Payback (mmf)

This is a true story, about 10 years ago I worked for a beverage company. I would deliver to all machines and refill. One of my coworker called in sick and my boss made me cover his route. After I delivered and did my job I walked into the hardware store that was right next door. I reach the register and see this beautiful exotic looking girl. I’m amazed but like a young man I got rejected cause I had no game. I came back a few times flirted but still got shot down. I looked her name tagged n meena fit her mean in her name. Fast forward 4 years later I’m now in my 30s 2 kids divorced. I got a job as a waiter at night to pay my ex more money. A new waiter Chris asked me if I wanted to go have a drink at his friends place. He saw that I just went thru a rough divorce and needed a drink.

Me and Chris reach a nice 2 story place but the house seemed dark and mysterious. We walk to the balcony where I see his friend a hot smoking beautiful women. As I get closer it was meena I haven’t seen her since she shot me down. I did not say anything introduced myself and grabbed a drink. A few hours went by and we had fun laughing n just telling stories. I needed to leave cause I had to pick up my kids. She went to the bathroom n sneaked away and told Chris thanks for the drinks. I’m driving home when my phone rings.I answer and I thought it was Chris just checking if I got home safe. It wasn’t it was meena! She said where the fuck did you go? Get your fucking ass back here n fuck me! I turned around hit a fence n sped back to her house. I reach there and it’s dark I walk in and I hear Chris say come up stairs. I reach up stairs and see meena hand cuffed bent over n legs tied! Chris said she wants me 2 watch you fuck her! My clothes came off faster then the road runner.

She says to gag her but before I do she wants to know if I measure up! If you ain’t bigger then average leave. I’m half black but my Caucasian makes me look mixed white lol. I take off my pants and she sees my huge cock I shove it down her throat n make tears roll down her face! She says that’s the biggest thing she ever seen. Chris looks at me and said damn homie didn’t know you had a Costco bull sized dick. I gag her slipped my head in her slowly I thrust in and out slow when it’s half way in she starts shaking like she’s having a fucking seizure. I start ramming her harder and harder till every inch is deep. She’s shaking moaning loud! Chris is in the corner jerking off!

I take my dick pull her gag down spit in her mouth shove my dick in and said you remember me? If you don’t you shot me down a few years ago and was a total bitch! Now you will remember me forever. The shock in her eyes said it all. I gag her again go back to fucking her right when her body relaxed I took my dick out and just shoved in her ass. With all the juices that poured out of her pussy it had no problem going in her ass. She starts screaming and the gag came off n she say I remember you fuck my ass I’m sorry I shot you down. I told her shut up and take this dick like the bitch you’re! I came in her ass the most I ever shot in my life. I looked at Chris and said thanks homie see you at work. Finish this bitch off. I left went home and had a great laugh n said karma is a bitch.

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