Room Service by titsMaria

It’s nearing 9pm so I call Maria: “Time for tonight’s room services, slut.”

My wife emerges from the bedroom wearing only a filmy see through shift – no bra, no panties. She rarely wears footwear for her room services. Sometimes a guest might ask if she will wear heels so he can fuck her pornstar style, but we both feel barefoot is best. There will be no time to waste with shedding clothes or shoes, because it’s going to be a busy night.

Maria’s whopping huge tits bounce and wobble unrestrained as she walks. “How do I look?” She flirts.

“Like the whore and slut you are, baby. Let’s go.”

I lead her out the back door becase it’s closest to the motel room for Maria’s first booking. He’s a solo, a regular guest, but because he’s a salesman he’s got an early start in the morning, so he doesn’t want a late night.

I knock on the door of room 11 and call out “room service” and Ross answers it. As I usher Maria inside, I say “G’day Ross, here she is.” I sink down quietly on the couch in the corner of the room.

“Hi Maria, looking good, as usual,” Ross replies.

He’s only wearing jocks, so Ross is ready to go as well.

I ask “Do you want any pix or vids from this one mate?”

“No, it’s fine, thanks. I’ll just fuck your wife and then turn in. Got a big job tomorrow.”

“I hope you’ll give me a big job tonight, Ross,” Maria winks at him.

“You can start by getting on your knees and sucking my cock, slut,” Ross growls.

Maria obediently sinks down, her shift billowing out softly from her curvaceous body, as Ross drops his jocks and steps up to dangle his semi-erect cock and balls in Maria’s face.

Leaving her hands by her sides, Maria reaches out her tongue and places it under the tip of Ross’s dick to lift it into her mouth, sucking it in deeper with an audible sigh of pleasure.

“I can never get over how much you love cock, Maria. You are a born cock-sucking whore.”

Ross throws his head back as his shaft stiffens under Maria’s expert ministrations, then leans forward and grabs handfuls of my wife’s thick brown hair on either side of her pretty little head and begins thrusting his rod balls deep into her mouth and down her throat, grunting animalistically with each stroke.

Maria doesn’t even gag as the head of Ross’s thick cock rams right through her petite mouth, focussing on contracting her palate muscles with a swallowing reflex to stimulate his engorged member.

“Fuck Maria, you are one hell a deepthroat cocksucker,” Ross gasps as he heaves his pelvis back and forth against her lips.

Although her head is level to take Ross’s ramrod, Maria tilts her big brown eyes up so she can make eye contact with him every time he looks down.

While he is thrusting hard Ross throws his head back, but as he nears ejaculation he locks eyes with Maria, his thrusts now short and sharp. His gasps are shorter and closer together until he emits one long “Ahhhh” as he releases his load of semen into my wife’s eager mouth, pooling inside the seal of her lips around his cock.

Maria works her mouth to suck every last drop from Ross’s cock, until satiated, he slowly withdraws. Maria leaves her mouth open so he can see the white pool of his jizz luminously swirling around her teeth and tongue. She swishes his precious cum load around, swirling it into every corner of her mouth before swallowing it in small measures, savouring it like fine wine.

As she downs the last drop, Maria reaches for Ross’s cock with her left hand and begins to coax it back to life. Still on her knees, she cups his balls with her right hand, gently massaging them while stroking the shaft from its base to just shy of the head.

“Let’s get you naked, slut,” Ross orders.

Maria rises, letting go of Ross’s balls but holding onto his cock. Ross unceremoniously rips the flimsy covering down the front, exposing Maria’s 34E tits and shaved pussy. The bits of sheer material float to the floor as Ross grabs a tit in each hand, massaging the large heavy mounds, pulling on her darkened nipples and slapping them from one side to the other as left-handed Maria keeps stroking his cock.

Ross’s tit play gets faster, harder and rougher, with Maria’s boobs showing the odd red mark as Ross gives them full blooded slaps to make them bounce wildly. Maria ramps up the intensity as she jerks Ross’s dick, pulling the foreskin back and using her whole hand to rub his cock head.

Suddenly Ross grabs Maria by the shoulders and throws her on the bed on her back. The slut knows to keep her legs spread as Ross throws himself onto her, pausing briefly to make sure his cock is at the opening of Maria’s cunt.

He plunges into her, his thrusts even harder than before, the sound of his pelvis slapping into Maria’s wide open fuckholes matches his guttural grunts as she bucks up to take him ever deeper.

Ross begins to gasp as his second load is building, suddenly stiffening for a moment with his cock buried deep in my wife’s cunt until he floods her. I can see his semen already leaking out of Maria’s cunt while he still delivers the rest of his load.

Eventually he levers himself off her, his cock still dripping. He straddles Maria and drops his cock back into her mouth for him to finish him off. She sucks and licks till there’s no cum left.

He lifts himself off her again, gives one of her tits a final slap and says: “Thanks slut,” as he heads for the shower.

He winks at me as he passes and asks, “Still hoping to get the whore knocked up? I gave her a heavy squirt.”

I nod. “There’s always hope. Thanks Ross.”

I stand and nod at Maria, who gathers up her shift as we head for the door, Ross’s cum still drips down her legs.

She knows the drill. She dashes into the motel residence for a quick shower, mainly of her bottom half, and towels off.

“Don’t worry about getting dressed, slut, we don’t have time,” I tell her.

So Maria takes a deep breath and dashes out the door in a nudey run, her tits bouncing, around to room 14, which takes her past six other rooms.

It is heading for 10 pm but no one is around to get an eyeful of a naked Maria. Chris and Michael must have heard the slap of Maria’s bare feet on the non slip landing – or maybe her giggles – because the door is opening as we arrive. We burst right in and Chris closes the door behind us. Maria just keeps on going and collapses on the bed, still giggling.

Chris and Michael drop the towels they were wearing as they watch the naked brunette bouncing on their bed.

The guys are also regulars, tradies, who work for a large power company based just down the coast. Michael is about 38 but still fit while Chris is about eight years younger and sports a raft of tattoos covering his muscled arms and torso. They’re good mates who book in every couple of weeks or so. The company pays for the room, but they spring for the premium out of their own pockets because they like to double penetrate Maria.

“Hello slut,” they chorus. “Get ready for a right royal banging.”

“Mmm, bring those cocks to me,” Maria breathes.

I take up my customary position on the couch as the guys completely ignore me and stalk the whore spread on the bed.

“You want ass or mouth first, mate?” Michael asks Chris.

“Ass of course, love doing ass to mouth on this slut.”

They head to their respective ends of the whore and haul her into all fours, cocks already hardening in anticipation. She is stretched across a corner of the bed with her head hanging over one edge and her legs over another.

Michael grabs a handful of her brunette locks at the back of her head and lifts her face to meet his meat. Chris slaps Maria’s legs apart, grabs her right ass cheek and steps up with cock in hand, lining up her anus.

They look at each over the big tit slut, and countdown in unison: “Three, two, one!” On one they shove their cocks into Maria’s orifices simultaneously. Maria gasps but it’s muffled around Michael’s cock; it’s in response to Chris plunging his tool into her ass.

Now Maria has taken plenty of big cock in her time. In fact I trained her to take big cock with increasingly thicker and longer dildos. The training enables Maria to take any size cock without reacting.

But I give her some slack with Chris because he really has a monster. It’s more about girth than length, although his 12 inches matches most big cocks. White ones, at least. But he is thick. Maria reaches behind her with her left hand and pulls her ass cheek to open her hole wider to accommodate the hefty pole. I can see Maria’s anus stretch as Chris just rams it home. He’s done it before so he knows the slut can take it. But it still looks great.

The guys take up a rhythm as they pump my wife. They’ve done this before too. Michael fills Maria’s mouth with his cock and balls, pushing hard up against her Roman nose. Chris forces his monster progressively deeper up Maria’s ass, forcing her to straighten her formerly arched back.

They keep her locked there for a few minutes, enjoying the feel of Maria’s tightness around their swollen cocks. Then they glance at each other questioningly. Michael gives a little shake of his head; he’s not ready to cum yet and Chris agrees, so they pull out and swap ends. Chris gets his favoured ass to mouth.

Now Maria faces the challenge of taking Chris’ monster cock in her mouth instead of up her ass; an ass which has already been stretched so Michael has no trouble sliding right in.

But Chris has a few other entertaining techniques he can use. After Maria sucks and licks her ass juice off the end of Chris’ cock, he gets her to lick his balls while stroking himself. Then he uses his cock like a bat and slaps it against the side of Maria’s face, left, then right, several times. His 12 inches is heavy, so it makes quite a slapping sound and leaves red marks after the first few. He slaps it against her forehead as well and around her mouth, teasing her, making her quest for it with her lips and tongue. He lets her gobble it greedily before stroking himself to readiness.

The guys exchange another glance, with nods this time, so Michael swaps his cock into Maria’s cunt and pistons it in and out. Chris is holding the base of his cock so it is aimed at Maria’s face while strongly stroking from the head to halfway down the shaft. Maria is staring at the tip of his cock in anticipation.

They almost get it right. Michael cums first, grabbing Maria’s hips as he slow thrusts his semen deep into her cunt. But Chris is not far behind.

When it comes, it erupts. A thick white gooey stream engulfs Maria’s face, like she is wearing one of those beauty masks. It sprays into her hair and drips immediately from her nose and chin. Chris grunts several times as he coaxes the full amount of seed from his huge cock. Once the stream slows Maria sits up as the jizz drips onto her tits and down her body. She cups her hands and gathers up as much as she can, slurping it down. The slut loves cum.

The guys gather together so Maria can clean up their cocks. Once she finishes, she looks at them enquiringly. Sometimes they have time to DP her properly, usually Michael up her ass and Chris stretching her cunt.

“Nah, we’re gonna have a beer, thanks anyway slut. We hear your still gonna be busy tonight.”

Maria looks at me. I just shrug. “You’ll see.”

I turn to the guys. “Can Maria a have a quick shower here?” Michael waves at the bathroom as he cracks a stubby, his cook still dripping.

Maria slips into the bathroom and we hear water running. Chris and Michael clink beer bottles and drink deeply. A few minutes later she’s out, towelling herself off. It’s time for another nudey run to her final appointment.

Being near a police station we often get the boys in blue staying. Tonight there’s a group of six staying in two rooms. But the cops have all gathered in one room for Maria.

It’s nearing 11pm so we just walk, not anticipating any other guests around. But wouldn’t you know it, we run into a couple about to enter their room. Luckily the wife is virtually inside so while she realises we are walking by, she doesn’t see Maria nude. But the husband does. I give him a big wink. I’m sure he’ll talk to me in the morning at check out.

Maria knocks on the copper’s door and calls “room service” and it quickly opens to a chorus of cat calls and whistles. I’ve anticipated they might get a bit noisy so chose a room at the front of the motel, a couple of doors away from other guests – the couple we just ran into.

Maria claps her hands with glee as she prances naked into the room. She points each each bloke as she counts: “One, two, three, four, five, six!”

“It’s a gangbang, Maria, you’re gonna be sore tonight,” a beefy sergeant assures her.

The guys have all had a beer or two, some still in uniform, some just out of the shower; one sheds his T-shirt and pants as we speak.

There’s no couch in the room so I lean against the entrance wall, arms crossed. Once things are well underway I’ll move around a bit to get a better view because there’ll be six guys clustered around Maria.

Maria gives me a quick wink, a silent thank you, then raises both arms, twinning her wrists like a dancer, and twirls on her tiptoes.

“Round and round I go, where I stop nobody knows,” she sings softly, almost to herself.

Max, the sergeant who organised the premium room, waves in Maria’s general direction. The guy who stripped earlier stepped forward. “Stop right there, slut,” he orders in his police tone. “We have reason to believe we have solicited you for the purposes of sex. We will need to search you for any prohibited items and we may require you to make us cum.”

Several of the guys laugh at his wit and it breaks the ice. Uniforms are being discarded, outright stares of lust directed at my wife. The cop issuing the order steps up and starts “searching” Maria. Unsurprisingly he begins with her tits.

I think he’s only one of a couple of this group who have enjoyed Maria previously. Max is blooding some new recruits in his unit.

He runs his hands over Maria’s tits and a couple of other guys join in the search. Several pairs of hands roam freely over Maria’s naked body. Hands go from her tits to her ass and around to her pussy. A few hands force apart her legs. The cavity “search” is next so I’m sure fingers are exploring both her fuckholes, going by the look of pleasure on my whore wife’s face.

She hooks an arm around one young recruit and draws him in for a long tongue kiss. She leaves her tongue hanging out of her mouth and another bloke accepts the invitation.

One cop grabs Maria’s right hand and places it on his erection. A sigh escapes her lips as she stokes the offered cock. Giving Maria a cock is like supplying an addict.

By now all six are stripped and ready for action. A cock finds its way into Maria’s left hand as she is urged onto her knees, where she gets a choice of cocks to suck. The slut moves eagerly from one to the next, virtually inhaling the glistening heads.

Some are braver than others, grabbing fistfuls of Maria’s hair for a few thrusts, others try to recreate the last porn movie they saw. They throw in porn dialogue like “suck my cock, bitch”, “cocksucking whore” and “chew on this meat, slut”.

Maria happily takes it all for 15 minutes as the guys realise there is little they can do to Maria that hasn’t already been done. As they click it’s virtually a free for all they get rougher and work out positions to start fucking her.

Maria gets her first triple penetration of the night, as she mounts one cock and two more drive into her mouth and ass.

For the next couple hours Maria spends less than two minutes without three cocks in her voluptuous body. As soon as one cums, or withdraws because he can’t cum quickly enough, another replaces it.

The guys who don’t have a cock in the slut slap her tits around, an amazing spectator sport when Maria is involved. Maria does her best to keep up her cock jerking duties while getting gangbanged.

Maria is soon covered in sweat, some of it her own, and cum drips from her fuckholes. One cop jerks off onto her tits and the white sticky substance spreads over her body.

There’s no let up as the strapping young men release all their pent up energy into subjecting Maria to the hardest, roughest and nastiest gangbang they can imagine.

They call her a whore, a slut, a bitch, a cunt, a hooker, a prostitute, a skank, all labels Maria wears with pride.

Sergeant Max tells them Maria is a live fuckdoll, for them to use and abuse. “Getting fucked is all she’s good for,” he tells them.

Maria only urges them on with her eyes, pleading with them to redouble their efforts. The men respond, throwing her into various positions exposing her cunt and ass for their cocks.

It’s well after 1am when the guys start to slow. But Maria is still eager to demonstrate just how big a filthy slut and nasty whore she is as she crawls around on all fours seeking the last few drops of cum from satiated cocks.

Maria is a mess. She’s taken about 15 cum shots, her fuckholes are red raw, the muscles in her legs and arms are sore from holding positions enabling greatest access. But she is deliriously happy at how well she’s been used.

I shake hands with Max and usher Maria to the door. It’s only a few feet back to the residence.

The guy we bumped into earlier stands there, an amazed look on his face. “So it’s true, then?” He asks slowly, unable to take his eyes off my nude wife, wearing only cum.

“Absolutely,” I replied. “But next time don’t bring your wife.”

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