Ruby’s New Life Ch. 13 by Pearls_Inside

Dressed in my school uniform, I walked across campus toward the front office. My thoughts were on that black room where I was a sex goddess. I saw myself, with my new swollen lips, my platinum blond hair, my big, sensitive nipples, my clit that always looked swollen and inviting, always exposed past my minimized labia…naked on the soft, black sofa in an all-black room….a delicious goddess ready to serve.

When I arrived at the office, the secretary of the Head Master greeted me, “Can I help you, miss?”

“I’m Ruby….”

“Oh yes! Yes, they’re all waiting for you. Let me escort you in.” She walked in front of me toward the office door. The moment she laid her hand on the doorknob, I cast my eyes down to the floor and relied on my peripheral vision to guide me.

I entered the office, eyes downcast and stood, waiting for instruction.

“Ruby, welcome. Your fiancé and grandfather are here to see you and check in. I will take my leave for a moment and let you speak.”

“Thank You, Sir.” I kept my eyes down and waited.

The door closed and it was silent. No one spoke, so I laid in my comfy black room and waited.

“Ruby….are you alright?” Grandfather seemed to be looking at me.

“Yes, Sir.”

“They said there was an incident? Were you harmed?” Grandfather’s voice drifted away as if he’d given up.

Kyle spoke next, “Ruby look at me.”

“Yes, Sir.” I raised my eyes to his mouth and waited.

He glanced at grandfather, “Let me have a minute.” Grandfather stepped out of the office and I kept my eyes on Kyle. He took a breath, “It’s just us, you can relax.”

“I’m fine, really.”

“Why don’t you sit down?” He motioned to the chair where grandfather had sat. I obeyed and turned to smile at him. “Ruby…..what happened? Tell me everything.”

I told him about my class and the shift, even about my comfy black room. He would be my husband, I couldn’t keep anything from him.

“Ruby, relax.”

“I’m relaxed.”

“You look…..”


“Beautiful. You’re beautiful. Let me speak with the Head Master. Wait here.”

“Yes Sir.”

Kyle stepped into the lobby area but left the door open; I could hear them speaking.

“What have you done to her? She’s like a robot.”

“Sir, I assure you she has been following the curriculum all the girls follow. I’ve had not one bit of trouble from her, she’s an excellent student.”

“My granddaughter looks like a sex doll! No emotion, no thought behind her eyes. Something went horribly wrong.”

“Unfortunately sir, everything went terribly RIGHT. What you see in that office is the ultimate goal of this school. If I could turn every girl into that extraordinary example of obedience …. Well just think of it.”

“My fiancé was vibrant and sweet and now …. Now she’s….well look at her!”

“Sir, I know several men who will happily take her off your hands in her state. I can connect you with them if you wish to cancel your engagement.”

“No, I want her, she’s mine! You ruined her, you FIX her!” I could hear Kyle’s footsteps leaving the school.

“Head Master, I understand your point of view. Emotion aside, she is a shining example of what we all need and want. He’s young and ….”

“He’s a fool. Girls graduate with flying colors and never break like this.”

“Yes, like I said, I do understand. She comes from a long line of lifestyle families, it doesn’t surprise me, even being raised in the conventional world. Her grandmother was the same. They’re exquisite creatures.”

“Sir, I respect your family immensely, I know she has been bred properly, but can you share with me how she was raised?”

“Suburban lifestyle, pretty typical out there. Her mother left when she found out her husband was going to send her here to be trained for the lifestyle. She couldn’t stand the thought. Her older brother introduced her to most of the delights before she came here, though her father and younger brother had used her as well. She was the house whore but with no real training. Of course it wasn’t in her breeding to object. She’s taken to things here fairly quickly, even before coming to finishing school. I don’t get a lot of fight out of her.”

“We see her as someone raised in it, we had no idea she was so very far from our lifestyle the way she’s behaved here.”

“Yes, she’s her grandmother all over again. If I believed in such things, I’d have a go at her myself just to relive that again.”

“No one would blame you if you did, my good man.”

“No, that’s not how it is in our household. She isn’t married yet, I still have the authority regarding this situation. Let me speak with Kyle and we will be in contact. Mean time….why don’t you set up a final exam for her and let us know the results. We’ll be in touch.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I heard footsteps going and footsteps coming.

The Head Master came into the office and shut the door. When he was seated behind his desk, he finally spoke, “Ruby, this is a highly unusual situation. I assume you’ve heard of breaking a horse during training?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Well….that’s a bit of what has happened here we believe. You have achieved the goal of our school with perfection it seems. So! Your grandfather has requested a final exam and he will make a decision from there.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“The desire to use you is intoxicating.” He quietly stared at me for a moment, “Return to your dorm and await my instruction.”

“Yes, Sir.”

When I got back to our room it was empty. I grabbed my copy of lifestyle etiquette and began reading. This world was a curious one, but somehow the rules and guidelines were comforting to me. Knowing what was expected of you was oddly liberating.

I must have fallen asleep, I awoke to a touch on my arm and jolted awake.

“Easy, girl.” I kept my eyes down as I sat up straight in my chair, but I recognized the voice of Head master.

“I’m sorry, Sir.”

“No need, this is your personal space and you’re well within your limits to relax here.” He sat on my roommate’s chair and continued, “If you would kindly prepare yourself and be on the front steps in one hour, your car should be ready to escort you to your final exam.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I’ve hung your required attire in your bathroom. We will see you in one hour.”

“Thank You, Sir.”

When he was gone, I rose and went into the bathroom. I unzipped the garment bag and pulled out a sheer black robe that tied around the waist. In the bottom of the bag were 4” platform red high heels. I would be 6” taller in them easily. There was also a makeup bag with what I would apparently need in it.

I gave myself a thorough enema with essential oils, then showered and dried my hair, putting it in a high ponytail. I applied the makeup they had provided me and when I was finished, looked in the mirror. I didn’t know who she was, but she was stunning and sexy. They had given me magnetic eyelashes, applied with a magnetic eyeliner so they were full and luxurious. The makeup was matched to my skin perfectly and the powder had a shine to it that literally made me look like a plastic Barbie. The blush was a bronzer that hi-lited my high cheekbones and that lipstick…it was a deep red stain with a gloss to moisten it. My lips, lined, had never looked so large. I felt like a porn star.

I slowly inserted the 7” soft anal plug that I was now wearing fairly comfortably and took a moment to moan a bit as I enjoyed my rim stretching around it.

I washed my hands, strapped myself into the heels and put on my robe, tying it in a neat, large bow in front to the side.

I left all of my things and started for the main steps. Walking across campus, the breeze blew at my robe and my nipples, though always protruding, hardened and gave me a chill. The other girls were heading to dinner and I could feel eyes on me, though no one was allowed to approach me, not even my friends. I didn’t care. I had a job to do this evening it seemed, and I was determined to do it well.

The black limo pulled up and the door was opened for me. When I entered and sat down, I noticed a large man sitting across from me and cast my eyes down as soon as I noticed.

“Ruby, I’m Justin. I will be your escort to this event.”

“Hello, Sir.”

“I want to brief you as to what is expected of you, but beyond that is your test.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“We will be attending a high society dinner this evening. Well, they’re having a dinner. When dinner is over, the ladies are entertained in the parlor and the men … well the men will be entertained by you in separate quarters.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I will prep you as needed, nothing to worry about there. All behaviors are yours to maneuver.”

“Yes, Sir.”

The drive was quiet and not long at all. I found I wasn’t nervous or scared, despite the unknown circumstances looming.

We pulled up to a gorgeous estate and I was escorted inside to a sitting room. Justin removed my robe and hung it in the closet, then bent me over a counter and removed my anal plug, washing it and placing it on a shelf in the closet.

I was then told to stand wide-legged with my arms out while Justin rubbed me down with the most delicious smelling oils. My entire body was glistening and slick. I could tell he thoroughly enjoyed oiling my breasts. He then found another jar of oil and began oiling between my legs. “This is the oil they’ll be using on themselves as well. It doesn’t mess with the balance of things inside of you …. Keeps things healthy and happy.”

I loved that I didn’t have a care or a worry in my mind. Everything was taken care of for me, I only needed to obey and behave.

I was bent over the counter again and a small squirt of oil was squirted into my anal cavity. Justin used a small, narrow dildo to work it up inside me and dabbed any drips left over.

“Ruby, you’re all set.” He took the ends of my ponytail and had a rubber band to tuck them up in around my other one. “Don’t want it to get oily. Oh, and that lipstick won’t smudge no matter what you do to it. Don’t even think twice.”

“Thank You, Sir.”

“I’ll be waiting to the side, watching. If you need anything, I’ll be right there.”

“Yes, Sir.”

He led me into a large library much like the one I was putting together for our home. But this was so much bigger; more like mother’s.

“Wait here, they’re finishing dinner now and will be heading for their cigars and brandy soon.”

“Yes, Sir.” I knelt on the carpet in full view of the doorway, sat back on my heels, back straight and spread my legs with my eyes cast at the floor where they would be entering. The heels made it awkward, but somehow I managed.

Soon, I heard footsteps and loud, boisterous male voices headed my way. As they entered, I was sized up and talked about as they poured their brandy and lit their cigars.

“Oh, fresh meat!”

“This one is exquisite, Howard.”

“Are we drawing straws to see who breaks her in?”

“Magnificent work, Barry.”

“Those lips on my cock can’t happen soon enough.”

My host approached me, “Young lady, let’s see you on the sybian so we can wet our appetites.”

“Yes, Sir.” I stood, eyes down, and walked to the sybian. I lowered myself onto the dildo and moaned as it filled me. My host strapped my feet back and tied my wrists behind my back with a rope to the back of the contraption. I was at the machine’s mercy.

He whispered in my ear, “You can cum all you want, darlin’. Just keep your eyes closed and enjoy the ride!” He switched on the machine to the rocking motion and I swiveled my hips to get the most pleasure I could. I could hear the men unzipping their pants, cigars puffing and glasses clinking. I didn’t know how many eyes were on me, all I knew was I was allowed to cum all I wanted and I was going to make the most of it! I grinded my hips on the machine and moved as best I could being strapped the way I was. It felt so good and I let the sensation fill me until it built up and I felt the explosion.

I expressed every feeling verbally for my guests so they could hear how it felt, every squeak and moan and yelp was an interpretation for them. This is what it was like to be a woman and be in utter ecstasy. When I came down, I felt my host next to me. He reached down and switched the setting to bounce. I wasn’t expecting it and my yelps and moans were desperate and frantic.

I could feel my huge tits bouncing, my nipples hard and that dildo slamming into me from below. It was rough and delightful and it must have looked beautiful. I knew each of my audience was wishing it were them I was bouncing on.

It didn’t take long at all for me to come so hard that it felt like I was urinating on that machine. I felt the fluid come out of me and it was an incredible release.

The machine was turned off and I wet my lips. I was untied and stood up. My host led me to a man sitting on a nearby chair. The man turned me around and plopped me on his dick. “She’s dripping wet, my friends!” His cock was average length but thick and it felt good to be stretched inside. I bounced on his dick for only a few minutes before I heard his cry and he pulled me into him and buried himself deep inside of me, filling me with his spunk.

I was quickly carried to another lap, this time face to face so he could fondle my tits in his face and suck my nipples. His cock was longer but not as thick, I had to do longer strokes. I felt someone move behind me and a cock pressed into my ass with no warning.

Soon I was being bounced on two cocks, filled like never before and I felt myself moan like a whore. It felt amazing!

The man in my pussy came finally and I was lifted up, dick lodged in my ass, as he moved out from under me to grab his brandy and another man took his place. I kept my eyes closed and enjoyed all of the sensations.

I saw the men oiling up their cocks from the same jar that was squirted into my ass. There was no resistance and no tearing, everything was well oiled and slick. It was perfection.

Those that had already came and finished a brandy and a cigar and thought they might want to try for round two would come to the side of me and push their cocks into my mouth. I happily slurped on them and moaned as I took them into my throat. When they were hard again, they would take the place of one of the men finishing inside of me and keep going.

I was amazed, I didn’t even feel sore. I felt nothing but pleasure.

One man wanted me bounced hard on his cock and slapped my tits the entire time he was inside of me. I couldn’t get enough of hearing the things they said to me,

“Take it all, little girl.”

“You like my cock buried in your ass?”

“That’s it, let me use that body.”

“I love a fresh, tight, slick hole to fuck.”

These were gentlemen in every way but this way. It felt empowering to have these rich and powerful men using me for their pleasure. Being obedient and taking everything they gave to me was my way of pleasing these Gods. In return, I would be pampered like a Goddess.

I lost count of how many times they switched out and switched holes. I had glimpsed Justin making sure the ladies on the staff were washing cocks with soap and water between uses just in case they used a different hole on their second turn. I felt safe, taken care of and the orgasms were undeniably the best I had ever felt.

I could feel jizz dripping from every hole in an obscene way. I didn’t even care, it felt amazing to have proof of each man I had pleasured.

Soon they were all spent and as I stood, holes empty, awaiting instruction, my host took me to a bare spot in the floor, laid down a small rug and I knelt down obediently. I saw a stock bolted to the floor and my host pushed my head down. I knew what he wanted, so I placed my wrists in the small Indiants to the side and my head in the large center one. The top of the stock came down and locked me down. I was chest-to-the-floor on my knees, spreading them as wide as possible. I wasn’t going anywhere.

I could see the men putting on their trousers, being handed to them from trouser racks by the staff. Everyone poured another brandy and relaxed into conversation, watching me as the center of things but talking about business and the problems of the Gods.

My host whistled and I heard the pitter patter of feet trot into the room. I recognized the sound of those clicks. Plastic caps on the claws of K-9s.

Before I could have another thought, there were four dogs licking at my pussy and ass, cleaning me of all the human seed I had collected. Their tongues felt amazing and I felt the moans begin to escape as I had my first orgasm from the family dog of the evening.

One of the staff removed the rug from under me and I was on the bare hardwood floor. The audience cheered; I had no idea why.

The first dog mounted me. He was well trained and found his mark immediately. I felt him humping my pussy and growing larger inside of me. He kept fucking me with animal abandon, filling me with what felt like gallons of doggy spunk. The staff member held him back so he wouldn’t knot me, but he managed to fill me to overflowing and I felt his cum flowing out of me.

He dismounted me and the staff brought him to sit in front of me, guiding his cock to my mouth to be cleaned while the second dog mounted me and took his turn.

I couldn’t lift my head much, but I managed to make sure he wouldn’t drip when he retreated to a corner to clean himself.

It was such a turn-on to be flattened on the floor with my holes on display for my audience and my K-9 lovers. I would service all the men of the house before I was allowed to leave, that was clear.

Lover #2 finished, pulled out of me and let his doggie cum spill out with him, coming to my face for one last little delight before he was finished.

The third dog seemed larger and his cock certainly filled me much more. I could hear my moans and screams intensify while he pounded at his bitch’s cunt. To be fucked by a cock that large at the animal speed he was pounding me with was indescribable and I quickly felt yet another orgasm building.

“She’s quite amazing.”

“Hard to believe she’s new to this.”

“So obedient…”

“I could watch her climax all night.”

I was hearing positive feedback between my screams and cries of ecstasy.

A torrent of K-9 cum poured from my pussy as the big boy pulled his spent cock from my body. Focused on trying to clean him, I hadn’t noticed the entire room go quiet, nor did I pay any attention to the breed of dog that was saved for last in this spectacle. I wouldn’t have known anyway.

The large dog cock in my face was apparently not as big as they came. The last dog mounted me, but just stood over me, he didn’t need to jump up to mount me, I was already at his height. He did squeeze his front legs around my waist, but I couldn’t see him. I knew I felt a large cock enter me but didn’t think for a moment that it would grow bigger as he fucked me. I couldn’t panic; this was my master at the moment and he was in need of my body. All I could do was submit and find pleasure in whatever came next.

His thrusts were effortless and long and deep. Thankfully, I finished cleaning the last large dick that had been in me so I could focus on what was happening.

I could feel him growing wider and longer inside of me as he pumped in and out. My pussy was stretched and the pain in my cervix was intense as his monster cock tried to push into my uterus. He kept pounding at that wall, mixing pain with my pleasure. My moans sounded like a wild animal and when my pussy grabbed at him while I came, his cock started spurting seed into me. I had never felt so full in all of my life. I knew he was shooting straight into my uterus and soon I felt as full as a water balloon with dog jizz.

He kept pumping and humping and squirting at me for what seemed like forever. I came yet again and yelled like a human bitch being fucked unnaturally. It was so intense I thought I would faint.

When the large dog plopped out of me, more cum flooded out. When he came to sit in front of me, the stock was lifted so I could clean this master properly. All eyes were on me as I licked and slurped the monster dick clean. My vision was blurred and I was out of breath, but I kept going until the dog was clean and shrinking back into his sheath slowly. I never did get a good look at the animal, but I was sure I was in love.

The staff woman who had been helping the dogs and I moved to me and instructed me to lower my ass down and push as much of the liquid out of me as I could. I pushed and felt it flow out of me. I could hear it pouring and looked between my legs.

Set into the floor was a bowl that had gathered all of the dog semen that had flowed out of me, leaving the floor clean.

I was told to present and sat back on my heels, panting and eyes cast down, waiting. With my legs spread wide.

“Her endurance is admirable.”

“She still looks fresh and delicious.”

“If only I could go again.”

The woman lifted the bowl from the floor and presented it in front of my face. I was meant to drink this mess. The bowl made it difficult to measure just how much I would be ingesting, but I could tell I would be gulping for a bit. Semen goes down much thicker than water.

I remembered my classes and how we had handled these situations. This wasn’t just the semen of one dog, however. This was four dogs and two of them were very large.

I took the bowl from her and put it to my lips. I took a deep breath and started drinking. I opened my throat like we had learned in class, I thought of fresh, flowing water to nurture me and hydrate me, let it flow down my throat and then paused to gulp and continued, making sure my mind was focused anything but what was actually flowing into my stomach.

Before I knew it, the entire bowl was empty. The woman took the bowl and presented me with a glass of sweet, red juice that helped disguise the taste in my mouth. I felt like I had just eaten a large steak; I was so full.

I was stood up, turned toward my audience with my eyes cast down, fully on display. There was applause and I curtsied slightly before I was led out of the room and back to the sitting room.

Justin was there, waiting. “Ruby…there are no words. You are magnificent.”

“Thank You, Sir.”

“No, truly. I have never seen woman so obedient, so submissive, so….magnificent.” He stood me in front of the mirror.

Aside from the red marks here and there from slapping or groping or dogs mounting me, I looked quite the same as I usually did. My makeup had held up incredibly and just as described, my lipstick was still perfect, despite the cocks that had fucked my face all night.

Justin removed my heels and led me to the tub, washed and scrubbed at my body until he was satisfied, dried me and applied lotion to my skin. “Bend over, this next lotion will help with soreness.” He applied a cream to the outside of both of my holes, massaging it into my back door quite thoroughly.

When he was finished, he carried my anal plug, put my shoes and robe on for me and led me back through the house and to the car. As I passed a mirror in the foyer, I caught a glimpse of myself sauntering in my heels. I looked like a beautiful doll and you would never have guessed that I had just been fucked by countless men, passed around like a common whore and strapped down to be raped by dogs. It was phenomenal.

As I reached the car, Head Master ran after me, “Ruby! Wait!”

I turned, eyes down, “Yes, Sir?”

“Marvelous work, I mean it. Just incredible. I watched it all, every move you made. My assessment will be ready tomorrow afternoon and we will meet with your owners then. In the mean time, you’ll be taken to the infirmary at the school to recover. They’ll help you with everything.”

“Thank You, Sir.”

He turned to go inside and I slid myself into the limo.

Justin didn’t take his eyes off of me the entire ride, “Are you spoken for? I mean, are you promised to a husband?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Shame. I would hand over my family’s estate to own you.”

“Thank You, Sir,” What else could I say to him? I was already owned. And after tonight, I had the answers to so many of my own questions about our future and our marriage. In my mind’s eyes, the heart I would wear around my neck just kept getting darker and dark

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