing on them, they wouldn’t have a chance.

The doctor extended his power again toward the two he’d felt at the galactic edge. He wasn’t sure, it seemed as if they were finally moving toward his location.

A sigh of relief escaped his lips as some of his confidence returned. Two elites could wreck major damage, especially as powerful as the two he felt. Now, he just had to stall somehow ’til they appeared.


Triot was seething he was so pissed. As powerful as he felt he was nothing should have stopped him. On the far side of a distant moon Triot felt his jumbled thoughts slowly starting to right themselves.

He was about to go at the council again when his thoughts suddenly gave him pause. Though he didn’t have the osmosis aspect like the Cliveastones, he could increase it like the elite had been able to.

The fight against the damn council had seriously drained him. Even so he could feel his power rapidly returning, far faster than he thought possible. A smile crossed his features, returning with a slight boost.

Triot reached out, he soon felt, the Lord doctor as he was seeming to search the cosmos. What in the hell was that decrepit piece of filth looking for.

Triot turned in the direction that the Lord doctor was, I don’t feel anything… shit! He thought. Withdrawing as fast as possible, Triot sat back down with a thunk.

If he wasn’t mistaken, he’d felt the faint energy signatures of two elite Tetricons. Two extremely powerful elite Tetricons! Shaking his head, Triot had to again resist the urge to go against the council once more.

He needed something to… what was that he thought as his power seeking drifted near Triada’s world. Reaching further he was sure of what he felt. I have to get closer he thought, he was almost able to see what was going on, on Triada’s world when he felt a powerful push that stopped him.

Triot tried to push through, only to be surprised when it felt like he’d been smacked, then punched backwards. What in the hell was that he thought.

Sam jerked awake when he felt, what he could only be described as almost pure evil approaching him. Reaching out he felt a strong power still approaching, then he felt Triada and what seemed like thousands. He felt them meet the power both stopping.

It was when he felt the strong power much closer, he realized it was Triot. His face screwing up into a mask of hatred Sam started yelling as he also started to push then formed his power into a fist, driving it into all of Triot’s power.

A smile crossed Sam’s lips as he felt Triot flying backwards from where he’d been. About time the ass got a taste of his own medicine. Then again Sam thought, knowing that ass he’d most likely enjoy it.

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