Popped until I couldn’t take it anymore

One of my long time female friends gave me an unforgettable blowjob yesterday. We had never done anything physical before but we always had a bit of sexual tension between us. She told me she hadn’t given a blowjob in a while but I didn’t think anything of it at the time. Later in the day, we sat together on her couch and she put her feet on my lap. She my slight movements around my crotch but we continued watching TV. Eventually she got much more aggressive and I started getting hard. I told her what was happening but she continued. I jokingly said that if she starts it then she has to finish it. Good lord did she ever.

I pulled down my shorts and boxers and she immediately switched positions to grab my dick with her hands. She slowly stroked until I was rock hard. I was desperate to feel her mouth and she obliged. She licked, spat and slobbered all over it. After a few minutes, she did something over never experienced before. She popped my dick as she came off it and went back down to do it again. She continued this but got faster each time. Eventually, I was hearing a pop sound every second. And every time, I felt like I had gone to heaven. I knew if she kept this up, I was going to explode in her mouth. I told her she’s gonna make me cum really hard if she kept doing that. She didn’t stop, just got even faster with the pops. I erupted and filled her mouth. She swallowed every drop, got back up and sat back on the sofa like nothing happened!

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