Pooja Enjoying First Time Sex In The USA

Once when I went to a temple, where there was no restriction on the entry of woman, and saw a beautiful girl in churidar carrying her bag on her shoulders, with a thali full of offerings standing in the queue. It was morning hours and the crowd was average, I was a few feet away from her and she was between four youngsters in the front and four behind,and I could see they were creating a crowd around her and press her body from all side. She moved this way and that way, but they other people were not leaving her. I knew the game and I wanted to save the girl. But people would ask who are you and what is your interest.Though the queue was moving, she was not allowed to move in the queue and they formed a group around her and they too did not seem to be interested in going inside the temple. As I moved near her, I asked her and come and join in the queue in front of me. Her face was pathetic and when I offered her she seemed relieved and came and joined our queue.Our line moved faster and we entered the temple precincts and passed through the corridors, all chanting the name of the god and we came to the sannidanam and offered our offering at the pedestral and the pujari took us for a couple and asked for our names and etc and then did the puja and arathi. I heard her telling her name as POOJA and my name Ashok.She looked at my face and smiled. We were given prasad and when going around the temple she asked me where I come from. I told her we will talk after our coming out of the temple and darshan and worship of upadevathas, we just came out and went to nearest hotel for eating something. Why are you carrying the bag, did you not find a room to stay.She said she is afraid to stay alone Since ashokbai you are there we can stay together. I looked at her she seemed to have trusted me for my simple act of getting her out of the rowdy crowd. We ate some food and we both went to the hotel where I had taken a room. Mine was a single room, I asked for a double room and it was available and we moved into the double toom.I, Ashok, having done my IT got selected on campus interview by an MNC and was asked to report at PUNE. I asked POoja about her. She too had a similar story to tell. She studied engineering and passed out this year and she was just a fresher. Beautiful, tall and slim,if also could get selected by my firm and post both of us to Pune it will be lot of fun.I asked her to get her resume printed out so that I may show my boss. Luckily my Boss wanted to interview her to judge her skills. Next day he interview was over and she was selected and her joy knew no bounds. She was allotted to my work project and she was to leave with me to US. Pooja rushed to her home and came back after two days ready to report for work.Her accommodation was arranged with other girls in the office and I took a room outside. Our papers were getting ready and we had a week long briefing about our project. Our tickets were made ready and our date of departure was also informed. We both had to do some purchases of inner clothes etc. Our boss gave us money for our requirements.Pooja was practically with me all the time and away to her room only for sleeping. Finally we left by air to our US destination. After long gruesome 17 hour journey we reached and as we got out there was somebody waiting with our name board and we were taken to the house booked for us. It was evening when we reached our place The house was a double storied house with two bedroom on the first floor. It was fully furnished and the kitchen contained all the vessels and crockery. The owner an elderly woman asked us to sign the receipt for all the articles and told us to take care of things. The person who came to receive us told me that there is a hypermarket nearby and we may go and buy whatever we want. He gave us two envelopes with some dollars and instructions about how we should lead our life in US. He was an Indian and instructed us so that we may not face embarrassing situations. Pooja and I went to the stores and bought some bermuda and t shirts which they weree in US.We came back and ate the burger bought by us for supper and drank Pepsi and wanted to try the new clothes. There is nobody else inthe house other than we two and hence Pooja said she is not going to sleep alone in her room and she will sleep with me in my bed. Suddenly she removed all her clothes and stood in her panty and bra and put on the bermuda and the t shirt.She undressed me and removed my pant and shirt etc. and saw the huge bulge in my underwear. She started to laugh loudly pointing out to the bulge. She asked me what is it. I said see for yourself, it is you who caused it. She pulled down my underwear and up sprang my fully erect cock. She took my cock in her both hands and examined it closely.The drop of precum evinced her interest. She hid my bermuda and asked me to go around naked. I went to the bathroom, used the toilet and then observed thatthe entire toilet is carpetted. We should not allow a drop of water to fall in the toilet. I got into the tub start naked with an erect cock and Pooja was fully dressed in Bermuda and t shirt.I told her this is unfair, remove your clothes and come. She was willing and she went inside the bedroom removed all her clothes and came tothe bathroom stark naked. Except for a few golden thin hair strewn around her pussy she was totally naked and very beautiful. We both sat in the tub, filled half of it it with warm with warm water and Pooja said she will bathe me.She said she was seeing an erect cock for the first time. She applied soap on the cock and balls. I told her there is the rest of the body which needs to be bathed. She laughed and said you do it for yourself. I took the soap and applied on her beautiful boobs, nipples, armpit and then on her lower abdomen and then the pussy. She opened her pussy and showed it to me fully.The red interior with the urine hole and the fuck hole and the tiny clitoris all deep pink in colour. She looked very excited and I asked her whynot finishe the ritual now itself. She asked what ritual, I said the holy ritual of breaking the seal. She did not get the full impact of my saying.But she was agreeable to whatever I say. I made her sit on my lap, with legs wide open, I put my cock tip at the entrance of her fuck hole and asked her to move forward. I rubbed the tip of my cock from bottom to top of her cunt which make her very hot,I kissed her and kissed her nipples and then placing my hand on her back pulled her with full force onto my cock that my cock entered her hole almost half. She gave out a painful shreik, I said just wait, and gave one more powerful push and my cock entered her hole fully and it was tightly embedded inside her.Her face was full of tears and said had she know it is going to be this painful she would not have allowed it to happen. I told her that all the girls in the world say this and finally when they the pleasure they want it more We are not in a hurry and let us go about it as slow as possible.With half of our body immersed in water, we started to fuck, slowly in the beginning and then slowly increased speed. Two or three drops of blood came out of her cunt, but she later got adjusted and she took initiative for further fucking. After one or two hours of bathing and fucking we got up dried our body and went to the bed naked and lied in the bed without any inhibition. Thus our US life started.

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