Red heads are my Favorite

Working a wedding in Loveland Co. normal wedding fairly fun crowd everyone is having fun. Wedding party finally get to start mingling and doing there own thing dancing has started!
This small red head chick comes to the bar nothing to special she was cute mid 20s my best guess. Felt a little spark the fort time she came up and it only got better the more we both drank and partied. I was closing the bar and getting all my stuff finished up and she showed up again as I was hopping she would. We took a walk smoked a bowl had another drink. Started making out in the back patio. She quickly remembered the small room in the back the wedding party peeped in before the party and we decided to more so we could take it to the next level. I didn’t have a condom and she said she was on BC so we went at it strait away. She had a beautiful pussy that tasted like roses and was so dam flexible as I am tall as fuck and in my 30s. We do all kinds of positions and back and forth with oral. I have her on her knees on the couch spanking and fucking her as deep and hard as I can!! She absolutely loving it welling and asking for more and more. I finally can’t hold it any longer and I’m deciding what to do with my nut! I had been playing poky poky with her tight little red butt hole all night and decided to plunge myself as deed as I could go!! She let out a big scream bucked her back and squirted all over the couch! It almost scared me hearing it hit the couch and splash onto my legs! Felt like I came for 5 minutes her ass gripped and squeezed my dick so hard!!

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