public sex after a rave

Last summer I (28m) was going to a lot of underground raves with my friend (26f). Most of the raves were held in abandon warehouse or outside far enough away from people that they wouldn’t get shut down. My friend and I got ready together at her house, she was wearing a black tube top and black high waisted spandex booty shorts.

Around 11 we both ate some molly and drive over to the rave. We parked in a neighborhood and walked about a mile through the woods to a clearing where the rave was held. We danced for a few hours only stopping to drink some water and take a few bumps of ketimine. Around 4 am we decided to leave. Still high we started to hold hand well walking back through the woods. We talked about how fun the night was and my friend told me how glad she was that we got to spend time together.

I pulled her into a hug and we stood there holding each other. I felt my cock start to get hard and I tried to shift so she wouldn’t feel it, but she pressed into me harder. We looked into each others eyes for a moment before kissing. The kiss quickly turned into a sloppy make out. Breaking apart she took me by the hand and lead me off the path and behind a tree. She dropped into a squat with her back against the tree and undid my pants pulling my cock out. She gently stroked me before taking my cock in her mouth. I reached down and pulled both her hands up above her head and pinned them to the tree with one had, with the other hand I reached down and pulled her tube top down exposing her hard nipples to the night air. I began to fuck her mouth. Suddenly I heard a bunch of laughter coming from a group of people also leaving the rave. I pulled out of her mouth and started to pull up my pants when she stopped me and whispered “keep going I like the idea of being caught”. I promptly resumed fucking her mouth well trying to be quiet. Soon she stood up and pulled her booty shorts down around her ankles. With her face pressed into the tree and I spread her ass and pushed my cock into her dripping pussy. We fucked like this for about 30 mins with me having to clamp my hand over her mouth to suppress her moans every time someone would walk past. The rave must have ended because the stream of people became constant.

At that point we stopped and walked back to my car. Well I drove back to her place she reached over and pulled my still hard cock out and began to suck me again well I drove. Once we got back to her house we both went inside and had sex till the sun came up.

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