Palworld Unleashed: Prologue [Part 1]

[Inspired by Palworld. A series, each featuring a different Palworld Pal.]

[Expect a lot of Pal + human and other fetishes. In a variety of consent levels.]

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Freddy was having a really good day.

And by good, he meant terrible.

It was just his way of coping with stress honestly. Delusion. Lying to himself. Honestly, his day was going really really bad. Where to even start? The problem he felt most people didn’t understand about true sadness or depression or the “Why are you unhappy?” question was simply that none of it really happened in one day.

True suck took time to grow, like a mold or a weed, into truly terrible circumstances.

It’d be easy to start with last week, or with a few years ago or etc. But he personally always enjoyed to start with around when he was five and his mother left him in foster care, before running off, doing drugs, and overdosing on heroin. That was a hell of a life change and it was the start of his delusions, for sure. That was when he really started to get into daydreaming and video games.

A certain monster catching series in particular spoke to him and stuck with him for most of his life.

Still, it wasn’t the only bad thing to happen. Oh no. His father needed to be mentioned for that. After all, he showed back up when he was twelve, ruining his family life, and getting into a massive legal battle with his then parents, Grace and Brad.

That sucked. Even whenever he tried to ignore reality, those words echoed through him like a blizzards chill. Those years… they really fucking sucked.

With that foundation, high school had a rough but mostly mundane start. Then came working and money troubles. He never had the money for therapy really. Making friends was hard. It was a smaller town and he and his family drama were ‘known’. That only left online and well, he’d always preferred playing single player games to anything else. Shutting out the whole world was kinda, well, his whole world.

Then the world seemed to have sped up. As many teenagers did, he finally made a mistake that was too much to handle and that he couldn’t easily come back from. He moved. Moved states, moved away from everything, and everyone, including the parents that truly loved him. That was bad. He’d call, keep in touch, pretend to be fine but living alone, by himself, friendless in a dead-end cashier job, barely making ends meet…

Depression set in. It set in hard and didn’t leave him. He quit, one day. Even he didn’t know why, he just did. Maybe he got fed up? Even now he didn’t have an answer. The months began to pass and money became tighter and tighter. And he just… kept deluding himself. Saying he’d find a job soon. He’d make it all work. He’d figure things out.

He never did.

Stupidly, what finally woke him up was the newest game in the series he loved. Quite simply… it sucked. It wasn’t anything special, wasn’t very new, none of the new pocket monsters were great. The graphics were falling behind, the features were still one note, fan made creations blew the new games out of the water. Hell, rip off games made by people just trying to earn a quick buck had better features.

He hit rock bottom, all the way down. And in that depth of total emotional death, he asked himself a simple question.

“Why? Why am I still here?”

The answer was obvious and sad. He really wasn’t. When had he been? When had his life been fun or mattered? At what point had things really been good? High school? When he moved? Maybe the years between the death of his mother and assholery of his father?


He was on a cliff, the precipice, the knife edge he felt. He was… close to making a very serious decision that would decide… whether he lived or died.

But the problem was he just didn’t care. Nihilism had set in. And the coin, the knife edge, the blade that would cut him… fell the other way. He didn’t care. But his survival instincts were still there. So why not live? Nothing mattered anyway. Emotionless, dead of soul, he began to apply to different places. One of them eventually took him. He used credit cards to pay his rent and shot himself into debt for a few months. He worked and saved and for months, there was no change. He could barely remember that job. He got out of debt at some point, made some money, and it wasn’t till he saw a new game being teased that a hint of life echoed in his well departed self.


It was ridiculous and stupid. How it had even popped into his feed online wasn’t really a surprise but it was just the same series he grew up with except apparently with… Guns?

Not many thoughts flew through his head beyond how… annoying it was. Stupid. Just a shameless edgy rip off.

And yet… a smile tugged at his lips.

The idea of that series with guns… something about it just made him laugh. Maybe for the first time in… he didn’t know how long. Maybe years.

And like that, everything changed. It was like a black hole was pulling on him. His dead soul may have salvaged his life but it still had left him, well, dead. And now it was like he was being drawn in against his will. More and more, he looked for information about it. But there was nothing right now. Just that one trailer. He began to search harder, still not finding much. He would have thought it was just, well, a trailer for a game that would never be made but the creators had already released games before. So it was… possible.

His delusions began to come back first. Thoughts of mowing down monsters, and then thoughts of his monsters mowing down other monsters. The absolute silliness of it just, kept his spirit alive. For some reason, it was like the world was a little brighter. He decided to call his family, to talk about it, only to be shouted at by his parents.

He hadn’t called them in months apparently. He’d blocked their calls without even realizing it. That moment might not have been the moment to change everything, but it was another chapter, another turning point.

He’d cried, broken down, told them everything, and his parents, his real parents, had been there for him.

It was like time moved in reverse, like he was coming back to life. He began playing more games again, this time, things he’d never played growing up. More multiplayer games and not just that, he even got into VR of all things. Finally, with that, he actually began to make friends. He’d never tell any of them, but he cried sometimes, thinking about how much just having normal, regular friends meant to him. How much just having someone joke around with him, watch movies with him, randomly message him about nonsense, and more made his heart feel like it was going to burst.

Life… Life was good and just kept getting better. Finally, the impossible happened. Through what could only be divine intervention, he got a girlfriend. Jessica. Just one of his friends that happened to live nearby. They’d talked and talked, getting closer over years, and then it just… happened. They met up and well…

Truly, sex was what he’d been missing his whole life. Fuck what anyone else had to say, sex was fucking amazing. He’d avoided drugs like the plague, and alcohol for similar reasons, but he’d found an addiction in that.

And that was Freddy’s life. A few more things happened, a job change, a move, blah blah, small things, unimportant things. That was up until a week ago.

Palworld released.

For him, it represented… something. A lot, maybe. It was what had drawn him out of what could’ve been an infinite quagmire of depression and hell. What had restarted his lost soul. It could’ve been anything, but this was what had saved him from himself.

He’d started the game, so excited, so happy to play it and…

Then he’d been asked by Jessica to go with him to the store. Sure, why not? Just a minor milk run and he could go back to the game.

And now he was dying.

The car crash… it didn’t matter. He didn’t want to think about it. Jessica was gone. He was in the hospital bed, high on morphine, and honestly? He wasn’t long for this world. And double honestly? Thank god for that. He couldn’t imagine staying in this world any longer, not for another minute, not without her.

Most of his life sucked and he wasn’t ready nor willing to try to make it better again. Not twice. He couldn’t go through all of that again. Never again.

His only regret… was that he’d never get to play Palworld.

But oh well. Life’s a bitch.

And then you die.


“What… the fuck?”

I was… confused was putting it lightly. Shocked, in awe, and utterly sure I’d gone insane were what I was truly feeling. I couldn’t even begin to understand what was happening but the light breeze certainly made things easier.

I was naked. Naked as the day I was born, maybe, probably. I hadn’t actually been there but I assumed I hadn’t been born with clothes. That would be weird. I was rambling.

There was a problem happening right now that I never expected to have. I had vivid dreams and daydreams constantly, my imagination had even led me to DM-ing for a DnD campaign, I wrote in my spare time, and that meant… I was almost utterly sure that what I was experiencing was real. Which made no sense, since moments ago I was dying in a hospital bed. Was it moments ago? It sure felt like it but looking down, I didn’t see any grievous wounds or scars.

“Welcome traveler.”

I looked up in surprise and my expression immediately grew poleaxed. I had no way to explain this to an outsider. What happened when you knew you weren’t imagining things, yet something completely and totally impossible was happening in front of you? I felt like I was being pranked. Or going crazy.

Because Anubis, not the god, but the Pal from Palworld was in front of me. I’d seen the trailers, at the very least. And now here… they?… were in front of me. I felt a rapid headache coming on as reality crashed down upon my mind.

And that’s when I remembered she, she, had talked. In a distinctly feminine voice, at the very least.

“Wha- How- Th- What the fuck? What the absolute fuck is going on…” I said, mind breaking more and more by the moment.

Anubis, not an alright 3D polygon, but a very real, furry humanoid creature, with a jackal like head, merely smiled at me. A smile on a jackal’s face was particularly terrifying. Only belatedly did I realize that unlike the Anubis I’d seen trailers of, this one was fully naked, even if nothing was showing through the fur.

“Mortal, you have died and been chosen to be revived through the last world you had visited.”

“Visited? What? No, I, no I just… I’m gonna… I need a moment here!” I practically shouted and thankfully, the… oh god, she had a name. She was a she! This was happening! This was real! What was going on? Worlds? Visited? I’d never visited any worlds! Especially not, apparently, a video game world! I’d just- wait.

“No, that’s impossible! All I did was open the damn game! I never even played it!”

Anbuis, the Pal, merely chuckled.

“In death, all is made real. This concept has long been known to many who embrace death but I understand the confusion. Human imagination is a powerful tool and it transcends the understanding of many, if not all. What you humans create is made manifest and those who die are allowed to be reborn again, rarely, into the last known working they had interacted with. Whether that be song, book, games, or their very own imagination. The most recent interaction allows you to interact with the world. This is why many have reached your version of afterlives, imagining them in death.”

That was way too much information for my brain to handle. What did that… even mean? I wasn’t, I hadn’t exactly been religious in my last life. No, if anything, I was a pretty firm and true atheist. To learn that heaven was real, no, afterlives were real, no, even that… didn’t quite make it all… make sense.

Everything was real?

“What? I can’t… I don’t… I can’t understand.” I nearly felt like crying. I was trying to get this but it felt like a brick had been lodged into my brain.

“It is alright. Take your time. You are safe. You are alive. You are okay.” Anubis said, comforting me. I felt myself nearly tear up with gratitude. It was just… I had died. I was dead.

And now I’m alive.

The next few minutes were spent with my brain trying and failing to calm down, to compute reality, as I merely kept taking deep, deep breaths. In and out. In and out. A world, no, any world was, all worlds were, it all just kept slipping through my fingers before the words began to be blurted out of me.

“Any and all worlds are the afterlives?”

“Hmm, they can be. Changes are inevitable, for what is imagined and what can be are not always a full sync. Paradoxes are against reality’s mandate but explanations, alterations to universes, shall come by to relieve such burdens when necessary. Answers will be had. No universe is beyond understanding, merely beyond the ones in it to understand. It is often a perceived world or universe, the last one interacted with in some way, most find themselves in, rather than something lesser.”

“And how do you, know all this? Who are you?”

“I am Shiva, a chosen of Death. A guider of souls. I usher those forward from one area to the next, including those of extraordinary luck. You are truly blessed.”

“Why? Wait, because I get to be reborn?”

“Not at all. All get to be reborn.” This time, Anub- Shiva’s smile was much wider. “But few get to be reborn with their lovers. I believe you know a certain Jessica?”

My heart nearly stopped. No way…

My mind spun. The game. The game. I died thinking about it, it was the last ‘world I’d visited’ but Jessica… I’d been talking to her about it. When the crash happened. How excited I was about it. To play it. It was the last thing she was thinking about.

“She’s here?!”

“Not right here. Time works differently across all the aspects of reality. She was here a little over two months ago. She worried you wouldn’t arrive, that she would be alone. I can not decide another’s fate, but your lifeline was close. I did not tell her you would arrive or how close you were, but I answered how the worlds work the same to you as I did to her. She was unsure whether you would survive the crash or arrive here with her. But she seemed oddly hopeful. An amusing desire, to hope your lover died with you.”

Of course! Either I lived… or I died and the last thing we’d been talking about was the game. Wait, does this mean if my last thoughts had been of heaven, I’d have gone there? Wait, what if I’d been thinking or worried about going to hell?

The afterlife is terrifying if it works how I think it does…

None of that was important right now.

“Where is she?”

“That, I can not say. I merely guide those to their next life. All are born and die, such is reality’s mandate. She was born, she is no longer under my jurisdiction, nor am I an oracle, able to see the world.”

That… how was I supposed to find her?! I knew nothing about Palworld, and Jessica especially didn’t. I had only watched a few trailers and never played the game. How was that fair, being sent somewhere you knew nothing about because it was your last thought? How fucking terrifying…

“Fear not young man. I am a guide yet. I can not know the present, past, or future, but I can lead those to what they wish to find.”

“Then… you can lead me to Jessica?”

“To a degree. My influence on reality is small and I must work within the confines of our world.”

“What does that mean?”

“I can not choose where you will arrive, but I can guide you to others who have reincarnated. It will feel like a small push in a general direction. Be wary, for it has no regard for distance. The pressure will feel the same even if they are on the other side of the world.”

“That’s… that’s great! Thank you! Please send me forward.”

Shiva held her hand- paw? Hand paw?

“Hold. There is a final warning. This world is different from your own, reality itself will not work as you imagine. There are dangers. A death here will see you moving forward to another life, and not all will allow you to keep your memories. After all, who can control their last thoughts eternally? And finally, your starting birth shall not be normal.”

“What do you mean?”

“I told you, this world works differently. Your original world does not allow for reincarnation. This one does. In the same vein, spawning within a city, for example, is simply not able to be done. I know not where you will arrive… merely that it will most likely be…”

Shiva seemed to think for a moment.


I hesitated. Not at being reborn, but really to get my mind in order. Everything felt like, well, like everything was going too fast. Jessica had died, I had died, and apparently, we were both reborn into fucking Palworld as our afterlife. It sounded like a sick and/or funny joke at best.

I knew nothing about the world, where I was going to end up, where Jessica was, or a single damn thing. On top of that, apparently my rebirth wouldn’t even be normal for this world.

And yet… a certain thrill began to course through my veins. A certain excitement. Jessica was alive. I was alive. And we’d both get to explore a whole world, capturing poke- Pals and training them. I could be a… Pal Master.

Alright, it wasn’t exactly the first monster catching world I’d like to reborn into but it was a close second!

“Beam me down scotty!”

“That’s… I’m not sure what you are referencing. But alright. Welcome to Palworld. I hope you enjoy your time here mortal.”

And like that, naked and alone, I was reborn into Palworld!


It was my second time coming to with a whole new location and space in front of me but I thought I was ready this time.

I was not.

Floating right in front of me was a Pal, bigger than me, white and blue and humanoid. It had long, almost twin tailed ‘hair’ like pieces of its body trailing behind it. It had a gem in the middle of its forehead and no mouth as far as I could see. It looked almost… extraterrestrial in nature. Alien but, smooth. Its body seemed to be naturally lithe and curvy, with how its legs going up inspiring the idea of a wide hipped female form. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen.

And it’s eyes, those bright blue eyes… I could immediately feel a psychic connection forming, before a female voice echoed in my mind.

*“…What on Pal… How… Why is a naked human male in my seal?”*




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