Pool and Hot Tub on Her Family Vacation

My gf’s family rented a house with a pool in Cali so we went down there for the week. The first couple of days we enjoyed hanging out by the pool and eating good food together, and so we didn’t have much time for each other. That changed on day 3!

That afternoon, we jumped in the pool for a quick dip. The only other person outside was her mom, sitting a little ways away reading a book. We were goofing around, laughing, and enjoying ourselves like normal.

We were in the deeper part of the pool, where she can’t quite touch, so I held her up so she could float. She faced me, her long blonde hair dangling down just to the level of her small, firm boobs, her thin legs wrapped around me and her pelvis pressing against mine. I couldn’t help but get hard, and she could tell. She gave me a look, and I said “I can’t help it!” She smiled, obviously flattered, and I could tell she was turned on by the fact that I couldn’t control my dick around her.

We sit in the pool like that, her body wrapped around mine, spinning slowly enjoying the cool water and the hot sun. My dick is throbbing as we lock eyes and smile. I look down, undressing her with my eyes. She responds by moving her hand down and touching my cock through my swim trunks, and smiles again.

At that moment I wanted her so bad but it seemed we had done all we could do, with her mom sitting just 30 feet away. But looking over our shoulders we could see she was facing the other direction, towards the sun, reading her book. My gf slides her hand down my chest towards my dick, grabs a handful of swimsuit, and pulls it down, resting it below my balls and exposing my cock in the pool. I’m harder than ever and my cock pokes her just below her belly button. She leans back, my hands holding her butt, and starts stroking me with a devious smile on her face.

Just when I felt I was about to explode she shifted and pressed her pelvis into me, just above my shaft, and started rubbing her clit on me through her suit. I quickly glanced around to make sure we were still “alone” and place my hand on her breast. Leaning forward, she pulls her top low so I can feel her nipple, and whispers in my ear “I want you so bad.” Not even touching myself and I feel like I could cum everywhere.

After a couple minutes and another glance around the pool, just when I again thought we would have to slow down, she leans back again and pulls her bottom to the side, showing her labia and clit. The bright sun shines through the water on our bodies as she grabs me and starts rubbing my shaft on her clit, smiling the whole while. I want to fuck her so badly but we don’t have a condom, so we just enjoyed being exposed together. Finally, she leans over and says to me, “hot tub?”

We scramble to cover ourselves again and move to the hot tub. I must have been so obvious what we were doing, but we didn’t care! We slid in, turned on the jets, and she immediately grabs my hand with her left and places it on her pussy, while she pulls her suit to the side with her right. I take it slow, feeling her whole body and brushing against her clit. She whispers things like “it’s so fucking hot” and “I’ve never been so wet” as her muscles begin to tighten. She straightens her legs and begins to shake as I rub faster and slide a finger into her soaking wet pussy. She desperately tries to quiet her panting breath as I feel her shake and cum. A quick smile confirms that she finished, and I slowly stroke her pussy and smile back.

Before I know it, my shorts are around my ankles, and she’s rubbing my cock slowly with both hands, just below the surface of the water. My anticipation had been building for so long that it only takes a minute before I tense up ready to blast my load. At the last second I pinch the head hard, trying to stop my load from shooting into the hot tub. A little leaks out, but I smile at her panting for breath.

We keep feeling each other for a few minutes before reorganizing our suits and getting out (we were, after all, very warm from the hot tub activities). For the rest of the day every time I looked at her I got hard thinking about what had just happened “in private”.

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