Picture him making me squirt once more.

I lie down and massage my underwear till I can feel the fabric soaking through.

With my eyes closed, I see your hands dragging my wet underwear down my thighs. The moisture on my limbs when you remove them. As you approach my pussy, I can feel your warm breath on it. Excitement is trembling through my body.

My question is, “Would you like a taste?”

I extend my legs wide to reveal my whole pussy, all the way down to my asshole. I want to feel the soft touch of your tongue, softly at first, as it licks my clit, savoring every last drop of nectar.

For me, you spread your lips wide and extend your tongue. With my tongue pressed firmly against my clit, I reach down and hold the back of your head. I sway my hips, causing your face to shine due to my extreme moisture content.

What a nice boy you are.

Are you up for making me cum?

You take a firm hold of me and draw me in. I slow down. You move your fingers up and down my pussy’s lips. Is it becoming harder for me to clit? I’m getting a heat wave. I humbly want more. You slowly start out circling my clit with your tongue, but the tempo picks up with time.

While you taste me, I want you to stare at me. That’s something you can do. Excellent boy.

It hurts to feel my pussy. I really want to cum.

Your fingertips are lightly pressing against my pussy’s lips. As I ask you for more, you brush up and down a little, taunting me. Not at this time. Ask me to plead. I repeatedly pushed my hips closer to you because I feel so near.

“Please may I cum now?”

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