Part 3

All too soon he’d taken himself out of my mouth and the next thing I knew he was spanking my clit with his cock. It felt unbelievable but I couldn’t take any more. I grabbed his rock hard dick, raised my hips and pushed him into me. We both inhaled sharply. Finally.
The relief. The pure fucking relief of having him inside me.
I clenched hard. I’d never felt so full. I’d never felt so tense and full and good.
He growled “fuuuuuck”.
He reached out and grabbed my throat. Pinning me under his weight he started to fuck me.
I came again and could feel him getting close with the quickening spasms of my cumming pussy.
“You. Feel. Incredible.” the words said with each breath.
“Don’t stop fucking me. Don’t stop fucking me. I’m going to cum again.” I bit down on his shoulder, my nails digging into his bicep. And unlike other times I’d said things like that…I meant every word.

I came and pushed him off me. His eyes went wild with angry disappointment. But not for long. I pushed him onto his back, clambered over him and started to ride his cock. Hard. “You absolute animal” he said.
I loved riding him, he was so big, the perfect girth that meant I could grind as hard and fast as I wanted to and he wasn’t going to slip out or not be able to take it.
“Play with my nipples!” I surprised myself with the command. I’d said it unconsciously but Dan obliged. His tongue exquisitely flicking over my hard nipples. I came again and on feeling me cum, Dan came too. Hard. Holding on to my hips he grinded out every last drop of his cum into me.
I stayed on top, with him still inside me as we both caught our breath.
It was every bit as hot and hard and sexy as I’d imagined it.

Now to clean up the mess we’d made…

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