Rita having Sex While On Study Tour To Ooty

i am Rita, 22, not working just waiting for some opportunity to come either for job or marriage. My both parents are working and my brothers are all abroad on various jobs and assignments. I did my PG in maths and is likely to get a good job.By writing a small test I may become eligible to get a college teachership through UGC. I browse my laptop, watch TV, cook some food and sleep and just waste away my time. Reading HD stories is my favourite pastime. There are some of friends some married, some working but all liking HD, we undertake chat on any new story appearing in the HD.Rita, you have spare time and why dont you write about your college experiences in the HD said my friend, Suni. I have some rich experiences while in the college and I can write pages after pages about some of the encounters. However much I may try to hide the names, people who know us will understand and there will be mixed reaction.I was an active participant in the Arts Club in the college and I love to participate in singing, dancing and drama sessions. This really gave me lot of opportunity to show my creativity and help me gain lot of friends. I got to know Rahul while in a drama session. He was taking a part in the drama. He had very good personality, skill, good resonant voice and was very impressive.We used to meet during rehearsals and help each other to mug up the dialogues. Many times we would sitting in empty and dark rooms reciting our dialogue and bringing forth as much emotion as possible in our our tone. But never he attempted to take advantage of my presence with him, never uttered a word out of the way, and never touched my body.He never offered to give me lift, never offered snacks or tea in a restaurant, and at times it was boring. Going around with such a handsome fellow means people would think of many things. For my subsidiary Botony, my teacher, once asked me whether I would come for a study tour to Ooty etc. She it would be just a small group about three boys and three girls and two teachers.I said ok, after all University is funding the tour and why not take advantage. A special luxury coach was arranged and lot of food items were also loaded. I went to the bus stop and saw the crowd ready waiting for the vehicle to come. I stood there with my backpack and looked around. When the bus came I boarded and I found Rahul was sitting next to me. “Hey Rahul”, I shouted.I am glad that he is there and that too in the same seat with me. and he too showed happiness over his meeting me. In the last drama we both took part, I told him he played his part very well and there was lot of applause. He said no, no, dont bluff, I blundered in the delivery of my dialogues in one or two occasions and you helped me and I could save my face.That was true, but his action was superb. He praised me for my skills in acting and told me to go for some cinematic chances. The bus started, all the students, girls and boys were sitting in the seats in the front and the teachers also. Small food parcels were distributed and small bottles of water also. We while talking ate the hot puri and masala and drank the water.Somebody collected the waste packings and the empty bottles. Time was 10 pm. One of the girls started to sing a cute bhajan song. It was extremely melodious. It was followed by a classical bit by a boy which was also well sung. I felt sleepy, leaning over the back rest, I put the head on the headrest and tried to doze off.
Cool breeze and the drone of the tyres and the occasional music put me in the sleeping mood. But the seat was not comfortable and just as I entered sleep, I was leaning on Rahul who was sitting next to me. He just supported my head and he too was dozing. By 11 I was lying on his lap and he on my back. He took a shawl from his backpack and covered us both to guard against the chill.He placed his leg so that my head will be comfortable. With his hands he embraced me under the shawl and his hands were very close to my boobs. I could feel the bulge of his cock on my forehead. I put my hand under his thigh and cuddled more closely with him and he put his one hand on my bosom and another on my back.His hand was just over by boob and was pressing it and his fingers were reaching my crotch. I repositioned my head so that it was actually on his erect cock. I could feel its pulsations. His hand was searching for my boob and having located it it was giving it small sweet squeeze. Now I could understand that he is not sleeping neither I.I rolled over in the available portion of the seat so that my face will be against his crotch, and his right hand would be roaming over my front of the body. I got hold of his erect cock and turned my face and kissed it. Rahul with his hand unzipped his pant and pulled his cock out.
Now his cock was on my face and I can take it in my mouth and give him a blow job. or just kiss it and place it on my eyes and rub it on my cheeks. But his hand located and was luxuriously pressing my boobs one by one and went further down and searching for my panty. With the help of one hand I loosened my pyjama nada so that his hand may go to its destination.
He went further deep and located my shaven pussy and his middle finger was groping all over and located my fuck hole. He leaned over and gave me a kiss on my cheeks. His cock fairly big could not be taken into my mouth because of its size. But with the tip of my tongue I licked it tip. In the meantime Rahul’s fingers located my clitoris and was playing havoc there.Suddenly the lights came on and they announced that they may give a five minutes interval for people to go out freshen themselves and come back. Rahul hurriedly put his cock inside and I tied up my pyjama string. We both got up and looked aound. Some boys and girls were awake and up to get out of the bus.Bus conductor announced that the womenfolk may go to the nearby hotel for any nature calls. The teacher and we girls went and came back relieved. After five minutes we came back to our seats and now I was shy to look at the face of Rahul. He was looking at me and asked me how to position for the next session of sleep.He covered both of us by the shawl and I put my hand behind and unhooked my bra and untied the string of my pyjama. He unzipped his pants and made me to lie down with my head on his lap. His right hand was now meddling with my both boobs and nipples and his hand went down and located my clitoris and was numbling with it softly. His cock went deeper into my mouth.The jerks of the bus made it great for us and within a short time I cummed and my juices made my panty and the pyjama wet. Rahul warned me and he shot his sperms into my mouth and I could gulp the whole thing down. It came in torrents and because I was forewarned I could take the whole thing in. We were in a rough terrain and the bus was jolting very badly.I got up and tightened my pyjama string and Rahul zipped his pant and he lowered his face and gave me a soft kiss on my cheeks. We were nearing our destination. The bus conductor announced that we are in our destination and we may reach our place of stay within 15 minutes. We readied our luggage and all the sleeping crowd got up and there was a lot of activity.They had arranged two dormitories for boys and girls. Teachers also joined us though they had separate rooms with bath attached bath rooms. Afterall three girls and a lady teacher in our dorm and three boys and a sir in the boys dorm was ok and there was not much pressure in the bathroom.After breakfast we formed into groups and started to go around the Ooty garden in search of samples. Rahul and I formed the group. We were talking about sex only and did not concentrate in our work. Because it was a dormitory we cannot go back and have sex in the day time. We both were horny. He wore his jeans and I a churidar pyjama.We went far away and were in a hilly track where huge rocks were strewn all around the places. We selected a spot and spreading my dupata on the floor I pulled my pyjama and panty down and lifted my kurtha up. Rahul was fascinated by my boobs and he wanted to suck my nipples. We both were very much aroused and he took his cock and put it in my cunt and started to fuck me.My shaven pussy gave him great pleasure and within a short time we fucked three times. Getting up and wiped all fluids with some waste paper and some tissue I carried in my bag, we started to collect some plants from around the place and hurried back to our dorm.Looking at the face we could make out that most of the boys and girls have had good sex and with hair disheveled and untidy clothes and wornout looks they all came for taking our lunch. Teachers did not go out to with any group, perhaps they would have enjoyed themselves in the room.After lunch we had a nap in the dorm and in the evening it was chill all boys went to take liquor and the lady teacher and we girls sat together and sang songs and anthakshary. In the night after dinner we all slept in our dorm. Next day one more session was planned for collection of samples.Rahul and I went in the direction of the lake and we collected samples and then found a convenient place for sex. Just as we were fucking furiously we could hear some rustling sound in the nearby bush and it was Suni and Raju from our group. Suni was stradling Raju and she could not control her shrieks of pleasure. I shouted and told her to keep quiet.They both laughed loudly and we both teams did three trips each and got dressed up. Suni came running and hugged me and Raju zipping up his pants came and said hello to Rahul. We exchanged our experiences and Suni said they four sessions on the previous day and three on this day. We also recounted our experience.Suni wanted to have a try with Rahul and Raju with me. Exchanging of partners was never contemplated and we just found some time and space for that also. Raju had a small but thicker cock than Rahul. He could go on and on for a long time. That was a new experience. These reminiscence were a treasure in our later life.

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