Parental Encouragement by Katie Werner

Parental Encouragement

Ben stares at the TV with excitement and nervousness. He looks to his teenage daughter Emily as she slips the thumb drive into the port on the TV.


Ben was a fit man who spent his life as a mechanic since high school. He gravitated to it after his first exposure to it in shop class on how to fix small engines. He also like the one girl that was in the shop class, a girl named Jenni Green. Jenni was a fit brunette who had perky tits early but ones that never got too big for her body. She dressed in jeans and t-shirts and was a low maintenance girl, which Ben liked. Jenni and Ben it off instantly, and as young teenagers always do, they hooked-up – over and over and over again. Jenni was nearly insatiable, as was Ben. Ben looks back now at all the time and places they hooked-up, all the times they almost got caught and did get caught.

Jenni never stopped being the perfect picture of beauty and never lost her sex drive. As often happens with couples that are insatiable, they explored sex in many ways, and, eventually, with many people. At first Ben was nervous to go down that road with Jenni, fearing she would grow an attraction to another person more than she had with him. But Jenni convinced him she wouldn’t and reminded him that the road offered him endless sexual opportunities.

It first started at the end of their freshman year in HS, when they were ‘allowed’ to look around an adult video store; the store clerk being a creepy older man their dads’s ages who looked Jenni up and down intensely when they first entered the store. Ben didn’t begrudge him the look. Jenni was sure that they could get in if she was with Ben, and dressed in skimpy revealing outfit; one that was borderline on suggesting she was for hire, or at the very lease, easy.

Jenni had cut, even shorter than they already were, a pair of jean shorts and had cropped a tank top down to a size that barely covered her perfect perky b-cups. When Ben saw her in the outfit he instantly got hard. Jenni’s firm flat stomach was on display between her young perky tits and the low riding jean shorts,; shorts so short that when she turned they showed off the bottom curve of her young ass. To top it off, she had on low-cut Converse Allstars and knee hight tube socks. Ben remembers muttering, “Oh fuck.” when he saw her.

Luckily, Ben and Jenni were the only ones in the store at such an early hour. Ben was convinced if any regular frequenters to the store had been present, Jenni might not make it out of the store without some level of harassment, or worse. It was Ben and Jenni’s first ever visit inside an adult sex store. It was fascinating. They had both looked at magazines and read the forums in them, but seeing the overwhelming variety of things people did sexually in the store was surreal.

Jenni was instantly intrigued to see videos of girls with multiple male partners, or videos of girls who had a series of partners in a row. Ben confessed to Jenni that he found it equally hot and told her he gets turned on when he looks at girls and imagining they let different guys have them. Jenni asked him why he hadn’t told her that before. Ben admitted he thought it might cause her to think he was into men, wanting to see her in action with other guys. Jenni paused for a moment and asked Ben directly, “Do you want to watch me let other guys fuck me?” Just the way she phrased it was instantly hot to Ben. She didn’t say ‘Do you want to watch me fuck other men, or do you want to watch other men fuck me’ but used ‘let’, which struck a cord in Ben. It was submissive word. That signaled to Ben that she was inclined to be submissive to his sexual wishes, or at least open to them.

Ben immediately wanted to say yes, but paused and replied with a question, that was really him saying yes. “Would you be mad if I said I have thought about it many times?”

Jenni’s eyes flashed wide. “Oh you dirty fuck, you’ve been holding out on me.” Ben blushed. Jenni added, “So, do you? Do you want me to? Do you want to watch me let other men fuck me? Maybe watch me on my knees sucking their hard cocks?”

Ben was at his limit of sexual restraint. Ben looked Jenni in the eyes and rasped, “Yes. Fuck yes.” Ben swallowed then added, “I want to watch you fuck and suck as many different guys as we can find that want you.”

Jenni replied in a sexual voice, “As many as we can find? As many as I want?”

Ben just nodded and looked in Jenni’s eyes for a sign she wasn’t serious. He saw none. He nodded.

Jenni then added, “Anyone I want? Anytime I want it?”

Ben was completely overwhelmed with sexual want and moaned in a sexual voice, “Yes, I want you to fuck and suck as much as you want. You can fuck anyone you want, in any place you want, at anytime you want.”

Jenni eyes flashed wide She had that crazy uncontrollable look in her eyes that Ben loved so much to see. “I’m fucking so horny Ben, I wanna fuck so bad.” Jenni whispered in a low sexual voice.

Ben replied with equal desire, “You need to fuck.”

“Someone right now?” Jenni whispered. “You said ‘anyone anytime.’”Jenni looked Ben in the eye, her eyes were wild with sexual craziness, and said “Want to watch him fuck me?” Jenni nodded toward the creepy man their dad’s age who had let them in despite their young age.


Ben’s thoughts of his and Jenni’s past are interrupted by a new text from Jenni. And update on a meteor that was heading to Earth, and would instantly destroy it. It was top secret and Jenni shouldn’t have been relaying the information to Ben. But she knew she wouldn’t be able to make it home in time to be with them before it hit. The new estimate was that the meteor would strike the Earth in 24 to 30 hours. Jenni had used her mechanical skills to get job at a NASA observatory repairing a variety of mechanical devices. Kevin, their 19 year old son, Jenni had gotten a job working in the employee cafe.

Emily looks to her dad, “Mom and Kev won’t make it back in time will they?” Ben shakes his head. Kev is Kevin, Emily’s older brother. Kev is natural athlete and has the body for it. He is a handsome but shy19 year old.

The phone rings and Ben answers. Ben and Emily talk with Kev and Jenni on speaker and do their best to be hopeful they might survive. At the end of the conversation, Jenni sys to Ben, “Honey, we’ve had a fun life, I just am sad our kids won’t get to have the ride we did. We need to let them know now that they should try to do as many of the thinks they’ve wanted in the time remaining. We need to let them know it is fine for them to try anything they want to try. Don’t forget what we were like at that age.”

After they hang-up, Ben and Emily sit quietly for a moment. Then Ben says “Well you heard your mom. Tell me something that you want to do that you haven’t.”

Emily shrugs. After a moment she asks, “What did mom mean when she said ‘Don’t forget what we were like at that age?” Ben tenses up nervously.

“Um, well.” Ben says uncomfortably.

Emily smirks, “I knew it.”

“New what?” Ben asks.

“It’s sex isn’t it? I knew mom was having sex at my age.” Emily says with satisfaction.

“Well.” Ben mutters.

“And mom was always warning me about boys this and men that and what they really want from a girl, and to be cautious. She is such a hypocrite.”

“It’s more complicated, honey. She’s not against sex, it’s just with today’s technology it’s easy to have what you do get out and it can’t be undone.” Ben explains. “When we were young, nobody had a camera phone that could film you sneakily doing things. It was quite an effort to film something.”

Emily perks up, “Do you film each other?”

Ben freezes for a second and thought to himself, oh shit.

“You did!” Emily exclaims. “What else? Tell me everything?” Emily asks.

“Um.” Ben mutters.

“Dad. Tell me.” Emily pleads.

Ben’s thought still on Jenni and their sex life had him in semi state of horniness, so any suggestion of sex was appealing to him, even discussing it with his teen daughter. “Ok. Ok.”

Then Emily hits him with something unexpected. “Show me the videos.” Ben gulps nervously. Emily says, “Dad you’re wasting time.”

A moment later Ben has a small box with a few thumb drives in it. He explains the originals were on VHS but he transferred them to the thumb drives. Emily excitedly looks in the box. Ben tenses up again when we sees one labeled “Jenni fucks like a rabbit. HS Halloween Party” Oh shit, he says to himself as he sees Emily pick that one up.

Emily looks at Ben, eyes wide. She puts it in the USB port on the TV and in a second it starts. Ben can’t help be excited as he knows what is on the drive. It is him filming Jenni at a Halloween Party when they were in HS. The first image is Jenni looking into the camera smiling. She has on dark lipstick and eyeshadow and she has on black cat ears. She meows. The show backs up and shows Jenni in a black leather bra and black leather panties with a black belt hanging loosely on her hips. She has on knee high boots and a tail. She says into the camera “How do u like your PUSSY……. cat.” Ben replies, “Let’s find out how many others like my pussycat.”

Emily blurts out, “What the fuck. How old is mom in this?”

Ben answers, “About a year older than you are now.”

“Holy fuck, mom looks like a slut.”

The image cuts to Jenni dancing with another boy. Dancing sexy, dirty, grinding her ass into his waste as she is bent over in front of him. The boy holding her hips. Emily and Ben both watch. The scene cuts to Jenni kissing, making out with the boy, in a bedroom of the house. Two other boys are in the room watching. Then Jenni kneels down in front of the boy. A moment later Jenni pulls the boys pants down and hold his hard cock in her young hand. She looks at the camera and says, “I just have to.” She takes the boys cock into her mouth.

Emily watches intently as her mom sucks the boys cock, moving her head back and forth, licking it. licking his balls, then taking him back into her mouth. A moment later the boy is moaning and trembling. Jenni keeps her mouth on his cock. A moment later, she pulls off and opens her mouth holding her tongue out. The boys cum is on her tongue. Then she swallows. Jenni smiles and says, “Who is next?”

Emily pauses the video. Looks at her dad. “Wasn’t she your girl friend then?” Ben nods.

“And you let her do that?”

Ben nods and says, “It’s not like I didn’t have a say, honey. I wanted to watch her do that to other boys, and more.” Ben admits.

Emily asks, “You liked her doing that?”

“Yes, honey. Watching her have fun like that with other boys, men. It turns me on, A LOT. For me it’s one of the hottest things a girl can do.”

Emily looks back at the TV in dismay. She unpauses the video.

Ben and Emily watch as her mom stays on her knees and give blowjobs to the other two boys. Swallowing both of their cum loads. By then two other, older, boys had entered the room. The started undoing their pants. Jenni looks to the camera and smiles. But when the first boy walks up to Jenni he reaches down and grabs her hair. He pulls her up. He looks into the camera and says, “You’re going to film something new.” Jenni’s eyes flash.

Emily mutters, “Oh my god.”

A moment later the older boy takes Jenni’s leather bra off, exposing her perky teen tits. The boy mutters, “Oh fuck yeah.” Then feels them. He holds Jenni’s hair and kisses her. The pulls back. He takes off the belt and drops it. Then turns her around and bends her over the bed.

Emily watches intently. Ben grows hard.

The boy pulls her leather bottoms and panties off, exposing her young pussy. She is waxed smooth. The boy pushed her feet apart. The boy moves up behind Jenni, holds her hips, lines the tip of his cock up with her pussy, and says, “Fuck, I love girls like you.” He then pushes is bare cock into Jenni’s pussy and moans, “OH FUCK YES, OH FUCK SHE’S TIGHT.”

Emily shifts anxiously in her seat as she watches the boy start to thrust in and out of her mom’s pussy. He keeps moaning, “Oh fuck she’s tight.” After several more thrusts he begins to thrust rapidly, erratically, then groans loudly, “I’m going cum.” Then he thrusts in deep and hard and holds Jenni’s hips as he holds his cock deep in her, and trembles as he cums.

He moans loud as he cums in Jenni.

Emily mutters, “Oh my god.”

Ben mutters back, “It’s fucking hot.”

After that they watch as Emily lets the other older boy fuck her too. Then the three boy she gave blowjobs to each take a turn fucking Jenni. After that, Ben walks into the shot with a hard cock, Emily gasp ‘oh fuck’ as seeing his size. Jenni sucks him, but he pulls out and shoots his cum all over her face.

The video ends. Emily looks to her dad. “Mom just fucked 5 boys.” Ben nods. “How many guys has she fucked?”

Ben asks, “You sure you want to know?” Emily nods. “Somewhere between 200 and 212. We lost count.”

Emily gasps, “Over 200! Mom as fucked over 200 guys?”

Ben corrects her, “It’s more like maybe she fucked 100 and the other 100 fucked her.”

Emily in shock but asks, “What’s the difference?”

Ben explains, “Probably only in my mind, but if Jenni picks out the guy then she is fucking him, if the guy picks her, or I pick the guy for her, then she is being fucked.”

“You picked guys that mom had to fuck?” Emily asks surprised.

Ben nods, “Yes, that’s a very hot thing for me. Sometimes, I’ll see a guy looking at her and I know he is dreaming about it, so I tell her. ‘See him, I want you to let him fuck you.’” Ben paused then added, Sometimes, I tell her that I want her to let a friend or a coworker fuck her.”

Emily sulks back in her chair, “I wish I knew all this sooner.”

Ben asks, “Why honey?”

Emily looks at her dad, “I’ve never done anything. Now, it’s too late.”

“I’m sorry honey.” Ben consuls her.

Emily looks in the small box as she takes in all she has just heard and seen. A moment later her brow tightens as her eyes read the label on one of the thumb drives, “Trading Daughters.”

Emily picks it up and looks at her dad. “What is this?”

Ben tenses up. He swallows nervously, “Um that one is, well.” Ben stammers.

Emily switches the thumb drives in the TV and a moment later a collection of folders with girls names on them.

Ben mutters, “Honey, um maybe this one isn’t the best to look at.”

“Why?” Emily asks.

“Well, it is a lot more taboo than what you’ve seen. It’s um, well, very upsetting to some, but to a lot of men, it’s very exciting.”

Emily looks and clicks on a folder named Aimee. The folder opens and inside are

pics and video clip along with chat logs and saved emails. Emily’s eyes widen as she sees pics of her school friend Aimee. Aimee is a fit blonde with blue eyes and a seemingly perfect body for her age. There are pics of her in all sorts of places and clothes. Regular pics at first, then as she scrolls there are pics of her in her panties and bra, panties and cropped tops, pic of Aimee holding her skirts and dresses up showing off her panties.

“Um,” Ben mutters as his daughter looks through the collection of Aimee’s pics.

Next Emily finds pics of Aimee topless, in suggestive poses. Then she finds pics of Aimee naked. Naked in suggestive and dirty poses. Emily next gets to a video of Aimee. The thumbnail icon is of Aimee beautiful face. Emily clicks on the video.

Aimee, smiling at the camera, says, “Hi, if you’re watching this then my dad is interested in your daughter. My name is Aimee and I’ll let you, she raises her eye brows, if you let my dad with your daughter.” The camera pans down and pulls back to reveal Aimee in a skimpy string bikini. “I’ll take this off and be a good little girl if your daughter will do the same for my dad.” The video clips ends.

Emily looks at Ben. Ben looks at Emily to read her reaction. Emily then asks, “So um, if you have this then, um.. You wanted Aimee?” Ben nods. Emily continues, “So then that means you wanted me to let her dad….” Ben nods.

Emily looks back at the screen, her mind racing with this new information. She then sees another thumbnail icon of a pic of Aimee’s face. She clicks on it. A video clip plays. A large picture of Aimee’s face is laying on their kitchen table. A moment later the image or a hard cock enters over it and a hand is stroking the cock. Then Emily hears her dad’s voice on the video, “Oh fuck, I’m looking at your little girl and all I can think about is her on her knees sucking my hard cock.” Emily watches intently. Her dad’s voice continues, “I want to hold her hair and make her suck my cock while you watch. And then I want you to watch me do this to your little girl.” The video shows her dad’s cock exploding cum all over the picture of Aimee’s face. Her dad’s voice continues. “Oh fuck yes, fuck yes. take my cum you little fucking cunt.” Emily tenses up hearing the intensity of her dad’s voice. The video ends with her dad saying, “Oh your little girl is a good cock sucker, but next time I’m going to cum inside her little cunt.”

Emily, panting from the excitement of seeing such an intense video, looks to her dad. “Do you want to do that to Aimee?” Ben nods. “And you want to.” Emily pauses embarrassed to say the work about her friend. “You want to fuck her and cum inside her ‘little cunt?’” Ben nods.

Ben, exhilarated by watching the video, by watching it with his daughter, by exposing these dirty taboo fantasies to her, can’t contain his excitement. Ben is hard in his pants. Ben says, “Click on the next one.” Emily does.

Another video clip begins. After the camera adjusts, it is focused on a picture of Emily in a bikini. A sneaky pic taken of her as she is laying out in their back yard. Next to that pic is a big picture of her face from a school photo. A moment later a different cock appears over her pics. A cock just as long as her dad’s but a tiny big fatter. Then the voice starts. Emily recognizes it as Aimee’s dad’s voice. “Oh so you want to fuck my little girl and cum all over her face. Is that it Ben? Well now you get to see your little girl in action. I bet you’ve look out the window at her in this little bikini and jerked off many times. i I bet you looked right at her as u cam, wishing you could pull those bottoms off and fuck her tight little pussy.”

Emily quickly looks at her dad, then back to the screen. “And maybe you have already been inside her tiny little pussy, but now you get to watch me.” The video shows his cock rubbing on the face pic of Emily, rubbing on her lips. “Oh yes. you’ll see her on her knees sucking my cock, but you’re also going to see me push her legs wide and pump my hard cock into her tight little pussy.” He rubs his cock on the bikini picture. “I’ve wanted to fuck your little girl for a long time. She’s always been my favorite fantasy.” His stroking speeds up. “Oh fuck. I want to fuck her. I want to fuck her so bad. I want to hear her moan as I make her take my entire cock. Oh fuck Ben, let me fuck her. I want to fuck your daughter. I want to cum in Emily so bad.” Then he moans and his cock erupts shooting 4 long streams of cum across both pictures.

The video ends. Emily looks to her dad. “Were you ever going to tell me?”

Ben replies, “It’s not something that is really brought up.”

“But Aimee knew about it.”

“Yes, well her mom told her about it when they were getting divorced.” Ben explained. “Her mom thought it would drive them apart, but well. Aimee turned out to be a dream come true for her father.”

“Has she?” Emily asks.

“Um, no not yet. Um. He hasn’t found another dad with a …. willing daughter.”

“What about all these other folders of girls?”

“Those are other dad’s who fantasizing about it. They like showing off their daughter’s pics and wanting other dads to say how much they want to fuck their daughters.” Ben explains.

Emily looks to the screen. She moves the mouse over a folder with her name on it. “Is this one me?” Ben nods. Emily clicks on it and see dozens of pics and videos over her over the last few years. Then she sees chat logs and emails. She opens a chat log and reads it. Ben looks over her shoulder as she reads. The chat is Ben with another dad, the dad of a girl named Katie. Ben is openly describing how he wants to fuck Katie, to make her wear skimpy slutty clothes, to have her suck him off in all kinds of places. Then Ben chats about how he wants to see the other dad’s face the moment he pushes the tip of his cock into Emily. That he wants to hear Emily moan as the other dad pushes into her ‘little pussy.’ Ben describes what he hopes to see: the other dad pumping his bare cock in and out of his daughter’s pussy, hearing him moan and tell her how tight her cunt is, and telling Ben how good of a fuck his little girl is. And mostly, Ben wants to see the man’s taint pulsating as he shoots his cum deep inside his daughter’s pussy, knowing that with each pulse the man is shooting cum inside her. And finally, Ben wants to see the man pulling out and seeing watching his cum run out of his daughter’s pussy.

Emily shifts in her seat, and looks at her dad. “Do you really want to see me do that?”

Ben nods then adds, “Sorry if that upsets you honey, but I don’t want this to be a secret. It’s too hard to look at you, and your friends, and not think about it. I’ve dreamed about telling you. I’ve wanted your mom to tell you. But we were afraid it would ruin things. But now that there’s no time left. Well, it doesn’t matter anymore. Might as well know what your parents are really like.”

Emily silent and still for a long moment looks at her dad and says, “I’ll do it.”


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