playing after a massage in Bangkok

I was in Bangkok in October 2023 and I got a 2hr massage package. My friend and I were in one room (couples room) both naked lying down and the masseuse starting massaging me. I never knew i was so sensitive throughout. I was getting so turned on. My friend was only getting a 1.5 hr massage and I slightly remember her leaving the room and saying bye and she’ll see me soon.

The massage was so good that i fell asleep briefly.

I woke up to the masseuse massaging my boobs. I’ve never been touched by a female in such a way.
She also massaged me so close to my pussy that I sometimes wonder if she felt how wet I was.

She turned me on so much that my boobs were so perky, my pussy was dripping wet. She finished off the massage. She left the room. My pussy was soaking wet at this stage. I just knew I had to play.

So there i began. I started to lower my right hand, beginning to fingering myself and I was dripping down my inner thighs. I was just craving some attention, someone to come watch or even better someone to come play with me or someone I could ride.

My friends (1 male, 1 female) were in the waiting room. Oh if only they knew what i was up to.

I’m always so horny but no one ever knows.

Often i wonder, if this happens to anyone else.
Is massaging the inner thigh or someone’s boobs normal in a massage shop ?
I just want to go back to Bangkok again. I wonder if it will happen again.

( i took a photo to remember this memory)

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