Risky post breakup hook up [FM]

It’s wild that I did this, and in retrospect, it was a bit dangerous on my behalf.

I had just finished a long-term relationship and decided to try dating apps. The cause of the rupture was that he decided he wasn’t okay with me doing spicy content for extra income, even though in the beginning he was all in for it. After some back and forth on Tinder, I discovered someone who was both cute and intriguing and was pretty close to me.

For a while, we bonded over bad exes because he had recently finished a long-term relationship. When we met after a few texts and some nudes, we both knew we’d hook up. That’s when he did something very unexpected for me.

What you say is less important than how you say it. I would never have picked this else. He said he’d always wanted to “hook up with a stranger without saying a word,” referring to a civilian rather than a SW. He told me where he lived, gave me the gate code, directed me to a parking spot, and told me which apartment was his. The door would be unlocked when I walked in.

I notified a few close friends where I was going and went. It was a good area and a secure community, so I felt safe. My heart was still pounding when I parked and walked to the apartment. I knew the door was open, but I nearly knocked anyway.

I took a deep breath and entered this stranger’s home. We agreed he’d meet me in the living room, sitting on a chair in a robe with nothing underneath. That’s exactly what I noticed when I walked in.

The concept that everything was so deliberate and thorough was a huge turn on for some reason. This had taken a lot of thought. Without saying anything, I shut and closed the door behind me, stripped naked in front of him, and was absolutely naked.

He motioned to come next to him using his index finger and pointing to the floor. I obeyed, and proceeded to get on my knees right in front of him. His cock was perfect; roughly 8 inches, he was already rock hard just from seeing me naked. I was soaking wet from this.

I started by sucking on his balls. This is always the right move ladies; sucking a mans balls is the key to their heart. He let out a joyful moan, almost a grunt, letting me know to keep doing what I was doing. I felt a hand on the back of my hair grabbing a fistful of hair as he motioned me to slurp his balls. I sucked them both clean, looking up at him like the good slut that I am deep down.

After roughly a minute of this, I then started to suck him off while cupping his balls with the other hand. Nasty, dirty, sloppy; I read the room right. It’s what we both needed. Please and use one another. I felt pure joy with his enormous cock in my mouth, knowing I was pleasing this complete stranger. I knew with that dick it wouldn’t take much for him to make me cum.

Abruptly he took my face away from his cock, got up still grabbing me by the hair, and guided me to his room. A king sized bed with an elegant headboard waited for us. He placed my cheek against the headboard, bending me over, his hand still on my hair. With me in this position he started eating my ass and pussy in a doggy position. He was so fucking good. He ate my pussy better than most people have to this day. I damn near came just from that.

He must’ve sensed this because he then began fucking me just like I was. My cheek pressed against his headrest, and long, hard thrusts shook me to my core. My pussy was in heaven, my eyes rolled into my head as I began moaning. Though he was rough with me, he planted kisses on my shoulders and on my forehead as he was mercifully fucking my soul.

“Don’t be shy love, cum on that cock, I know you’re almost there” were the first words he said to me. “Mmhmm..” I managed to reply, as I felt myself getting closer to an orgasm.

Ten strokes or more so in I began to shake and I knew I was about to cum. “Give it to me” he ordered, as I began to cum the hardest I had in a long time on him. My pussy clenched on him, making it even tighter than it was. He picked up his rhythm and I knew he was close to cum himself.

“Don’t fucking move” he said before pulling out of me and cumming on my face, which was still pressed against his headboard. Hot splashes of cum bathed my entire face. It felt endless, which made me happy. Happy to have such a man emptying his balls on me like that. What an honor that

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