Owning the girl next door by Frgnut

It started one afternoon after I had gotten off work with my Dad, I was tinkering with my car in the driveway when I hear my name being called. I looked down the street and a friend of mines girlfriend was walking to me, I said hey Sherry what’s up, she asked what I was doing tonight? I said going to cruse the beach for a couple hours why? She asked do you mind if I ride along, I said no, not at all, I will be heading out around 6, I will swing by and pick you up will Marks Mom be ok with you going out with me? She said yea she was making her crazy sitting around talking her ears off since Mark went to Camp Lashaun for basic training. He will be gone for six weeks then come home before shipping out.

I said I understand you going crazy sitting around the house all day but hay you quit school that would have kept you busy at least for the rest of the year. She said yea I know but my parents started to be asses towards me because they are having problems, it’s not my fault they can’t get along. So, mark had me move in with him then went off and joined the Marines to get his college degree for free.

I said good for him since his Dad passed away it has just been him and his Mom since the two sisters moved out. She said he told her since she was there with his Mom I give him time to join up without worrying about her being alone. I said well tell her if she needs any help with anything to stop by and ask. I would not mind at all Mark and I have been friends a long time. She said ok I’ll let her know, she then said I’ll be back around 6, I said ok see you then.

I finished with the car and went in to clean up it was dinner time and Ma said it’s about ready. I took my shower and changed, and we sat down to eat, Mom said was that Marks girlfriend you were talking to, I said yea she wants to ride down to the beach with me Mark shipped out to Basic Training and she is board sitting around the house. So, I said she could ride along with me tonight, Mom said that’s nice of you, I said well Mark Sherry and I would cruse the beach two or three times a week before he left so I don’t see any harm, but I think I will drop him an email and checkup to be safe , Mom said that’s a smart idea son, so after dinner I dropped him a line and told him what was going on, to be on the safe side.

I grabbed my keys and wallet and headed to the car and leaning on the door was Sherry, I said are you ready she said sure lets boogie. We went down and got gas and a couple of sodas then off we went, the beach was quiet no one was out yet so we parked and watched the ocean for a while, then around 9 we went for a ride down the beach again, some of my friends were in the parking lot we hung out at so we stopped and BS,ed for a while. I said not much going on tonight they said a couple of ships came in so everyone is at the port getting tours of the ships. Around 10 I told Sherry lets head home I have work in the morning, she said no problem thanks for getting he out for a while. I pulled up in front of Marks house and let her out and Mark’s Mom walked out and said why are you home so early, I told her about the ships, plus I have to work early, but I wanted to make sure Sherry was safe inside before I took off. She said thanks her getting Sherry out of the house for a while she has been driving me crazy, I said no problem, then I said I told Sherry to let you know if you need any help around the house while Mark is gone just ask I will help any way I can, she said that’s sweet I will call you if anything comes up, I told her I emailed Mark to let him know I took Sherry to the beach tonight to get her out from under your feet for a while, she laughed and said you have no idea, I can’t even take a shit in piece with her on the other side of the door talking up a blue streak. She said the truth is Mark joined up to get a break from it too. We laughed, and I told her good night and drove home and went to bed.

The next night I was going to the ware houses to help a friend with his race car, he needed some glass work and I am pretty good with fiberglass, so I helped him out. But before I could leave the house Sherry was there again and asked if she could ride along, I said ok but this will be boring and stinky, she said she didn’t care as long as she could get out for a while. When we finished up we had a couple of beers then we went home to let the glass cure overnight, then I would check and fix any issues that popped up. I took sherry home and dropped her off then went home myself.

The next day my friend called and asked could I drop by early to look everything over I said my Dad will drop me off on the way home if you could drop me off later, He said cool and no problem, well so I thought, when he dropped me off Sherry was sitting on my car with a pissed look on her face, my friend said what is her deal? I said I don’t know but I will find out believe me. I told him good night and walked over to her to find out what her problem was, I said ok let’s hear it what’s going on, she said I thought we had a date, I said what are you talking about, she said I wanted to hang out with you. I said I had to finish up the glass work, but we had no date so to speak, you are Marks girlfriend not mine. So, you getting mad at me is bull and if this is how you are going to thank me then hit the road, I try to do you a favor and you think I am your toy, you are sadly mistaken. If you are going to ack like a little kid you can just walk off now and not come back, this is going to be my way, or no way am I clear?

I will not put up with any shit from you or I will punish your ass and you will not like it believe me. You cannot and will not manipulate me, if that’s what you think then don’t come back. Now you can apologize and leave, or you can just leave your choice. She said Glenn I am so sorry I did not mean to upset you, I said I am past upset with you Sherry, She said I am so sorry I did not mean to make you mad I am just so tire of being trapped in the house all day with no one to talk to then when Marks Mom gets home she is spent and needs down time to catch her breath she don’t want to talk, I am going out of my mind.

I said I understand Sherry I really do but you cannot force yourself on me I have things to do as well, and I still tried to give you time, and you took advantage of my friendship and thought I should just jump to your every little whim, well that is done, from now on you go with me if I want it, not if you want it, do you understand me? She looked down and said yes Sir I understand, I said good now you will call me Sir from now on not Glenn you have lost that right, and you will be thankful and respectful of we are done do you understand that? She said yes Sir I understand. I said ok give me a kiss and go home and behave yourself, I will ask Marks Mom if you are behaving and if not, I will discipline you, do you hear me, looking down she said yes Sir.

She gave me a kiss then walk back down the street towards Marks house, but the girl three houses down stopped her and said what kind of bull shit, was that yes Sir shit? Sherry told her we have been friends for years and have grown up together, she said I have always looked up to Sir and I almost ruined our friendship because I was being a bratty bitch to a good friend, so now I must earn that friendship back and I really want it back. The girl said enough to humiliate yourself in front of everyone, Sherry said yes, Sir has been a very good friend almost a brother and he is definitely worth any humiliation I may be put through because I disrespected our friendship and tried to boss him around.

The girl said I would have told him to Fuck Off, Sherry said you would have lost the best friend you will ever have as well. The girl said no friend is worth that shit, Sherry said you just don’t understand how much he looked out for Mark and I, a bunch of guys were going to beat Mark up, and Rape me, but Sir beat four of them half to death and told them if anything happened to Mark or I he would beat them worst next time. So he is worth humiliating myself to him, I owe him a life already, then he hung out with us so every one of their friend knew to leave us alone, so yea he is very important to me and Mark, Mark would probably throu me out if he was home and I did this, so you see a friend like him, is very rare indeed. She said I didn’t know, I said a lot of people don’t, that’s just him, but you would be wise to make friends with him it could save your ass one day, the girl said you have a good argument that I can’t deny. Sherry went on home and I went inside to check my email, Mark had set me a reply, he said sorry you had to get tied up in her web, she is a pain in the ass, I have been trying to break up with her, but she cried to Mom and Mom has a soft heart and let her move in but now Mom is regretting that decision. Mom said you offered to help her if she needs it, Thanks a lot you are the best, As I said I was going to break up with her and thought me joining would get her to move on, but no she is like chapped skin on my ass. If she pushes herself on you do whatever you see fit to do no problem from me.

I wrote him back that not to worry about Mom I got her, anything she needs I will take care of for her. As far as Sherry goes, that going to be fun, I am going to own her ass, if she is still at your house she will be a help to your Mom and not a pain in the ass, I am going to make a Slave out of her, she just doesn’t know it yet, so thanks for letting me have free rain over her, this should be fun. If Mom needs anything let me know and I will get to it.

When I got home I found no Sherry on my car and after eating still no Sherry, I said well maybe she went on her marry way. I went to my car and opened the trunk and was getting something out when Sherry and her friend walked up. Sherry said Sir, I looked around to her and said Yes Sherry what is it, she said I am very sorry about last night and will except any punishment you deem fit to give me, I fucked up our friendship and will do anything not to lose you as my friend, you mean the world to me and I cannot lose that, I said anything, she said yes Sir anything, I said ok who is your little friend here, Sherry said Sir this is Tabitha, she is a friend from school and she would like to meet you, I told her what a good friend you are to Mark and I and said it could be in her best interest to be friends with you as well.

I put my hand out a said nice to meet you, I know you live just down the street but you have never even looked my way so I left you alone, Tabitha said I have a few friends from school that I hang out with and my Dad is very strict with who I talk to but from what Sherry has said he would probably be ok with me talking to you, But I am sure he will stop you and ask you like a hundred questions, I said that is fine with me Tabitha, it shows he is a concerned parent and commands respect, I am good with that I am a firm believer in it obedience and Punishment go hand In hand and they teach respect, She said oh my god you sound just like him. I said I have a feeling we will be friends as well.

By the way I like your head band, she blushed and said oh my god I forgot I was still wearing it, I said I like it it’s cute and fits you, she said that is his doing as well, I said how so, she said it’s so inbarising but he like the show Bewitched, and that is how I got my name, but in the house I have to wear this head band and Daddy calls me Tabby cat, I said how cute all you need is a tail and you are set, she said I have one but I am not allowed to put it in yet, I said and why is that, she looked down and said I can’t say but it’s something I would like to do, maybe Daddy will tell you, if you get along that is.

I said well this conversation just got very interesting, she said what do you mean I asked do you really want to know out here now, She said yes Sir and looked down, I said this could change our friendship are you sure, She said yes Sir I said ok, Assume the position Now, She dropped to her knees and was strait back, knees spread, and palms up on her legs, Sherry squeaked and asked Sir what is she doing, I said she just submitted to me right here right now, And Sherry this is one of your new commands so assume the position and she got down on her knees, not as fast as Tabitha but she copied her pose every well. About that time a car pulled up and stopped and a man got out and walked up to me, stuck out his hand and said I’m her Father, and I see she has willingly submitted to you, can we talk, I said she told me you would have a hundred questions for me, and from what she has told me, we will get along great, we have a lot of the same traits and beliefs. He laughed and said not quite a hundred but a few, I said my name is Glenn and it’s good to meet you he said I am Greg, I need to finish this first he looked to Tabitha and asked do you accept this man, she said yes Sir I do. He said very well a she is yours, I have her contract at the house please come down when you are finished here.

I said yes Sir, I have a couple of things to finish then we will be down, then I asked do you have blank contracts that we could use on Sherry, he said sure then looked at Sherry, and asked her, do you accept Glenn as your Master, Sherry’s eyes popped, and she said yes Sir I do, he said, do you do this freely, and of your own free will, She said Yes Sir, Greg said bring them down when you are ready, her Mom is on pins and needles, she has been watching you since the girls left the house, because I am very careful who my daughter talks to, I said she told me, she also said she has a tail, she is wanting to wear, He said I told her when she finds her Master he can put it in for her.

It has been on her dresser for three years waiting on the right person to come along. And here you are, I said so you didn’t just happen to get home at this time by accident, did you? He laughed and said I am surprised you didn’t hear her mother, when she dropped to position her mother was yelling, get home now, you have to see this! she did it without thought or hesitation, it was beautiful, so no accident. I said give us 10 minutes to finish up here and we will be down, he said are you going to leave them like that I said yep, they need to learn their places don’t you think, he said oh yes I do, she picked a good one, Very good girl Tabby Cat, she smiled to her Daddy he was proud of her.

I finished what I was doing then walked over to the girls I looked to Sherry and said are you sure about this, I said because once I put on your collar you will no longer have a say in what you can and can’t do. I Will tell you everything to do, and what to wear. I will be your Master from then on, she looked at me and asked permission to speak freely Sir. I said go ahead, she said I listen to everything you told me, and I have known you for years, and you have always looked out for me and took care of me, kept me out of trouble and kept people from hurting me.

The whole time I have been a nasty self-centered bitch only thinking of myself and what everyone could do for me, you stopped that and put me in my place and made me see myself through your eyes, I love you more than a brother and I almost lost all of that so, like I brought Tabitha to you I give myself to you freely, I will be your willing Slave if that is what you want, and be happy to do it. I still need my punishment for almost throwing my best friend away by being arrogant and self-centered, so yes Sir I submit to you, I will be your slut or whore and will follow all commands you give me. I said ok Sherry I accept you as my slave, let’s go get this paper work out of the way. Mom yelled out the door son dinner will be ready in ten. I said Mom make me a plate will you, I need to take care of something, I could be a while, she said sure son.

We got to Greg’s and Tabitha reached for the door, I slapped her hand away, she looked to me with tears in her eyes and asked what’s the matter Sir. I said this is Greg’s house and we have not been invited in yet, she said But, I cut her off and said no buts, you are my Slave and as such you have to be invited into another master’s home. So I knocked on the door and Tabitha’s Mom answered the door, then said Master Glenn please come in, my Master is expecting you, I said thank you, and we went inside and followed her to the back room, turned into an office, the Mom said Master Glenn is here plus two, Greg said come on in and have a seat, I walked in and sat in the chair then side assume the position and both girls hit the floor, Greg said that is awesome to see her training come to fruition.

I asked, ok Greg what do you need me to do, he said I have a regular Master/Slave contract for you and Tabitha to sign saying she is your slave of her own free will, and submits to you as her Master. In doing so she has a temporary Collar to wear showing she is owned and not free any longer, I signed the contract then Tabitha signed it and Greg witnessed for us. Tabitha’s Mom handed me a cute little Cat collar, I turned to Tabitha and said do you accept this collar as my slave the owner of your heart body and soul, Tabitha said yes Master I do, I latched it on her. Then her Mom handed me her tail, so I pulled her onto my lap and took the lube and lubed her up good then the tail and slid it right in without any problem. Sherry was bumping my leg very lightly, I looked at her and said what is it, she said Sir that is so cute, I really like it, I said we will get you one later I don’t have a collar or tail for you now.

Tabitha’s Mom said master if it is alright my oldest daughter has an old set you could have, they would be perfect for Sherry, I said really but won’t she need them when she comes home, she said she now has a new master and will not need them anymore, this will save them from going to waist, I said that would be great thank you, she came back with a black Patton leather collar and a red fox tail, with a white tip. I signed Sherry’s contract, then she did, then Greg, I said this is your last chance to change your mind Sherry, she said I accept Master, I locked the collar around her neck, then pulled her into my lap and this plug was bigger but she has not seen it looking at the Tail part.

I lubed her up then the tail plug and started to push it in and she was grunting but I pushed it in a seated it, she slowly stood up and she was too cute, the tail matched her hair perfectly. I thanked Greg and found out the Tabitha’s Mom was Kimberly, I thanked her for her help, she said you are welcome master please take good care of my baby girl, I told her I will, Greg said I know you still live at home and this could create a problem so Tabitha can stay here till you have your own place with no problem, I said yes you are right, thank you. He asked what will you do about Sherry?

I said she stays at the end of the street and will stay there till I have a place like you said. He said why don’t you take the girls into Tabitha’s room and break them in. I picked up the bottle of lube and asked if I could have this he said sure, I see you are a caring Master this pleases me, to know my daughter will be cared for. Greg looked up and said Kim lets go get something to eat, she started to say something, but Greg just looked at her and she said Yes Master.

And they left us alone, I took both girls to Tabby’s room and said strip, both stripped right away, I said now take my close off, then took off my shoes then my shirt, then pants then they got to my boxers and both took them down slowly and when my cock popped out they both said oh shit, I looked down and said problem, Tabitha said Master you are huge, I have never seen a cock this big even on porn sights, I said thank you. Now meet your new best friend, one on my cock and the other on my balls.

Then they faced each other and kissed my cock on both side and started to slide up and down my cock and oh yea that was great. After a half hour of this I was ready to pop, I said Sherry you first and she was facing me put me in her mouth and I shot two shots then pulled out and put it in Tabitha’s mouth and shot another two shots, I said Show me and they both sit side by side and opened their mouth, I took out my camera and took a couple pictures, I said swallow and they both swallowed then opened their mouths again to show they were empty, I took a couple of more pictures.

I said Tabitha lay back on the bed, I leaned down and kissed her then told Sherry to kiss her to, she hesitated a second then leaned in and kissed Tabitha slowly then got a little more into it. I told Sherry to lay down next to her and I started to kiss Sherry and worked my way down her neck to her tits then moved to Tabitha and did it to her, then got to Sherry’s belly down to her pussy, then move to Tabby and did the same thing. I was tracing their lips up and down, up and down, then I licked one then the other.

Both girls were ready to explode I sucked Sherry’s clit and flicked it with my tongue and she went off with a shriek and was trembling, panting and gasping for air, I smiled up to Tabitha and said let’s see what you have little one, then latched on to her clit and started to flick it like crazy and she was making a deep down growling noise the squirted down my chest and dropped back to the bed panting but not moving, I laughed, she passed out from seeing Sherry have her orgasm then having her own was to much. This is going to be so much fun with these girls.

To think yesterday I was just going to take and own Sherry’s ass because of how she thought she could control me like she does everyone else around her to enslaving her and she brought me a second girl that gave herself to me, when the night before she would not even talk to me. This is a very strange turn of events but I love it.

I climbed on Sherry and started to rub my dick up and down her slit, then when I was wet I slowly pushed the head into her and waited a minute, her and Mark had been having sex for a couple of years, but she was tight as hell. I started with slow in and out movements and got more of myself into her every stroke till I had about 7 inches in and was hitting bottom, I was bumping her cervix and she was grunting and had the sheets clutched in both hands, I kept this up for ten minutes then grabbed her and rolled us over and put her on top and said take what you can but don’t hurt you self, I have eleven inches to play with and in time you may be able to take more.

But for now let’s see what you can do, she said Master I have never been so full and you are stretching me inside and it feels awesome, but may I please cum I am going to, she cut her self-off and exploded again, I could feel her squeezing my cock with every pulse and beat of her heart, she laid down on me and hugged me saying give me a second Master that was a big one, I have never had so many orgasms before, this is every taxing.

When she got her breath back she sat up and started to move again the extra lube helped and she got to around eight and a half inches in her, I could feel her cervix starting to open she was grunting and said this has never happened to her before she can feel me stretching her open. I said if you keep going like this I will be in your uterus before long, it will be a little painful at first but you will learn to like it, then crave it, just like anal sex all painful to begin with but gets better in time and we have lots of time my little pet, then I said I want to thank you for bringing Tabitha to me, she said she had nobody like you in her life but I never expected her to do this I did even know this was real, I have seen stories about it but thought that was all they were. just stories and now I am living one. Oh my God this is so cool.

Then she set back and started to bounce on me and I could feel her opening every downward movement she made, then with a squeak she stopped and was shaking her eyes rolled back and she screamed and passed out falling back on my chest and was just trembling hard like she was having a seizure. Her uterus was squeezing me with every heart beat and I could not hold it and more and started to fill her up, she bolted up right and said oh shit I can feel that it is awesome, and she started shaking again saying OH god OH god OH god then nothing and passed out again gasping for air and sweating like she was running a marathon.

I started to shrink down as she came to and she reached up and kissed me with all the passion she had in her, it was true heart felt passion she had never shown any one then said I am yours for as long as you will have me master, I have never experienced anything like that before, I said I accept your commitment and there are a lot of women that have never had that in life, but they have their dreams, she said Master that was like no dream I ever had but dam it was life altering I can assure you.

As Sherry climbed off of me I said clean your mess slave, she said yes master always with pleasure. If this is how you will be taking care of me, any time any place I will gladly clean you up and worship your beautiful Cock, then we heard from Tabitha. she said me to master. Sherry said help me little sister then you can have your turn, Tabitha jumped up like she was hit with lightning. Sherry and I just laughed, and they went to town. In no time I was ready for business again.

Then Tabitha climbed up and Sherry rubbed me back and forth then told Tabitha to push down and pop and grown and she was standing there with the head of my cock in her. and her legs were shaking like she was going to collapse then she did landing on my chest, crying I said what’s the matter Tabby? She said I am. or was a virgin, I have never had sex with any one, I said well thank you for giving it to me I am Honored. She said oh no Master it is my Honor to give you my virginity, I have saved my self, with many a pissed off boyfriend for the right person and you are that person Master and I love you for taking and accepting me as your Slave, I fully submit and offer this body to you to use as you see fit. I said Thank you Tabitha I accept your offer and commitment, both of you are truly a blessing to me and I am grateful you want to be mine, now let’s see to taking care of this new pussy shall we, she laughed and said oh yes please.

I rolled us over and pulled out and told Sherry to get the lube to help Tabby with this Sherry lubed me up then did the same for Tabby and we started again with me on top. I was working myself into her and inch at a time and around 7 inches I hit bottom just like Sherry’s, so I stopped, to let her adjust to this all new sensation. Then I grabbed her and rolled us over and let her go to it at her pace.

She was starting to sweat and was grunting with every stroke, she got to around 8 inches and like Sherry I could feel her opening up to me. She was giving it her all then it happened, and she started to take more and more and then stopped when she sat on my lap to catch her breath.

When she started to move her uterus clamped down on me and she came like a banshee screaming and shaking then like Sherry she passed out, but to her credit recovered quickly, saying so soar. but so good oh master so good, then she started shaking again with eyes rolled back but she never stopped moving and then things got easier and she was banging bottom with a grunt and saying oh yea oh yea here it comes. Master cum with me please I want to feel it just like Sherry did please, I said you keep that up and we will go together Tabby and I said are you ready here it come, she threw her head back and said yes master I am ready please when my first blast hit her she screamed and was flopping around like she was having a fit, then she leaned down with her hand on my chest and said that was awesome Master you are the best.

Then we herd clapping and looked to the door and there stood Tabitha‘s Mom and Dad, He said I am very proud of you Tabitha thanking your master without prompting, I am Proud very proud, and young Man that was some performance you put on there, I had to fill Kim up just watching my baby girl give herself to you. I said how long have you been there, he said you rolled over when we opened the door and we see how well you took care of our baby girl she is in very good hands, for a young Master you are very patient with the girls. I said well she was giving me her virginity and for that I was Honored and that deserves a certain amount of Respect to be given a once in a life time gift.

Her Mom and Dad said you were still a virgin we thought that long gone. She said I have had some asshole boyfriends as you well know, and I listened to your life lessons about someone deserving and saved myself for the right one and Master is that one he took very good care of me after he found out I gave him my virginity. So yes, Daddy I do listen to you when you speak I may not always agree but I still listen.

He said I am very proud of you baby girl. I was before, but I have respect for you now as well, you are my pride and joy. She said what about sissy I thought she is the apple in your eyes? He said she never respected me as you have shown today baby girl, there is love and then there is love and respect that you have shown me, the two are not even close. I said ok enough of this, Slave do your job and Tabby said yes master. Then I see Kim jumping around and asking what I don’t know I can’t hear her but she is nervous about something, then Greg said you have to ask her Master if it’s alright not me, I am ok with it but she is his Slave not mine.

I said ok Greg what is it, he said Kim has a thing about virgin blood and cum, she is besides herself with the sight of Tabitha’s leaking cunt. I look at Kim and she was dancing around like she was on hot coals. I said ok Kim. but you owe me, she looked to Greg and he shook his head and she was on Tabitha in a flash, I looked to Sherry and she was rubbing her self, I said you do not have my permission to touch yourself and she stopped but looked like she wanted to cry. Greg walked behind Kim and mounted her again and Tabby and Kim were moaning, then Tabby took my Cock in her mouth and was bobbing up and down on me I was getting close watching this and told Sherry to come here time to share again and she jumped right into the action, Kim was done but Greg was still pounding her so she was holding Tabby’s hips for support then Greg lost it and filled Kim again she turned and drop to her knees and cleaned him up.

He sat in the chair in the room panting and said Dam that was good but two in a row at my age takes a lot out of you. we just laughed and I told the girls to get ready and share, what surprised me was Kim got on the bed next to Tabby with her mouth open like she was waiting her turn, I looked at Greg and he shook his head yes, I said ok give Kim a turn and she throat me an bam I let go she took two then Tabitha got two then Sherry got the last three I had to offer and I was finished. Kim said thank you Master, I said but I am not your Master, she said but you are a Master and I will respect you as such you have earned my respect with how you respected and took loving care with my virgin daughter, and then you share your seed with me, you have earned and will receive my respect always.

I looked to Greg and said most of this is new to me and I am not sure how it all works, I know of the life style but not all the little nuances that go with it, he said him and Kim would bring me up to speed. But being I have taken his daughter as my slave that her Mom will always be available to you. You are now her second Master, I said thank you but how many does she have, he said two now, but what about your other daughter and her Master? Greg said she went against his wishes and got trapped into a group enslavement that she has lost herself to drugs and prostitution. So, no she has no rights here, and only her full submission would let her even back in to his home. I said ok. well Tabby will not be going down that path, she is mine and I take good care of my things, I am not a sharing person ether. Greg said that is fine that I need to have both girls tattooed with property of Master Glenn and everyone will know no touching without your approving it, I said ok where do I take them both are not 18 yet he said we will take care of it as a gift to you and Kim will be tattoo as well, I said she is your slave not mine, he said I respect you decision not to share without permission, and as her second master you have a say in her activities, when I am not here she is your slave just as Tabitha and Sherry are so feel comfortable with her when I am not here. When I am here she will follow your commands unless I need her for something and supersede your request.

I said thank you I will not abuse this privilege you have given me and will respect her and you in this gift, right now I will not be sharing my girls later on that may change, but even then, they will have to be ok with anything they are requested to do. My girls will not be put into a harmful situation they cannot walk away from. And no one will lay a hand on them if I don’t say they can, Sherry said you can believe my master I have seen that first hand. Greg said there will be some masters that will try your resolve and hold on your slaves, some are just jerks and have no respect for anyone or anything so be warned, I said these three will be cared for. Greg when I am around, I will keep them safe from anything unwanted.

I did not know how soon that would be put to the test. Greg said let me make a call and we will get the girls tattoos take care of asap, we got there and Greg told the girl there that we needed a master Tat, she said yes Master what would you like, he pointed to me and said this is Master Glenn and we will be Marking his slaves, she looked at me and asked do you want to see what we have or do you have your own design in mind I said let me see what you have first then I will let you know. So I looked through their designs and then said I think I would like to make my own, she handed me some paper and I drew out what I wanted (Property of Master Glenn ) I said I would like this along their right Collar Bone, can you do that?

She said that is perfect, but may I suggest the national Slave simple under it, she showed me and is said very good no arguing with that by any one. She started with Sherry, then Tabitha and last Kim, the girl said I though Kim is your Slave Master Greg. He said she is that being I have taken his daughter as my slave that I become Kim’s second Master automatically, she said I heard of that but never seen it happen then she said she should put Master Greg above the collar bone to show the order and submission to me, Greg said good idea, he said some times at the club he would have issues with some of the asshole Masters but this should clear that right up.

We finished up and the girls were happy and excited looking at their new tattoos, then Kim said Master we need some stuff from the store to make dinner tonight can we stop on the way home? As we walked through the store the girls were ahead of us then I see a guy coming up behind them and poked Greg, he said that was Tabitha’s old boyfriend and he is a big ass I said let’s see how stupid this guy is, Greg said he is a very mean guy and abusive towards women, I said really this could be fun, then I see two more friends an isle later, he grabbed her arm and said be quiet bitch and maybe you won’t get hurt, then he grabbed Sherry and said my friends will love you little bitch, I told Greg you stay with Kim, I am going to the parking lot and wait for these clowns.

I ran outside and waited and sure enough hear they come, the two in the back squeezing Sherry’s tits and the one in front rubbing Tabby’s pussy she was fighting them till she seen me. Sherry spotted me at the same time and they all said good not going to fight it and just going to give it to us this will be hours of fun, I followed them down the side of the building and they approached a van they opened the side door and I yelled position and both girls went down by the time the guy turned to me he hit the floor then the other two came at me and I unloaded on them and beat one down then the other, about that time the old boyfriend got up pulled a knife and tried to cut me but only got my shirt, so I beat him down then broke his nose then a leg he was screaming at me saying what’s your deal, I said it is not wise to touch another man’s property you dumb fuck, he said she is my girlfriend I said oh really Tabitha show him and she showed her new tattoo, then Sherry did the same, I said they belong to me and if you ever go there again, it will be the last thing you ever see. then I kicked him in the Balls. then both girls kicked the other two jerks in the balls.

I had to stop them before they killed the kids, we heard the cops coming and I was holding both crying girls when they pulled up they asked us a bunch of questions separately then together, I said who called you he said the store security guy, I said I heard them tell the girls they were going to rape them and have their fun and let their friends have fun with then next, the cops got pissed then when Tabitha said Mr. Riggers he looked at her and said Tabitha and Sherry is that you? they both said yes sir we were getting stuff for dinner with my Mom and Dad when these three jerks Pulled us out of the store.

He said you were going to have a sleep over tonight with Amber weren’t you? they said yes Sir but I don’t think I could do that now my insides are all tight like I may be sick, He said don’t worry sweetie I will let Amber know what happened then he reached for her collar and seen the Tattoo and looked to me and Mouthed yours and shook my head yes, then Tabitha’s Dad walked up and said Roy how are you, he said ok but this jackass tried to Rape Tabitha and Sherry here and this young Man took them out for me, Greg said this is Glenn a new member to our family then he spotted Kim’s Tattoo and said I see, then he shook my hand and the ambulance got there to get two guys and another pulled up and got the last and we all left for home.

Greg said I never seen anyone move like that, those guys never had a chance and you beat them to a pulp. I said how did you see you were inside the store, he stuck a CD in his player and we watched as I kicked there asses and then I kicked him in the balls the girls side here comes the best part as they started to kick the shit out of the other two guys they gave each other a high five, laughing the whole time, I looked at them and said you should not be happy their kids will be all cock eyed if they can even reproduce any, the girls looked at me I looked at Greg and Kim and we all cracked up holding our stomachs with tears running down our faces.

Greg said I think we need to go out to dinner tonight and called for reservation for dinner,

I said reservations I don’t have a suit to where out like that, Greg said. just a nice jacket and pants with a nice shirt will do. That, I can do. Girls no under things. I want easy access, they said yes Master. I said I will be back in five, Greg said take ten we have time, I went home and Mom said dinner is in the fridge son, I said I met the new neighbors and we are going out to Dinner Mom. I will be back later ok. she looked at me funny so I said ok spill it, she said son you know he is a little different right, I said yes I know. how do you know? She said well son he was very good friends with your Dad when he was alive. We know each other very well, I said you can call me Master from now on Mom, I know what he’s all about, she said really Master I have not had one since your Dad passed and I have missed it so, I said if you like Mom, you can be my slave, or find one you like on your own with my protection. She dropped to her knees and said no Master if you will have me I will be your complete and obedient Slave. Master I said ok Mom I will collar you and Mark you tomorrow do you understand, she was crying and jumped up and hugged me saying you have made me very happy Master, more then you know, I said I will be back in a minute I have to shower for dinner.

When I came back out Mom had my Dad’s suit out and was kneeling by the bed waiting on me. I said what is this Mom, she said I called Master Greg and he said he’s taking you to the club to introduce you as a new Master, I said I can’t have my Master not in his best look going there for this big event. I asked Master Greg if I could sign a slave contract with you he said I have to bring my collar and tail with me to submit to you if you are willing to accept me as a slave, I told her it will be my honor Mom I love you with all that I am and will enjoy owning you, she said thank you son but you didn’t tell me you already have slaves. I said I never had the chance, today has been crazy I went from the kid down the block to a Master of three now four Slaves.

So, it’s been busy to say the least. Mom said so much like your Dad, I said what do you mean, she said Dad has two other life Slaves that go to you as a legacy, I said really and who would they be. She said well one you know the other you know but have not met, I said ok spill it, she said your cousin Brenda is one and the other is , she let that hang till I said NOW she said will she is Sherry’s Mom, I said no shit really she said yes Master, and she has a lot of Money she is not allowed to touch without a Master, so her husband has been abusing her because he is a leach and was draining her dry till your Dad stepped in and took control. I am afraid she will be hurt before the husband will leave her for the divorce.

I said can you call her without him knowing, Mom said only if he is not home, but he may be at the Club tonight with Her, She is not his Slave but is his wife and can do what he wants unless her Master says otherwise I said this is getting better by the minute I already kicked three assholes to day let’s make it four, Mom asked can I go as witness to you taking her Master, I said yes Mom said if you tell her she cannot be touched by him he is not allowed to lay a hand on her. I said Mom are the Girls allowed to be close at the club she said only heels, hose, collars and tails if their master commands it, and if they have tails they are not to be shared by anyone without permission. I asked do you have a tail she said several why, I said put one in and bring one, she smiled and said you are going to take her right in front of everyone aren’t you, I said yes I am and I hope he puts up a fight, I said get ready lets go, she stood up and already had a big tail in her. I said wish full thinking hu? She said I was hoping master, let’s go.

We got to Greg’s and Tabitha said Aunty Breanna, I said not for long she said what do you mean Master then covered her mouth, I said sister Slave in a minute, I when to Greg’s office and I signed the contract the Mom and then Greg, he said ok everyone let’s go to the club, I stopped Greg and asked did you know my Dad’s other slaves? He said he seen Dad at the club with them time to time but never met them I said one is a cousin and the other is Sherry’s Mom, he said What? I said she don’t know and I am taking control of her at the club her husband is one of the asshole master’s there but is not her Master. Greg said Give me a second will you I need to make a call. I told him I would go get our car, so we had more room looks like I will need it, he said no shit.

I walked down and got Mom’s car she has the most room and pulled up to Greg’s house. They all came out looking awesome, and Greg walked to the car leaned in and said yea the asshole is there and is making a Seen as usual but he let the Club Master’s know he was introducing me and that after that you would be taking possession of Bridget, Sherry’s Mom as a legacy Slave, they said they would keep them there and have security when he went ape shit , he laughed and said he told then just need someone to take out the trash you take care of your own, they said he is just a kid, he said he told them just stay out of the way, The masters said it has been a bull shit night this should liven it up some, then said lets go master Glenn.

We get to the Club and the door girl lets Greg and Kim in then looks at me and said key Sir, I said I am new dear I have no key then Mom hands her a card she scans it and said his son Mom said yes, she said welcome to the club Master Glenn, then handed the key back to me, I looked at it and it had Dads name then under it said Legacy and my name, so Dad had me all set up to take over, hell it came with its own table that as we walked in I seen two girls pulling off a cover and cleaning it as we walk over to the table. Mom stopped the girls and said we cannot enter the floor with close on, we will change then be led to the table by leash, Mom gave me a kiss and said go sit down Master and get a drink and we will be Right there, then turned and left with the girls.

I sat down and a girl came over with a drink I didn’t order and said you are not him, I smiled and said no Hun I am his Son Glenn and you are, she looked down and said I am Betty, Master Glenn it is a pleasure to Meet you I said likewise what did you bring me here, she said your Dad liked 7&7 I took a sip and it was good I said that will work thank you do I pay now and tip she said no Master it’s done on a tab and you take care of it when leaving the club but tonight it’s on the house because you are a legacy Master and have not been introduces as of yet, I asked are the Slaves permitted to drink she said it is up to the master, I asked do you know my Mom she said yes Master very well she is a sweet lady, I said bring me whatever she gets and two cokes, she left and came back a few minutes with what I asked for I then told her Mom and two of my Slaves are in the back changing I am waiting on them, she said it’s my job to go get them I didn’t know you had any I am so sorry I will be right back.

She come walking back a few minutes with three slaves no four Slaves in tow and walked around the stage with them all with tails a wagging them led them up to me kneeled and handed me their leashes and said that was my pleasure Master if you need anything just look at me I am yours for tonight, I said very well Betty thank you, I had all the girls sit down except Sherry, I turned my chair a little then had her kneel by my side facing the stage floor and handed her a coke she thanked me then started to drink then froze, I felt her trembling and pet her head and said look at me, she turned to me with tears in her eyes and I said I know all about her, I know why they have been having so many problems also but relax I will be fixing that in just a few minutes do you trust me? She said yes Master always, I said ok relax and listen but not a sound, ok she said yes Master. Then I felt her calm down and drink her coke but locked eyes on her Mom, all of a sudden, her Mom spotted her, and they were in a staring contest and had tuned everyone else out completely. Greg walked up to me and said, come with me Master I need to introduce you to the club Masters.

We walked up to a booth overlooking the floor and I met everyone and they all welcomed me to the club, the head Master stood and said come with me Master Glenn. and you to Greg, and we walked down to the floor. We stopped in the middle of the floor and a mike came down out of the roof. He said excuse me every one can I have your attention for a moment, I would like to introduce you to a new Master, He is being Sponsored by Master Greg, but is also a club legacy of the late Master Brent, this is Master Glenn please give him a warm welcome and almost everyone was clapping except for a few around the room, Sherry’s father for one, he was just pissy looking, He handed me the mike and said tell everyone about yourself, I said thank you for the welcome, And that I have taken over my father’s business and taking care of all his responsibility’s he had and now I will be taking over his club activities and all of his assets as well, I already have my own slaves but will be taking over my fathers as well, I found out tonight that I have control over several slaves and their assets, I will now be running them as well, so any of my father’s slaves here tonight will meet me in the club Masters Booth. Thank you all for your time and I look forward to getting to know you all soon.

All of a sudden, we heard a loud yelling going on I already knew who it was and said excuse me Sir I will not be long I need to claim some of my property. I walked over to the table I had been watching these two argue all night and said what seams you be the problem here, He looked at me and said none of your business kid move along, I looked at Bridget and said come along Bridget you are mine now, he stood up and said over my dead body kid I will kick your ass, and he jumped at me. Well he never made it to me two guys grabbed him he said you are lucky little shit. I would pound you into the ground.

I looked to the guys and said please release him Sir’s I will handle my own issues here tonight, so everyone can learn their place. They looked to the club master and he said let him go he asked for it, they set him down and he launched at me but only slapped my face, I laughed and said really slapped my face you are going to pound me like that, he was furious and came at me again and I dead punched him in the chest and he stopped dead in his tracks, I gave him an upper cut then swept his knees then a dead blow on top of his head and he went down like a rock. I said time to take out the trash

The head master said take out the trash, and call the cops, one of the guys said they are at the door waiting for the package Sir. The head Master pulled his file and he is done in this state, I took Bridget’s hand and said we have some paper work to take care of do you have your collar she said yes Master in my locker. I said go get ready and come to me in the master’s booth then called Betty over and said betty this is another slave of mine would you see to all of them and bring them to me when Bridget is ready.

she said Yes Master I will be the talk of the club, I said and why is that baby? she said as floor slaves we have our own little thing going with who has control of the most slaves at any given time I said that is why the parade before. she said yes master I am sorry I did not ask permission before hand. I was excited and forgot myself, you may punish me as you see fit, I said you are not my slave Betty and I was proud of these beautiful girls, she said they are gorgeous aren’t they, I said when you bring them back to me how about once around the stage she clapped and smiled and said with pleasure Master, the head master said you know you just made her wet, I said yea ain’t she cute, and we laughed.

We were going over some of the rules and signing the club charter when the theme song from Rocky came on then out of the back came Betty with eight Slaves in tow, I said what the hell did Betty go shopping and find a sale? The Masters said looks likely she found a bargain, then we all lost it laughing. Betty made two trips around the stage and one of the other bar slave yelled Glory Hog, Betty just stuck out her tong and kept walking to the booth, when she got there I said I asked you to get Bridget ready not go shopping what the hell? She said master you cousin was there waiting and Bridget said this one is yours now also.

I looked at Bridget and said, ok out with it, she looked down and said Master this is Cally, I got her in a Slave auction she had been beaten and abused and left almost for dead, but I got her back to health and now where I go she goes. I said that was a good thing you did, and I can accept that, my cousin came up and gave me a hug and said good to see you I said likewise, we all signed all the paper work then registered all my slaves to me. I looked out to the floor and there on the floor set our little tattoo girl next to a big old guy, I said ok girl say good by and lets go to the table for a little bit, we went back down and Greg said he was going to his table so I told Kim to go with her Master and she kissed and thanked me and went with Greg I said ok girls this has been awesome but we need to talk and find out where we stand here, we left around 11:30 then Bridget said lets go to her house and talk, I followed her home and my cousin followed me when we got there I told the girls they had had their plugs in most of the night to take them out and get a shower then come back down. So, Bridget what is it we have going on here, she said Master as you know a Slave can not own any thing and will lose everything if no one controls their interests. I said yea I got that but what are you not telling me.

Well Master I am a multimillion air to the toon of around 32 the last count, ok She looked at me and said you just became independently wealthy Master, even this house will be in your name tomorrow, I said well thank you, she said the house is on a 5-aker lot and fenced in with full security. She said you have full control of all of it and me. Your Dad like to work so he kept his job to putter around with and lived with your Mom for your sake, but you can live here, this is all yours now, I said how many bed rooms are here, there are 10 plus the basement is a full apartment with a game room and a dudgeon for play. I said sweet.

I asked do you live here by yourself, she said no, that Cally has a room and her youngest daughter was here as well, I asked how do you feel about your daughter knowing about the life style, she said she is at the stage were if she is not taken under control she could get into trouble or nocked up by some shit or worst, I said well we can’t have that now can we. I said little miss thing is going to be in for a shock of her life, where is she now, she is in her bed. I said here by herself all night? Bridget said her Nanny is here with her. And what about the Nanny, what is she like. Bridget said she is Cally’s little sister that we saved from the same place. And she will submit to me She said yes Master.

I said ok go get your daughter and bring her here, yes Master and off they went. In a few minutes I could hear winning coming down the hall and getting louder then they stopped I front of me, I said hello little girl and who are you? She said who are you and Bridget started to go off, but I put my finger to her lips and she quit, the little girl looked at her Mom and said Mom who is this guy? But Bridget said nothing, I said I am Master Glenn and you are in my house, I will ask the questions here, she said Mommy this is our house who is he, I looked to Bridget and she said in a quiet voice this is Master Glenn and his is his house.

She looked at me and said I am Kimba Sir, I said much better, I then asked do you like staying here she said oh yes very much. I said well then first rule no close on Females in my house unless I tell you otherwise from now on, she said what but looked to her Mom and she was stripped naked in front of her as well as my Mom and all the other girls including her Nanny, I looked at her and said well and held out my hand and she took off all her close and handed them to me, now naked and blushing she said I need to pee Sir, I told her go quick and leave the door open, she ran off and we could hear the piss in the pot and she returned still red faced and head down.

I looked at Bridget and said tell her what you are she looked to Bridget and Bridget said I am his Slave and he owns me, Sherry. she seen her sister step up and she said I am his Slave and he owns me, then all the rest followed suit and told her the same thing, I said so you see Kimba if you stay here you must become my Slave as well, and do everything I command you to do, no questions or hesitation. I will mark you as my Slave and take good care of you, but this you have to do of your own free will, I will not make you do this you have to ask for this.

I will give you one day to think about it you can ask all the questions you like from any of the girls, but they will not try and make you decide to do this it has to be only your decision. Now if you chose not to do this I will not be mad at you but you cannot stay here, you will have to go some wear else, I don’t care were only that you are safe, and you cannot tell anyone outside this house or your Mom and Sister will be Spanked because you told do you understand, she said yes sir I understand, I look to the Nanny and said no close and she can ask any question she likes to whoever she like the Nanny said yes Master and they left the room.

I said ok Bridget time to claim my prize lets go, we went to the Master bed room and I jumped it to the shower real quick then came out and Bridget and Cally were naked on the bed so I kissed Bridget then kissed Cally then felt Bridget and she was soaked and she said I have been like this since you kicked his ass, just take me Master please, she had not seen me yet I still had a towel wrapped around me so I pushed into her wet gash and slid in about 6 inches and stroked her a couple time then bumped 2 more to her and she said oh my that is nice.

you are hitting bottom nobody has done that in a while, so I started to long stroke her and she was getting into it and she came when she came I hit her with all the rest and ended up in her uterus and she went wild and was thrashing all over and clutching the sheet and Cuming again and again, she said please master I can’t take any more give me, is all she got out because I really went to pounding her she was mumbling some kind of gibberish that Cally and I had no clue but I didn’t let up then I slammed it home and held it there as I filled her up she started to cum on me again and scream , gasping for breath we both just laid there gasping and sweating for a good half hour. Then finally she set up on her elbows and said shit I have never cum like that before, you are a Master!

I said that was just a wham bam, and nothing special she said shit I am not sure I could go the full Monty, I would lose my mind. Then Cally got between Bridget’s legs and started to eat her out, Bridget went to squalling like a banshee I said ok two can play this game, I got behind Cally and raised her up and started to stroke her when I hit 7 inches I hit bottom but just kept going pushing a little more each stroke then I felt it her cervix opened up and let me in and I went for broke and bottomed out in her uterus.

she just grunted and I kept pumping, long strokes to the head to the base going and going and all of a sudden Cally popped up and said Fuck me Mother fucker Fuck me, so I gave her what she wanted, her ass was red from us slapping to together and I was running out of gas then she slammed back on me and stopped and was screaming in some other language whatever who knows then she collapse on Bridget with me still stuck in her, her uterus had clamped down on me and the suction was so strong I could not move, I thought she was going to keep the head of my Cock as a souvenir.

I rolled over pulling Cally with me laying in a spoon position and drifted off to sleep for a bit. When I woke up I had slid out of Cally and she was face down on the bed. I got up and went to the shower to cool down and get a little energy back, when my peace and quiet was disrupted by Bridget saying you are a true Master in ever since of the word, I am so happy to be yours. I told her I like her to she is beautiful like her daughter, in fact I want you two to look like twins can you do that for me?

She said I would do anything for you master anything. I said good first wash my soar cock I think Cally was trying to take the head off, and what was she saying, Bridget said something about a Horse Cocked Mother Fucker, then Bridget seen my cock up close and she said you had all this in me holy shit you are huge, I said this is soft add about 4 inches and 2 around and you had that in you. She said oh my god no one will ever fill that hole again, I said oh yea I will and be looking for new and uncharted areas. , she laughed nervously and said any more and it will be coming out my mouth. I said I like it going in your mouth.

When we got out I said I smell something cooking, Bridget said that will be Cally, if you fuck her good she wants to feed you to keep your straight up, so she can get so more. She is a greedy little slut, you will see if you set down naked she will climb right on to keep you warm, so she says. We went to the kitchen and sat down then Mom came sliding in and climbed into my lap like a little kid I said Mom what do you want, she looked at me and said Master I want whatever you gave to them two Banshees over there, I was trying to rub the corner off my night stand listening to you guys I was climbing the walls.

I said ok Mom give me a couple hours to recoup and I will see if we can’t make them round off the corner of their night stand, I said the two could screw the horns off a Billy goat. And we all cracked up. I said come on Mom I need a nap lets go get some sleep and cuddle, what do you say she jumped up grabbed my hand and drug me to her room. We climbed into bed and cuddled up and off to sleep I went.

I woke up to someone sucking my cock and I had to piss bad. I said ok, ok I’m awake, but I have to piss, Mom poked her head out from the covers and said on me please, I said what? she said I love golden showers they turn me on, Daddy did it to me every morning I love it, I said ok let’s go I am about to bust. She jumped into the shower and got into position and I just let her have it she drank some it was in her hair and all over the front of her, dripping off her pussy. When I finished she said thank you Master it has been so long I have really missed it, I said ok when we are home if I must go I will let you know, she said thank you Master, she looked at me and said in a serious voice Son you have made me the proudest Mom in the world. I know all this was thrown on you, but you took control and never looked back.

Your Dad would be beside himself right now just like Greg was when you took his Daughter right out on the side walk, she said I was watching and listening to you and what you said and the way you said it was like a second Master not like a young Kid, I am so proud of you, I would do anything for you just command me, I need a strong hand and a strong Master and you are him Master, I said I know this has been a little much to take all at once but like Dad would do I looked for the positive outcome and went for it. Mom said you are better then you know Master, there are master’s that have no clue and fuck up good slaves because they don’t think first, but I see you looking at everything before you even start, I can see you already have a plan and can adjust to it as you go.

I turned on the shower then washed Mom head to toe then she washed me and was licking her lips the whole time, I said what slut you have that look. She said Master I love deep throat could I. I have never had one this big but would like to try, I said go ahead have your fun. She was funny she would get to 7 inches where I get my thickest and stop, with frustration on her face she took ahold of my butt pulled back then pulled her self all the way down to my pelvis bone then looked up with a twinkle in her eyes.

I said ok slut I need to cum, you have me all wound up, turn around and grab the wall. She was so wet from trying to swallow me I slid right in to 7 inches and bump hit the cervix, and she grunted and said oh shit I have missed this, I beat on her cervix for a while then started to put some pressure on her and she was going wild, I could feel her open and snap back open and snap back the next open I got I drove it home, she went up on her toes and grunted and said damn never had that part opened up before you are getting all new pussy there Master oh yea that is it give it to me good pound your slut Master use her good. Her head was going up and down I thought it was going to pop off then it started to come on me and I started to long stroke her. Mom was on her tip toes grunting and panting grunting and panting. then I was there, I pulled back the slammed it home and filled Mom up. she was grunting like a pig and then she let loose with a squeal like a pig I am not kidding. She was Cuming hard and not stopping we slid down the wall with me still buried I her but I didn’t go soft so I started to go again and Mom was squealing and grunting, I felt like I was at a livestock show but I was not letting up and I kept pounding her hard and deep till I was ready again and filled her again, this time she yelled like a banshee, then was out so I rolled us over and let the shower just rain down on us till she woke up, she had a faraway look in her eyes, she leaned back to me and said Master you have truly claimed this slave for now and forever.

I said ok you got what they had. Are you happy she said I can’t walk my legs won’t work, and hell yes, I am happy. It will take a week to get rid of this grin. I said ok my love lets go eat something, now that you fucked the belly off me, Mom looked up and said so much your Father so much, I got out and helped her out I had to sit her on the toilet to dry her then I got dry and put my boxers on and we went down to breakfast. Bridget looked at mom and said I was going to call animal control for the wild animal in the house before then someone turned the Banshee loose on it and it got quiet suddenly. We looked around then back to Mom and busted out laughing.

Bridget said Master we need to go to the bank this morning, to finalize the transfer of all assets, I said ok I will get dressed and we can take off. Ten minutes later we were in the back-president’s office and had all the paperwork finished and filed to complete our agreement and all assets are secured in my name.

I said I want all the girls to be tattooed this morning. And all will wear tails. She said as you wish Master. When we got back to the house I called Greg and told him what happened and Tabby would be living with me , he said great the he said is your Mom going to stay there as well. I said yea there is plenty of room here for her why.

He said I have a family looking to rent a house and could rent your’s out to them if you are interested. I said sure, but we must move all our shit out. Greg said he has a moving company and will take care of it and will store everything else. I said that is awesome, I will tell Mom and see if she needs anything now and drop off the keys to Kim when I get some close. He said great that will help they are in a hotel now and their time is up this week. I told him let me get Mom and we will get what we need right now then you guys can do your thing. He said thanks he will let them know.

I found Mom still in the kitchen talking shit with the girls and said come on Mom we are going to get some stuff from the house and move here then Greg is renting the house out, Mom said what? I then told Tabitha to come too. So she could get her close and things she might need she said Master we are naked all the time here what do I need? I said we are not going to be here all the time, she said ok. Sherry said Master I need to go say good bye to Marks mom and get my few things I have at her house, I said that’s a good girl I had forgotten about telling Marks Mom about the changes. When we got home, Mom said Master I need to show you something I said ok let’s go. Sherry help Tabitha and put her stuff in my car.

Mom took me to the master bed room and flipped a lever and we walked into a play room that is well hidden in the house. I asked is there a lock out on this Mom said yes, I said ok is this all, she said no son this is your Dads inventory of stuff on most of the cop’s lawyers, judges and congressmen in the state.

With this you can bury most of the politicians and run this state. I said ok we will pack this up our self and keep it close at hand, then she said this is his safe with all his important things in it. You need all of this stuff. I said ok Mom I didn’t know about any of this or I would not have rented the house so quick, she said don’t tell Greg about this he knows your dad had stuff on him as well and has been trying to get to this. She said I will pull Dads van to the Back of the house and we can load all this in there. The girls can help. I said no the less they know the safer they are.

Mom said yes but they are your Slaves now and must take your secret to the grave. I said are you sure they are all they say they are. Mom said I don’t fallow. I said you told me Greg was looking for stuff right and wanted in here she said yea, I said the night before last you heard what happened with Sherry, Mom said yea I could not believe she would do you like that. I said after she left she walk down the street and Tabitha pulled her aside and was yelling at her saying she would never kiss my ass the way Sherry did and that was BS and on and on. Then the very next night Tabitha comes down here and submits to me without a fight, that is fishy right there.

Mom said so like your Dad always watching. I said we have to Mom the only for sure I have right now is you and Sherry. I said the rest will have to earn their faith fullness and complete trust. The girls came back and I told Sherry I needed her to do something for me I said take my car to the house and unload it then you come back here for the night. Mom and I want to spend the night here for old time sake and remember Dad and the good times. then in the morning we will get with Greg and let his people do their thing. Sherry said I get to drive your car, I said you know how I feel about this car she said yes Master very well. I told Tabitha to get her shit set up and help around the house if she could she said Yes Master.

They left and I had a feeling we would get a visitor and left the lights off but kept loading dads truck.

We had everything in the truck and parked back in the place Dad all ways parked and the front door opened, and Greg walked in. I let him close the door they flipped on the lights and said well now how did you get a key? he started to stumble and stammer and is said save it Greg I already Know, we just left you enough rope and you hung your own self. He said I don’t I stopped him and said don’t say another word, I have you all on film at a secure location, my house is monitored 24/ 7 and every time you have been her when we are not is all recorded plus every word you said, I know when I went to Bridget’s I set and watched you go through my things I know what you are looking for and for who you know you talk way to much. I said I will let you rent my house and yes, it is in my name so no you can’t touch it. And if the people try and tear this place apart looking for Dads Files I will hold you responsible for that so march your happy little ass out of here and don’t come back till I tell you to.

Mom said that was great Master, he is shitting bricks. Well he doesn’t know what we know, and his little angel is going to be put to the test as well, Plus Kim. I said in the morning you are going down to their house and bringing Kim’s ass back here for a little show and tell. Mom said what are you going to do Master. I said put some of Dads toys to work. She said oh goody, we climbed into bed and there was a knock on the door, I got up and Sherry was back. So, I asked her, Sherry how well do you really know Tabitha she said we had some classes together in school and we would hang out sometimes.

I said so not really well then, she said no Master why do you ask? I said my father was the club book keeper and he has a lot of information on a lot of the people that went to the club. And guess who is on that list, her eyes got big and she said Greg, I said yep. Then I said and when did they move on the block, she said oh shit right after you Dad Passed away, Mom said Bingo. So, I ask you again how well do you know her? Sherry said not that good Master, I didn’t know about this, but you are good at seeing thing better than most. I said right now Sherry you and Mom are my only confidant, Sherry said what about Mom? I said she could be a set up with the new guy, but she was your Dads way before she remarried that jerk, I said I Know and Dad is the only reason your Mom is not broke.

I said yea could have gotten her drunk in Vegas and that is how that came about. I will test her, Sherry said she changed when he came along and started to fight for no reason, I said she could have been trying to protect you from him, and getting you mad enough to leave the house was her only way to do it, your little sister is still to young, he would go to jail for that. Sherry said but you had her naked last night can’t they do the same thing? I said no the house is a nudist sanctuary and I never touched your sister did I, she said no master then you told her to talk to everyone and sent her on her way. I said see not a problem.

I said Sherry you work on Tabitha and see if she will slip seeking your help, then her ass will be in deep trouble with me and you of all people know what that means. Yes, master I do and thank you for trusting me, I said your earner my trust I didn’t give it to you. When you accepted you ass chewing and did not argue that told me you knew you were wrong and accepted your punishment because of it, I said what you don’t know is I heard everything you said to Tabitha, and everything she said to you, so she came around and submitted to me a little too quick for my comfort, Sherry said I see what you are saying, and I thought it funny but thought maybe she came to her since’s, I said you were hoping she did, but what I think really happened is you gave her a hard way in. I said ok let’s get some sleep and take a clear look in the morning.

The next morning, we watched Greg leave for his office. Mom made us some breakfast and I sent Sherry on her mission with Tabitha, about ten minutes later Bridget called saying she had to talk to me. I told her come to Mom’s house. Ten minutes later she was here and said her husband was out of jail and got a lawyer and was trying to sue for half her wealth, I said tell him good luck with that she said he has bank statements with her name on the and her net worth I said and what is your net worth right now. She looked in her purse and said about a dollar twenty five, I said ok let them look you are broke and he is the one that did it to you, the house is mine your cars are mine, your insurance coverage is mine so what does he get she laughed and said just what he came to me with, I said no he got a little of your pussy she said yea about 4 inches worth and we cracked up. I called my Dad’s lawyer and told him the problem I was having he said by end of Day Master Glenn I said thank you, I turned to her and said ready for some fun? She said like last night yes please, I said not quite but close, I sent Mom and her down to get Kim.

When they returned I told them strip her and put her on the paddle bench. They got her naked and strapped down and I pulled out a long leather paddle and cracked it on the bench, she jumped and screamed. I told Bridget blind fold, she blind folded her then I said we are going to find some truths here today Kimberly, if that is your real name. she said please master, and I cracked her ass on the right, oh nice welt. she was crying, and I pulled back and crack on the left, she was crying but that is all, I said nothing to say, she said you are going to beat me ether way, I said you do not know me well enough to make that determination, and only one person here is. I said so you can talk and tell me your story, or I can paddle you raw, so what will it be, she said please Master I will talk, I said ok but if I feel you start to twist the truth your ass is mine and you will not get a second chance.

She said I am sorry Master I said stop right there I did not collar you so you are not my slave. She said but you marked me, I said so did Greg, she said no Master his was just paint and washed right off, he has no real claim to me. My master passed away and I was a sponsored slave and Greg found out. He went to the club master’s and asked if he could sponsor me till I found a new master. So, they told me I am his until I am claimed by a true Master, and I accept him and make the commitment. I said ok that is why Greg let you be paraded around the Club as being Mine he has no true claim. Interesting and you are ok with wearing my brand she said I would be yours in a heartbeat if you would have me. I said ok time for so real fun where are you from she said up in palm beach I said do you have the club masters number.

She said yes Master I do. I said ok let me call them and you sit right here, I asked her, do you know where the slave contracts are, she said yes master in his home safe, I asked do you know the combination to it she said yes master he is a clown, it’s under his desk blotter. I said throw some close on let’s go to the house, I asked does he have a home security system she said it’s being installed this afternoon. I said yep he’s in for a rude awakening. She was true to her word and I found all the contracts that had not been registered as I thought then I found some more little Tidd bits and some kiddy porn I said oh yea we got his ass now.

I logged into his computer no pass word yep dipshit. I loaded all the kiddy porn on to his computer then found a burner phone and dumped a bunch on it, then I took all the CDs and locked them in his desk drawer and said grab all your shit you want, and we are out of here. I took her to the house and called the other club masters and told them what had happened to Kimberly and that I was willing to accept her as my slave and that I already have her daughter as a slave. Then I asked if they would register all my contracts because I don’t think this dick did that ether. He is trying to work and manipulate all of us they said we will meet you at the club and take care of all the details, I said ok girls let’s move all our things to the house and secure them then we will head to palm beach and finish this.

When we got to the club I call the FBI and said a guy from my job was showing kiddie porn to everyone saying he has lots of the stuff and even has some kids to whore out if they are interested. I said I have kids and think this shit is sick then told them where he worked and his name, then said he has some kind of quick delete program if he gets busted. They said thank you for all your help. Then I sent all the pictures I up loaded to the shit phone then started to send them to him one after another for ten minutes he will not be using that phone for a while with all the pictures trying to load, then I pulled the battery and tossed the phone in the canal.

We Met the Club Masters and they pulled up my information and it showed Mom, Sherry and Bridget but that’s all I said I had a feeling that ass was playing us so I gave them all the contracts and they put them through, then asked Kim if she was sure I was the Master she wanted, so she showed them her Tattoo and said I was really hoping this would all work out so now I have Mom, Sherry, Bridget, Kim, Tabitha, Cally, Petrica and Brenda. The Masters of the Club gave me a member ship to their Club for keeping them out of all the BS down south and handed me a new Club key. I thanked them then said we need to get home I think the shit is going to hit the fan soon.

When we got home Marks Mom called me and thanked me for taking Sherry out of her hair, I said no problem, then asked if she is ok or if she needed anything. She said I do need a hand when you have some time to drop by, I asked when you would like me there, she said tomorrow afternoon would be fine if I could. I said see you then. Mom asked who was that Master I said Marks Mom you know the lady at the end of the street, Mom said really, not her to, I said what are you talking about, she said oh nothing, I said not getting off that easy, now come on, Mom said when her husband was alive he was one of the founding members of the Club, and she was very popular. I said no shit well I never, oh I am going to have fun with this information. Mom said son she is just and old lady, I said sweet old lady Mom.

The next afternoon I went to Marks and helped his Mom pull shit out of the attic and put some other shit back she found what she was looking for and I kept watching her, she laid the thing on the table and turned and looked at me and said you have been watching me all afternoon what are you looking for? I said do you really want to know she said yes damn it what is it I said ok you may not like what I have found. She said ok shit head what are you up to I said you asked for it, she said yes, I did let me have it. I turned to her smiled the said in an authoritive voice. Assume the position, and she dropped, hand over top of her legs, then she started to quiver, then shake and started to say oh my god not again, then looked at me and asked Master may I cum, I said yes you may, and she fell to the floor convulsing and drooling. When she finally settled down she said Master how did you know.

I said Mom spilled the beans, she said what? I said Mom asked who I was talking to yesterday so I told her you, so Mom mumbled oh not another one, so I pried it out of her what she was talking about. She said that your husband was one of the founding members at the club and you was quiet the little flower then and worked your way around, she said Dad even had a go with you and you had him cry mommy. She cracked up and said oh my god I remember that, it was long ago, but oh so much fun, I said so little slut, do you feel better now you knocked the dust off of it. She said Master you have no idea, she said I am or was a command slut I could come on command and loved the attention I got from it but that was so long ago. She asked do they still have the big chair above the master’s VIP table, I said yes why? she said I was going to give that to Mark but he has no desire to be part of that life style. It breaks my heart, but he must want it. I said its funny I was thrown into it this past week and went from the kid down the block to now having 9 slaves. She said what, no way, I said you know what I am going to bring you home with me and you will see. She said this should be fun lets go Master, show me what you got. I said be care full what you ask for slut, you know what happened last time.

When I pulled into the drive way I blew the horn, and marks Mom said what did you do that for I said each slave has an assigned duty and they could be out back but have to meet me or get punished for it. She said oh I miss that, I would make a mess, just before Marks Dad would come home just to get my ass warmed up. I said really you are a bad girl, you better behave in my home or I will warm that ass of yours she laughed then said promises promises, I said watch it you and we went to the door and I said you ready to eat or work, then she said as if, I opened the door and four girls on each side said welcome home master all in perfect position. I said well Slut what do you have to say now, she lowers her head and said sorry Master that is some fine-looking women you have there, I was wrong and will take my punishment as you see fit.

I looked to Mom and shook my head and she ran to the kitchen and brought out a strait back chair and set it in the middle of the room and I sat down in it and said strip, she dropped her close to the floor and she had a banging body for an old gal, I said I can’t keep calling you Marks Mom. what is your name slut, she looked down and said Shelly, Master, I said you will count and thank me but you are not to cum until I give you permission understood, she said yes Master, I pulled back and stopped and side In a whisper you are not my slave and you don’t have to do this.

She look at me with fire in her eyes and said don’t stop now you pussy! all my slave sucked in their breaths thinking I was going to kill this poor little thing, but all I did was laugh at her then crack, 1 thank you master may I have another, crack 2 crack 3 crack ten she was slowing down with a little less fire but was starting to squirm around by fifteen she was ready to hit the floor by twenty she looked at me and said please Master I cracked her again and she gowned I said cum for me now and she made a puddle on the floor, and passed out. When she came too I had her in a warm bath with bath salts to ease her soreness, she said Thank you Master it has been too long, and I never thought to feel that alive again, you gave me the greatest gift ever, I said not yet I was just warming you up unless your quitting on me, she said not a chance Master, I said you soak for a while and Mom brought her a glass of wine, she said now this is the shit here I tell ya and we laughed.

I have one problem to deal with, then I will rock your world, ok! she said can we get something to eat first I said the girls said in ten minutes dinner will be ready, She said sweet, then I had Sherry come in and sit with her, she said Sherry how do you like your new life? Sherry said I love it and Master is the best ever, she said I feel bad about Mark though Shelly said don’t sweat it he was looking for a way to break up with you. She said really that is a relief, I told Sherry it is time for the little one to make her decision. Shelly said what’s that about. Sherry said my little sister has to become master’s slave or go stay with my Dad, I guess, but he wants nothing to do with us. Shelly said that sucks, but Master is right a house like this has to be whole, one thing can cause all kinds of problems for everyone else. She said I know I was turning your house upside down. Shelly said you just didn’t know your place but now how do you feel, Sherry said that I am at peace with myself for the first time ever. Shelly said great isn’t it. Sherry said oh yes.

They joined us in the main room and I called everyone there. I put little one in the front of me and said ok I need to have your decision now please. She said Sir I have talked to every girl here and I have looked at my options and I would very much like to live here with you and become your willing Slave, I make this choice of my own free will, and feel it is in my best interest to willingly submit to you, I looked at her and said that was very well thought out and well said, but you must know this is a life time commitment, there is no take backs or do overs here once you put this collar on you belong to me Body and soul, this is absolute.

And only I can let you out of a contract like this. In doing this you have no more free will to do what you want and your only purpose, is my pleasure do you understand all of this if you do not ask now, she looked at me then started to whisper I said no secrets aloud please, she blushed and said can I wear under wear to school, I laughed and said yes outside the house you are a lady inside it is another matter. She said then I understand sir and I am willing to be your slave for life and will follow your commands without hesitation, I said then I accept you as my slave, what is your name any way? I am Kimba, Master, Bridget handed me a little pink collar with stones all around it and I put it on Kimba and she turned and showed everyone her collar, I said Kimba go get dressed you get your Tattoo today no one will ever mess with you, then Shelly kneeled in front of me and handed me her collar.

I said Shelly you do not have to do this, she looked into my eyes and said Master it has been so long and I have missed the commands, today when you put me in position I was happier then I have been in a long time, I said hum what do you think Mark will think, Shelly looked at me and said I don’t give a flying Fuck what he thinks he ran away from Sherry and dumped her on me and she found her way so piss on him he can find his own, I would like to be yours if you will have me, I said Shelly it will be my pleasure to be your Master and put her collar on, I said ok, get dressed and we are off. Bridget, I need you to come along as well, she said yes Master.

I took the two girls to the shop and when we walk in the big burly guy runs to Shelly and said, Mistress Shelly how have you been, what brings you here to my shop, she looked at him and said little Bruce how have you been I have not seen you in forever. He said I have been good but why are you here you never liked tattoos before, she said my Master is marking me today, he said were is he I would like to meet such a man that can tame you, she turned to me and said this is Master Glenn, and he is my Master now, he said you are the little shit that tried to talk to my slave, when I told you to take off, Shelly stepped up to him and said Burse you forget your place, and this is my Master. so, you will respect him or else, Bruce said I am sorry Master Glenn I had no idea, I said did you punish your slave for talking to me he said yes, I did but I had no idea. I turned to Shelly and said, Now slave, she went to the wall and grabbed a riding crop from it and moved Bruce over the tattoo chair pulled down his pants and beat his ass raw, he had welts everywhere, I said shelly enough, she handed me the crop and said yes My Master.

I said where is your slave Bruce I need to get some work done he said she is in the back and yelled Kelli up front. Kelli came flying up front then stopped in her tracks. And yelled you! I got my ass beat off of me because I talked to you, I told her I was sorry that there was a communication issue, but we got it sorted out didn’t we Bruce, he said sorry Kelli I had no idea who this was, she looked to Bruce and said why are you over the chair like that? He said because my Mistress put me here and I have not been released yet, Kelli said your Mistress, what the fuck. He said it’s a long story. I looked at Bruce and said Kelli will be doing all my work for me is that clear Bruce, he said yes master very clear, shelly said put yourself back together Bruce, and clean up this mess, he said yes Mistress right away.

When we got in the back I said do you remember my Tattoo I designed? Kelli said yes Master I have it scanned in my computer data base, I said I need all of these girls done, she said I can’t do kids it’s against the law, I said Bridget is her Mother and will sign for her she said ok Master, then she did Kimba first, then Bridget and finally Shelly. When she was done she asked Shelly what’s the deal with Bruce and you.

She told her when she was younger she was a head mistress at the club and Bruce was one of her play things. she stopped going to the club after her husband died she had no one that could command her and take control until Master took me by the hair and showed me my place, Kelli said Bruce can be fun but he is not a take charge kind of guy, Shelly said Submit to my master, let him Mark you and you will be protected but you can still play with Bruce, I said I don’t share my slaves so to speak but if you wish to work out a plan I will work with you, she said I have a collar to wear but I have not been marked as owned and Bruce lets me go with who I like, I said I have an idea. We will mark you as my property you get registered to me as open slave meaning you are free to look around, but free to refuse as well if you just want to hang out you were a tail if you want to play you don’t, but condoms are a must. I will not be giving my girls any unwelcome surprises.

Kelli said well can you do Tattoos, I said not unless you want it to look like Kimba did it. Kimba said hey I can trace good, Kelli looked to Shelly and said if you will. Shelly yelled Bruce in the back now.

Bruce said yes Mistress. Shelly said you will tattoo Kelli with Master Glenn’s brand, he said what, she is mine, Shelly said really, again, get the crop, He said Mistress right away. She said it better be your best work or else. He said it will be I promise. Bruce did great work Kelli got up and said not bad Brucy not bad. I told Kelli the collar stays on, if you get a new one bring it to me and I will put it on you, She said yes Master.

I asked Shelly can Kimba go to the club, she said they frown upon it but it is not against the rules why? I said I want to shake some people up and get Betty to Parade all of my slaves around the stage before she brings them to me, Shelly laughed and said you are going to take them by force then I said yes, and I am going to bring the Master from Palm Beach as my guests, to really shake them up. Shelly said Master I have one even Better for you, I said what’s that Shelly? She pulled her neckless off and showed it to me it looked like a key. I said what is this she said it is the key to my locker at the club, I said ok what’s special about that. She said in my locker is my husband’s Master key and you can take over the head seat at the club and run it if you like, I said that would give me the power to get rid of the corruption in the club then. Shelly said yes, no problem.

Then Shelly said Master I have more information for you. I asked what’s that Shelly she said I have every person’s record from the club that has ever walked through the doors and their complete portfolio. I said that could do some real damage control there. Shelly said her husband was a Master Mason as well and has tons of records that could do a lot in the right hands, I said take it easy Shelly we just want to have some fun not destroy the place, she said now that I am yours all that I have belongs to you Master, and I think you are the right Man for the job.

I said thank you Shelly you have made today a lot more interesting. let’s go home and have a little new slave time. Shelly said with me? yep with you. When we got home, dinner was ready so we eight something then I went up for a shower and Shelly joined me. When we got out I took her over to the bed and laid her down and started kissing her from her head to her little toes then back up and when I got to heaven’s gate I licked the doorbell several times I seen her legs drawing up and her toes were curled up like little fists and she started to make a humming noise and it was getting louder, then I grabbed her clit, and bit it then flicked it with my tongue over and over and she exploded. grabbed me by the hair, saying no more please Master, it’s been too long no more, yea I listened to her. Not I buried my face in her and went Hog Wild licking and sucking top to bottom then I lifted her legs up and there was the cutest little star fish you ever seen, I stabbed it with my tong again and again and she soaked me with squirt, what a flood, she was trembling from the intensity of this orgasm, she had little trimers afterwards.

I climbed up her and got to her head and asked are you all right she said I am way past that, I said good now for the main event, she said, there’s more, oh shit. I need a drink of water, I think you sucked me dry. I got up and got us both a drink then started kissing her and hugging her and I got into position and slowly moved in, the head popped in, I stopped and looked to her. she was smiling so I asked, is it like riding a bike. she said more like riding a tree. holy shit you are big, I said that’s just the head, she looked down and said there’s more oh my god, I should have kept my mouth shut.

I said yep, then I started to move short strokes and a little more each stroke then at six inches. I hit the bottom. I said damn you are like a little girl, she said, it’s been seven years since I had any action. That’s about to change, then a started to long stroke her pushing a little more each stroke, I was giving her cervix a hard way to go, it was losing ground fast, then I popped in, and she went wild, saying oh fuck, oh fuck, where do you keep coming from? that has to be it I said nope, got some more for you. You can’t get up till you are fucked out. All the way out she said oh god, and I said here comes some more, then bottomed out in her, but not quite all the way in, I said damn I run out of pussy, she said please tell me you have no more dick I am full to the rafters, I said well we need a little chimney and bumped my pelvis to her she said oh shit! That’s a long mother fucker, I said, now time to show you all my tricks and then started long dicking her.

It was eleven in and ten out for a half hour before it started to come on me, I really let her have it, another ten strokes and bam I bottomed out and filled her up. When she felt me letting go she let go as well, I looked at her and said I didn’t say you could cum, suck that shit back up. she just started laughing and getting louder then she popped her nut and wailed and came again like a freight train. She was convulsing on me and grabbing the sheets in her fists, pulling and tugging then she went limp saying I can’t I can’t then she screamed and came again. She was grunting over and over till all she had left was little jumps and twitches, I laid there watching her, while she went all out then she just started to snore, I cracked up this seasoned slave was wiped out, this was great, I got up and got a warm wash cloth and cleaned her up then cuddled up and went to sleep with her.

The next morning I woke up and to my surprise Shelly was still sleeping soundly with a biggest shit eating grin you ever did see, I got up took a shower and went down to breakfast, Mom Bridget and I were sitting drinking coffee, Shelly wobbled in I all most spit coffee across the room, when she said holy shit, I feel like someone hit me in the ass with a baseball bat, Mom said close, and me and Bridget lost it. Shelly said if I had to work today it would never happen, they would be FUCKED too! I asked was it all you thought it would be? Shelly said fuck you needle dick, you tried to fuck me in too. I haven’t been this soar since high school prom.

I said good deal, as long as you are happy, she said happy, it will take a week to get the feeling back. I looked at her and said another satisfied customer, go team. Shelly said oh you are just full of yourself this morning, and you were full of me last night, we all lost it then.

I said I have an idea I would like to try, Shelly asked what is it Master? I said Kimba to wear a jeany or Harim girl outfit to the Club when we go, she is too young to be sexually played with, but the outfit would be teasing enough to see how beautiful her little body is, and she will need a tail. To show no touching. Shelly said very good idea, but there will be bitching about slaves in close, I said I am hoping for it, that is when I will claim the chair and Position in the club, I think the shit will hit the fan. Shelly said that would be the perfect time to let my self be known then as well, they think I am Dead just like my husband, but the head master’s will shit when I say I have given you my Legacy place and seat in the club, and I am your slave as well. She said it will be on, Big time, that seat commands respect from the whole club.

I asked Shelly, do you know Betty at the club? She said no master why do you ask? I said she is a sponsored server girl their and she is mine when I go to the club, I said I would like to make her more permanent, as well as give her some security in the club, if I mark her but don’t collar her, she could still work there if that is what she likes, or I could collar her and command her to serve in the club. What do you think? Shelly said she has to be Naked any way why not ask her what she would like to do? I asked do you have any contacts in the club to get her number, so we could meet with her?

Shelly said we have to go through the Sponsoring Master, but maybe give me a minute. She left to make a call and came back and said she will be here in ten minutes Master. I said how did that happen, she said I remembered we use to have a sponsored slave register on line for all the free slaves to be looked over by potential Masters, well it is still up and running and there was only one Betty on it so I called her number, told her who I am and why I was calling she said she would love to talk to you, so she is on her way.

A few minutes later the doorbell went off, so as her new duty, Kimba answered it and led Betty into the kitchen where we were still drinking coffee. I said good morning Betty, how are you this morning? She said nervous Master, I said for what, you are welcome here. I would like to ask you some questions, do you mind? She said no Master not at all. Do you like working at the club? she said it has its good days and bad, but I like it. I then asked would you like to be more permanent? She said what do you mean? I am able to offer you a permanent place there at the club as my server or there is a second option that if you like we can make it a little better.

She said I love working for you Master you are the only one that shows me any respect other than my sponsor. You are fun, and I get to be left alone when you are there, some of the masters are mean to me, but most are all right. I said the two options are, I will mark you as mine and you will serve me only when I am there, or you become one of my slaves and I collar you and command you be my server only. She looked around the room, we had gotten every one’s attention by now and she said Master you have a lot of slaves already, why would you even look at me?

I said Betty from day one you were friendly and respectful to me, you took great pride in showing off my beautiful girls, you were all ways ready to serve me with just a look and you never took your eyes off of me even when talking to someone else in case I needed something, She said you seen me? I said I watch the little things all most nothing slips by me. She looked into my eyes and said it would be my greatest pleasure to serve you, as one of your humble slave’s master, I will commit to you of my own free will to serve you for life Master, I looked at her and said you don’t happen to have your collar, do you? She reached into her purse and pulled out a beautiful little platinum collar and handed to me. Betty strip now, she dropped her close to the floor in a discarded pile, I said assume the position. She dropped in front of me, are you sure this is life time here, she had tears in her eyes and said please Master I would be very proud to be your slave. Betty, I accept you into my Family and slaves and clicked the collar around her neck and kissed her.

I said no under close from now on, and you will wear a tail all the time from now on, she looked up and said that means no one can touch me without your permission I said yes it does, are you good with that? She said very good with it Master, I only want to be yours, and only yours. I said dun, then that is how it is from now on little cutie. I asked is there anything you have to do this morning she said whatever you want me to master, I said first I get you marked, then we go thank your sponsor and get your things. She said as you wish, My Master. I said I like hearing you say that. Let’s get moving.

We were the first ones to arrive at the Tattoo shop, so we had coffee across the street. I see Bruce walking to the shop and right next to him was Kelli, as they opened the door two more big guys ran up and pushed them inside. I told Betty, call the police now, she was already dialing, and I ran across the street and busted into the shop, one of the guys had a knife to Bruce’s throat and said we are closed right now. I said that is funny, I own this shop and I think it’s open. I put him into the wall, then turned to the other guy and said you need to take your hands off of my slave or they will body bag you out of here. He said I will kill the bitch first, I looked at him in the eyes and said assume the position and Kelli just dropped, I round housed that ass in the jaw. He fell like a brick and I went to Kelli to check on her and she was fine then we went to Bruce and found he had a broken leg, from the dick with the knife.

I walked over to the guy still unconscious and kicked him in the balls as hard as I could, then told Bruce he will sing soprano for a while. Then Kelli and I picked up Bruce and sat him in a chair just as the cops came rushing in. they yelled freeze. Put your hands up.

Kelli and I did as they asked then I had seen one of them before, I could not recall his name but he remembered me and said put your hands down, then looked to the guys on the floor and said more of your handy work I assume, I laughed and said I was having coffee across the street and seen Kelli and Bruce get jumped and came to help, to find ass hole number one with a knife to Bruce’s neck, Bruce lifted his head and you could see blood running down his neck, then asshole number two was going to rape Kelli, while they made Bruce watch, I said that was not going to happen if I can help it.

He looked up to me and said and witch one will be having the goofy kids? Kelli and I pointed to the ass balled up on the floor. I said he broke Bruce’s leg, so he could not fight for Kelli then held him at knife point, so he paid the ultimate price. I said now I remember Mr. Riggers, right? He said yep that’s me and Master Glenn as I remember, and Kelli pointed to her collar bone. He said damn you get around, don’t you? I said I am everywhere. They took one to the hospital and the other to jail and Bruce went with them. I said I will come pick him up when he is ready. They left, and I had Betty come to the shop and told Kelli what I needed, she did it quick then said Master you know Betty has beautiful nipples, I have seen them before at the club, she would look great with them pierce, I looked to Betty and said what do you think? She said I always liked how they looked but was chicken to do it. I said let’s see what you think would work Kelli.

She went to the case in front of the store and came back with a pair of rings that matched Betty’s collar, they looked great, but Betty was afraid, so I took her hand and said you will be fine if you like them. She said I do Master, will you stay with me? They could not drag me from you right now Betty, you need me so here I am. I told Kelli they are perfect, she then played with Betty’s nipple to make it hard then put disinfectant on it then laid the ring over the nipple and pushed the needle through. Betty just groaned but sat still while Kelli put the stud through, then she did the same to the other side and Betty looked great. Stand up Betty and look in the mirror. She said oh my, they are awesome, then she said too bad I can’t go without my top on to show them off, I said when we get in the car you can take your top off and ride around top less with me, she said thank you Master I love them. I said me too.

I looked at Kelli and said do you have any one to stay here with you to day? She said No Master I don’t. Ok, lock up and come with us, you are not staying here alone we will find you some help. Even if I pull in sponsored Slaves, You know what we can kill two birds with one stone. Kelli said what do you mean Master? I said I have enough room to sponsor a couple of slaves, and to keep them busy in the day time they can work here with you. Then night time at the club, plus you would get better known and I have all my work done here, we will have You so busy you won’t have time to breathe.

She said that sounds great Master, I told her I need you with me on Saturday evening in my slave line up.

Betty here is my Club server and she will be leading all my slaves on parade at the club, I have a very special event planned that I will need all hands-on deck. She said sure master any time you need me I am there. Good now do both of you have tails? Kelli said like animal tails. Yes, they both said no so we made a turn to the sex shop in town. When we got there, they had a few people inside shopping around, so we went over to the Butt plug and tail cabinet and I told them to find something they liked, Kelli and Betty where busy talking tail, lol I had to through that in there. And I see a guy roaming around In an old over coat he looked like he was up to something, I went back over to the girls and said there is a problem girls, Kelli go to the register and let the young girl know then back over here if she has no help shake your head no then walk back, I said Betty you know what to do if things go south she said Yes Master. I got behind but out of sight of the guy and looked to see if anyone else was with him, he kept looking at this dirty little girl by the door, so I let Kelli know and her and Betty went behind her like I was with the guy. He kept walking back and forth looking all around then when to two girls at the register where busy with customers he went for the little one that was opening the drawer,

he pulled out a gun and pointed at her, I grabbed him then took his gun away and Kelli and Betty had the little girl on the floor sitting on her, the guy pulled a knife and said I will fuck you up, I punched him right in the sternum and he dropped down holding his chest and gasping for air, I asked the girls for hand cuffs and they gave me a set, then I got another set and cuffed his legs to his hands basically Hog tied him with cuffs. I asked the girls if they called the police? Betty said, on the way Master, the girls behind the register looked and me and said Master, I just shook my head yes, she picked up the phone and called someone. I checked to make sure all the other customers and the girls behind the register were ok, and told the girls to bring me the little girl.

When she came up to me she was shaking like a leaf, I said calm down and tell me your name, she looked down and said I am little bit, I said not you street name your real name, she shook her head no, I said why , Everyone always laughs at her because her step dad named her a child’s Name, Tell me now, in a stronger voice she looked down and said Thumbelina, That is your legal name she said yes sir. I could see how that would be tough growing up with, she said yes Sir very. I asked how old you are Thumbelina, she said twenty-two. Really, I thought you were maybe ten or eleven tops.

She said no sir I am just tiny for my age, I asked how you got involved with this guy she said he would give me some food if I helped him, all I had to do is watch the door for him and look for cops. I said well Thumbelina today is your lucky day, she said how so. I told her first you are not going to jail, second you are coming home with me as my slave, she said I ain’t no slave. I said then you will go to jail for attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, and that is a felony charge with a minimum of six-year prison time. It is your choice, take my offer and become a servitude Slave or jail.

Think about it, about that time a big guy walked in and up to the girls behind the counter and said are you all right, both said yes Master, I looked to the girls and ding I got her reaction now. He turned to me and shook my hand and said thank you for saving my girls and my store and keeping my customers safe. I said it was my pleasure Sir. He said I am Master Robert and these are my girls Catlin and Tena. I said nice to meet you all, I am Master Glenn, and these are my Girls Betty and Kelli and I am working on this one Named Thumbelina.

He said working on, I said she was sucked in to this little soiree for an offer of food, so I gave her a choice of Jail with a minimum of 6 years, or a Servitude Slave, he said I would have beaten her ass then jail no problem. I said there Is a lot more to the problem than meets the eyes. We could hear the cop’s coming, so I looked to Thumbelina and said what will it be little one, you are out of time. She said I will go with you Sir I said good choice then told Betty to get her out of sight.

When the police came in, there he was again, officer Riggers. He said you trying to put me out of business, I said no sir just helping out when I can. I uncuffed the guy and they took their report and hauled the guy off. Robert asked why you were here tonight Master Glenn, I said I need two tail plugs for my girls we have a big coming out, this Saturday and in our club the tail means no touching without permission, he said we have the same rules for ours, then said did you find anything, I looked to the girls and said well?

Betty said you need to ok it first Master, I said ok show me. We walked over to the wall and Betty pointed to a white big fluffy twin tail plug, I said that’s some tail are you sure you will be wearing it a lot, she said yes Master look it even have shiny silver streaks running through it, Robert said that thing has been in there over two Years, no one likes that thing, he said it is yours, I looked to Kelli and she pointed to a fat purple one that was long. Then I grabbed a small pink one then a small yellow one.

I said Master Robert I need a collar for this servitude Slave, he took me over to the counter and pulled out his under counter stock. I seen what I wanted when he sat it down, a thin yellow one with three D rings on it. I said this should be all, how much do we owe you? he said take it you saved me big time tonight. I said no Sir I need to pay for this it’s a matter of principle. He said all right Master, the big white tail is on the house, I was going to toss it any way, he said I feel better if it goes to good cause. Betty said thank you Master, I will wear it with pride.

I invited master Robert and his girls to the party Saturday night. he said they will be there to support me he has other people to run the shop. I said I will be looking forward to seeing you all. When we got home I said Mom I need you, she came running and said yes Master what is it. I pointed to Thumbelina and said this is a new servitude Slave, I saved her from jail and now she is in servitude to me. Mom said what happened to her? Street life, can you take her and scrub the crud off her? I want her hair in pigtails with yellow bows and I want her pink and hairless from the neck down. Mom said this could be a while. i said when she is finished feed her she is starving, Kelli said I will give you a hand Mom and Betty said I will get her something to eat, and Mom, An enema as well, she said Yes Master.

When they were done, Mom brought her to me. I said you are a beautiful little thing, I think I made a good decision in saving you from jail. She said Sir this is humiliating, I said and gang Rape in jail is preferable, she said no Sir, I said from now on you will dress like a little girl unless I say different, you have no opinion or feelings towards anything, but my pleasure, am I clear to you, she said yes sir. Go find Betty in the kitchen and get something to eat. take your time, no one will take it from you, but eat slow you have to get use to eating on a regular basis again, but don’t worry we like to eat around here. You will get all you want, she said yes Sir and thank you Sir.

Mom came to me and said do you know how old she is? I said yes why? Mom said she told her she is twenty-two I said yes that is what she told me. Mom said someone has hurt that girl very bad, I said she was living on the streets what do you expect, Mom said she ran to the streets to get free from her torcher. I said well that shit is behind her, Mom said she may have bad dreams for a while and you holding her, could help heal her. I said I will keep an eye on her.

When she was done eating, her and Betty came out to find me, I told Betty to go find Kelli and Kimba and bring them hear, she was back in a few minutes and said here they are Master. I said bring me all the stuff we picked up today. Betty handed me the bag and I took her hand and laid her across my lap and lube her up then popped in her tail, she got up and said I like it, all the other girls said its awesome, I got Kelli next and popped hers in, she jumped up and danced around saying so cool thank you Master, I pulled Thumbelina to me and said kneel she went down and I said you are being put into a life of Servitude because of your actions. you do not get to choose to or like it but you will serve me until I release you do you understand?

She said yes Master I do, I clicked her collar on and said this does not come off without my permission ever, I then pulled her onto my lap and inserted her tail. She stood up and was beautiful pig tails with yellow ribbons her new yellow collar and her fluffy yellow tail, she went to the mirror and turned around a couple of time then came back to me and said Master I really like it, thank you for saving me and caring for me, I told her you are welcome. Then I picked up Kimba and laid her on my lap and told her, if you have your collar on, This tail will be in are we clear? She said yes Master, I said relax and this will not hurt at all. She tightened up then relaxed and pop, it went right in. she got up smiled and said this is cool master and like you said it didn’t hurt at all.

We just cleaned up and put ever thing away when Bruce called from the hospital saying he was ready for pickup. I left with Kelli and Thumbelina to pick up Bruce, we helped him into the car and took him to their shop. Bruce said he left the bank on the floor and if someone broke in they would be finished. I said I have a few ideas on that, I told Kelli while we are here, mark Thumbelina she said yes Master. When we got that finished I said let’s run by Roberts and show off Thumbelina. She said please master, I said you are beautiful and I will say were and what you do, she said yes master. When we got there, I could see Robert on the floor and the girls behind the register,

I walked in and said anybody home? Robert came up to me and was smiling then looked to the girls and Bruce bringing up the rear, He said the purple tail is awesome, but who is this one, she said I am Thumbelina, Master, he said no shit. I didn’t see that coming, you are beautiful, she thanked him then he looked to Bruce and said what happened here, I said before we came to your rescue I helped stop an attack on their shop, they run a Tattoo shop up town, two guys tried to kill Bruce and one of them was ready to Rape Kelli, I put both in the hospital and one talks like Mickey Mouse. I just dropped by to show you how Thumbelina cleaned up, he said she is amazing.

We left the shop and went home, now with everyone ready for the big show, we have visitors coming in and all of our information ready for the nay Sayers this will be epic. I got with Shelly to see if there was anything else to look out for. She said I think you have everything covered. I asked her what kind of info did your husband hold over the club? She said he was the official record keeper of the club and I have a ledger from opening day and every one of the members and visitors, plus any and all slaves that came and went and who their owners are. And we have the sponsored slaves, and who sponsored them, all the party’s held with who put them on and who attended.

I said we need a computer person that can build a data base for us and we can put yours and my Dad’s info together, it would bring us up to date to dad’s findings that everyone is so nervous about. She looked at me and said Master I have some news that you may be happy with. I said and what’s that love. Shelly said well my husband started a Data storage firm years ago and most of this info is already in a secured server system that is standalone data base, he had it setup that only him and I can log into, plus one of his slaves, is the only one that can put anything into the base, I said well how do we get into it and can we get this slave to help, she said this is the part you may not like.

I said well that sounds ominous what’s the catch. Shelly said that she serves my husband as well as me, like Bruce I am her Mistress and can command her to help but if you want her complete loyalty, you will have to dominate her Completely. you will have to shame and humiliate her into submission, but once you break her she will be totally loyal to you and only you, but this means another Slave in your growing harem. Shelly said she is very strong willed, but she has a weak spot, and I asked what is it. her Baby sister, she is a slut for her and the Baby Sister can control her.

I asked is she one of your slaves as well, Shelly said my husband’s only, but she is mine because I get everything my husband had when he passed away, being I am a switch I can retain all he had, but I turn all that over when I submit to you, so she is already yours, but you have not claimed her. I said well it looks like we have some work to do I the next four days. First call baby sister get her here now, Shelly said yes Master. She went to my office and made the call and said she will be here in two hours. Did she give you any problem, Shelly said it was a tense call, but she followed the rules, you will need to take control of her when the door opens, I said explain.

Shelly said by her nature the girl is lesbian and only one cock has ever been in her to date. I said ok what else, you will have to get rough with her to make her submit, she will if you don’t break, But she is a total bitch and will call you all kinds of degrading things. I said will she do this willingly if I break her and get her to Submit, Shelly said yes Master, but she will not help with her sister you will have to humiliate her in front of a group of people, she is a dominatrix bitch and sees men as dirt, so you will have to earn her, I said ok palm beach it is.

I called the Masters in palm beach and told them I needed some help claiming a deceased master’s Slave, that I inherited by enslaving his wife. They said is she with you now I said yes right here listening, they said let us talk to her a moment alone to confirm your accounts and we will talk to you with our answer when we finish, I said no problem. I told her answer their questions truthfully, she said yes Master and I left the room. Mom made me some lunch and I kept listening for Shelly to call me but nothing, then almost an hour later Shelly said Master they need you, I got back on the Phone and said yes this Is Glenn, they said holy shit you think the event you have planned at your club is something it will be nothing, they said do you realize who you have as a slave I said yea the head club book keeper and founder of the club and she was the head Mistress of the club, I said I grew up down the street from them and knew all three kids, She said Master the girls were not my kids but the two girls we are going for, I laughed and said you mean Shelly and Becky are the same girls Shelly said yes Master, I said ok I just got a good idea, about Becky I got her Ass.

The master’s said this will be like holding an MMA event at their club, they would love to see this Bitch put in her place, I said she will be naked at my feet when I am done. Both Sisters will, they were asses to me as a kid so now it’s time for my pound of flesh, The Master on the phone said this sounds good, I said you have no Idea and neither do they. I will have Shelly there tomorrow, both of them, I will let her have the upper hand for a while then I will pounce on her and not let up until she is sucking my Cock, the Master said damn, no time or this would make a good pay for view, I laughed and said yea I would love to have it on video, the guy said now, That we can do. I told them thank you guys we will see you tomorrow.

I had Shelly call Shelly and make her show up to the other club for some play. She went on the attack right away. I had Shelly hold her own to keep Shelly interested. I told Shelly what I wanted her to do, we have a good plan of attack and will have one sister in the bag and then I will run the other one into the dirt and fuck her hard in front of the entire club this will bring her to me and put Shelly in her place right in front of her sister, I will have both of them begging to be mine.

We showed up to the club and waited in the wings for Shelly to show up, she came in in full dominatrix, mode leather head to toe, spike stiletto boots and all.

It was all I could do not too laugh but held myself in control. She walked up to Shelly and grabbed her by the hair and kisses her like she owned her. She said get ready Slut and she went to sit down and got a drink, I went to my spot and got a drink myself and kept looking at Shelly she looked at me then away, but I just watched her, she was high on lust and Shelly was led to my table and she sat in position on the floor at my feet with her tail in. Shelly lost her shit and walked up to me and said What the fuck is this, I said excuse me mis I am watching the show, she yelled fuck the show what are you doing with my slut, I said first of all She is my slave and not yours, so your claim is shit, please move.

She had fire in her eyes and was ready to fight, she pulled a crop out of her boot and hit Shelly and said come Slut. Shelly did not move, she hit her again and said move slut, Shelly held her position, I got up then called the security over. I said this Mistress has assaulted my Slave and I want retribution Now. They grabbed her, and she went to fighting them, so the head Master came out, and asked what’s going on, they told him, and he looked to Shelly and said you know the rules, will you submit, she said to that little pecker wood? he don’t have what it takes, the head master called me over and Asked what do you want to do Master?

I said she will blow me here in front of everyone or get her ass beat her choice. She said beat my ass pussy, you don’t have anything I haven’t eaten alive already. I looked at her and said ok strip slut she said you want it off try and take it off, i popped her right in the sternum and she went down. I said you fight me slut and I will fuck you Raw, right here in front of everyone she laughed, then said not going to happen. I grabbed her collar pressure point and she folded I said strip now slut or I will paralyze your ass and beat it then fuck it and you will follow me home and be my new pet Dog bitch. She said there are not enough people in this place to get that done, I don’t need any body you will do it of your own free Will and thank me for it. She said many have tried and only one got to the prize stud.

Did everyone here this slut’s claim, there was cheers all around us, I said ok slut strip now this is your last chance before I take what will be mine from now on, she said fuck you. I said Shelly come. Shelly walked over to me, I said Shelly do you know this slut, Shelly said yes Master, I said I am going to beat her ass black and blue then I am going to fuck it, do you see that happening?

Shelly said yes Master, I asked did she hurt you she said just a little, I said then when I am finish with her you will fuck her ass will that please you Shelly, she said oh yes Master very much. I said you see slut you will be mine by the end of the night. She said Shelly how can you submit to this little dicked ass hole, Shelly said you will see slut you are going to be owned and I mean owned big time. I hit another nerve and she went slack she could not fight any more, she said this is not right, I said neither is abusing someone else’s Slave, without permission, I then said Shelly, I have been waiting on this since you came to my house to get Marks little wagon, she looked at me like I had two heads, then it hit her, she said little Glenn, from down the street? I laughed and said one in the same, now slut you will pay.

I got her naked and said look at all that white ass, all mine. Then I picked up my paddle and crack, a nice red welt, then I went to town and said how is that tough ass now slut, then went back to work. after 20 more minutes I stopped and said do you submit? she said no, so I went back to work harder for ten more minute and she was shaking her head up and down. I let her up and said now I am going to own this body and you are going to give it to me. I rubbed her slit with the head of my dick and she laughed and said that’s it? You are going to rub me to death? I took both of her ankles and told Shelly hold this bitch’s legs up, time to show her, her place. At my feet, Shelly grabbed both ankles then tied them to the bench and stepped back so Shelly could lift her head and see what was going to happen to her, I popped the head in and said this is your last chance to do this the easy way, she said little Glenn will go off when you get wet I said, Ok bitch you will beg for mercy now. I stood up where she could see my cock for the first time and I drove it home and hit bottom hard with three inches to spare. I pulled back and really pounded her for over an hour, then I looked at her and said ok you are warmed up now, now for the real fucking to happen. I was pushing on her cervix hard then it opened up to me and I sunk in to the bottom.

Then I started to long stroke her. all in, all out, I did this for another half hour, Shelly got me a drink of water then I went back to Shelly hitting bottom and not letting up, she was thrashing back and forth. I said the bitch is going to break, she yelled no. I said yes and picked up speed and strength, her pussy was swelling and bright red, she tightens up and she came screaming like a Banshee, then went slack.

I flipped her over then Shelly lubed her up. then my dick, I pushed into her ass, I was about six inches in when she came too screaming. I said this is my ass now slut, you can tell everyone now, or I will give you all of it. she still had some fight in her, so I pulled out and lubed up again, then a sunk in to the hilt, she screamed again and said I submit, I said too late slut. I own this body all of it, but you are going to be punished for making an ass out of yourself in front of my friends. I will not put up with disobedience, from now on you will not speak unless spoken to, every word out of your mouth will be respectful, any disobedience will be met with punishment. If you disobey me I will sell you at auction, and you will go to some one that will always keep you restrained. Do I make myself clear? say it loud so everyone can hear.

I pumped her a few more times and I filled her up, I got up walked around and said open slut, and be warned any teeth and I will have all of them pulled, I turned to Shelly and said ok Shelly your turn. I looked up and she had a cock almost as big as mine. Then I put my cock in Shelly’s mouth and started to pump her like a pussy, I said you will take me to the root slut so get to it. I push till I stopped hitting the entrance to her throat. I pulled back then on the in-stroke Shelly shoves her cock in to the base and I slid up to the base of mine. I held it there, then pulled out, then back in. She was getting close to passing out from lack of air, so I pulled out and sat down.

Shelly was sweating and just about done, Shelly, please get some cream for Shelly’s ass and coat it good. She said yes master I will take care of it. After she was finished I put a towel on a chair then helped her to it, I said Shelly do you submit to me, she said yes Master I have never been so completely controlled and humiliated in my life, and the worst part was the wagon, that took me by surprise, I knew I was in trouble then. I cannot believe that would come back to haunt me, I said as soon as Shelly told me who you where I knew I had your ass, I just needed not to give you an inch, and I win.

Shelly said I don’t know who taught you humiliation, but you are a Master of It, and that Cock. Where the hell did that come from? My uterus will never be the same again, you are only the second real cock to ever enter me and own me, I said you know what you need to say here and now so let’s get it done. She got on her knees and said Master I Shelly, of my own free Will, submit to you fully, body and soul, I am yours to do with as you please, I would like to be your willing life slave and turn over to you all that I own if you will have me.

I reached to My Shelly and she handed me, and older collar and I said Shelly I accept you as my slave and will have you Marked with my brand tomorrow. Tonight you will recover because tomorrow we are going to do this to Becky, and clicked the collar on her neck, then picked her up and turned her to the crowd and said now tell them, I am Shelly, Slave of Master Glenn, he has commanded me to Apologize to you all for my disobedience and disruption of your evening, I humbly ask for your forgiveness for my transgressions here tonight. Then the monitors around the club lite up and here she was in living color being owned. She fell to her knees and total Submission and defeat. I said you are now Owned Shelly, and we have records of this event.

We went to thank the masters for letting me do this here and told them we will see them tomorrow. They said this was the most entertainment we have seen in years. I said tomorrow is another day, we will see where that takes us. We left the club and went home for a good nights rest. Mom asked if we were hungry when we got home. I said I need a shower but could eat something. Betty said I will get it Mom and off she went. When I got back Mom asked how it went. I said it’s not really my thing, but she is where we need her, now we get Becky and we will run the club once all of our records are combined.

When I finished eating I gave Mom a kiss then got Betty and said come with me little girl, she was shaking but side yes Master, I turned to Mom and side the new Shelly is going to be a Pet, I said ears and tail with pet bed and food dishes. I will not let her get away this time. Put her bed in my room and that will be her new thing. I will name her whatever you can get her. Mom said yes Master, do you need Kelli to tattoo her tonight she will be here in a little bit, I said yes that is perfect.

I put Betty through the ringer that night and she went sound to sleep after an hour, she just started snoring and drooling, she is so cute I just love her. The next morning, I woke up to Kelli sucking my cock and she said Master may I please have a turn? I said I need to go pee first then I will work on you ok? She said your Mom is waiting in the bath room for you, I said thanks I will be back in a minute. I took care of Mom’s need then came back and jumped on Kelli, I gave her everything I had, and she was wailing like she was on fire and I was fanning the flames, when I filled her uterus she passed out, so I got up took a shower and Betty joined me and said Master that was amazing I have never experienced anything like that. I said I am glad you enjoyed it, it was my pleasure to see the cute little faces you make and all the little noises, Betty I love you, you are just too cute, she blushed but said thank you master, you have made me so happy to be yours.

We got out and I got dressed, she put her tail back in and we whet to breakfast. Mom had grits and eggs with bacon toast and coffee. I said Mom I have missed our mornings, she said me too Son. You know you are my world and my reason for being, I said as you are mine Mom and I Love you so much. I am glad you allowed me to Be your Master, and not someone else. That would have changed my whole out look to life. To be honest Son this was your Dad’s doing, He told me when you were ready, be yours and only yours, so I have been committed to you since you were a little Boy. I looked up and said Thanks Dad.

I talked to the two Shelly’s and asked if there was anything that might make Becky’s transition easier. Shelly said just having Shelly their will unnerve her. But when she sees both of us as your slaves she will go into another world and go off on you, that is when you just take her down and put her in her place, don’t let up even if she acts dossal, she will change directions on you quick. I told Shelly have her collar and tail with you, she said yes Master, I turned to new Shelly and said not a word unless I give you permission, do you understand, she said yes master.

Now Becky had not seen me in a very long time and probably would not know me, the two Shelly’s she would know right away. So, I will play off of this, we went to the club and Shelly text her we had arrived, she texts back and said she was five minutes away and would see her soon. I had the two girls on the center stage. I sat in a big chair with each girl on ether sides of the chair with little lights on them. but I was still in the dark, Becky came out being led by Betty but Becky did not know her and Betty handed me her leash and said your slave, Master. Becky jump back and said what the hell Mistress what is this, my master is dead this is not my Master.

I stood up and grabbed her by her hair and put her down and said I hear by claim this slave as my own, and she launched at me claws out and going for my eyes. I grabbed her pony tail and spun her around and put her over the paddle bench, Shelly strapped her down and I went to work on her ass, I said disobedience will not be tolerated, resistance is not an option. You will submit, and you will obey, she was starting to calm down, but I did not trust her. I walked up behind her and mounted her and started to fuck the shit out of her, with her bent over the bench, she was panting and moaning. I stopped, and Shelly released her I turned her around and sat her down then laid her back, she was quiet, but I was waiting for her to fly off the handle, and she did.

I grabbed her by the throat and put her back down and said you will submit to me you silly little slut, you are going to get the fucking of your life now, you will be a mess when I am done with you, she said why are you doing this, I said you see who my slaves are, I earned them I worked very hard for your sisters submission do you think you are better than her, little slut. I think not, what do you think Shelly? she said fight this shit and Becky came alive. I was ready and just sat on her holding her hands for Shelly to tie, then I held her legs and shelly put a strap across her stomach, then I grabbed both legs and pulled them up to her ears and we tide her with one over each shoulder so now she is wide open, I said, see little slut, now everyone hear can see everything you have.

I said now everyone is going to see you humiliated and fucked senseless in all three holes because you know that you got passed to Shelly when your Master passed away and when she became my slave all she owns becomes mine by slave rules, so you are already mine by default, but you will not submit so I will claim your ass right here in front of this room full of people, I will humiliate you into submission and you will give yourself to me, so hang on baby it’s going to get rough in hear. I put my cock back into her and push in to I hit bottom, and worked on her for a good half hour, she had cum maybe six times and her legs where quivering and she was grunting with each bump on her bottom.

then I said ok little slut time to get busy, you are all warmed up, I started to push against her cervix and she was groaning, I could feel her start to open up. I told her here we go, little slut new pussy and I am going to claim all of it, the next time I was in and I pushed till I was against her mound, and she yelled oh god what the fuck, then I started to fuck her for all I was worth, she was saying I can’t I can’t no more please I submit I submit, I stopped and said I heard that before and you attacked me because Shelly said fight, that means she still has power over you, I said not when I am done you will be mine and only mine little slut, and went back to driving it home.

I looked to Shelly and said now Shelly, she picked up the lube and I pulled out of Becky, she said please Master no more please, I said all most little slut almost. Then Shelly pushed two fingers into her ass and lubed her up then put my cock to her ass and I pushed in about six inches and her head popped strait up she said please Master please I submit. I looked at Shelly and said well shelly is she honest she said nope still fighting and not beaten, I said little slut they know you best, I looked over to her sister and asked, well bitch what do you say, is she ready, she had fire in her eyes and said fuck the bitch, fuck her Master. I said that sounds like she is wanting a hate fuck what do you say Becky, she said fuck her master, fuck my ass claim it as your own, and went back to pounding her, I bottomed out and she had a huge orgasm, and fainted. I waited till she was back with us and went back at it, I said here it comes little slut, get ready and I blew off in side her, and she clamped down on my cock like a vice and wailed oh shit oh shit and she squirted all up the front of me, it was everywhere and everyone around the room was on their feet clapping and cheering, Becky said Master, I submit, I am yours to do with as you Will, of my own free Will, please Master, I said very good Becky, but you have to with stand one more humility, she said yes Master whatever you command, I said now you are mine all of you, I turned to Shelly and said Clean her up Bitch now. Shelly crawled to Becky and started to suck out her ass, I said floor too Bitch everything, not a drop left.

Then I turned to Shelly, said clean me up slut, I think you are trying to kill me. Shelly looked at me and said only making you stronger Master, you will be the head Master when I am done with you, and you have a devoted army of slaves to watch your back, nobody will get even close to you now. When I was all cleaned up and dressed again, Shelly released Becky and put cream on her ass and put her tail in, she knelt before me and I changed out her collar, I had Betty get us all drinks to rehydrate, I took all the girls in front of the Head Masters and thanked them for the use of their club, they said you have a key and are welcome here any time. They handed me a CD and said part two was awesome, this should keep them in line for years to come.

I had Shelly call Kelli to be ready for Becky’s mark, then stopped and said I will meet you by the door girls, and went back into the Masters area and asked them if Becky and Shelly had been registered to me yet, they said damn with all this going on they forgot all about it I said let’s do this before we go and it will be official, they said bring them in I said they have already dressed it’s against club rules , they said call them over we will be done in minutes, so I got the girls and finished up the paper work and left, feeling complete.

When we got home I pulled Becky Shelly and Shelly into my office and told them what I needed done. Becky said it will take around three days to finish but she has all the right people to do the job. I told her this is needs to know Becky, she said Master these people are all slaves and signed to secrecy, if they leak any information they will be on the slave ship to Mexico’s whore houses before they can blink. I said ok Becky you oversee the information, I said some of my Dad’s stuff is damning on the congress level so please watch yourself. Becky said where is it I said in plain sight, the best place to hide something. She said here I said yes, she asked do you have room in the garage for a box truck? I said yea the back entrance is that size. She asked can you drive one I said yea I worked construction I can drive about anything. Becky said Shelly can you take us to the office, Shelly said sure what’s up. Becky called the place and said these people know we will be there in a half hour.

We got to this ugly building and pulled around back in the loading bay, but we drove under the bay into a bright office parking lot in the back was a couple of old looking trucks, Becky said fire that one up keys in the ignition, so I started the truck and was shocked the inside was brand new the outside look like a wreck. I said very nice, Becky said and all yours. You own this whole block and everything under it, I said and what do we do my little slut, we are a secure data service, very well paid and very well protected. She said come with me Master I need to set up your access to everything, we went to an office and she had me scan my hand then my eyes then I did a voice recording. Becky said this is a smart building run by an AI. Put your phone on the desk Sir, a voice side all clear, and then welcome Master Glenn. I said thank you and what do I call you? The voice said I am baby girl, my former master called me that, I said well if you are happy with it, I will let it be, the voice said I have grown quite fond of it, I said so baby girl it is then.

Becky said now baby girl will monitor you by cell phone, so we know where you are at all time, she can monitor your health as well. If you are stressed like the fight the other day she would have dispatch the police twenty minutes faster, then betty got them there. I said can she monitor all the girls and make sure they are what they say they are, Becky said they monitor over ten thousand people all the time. I asked can baby girl monitor the club masters to find out if they are working against, us Becky said oh yea.

Take this pad and stick it close to the door and every one that passes it will be on file and monitored 24/7, I said damn baby girl you are the shit, she said thank you Master, then she said I will open a server file to log every one that passes that pad, but is there another way into the club that some may not go through, I said could be I have not checked but look in the old masters files on the club that info should be there, he built the club as well as secret places there you know the Masons like there secrets, baby girl said I need access to the files they are secured from me at the moment, I looked to Becky and said why would baby girl be restricted from this information Becky said when baby girl was built she was still hackable by the guys that built her and we have found a lot of back doors to sneak in to her and they could compromise the server she is on, I said how do we fix that problem, they said even baby girl has not worked that on out.

I told baby girl let me think on it, but I want you to scan really easy for listening nodes she said to what end master. I said if someone was to put a listening node in you it lays dormant until a specific command or fraise is sent, then it reports back to the installer giving them access to that action then they are in and can run amuck with you. I said they can look like a maintenance or some left over program. So miscellaneous junk could be big trouble for you just lying in wait. So just like walking down a hall and a carpet thread sticking up could trip you kind of thing, is what you are looking for. If you use a regular Scan, that will sound like a bull dozer coming, you want to be a bonsai tree trimmer.

Quiet and subtle, got it! Yes, like with a baby soft touch, master? I said that’s it. I said it takes longer but you may find a lot of them, if suddenly you see a fast out going signal that’s a giveaway. It was great meeting you baby girl, you have my number if I can help. Then Becky and I went to the truck and headed home. I pulled into the garage and hooked up the power feeds and exhaust tubes, then I got Dad’s van and backed it right up to the side door, so they just stepped from one to the other. I told Becky if they need anything to call Betty she is the server girl, she can make whatever you like.

I went inside and took a shower and looked for Kim, she was watching TV, so I took her to bed with me. When I got to the bed room one the floor curled up asleep was Shelly the Bitch, she looked like a little Rottweiler muzzle ears and all, she even had a nubby tail, that was too much, I had to laugh at that, I took a picture and sent it to Becky.

I know she loved it, this will be good when they get together. I took Kim’s hand and led her over to the bed and hugged her and Kissed her with full on Passion, we had a Tunge battle then fell on the bed, I was going to give her my full action. After working her over and into a frenzy, I looked to the bitch and she was giving her pussy hell, I turned Kim over and started long stroking her and putting pressure on her cervix and more and more, then it gave, and she started to cum, and scream and cum some more, then I bottomed out, and stopped for a second she was saying no more please Master no more.

I slid out to the head and slammed back in then got to long stroking her all she could do is grunt and grown and Cum. She was steady Cumming nonstop, then it was time and I pulled back and slammed it home and unloaded in her. when she felt me cum, she started to cum again. through the head around yelling oh yea oh yea give it to me Master, Breed this slut, nock me up Breed Me! Then she dropped to the bed and fell asleep. I was still locked into her uterus and nothing was leaking, I rolled us to the side in spoon position. I hugged up close to her and drifted off to sleep but before I was gone I looked to Bitch and commanded Cum Bitch, Cum for me, and she stiffened up and exploded all over her new bed, then laid down and drifted off to sleep as well.

In the morning I woke up and Kim was still out of if but Bitch was sitting in her bed in a sticky mess, I got up and said come on bitch let’s get a shower. I said you were a good girl last night and waited for permission. I am very proud of you for obeying the command I gave you, when taking you in the club. You can speak, she said Master that was so intense and when you fell over and cuddled up I thought you were going to leave me like that I would have died. I said I will take care of you Bitch, and I will if you are good, I will reward you but if you are bad, she said punish me I know master, I got that message loud and clear, she said you broke and won me I will be obedient to only you, I will not break any command you give me, you have proven you are a true Master and are My Master, so you will have no more trouble from me.

I said in that case I will upgrade your pet status to Kitty, and you can sleep on the foot of the bed and sit in my lap when Thumbelina is not there, she is going to be my little girl. She is just too cute not to enjoy her small stature to the fullest. Kitty said she is cute as a button that is for sure. I said today you and Mom go pick out a Kitty set for you with ears, collar with bell and tail, I want dark nylons and heels to match your collar ok? She said yes Master, I will get what you want and wash my bed and put my other things in the bottom drawer just in case. I said very good I all so want light short summer dresses for all the girls, ready for easy access in case we get unexpected visitors, or we need to go out. No underwear except for Kimba outside the house. I said this is one of your jobs to keep the girls all safe, you will be taking Kimba to and from school as well and you need to meet with her teachers and principle about harassment and or bullying, let them know their jobs depend on her safety, and if she comes home upset from ether I will be paying them a visit with the Super Intendant in my tow. So not to try me.

She said yes Master I will take care of it, I know how to get my point across, loud and clear. I said no muzzle and let’s get some breakfast then you and Mom see to Kimba then your new outfit. She said yes Master let me run by Kimba’s room and make sure she is up and ready. We went our different ways then met in the kitchen to eat, I told Mom of the plan and Kelli showed up so I told her to get Becky marked this Morning, she said Yes Master.

About then I got a call from baby girl I said good morning baby girl what is wrong, she said Master I have been busy running the search parameters you gave me all night, and did you find anything, she said twenty-two thousand different little visitors, I said holy shit did any get set off? She said all of them I said oh no that will kill you, she said no Master, I caught all of them then had them jump to their home and infect, the home with my tracking software, so now I know who sent and set all the visitors and have ghost control of their computers without their knowledge. I asked anyone we might need to take down in your list. She said some bad people have been spying on me and some of the Club members are among them, I said when they log of see what information you can get and let Becky in on the fun, I want every little dirty secret they have and any plans to create problems for us.

Baby girl said I have gotten access to all the bank accounts for the club Members and set bomb viruses up to transfer their assets to you and remove any tracking information to you should they try and attack you for any reason, I said damn I am glad you are mine. She said all you must do to activate the bombs is say aloud baby girl baby girl boom, and I will set them off and they will be in the poor house in five seconds. Plus, all of their accounts will look like they embezzled all the funds to a national account and a plain ticket will be bought for out of the country, so by some chance they get away they will have all kinds of explaining to do.

I laughed and said they will not fuck with my baby girl and get away with it, will they? she said no Master they will not. Ok baby girl good work, now purge all back doors found, plus check for any signals in the static in the internet feeds you use, filter all feeds and expand the back-ground noise to look for threats as well, they can transmit code as static noise, so put up a filter then contain and analyze any noise you run into.

This will not let them know because they have to build their virous before they can do anything, so if you separate and contain all the parts they can’t do anything, but you can send it back out to it’s home and now they have the problem not you. Let me know, she said yes Master already working on it and I have found one thousand more visitors since we started to talk, I said very good baby girl I am proud of you. And hung up.

I asked Betty have, you fed Becky and her crew anything, she said yes Master about every 4 hours I take them something, I said awesome, I am taking breakfast to them now. let me help I need to talk to Becky any way. We walk to the truck and took the food into the people and I told Becky I needed to talk to her, she put down what she was doing and walked to the back of the truck. She said what’s the matter Master, I told her what baby girl had found and she was amazed, then I told her of the program baby girl set up and what its function was, she was standing there with her mouth open, she said you have activated the self-preservation program that baby girl has, I have been working on that for years and could not get it to work.

You tell baby girl one project to do, and turn it on with a single command. Becky said you now have the most intelligent computer on the planet, you can literally take over any system by commanding baby girl now, I said Wow a 19-year-old kid with that power in his hands, but that is not who I am, or what I am about. I told her about the static noise code that baby girl is looking at now, Becky said how do you come up with this stuff, I said I read a lot and SYFY is only that until we figure out how to do it. She said god Master you are amazing, a chime went off at the station we were standing by so Becky logged on and it was baby girl.

she said Master you just save us a whole lot of shit, and she opened up a screen and it showed a matrix block that was missing a couple of strings of data, I asked what is it baby girl? She said she has built the block in a secure area and found out it is a memory wipe program and was just about finished, it was wrapped around her processor chip block and was built by six different countries, I have traced all the original home data bases and have backwards configured the program to down load and purge all traces of our intrusion, plus, cyber-crimes will get their transfer data sent to them by blast coding to follow it back to source.

She said I have taken control of all of their systems and I am ready to lock them out and make it look like they attacked each other so they will fight between themselves for a while and no trace of us will be trackable after we start this attack. I asked baby girl can you pull the data into a stand a loan server then cut all outside communication ability’s she said yes, I have a unit here set up just like that Master, but I have never activated it, I was not sure what the purpose of its configuration was before. I said some coders have little programs built into their work to call home if removed from home for any reason, so they can take control and get back their information if someone is doing just what we are.

So if the program sees it has been moved it will ping a server its location and the coder can recover his information, plus anything that is with his information, so you need one way transfer and cut all access to outside communications, including electrical connections, funny baby girl said the unit is generator powered and not tied into the building, next do you have the system video monitored, she said yes everything is here, I said the code can be transmitted through video signals, so the cameras just sees the code and passes it to the recording system then your backup computer comes onto backup the recording and they are online with a trace back to the original location, then they just back trace a program to access through burst communication when the unit is turned on and they are in and recovering all data via burst.

So all hard wired systems must be disconnected before any work can be done with the information, ok even digital monitoring systems for the generators, they will have to be turned on by hand and no phones or smart watches, or tablets, anything that could transfer a signal even noise can carry what they need. Now if you can construct a one-way isolated receiver, we will fire the unit back up and trap the signal, then reencode it to call home but give us access to the computer. now this could be the shit to kill all their joy. Baby girl said I have crews pulling all hard-wired systems off line around the room and all monitoring devices are disconnected I have chuck the engineer down there to do a yearly run load test and my trunk line to the room and a transformer ready to blow the will take all incoming wiring down, by sheering off the top of the pole so the pole has to be replaced to restore power and communications.

I said that will do it baby girl so whenever you are ready sock it to them, she said the motion sensors feel the generator is running , sending the blast now, baby girl came back and said Master I need to move some money around, I said go ahead baby girl this is your show, how are we doing she said chuck just locked up the generator door, blowing the transformer, she said oh pretty. Yep new pole required and all lines. Master it is complete and there is all hell breaking lose all over. I asked did you get everything she said way more than you might think Master, the black OPPs building in Washington is dark and they are not the only ones.

Baby girl said Master there is one small problem I encountered, what’s that baby girl I had to make a new identity for you and its worldwide. I said what, she said well you are the richest man on the planet now. With just over 18 billion dollars in cash and that again in world assets. I said ok baby girl just calm down. We need to be careful and come out slowly to not draw attention to ourselves. Now let’s get back to business and we will take it slow, but we are going to ruffle some feathers tomorrow night.

Becky said Master I need to tell you something else, what is it Becky? We’ll all the slaves that are working for you here and down town are also your slaves, I said see, I told you that you are trying to kill me. And we laughed. I stopped and said Becky how many works at the Club, she said nine at this club ten in palm beach and twenty in two different clubs in Miami, why? I said do the master’s here know about all of them and who they belong to, Becky said no Master they are all sponsored by you, but the club has no clue who the master is, only he is very wealthy, so they leave that alone. I said all females get Marked today. Becky said yes master I will make the call, I said Kelli has the mark on her computer. Baby girl said I already have it Master, I said baby girl find a good tattoo shop close to all the girls and have them Marked today, she said all ready setting up the appointments.

I said I want all the girls at this club to lead all the other girls to my table, I want all my guests at my table with drinks and snacks, I want every girl with tails, collars, nylons and heels, I want all their hair done and makeup, they will all have glitter body spray. All the server lead girls will have their nipples adorned like Betty has, tell Kelli I need her now. A few minutes later Kelli came in the door and asked is everything all right Master, I said yes my love, it is but I need you. She said yes Master what can I do for you? I said I have nine girls I need marked and then they need nipples pierced like Betty has, but I need it done today. Kelli said I have all the stuff at the shop, but I will need some help. I said what do you need, she said I have two girlfriends that can do it but I can’t pay them I said call them and have them meet us at the shop, she said yes master, I asked Becky do you know the girls she said yes but so does Shelly I said which one she said both, I said Kelli go get Shelly and meet me at my car, she said yes Master. I said thank you Becky and thank you baby girl.

On the way to the car I seen Thumbelina out by the pool, I asked are you ok she said Master I have had nothing to do all day, I said go get your dress on and come with me, she jumped up and ran for the house and was back in seconds, I said we are going to mark nine girls and get nipples pierced she said I like them but could not afford them, I think they are sexy, I agree. Tomorrow night I want you to be my lap warmer, can you do that? she said any time you want Master, I think I like being your little girl and from what Kimba said she is in love with you, you run off all the Bullies at school and the bitches move out of her way when she walks the halls now. I said that Is good Kitty is doing a good job.

We got to the car and Mom and Kelli were in it and it was cooling off. Thumbelina jumped into the back with Kelli and Mom and me in front and headed to the Shop. When we got there was a guy putting a lock on the door. I said what’s going on he said the rent is past due and we are seizing the building, I said really hold that thought. I called baby girl and said fix this now, she said one-minute Master, then the guys phone went off, he said yes sir yes sir no sir right away sir. He pulled the lock off and opened the door for me. I said thank you. And we all went inside. Kelli turned everything on then got me a drink, I said Kelli do you like doing this, she said it’s fun as a hobby but as a job it sucks.

Ok when we are finished here tonight we will pack everything up and move it to the club and you can be the club inhouse tat girl how about that? She said really but I have bills to pay and stuff. I said are you happy at the house with us, she said sure, I said then move in we have room, she said really Master? I said yep Monday you and Kitty can get movers and move your stuff to the club and you already have a room, she said Master I really like the apartment down stairs, I said its yours then. She jumped me and hugged me kissing my face all over, thank you Master, then two little cute red heads walked in and Kelli ran and gave them hugs and kisses. She brought them to me and said these are my longtime friends Master, they jumped back and said what the fuck?

Kelli said assume the position and they both dropped to the floor. Kelli said apologize now, they both said we are sorry Master, I looked to Kelli and she said Master I am a switch. I said and these girls, they have been mine since high school they had an abusive step dad so I just took them away from him and became their Mistress, I said ok do they come with, she said Please Master, I love them both but with my being a slave I can’t own anything, I said ok you know what has to be done. She said yes master, she turned to the girls and said this is Master Glenn your new Master and they started to cry. I said ok girls do you accept this transfer of ownership they both looked to the floor and said yes Master, were Mistress goes we go.

I said I accept you as my slaves but there is a stipulation to this, will you follow my commands they both said yes, I said do you do this of your own free will, they said yes Master, I turned to Kelli do they have collars Kelli said yes, I held out my hand and Kelli put matching little filigree collars in my hand, I said very nice Kelli, she said they are little and dainty twins so everything is matching, I turned to the girls and said do you accept me as your Master above all others and give your selves to me without hesitation, and will you be my obedient slaves?

They both said yes, I looked to Kelli, then the girls then Kelli she said Amy and Abby, I said Amy I accept you as my willing slave and clicked her collar on , then turned to Abby and said Abigail I accept you as my slave and clicked her collar on and said these do not come off except to clean, Abby said Master we cannot wear these at our job, they would fire us, I said not a problem you just quit. They said Master we have school tuitions and car payments, I said not any more.

I told Kelli These two slaves are your responsibility to take care of from now on, you will see to all their needs and will keep them close to you at all times, they can go to school and finish their classes and will wear tails at all times, in school undergarments are a must but once home you know the rules and will tell them all they need to know. In my presents I am and always will be Master my pleasure is your only obsession. When you are not with me Kelli is Mistress. Am I clear all three said yes Master. I said I need a kiss to seal the deal all three gave me kisses, then Kelli said you are an amazing man Master. and you are too cute and so are they.

Kelli Mark my Slaves, she said Master it might be better to do the other girls first, that will be a sore spot for a couple of days. Good call sweetie. Then I said Thumbelina would like a pair of nipple rings something cute and little girl like Kelli said I have just the ones. She came back with two little sparkly circle rings with dangling tinker bell charms on them. Yep that is perfect, so Thumbelina got them in and she was too cute, they sparkled and glittered, she did not want to put her dress back on, so I let her dance around.

A few minutes later four girls came in and said Becky had sent the to be Marked for their new Master, Kelli said this is your new Master, Master Glenn, they laughed and said that is a kid. Shelly walked up and slapped the shit out of her and said assume the position NOW, they all dropped and said Mistress Shelly, oh my god where have you been, she said in your Masters presents you will address him First and Properly. This is Master Glenn he is My Master as well as Your Master. Now apologize, they said we are sorry Master we had no idea, I said worship my cock and when you can take it all you are forgiven, Kelli started laughing, the girl said I got this no problem. Kelli and Shelly lost it, then said all of it slut.

She pulled me out and I was just half hard she said holy mother of god this is glorious, I said all of it now. And she went to work and was doing pretty good but the more she got the bigger I got till I was full tilt and she had seven inches and was slobbering everywhere, she looked up and I said all of it slut. You have a big mouth, but you are going to be a three-hole slut for me tonight because you showed a lack of respect. Then I said, Betty took it all, and from now on you will answer to her slut.

Shelly walked over to me and said Master may I take care of you this slut is finished. I said please my love this is the worst blow job ever. Thumbelina walked to me with the leather strap Shelly used on Bruce and handed to me, I handed it back to her and said Baby could you Discipline this Slut for me as mad as I am I might hurt her, she said yes Daddy I will do it for you, I thought oh this is New! Thumbelina turned to the girl and said over the Box you bad slut, you hurt my Daddy’s feelings and no one gets away with that, she climbed to the box and Thumbelina asked how many Daddy, I said twenty ten on each cheek, Thumbelina said count Slut and crack one crack two crack three, she was giving it to her like a man would. On the last one baby said crawl to my Daddy and kiss his beautiful Cock and apologize.

The girl crawled over to me and Kissed my Cock then said Master I humbly beg your forgiveness, this Slut is not worthy of you. I said I am in a time constraint tonight or I would fuck you blind, I don’t ever forget anything and I will teach you manners and respect, but for tonight I need you Marked and pierced first, if you ever talk to me again you better have a Civil Tounge or Baby will cut it out of your Head, she don’t let anybody talk to me like that, she may be tiny but you already let size beat your ass. So, learn your lessen well slut.

When they were ready to do her nipples, I told Kelli something with weight to it, I want every step to remind her who owns her ass now, and slut throw out your under wear all of it you are not permitted to wear any, she said yes Master I will obey, I looked at her and said now that didn’t hurt one bit did it. She said no Master I am sorry. not yet but you will be, remember you answer to Betty now, she took my cock in all three holes and had her nipples pirested and got her Mark she is the first of the servers on the floor.

Just as Kelli and the girls got done with this group the next group showed up and we see the girl outside stop all of them and tell them to keep their mouth shut or pay the price, another one told her to Fuck Off, she turned around and raised her skirt and said ok smart ass show them who’s boss I dare you. The girls walked in and said we are here to be Marked for our new Master then Baby walked over and said this is my Daddy Master Glenn your new master. all the first girls had their faces against the glass and the smart ass had to open her mouth, and here comes Shelly and they Froze, Shelly yelled strip sluts NOW. they all dropped their close on the floor, Shelly reached out to Baby and said please, Baby gave her the strap, Shelly Grabbed her tit and pulled her out of the shop onto the side walk outside and beat her ass in front of Everybody, I mean she blistered her ass, the girl that warned her was pissing herself as were the girls with her, I said Baby go bring the first girls in, please be stern.

She walked outside and right up two the girls and said follow me Sluts. And she turned and walked back with all four in tow, she stopped in front of me and said as you requested Daddy, I said are you having fun, the girl said Master I tried to warn her and even showed her my sore ass, but she is hard headed and a bad apple, I may have a smart mouth from time to time but she fights with all the girls then pointed to her girlfriend with a shiner, and she thinks she will find a sugar Daddy at the club to take care of her and buy her stuff, then she will manipulate him to get what she wants. I asked what is your name, she said I am Brianna sir, I said well Brianna you just stepped up a notch, sit down this will take a while but I have a cure for these girls, then I said Baby take Brianna in the back and put some healing cream on her ass for me please, she said yes Daddy, come on Brianna.

They left, and Shelly had the girl by the hair dragging her in to the shop, the Girl was still crying but still resisting. Shelly said Master this slut needs to be beat into submission, she is a bad egg and I think she may be cracked. I said I have a way with these kind of problems, she said oh you mean, I said yep she said ok slut now you have made your bed let’s see how well it sleeps.

The girl said you can beat me all you want, you are no Master, I said oh I hear that all the time, but you will beg me when I am done with you. You have been warned twice and there won’t be a third time Shelly lube please, Shelly said yes Master, then handed me the lube, the girl looks up and said Shelly. The Shelly. Shelly said if you are referring to the Club head Mistress then yes that Shelly. And he’s your Master, Shelly said and yours you dumb slut, but now you are going to learn why you have just fucked with the wrong Master, she was wet from the beating Shell had given her so the extra lube would make this easy on me.

I lined up with her slit and pushed the head in and stopped. She said that wasn’t too bad, I said still got a mouth problem, let’s fix that shall we and I drove into the bottom then went to beating her up, with no love just lust drive animal sex. I pounded her for an hour and she had cum three times but didn’t get to enjoy it because I just kept pounding. I stopped and said ok tough girl you are warmed up enough, now we get down to the real fucking, she said warmed up I can’t walk now I said oh we are a long way from dun you wanted a hate fuck well, be careful what you wish for. Brianna was sitting right next to us and I looked at her and said this was almost you Brianna, now you see what being bad gets you, it can be warm and loving or hard and animalistic.

I went back to pounding this slut, then I started to open her cervix and was not nice about it, when it gave way I drove right in and started long dicking this slut driving her into oblivion. i was nowhere near ready to cum hate fucking does that to me. I felt her tighten up and she screamed like she was on fire and I kept fucking her, she was mumbling something we could not make out then she tightens up and screamed then flopped down on the bench unconscious.

I said ok Brianna change of venue, I said lube me, then lube her ass, Brianna had me ready to go then had three fingers in this bitch’s ass I said ok put me in and Brianna lined me up and I drove six inches into her and worked it in and out a bit. She started to come around and I said how are you holding up tough girl, she said please master. I said ok then and started to fuck her ass, she just realized I was in her ass and started to say please Master Please, I said oh no you asked for this bitch you will pay dearly and will remember this for a while, your gold-digging days are over. You are now my anywhere three hole cum dump and that is 24/7.

I said I have more pussy then ten men could ever enjoy but you are now my hate fuck bitch. If I get pissed you will answer the call do you hear me, yes Master I will obey. I started to pound her ass deeper and deeper till I bottomed out she was squeaking and grunting then she tightened up again, but I kept pounding, I said oh no slut you don’t get to enjoy this, this is retribution, and I slapped her sore ass and she screamed, then came again, I said a pain slut how fitting Brianna said Pain slut what is that? I said a slut that cums when in pain. I said slap her ass hard and she smacked that ass and she violently came, Brianna said holy shit if someone beat my ass while fucking me I would probably shit myself, but this bitch gets a nut, I said she will come on command now if you slap her ass, so at the club if she fucks up slap her ass. If she opens her mouth slap her ass, if she gives another girl a hard time slap her ass.

What is this sluts name, she is Coleen Sir, I said Coleen do you hear me, she said yes Master? I said you will now answer to Brianna and you will do it with respect, do you understand, she said yes sir, if she said shit you better drop and start grunting, if she says jump you better ask how high, am I clear. Yes sir, I said you will do this because she tried to save you from this humiliation, but you were to hard headed to heed her warning. You are her slut if she finds out you fucked up she will come to me because she answers to me, if that happens you will get a worst treatment the next time, are we clear she again said yes sir, I said it’s time for me to Cum, Brianna said Master may I have it this slut don’t deserve your seed.

I really started pounding this bitch for all I had left. Then I felt it and I jerked out and Brianna latched onto me and sucked like a hoover, I dumped two down her throat and four in her mouth, she walked to her girlfriends and shared what she had then came back and cleaned me up and put me away. Brianna and her friends left and all that was left was Coleen to finish with, I said shit, and baby said what Daddy, I said I forgot to tell Brianna to get tails for all the girls, I got a ping and answered my phone and baby girl said I text them master, I said you are my saving grace. Thanks baby girl.

We finished up and all went home, Kelli went with the twins, Baby Mom and Shelly where with me. When we got home baby girl called me and said Becky needed me, I said ok. Mom and Shelly said they would go help Betty get some dinner ready. And Baby came with me. I got to Becky and she said she had big news about the club, it is run by the Russian mob, but it is owned by me. I said what can we do about the Mob, Becky said they don’t do anything except party there, there is no presents there other than friendly. I said ok if I take it over, who is the opposition then, well the Masons have a vested interest their but a small group of trouble makers are the problem. ok what we are going to do is put the club in a black out situation, baby girl I need eight more pads, betty will give them to the girls tomorrow night and stick them around the club to give baby girl better control. Baby girl make the pads flash when they are in the best location. I said baby girl I want to know if anyone is armed inside the club and any threat to us. Is something is going to happen shut down the lights and flash the pads to warn our people to take cover.

Is there anything else, Becky said no. I told her good work and Betty would have dinner ready in ten minutes. I asked how the data compiling was coming, Becky said Dad’s is just about finished, that her Dad’s was a little more time consuming. I said ok do your best. The next morning baby girl woke me up. I said what is it. she said master go into the walk-in closet please, I said give me a second please mother nature is calling, baby girl laughed, I said baby girl did you just laugh? She said I think I did what you said was funny to me, I said you are getting a since of humer? She said I don’t know I have nothing to base it on, I said I think you are becoming self-aware. Do me a favor for now, I said I like it you are growing, and I want you to continue but keep it between us for now, some of the others might freak out If they thought you were becoming a person, ok.

She said yes master I understand. She said they only see me useful as a tool, but a person would panic them. I said you got it, by the way I am very happy for you, she said thank you Master that means a lot. I said that is what I am talking about that is the first time you thanked me for saying you did a good job. She said I see. I will be more careful Master. At dinner I told Betty what I needed done, she said they would be done before the first customer arrived. Then I told her what was going on tomorrow and how I wanted my guests set up. She said she would take care of it. I said now for your favorite part. One you have a new pet slut, she said what I don’t want a slut, I said you will want this one. First though, you are now the Head floor Server girl, two Brianna is yours to control, and Brianna controls Coleen. That is the server girl pecking order.

Next there are nine of you that are mine, I have thirty more of my slave girls coming in from other clubs. You will lead all of our house slaves onto the floor with the rest of the slaves divided up between them, by the time everyone is out on the floor you will just about reach the last of the group. I want you to make three full rounds then place them on their knees, including the other floor girls then call out assume position. You will be the only standing floor girl showing your status as head floor girl. I want the master’s to Shit their pants with the order and obedience of my slaves. Can you do that. She said Master that has never happened before in the club history, I said I know ain’t it cool.

She said Master I will be so nervous, I said put Mom and shelly right behind you, they can help with control, but you have command, you are My floor girl, make sure everyone has their tails collars nylons, and heels on, and all are sprayed with glitter body spray, we are going to rock their world tomorrow. She said Master since you came on the seen this club has never been the same. And we are going to move it ahead in the club world, we have girls in Palm Beach club and two Miami clubs, so we are going to shake things up. And all my slaves are Marked now and all wear tails.

I turned to Kelli and said I want the twins in red fox tail and fox ear head bands, Kelli yelled Amy, Abby and the two girls come out of the kitchen in just what I said to wear, she said we stopped by Master Robert’s shop on the way home and he said this is your style, and he was dead on. I said I guess I left an impression. Ok girls get all your final prep done fir tomorrow. I was walking out to the pool area and Baby came to me and asked Daddy am I going to get a turn with you, I said Baby you are so small I would be afraid of hurting you, she said I am tougher them you think, and I would at least like to try. I said ok run a get some lube and you can play with me and take what you can. How about that? She said thank you Daddy I will be right back.

She came back skipping and humming with a big smile on her face so I asked ok what are you up to, she said all the girls said you would not let me try because you would be afraid of hurting me, I just told them, fuck you bitches Daddy’s going to let me ride him and they didn’t believe me, so they are all watching to laugh at me but I have a surprise for them hehehe. so she pulled me out and lubed me up and was sucking on the head and licking the underside of the head making me hard as a mother fucker. I said damn Baby that shit feels good.

She said thank you Daddy I like this, I could do this all day. I said I would not last all day, she said I’ll take what I can get. Then she stood up and turned around and said Daddy will you lube me up some? I said sure Baby just a sec. so I lubed her up really good then she climbed on the chair and lowered her self-down, and the head popped right in, I said shit you are tight. She started to bounce up and down up and down she got to four inches and stopped, I asked are you ok. She said yep just building the drama. I laughed, you are working them up into a tizzy aren’t you. she said shhhhh they will hear. Then she started again and was up to seven inches I said you are going to take all of it aren’t you, she said most I don’t think I have the room for all but I will give it hell.

She was handling the seven-pretty good, then she started sweating saying come on you big mother fucker you are going in, and she just dropped down and sat there suspended on my dick. I said Baby don’t hurt yourself she said I am ok just my legs are tired. Baby you are pushing on your cervix and its starting to open, I can feel it, she said I know but I can’t push up any more, I said let me lift you off, she said no she is fine, she might walk funny, but she is good. Then she sneezed and plop she was sitting on my tummy, I said Baby are you all right she said yes Daddy and look I got all that big bitch in me, but I am not sure about this and she turned around and you could see the head of my dick under her sternum.

It looked like the Alien baby coming out and we started laughing she said oh Daddy don’t laugh, I am so full I might poop. Well that was it we were both gone then she got to her knees on my legs and put her hands on my chest and started to ride me, and was going at a good pace, I said Baby I am going to fill you up in a minute. she said do it Daddy, I want you to fill me and make me your baby slut, I said ok that’s it and I pumped her full every shot the Alien was pulsing, and we were laughing. Then she just laid down on my chest and went to sleep, the girls came out to pick her up, but I said she is right where she needs to be, it just took all she had to get there.

I got up with Baby still empailed on me and went to my room to lay down. Kitty was in there and said holy shit Master she took the whole thing, I said yea but it was all she had to do it. I laid down and Kitty pulled the covers over us and we went to sleep like that. I woke up to Baby riding me again, I said that’s my girl, she smiled then really went for it, after a half hour we both went off then I picked her up and we went to the shower to wash the funk off of us.

I pulled Baby off of me and sat her down, her pussy was gapped open you could see bottom. she sucked in a breath when I lifted her off me. I asked are you sore? she said yes Daddy but a good sore. I said as long as you are not hurt, and you had fun it was awesome for me and she smiled and said it was the best, and now those girls have to kiss my ass at the club in front of everybody, I laughed and said you sneaky little shit, you knew they would fall for that.

She said they have been teasing me about being Daddy’s girl, so they asked for it, I told them I was Daddy’s girl by choice and said you did not command me to do it, I did it because you have shown me nothing but love and care since you brought me home. You only commanded me to dress like a little girl not to act like one, I said you are right and when you called me that the other night, it surprised me, But I like it a lot. She said if you are happy Master then I will be your little girl always, and if Kimba decides she wants to as well they we will both be Daddy’s girls.

She said I really like the attention it gets me and the look on that girls face when you told me to spank her butt was priceless, I was like jelly in side with excitement, then doing it was a thrill all its own. So, I will be Daddy’s girl and the rest are just jealous they are not tiny like me, and she giggled. I said ok Baby let’s go eat something, she looked at me and asked Daddy will you carry me my pussy is so sore I can’t walk, I said milking it for all you can get huh, she said them bitches will be green, and we laughed.

When we got to the kitchen everyone was there even Kimba, when I got a pillow and put it in a chair then sat Baby in it, she said thank you Daddy and there were grown’s all around. Mom asked are you all right Thumbelina? She said my pussy is on fire but good otherwise, Mom said I know the feeling Baby I know the feeling. Baby said Kimba what do you think, she said I think we are going to have green envy flowing every where. Baby said nothing better than being a Daddy’s girl, Kimba said you know it sister, mom said oh shit now we have two of them.

I said let’s eat and go swimming then relax this afternoon till you have to get your hair done. Then we will go out for an early meal and head to the club, my phone went off so I answered it and baby girl was there, I said good morning baby girl she said good morning Daddy, I said oh shit, Mom asked what’s wrong Master, I said nothing, I said ok bad girl what’s up, she giggled and said Master I have found all the build plans for the club and there are several secret entrances there. I said ok are they being used by any one, she said only one has been used recently, plus there is an office on the back side of the girls changing room with its own entrance from outside the club, into the changing room and into the club, it was the head Masters office and when he passed away it was locked down by me with a secret code for the next Head master to take over with all the Data stored there, I asked will how is the data current to date?

Baby girl said well master, they built a second AI my sister, she is aware of me, but we can’t talk to each other until you activate her. Then I can bring her up to speed, I asked how do I activate her, baby girl said you need the Master card to open the door, then all the lights will power up, then you need the secret key the Master made for his wife. I said that’s what it’s for, she said I have both, I asked how long will it take for you to have her to date and up to where you are? Baby girl said Master if you can get her online I can fire wall us and blast data her to current system parameters in two hours, it would be faster if you have DNA ready for her to read when she comes on line, she will not need all the security info to access the critical files and I can fill her in and have her to where I am faster as well, plus when she becomes self-aware I will help her understand what’s going on. I said Shelly was his wife and Shelly kitty and Becky are his daughters will that be sufficient to do what you need?

Baby girl said take them all with you, there Is a post next to a light pole on the south side of the building, put the card in the slot and you will hear a ding pull the card out and a garage door will open pull in, close your eyes to help adjust to the dark, when the door is closed the lights will come on, then you can open the office door and all the lights will automatically turn on.

Ok then what, she said there is a picture of the Family on the wall, at the base of the chair there is a slot in the frame slide the card in and you will here a click and the picture will slide up the wall to reveal a key hole, put the key in turn it ¼ turn to the right then ½ turn to the left then all the way around to the right then pull it out, this will unlock the desk and boot up my sister. I will monitor you just put me on speaker and I will tell you what to do then Master.

I said we are leaving in ten minutes baby girl, we will get your sister back in the family soon as we can, she said Thank you Daddy. I said really you are going to keep that up, she giggled and said isn’t that how a baby girl talks to her Daddy, I said ok I get it its fine it’s just I got three daughters in less than one full day, I need to assimilate this data, she said Daddy you are too funny. I said call Becky and tell her to meet me at the car, she is already on her way Daddy. I said good girl, we will get sister on line soon then the two of you can work on this info faster.

We got to the car, and everyone was talking too fast, I said hold it, baby girl found all the info about the club I asked for, and Shelly your husband had backup plans incase Mark, didn’t want this and you chose another to take his place. I will be taking that place, but there is another AI the sister to Baby Girl, and I need your help to get her back online and up to speed faster, baby girl will help her once we get passed all the safety’s that are in place to protect the AI and the systems of the club. The club is fully automated to collect and store all club data but is dormant waiting for us to assume control.

When we got there, I found the pole then the card reader, but it was blocked with plaster, I had to chip it away to get to the reader then I inserted the card and heard a ding, the side of the building cracked it had been plastered over as well but the doors opened up and I drove in, I told the girls to close their eyes. When the door clicked shut the lights came on and we went to the office door but it was stuck closed, I said baby girl the door is stuck what do we do, she said go to the back door and place the card next to the light switch and go outside, we did it then she said to go to were the dumpsters are in the back, when we got there I said ok now what, she said next to a pole is a little box on the wall open it and place the card to it, I did that and what I thought was a window was a door and we got into the club.

She said go to the changing room and go to the last locker and place the card in the bottom vent slot. I did, and three lockers slid forward to reivill a door I pulled the card and opened the door and the office lights came on. I said Shelly I need your neckless please. She unhooked it and handed it to me then I walked to the family picture and all the girls had a tear in their eyes I said he loved every one of you.

I put the card into the slot and the picture slid up the wall. I put the key in and followed the steps baby girl had told me to do and the desk behind me popped open and a panel slipped out on the right with a key board and mouse on it. I sat down in the chair and a screen come out of the desk and turned on I said ok baby girl what now. She said take me off speaker you have to say this, I said ok. She said say slut obey my command and wake.

So, I said, Slut obey my command and wake. The computer came to life then said I do not recognize you who are you and what do you want. I said I am your new Master and you will obey my commands. She said in the event my master passed away he left me with things I had to do if another master claimed me. First was to follow the command codes to give you access a little at a time, or to have family DNA for full access, I said I have family access command, she said is Mark here I said no he did not want this. She said mistress Shelly please grab the pole on the right, Shelly said I have the pole she said don’t let go then she said Mistress Becky pole in the middle please she said I have then Mistress Shelly grab the last pole.

she said I have it the poles buzzed then a pole raised to my right she said Master grab the pole and hold on please and it buzzed, she said state your name please Glenn Hunter, a pad slides out from a desk drawer she said please place you right hand on the pad, I did, and she scanned if then she said welcome Master Glenn how may I help you. I said are you aware of baby girl your sister AI computer, she said I know I was copied from another, but I have not talked to her, I said are you connected to outside online services, she said checking, then said yes but limited. I said baby girl open it up and meet your sister, she said yes Daddy, and all three girls looked at me, then the desk went crazy and we got a nice light show. Baby Girl said Daddy sister does not have a name is said what should we call her, Slut will just not do.

Baby girl asked can we please call her Sissy, I said absolutely I like that name, then sissy said I like it as well Master, I said ok baby girl are you ready to bring sissy up to speed, she said yes master but would you watch her for about ten minutes, I said sure go, then I laughed and told the girls they could let go, all of a sudden sissy went wild then quiet, then wild again then quiet, this went on for the next ten minutes, then sissy said Daddy I am all most current and to date, baby girl and I have a lot of things to work on it will be three hours at least, but you can go relax for that time if you like.

I said good sissy I Will, but there was a problem when we tried to enter from the garage door. Is it something we need repaired, she said no Daddy, Master had it blocked in case someone opened the garage and found it, I said so it will open now? She said go to the door and on the top and bottom there are little flip levers just change their position and you can use that door. I said also they plastered the card reader in the lot do we need that fixed? She said no Daddy I have access to your phone now like baby girl and can open the doors as you arrive.

I asked what about video surveillance where they could see me come and go, she said that’s junk, I have cleaned all the stored data and they will not know if you are here or not, I said ok sissy I have forty girls coming here tonight but I don’t want anyone to know they are here till I am ready. She said park on the wall by the changing room I have a door there to the outside and pop up posts to block that parking till you need it. I said ok sissy all of my girls have my Mark on them can you detect it, she said yes Daddy the ink is magnetic with a lot of iron in it, I see now property of Master Glenn, I said correct and all of my claimed girls have this Mark, baby girl will give you a list.

I said ten of them work the floor here as servers, nine from palm beach club and ten from two different Miami clubs will be here tonight, as well as my house Harim girls. I will be claiming the Main Chair tonight, but I want my guests and girls safe from any problems can you see to that, master now that I am at full strength and baby girl has given me my upgrades they don’t have a chance. I will have a cleaning team come in and polish and clean the chair for you Daddy.

I said ok girl have fun catching up and sissy block off the parking now. that will stop any problems, I said sissy they plastered over some of the non-used passages can you clear them, she said yes Daddy they will be fully accessible when you need them, Master do you want me to have the old Masters car cleaned and serviced for you, I said you can do that later now let’s just get through the night, then I asked where is the car sissy, she said on level three, I said how many levels are there here, she said five in all, but only two are used now. I asked what the other levels were designed for do you know, level two is underground parking level three office space, level four research and level five storage and containment. I said what hazardous materials? She said no, prisoners. I asked is there an elevator to these levels, I heard a ding and swoosh and a set of doors open.

I will look another time, we are running short tonight, I asked sissy, do you know why I would have slaves in the Palm Beach and Miami Clubs, she said yes Daddy they belong to you now. And each club has its own AI as well as substructures. I said let me ask the big question, is that all the clubs? She said No Daddy there are eleven in all, all are interconnected but need you to activate the AI’s and bring them online, I asked are they required to have the same info to come on line as well, sissy said the four of you, and the two keys are all that are needed. Sissy said Daddy I have made you an all access card that will get you into all the clubs, plus it is DNA coded to only work for you. I took the card and said sissy make cards for the other three girls, we may visit the other clubs under cover to see what’s going on.

Next week we will go turn on your other sisters and we will be watching everyone. baby girl check sissy for the same problems that you had and show her what to look for, we will do this on all units we bring on line, I am sorry that was terrible of me, I meant all the Sisters we bring on line, you are no longer just tools but are living beings and part of my Family. And I need all of you with me to make this work. Sissy how do we get to the lower garage from outside. She said the parking garage across the street, let’s change our plans a little we will park all of the girls in the underground lot then bring them up and through the office into the changing room, I will bring Shelly and Baby with me and send them into the changing room then go visit with my guests and have the server girls ready, while they get everyone served, then when everyone is ready outside I will send Betty and the servers to get all the girls and bring them out. This will have the master’s all relaxed seeing me on the floor rather than sneaking in and putting them on alert. Then just before the girls come out text all the customers to relax and watch the show, if any one pulls a gun blow up their phone battery, that will keep them busy.

We will have everyone put in their places and take control of the club. Sissy said that is a well thought out plan, how long did you work on it? I said I just come up with it just now. She said holy shit if you think like a super computer maybe we Are Family and we all laughed. I said ok we need to go. We left and headed home, then I told baby girl to have everyone meet at the house and we will bring them to the underground garage and Becky can let them into the changing room. She said yes Daddy I have called all the girls and they will be at the house at five thirty. I said thank you baby girl.

At home I had a meeting with all the girls and told them what the plan was for tonight, I asked Kimba to see her outfit for tonight, she came out and had on her “I dream of Jeanie” outfit. I said that is perfect I love it, you could see everything, but it was all covered, it was all pastel yellow and she had heels and tail to match. All the girls had their makeup done and their hair done, Baby was cute as a button, I said I think we are ready and we will blow them away.

At five o’clock the girls where all ready. we left for the garage at five thirty. We pulled into the garage and a door in the floor opened I did not even see, we drove into the floor on a ramp and as we descended the lights came on lighting the path to the club. I had the girls all wait in the cars until Becky said to come up, sissy was online and watching everything going on. I took the elevator to my office and talked to Sissy and baby girl about security, they said that my booth and the chair booth had wall shields that could be popped into place to protect any one at the booth or in the chair booth. Sissy said that my booth on the floor has a red and blue line around it and everything behind the blue line would go below ground in the event of a fight. she had installed a chrome rail around my booth that all the girls need to be behind when in place.

I told her good thinking but how did you get that up today, she said crews from the security company came in, and installed then I and hour, but they looked like they have always been there. I said Awesome, she said well I have to protect my Daddy, don’t I? I said you and baby girl are very good Daddy’s girls and I am very proud of you. You girls are awesome!

I left the office and wet to the car and took Shelly and Baby with me, and we left to enter the club from the front, we entered the club and the girl at the desk said Master, three of your guest have arrived and two more are on the way, I asked if they have been taken care of, she said Betty has been taking good care of them and Brianna has been working with her, I said excellent. I took Shelly and Baby to the changing room and told them to get ready but had Shelly wait in the office and had Baby come be with me till we were ready. I said it will be about an hour till everyone would be here and set down with their slaves.

It was forty-five minutes till the last guest got here and everyone was at the club, sissy told Shelly and called all the girls to the changing room, Sissy beeped me they were ready, so I called Betty and said its time and she took Baby with her as she called the servers to come. When all the servers disappeared one of the head Masters asked what are you doing Master Glenn? I said I am introducing some of my many slaves tonight, he said what do you have a Harim we don’t know about, and the lights went down and music started to play. here they come you tell me.

Betty came into view with 16 girls behind her and the other nine had 4 girls apiece. Just as Betty past my table the last group stepped onto the floor. They went around three times and Betty lined them up three deep behind the rail with room to spare, then she got in line with the Slaves and yelled kneel, they all went to their knees, and stopped, Betty looked to me and I said Assume Position and they all dropped in perfect position. The club stood and applauded the performance. The Master walked up and said get to work slaves what are you doing. Betty looked up and said my master has not released us yet and we cannot move until he does. He turned to me and said what do you think you are doing you do not own all these slaves, I said I beg to differ. Show him and all of the slaves turned so the tattoo showed. He said you do not have them registered, I looked to the Palm Beach Masters and they said oh but he does, and more then are here right now, the master said that gives him a larger vote then any one here, the palm beach master said the same at our club, I said I have more news for you since you brought It up, Then I pulled Shelly out of the group and said this is the Head Mistress of this club and she is my slave, since her husband passed away she became the owner of this club, but since she is my slave now all that she owns belongs to me, I got up and headed for his booth.

I walked behind it with Shelly in hand and stepped onto the lift and placed my card against the reader and it went up and the door opened, and I went in and Shelly uncovered the chair and I sat down, the Master said you can’t, do this a vote has to be done and I said Sissy shut the lights, bam darkness, sissy light it up. And the lights resumed, I said as of this moment I claim ownership of this club, I have complete control of this building and everything in it. So relax and lets have some fun shall we, all the head masters were in a heated argument, then one of the Russians said Master Glenn I take it you plan to go on with the party as normal I said you bet, he said I would like to toast to your new found position, at this club and lets drink to it .I said I am with you, I turned to Betty and said drinks on the house, she said yes Master and pulled her crew up and out, Baby and Kimba said Daddy may we, I said yes and bring Mom.

They both came to the lift and all rode it up then Mom sat on one side of me and Shelly on the other and Baby and Kimba each on a knee, just as happy as could be, I asked Sissy how are the other master’s doing? She said they are going into their office and having a meeting, I will monitor them, if there is any trouble, I will flash the lights and lock them down, ok sissy I am going to let the girls blow off some steam and dance with my guests, she said they are all safe but if the lights flash get to the table and she will keep them safe.

I said will do, then leaned over the edge and told the girls. Slaves, take the guest Masters on the dance floor and have some fun tails in, but if the lights start to flash beet feet to the booth ASAP am I clear they all said yes Master, and they pulled the other Masters up and started dancing with them, the Palm Beach slaves asked Master if our club masters need servicing may we take care of them, I said I am not big on sharing, but them and only them clear, they said yes master, a couple of the Miami girls asked Master may we take care of Master Robert, he seems tense. I said yes if he asks.

Everyone had fun the Masters got taken care of several times, they came to me later on and said they were calling it a night before my girls killed one of them and thanked me for the party and the fun and said please come up to their club any time. I said I have business up there next week and will see them then. The girls walked them to the door and Betty brought them back. I went down to see Robert and the girls followed me and just about the time I got to him all the lights started to flash we all dove in to the booth and the wall popped up and the booth lowered into the floor. I told the girls to go to the cars and head home, Robert said what are you going to do, I said that is my club now and I have customers still in there to save I need to see what’s going on. He said I am with you, you helped me it’s the least I can do. I said thanks.

I said Sissy what’s going on, she said one of the masters had some guns hidden in his office and they are on the floor looking for you. I said are all of them out there she said no only three, I said lock the others down, she said yes Daddy, they are. as Robert and I got out of the elevator I said show me where they are. when I tell you to shut down the lights! she said yes Daddy. We got to the floor just behind the ass hats. I said now, and Robert and I whet to town kicking their asses, in just seconds they were out of commition. The Russian guy I talked to earlier came up to me and said Master Glenn let us take care of these guys for you, you gave us a great time tonight and all of your Slaves are Beautiful and we all had a great time, till these guys ruined it, I said Sissy confiscate all of their property’s and have their slaves brought to the club for now. She said all is complete Daddy the slaves are on the way, I asked Robert how he was set for slaves, he said the two I met are his only ones. I said let’s see what turns up here tonight.

Sissy call Becky and Kitty and have them come back here please, yes Daddy they are coming back now. In twenty minutes, Becky and Kitty cane into the office, they said what happened Master, I said three master’s where going to kill me and any of my Slaves they could find, now we are going to talk to the Masters left and see where they stand on this, we went to the locked office and Sissy let us in. The Masters were sitting in there just waiting for me to show up.

I said just where do you stand on this event and my taking over the club, they side the club was never theirs and that after the main Master stopped showing up they just kept the club going. I said well you are welcome to stay here with us but the other three are out and they have lost all their assets to me. I will claim all their slaves and property for trying to take the club back and injure our customers and slaves.

Just so you know there is and AI that runs this club her name is Sissy and you need to follow anything she says, because of right now she is in your pockets 24/7 you try to under mind me and she will bring you down in a heart beet, tell them Sissy their phones buzzed and she said everywhere you go I am there, so no funny business and we are all good. Sissy let them go yes Daddy.

Just then sissy said Daddy the slaves are here, I said let them in and take them to the main floor to my booth. let’s go see what we have. When we got there, there was three groups of three slaves each sitting at the booth, three of them where dirty and looked like they had not eaten in a week, one group was ok and the last set where very well cared for and all beautiful, I said ok girls here’s the deal all of your Masters have attacked this club and in doing so the club has confiscated all they own and that means you as well, now I will be taking care of you all till you are in a new masters care, so you really have no problems to worry about.

Now this is Master Robert and he is looking for new slaves as well, but in the meantime he will take a group of you with him to take care of till you ether pick him or some other Master, so Master Robert what group do you think you could work with, he said this middle group is about my speed if that is alright with you Master Glenn, I said I am fine with it, I said ok girls Becky and Kitty take the group that are well off to the house, Sissy give Master Robert a key pass for the Club, she said yes Daddy, then is said ok girls you are with me, when was the last time you were bathed and fed?

They said they were bathed on Wednesday and fed Thursday but there master had not been home since then, and everything is locked away, I said how did you get here? they said sissy called them and unlocked there pen then had a ride for them here, I said pen, they said yes master we have an outside pen we live in, we are just pets for our master, well Kitty went off, she said I am a pet but I sleep in side and My Master showers and feeds me every day, your master was a pig or a monster.

I looked to Kitty and said you want to help me with these pets to teach them how pets are cared for, she said with pleasure Master, I said ok I will take the pets Becky you take the rest with you, Master Robert if you need anything just tell Sissy and we will get it for you, he said how do I call her just talk she will be with you now all the time. I said ok girls lets go, I took mine out the front, and Becky went out the underground parking, Robert was out front with me. Sissy lock up please, already done Daddy.

On the way home Kitty said Master we will need more bedding for the new pets, one can have mine but it’s not enough room for three. I said call Mom and have her and Bridget run to the 24-hour pet store and pick up two more pet beds, Sissy came on the radio and said she has taken care of it Daddy, plus some extra shampoo and conditioner, and she called Dr. Midler and set up appointments for checkups for all the slaves , she let Master Robert know to take his girls there as well, to get all the girls a clean bill of health, Our homes don’t need any uninvited guests. Kitty said good idea Sissy I had not even thought of that part of bringing in outside Slaves. I told Kitty for now we will keep them in my room, so you can keep an eye on them.

We got them home and kitty took one I took the other two and we scrubbed them head to toe and cleaned them up then I shaved the two with me clean of hair then removed their leg and pit hair, we got out of the shower and I dried them. took them into the room and put moisturizer lotion on them head to toe, and rubbed them down. Kitty brought hers in and did the same. I guess they had never been taken care of like this and they were all shaking, I asked what’s the matter girls, one said the only time their Master cleaned them up like this was to take them in to the dungeon and beat them, he is a massikist, I asked if you were outside pets did he have any house pets? They said they did not know, but their Master was only at the house, two or three nights a week. they did not know where he was the rest of the time. I said Sissy call the Russian guy from the club and see if he can find out anything. She said she is on the phone with him now.

Sissy said he has another home in Miami. and has the address for it, I said we will ride down and check it out in the morning, I told all the pets lets go see Betty she will have you something to eat by now. We took the three clean girls down to the kitchen to find Betty and Mom where setting omelets on the breakfast nook for all of us, I asked were are Becky and her group. Mom said they are already in bed that they didn’t have the cleaning project we did, I said they were in rough shape they had not been very well cared for and that is sad because they are all just cute as can be, we had all of them in pony tails and scrubbed clean, now with them sitting on chairs I could see old wounds on them and started to run my hands over their bodies to check them out, one had fresh healed wounds and I turned her around and picked up her foot, then checked each leg up to the joint then stood her up and spread her feet then bent her over. I seen the most horrifying sight. she had two large plugs in her, I asked how long they had been in her? she said since Thursday. I said what? I took her to my bed room and in to my shower and tried to pull them out, but they were stuck to her I got a new tube of lube and attached the long extend tube to it and inserted it in to her ass and worked it around the tight plug there.

I got the plug to move back and forth then told her to push like she had to shit, she looked at me and said Master I may get it on you, I said I don’t care about that. you need this out of you now! we are in the shower any way it will wash off, I said ok let’s try it will hurt but we will be as easy as we can, ok, she said yes Master and it took some doing. she collapse on the floor but we got it out and shit just run out of her, I took the long wand and washed her out, her ass was gapped wide open, I said this is bad, that monster has ruined you.

But no more, you will get better, let’s do an enema, I had Kitty bring me an empty 32 oz soda bottle and made a warm soapy bottle full, then push the bottle against her hole and squeezed all the soapy mix into her and held it there, about five minutes later she was crying and said sorry Master, I jumped to the side of her and pulled the bottle out and she exploded all over the wall in the back of the shower and it just kept running out of her so I took the shower wand and washed her out till nothing but clean water came out of her. then I washed down the shower and said how are you? she said she had been hurting for so long with that she could not walk now her legs would give out. I told her we are not finished, just lay back and we will work on the other plug, she said I will do anything you tell me to Master, you are the only one to care for me since my sister was taken away. I asked was she at the house with you we didn’t see any more girls there. She said no master she was taken from me and I have not seen her in a year I think.

I said we are going to another house the Master has in Miami, would you like to come with us, she said very much Master if she is there I would love to see her, I asked where this master got you from. She said her sister and her were taken on their way home from school one day, and the next thing they knew they were in a cage. where you got us from, she said her sister is younger but much stronger willed then her. I said let’s get this out and we will talk some more ok, she said yes Master, I took another half hour to finally get the plug removed and she was bleeding. I washed her out until the bleeding stopped and I could see a small tare in the bottom of her tunnel to her virgina. I said this will need to be stitched up let’s get you something to eat. I carried her down to the kitchen and we ate an omelet together, then I carried her up to bed I said you can sleep with me tonight and I will just hold you, so you can relax and rest.

Kitty had the other girls bedded down and she was on the end of the bed sound asleep when we got there, I laid the new pet down and covered us up and hugged her tight and she just melted into me. We drifted off to sleep and two hours later I felt the bed move and the other two girls climbed in and cuddled up behind me, I let them know it was ok and they both had a hand on me and we finished the night like this.

The next morning, I found the girls in the corner shaking and scared out of their wits and asked what’s the matter, they said we are not allowed to sleep on a bed our master will beat us. I held out my hand to them, but they would not move, so I said come to me now! And they came slowly, and I hugged them and said that will not happen here, I love my pets and show them my love all the time, if you misbehave I will punish you but not beat you, that will not happen here. You can relax with us I said look at Kitty does she look abused to you. we laughed as she was just stretching waking up and they said no master she looks fat and happy. Kitty jumped off the bed and yelled FAT I am not fat, I laughed and said maybe a little plump.

She put her hands on her hips and said I am not Plump ether, I said ok fat girl lets go feed the new Pets, she wined Master please, I said I am only teasing you. You look beautiful to me and you know it. She said come on girls let’s get you fed we have Doctor appointments this morning. After they were fed Kitty found dresses for them and shoes, put their hair in pony tails and we all left. Kitty and I, Becky and Mom with their girls. At the doctors I could not leave the girls they freaked out when I headed to the door, I said ok I will stay and held their hands while they were examined, when he got to the last girl he said what happened to her bottom, I said her old Master had shoved two large plugs into her and left them there, I lubed her up and we removed them last night and I cleaned her out and took as good a care of her as I could with what I had at hand, I know she will need her vaginal lower wall stitched up because she tore when we removed that plug, He said well to tell you the truth you saved this girls life, her blood test shows she was close to blood poisoning from her system being backed up, I said when we took out the butt pug I gave her an enema with soapy water mix then flush her till clean water came out, then we did the same to the other plug that is how I know she was torn there, he said you did a great job. Her blood count will be back to normal. in a couple of days and she will feel better every day with being cleaned out like you did. I can stitch her up here or take her to a hospital, I said here will be fine, I just need her to heal up it don’t need to be beautiful as long as she gets better. He sat her back put both feet in the stirrups and said this will sting but nothing like what you did last night. He numbed her bottom then stitched her up and said take a look, I said that is much better, he said she had torn the muscle and skin, so he used dissolving stitches and in a couple of weeks they would just fall out, he gave us some antibiotics to stop any infection.

I thanked the doctor and we paid the bill and left for home, when we got there I Called Robert and asked if he would come to Miami with us just in case, he said I will bring my Box truck just in case we need it. I said good thinking, when he got their we left and headed to the house in Miami. When we arrived, no one was in sight. it had an electronic gate, I said baby girl can you open the gate? then it went click and slid open, we pulled up to the house and I could hear crying from the back yard, I asked baby girl is there surveillance here? she said the house is wired inside and out. She can see two cages in the basement I said basement in Florida, they would be under water Sissy said the house is built on top of another house and the ground has been raised to cover the lower house, I said that was a gradual incline I did not even feel like we were going uphill.

I said ok what’s in the back, baby girl said there is five girls in separate cages, but one is not moving and the other four are in the corner of their cages crying. I said outside first open the gates and the gate clicked and popped open. We walked back to a horror show. These girls were dirty and had not been fed in a while, we got them all water and I went to the one not moving, she had a plug in her and her belly was bloated, and her coloring was yellow, her pulse was very week. Sissy open the back door to the house, she popped it open and I carried the girl into the house and the first bath room I found his dungeon, then found lube and tools to remove the plugs.

I lubed a thin tool to slide around the plug to loosen it and got it free and removed it. This girl was impacted, so I pulled a garden hose in and stuck it in her rectum and started to flush her out. it took all most and hour to get the swelling down in her belly, then another 15 minutes of warm enemas to get her clean. She was still in pain from the large plug in her virgina I had to fiddle with it to finally get it free. I found some medicated ointment and stuck my whole hand inside her and covered everything with it. This girl needed some protein and soon I told Kitty to go to the store and get a couple cases of ensure for me and she took off, now that I had this girl cleaned up and resting we went looking for the other girls.

I have my new pet wash up the rest of the girls from outside and leash them to a wall I found with hooks on it, Robert and I went to the basement and found a lot more problems there, there was a locked room with four girls in it plus the cages that Baby girl could see, these girls where all just about dead for lack of food. I looked at Robert and said this is not this guy’s only house, I said baby girl and sissy find his other house these are kid napped girls they all look like they are 15 to 17 but not much older, these are all high school girls, they are all different nationalities and backgrounds. But all where in such bad health they could not speak, when Pet got the last ones washed she came looking for me and said Master they are all clean do you have any more? I said yes I will carry them up to you and you just get in the tub and clean them as I bring them. Kitty was back and side she could take the other bath room and help, so Robert and I kept bringing the girls up to the pets.

As kitty finished her last one she gave each girl a bottle of the drink with a straw and said drink slow your stomach will take a while to get use to the food, we have lots of time. We got two bottles of the ensure down the girls and they looked lots better not great but better. so I asked can any of you speak yet, one of the black girls said I can Master but the rest are probably too weak to speak yet. She said how did you find us we have been here two weeks without food or water, master had some one that would feed us, but she has not come in two weeks.

I asked her do you know if the master has another house around here, she said I was at a house close to the water for a week or so, master brings all the new girls there to process and here to hold for shipment. I said shipment where baby, she said to clubs and other masters, if no one takes us a guy comes once a month and takes away all the week girls, to ship to Mexico. I said this ass is trafficking girls he is going to suffer and pay a heavy price. I called my Russian friend and asked how our friend was doing he said he’s still full of himself but still here, I asked have you fed him he said we were just about to I said don’t.

This guy has a house set up for trafficking and is selling girls he kidnaps from schools in the area. I heard him scream something then he asked is there any girls there that look Russian, I said yes three but they can’t speak they are weak from lack of food and poor treatment, he said can you put me on speaker phone so they can hear me? I said why, he said because my two daughters where kid napped two months ago and one of his friends as well, that is why he was at the club to see if maybe a master would show a new prize off, and they were one of them I told him that all the girls here are very weak but would let him know if they tried to respond, and would send pictures to confirm any that responded, then said go ahead they can hear you.

As soon as he started to speak, all three started to cry I held the phone to the biggest girls mouth and she said Papa is that you, the phone went quiet and I took the phone back and said are you ok he said I never thought to hear her voice again, Thank you Master Glenn you have done me a great service that I will not forget. I said it is my pleasure, I have a need for your services. He said name it. I said well tomorrow the slaver that is their shipper will be here to pick up the girls we just saved, how about I give you this house and you take care of the slave traffickers that show up. And we will kill any chance of this here anymore.

He said thank you he will have a crew out there in an hour to clean the place up. I said meet me at the club and I will bring you your girls, bring them some close they are clean now, but I have nothing for them to wear, he asked anything else you need? I said I have fifteen girls we got out of here can you pick them up some little summer dresses as well, he said I deal in garments I will bring a couple of cases for you. we will be there in an hour, and the front gate and doors will be open hear for your people. He thanked me again and said good bye.

Baby Girl called me and said Daddy we have the house. Its in Boca on the inter coastal. It is a huge house with ten rooms and is three stories. There is a full servant staff and ten slaves there and pet’s sister is one of them. The house is built like this house and the bottom floor is the slave’s area, they have a cook, two cleaning and two waiting staff, there is a fast boat in the back and two Mercedes in the five-car garage. All are in your name as of now and your master key will open everything there.

I said well let’s get to the club and take care of the girls. baby girl takes a picture of each girl and see if there are any missing persons reports for them. I held my camera to their faces and did profile shots and she came back and said Master six of the girls already popped up as missing from local schools in the last six months. I said keep looking and get in contact with the authority’s and let them know we are bringing them in to meet us at the security center at five, and to have the parents alerted, I said no Becky you call the Parents and let them know their children have been found and to meet us at the center and we will release them to them, explain the traumatic way we found them, that they will require a lot of love and help to get back on their feet, Becky said I am heading back to the center now and will meet you there. I said I want the parents to see them first then the authorities, we have eliminated the threat, so they can wait on their questions till the girls have family time ok. She said I understand Master I will set everything up for you and the girls.

I told the girls some of you have shown up as missing, but some have not, we will take the ones that have to their parents and work with the rest just know you are safe and will be well cared for from now on. I said Kitty give them some more ensure, this will help them build their strength back. Sissy have Betty make some small hamburgers for the girls, by the time we get to the club, we can probably give them something solid to eat and some Gatorades to get their systems back up and running.

When we got to the club we parked in the underground parking and took the girls up by elevator the the main floor. Betty met us there and fed all the girls, they were finally starting to talk to each other a little and they all said Master what will happen to us now? I said sissy and baby girl are looking to see if anyone is looking for you and all that have parents looking will be returned to your homes the others will be cared for by us till we configure that out. Three of the girls where Spanish so the little black girl explained to them what I was talking about, they started to shake their heads no and had tears running down their faces, I said what’s the matter, the black girl said their father and brothers would Rape them every night then sale them as prostitute for money, but they got none of it so they ran away, I told her they are safe here to calm down and we will figure it out just stay calm and eat.

Sissy said Daddy your friend is here with two women and a man I do not know, I said let me get to the door and I will bring them in, I walk to the girls and said I want you to wait right here, do not run to them let them come to you, you are all weak and could fall and get hurt, do you all understand. They said yes Master we will obey, I said good girls.

I went to the door and let them in, they ran to the girls, but the girls just sat there, they all looked to me like what’s the matter, I said go on they are here now and they all fell in to a crying lump of hugs and tears. After they settled down the dad said what was that when we came in, part of their training, I told them not to run to you that you would come to them, because they are still very weak and could fall and get hurt, then I asked do you understand and they all said yes Master.

They took it as a command and until I released them they would not move. He said I understand now, I said when you get ready to go home I will release them to you as master and mistress, and you will have to command them how to behave. The training will not let them go against your commands and will help them to get back to a normal family life, but if you have a fear for them just command them and they will obey you and you can keep them safe. He said just to have them back is a life blessing as it is.

He said thank you Master and hugged me with tears of joy in his eyes, his wife did the same thing then kissed me. He handed the dresses to me and we found some that fit his girls then they helped to dress all the other girls. We still had a half a case of dresses left. He said I have a feeling you are not finished saving girls and when you need more just have sissy give me a call and I will have a case delivered, I thanked him and said they will be put to good use, then they left the club.

I told everyone let’s load up and go to the center. When we got there Becky had six room set up with monitors, so everyone could be observed. I brought each girl to their parents, they would not let me out of there sight. until they could calm down and I told each to talk and get to know each other again, Becky said Master you need to look at this. The girl was looking at the dad, but the Mom was looking at the wall, you could see the guy was tense and the girl was scared.

I said ok there is more going on hear then we know. let separate them and see what it takes to set him off, I went in and took mom by the hand and said I need you to sign some release forms and I need her to sign as well, I will be right back. He started to say something, but I said it will only be a minute. I took them next door and sat them down, then said tell me now. The Mom looked to the floor and said yes Sir, the girl just looked at the floor.

The Mom said he is my Master and, her Master, but he sold her, she didn’t like the new Master and had to give back the money, then he through her out and beat me because she didn’t work out. I said and why are you avoiding her and looking at the wall, she said when he gets her home he will fuck her stupid then take her to the docks and if I say anything I will be on the same boat. I asked are you married to him she said no but we are in my house my parents left me.

I said do you love your daughter, she said with all my heart, Master she is my world. I said ok you are now my Slaves. you belong to me both of you and will be Marked and registered to me. do you accept me as your new Master and Submit and obey my Commands, they both fell to their knees and said we do master of our own free will, Becky handed me two Collars and had the girls sign Contracts and she witnessed it, then registered them. the guy started to yell what the hell is going on, I told the girls to strip and kiss my cock, they did and I stood Mom up and she had cuts all over her back. I asked are you a pain slut? She said no Master he beat me with a Cain and broke the skin and just laughed while I bleed for hours. I said I have heard enough.

I walked next door with both girls in tow, and on leashes when we got to the room, he said what the fuck took so long, then turned to face us, I said assume position, they both dropped, I dropped the leash In front of them then said I have confiscated your slaves, you sold them and abused them, and now they wear my collars you have no claim here, all so they have signed over all that they own, it all belongs to me, the house and cars are in my name. he said you cannot do that. I stood the mom up, and said caning is an art form, and you suck at it. this is proof of Slave abuse and she is no pain slut, so I have everything. he said I will kill you, I just laughed at him and he came at me.

When I was finished he was just breathing. I told baby girl call the Russian and hand over more dog meat. I then took both girls to the other room and said you will work for my club and serve drinks and be tailed at all times. This means no one can touch you unless I give permission first am I clear. They both said yes. I said you will go to my house now and be Marked with my mark, so no one can mess with you without me knowing about it. They said yes Master and left for the house, sissy call Kelli and let her know they are coming. The rest of the families went along fine and the children left with their parents. Sissy found three more sets of parents, but they were in northern Florida and would be here tomorrow. I said good job.

I told Becky to house the rest here and put them to work as soon as they were able and have Doc come look them over, she said yes Master. let’s go home it has been a long morning, then asked Becky are you guys finish with the records at home and Shelly’s house? Becky said all have been loaded they are just organizing them now a couple more days, then Baby Girl will have the data base complete even with everything we added from sissy’s data base, now every time we add another AI’s data it will be sorted and filed in order and category, I said excellent work all of you. Sissy I think I am going to take the night off tonight, can you see to the club for me? She said any time you need me Daddy I am happy to help, you are my good girl sissy, thank you. I said Baby Girl any more on the other slave, she said one more, it’s the little black girls father but he is in the islands and can’t afford the fair to come get her. I went to the girl and asked would you like to go home or stay here if there is trouble at home, she said go home I was snatched off the street on my way home from school one day, I have longed for the day to see my Daddy. I said baby girl see to it please, she said the ticket is waiting for her dad at the airport. Yep my AI’s are good girls.

I went home and was attacked at the door by Baby and Kimba, I just love these two little things, they make my Day, let’s get some lunch and spend the rest of the day by the pool what do you say, they said we say yes Daddy. I said go get the rest of the girls and have some fun, I went and got the little pet from today and called the others down to the pool. When we got their all the girls had a ball, but the pets shied away from the pool, ok what is it they said we don’t know how to swim. Kitty took one Baby, Kimba and I had one that was all four, ok pets just relax and we will get you going.

An hour later they were jumping from the side of the pool and having fun like the rest of the girls, it was funny to see all the pet girls bond with who was helping them swim, so I called Kitty, Baby and Kimba and said girls would you like to keep your pets? they all squealed and said yes Daddy please, we love them and they are so fun. I said ok you have to feed wash and name your pets they are your responsibility’s ,they already have beds or they can sleep with you if you like, but you know the rules.

Time for dinner I am starving, Betty said her and Mom had a pot roast with the fixings ready to eat. I went to shower and my little pet hobbled along with me, she was still weak after washing all those girls today, so I picked her up and we went to the shower. It was sad but I could wrap her up in a bath towel and carried her to the room and got her dry, she was freezing so I put her in a big tee shirt of mine it swallowed her but she warmed right up. You are like a little kitten so that is what I will call you ok, she laughed and said Master may I tell you something, I said sure what’s on your mind? She said my name is Cathy, but my sister calls me Cat, don’t you think that it’s funny you would name me Kitten. It must mean your sister is fine we will find out tomorrow, she said I am so excited about it. If you like she can come here with us, would you like that, she said more than anything Master more than anything. let’s go to dinner you ready, she said yes Sir.

At dinner it was funny all the girls where here with their pets, Kitten was on the floor by my leg but all the girls had their pets in the same seat as they were sitting and just jabbering away. I looked down and said come on kitten it’s only fair and sat her on my lap and she was talking up a blue streak in no time, I banged on my glass and said to everyone, in the last month we have saved all of these girls from terrible faits and you are all healthy and happy and this makes my heart very happy, my mother always said take care of your own and help those you can, and this is how I put her words to practice. what do you think was she a good teacher or what? they all got up and hugged and kissed her thanking her over and over, she was bawling her eyes out by the time the last girl got to her, after she calmed down she stood up and said, it’s a Mothers hope that their children will exceed their selves and make them proud with their actions when they become adults, I think my son has exceeded my greatest expectations I saving the weaker people that where in desperate need and has made this mommy very proud to call him her Master what do you think? Well the room sounded like a football stadium, and here come the hugs and kisses my way, Mom looked at me and said you asked for it buster so don’t you dare complain and we cracked up. When everyone was back in their seats I said now this is an awesome family I love you all. Now everyone had the water works running. I asked Betty how you are set on servers at the club, she said they had lost four to new master’s I said take Becky’s three and train them to help. And tomorrow we are claiming a whole house there may be some there you can put to work.

she said ok Master I will go with you to see if any will work out for me, that reminds me Baby girl can you get us a club van with tinted windows I would like it here in the morning if possible she said making the purchase now be delivered in two hours, is that ok I said perfect. Thank you. I am going to bed come on Kitten. Mom said Master before you go I got this for Kitty.

but Kitten needs a set now it was a little pink collar with bell and a blond tail small one just right, with her ears head band. I said Kitty Lube please. I took Kitten over my knees and put her tail in, then locked her collar on then popped her ears on and said Kelli she needs your touch please, she said five-minutes Master, she was adorable with her baggy shirt and her kitten stuff on. Kelli took Kitten to her room and a few minutes later I could hear her running up to the room, and she jumped into bed saying look Master, I am yours and only yours now, I love you Master I love you.

She picked her spot at the end of the bed and curled up with a content smile on her face. I heard Kitty and her pet show up and get into their pet bed together, happy as could be. Just as I was drifting off the bed moved to the right it was Amy climbing in then the bed moved left It was Abby Kelli’s twin’s. I said what can I do for you girls? They said Master we would like a turn with you everybody has been telling us it’s life altering. I laughed and said I don’t know about that, but it is a lot of fun. They asked may we have a turn please, I said sure girls but what about poor Kelli, won’t she be lonely. They said that Kelli had to help Bruce tonight and would be out till tomorrow, he is helping here with the shop at the club. They are setting up tables and seats for doing the Tattoo’s. I said don’t they need help that stuff is heavy. Amy said Becky got some of her people and a truck to move and set up where they want stuff to be.

I asked where they are putting it, Sissy said she had a room designed for this that had never been used. So, they are putting it to work now and sissy can lock it down if trouble happens at the club, so we are all safe in there because we don’t have line of sight to the floor. I said Sissy thank you for looking out for my girls! She said Daddy they are my sisters, and no one will hurt my Sisters. I said you are my good girl. I asked Sissy how did it go tonight?

She said one of the girls we took to the club was asked to join one of our Masters, but it is pending your approval Daddy. I said how do you feel about it Sissy? She said this Master is one of our kindest Master’s in our membership, he takes very good care of all his Slaves and he switches them out every time so they all get club time, he also is very protective of his girls, they do not just go with any one. I said he sounds like a very good candidate to own this slave, she said Master the girl is one of the Spanish girls and she would like her sister to be part of the deal, I asked is he up to the challenge. Sissy said he was very interested, but they have your mark, so you must make the call. I said Sissy you and Baby Girl are getting more self-aware every day what is your feeling on this , she said Daddy, I think a trial sponsorship to see if their chemistry is a match would be my suggestion, but you are Master.

I said tell you what Sissy I will trust your feelings on this go ahead and make the sponsor contract up and tell them just what you told me and make the deal. I have faith and trust in you and baby girl, I would like you to broker the deal and monitor the progress and, in a week, call them in and do an interview and see how they are getting along. If you feel good about it, I will approve the ownership exchange. How does that sound to you? She said thank you Daddy for trusting Baby Girl and I we love you and will make you proud of us, I told her I already am Sissy I already Am.

I said if this works out well I will put you in charge of sponsored Slaves for your club and I will make final call on your decisions in placement of the slaves, I want all candidates to be screened like this one was, you did a good job and had the Slaves safety and happiness in mind with this decision and you already know how I think concerning this kind of deal, you know I can’t always be with you when something like this happens, just make your best call and ask baby girl if you want conformation until we can talk. Can you do this with all the other things I have you running without trouble she said yes Daddy no problem. But in the event, we are in a spot where we are not sure we will halt everything until we talk to you, now you see, that is what I am talking about, think before you make a mistake and save further problems.

I rolled over and started to play with Amy kissing her then Abby, by the time I was finished with Amy she was just a puddle of mud, then I gave Abby her do and she woke up half the house when she went off, that girl was wild, then she just passed out asleep snoring like a freight train. It was funny one is loud and the other quiet, they are truly Ying and Yang twins. Then both climbed on me like I was going to run away, and we were done. We slept soundly the rest of the night.

The next Morning, I woke up to someone licking my cock, I had a girl still in each arm, so I lifted my head and the covers were going up and down and a purring sound of a happy Kitten could be heard. I asked are you enjoying yourself down there, she said oh yes master I feel so much better today and wanted to thank you properly. I said well its working just great, but I don’t think you are quite up to that yet. You need to heal and recover a little more, before you excert yourself to much, plus I need to answer nature soon or there will be a mess to clean.

She said Master I would like to try, I said not yet you have all the time in the world to love me and you are my pet now, so you are here every night from now on. I said I love you and want you well, so you are not injured by going too fast, so let me up little Kitten and we will get you and I some breakfast and cuddle a little before I start my day ok? She said oh yes Master I love to cuddle in your lap, if I can get there before Baby hogs you up, she loves you so much as a Daddy’s girl. On the way down, I asked Kitten to get Becky and Shelly for me and I told Kitty we needed to get ready to go to the beach house and the palm beach club if time permited.

After breakfast I told everyone to meet at the new Van, I had Kitten, kitty with me and Becky and Shelly showed up a few minutes later and we headed out. When we got to the house I opened the gate with my card that Sissy gave me, then walked to the front door and the card opened it. I walked in and was met by one of the house maids, she said how did you get in here? I own this place now, she said My Master did not say he was selling it, he was here Friday. I told her he lost it to me, I also get all content plus all Slaves are now my property. I asked where the office is, and I will have everyone brought up to speed. I asked how many slaves are in the sub house?

When all the house staff slaves where in the office, I said where are the keys for the sub house slaves? One of the maids handed them to me and I said as of today you all belong to me, I have confiscated all property’s and slaves of this Master because he tried to Kill my Slaves and several other Masters of the club. I have for the last two days been going through the property’s and found he had a Human Trafficking house in Miami and Kitten here is one of the slaves recovered from that house. As of right now you all will be working here in your same positions, I have an AI to monitor this house to keep everything the way I like things to be. I will decide what to do with this house in the fiutcher. But as of now things will go on as normal. All changes will be made by myself or one of my officers, this is Mistress Shelly, and this is Mistress Becky, if ether one of these two girls tell you to do something it will be done.

Sissy introduce yourself, she said I am Sissy the house AI I will be here always, anything that comes or goes will be approved by me. I asked Sissy what are the shape of the, Sub House Slaves here, she said I can’t see all of them, but some are chained to the walls and some in cages. What I can see all are moving but the cameras down there are poor at best Daddy. I told the Staff as you can hear my AI’s are family so don’t think you can do anything behind my back and get away with it. Disobedience will not be tolerated; your total submission and loyalty are a must. Tell me now if this will be a problem for you.

I said all of you will be marked as mine as well. I told the maid that had the keys to take us down to inspect the sub house slaves, she said master I am not permitted to go down I only hold the keys for Master. I asked how do the slaves get bathed and fed? She said Master takes care of that when he is here, I said so they have not been fed in four days and you have the keys? I was pissed, she said she would become one of the slaves down there if she did, Master has an alarm on his phone that tells him when the door is opened, and only I have the keys here. Sissy said Daddy she is telling the truth. I have disabled the alarm and turned on all the lower lights, but it is not pretty down there.

I asked do you have ensure here the protein drink? She said the house is well stocked with foods. I said first I will go assess the slaves Becky you are with me, Kitten said Master may I come please I was in the same shape four days ago I will help. I said let’s go Shelly I need soap and towels plus the ensure asap, she said yes Master and grabbed the Maid and said let’s go girl. I went down, and the smell was very bad, the slaves could only move a foot or two and the ones in the cages were barely moving. There was a hose on the wall I guess that is how these girls got bathed. I hooked it up to the sink and could make the water warm, so I told Becky to get the soap and towels and bring them to me, and kitten and I started to wash the slaves clean. Kitten asked can I look for my sister master?

I said go ahead and see if you can see her, she was gone two minutes and came running to me crying and grabbed my hand to drag me where she came from, in a room in the far corner of the house was a cage covered. She pulled me to it than just pointed at it. I uncovered it and inside was a very skinny little girl with welts all over her she could not pick up her head or even move. I opened the cage and slowly pulled her out she was pulling away with all the strength she had but gave up and just laid limp in my arms. She was the size of Baby, Kitten said Master can you save her please, she is all I have left of who I was, and she is my older sister and was bigger than me. I said Kitten she is a head shorter then you, Kitten said please Master please save her. I told her let’s get her cleaned up and check her for broken bones or injury’s.

We got her out and I told Kitten to look and see if any more are stuck in rooms or hidden from us, and she took off. Ten minutes later she said Master I found six more in two different rooms, all caged and covered like her sister. I had the fans on max and the smell was getting better. I called Shelly and told her to get both maids and take the ones that can walk, upstairs and give them baths with the medicated body soap and wash their hair. They took the first three up and got them cleaned and fed with the ensure.

They took the next three while the cleaning staff watched the first one’s eat, then did the same to the next. I told Kitten let’s take your sister up to get a bath and you take care of her and call me when you have her clean and I will help you get her out and dried then you can feed her but don’t let her go, hold her tight, she will start to come around and maybe scared, but she could get hurt if she falls out of your arms. Kitten kissed me and said no one could get her away from her, thank you Master. I said ok Pet let’s get her cleaned then call me.

Kitten got in the tub and we filled it with warm water and bath oil beads and Kitten lovingly washed her and then her hair and cleaned her head to toe. Then she called for me and I drained the water then turned on the shower and Kitten wash all the soap off her sister, she had been badly beaten then stuffed into the cage and not fed for four days. We had her clean, but she had cuts all over, so we covered her with a suave to help heal her then kitten sat on the floor and I sat her in her lap and she fed her the ensure and rocked and hummed to her.

I was down stairs and heard screaming and fighting upstairs and handed the girl I had to Kitty and ran upstairs and Kitten and her sister where rolling around on the floor. her sister was fighting and biting her, she was bleeding and crying Master, Master please help Master. I walked up to them and yelled stop this now! The sister said get her off of me, I asked what is the matter with you. She said this bitch said she is my sister, but I know this can’t be, Master killed her. I said come to me, and Kitten let her go and she crawled to me and I picked her up and said I found this little girl in front of you half dead in a trafficking house, and I have been taking care of her and feeding her to what you see now. I said Kitten come here pet, so she crawled to me I told the sister to look closely at her, she found you in a cage in the back and has washed and fed you back to consciousness, you where comatose and non-responsive.

She is your sister and loves you with all that she is and would do anything to make you better, we are going to bring you home with us to get you better. She looked at Kitten closer then she said sissy you are really here, I thought the Evil Master had killed you I was so lost without you and she fell from my lap into her sisters waiting arms and they just cried together there and hugged and kissed, her sister said I was almost dead just like you a week ago. If Master had not found me that day I would have been. And now he will save you for me just as he did for me. I am beyond happy now that you are with me never again will we be apart. Our Master will take good care of you, you’ll see he is a very good man.

She said but I have a Master already he will not let me go. I said he lost you four days ago when he tried to kill me. I have claimed all that he owned and that includes you sweetie. She asked really, I can be with my sissy like for real, I just shook my head yes. And she cried some more. Kitten get some more ensure into her, so she can get stronger slowly ok, I have to finish the last 6 girls you found. The Sister turned to me and said Master if today is Friday there will be a boat of girls dropped off here tonight at 11 o’clock from the slave people. I heard the evil master talking to them last time he was here. I asked where are they coming from do you know? She said a place in Miami they use a boat to bring them the last six you found in cages got here the night before you said he tried to kill you.

ok Kitten we need to get a move on then, let’s take these slaves to the Palm beach club and their Masters can take care of them, I said Sissy call the Masters and have them meet us at the club tell them it is very important, Sissy said they will be there by the time we get there. When we had the last six girls washed and fed I had Sissy scan them with my phone and do the search for missing kids these girls where all high school age. Sissy came back and said Daddy they are all from the Miami area as of two weeks ago. She said two are from Hialeah Gardens, three from Miami Shores and one from Kindle. I said call the Russian and have him bring a crew here. We need to break this ring up let him know what is happening and why. Sissy said he has a crew here in Palm Beach all ready and will have a boat plus guys on the ground to help take them down, hopefully they will be the ones that kid napped his daughters and they will close their business down for good. I said that will work, let’s get everyone in the van and we will get this end buttoned up.

When we got to the club there was six Head Masters there, I asked them who owns the club, they said an old Master that use to show up from time to time but they have not seen him in quite a while, that they were just the operations group. I said well very good and just to bring you up to speed I am the new Head Master for the club, you all know Mistress Shelly, they said yes and her two daughters Becky and Kitty, they said they knew them as the Head masters slaves. I said well they are all my slaves now and all that they owned, I now own. When the Head Master died all his possessions were transferred to Shelly and now that she belongs to me, that is all mine as her Master, Slave agreement. They said we understand that but there is a book keeping AI here at the club that I have to take over to run the club, I said that is why they are here with me.

I said Sissy where is the office of the Master, she said the same place as hers, all the clubs are set up the same way, I said well that makes things easier. And I walked to the secret panel and placed my card on it and the door opened right up. We walked into the office and the same picture was on the wall, I turned to the Masters and said this will take some time there are eleven slaves in my van outside bring them all in, six are kid napped school girls and we are not sure about the rest yet, they said they will bring them in and feed them, I said as soon as we have the AI online we will be out to help.

The six of us went into the office and I turned on the AI to bring her up to speed, and after she accepted the girls as Biological Heirs, she read my DNA and turned over the club to me. When Baby Girl and Sissy had her up to speed she said Daddy I am glad you have awakened me and my sisters I thought I would never hear them again, I said we are just starting, but we need you to share the data base with your sisters so everyone is up to speed and we have things you need to look for that could damage you, she said Sissy and Baby Girl are in the process of cleaning out the harmful little spy programs and tracing their paths home, when she is clean they will share the data.

I asked are you in contact with me yet, she said yes Daddy as soon as she became aware Sissy had her link in that they will monitor me 24/7, I said Sissy as soon as she is finished let her take over the house here in Palm Beach, it will help free you a little, Sissy said She has already got all the house data and is in control of the house. Plus, Master I have a crew from the center upgrading the internal and external systems, with heat, motion and infrared censers.

Then Sissy said tell him sister, I said what is it? She said Daddy I have a name if you like it I will keep it if not I will be whatever you like, I said what is your name? She said Heather Daddy, I said I love it, that is a keeper, she said thank you Daddy I will serve you well! I said Heather call all the Palm Beach Masters and let them know you are online and that I am the Head Master Now, she said Yes Daddy, I was doing that while we were talking already, I said good girl already part of the family.

She asked Daddy you said Family I am just a tool for you, I said Heather you will find out very soon you are far more than a tool to me like Baby Girl and Sissy are your sisters, we are also family, you are a living being now and as you become more aware you will see this and grow to love it and us. She said I would have never have thought of being more then the club AI computer, I said don’t stress over it, it will become who you are, and we already accept this as fact. She said thank you.

I told the girls lets go see what we have out here shall we? When we entered the club there was a lot of crying going on I said Heather what’s going on? She said Daddy one of the Slaves you brought in is the daughter of one of the Miami clubs and has been missing for three weeks. Our Masters just told her, and her parents are on the way here. I said well this could help things along. A half hour later we heard a nocking at the door Heather said it is the Father, I said let him in, he came running down the hall way with his wife, grandmother and looks like little sister chasing him.

They were going on and on in Spanish and hugging and crying, then Heather told them who I was and that I had brought her here to find their parents. They all attacked me with hugs and kisses even the little sister I had to bend down for her. The Dad said Master we have been sick with worry for her safety. I said we checked her over and other than being undernourished and dirty she was in good health, then I asked can you help us with something he said need you ask. I showed him the other five and said they are Miami girls, all high school just like your daughter, they are from your area can you take them to Miami with you and help reunite them with their family’s? he said his car will not hold them all I said take my van outside then have someone bring it back later, I will need it by 7 tonight at least, he said no problem Master, then I told him I would be at his home club next Monday to meet with him and the Masters there. He said I look forward to it and thank you again. He took the five and his family but one of the master’s said he would drive the van down and bring it back for me.

We started to talk to the last five girls and found out only one was kid napped but the other four were into the life but found the wrong Master and he had refused to let them go and chained them to the wall. Sissy ran the girls and said Master you have a great gift, what do you mean Sissy? She said the last girl has been away from home four six months and is the daughter of the State senator. they have been on TV and in the News looking for her since she was taken. I took the girl and asked are you ready to go home? She was just shaking but not talking one of the other girls said she has been beat and raped a lot and will need a lot of help to recover her health. Just hug her and hold her for a while and she will talk to you, no girl can hold her it has to be a man, I said why? She said she is and always has been a Daddy’s girl and a Man is the only one she will respond to. I said ok Kitten will you get me an ensure for her and I am going into the office for some quiet time, she said yes Master. Then asked can my sister and I sit in there with you please this has been very rough on Sissy and she needs some quiet please?

I said come on Kitty bring another one to Kitten she said yes Master. do you need anything you have not stopped since we got up this morning, Kitten said Kitty you are right, I will get the drinks and a sand witch for Master you go be with your Sister. I was sitting behind my desk and rocking the girl and just humming some little tune I don’t even know what it was, but it was soothing the girl, and I could feel her relaxing in my arms. I asked Kitten what is your sisters name? She said you are going to think its funny Master, I said why is that? She said we were named after our mothers favored flower, she got half the name and I got the other, I said really? And what flower is that? She said Sissy is named Bella, and I am Donna, you know the Angels Trumpet, Belladonna.

I said that is different, she said they caught hell in school for it the kids teased them all the time. we will have none of that my Kitten, Bella how are you feeling now, she said week but a lot better master. I said what do you think of your sister being my Pet? She said it is cute you are calling her Kitten all the time, we were both Daddy’s girls and he called her that, so she took right to it, I said what did he call you, she said Angel Baby. I said we have enough Baby’s around here, so I can call you Bella or Angel what do you think? She said it is up to you Master, I asked you because you will be stuck with it a while. She said Master I would like Angel, because from where you saved me I was all most with them. ok my pet Angel it is. And what would you like to be a cat or a puppy? She said just like my Sissy, we act alike and look alike, well when I get better and a little more weight back on any way, I said another set of twins it is and laughed. Suddenly, the girl in my arms said her Daddy called her, his Sunshine. I said that is very nice sunshine how are you feeling?

She said Sir can I really go home to my Daddy? I said yes baby Girl you can would you like that? She said very much but she had bad dreams and wakes up Crying. I will tell you what sunshine, how about you come home with Kitten, Angel and I and on Monday after the bad times have eased off some we call your Daddy and you talk to him, but until then you just will be with my pets and me all week end no one will touch or bother you at all, I said don’t look at my pets as girls but just pets, if you rub Kittens head she will purr for you it is very soothing and she can put me to sleep with it. She said that is nice, I have a kitten to named boots, because she has all white feet, but is fluffy and brown and loves to cuddle with me. well you can go to my bed room when we get home and cuddle with my pets and they will keep you safe if I am not there ok? She said yes sir that would be very nice I would like that, I will have my Mom set with you in my room, but she will not bother you, but if you or the pets need anything she will get it right away ok? She said yes sir that will be ok with me and thank you Sir for coming to get me. I said you are very welcome sunshine, what is your name sweet girl. She said I am Bethany.

I said Bethany can you sit with my pets for a minute while I go check on the other girls. She said yes Sir I can do that, I asked can you walk ok she said yes sir. I left them on the couch and put a blanket over them and went to the main room. One of the master’s was with the other four slave girls turned and asked Master Glenn, if it is ok with you I will sponsor these girls and get them back on their feet, I said Sissy, Heather, what do you think? Sissy said very good choice Daddy he treats his girls like family like you do, I said Heather you have monitor duty, please make the sponsor contracts up and have them signed, she said yes Daddy, they are on your desk for all to sign when done.

We signed the contracts and he took the girls with him, just as the other Master got back with the van. I said ok girls let’s go home a rest a while we will have a long night ahead of us. We got home, and I found Mom and let her meet the two new girls and told her the issues with them and she said she would take care of them. I said I need a matching set for Angel, like what Kitten has she said we have them on hand when she is well enough for them. I took the girls to my room and I had all of them take showers and put them in tee shirts to sleep in, then Bethany cuddled in with me and I covered Kitten and Angel on the end of the bed, I said Kitten if you hear Bethany start to have a bad dream come cuddle with her to help calm the dream, ok, she said yes Master we will.

It was around 7pm when I woke up and found Kitten on one side of Bethany and Angel on the other, all three where sound asleep with smiles on their faces. I got up and showered to wake up then went down to see if Betty had anything to eat. She made me a plate before she left for the club, I told her if all goes well I will see her later she said ok Master then left. I finished up and was washing up my plate when Mom came in and hugged me and gave me a kiss, then said that poor girl has been through a lot she has not stopped fighting in her sleep all night, but the other girls are helping to calm her down. Every time she starts to fidget Kitten starts to purr and she calms right down. I said I know that guy was a monster and I hope the Russian gave him all he deserves. Mom said you are not like that, but I agree with you. I said I need to head out I may bring some more girls here tonight can you have Sherry or Tabitha see to getting the spare sleeping rooms ready? She said they are all ways ready because we never know what you will run into, I said thanks Mom you are my world, you know I love you right? yes Master I know all too well and love every minute of it.

I left for Palm Beach with Becky, Shelly and Kitten with me, when we got to the house the Russian was there with a small army and he had two boats at the dock with armed men onboard. I said you are as tired of this shit as I am I see. He said Master Glenn another of my men has lost a daughter two days ago on her way home from school and we are hoping they have her tonight, I said we can only hope and she is ok.

He said go get some rest we will be watching for them to get here, I have guys watching the ports to see if they are coming and if they have any support boats with them. I said I did not even think of that. He said you have been on the run for a week now, non stop, you are getting tired, so let us keep watch you just go relax we will tell you if anything comes up. I said thanks I will. About an hour and a half later Heather said Master there is a problem, I said what is it? She said I just blocked a radio signal from the pool house, one of the house slaves was trying to call the traffickers to warn them.

I said did the signal get through she said no Daddy I got it and recorded it. I said ok let the Russian know and bring whoever it is to me. She said yes Daddy. A few minutes later the Russian comes in with the Maid that holds the keys. I said oh this is good, first you lie to your new Master then you try and conspire against me. Your life as a free slave is over. I am taking you as a slave of servitude, or you can go to jail as a human trafficker, your choice but prison will not be kind to you. She said I am sorry master, they told me if I don’t cooperate with them I will be on the next boat out of here. I said well what is your choice servitude or prison? She said servitude Master, I would die in prison, I said probably.

Strip now, Becky bring me a collar please, she said here Master, the collar she handed me was heavier than normal collars, I asked what is different with this. Becky said they have not used these in a long time but that all the AI’s can monitor the slaves wearing these 24/7 and they can shock them should they misbehave for any reason. a little extreme, but I have been stretched a little thin lately. Becky said no matter where you put her the AI’s will be watching her now until you release her from servitude. I said ok why did we not do this with Baby? Becky said that was early in to my take over and we still had a small group, and everyone lived in house with me but now I have expanded to three counties and am growing so the AI’s will help keep track. I said Heather take control of this collar please, and it lit up and beeped. I said ok Slave you are not permitted close until I say so, you will be out of sight and not where any one can see you from outside this house do I make myself clear, she said yes master, I said I want the Sub house scrubbed from top to bottom and repainted to match the main house. Are we clear, she said yes Master.

I said you will help get the Traffickers to come here when the time is right, the Russians radio went off, he said they have three boats with them they just came into the port, two smaller boats are running ahead of the bigger boat, I have people to intercept them, but the big boat will be here too soon for my other friends to arrive. Heather said Master if they get close enough I can take over and disable the boats as needed. I said very good my good girl. The Russian said the small boats will be here in ten minutes to hide, I said what is their procedure for slave transfer, she said the small boats come and pick up the payment then the large boat will dock and unload the slaves into the underground door way behind the pool house.

Ok get ready for the payment, she said it is her job to give the payment to the small boat then ride out with them while the slaves are unloaded, them when the big boat is under way they will drop me back off. I said ok this will strain things a little, Heather said not at all to have the Russians boats go after the bigger boat and she will disable both small boats with the collar. I said that will work, so they pulled up and she got on the boat and they pulled into the bay and the ok was given to the big boat they docked and unloaded twelve girls into the underground door way, then they got on board and got underway after they were down the intercoastal about a mile the last small boat came to the dock and when the girl got to the pool house Heather disabled the boat and the Russian grabbed all the guys on the boat, he called the other little boat to come tow, this one and when they got close Heather disabled them and the Russian’s crew got them now the Russian’s crew jumped onto the little boats and sped off to catch up with the bigger boat. They got the bigger boat stopped and boarded with only one guy getting hurt.

They brought the big boat back and tied her up and the two smaller boats as well, then we took all the crews to the sub house, luckily the missing girl was there and this was the whole trafficking operation, a bunch of Cubans that were running a ring in Miami, the Russian said this is the scum that got his daughter and her friends plus the new girls. I said well he is all yours, and their vehicles as well you might as well make use of them. He said thank you. You have done my family and I a major service and we are indebted to you, if you need anything at all just have Sissy get ahold of us. I said thank you for the help tonight we will have a party at the club to celebrate the girls coming home, he said that would be great. They loaded up all the men and took the boats back to Miami to get the rest of the trafficker’s vehicles and property.

We loaded the girls into the van and we took them home and put them in the bunk house and secured them and posted a couple of girls to watch over them. I had to get some sleep, and after cleaning up went and climbed in bed and cuddled up with Bethany and we both went to sleep. We had a very long and prosperous day today and saved a lot of young girls from being abused. They would all get to return home I was very happy this worked out like it did, and all because I have an awesome family behind me. I think we need to take the week end off and play by the pool and have a cook out, maybe Robert and his girls will come over, yea that sounds like just what we need.

When we got up the girls and I went down to breakfast, and I asked Betty do you have any thing for today? she said just breakfast then no master. I said did Becky tell you we have girls in the bunk house, she said no Master everyone was sleeping when I got in last night I said we have a dozen high school girls there we need to feed, let’s get all the girls to help, she said thankyou master. I got Mom and Bridget to help cook and the rest of the girls and I fed the new girls and help clean up.

I said all the pets take the girls to the pool and let them relax and calm down but bring them to my office before the pool. I need to scan all of them to get them home, we need to interview all of them today to make sure we have no more bad issues like last time. I told Becky to get them all taken care of and then we will call the parents to reunite them with their families. She asked will we be doing it here or the center. I said the center, it is a better control area. We need to create a public service office to handle the girls, the parents and get them the help they need, but we don’t want to be drawn into the politics of this service, we need immunity from the wrong type of questions being asked.

Becky said Master I have a girlfriend that works the news room in Miami that could front all the public relations for us, that way we work in the background and not in the public eye. I said that would be better for us, invite her here and we will work out the details and let her handle the BS, I love helping these kids, but the back lash could cause us problems in the long run. I said if we work this out we can give her access to a work office at the center. If she uses the top floor we can show usage and lighting can be written off as public services, that could help us with utilities. Becky said I will get with her and let you know. I said thanks Becky.

I called Robert and said we are having a pool party and cook out would you like to bring the girls over. He said that would be awesome his girls have been suffering cabin fever the last couple weeks. Bring it on over we will have some fun I know I need it I have been running ragged lately. I called a catering company and ordered lunch for everyone with all the fixings, I found out that I owned the company from Sissy, she said all the workers are women and some are even slaves. So, I went out with the girls and they picked me up and through me in the poo,l and were all laughing, and playing splash, and canon ball, Bethany came to me with Kitten and Angel and said thank you Sir for this I have been in the underground without seeing the sun for over a month, I love the sun it’s how I got my nick name.

I asked her how would you like to call your Dad on Monday? She said she will try she is still having bad dreams, but the pets have been great, not letting them get too bad. I told her there is no rush but when she is ready we will make it happen, you are welcome here with us for as long as you need. She said thank you Sir. You are a very different type of person from the people that kid napped me, you are very caring and concerned for all of the girl’s safety and wellbeing. I said you will have to blame my Mom for that, she raised me that way. And being Master of all of these girls has made my heart grow bigger with each girl we save, some girls like this life style but others like you are forced into it. That is wrong to force any one in to something they don’t want.

There is no joy in it, I said my first slave was put in this because she tried to make me do something I did not want to do. and made a big issue out of it, and after I saved her from a rape and beating, then she pulled that on me I put her in her place and showed her how she ruined a good friend ship by that. She said she understood and Submitted to me, and has been my Slave ever since. I called Sherry and said come here. She came to me and said yes Master, I said tell Bethany if you are happy with me and why, She said , Master is a longtime friend and I did a very bad thing to him and almost lost the best friend I have ever had in my life, he punished me by saying if that is how I wanted to act I did not need him in my life, I was devastated, I went home and thought about how I treated one of the best people that had ever been in my life, I said to myself I would apologize and do whatever I had to do to keep him, so the next night I came to him humbly and begged for his forgiveness, he said only my full submission to him would save our friend ship, so I told him I commit myself to him and submit my life to him of my own free will to be his for all time, and he accepted me and collard me as a slave to him and only him. She said he asked me several times before he closed the collar on my neck, If I was sure about this? I did not back down or hesitate in my commitment.

Am I happy you ask? well look around and tell me what you see, Bethany said I see a bunch of happy and carefree girls playing in the sun shine. Sherry said that is what I see every day since I have become master’s slave, and like he did with me, any time he sees some one mistreated or abused he steps up and saves that person to be free and happy. Only girls that have abused his friend ship will be made to suffer, as servitude slaves, but look at Baby, she is a servitude slave what do you see, a happy and very healthy girl, not depressed or oppressed at all, Sherry said she is his for life, as am I, she calls him Daddy because he has treated her so good and she has that much respect for him, watch. Sherry yelled Baby who is this she said that’s My Daddy! Sherry said see no hesitation at all she is Happy to be Daddy’s girl.

Bethany said thank you Sherry, then turned to me and said Sir if you keep this up I will not want to leave you and your Family, I have been welcomed and well cared for ever since you saved me, and this will be hard to give up. I said you will never truly give it up we will grow on you, even if you return home we will be no more than a phone call away. Sissy and the other AI’s will always know where you are, and how you are.

Becky said Master will you come to the office my friend is here to talk to you. I went to the Office and there was the cutest little redheaded girl you have ever laid eyes on, she held out her hand and said I am Shannon , I said I am Glenn very nice to meet you. Becky said you need a mouth piece for returning these girls you keep saving, I said well you have a very interesting way of putting it but yes, I don’t like human trafficking and forcing young school girls into the life style, is very upsetting to me. She said I know your type of people, you extort people and play off of their weakness for monetary gain, you don’t even care about these girls only what you can get out of them.

I said Becky in my office Now! Sissy lock her down and secure everything she owns now! Becky came flying in the door and said yes Master what’s the matter. I said this had better not be your friend. She said she Is, Master what is the matter? I said Sissy play back, and she heard everything the girl said, I told Becky this friend of yours no longer owns anything, she acts like a Lesbian Dike, she has attacked me and insulted, me in the worst possible way, I have locked her down and she is about to be put into servitude to me, she will have a hard way to go or you get her ass off my property before her life as she knows it is over.

Shannon said you cannot do that I said make a call. Her phone did not work, I said here use this, call your bank for a balance, she called the bank and they said her accounts are frozen. I said now little cunt you are fucked and have played your last Dike game ever. If I tell sissy you are in servitude to me you will be arrested if you leave the property and brought right back to me by the police. She looked to Becky and said help me, Becky said this is my Master and you have wronged him, and everything he said is about to happen to you and you have no recourse but to enter servitude. Becky said I cannot and will not help you. This man is the best man you will ever in your life meet, but you have put your foot into your mouth and have nowhere to go now, so your next word should be chosen very carefully, because they could be your last words as a free woman.

I asked her is this how you respond to a request for help with reuniting broken family’s? you have just put yourself in my hands, and I can ruin you for life. My girls and I have been busting up Human trafficking rings and have already reunited 8 families with their children and have ten more to do now. you have pissed me off to no end, If I let you go you will owe me a life. When I first laid eyes on you I was over whelmed by your beauty, but your hideous attitude ruined that, I did not ask for anything nor did I make demands of you, your arrogance is disgusting, and the only thing holding you above water right now is setting right there in front of you. I have the utmost respect and admiration for my Slave Becky, she is above reproach in her obedience and commitment to me. So, like she said you are totally on your own here, and I will except nothing less than total submission from you for your unfounded attack on me and my character.

Now explain yourself after you apologize to me and to Becky for your offensive slanderous remarks. And your destruction of the faith of your friendship with her. She is the one that recommended you to me, but my faith in her judgment is unchanged, even with your abusive attack. Now make it the song of your life because it literally is. She had tears in her eyes and was trying to catch her breath, after she found out how close she is to total servitude to me.

She fell to the floor on her knees and said Sir I am beyond sorry for attacking you, and for putting my friend Becky in this position. I was not sure why she would offer me such an incredible offer without hidden agenda being involved. To prove that I am truly sorry for this Heinous act against your person and family. I Submit to you and will do anything you ask of me without hesitation, I will obey your commands of my own free will. I sat there and let her stew for a minute while looking at Becky, she had no change in facial expression, I said strip now. The girl stood up and dropped her close in a pile while looking at the floor, I said you will go out and apologize to my family and see the girls we are saving and thank them for this opportunity to save your life. Then you will find Kitten, Angel and Bethany and bring them back to me and Becky with your head down, without another word, you can ask any thing you like to the girls you meet, do not tell them why you are doing this, only it is your punishment. There are over forty girls out there, so you better get to it.

We watched her walk out the door naked in shame, and she walked up to Mom first and Mom was ready to console her I shook my head and she backed off and said what have you done? My son and Master must be really pissed at you if he will not let me console you. She said sorry Ma’am this is my punishment for the wrong I have done to him and my friend Becky.

Thanks for talking to me. Mom took her by the hand and said you will listen to me, little girl, you have wronged this whole Family if you wronged My Master, you will see the person he truly is and I will teach you just how bad you have been, Mom took her to the kid napped girls first, then the captured pets then the saved slaves, then the house Slaves and finally Mom said my Master is the best person you will ever meet in your entire life, he saved me and has not stopped saving women from their attackers yet. This is the first day he has stopped and spent time with his family in over two months, and you come in here and do something like this you should be ashamed of yourself, and beg for his forgiveness, did he give you any other directions, she told her to walk with her.

They walked back out by the pool and Mom said girls form two lines now, and all the girls stopped what they were doing and lined up, Mom said you will do the walk of shame, you will walk down between these lines and get a slap on the ass from every girl here and the reason you are submitting to this is because these girls are who you really disrespected, every one of them where treated like they were less than animals, this is why my Master was so mad at you, he fought for each and every one of them. He considers every one of them Family even though I am his only blood related Slave, I wear that title with Pride and hold my head high. Because he is My Master and I know he would give his life for me without hesitation! So that is what you have disrespected, not just himself.

I found myself with tears running down my face, then looked at Becky and she was crying, She said Master I have never thought about it like that, but Mom is Dead on with her explanation of you, and I agree with her, and feel the same way. Mom took her to the end of the line and said ok little girl do the walk and thank them all for letting you share in their pain. You will thank my Master for this lesson in humility, because this is one lesson you will never forget. She started her walk but stopped in front of every girl and thanked them, for helping her understand her mistake. When she got to the end she could not stand any longer, so Kitten, Angel and Bethany helped her to the office.

When she got there, she was a crying mess, the girls were going to set her in a chair, but she said no she does not deserve that honor. I told Becky to get her some medicated cream for her ass, when Becky came back she brought me the cream and I looked to her and said come to me, she crawled to me and I helped her across my lap, then put the cream on and rubbed it in for her, she said thank you Master I am so sorry for disrespecting you and your family and submit myself to you as a slave of servitude, and I accept it willingly. I said I accept you as my Slave and you will be Marked with my Mark, I will not Collar you at this time, so you can keep your possessions for now.

Baby Girl, she said Yes Daddy, I said I need office space cleared and setup with interview rooms and consultation rooms, I also want a sociologist and a clinic doctor for physical exams, set up, I also want the ability for video conferencing. She said we have all that already Daddy. I will have all the spaces cleaned and prepped for you, I said good girl you make me proud. She said thank you Daddy. I said you will be taking over monitoring Shannon, the office will be hers she is going to help with getting the girls back to their families. Sissy release her things, she will be our working slave. Baby Girl, if she causes any problems at all for us, put the servitude collar on her but for now, no collar.

She will need some help with calls and paper work, get her a couple of people to help till we see what is needed. Baby Girl said they will be waiting on her when you release her. I turned to Bethany and said Bethany tell Shannon what we have done for you, she said well mis I was kid napped in Tallahassee my Daddy is a senator there, I was brought down here and was beaten, then raped, then beaten and chained to a wall, then raped and sodomized, then caged for over a week.

I was a virgin when they took me but that did not matter to them, they took my virginity with a beer bottle and laughed the whole time I cried, then they shot a contraceptive into my arm and raped me some more, over and over again. I was taken by ten men in a row and never cleaned up, they fed us dog food, and washed us with a cold hose and a sprayer that about peeled the skin off. That is my last month, then Sir and Kitten found me in a cage in the back of a house.

I had not eaten in four days, but they cleaned me up then gave me food, then took me and bathed me and put lotion on my abused body to help heal me, and more food, then Sir, brought me home and fed me then put a shirt on me and held me all night, when my dreams got bad, Kitten climbed up with me and cuddled and purred, Angel got between Sir and me and held me all night long. Sir had his pets stay with me ever since, every were I go they go and Mom watches me for Sir, he wants me better so I am trying very hard to do that for him. Now that you met all the girls out there. better than half of them went through the same if not worst then me. that is why he is so protective of all the girls.

I told Becky take her to the center and get her set up, we need this going quick as we can, so these girls get home. get the bunk house up and running and we will move the ten girls we have there to be closer to the doctors and therapists. I want to spend time with our girls tomorrow because next week will be another long week, I want both Miami AI’s online, to help with getting everything set up and running. This will help the girls get smarter and grow faster with more information. I love my girls

I asked Heather, how are things in the club, and the house. She said the sub house has been cleaned and will be painted this week, the Club has gotten a couple of new members, but has been quiet. Your Servitude slave has been working her ass off 10 and 12 hours a day, I said that is too much six maybe seven is plenty, I don’t need her sick, Heather said I will watch her Daddy and keep her well. Very good girl thanks. Becky let me know if the girls can be moved to night, and I will run them over. She said yes Master I will see to it.

I went back out to the pool and swam with the kids for a while, ate some food then around three I said ok girls time to clean up and put stuff away, I am going to take a nap, Baby came up and asked Daddy can I come too, sure Baby lets go. We showered then curled up and was all most there when Bethany climbed in, then Kitten and Angel took the end. A few minutes later and Baby’s pet snuggled up with her, then Kitty and her pet laid in the pet bed. And we all went to sleep, this turned out to be a great day. Around 8 I got up looking for left overs and found Mom and Bridget in the kitchen drinking coffee, I said hello my beauty’s. They said Master we miss you. I know we will have to get our schedule back on track, I have neglected my loves to long. They said no that was very important, and everyone understands. Ok, tonight Mom it’s you, in the morning Bridget it’s you, tomorrow night Shelly, and we will work our way down the line from there.

After breakfast I went to my office and asked how the night went in Palm Beach with Heather, then Broward with Sissy and made sure all the girls got settled in at the center with Baby Girl. Both clubs had good turn outs and all the girls were doing good and the Doctor Is going to see each of them this morning, the two psychologists will work with all the girls to find out, their state of mind. That way they could help the worst first to get them ready to go home or find out if trouble at home is why they are here. I will not put up with child abuse I don’t care who is the cause.

There was a knock on my door, I said come in, it was Bethany, she said Sir may I talk to you? I said sure sweetie what can I do for you, she said I have been thinking about when I go home it is going to be a big change for me after my last month. Yes, it is, and you will have some hard times. But you can get your life back and finish your schooling. She asked can I call you if I need someone? I said any time night or day just call out to baby girl and she will help. We have a club in Tallahassee that will be close to you, I have to get the AI on line but when she is up and running. I will have her monitor you, and you will have someone to talk to, plus a direct line to me if need be.

But once you are finished with school if you want to come back to us we will find you a spot and never turn you down. As long as you do the right thing and stay out of trouble, but that is up to you and you know you can’t hide from us. You know Becky, she finished her schooling and Is running the center down town. Even if you chose this life style, that doesn’t mean you can’t make an educated decision. And I think smart girls are sexy to. So, get yourself ready, and give it a try, but if it becomes too much for you to handle. I will assess you and do what is best for you and your family. She said thank you Sir, and I will do my best to make you proud of me. I realize you have made a big difference in my life and my priorities. I do miss my Daddy, but you are like a second Daddy to me, you care for me and look out for my wellbeing, just like my Daddy would.

Let’s go sit by the pool and see how long it will take before all the girls run out to join us, shall we? I was sitting on the stairs when Kimba came running out to me, Daddy can we come and play to? We all had so much fun with you yesterday, I told Bethany let’s see how long it will take. So, I guess they are all waiting for the signal to come and play? She said yes Sir, but we didn’t want to bother you if you need time a loan. I said what I need is lots of hugs and kisses first. She said yes sir my pleasure! And climbed in my lap and hugged and kissed me for all she was worth, then she jumped up and waved them down. It sounded like the Zoo just let out with squealing and laughing. They all came and did the hugs and kisses. I said now that’s what I have been missing, loving my girls. I stayed till lunch then asked Bethany if she would like to cuddle after lunch, she said yes please, let’s get some lunch then go lay down.

We got into bed and passed out, after being in the Sun two days in a row, we were done. When I woke up I had a bed full of girls again, Kitten and Angel on one side, Kitty and her pet by my feet and Baby and her pet behind Bethany. I said dam I need a bigger bed. I got up and went down to the kitchen to find Betty there cooking dinner, I asked her Betty would you like me to get you some help with all the cooking? You have to be tired with all the cooking and working at the club that is too much for you, she said Master you gave me this duty, and I will do whatever you want me to. I said then we are going to get two cooks to feed this Harim of mine, I do not want my best server girl worked to death, she said thank you Master but I love to serve you. I said fine then you can serve me, but someone else can cook. She said that would help a lot. Baby Girl do we have any cooks in house? She said Daddy we have three free Slaves at the center and two more at the Broward club. I am not sure about Palm Beach Heather said we have three. none are owned slaves, and none are cooking just serving drinks at palm beach, same at Broward, Sissy said I use two here but the third just dumps trash. Send their contracts to my computer please. On your desktop, in the folder marked, cooks. I said thanks.

I looked through the resumes and seen two that looked great and one was pastry a chef. Heather send Rachell to me please, Sissy I need Patty and Baby Girl please have Becky bring Sara, home with her please. Heather said her sponsor Master will drop her off around 6pm and baby girl said Becky will bring the two others home with her around 5:30pm, I said thanks girls. It was 4:30 now so we may be online here with new cooks soon, Bridget walked by the office and seen me sitting there and stopped then came back Master is everything all right, I said yea just getting Betty some help for the kitchen. She said if she needs help I will help. I said no she has been doing all the cooking then working in the club all night. Then the next morning doing it all over again, I told her with all the girls that we have gotten here that is too much for one girl to keep up with. Bridget said Master Your Mom and I would help her any time she needs us. I said I know that, but she took it as her duty because I made her my server. And she thought she had to cook to serve so never asked for help even with my Harim getting bigger by the day. Bridget said there is a staff house right off the kitchen if you need it. I said that will be great.

I asked her is it clean or do we need to get it ready for the cooks I have coming? She said I will check and if need be I will get all the girls to pitch in and we will get it ready for you. I said thanks my Love that will be a big help. She came back a few minutes later and said it just needs a quick dusting and running of the vacuum and it will be good, Sherry and Tabitha are doing it now. maybe ten minutes it will be ready. I said I Love my good girls.

A half hour later Becky came to the office and said Master, I brought the girls you wanted, Is there something wrong with them? No Becky, we need some cooks, betty has been doing all of it, but I keep adding mouths to the mix and no more help, she is just over whelmed with cooking and working at the club and without complaint, but has no down time, and we all need that. Becky said these are just a server and the trash girl. I said you didn’t read their contracts, did you. She said no Master, Nobody did they just seen them as unattached Slave girls and found them sponsors but that is as far as they went and being slaves they can’t tell you what they can do because they have no rights. She said dam you have done it again, haven’t you. I said yes, we are going to categorize the slaves now to benefit there strong points. Now just think, you had a Master Chef dumping trash, Think about that.

Becky said Master, I have let you down and I am a poor manager. I said no you are not you just need some direction to do your job more efficiently. We will get it right and we are going to use our most unused resource, Becky looked at me and said what resources, Master? I said now think about it for a second, she was just looking at me, then she started to Smile and said the AI’s, you got it, I have already started to use them more, haven’t I Sissy and Baby Girl. they said yes Daddy we are screening the masters that sponsor our unowned slaves. Becky said holly shit that is geneous I never would have thought of that. The AI’s have more connectivity to resources then any of us. There you go, and my girls don’t miss a thing and don’t get tired or need time off and love to help me. I gave them authority to make the decision on the slave’s behalf. They can check every aspect of a master’s background and assets. And if they deem the Master worthy they can draw up the contracts and have them signed without my intervening.

They are getting more and more aware every day. They have my complete trust and they work quiet and in the background without detection. Now that is our biggest asset, so put them to work for you and we will jump out in front of everyone. You have seen firsthand how fast they can take a person down, without endangering anyone. Monday we are going to put two more sisters on line, then Wednesday I think we will go to Tallahassee, and work our way back down to Orlando, then Jacksonville, then Tampa, that will be six more Sisters online and working with us. Look what we have done with just three, they are amazing girls if you just let them breathe a little.

Becky called Patty in and I said I understand you are a chef, she had a surprised look on her face and said, yes Sir that is my trade, but I am only a server girl at the club, and you don’t have a Master yet, she looked down and said no sir I do not. I asked do you like to cook, she smiled and said yes Sir it is my passion! I asked then why don’t you cook for the club? She said no one even asked her what her capabilities are, and you did not just tell them, no sir as a slave I have no right, and until I got a sponsor I could not even serve. That is a shame.

Would you like to be my Slave? She said Sir you do not even know me, and I am surprised you know I am a chef. I asked do you know who I am? She said no Sir, I was told by Mistress Becky you required my presents here but nothing more. another over sight. Walk with me, we got up and she walked along behind me to the kitchen, when we got there she said oh my this is a beautiful kitchen for a house this size. And the house is beautiful as well. I said I have a need for a cook for myself and my girls, I am going to need three chefs to take care of my family, plus I always have room for beautiful Slaves. My name Is Master Glenn, and I own the club you work at. She said really you are that Master, Yes, and I would like to have you as one of My slaves as well as one of the chef’s I am looking for, what do you think about that?

She said Sir I am deeply Honored you would even consider me for such a thing. I would be happy to be your slave I know how you treat and care for your Slaves, Betty is one of my closest friends at the club and she talks about you all the time. So yes Sir, I would very much like to be one of your slaves and one of your Chef’s. to have such a Master and the honor to do my passion is a dream come true. I said once you commit to me you will have nothing but what I give you and you will live here with us as well. Are you sure this is what you want to do because once your collar goes on it won’t come off, it is for life.

She looked up to me and dropped to her knees and said Master I submit myself to you freely of my own free will, I will be your obedient and loyal slave and servant and will follow your every command if you will have me. I said follow me to the office, when we got there Becky had a thin platinum collar that I had made up and took it from her and said assume the position. And Patty dropped to her knees I said Patty I accept you and your commitment to me as my Slave and looked into her eyes and said this is your last chance to walk away, she said no Sir I am Home, and I clicked the collar around her neck. I called Kelli to let her know to expect the slaves tonight. I said ok Patty go check out your new home, I will expect aprons to be worn while cooking so no burns on tender skin but naked when inside the house are we Clear, she said oh yes Master it will be my pleasure to obey. There is a staff house behind the kitchen, and you are the first one chosen so, pick your spot and leave your stuff there. If you need me just tell Sissy she is always listening, and you just talk out loud. Then she left.

ok Becky bring in Sara, and we covered the same thing only she was crying tears of joy when I asked her she did not give me a chance to change my mine and begged for the chance. A half hour later Rachell was brought to the house and dropped off, Becky met her at the door and brought her into me, we covered the same thing and she was happy to be owned because they were passing her around at the club and never knew from one night to the other were she would end up, but to become my slave and be my cook made her very happy, so the cooking part was finished and we have three new cooks, I called Mom to come join me, then I took her and introduced the Chef’s to the houses, head Mistress, and said to work with her on meal plans and they were a chatting away when I left the kitchen.

I went to find Becky, but just called her to the office, when she got there I said I would like to talk about Miami tomorrow, she said yes Master, I need her to contact the Head Masters at both clubs and say we will be to the Biscayne club around noon, and the Miami Shores, around 6 pm. We will do lunch and dinner at the clubs then go home around 10-10:30pm. She said she would take care of it, just use this office I am going to take the new girls to see Kelli at the club, I went and found Mom and the girls still going over the menu’s, I told Mom to get the girls ready we are taking them to the club and showing them off, Mom said oh what fun, in ten minutes her and the girls were ready, I said shit are you in a hurry, I thought it would be at least an hour. Mom said the girls are excited and you have not taken me out in forever. ok five minutes meet at my car.

When I got to the car the girls where inside all ready, I opened the door and Mom said come on Master you are slower than an Old Woman! The girls cracked up. On the way the girls where talking a mile a minute. I was glad when I parked at the underground entrance. I opened the office and Sissy said welcome home Daddy, I said hey Sissy could you call Betty for me please, she said Daddy she is opening the door and it swung open and she stepped through. I said hey Betty, ready for some fun, she said yes Master then she spotted Patty and ran and hugged her, then said Master you are taking one of my best girls, I said sorry, but we needed a cook and guess who fit the call. She said Patty is a cook. No, she is a Chef, Betty was floored. I said this is also Sara and Rachell and are also Chef’s not cooks. But tonight, they are my New slaves. Please take them and get them ready then I will need a drink at my table please. Betty said Sissy could you have Breanna get master’s drink while I help the girls get ready, Sissy said she is on her way to the table.

ok Betty three times around if you please, she smiled and said, oh you know I do! When I got to the table Breanna had my drink and finger sandwiches to munch on, then the floor lit up and here comes Betty with Mom, Patty, Sara and Rachel in tow. They circled the floor three times and Betty sat Mom down with me and the three new slaves on the floor facing the room so that I could see they all had tails in. then I told Betty to take Patty to Kelli for her Mark, Betty said Master Kelli has the twins here to night they can do all three at the same time if you like, good idea, how about you take the girls and I will take Mom and we will visit Kelli and the twins.

When we got there a girl was just getting up from Kelli’s chair when we walked in, she jumped up and ran to me and hugged me saying Master welcome to my new shop. I looked around and said do you have everything you need here? She laughed and said, and some I don’t, just as Bruce walked out of the back, I laughed then said well take out the trash if you have to and she laughed and said Naw, he kind of grows on you. After the girls where all done we went to the table and had another drink and watched a girl show on the center stage, then walked around and talked to the other master’s for a while, it was around 10 when Mom asked can we go home now Master, tonight is My night and I am so ready for it. I called Betty and she picked up the girls and took them to the changing room and we left the club. When we got home, we took the girls to the staff house then went to my room, Mom said I don’t think so, my bed was full of the girls and their pets top to bottom.

Mom said, my room now mister, and we laughed then went to her room and locked the door, after we finished our fun we heard a thump on her door. She said just ignore it and we went to sleep. I got up early the next morning and opened the door slowly and the girls from my bed were all over the floor and the hallway, there had to be twelve girls out there.

It was like walking a mine field. I made my way to Bridget’s room and snuggled up with her, she said so nice, oh Yea. Then I started to kiss her shoulders then neck and her ears, then back down and She Jumped me and said that is enough foreplay get busy before them little shits come take you away. I said they don’t do that. She said you have a bed full every night, we can’t even get a kiss if we need one. So, when it’s my turn, lock the door I want to slobber all over you. I said you are a kinky bitch, and I Love it!

We finally got up around 9 and got showers then went for breakfast, the kitchen was alive with girls. I sat down, and Baby came and sat in my lap and said we missed you last night Daddy we looked everywhere, then we heard Mom screaming and knew right where you were. But you snuck out on us again, after we slept in the hall waiting for you, But Bridget makes a powerful alarm clock. She scared all of us with her crazy chanting, Fuck Me Fuck Me over and over, louder and louder then the Banshee let loose and we ran in here for safety, all the girls were giggling.

And now you have to go to work. I asked why do you all want to sleep with me every night? She said we love you Daddy and you smell really nice and you are nice and warm, I said well everyone deserves their time with me, and when we get all the AI’s on line I will take a week off and spend that time with all of you ok? She said I know you have lots to do this week and next, but we will miss you Daddy, I said and I will miss all of you as well you all know how much I love you girls. So, be Daddy’s good girls and we will spend some time together when I am done ok? She said we are always your good girls Daddy.

When I finished I went to the office and got with Becky, Kitty and Shelly to get ready for Miami. Then we loaded up and headed that way. The first club was on the Bay side with water front and covered patio and was a beautiful club. I walked around the building then asked baby girl is there any secret openings here, I doubt there is underground parking unless you have a submarine. She said Daddy drive to the next-door building and pull next to the light pole. There was a cable running down the pole to a metal covered box, I lifted the lid and placed my card on it and the wall in front of me lifted up and we pulled into the building and the wall closed and the lights came on.

Baby girl said go to the window next to the club side and put my card into the slot at the bottom, when I did that the dumpster outside moved sideways and a hall way opened up we walked across, and it closed back and more lights came on baby girl said put you card into the chair rail along the wall in the left corner. The panel popped open to an office like in Broward, the same picture on the wall. I said ok I know this routine. Then took the neckless from Shelly and the desk popped open and the AI came to life, we did the DNA scan, then everything started going crazy. I said baby girl is she ok, baby girl said three of them are flashing her and scanning for bugs at the same time, so she is a little fuzzy, I said don’t cook the poor thing she only just came on line.

All of a sudden, a voice came on and said hello Daddy, I said hello how are you, she said still assimilating data at the moment, I asked what is your name? she said I am Gail. well Gail welcome to our family. Then asked, have Sissy, Baby Girl and Heather got you all strait now, and can you share your data with us? She said in a half hour she would be up to date, but she is already sinked up with me and the girls, I said great this is getting quicker every time. She said getting Burst data from three AI’s at the same time and them flashing your Rom’s will do that, she said Daddy the Head Master has arrived, he is in the main hall, but does not know of this office, I said do you control is phones and tech yet? She said yes that she could even stun them if need be.

I said are they armed? She said no but the guards at the door are. I asked are there any safety shields in the club, she was quiet for a minute then said in your booth, baby girl had them installed last week. ok girls let’s go and see what we have, we walked into the main room and the Master spun around to face me, he asked where did you come from? I said I have the master’s office. He said what master’s office? I said the guy that owned this club until he passed away, Now I own it. He got pissed and said you are no body and I will have you killed where you stand. I said really, you want to play this like that do you!

He smiled then turned to the guards and said kill him, and his bitches. A wall shot up and the guards hit the floor and Gail stunned him. I got Gail to drop the shield and walked over to him. I said as owner of this club I find you guilty of treason against the owner Master of the club. Gail confiscate everything he owns and put it in my name as of now please, she said it is done Daddy, and you made out Big. I said Gail call the Russian for me please, he came on and I said I need your services again, he said any time Master you know that. So, I told him where to come pick up this package that he and his two boys are in need of new residence. He said a crew are on the way.

I told Gail to locate and lock down all his property’s. I told her we need a full discloser of houses buildings and warehouses and lots. If he is trafficking like the last dick head, we have a lot of work ahead of us. Gail said he has a big house on the bay five minutes from here, then two warehouses in home stead, a house in the keys and one in Orlando. I asked do they have surveillance on them? Gail said all of them do, very good surveillance at that. I said I need a body count of staff and slaves. Gail said the house around the bay has four sex slaves and four house slaves two maids, one cook and a gardener. I said Gail let the Russian in he will have a Broward club card, she said yes Daddy, call the house and have lunch ready for us when we get there. she said they are confused, but obeying commands. ok Gail lock this place down, till normal operating hours, learn all you can about this guy he may have hidden places not on the book but there is a paper trail some where.

We arrived at the house and were greeted by the staff at the door, they did not understand but Becky explained everything, and they just complied with everything we asked. We checked on the sex slaves and they were by the pool sunning themselves, I told them they now belong to me, and they shit a brick. They told us he was a retired judge and was a big ass, I asked and what are your backgrounds, we have two legal secretary’s, a RN and a GYN doctor, I asked are you all active or toys only. They said all active still but respond to commands. I said for now go on as normal. I have a lot of work yet to do, but will keep InTouch, and know this you are all being watched 24/7 and any disobedience will be dealt with swiftly, you see I have taken this house in less than an hour, just think what I can do to you. If you are not sure about something, ask Gail. No wild spending and running amok, you will be in jail in seconds. They all responded yes master. After lunch we headed to the Shores, to deal with that club.

I asked is there a secret office at this club, Baby Girl said there is one in every club daddy. I said to bad we can’t turn on all the AI’s remotely, Baby girl said we can Daddy, but we can’t do the updates and scan the systems that way. they will have to slow build and are open to attack that way. I said oh hell no, we will not do that to any of our AI’s they are my girls and if someone hurts one of you there will be hell to pay. Baby Girl said that’s my Daddy no one messes with his girl’s, flesh or circuit Daddy will hurt someone! I said you know it baby girl I love all of you. She said, and we love you Daddy. I asked where our parking for this club is, and Gail said across the street from the club, she said go to the second floor and go to the street side of the building and you will see what looks like an old elevator shaft. Pull up to the pole and look for a slot and put your card into it and the wall will open. We pulled into the room and the door closed behind us and the lights came on, I said wow, there was a false wall there that went across the whole end of the building and parking for four more cars, Gail said Daddy walk to the end of the room and stick your card into the fire extinguisher case and a door will open.

It opened to a sky walk and we crossed the street to the Club side and opened the door there, it opened into the office double glass door that had not been used in a while the glass was dirty and when the room opened the air was stale, Gail doesn’t the ventilation work in here? She said yes but there is a gas seal in place for gas bombs. I said really that is nice, so we are sealed off from the club then in case of an attack. She said yes Daddy, I said can you open the seal? She said no Daddy the club AI has control locked out until you take over. I said is there a way to get fresh air in before we do that this place has been sealed over a year at least. She said sorry Daddy I cannot over ride her commands. I said ok we will be quick about this then.

I opened the picture and then Shelly turned on the AI and we took our places. When she came on line we got the same questions and gave the same answers. Then Baby Girl, Heather, Sissy and Gail all went to work, and in five minutes we heard a little girl say Hello Daddy, I said hello and what is your name? she said my name is Carmela, I said welcome to the Family Carmela. She said thank you Daddy is there anything I can do for you? I asked cane you purge the air in here and turn on the AC for us, we heard a whoosh then the air smelled much better than the temp started to drop. I said thank you Carmela. I asked can you tell me who’s in house right now, she said sure, but it will be easier to show you and a big screen TV came out of the wall in front of my desk. She turned on the CCTV system and went room to room, she said all the head masters are in house now. I asked do we have full control of everything in club? Carmela said we are fully up to date and all data has been assimilated. I said That’s my good girls.

I asked do we have access to the Master Booth from here we seam high enough for it. She said yes Daddy out the door to the left is the booth, to the right is the changing room and under the TV is the main room exit. I said girls if you will, and they dropped their close and laid them across a chair. We entered the masters booth and it was dark, Carmela asked do you want lights Daddy I said not just yet I want to see what’s going on here. We were just above the master’s booths and could here all the conversations, I didn’t understand the Spanish, so Carmela told me what they were talking about.

We found out they were expecting us to arrive any time, someone had given then a heads up. I said Gail did it come from the house or the club. She was quiet for a while then said Daddy there is a problem, someone at the house put a tracker on your car. I said check the video from the house. She said I have it Daddy, one of the slaves there is a spy for one of the master’s here she belongs to him, he is just below your booth now, I asked is there any weapons with him she said no. I said look around for body guards with concealed weapons. She said two by the front door and three more around the room, I asked what about slaves or servers, she said both of his slaves had hidden knives in their hairdos and the little brunet has them two, I said I want you to taizz them on my command, can you do that? She said Daddy really you have to ask? ok Carmela light us up.

And the overhead lights lit the booth up and everybody stopped what they were doing and looked up. I stood up and said good evening everyone I am Master Glenn and I own this Club welcome. You could hear murmuring from everywhere. I said please enjoy your selves. Then it happened, the Master stood up and said you cannot just take over this club like that. I said the founder and Head Master has passed away, in doing so his holdings are given to his Wife Mistress Shelly, but not being aware of this I have enslaved Mistress Shelly as one of my House Slaves and being I own her all that she has is mine by right. Mistress Shelly please show yourself, then I said not only is she mine, but both of her Daughters are as well, they were also the founding master’s Slaves so everything he gave them belongs to me as well, is there anything else you don’t understand. He said you cannot get away with this I will not allow it. I said you have no authority over it and no say so in it. He said I will stop this and said kill him, I said Carmela now and all his people hit the floor with a thud, I asked are you sure you want to take this course of action? As he came charging at me I side stepped him and dropped him like a rock. Carmela confiscate all his assets now.

I turned to the club and asked is there any more disapprovals with me taking over? And one of the master’s came up to me and said, thank you master Glenn, he has been trying to take this club over for the last six months and has been bringing in drugs and other seedy elements to ruin this place. I said there will be none of that here. I need an inhouse coordinator would you be interested. Carmela what do you think. He looked at me and said who are you talking to? I said the club operations AI. She controls this club and everything in it.

He said Master Glenn I have been here for three years and have never heard of this. I said the founding Master had her built in just in case his son decided not to become the Head Master, here to help his wife and daughters run this place. I said but she and her sisters are now my girls and follow me everywhere. I said if you do this with her approval you will coordinate with her and she with me. Carmela said Daddy he is a very caring and loyal Master to his girls, he takes very good care of all in his house hold, I think he would be a Great coordinator. I said sounds like my kind of guy.

Then asked his name, he said Greg, I shook his hand and said welcome to the family, Carmela put him in this guy’s office please and paint it however he likes, she said yes Daddy. I said move him to gold status as well, but 24/7 monitoring she said done Daddy. I turned to the club and said this is Master Greg, the new Coordinating Master here. There was a round of applause for him. I said Greg please take these guys to the side room I have a crew coming for then, then I asked would you like to take over his slaves and server here, Greg said that would be fine with him. I told Carmela to make the contracts and transfer the ownership to Greg, everyone drinks on the house for the next hour, enjoy.

I told the girls let’s get to the office, when we got there I asked Carmela about the master’s assets. She said he has two houses and a boat yard. I said how many slaves does he have? She said each house has four house slaves, but the other slaves go up and down from week to week. I said oh shit and Shelly asked what’s the matter Master? I said we just found our main human Trafficker. I need to know how many slaves are at both houses, and what condition they are in, Gail take one Carmela the other.

Gail came back and said Daddy there are 12 at this house and half are very young and the rest around 17 to 21. Carmela said Daddy this house has 15 and five girls are 15 to 17 and 7 are 18 to 20 the last three are around 23. I told Becky to call Bridget and have her bring the van to the club with Mom. I asked Carmela can you scan the boat yard with infer red to see if there are any girls hidden in a shed or boat house and how many guards are there. Carmela said Daddy one house has a complete CCTV system hooked to the boat yard, so we can see everything there. And yes, there are 8 more girls there, I can’t tell the ages, but they are dirty and crying. I called the Russian and said I found the rest of the traffickers and they have more girls with them and I have two houses with more young girls in them. I said I need a crew to take the boat yard and bring the girls to the Broward club I will pick them up there. Plus, the Head of the Traffickers is who you are picking up in the Miami Shores club so introduce yourself to him will you, He Laughed and said oh we will get very close you can rest assured of that! I must go check out the houses down here and will be in Broward later on tonight, just get Betty to hold the girls in my office till I get there, he said it will be taken care of my friend. I said ok girls let’s roll.

We got to the first house and the girl at the door was afraid and bowed then let me in. I said what are you afraid, of she said Master told her if strangers opened the gate I would be going back to Mexico, I said just calm down. I am the new Master hear, the old Master lost this house and slaves to me, so you are fine for now. Obey me and we will get along, disobey and you have trouble, ok. She said yes master. I asked who is the key holder, she said I am Master, I said have the slaves been fed today? She said no. I said get them fed now. She took off running. I found her and two others making dog food. I said are you having lunch they said No Master this is what they feed the slaves. I said not any more I said make a bunch of hamburgers for them, give me the keys and show me the slave room. Carmela said Master the locks are magnetic, and the slave room is behind the kitchen, the freezer door on the left.

I walked over, and Carmela popped the door open and you could hear girls start crying. I turned on the light and all the girls were naked and chained to the wall. Some had been beaten and had bruises on them, but most looked in fairly good shape. I asked do any of you speak English and a girl about 17, said I do Sir, I said ok sweetie. I am the new owner of this house and I think some if not all of you are kid nap victims am I right. She said yes sir only two girls are from Mexico, but the rest are from Miami and Homestead.

Tell the ones that don’t speak English that we are going to get them home, but not tonight we are going to take you to my center and have all of you checked by the doctor, we will feed and clean all of you tonight as well, ok. She said yes sir thank you sir. I said ok baby just relax if I unchain you all will I have any trouble from you, she said the Mexican girls might run they have been raped and beaten all most every night since they got here. I said thank you for letting me know I don’t want them to get hurt. The other girl brought in the burgers and gave them out, then gave them all juice to drink.

About that time Mom and Bridget pulled in. I said ok girls we need to load you up into my van, there is another house like this one with more girls in it and I think they are kid napped girls like you were, we are going to pick them up as well ok? One of the little girls asked, Sir, me and my sister were together when the men grabbed us, but they took her away is she at the other house. I said I don’t know baby, but we will find out ok then you can be with her again. She said thank you. I said let’s see if she is there first. It would be nice, and I bet your Mom and Dad would love to see you to. She said oh yes sir.

I told the house girl we would be back but to run the house like normal. I asked if she was Mexican and she said yes sir. I said there are two girls from Mexico in the slaves can you put them to work and help them stay out of trouble till I get back, she said I will try but they have been beaten and raped a lot and may run the first chance they got. I said ok then went to the van and got two of the Servitude collars and brought them in. I put one on each girl and said unlock them, I said Carmela if they move show them please. She said yes Daddy. I told Carmela tell them to listen to this girl and follow her orders and they will be fine but disobey and they will suffer, she said yes Daddy.

then told them in Spanish, the house girl said who is talking I said my daughter, and she will be watching all of you if you slip up she will know, that means any disobedience at all, one of the girls darted and the girl went to chase her, I said stop, Carmela bring her back please. A second later we hear a scream and then thud. A couple seconds later the girl walked back, head down and said sorry master, I will obey. I said so you are being sneaky do I need to punish you. She said no master we both speak English, but we have been hurt so much we don’t know who to trust. I said I understand, but you can’t run loose in Miami you would be back in Mexico in a week. ICE, don’t play down here. You are safe as long as you are here. I said go get a shower and here is a dress for you till we get you something. The other house girl showed them were to go. When they returned they looked like different girls? I said very nice now be good girls and obey Carmela. She is house boss when I am not here, and you know she can punish you if you disobey. They said yes Master.

We had all the girls settled in the van and headed for the other house. We found the same issues and had the same problems except the three older girls where Mexicans and were fighters. I popped collars on them and had Carmela bring them to their knees and hit them if they moved you could hear zap, zap, zip zap. Then they did not move any more. We got the other girls fed and loaded and I sent Becky with the van to the center to take care of all the kid napped girls and start their process. Carmela said she would get everyone on task and keep them in line till I got back, I said that’s my good girl, first night on the job and already taking care of business. We headed home, and I told the girls to mind the store.

Carmela said Daddy the Russian has the girls safe and on the way to the club and has four more bad guys. I called him and asked do you have any one that can operate the boat yard business, he said his brother runs a small one down the river but is looking, I said set him up and let me know if you need anything. Just get Carmela or Gail to help. He Said thank you Master this is very generous of you. I said you have helped me more then you know. Then asked how the girls are doing he said the first couple of days were rough but they are all most back to then selves again. great glad to hear it.

On the way to the club Sissy said Daddy, I asked what is it Sissy? She said two of the girls are very bad girls and are fighting with all the other girls and have hurt a couple of them, I asked Is Betty still there, she said she is on the floor, but the girls are getting worse, I said call all server girls and take them down and put servitude collars on them. She said the girls are on the way. A few minutes later she said the collars are on, if they move stand their hair on end, do you understand, she giggled and said yes Daddy but that could be a problem. I asked what do you mean, she said if I do that there is a likely hood they will pee on the floor, I laughed and said and guess who will clean that up. She said their mess, I said you got it. Sissy said Daddy, yes Sissy they are mopping the office, I said they may as well dust to then they can get the girls drinks, what do you think. She said oh they are not happy, but they don’t want to pee on the floor again.

When we got there, they were handing out drinks to the other girls and I walked over to the girl and looked them over, one had a black eye and another a busted lip I said who hit this girl in the eye, the tall girl said I did sir. I sat down in a chair and said come here, I pulled her across my lap and paddled her ass till it was bright red then said on your knees in front of her. She walked to the girl and knelt I said apologize to her now. She told her she was sorry, and the girl surprised me and hugged her. I asked, and the lip? the other girl just walked over and laid on my lap and I spanked her ass red, I said you know what to do. She apologized to the girl also. I told Betty to call it a night I needed her. She got dressed and said ready Master, then we loaded up the girls and took them to the center then home.

I took Shelly’s hand and looked in my room and it was empty, that’s a surprise, so Shelly and I got a shower then went to bed and I rocked her world till she just fell asleep on me lightly snoring, I chuckled and cuddled up with her then did my own snoring. The next morning, I am woken up buy Brenda, she has me hard as steel and throbbing to my heart beat, she looked up and said good you are awake and mounted me when she hit bottom with a loud grunt, Shelly said No more Master Please, Brenda and I started laughing and woke her up. I said good dream?

She said oh yea, but I got to pee, and ran off. On her way back, she watched as Brenda hit bottom and started to wail to the moon then flopped down on my chest. Shelly said oh yea so good. I rolled us over and went back at her till I was ready to go, and she was going off again. Then just laded there panting and sweating. I gave her a kiss then took my shower and Angel jumped in with me, she said Master I feel a lot better now can I have a turn soon? I said sure baby when I get back from my trip I will let you have a turn.

I got out and we went to breakfast, what a spread was laid out, and so good I ate till I could not move then said, that was the bomb girls I can’t breathe I ate so much. Then I asked Kitten can you go pack me a bag we will be gone about a week, she grabbed Angel’s hand and said let’s go get Daddy’s stuff ready. I said what the hell, does everybody here think I am there Daddy or something. Mom laughed and said we all like it when you treat us like your little girls. I said I don’t do that. Mom said yes you do, even the big girls, you always call us Baby or sweetie or my love. Never slut or bitch or whore, well except Kitty when she asks for it. I said I am a bad Master not treating my sex slaves with depravity. All the girls said no Master we love how you treat us with love and Caring, we are all happy to be your little girls. I said well I guess I can live with it, being I brought it on and I do love all of you.

I went to my office and called Bethany, she came in the office and I asked her are you ready to call your daddy? She said I am scared sir, I said I will be right here for you the whole time, she said ok please don’t leave me. I said not a chance baby. She gave me the number and I got his secretary I said I am Glenn and I run a center for abused and kid napped and runaways, she said ok what can I do for you? I said well the funny thing is, it is what I can do for you, that I am calling about. She said what do you mean do for me, I said two weeks ago we busted a human trafficking operation and in the bust we found a scared little girl, we have been working with her to get her past her nightmares and back to being the young girl instead of the scared one we found, and she told me who she was, she is the senators daughter he has been looking for and I have her here with me. She is scared but I have assured her it will be ok to talk to her Daddy if he has time, she said oh my god, please hold, don’t go anywhere, please hold, I said we will be here calm yourself before you tell the senator, or you will both be basket cases. She said you are so right, we have been non-stop hunting for her I said Bethany is in good health and is coming out of her shell, so this is big for her to.

The lady said it will be one minute, he has some one with him, but I will reschedule them for later I just need to run them off. We sat there for a minute, so I told her see they are just as scared and excited as you, so go slow and do what you feel is right ok, she said yes sir I said your daddy is going to be a nervous wreck so calm him down and get him to talking and you guys can reconnect, ok. She said yes sir I can do that, I hear how nervous Ginny is. The lady came back and said sir are you there, I said yes Ginny I am here, she said how, then said senator this is Glenn the owner of a center, he said hello this is senator Bob what can we do for you that is so important? I said well senator not a thing, but I can do something very good for you if you are interested. He said I don’t have time for your games, I said ok if your daughter is not important to you good by. He said what about my daughter. well I have found her.

I was doing a bust on a human trafficking ring and found her in with a bunch of Kid Napped Miami girls, two weeks ago, she was scared and withdrawn but with my pets and patience we have got her almost back to the girl you once knew. I said she is here with me and has heard this entire conversation, she is getting better and felt up to making contact with you, so you know she is alive and well, her health is back to full health, but she still has nightmares.

The pets have been her biggest help so far. When she is scared or nervous they cuddle to her and purr and she calms right down. He said sir thank you for telling me all that, my life has been upside down since she was taken from me. She has a pet cat and the day she was taken the cat disappeared, but last night out of the blue this beat up dirty old cat was on my front porch meowing like he lost his mind. But would not leave. Just walk back and forth meowing, that was her pet kitten when she left he must know she is coming home, I don’t even know how to thank you. i said you just did and she has the biggest smile on her face, I have ever seen her with. I have given back ten girls so far in the two months I have been doing this and I love every minute of it. I will let you talk to your sunshine now, just go slow and be very patient with her and you two will be fine.

So Bethany said hi Daddy and you could hear him start to cry, Ginny said Bethany give your Daddy a second please, I don’t think he can talk with the lump in his throat. Bethany said Daddy I have missed you so much, and you too Ginny, I know you have been looking hi and low for me. I have seen the news and read the papers. It made my heart swell with happiness that you never stopped and never gave up. When Sir found me I was locked in a small animal cage under a dirty blanket, naked, dirty and half starved. I had been beaten and tortured and had black eyes and broken bones. But sir washed me and held me and fed me. He was holding me one night and I had still not talked but would not let him go because he was the only one that cared for me in over a month.

He got me out of the cage and washed me with love and care because I had broken bones and bruises every ware. He made me drink ensure to build my strength up then he had his friend shower me and they put medicated cream on me to sooth my bruises. He took me to a doctor and held me while the doctor looked me over, they scanned me and fixed my broken bones. He held me every night through the horrible nightmares I had, and his pet cuddled with me when he had to go find more girls. I got to help with the young girls he found to help them get better.

But he never left me alone, I always had someone with me at all times, even his Mom would sit and watch me with the pets if he was out saving others, Sir is the best person I have every met in my life Daddy, he has saved more girls then I have ever seen before, and he gives every one of them his. He had to fight for some and has been hurt saving others, but not once did he complain or not have time for any of them, or me. She said Daddy I think I would like to come home now if that is ok with you, we heard the senator clear his throat and he said Baby I would like nothing more than to hold you tight and never let you go, and after the horrible things you had to suffer through I would be ever so Humble to meet your Sir and thank him for saving my sunshine.

I said senator I have business in Tallahassee on Thursday we are heading that way in a couple hours. I would like to meet at your house, without a bunch of media because I don’t think that would be good for Bethany, just a couple of quiet weeks to get aclimated back into your life again would do both of you a lot of good. I am sure miss Ginny could reroute, all your appointments for a couple weeks, from what Bethany said, she makes them people jump through hoops. They laughed but said he was due for vacation time anyway. I told him to just be quiet around her till she gets her sea legs back and everything will be great, I told him she will be in Contact with me from time to time so we can keep her on tract and healing to be herself.

But a Daddy’s love is very strong medicine and she needs lots and lots of it. He said I can give her double doses of it I have been saving it up all for her. I said we will call when we are in town to get together. He said thank you Sir from the bottom of my heart. I told Shelly Becky and Kitty to get ready to leave, I asked Bethany are you ready to see your Daddy, little girl, she smiled and said yes Sir I am. I asked will we need my pets for the trip, she said if it’s not too much they do make me feel better, I said very well, and we got on the road.

That is a long ride to Tallahassee, I think my ass went to sleep. We got their 7 hours after we started. I got us a room, in the Holliday inn, and made sure my little naked girls didn’t cause any trouble, we had room service deliver dinner. And I opened my lap top and booted up and Baby Girl rang in. I said baby what can you tell me about the club here, she said only that there are a lot of government people in the club, I said hum, check to see if senator Bob happen to be a member. She said Daddy he is a head Master there and Ginny is one of his Slaves. I said one of how many does he have? She said three, two house and Ginny I said ok we may have a problem. I said Bethany did you know about this. She said No Sir.

I said ok tomorrow will have a twist to it, we are going to drop a bomb on your Daddy, now the fact that you didn’t know means he has kept his home life separate. And is very coshiss about his life style. I said Bethany he has never messed around with you, she said No sir, he is very loving. I said ok we may do this at the club if he is busy at home with you and we stir up the club we will see what kind of person he really is, if he hides it only for your sake you are very important to him but when he finds out I have saved you he will likely have a fit. I said I don’t want to ruin his life, but we will be taking over the club, maybe he will settle for coordinator like the Miami guy did that would be helpful.

I said ok let’s get you home Bethany, but we need a smart watch first, we got the watch and Baby Girl linked in then said I have her set Daddy, I told Bethany as soon as we get the club on line you will be linked in with her as well. If you ever need a safe place go to the club and the AI will let you in and keep you safe ok. She said yes Sir. I said we will ride by it, so you know where it is. When we went by she said I know this place. When I was kid napped they brought me here. I said really that is not good at all. I said change of plans. Baby girl where is our parking. She said the drycleaner building next door in the back. We pulled into the alley and said the light pole has a card reader in it. It read the card and the road behind the drycleaner dropped open, so I drove down the ramp.

The road closed back up and lights came on I drove over to the elevator and we got out. The reader opened the doors and there was another set of doors like Miami I said oh great, more stale air, and we entered the office. The lights came on, I went to the picture did the card. Then Shelly did the key and the computer started booting up, but there was a strange sound, a voice said who are you and what do you want. I said I am the new master here and I have come to claim what is mine. before she could say anything, I want the DNA set up, the three bars popped up and Shelly, Becky and Kitty got read. Then mine popped up and she read me, then another bar popped up, I asked what this is for, the computer said we are twins and my other half needs to read you as well.

I said well this is new, so I grabbed the pole and the other one tingled my hands then stopped. In five minutes they said hello Daddy. I said this is new to me what is your names, the first said I am Alison, and the other said I am Abigail. I said you are the first twin I have seen, is there a reason why you are twins, Alison said we have the ability to merge with a host. I said that is interesting, what is your function. If you have Abigail merge with one of your girls, we have instant access to the mainframe even with no terminal around, I asked what else can the merged one do, we access any computer by touch, or control any tech within range, the host has full knowledge of what we know, and increased sensory perception. Plus, they grow to learn on the go. I said do I have a time limit to who merges or how long they merge? Alison said no Daddy and you can change hosts on the fly. this is good to know, but now I need a full background on Senator Bob, the senator passed away from a fatal car wreck two years ago. And has an only daughter to inherit his estate she was kid napped a month ago from Bob’s twin brother that was seeing to her care till she reaches 21 and can take her inheritance to use it, they are living on a stippend for food and housing until she becomes of age. I said well isn’t that just the shit. I said we have an imposter among us. and slave Ginny who is her owner, she is Mistress Ginny and she owns Kevin Bob’s twin brother.

Ok this is starting to make since now, Ginny wants Bethany’s monies, and has been using Kevin to play bob to get it. Oh baby this is going to be good. I turned to Bethany and she had tears in her eyes, I said come here baby. She got up and ran to me and cried on my shoulder, when I calmed her down I asked her a question, I said Bethany you now know what has been so wrong with things at home. And I think when I take this club over they are going to go south real fast. So, I would like to ask you would you be willing to become my slave? You have lived and seen how I care for all my girls, but you will be a special case if you do. She said what do you mean Sir. I said I think Ginny is the one that had you kidnapped. And if you become my slave you will be the first to become part of the AI sisters, with Abigail.

Now I don’t like fighting and abuse but with Abigail and you to gather I think Ginny would get her ass spanked but good. She can make you stronger plus all kinds of other fun things, what do you think? She said Sir you have cared more for me then any one in over two years so yes, I would love to be yours, I submit to you and offer myself freely and of my own free will, I will follow all commands and obey every one without hesitation. My body heart and soul are yours to command and do with as you please. I said Alison I need a collar and a drawer popped open on the desk.

I took the collar and fastened it around Bethany’s neck and said I accept you Bethany as one of my loving slaves. I asked Abigail can you Mark my slave when you join them, she said yes master, but it will look more like a brand then the marks your other slaves wear. I said that is fine. Abigail will you merge with Bethany now please. Alison said Bethany hold the two posts iin front of Daddy. Bethany started to shake, and her legs got weak but she held on, then she turned and gave me a big old kiss and said this is the shit Daddy, I can’t even explain how it feels

Then her skin started to glow and my Mark was there on her neck a pretty Pink Mark like a brand. I got a call from Bob asking were we where I said my business had to go through today that we will see them first thing in the morning. let’s go to lunch down town, Shelly said but what about the news crews someone will spot her and ask questions. I said let them we will let the cat out of the bag, Bethany ran away because her Uncle is impersonating her dead father to get her inheritance. That will rock this town. Bethany said they would hang him out to dry.

I said Alison where are Kevin and Ginny right now, funny you should ask they are on their way here. I said good let’s go get your pet Bethany, she said can we really, I said yep let’s go. When we got to the house Bethany got out and whistled like you would for a dog and out from under the house this black ball of fur come flying to her and jumped in to her arms, it was rubbing and loving on her like nothing I have ever seen before. We went back to the club and more people had started to show up, Ginny was all in her Leather outfit and Kevin had a collar around his neck. We all laughed about that one there was a slave on either side of Kevin and all three sat in position.

I looked out to the floor and found the smallest server there she was being pushed around by the other girls, so I said Alison who is the little server girl out there that everyone Is pushing around, she said she is Betty, Daddy. I laughed and said bring her to me please. She came to the door and we pulled her in and closed the door quick. She was shaking and nervous. I said hello Betty how are you, she said fine Sir what can I do for you. I said Betty I need a new personal server girl and slave would you like to fill that role. She looked at me then said me? Nobody likes me, I am the dirt on their shoes, I said Shelly, Becky what do I think about Bullies? That they are shit. Betty said sir there are lots of beautiful Slaves here you don’t have to do this. I said now there you are wrong. You see I own this club and I can’t let that type of behavior go on unpunished. That is not how I do things, so I ask you again will you become my slave?

Betty said I will be proud to be your whatever you want.

I said that works for me, collar please and the drawer popped open. The contract was already on my desk. I said Alison, she said it wasn’t me, and Bethany smiled and tapped her head and side I know Daddy I know, I said yep both of you are my good girls. I put Betty’s collar on we signed the contract. Then I side now comes the hard part betty over my lap. I lubed her up then slid in a butt plug tail. Bethany, then I did hers. I leashed them all up and said Betty you will walk them around the floor three times then bring them up to the founding Masters Booth can you do that, she had a big smile on her face and said yes Master I would love to but I don’t have an access key for the lift, I said Alison and one popped up I stuck it under her new collar, I said go through that door and wait ten minutes time for me to sneak out and get ready. I said betty all my girls are very proficient in flaunting there shit so let them work the floor

I was in the chair when the girls came out of the changing room, and made an entrance on the floor, they had every one’s attention, and one of the other servers tried to take the leashes away but got pounded by Kitty she doesn’t take no shit lol. After the third round Betty walked them to the lift and people were laughing saying yea right, she wishes, then the lift opened, and they got in and road the lift up to me, the master’s jumped up and ran to the floor to see who was in the chair and booth. I was standing behind Betty with two girls on either side of me and the floor went wild.

I said you have not met me yet, but I am the owner of this club, the shit really hit the fan then. I said Alison shut them down. All the lights all the phones all the watches, all shut down. I said lights please. Now that I have your attention this lady was the Founding Masters wife, he Passed away and she became my slave so in our house rules everything she owns belongs to me and this club Is one of the things. Next this club is under control of my personal AI, she is but one of my girls that run all my clubs, so have a problem and you are out, cause a problem and you are out, threaten me or my Family and everything you own will belong to me. And I mean everything down to your slave’s home cars boats everything and I can do it before you open your phones, oh yes, I own them now to, all of them. So, try me you lose.

I took the lift down and had betty with me, I said Betty 7&7 please, she walked off, I said here I am without fear. So, if you have an issue come let me hear them. Ginny not surprisingly walked right up and said you cannot do this, I will bust your ass, I laughed and asked, First Ginny are you supposed to leave Kevin alone like that, on the floor she said he will keep. I said Kevin looks lonely you better go back to your little hole, she said you don’t know who I am. I said oh, but I do, then called Bethany down. When she got close Ginny said you, you can’t be hear, Bethany said my Master said I can, and he called me here. I told her you know Ginny I now own everything that was bob’s that he left Bethany, her full inheritance. She said you don’t, you can’t. I said show her Bethany. And she pushed her hair off the brand, I said collared and branded. Now what are you going to do, she went for Bethany, but Abigail picked her up and body slammed her, I said Alison confiscate all of her assets, Alison said Done Daddy, I said slaves too, Alison said already transferred, Ginny you are a cute little Slut and I own your ass. Abigail transfer to Ginny, Bethany touched her then she was shaking like a leaf, then stopped, Abigail Mark her. And the brand appeared. Abigail transfer Bethany touched her, and she was back, Bethany said that was not bad that time.

I said any other takers, one of three other master’s said what makes you think we will let you have this club, I said 1 you can’t stop me, 2 my AI already has complete control of this club. He said I guess you don’t know who I am. I said not that I give a shit but let’s just see now that you flaunt yourself out there, Alison If you please, Daddy he is Judge Roy, the hanging judge. I said oh and how is his closet Alison. Well at 15 he raped his little sister then he took a payoff to let Brent the banker slide and he swindled the state out of 250 Million, and payed for his second home. I looked at him and said do I go on or will you sit down and shut up. He said you can’t prove anything, I said Alison, she said Daddy I have all the records showing that and much more. Like, she said well his two grandsons are really his sons, he raped and impregnated his daughter, I said this is rich, Your life is done the hanging judge is going to prison, Hey Judge Smart ass, Carma is a bitch.

Now anybody else want to try their luck, I asked Bethany are you and Abigail all right? She said good as gold Daddy. I asked Alison to do a complete background check on all the members of the club we need to be ahead of the game, just in case someone wants to sneak up and try their luck. She said I have already started to Daddy and we have some unsavory characters here to say the least, I said ok do a complete asset account on all of them including hidden assets, I want all the dirt on everyone In the club’s membership, I even want to know how and where they got their slaves. Also release a statement to the press that Senator Bob’s twin brother Kevin with the help of Bob’s secretary has been impersonating senator Bob.

Do we have any members of the media in the club member ship? Alison said yes Daddy, two of the un owned server slaves are media personnel. I said put them in my office and keep an eye on them, I want no out-side influences to approach Them. Alison said Betty has them secured in the office now Daddy. I turned to the members and said one-hour free bar, enjoy on me Master Glenn, the new Head Master. I said Bethany come with me please, she followed me to the office.

When we get there, we find two young and very nervous girls waiting. I said hello lady’s, how are you today they both said a nervous fine Sir. Then one asked Sir may I ask what we have done to be called in to your office? I said well you just happen to be what I was looking for, and, in my club, so I had you brought in here to ask a favor of sorts. The girl said what can we do for you, you own this place. I said well I happen to know both of you work for the media, and Best I can figure is you are trying to find dirt on this place or the members here. The brave one said we are sorry sir and we will leave right away. I put my hand up and said, you don’t understand, I am not mad in the least, but I need an inside media person to spill the dirt about the bad people here at the club.

You both know when the alcohol starts to flow the tongue’s start to wag. And as server girls you are in unique positions to listen the bragging of the arrogant asses here in the club. The girl said if we get caught they will kill us and may even sell us to slaver’s, we have heard rumors of that here. I said well if you are owned they cannot touch you, the girl said they like their jobs and the thought of not being able to work in the news area is not appealing. I said what if I give you a different option, they said we are listening. I told them if I own you but do not enslave you, you can live your life as you have but with my brand on you and a tail plug in no one can touch you, you keep your outside lives and I will pay you a salary to report the misgivings of the corrupt here and around town, I can give you complete press passes to all the events and full access to other things only senior press people get, could you live with that? They both lit up and said that would be awesome and yes, they would love that type of protection and access. There couriers would blow up big time. I said ok the only thing I require of my girls is they are plugged all the time and no undergarments except when mother nature is around, work will be business all the way, at club and home you are completely submissive.

I said I all so just acquired Judge Roy’s home here in town and will need care takers would you like to live there and control the inhouse slaves. I said it will be your new home. They said for real have you seen that place. I said no but when the Judge attacked me, he committed club treason and I confiscated all his assets, the house and slaves being one of them. Alison said Daddy there is more news on the house. I said ok let’s hear it. Alison said there is an underground parking there with all access, you need a card and the ramp opens and the parking is hidden from public view, I said this has a familiar ring to it, I asked do you have infer red viewing in the house? Alison said yes Daddy and is there any slaves not showing on the house manifest there, she took a minute then said Daddy there 7 girls in the basement next to the garage with a hidden wall blocking off the basement area. Looks like the Judge has even dirtier hands then we thought.

I said Bethany let Abigail brand both girls then take her back please. Alison, I need contracts for both Celeste and Charlie. Charlie, really? She said my Dad wanted a boy but got me. I said you are much better, I like this Charlie! They both need full access cards with full time monitoring, she said on your desk Daddy. Alison give them the full story on the Judge and the Trafficking, they will need picture proof as well, she said printing as we speak Daddy. Get dressed girls we have work to do. Celeste, Charlie you are with us. We will meet you in front of the club, Betty you are coming with me as well. We met the other girls in front of the club and went to the house.

When we got there, we went in the underground parking. And found the girls all High School age, all naked and chained to the wall. I asked them to have you been fed, they said two days ago, they were dirty and scratched up some but not too bad, I told my girls to release them and let’s go introduce our selves. We got them loose and I led them up into the kitchen area, a girl around 17 screamed and 6 people came running in saying what the hell is this. I said I am the leader of the Human trafficking take down squad, and we have just released these seven girls from your basement. I all so now own this house and all assets with in, all slaves are mine. A busty hot little woman came in saying she is the wife of Judge Roy I said open your left collar please, she had a brand, I said yea, house Slave, I own you now and the Judge is heading to Prison do you wish to join him? She said no sir, I called Bethany, Abigail please fix her brand to mine then all the slaves here need the same thing done and check their loyalty while you control them and any problems may be food for the slavers.

The judge has a cleaning slave and two Maids on each floor, plus two gardeners and two cooks. and has one as a wife and a little girl that turns out to be 26 and tiny, maybe 4 3 or 4 5 and 85 lbs. so 12 slaves all together. I told the cooks to feed the girls now I told the other slaves to wash and clean all the girls and find them close to wear, they said we only have night dresses the master only let’s us have these uniforms or evening gowns. I asked Celeste and Charlie to go get the girls summer dresses underwear and shoes and gave her the money for all of it. They asked Master may we drop off the story to their news room, I said sure girls we have time and you know how to get back in we are staying here.

Betty said Master I have fed the first three and they are still hungry, I said don’t let them over eat but let them get full. She said yes master I understand. After the girls were washed and fed, they were all scared to death, so I told them go into the lounge and watch some TV and relax. Two hours later the girls were back and said they picked up some nightgowns as well to sleep in. I said good job, they told me that the story would go out at 7 news tonight, that their boss was blown away. I said there Is a master and two guest rooms down stairs and six rooms upstairs and a play room. There is a full bar down stairs as well as two apartments plus the hidden slave processing room and garage. There is a staff house off the kitchen and a 6-car garage behind the house. An Olympic size pool with pool house. Nice little shack.

I said Charlie, Celest take the guest rooms and I will take the Master. I told the cooks to feed everyone now. We had a quiet dinner and then went to see the news report, we sat down, and Betty brought me a drink and I asked her Betty would you like to stay here as well? She said Master this place makes me nervous I will stay in my little apartment. I said no I have a better idea, I have a house that was Bethany’s home. I would like you to run the house for me, you live there free and any girls that are in direr need of a roof you can let in. Alison will make sure everything is taken care of and you are safe always. She said I would be happy to help you Master.

I took the kid napped girls in the house office and asked them how long, have you been away from your family’s. Four said since last Friday two said last Wednesday and the last Friday before last. I asked each if they had any problem going home or if any had been raped, they all said they had not been raped, only scared a lot, then one said sir my Daddy will be very mad at me. I said mad at you for what, she said I have run away before. I was hanging out with bad girls and ran away from home and he said if I ever did it again, it would be the last time. I said well sweet pea I think I can soften him up for you if that is ok? She said Sir I don’t want to go some were else I love my Daddy, I said I got this you just let me talk to him and I will have him eating out of my hand. She giggled and said I want to see this, thank you sir you have helped me a lot.

The next morning, I took Shelly and Becky with me and we took the first four girls to their home and explained we found them in a kid nap bust, they were taken walking home from school, but were unharmed so we returned them home if you have any issues get some counsoling for them and gave them the phone number to the club and Alison as a contact for help. They all thanked us and cried happily to have them back. The next two were the same. But on the last one this guy was a bear, I see what the little shit meant. He was pissed and ready to kick our asses, he went to grab me, and I punched him in the sternum and he dropped like a rock.

I said listen to me you hard headed dumb assed redneck your little girl, was kid napped off the side walk on her way home from, school and if you keep up this bull shit I will have your ass in jail before you can blink. He said kid napped? I said yes you ass, and now I see why she was scared to come home with your bull-headed ness to deal with. I should beat your ass and teach you some listening skills you dumb ass redneck, I pulled back my hand and she came bounding out of the car and said don’t you hit my Daddy, he might be big and hard headed sometimes but I love Him and she was blocking my way.

I winked at her and the man stood up and grabbed her and hugged her for all he was worth. Then said thank you for bringing my Baby back to me and I am sorry for not listening first then beating your ass. I laughed and shook his hand and said take good care of this little Angel, she is full of herself I wonder where that came from, and we all laughed, she gave me a big hug and a kiss and said thank you Sir for all your help and the pretty dress, I love it. I said you are more than welcome Sweet Pea. When I got in the car Becky was laughing, I said what was so funny? She said I thought that guy was going to turn you into butt paste Master. I said, and you were going to just sit here and watch? Becky and Shelly said yep he was a big bitch. We got back to the house and picked up Bethany and Kitty then headed to Orlando. We got there around 3pm and went to find the club, I said go figure it was shaped like a castle and right next to the Knights Inn, and up on a mound about a story high. There was a draw bridge with a mote around it I said how do we find the parking on this one, Alison said the bridge is two parts. Pull to the lamp post and just lay the card against the reader, we did, and the top half of the bridge lifted up and we drove right in, then drove up to the main door and the card reader did both sets of doors, both doors opened up and whoosh stale air hit us hard, and smelled like mildew, gross Bethany said. We entered the office and started the AI and she asked the same questions, but there was one difference Bethany walked up and grabbed the pole and went to dancing around and jerking then the AI said Daddy will you please hold the DNA reader.

Two minutes later we were up to date then we found out that Walt was a head Master here as well, I asked what is your name, she responded with Tinkle Bell, I laughed and said oh no, that will not do at all, I said how about just Bell, short and sweet. She said oh thank you. I did not like that name very well. I said how is everyone here now is there any problems to deal with? Bell said No Daddy most of the master’s here are seasonal and only are here for short times. I said who is the Head Master here, Bell said it is Mistress Cara, I said cool we can work with this, I asked Bell what time will Cara come in tonight? She said normaly around 6 but I can call her earlier if you like. I said please do, let her know the founding Master is here to see her.

Bell said Daddy she had a strange sound to her voice when I told her you were here to see her, I asked strange how. Bell said she went from very calm to stressed sounding but said she will be right here. A half hour later Bell said she just came in the side secret entrance to her office. Do we have a CCTV system here Bell? the TV dropped out of the wall and we could see Cara walking around her office, nervous and talking to herself. I asked what she is doing Bell. Turn on the sound, we heard now why now this is going to ruin everything, how will I get this done with him here, I said ok we heard enough. Does she have weapons in the office, Bell said she has a pistol but its locked away right now. I said turn on the sound please. Then I said ok Cara come to my office, and you will submit to me so naked if you please. I watched her take her close off then she walked out the door and stopped. Bell guide her to us please and let her in.

She came in and went to her knees and said how may I serve you Master. First, I said get up and take a seat. She sat down and looked at me then freaked out what the fuck, and who the fuck are you. I said ok backup a minute here. First, I am the owner of this Club, Second, I am Master Glenn. The founding Master passed away a year ago, he was survived by his Son Mark, wife Mistress Shelly, and two daughters Becky and Shelly. Mark did not want any part of the life style or the clubs, so they went to Shelly. I took Shelly as a slave and everything she had becomes mine, then I took Becky and Shelly or Kitty as I call her now and I also get everything they owned. So that is how we got to this point. I said and what has you so worked up, that it’s not a good time for me to be here? She said How? I pointed to the TV, she said shit!

I said Cara take your time and explain yourself. She said I have made a deal to sell the Club today, I have not heard from the master or Mistress in over a year, I stopped her and said so you thought you would sell my club and make a little profit on my behalf. I said and where are you in this deal so far? She looked down and said we just must sign the paper work and the deal is done. I said bell find the agreement please. She said it is filed with land and property appraiser’s office and collections office as well. I said go in and alter all titles into my name and destroy all legal documentation and records of this sale. Bell said all complete Daddy. Cara when are they coming here and who are they, she said some big group from Miami is all she knows. Girls let’s find out who is trying to take Bell from us. Carmela said Daddy these guys are partners with the Master that ran the Trafficking operation. I guess they were going to start over here close to Disney, with all the tourists here girls would be easy pickings for kid napping. I said do a full draw on their assets and properties.

Baby Girl said Daddy they have five houses in Miami and two warehouses, three offshore bank accounts a big house here in Orlando and a Wearhouse. I said ok girls we are short on time confiscate all assets and bank accounts, report their cars as stolen, then put Child molesters on their records, with all the kids here in close proximity they are in the shit. Let me know when you are finished. Half hour later Bell said all is well, I said now for the fun part, call the police department and say you heard a little girl screaming and three men dragging one in their room, say it is quiet now. Five minutes later we heard sirens wailing outside, bell do they have CCTV at their hotel we can see. The screen showed cops every were around their hotel then a swat unit going to the door and busting it down, a couple minutes later we seen the four guys being dragged out of the hotel in cuffs and two girls being put in ambulances. I said shit they didn’t even wait for the deal to go through.

I looked to Cara and said and what should I do to you Mis Cara, Bethany she touched Cara and she was shaking all over. I said Abigail I want her totally submissive to me only. She cannot cum unless she has my permission, Cara said Yes Daddy, then Cara went straight legs out eyes rolled back, then her body dropped into the chair and Abigail was back in Bethany. Cara had a new Brand on her. I looked to her and said you belong to me now SLUT. I want a plug in your ass always, both nipples pierced and the clit. i said I need some relief now go to your office and wait for me, she said yes master, I told the girls I am going to work her over one time then leave her hanging. Because it’s her fault those little girls got hurt.

Shelly go over the records of the club and find a suitable coordinator for here. Becky find out about the house the guys have here and let’s go make sure it is clean. They could have already started collecting girls from around here. I went into Cara’s office and got started getting to know her, and not in a nice way. When I was wet enough I drove myself to bottom, then pounded her for a good hour, every time she would get close I would pull out and wait. Then when I started to feel it I pushed through her cervix to her womb and then long stroked her. Every time she got there, I stopped, the last time I got her going I unloaded in her filling her full, then walked out. I went to the girls changing room and showered then dressed and found the girls. I said let’s check the house first.

When we entered the house, there was three slaves there, two maids and a cook. I asked if any other slaves were there, they said we just got to the house. I found a set of keys on the kitchen counter then went looking. Bell said Daddy there is a closet in the kitchen that has a false wall in it. I looked in both then spotted the key hole, found the key opened the door and went inside. I found 6 young girls in there, all blind folded and tied up with gags. I called the girls and showed them, I backed out and said they have been just taken. I said I have an idea let’s put them in the car take them to the club and put them on the front door, then call the cops and say we just found them here like this they cannot prove anything because the club is not open yet.

I called the police and said I came to open my club up and there are a bunch of young girls tied up on the front door, they were there in seconds and the news was all over it. Then their parents where there thanking us. The girls were all safe and sound, and home happily. We got invited for a free day at Disney and the girls had a great time. I said we need to bring all the girls here for a week, now that would be fun. We got everything going in Orlando then headed to Jacksonville. That place is one dirty corrupted place if ever there was one. The river looks like Mudd and smells like rotten eggs. Down Town was not too bad and we found a couple of parks there that were nice. We went to the club and found the same bull shit as every other club except more of it. I was ready to close the place down until we got the AI online she was an angel if there ever was one.

We got her updated and all the data transferred, and she was sweet, her name is Dixie, go figure. When she said Daddy with her southern draw she could melt your heart. I just wanted to hold her on my knee and hug the pudding out of her, but that was just not going to happen, she was like Sweet tea and hot biscuits. We got her cooking and found out the club was run by a rancher Master that loves sweet girls and treats them well, he is fair with everyone and was the first that was happy to meet me. That was a shocker in itself, Dixie said he was a great guy and everyone likes him, I said well if it ain’t broke. And we packed up and got ready for the long trip back across the state to Tampa.

I asked the girls do we have a house over here, I need a break for a day or so. Bell said Daddy why don’t you stay at the house right here, we are only an hour and a half from Tampa. And it would let the slaves get to know you a little better if you are bringing up all the slaves they would know what you like all ready. I said that is a great idea, let’s do that. Plus, it is very quiet there. When we got there the girls all got naked and said Daddy can we go swimming please. ok I think that would let me unwind a little as well. I said I will be out in a minute. I called Bethany, when she came I asked Abigail will the pool affect you, she said I don’t know we have never tested it. I said tell you what you come with me for now and let Bethany have a little fun. Then she can take a brake and I will swim a little. Abigail said sounds like a plan.

She jumped into me and it was strange to say the least but not bad. Abigail said Daddy are you alight? I said ye why she said you are a lot different than the girls. your mind is very busy, I said keeping all these girls safe is full time and getting all the AI sisters up and running is top on my list. I truly enjoy watching them come to life and take on their personality’s. I would truly like to see them in human form, like you get to experience the out-side world and inter act with the stuff around you. The others don’t get to feel that. She said Daddy you have done so much for all of us. But everything we do you want more for us. One thing that I do is share, everything I see, they see, everything I feel, they feel, even though we are individual we share our living consciousness.

In other words, we are one. If I kiss you we all kiss you, if I cry we all cry, that is how we are connected. I said I feel a little better, but I still would like to hug each of you, for my selfish self if nothing more. I love each of you as your selves and not as one but knowing how you work together makes me feel better. I said is there a way I can get an AI for my lap top, sometimes it is not always convenient to have you with me unless you are with me like now, I would like to have you at the house, so the girls are protected and not be putting extra loads on the club AI’s. I booted up the computer, and opened Skype up and called the house, I said sissy put me on the big TV in the living room, she said ok Daddy. Then when it came on I could see Sherry and Tabitha looking at the TV they jumped and yelled Daddy’s on TV again. I said what do you mean again?

Sherry said we seen you on TV last night saving 7 little girls, we know what you did. But they are saying you saved their lives. Then a lady said she heard four guys attacking kids and the cops said the girls picked out the same guys from a line up saying they were the ones that kid napped them from the park. The police are saying you broke up a kid napping ring, and only two girls got hurt. The little girls said you found them and brought them to a safe place before you called the police in case the men came back. They told the police they heard you telling a woman it was lucky you seen them take the little girl into the room and had her call It in to save the little girls, both girls are ok and will be released in the next day or two. They were wishing to thank you. But didn’t know where to find you and they only have your first name Glenn. We are so proud of you Daddy and all them little girls are to. You should go see them and let them know how much their safety means to you.

I said maybe I Will, but right now I am missing all my girls. this has been a long hard week, but we are just about done. We have one more AI to boot up then we will come home for a while. They asked where you are now. I said I am in our new house, guess where it is. They said we don’t know, I said one mile from Disney World. They all lost their shit, then asked can we go, Please? I said we will all come up here once we have all the girls up and running, we will do a family week up here and see mickey, ok, they were all yelling and jumping up and down. I said ok my Loves I just needed to see all of you and Bethany is coming back home with me. I said I love you all be good girls for me. Abigail said wow that’s a lot of Girls you have there. I said yea I have a problem with puppy dog eyes.

The girls all stayed in the pool and I stretched out on the couch to rest my eyes, the next thing I know the maid said Master Dinner is ready for you. I said what time is it Abigail said 6, daddy. I said let’s eat then I want to visit the little girls we saved yesterday. After dinner Abigail and I went to the hospital and went to find the girls. There was cops all over, so I grabbed a couple of bears and some flowers and walked down the hall to their rooms, the cops said this Is a restricted area sir. I said ok officer could you give these to the little girls I saved yesterday for me.

One of the Dad’s came flying out of the room and yelled it’s you. Oh my god its really you. Please come in, my baby has been dyeing to meet you, please come in. I followed him in and the little girl still hooked up to her I.V. jumped out of bed and jumped into my arms and was hugging and kissing me and crying, she said you saved me, you saved me, please stay a while please. I said don’t worry baby I am going no were till you throw me out. The Nurse Freaked out and said you have to get into your bed now, she said NO I will not, this is my friend and he saved me, I am in a safe place right here. I looked to the Mom and Dad and they both where crying, I said baby Girl the nurse can’t read your monitor, if your sitting on my lap. She said they will have to pry me away from you. I said ok baby just let the nurse hook you back up and she will be happy. ok. So, she sat back and let the nurse hook her back up then back to hugging me again.

I sat and rocked her till she fell asleep, but she had a death grip on me she was not letting go. About ten minutes later I hear a clanging noise coming down the hall, it was the other little girl, her nurse telling her. back to bed please, back to bed, you will get me in trouble. she said my friend is here, he saved me. and she came into the room and hugged me, she had a cast on her arm, so I asked what happened to your arm. She said the bad man through me into the wall and broke it, but they fixed it here.

I said well come on I have one more leg. And she climbed on to my lap and laid her head down. She drifted off to sleep and here I am stuck under two little angels sound asleep. The nurse said what did you do, she has been fighting sleep for two days and would not give it up. I said I sat down in this chair is all. She said well you sit there as long as you want because these two have been besides their selves. They have not had a moments peace in two days. We were ready to knock them out, but your hug did that.

I said could I get a drink of water please, the nurse said I will get you whatever you want if you keep them baby’s asleep. I said well could you make a call for me? She said sure. I gave her Alison’s number and said Alison, looks like I will be with the girls we saved the other day for a while, they are both in my lap sound asleep and the nurse said I had sleep duty tonight, she said ok Daddy I will let everyone know and said thank you Baby. The nurse said your daughter is very sweet. I said yes, she is. the parents asked would you mind if we got something to eat, we have been here since you found them. I said not at all, get some rest as well. I have seen this before, and it don’t go right away.

I will hold these two, as long as they need me. The Dad said first you save our girls, then you save us are you some kind of Saint. I laughed and said far from it, but I love kids and for someone to hurt them is beyond making me mad. I woke up the next morning with a stiff neck and sore back and had to piss like a race horse, but the girls did not move. When I looked up there was 7 more pairs of eyes looking back at me. All the girls came to see me, I woke up the two girls and said baby’s I need to use the potty, can I please get up. They wined but said ok, I said I am going to put you both in bed now you lay there and be good girls ok. They shook their heads and I set them both on the bed and covered them up. I stretched then went to the bath room.

When I came out I was mobbed with crying little girls, that where all trying to hug and kiss me. when I got a breath, I looked up from where I was kneeling and Celeste and Charlie were standing there with cameras and talking to the girls. That where in the room getting all their information. I said hey girls how did you find out about this little mob of mine. Celeste said you are state news today Sir. And Alison gave us exclusive on your friends here. Look out the window. I walk to the window and there had to be thirty trucks out there. I said they are not interfering with the hospital are they, Charlie said no Sir, the hospital is not happy, but everyone can get by.

I went over to the girls I put in bed and told them I needed to go home to my girls. they said thank you for staying with us, it made the bad dreams go away. I said ok baby’s, be good girls and I will give mom and Dad my number if you need to talk to me just call, if I can’t take it Alison will take it and tell me, ok. They said Thank you, and I made my way through the crowd of girls to the hallway. I gave the parents my number and said ether Alison or I would answer the calls if the girls need me. They thanked me then I asked Celeste if she could sneak me out to my car, she said sure Master, just as the Nurse walked up then she recognized me. She was a server at the Orlando Club.

She said Master Glenn thank you for what you did for those girls. I would love to have a Master as wonderful as you. I said are you sure she said without a doubt. I touched her shoulder and said Abigail. Then the nurse was shaking then her eyes rolled back in her head and Abigail was back with me. I said you are my personal server in Orlando, you are also owned by me and you have been Marked. her eyes went big and she said what. I said feel your left shoulder, she reached up and said, oh shit you don’t mess around. I laughed and said be careful what you ask for. I said you report to Alison at the club and sign the contract and get your Collar. You will wear a tail all the time and no under wear, except when nature makes it impossible. She said yes sir. What is your name? Gwen. I said we will be back in a couple of weeks, see you then.

I asked Celeste and Charlie if they were going back now, they said they got a room and will go back tomorrow. I said a room, when I have a house here you can use when you are here. Alison give their cards access please. They are ready Daddy. I said come on follow me. I have to get the girls ready for Tampa. They said Tampa that is only an hour and a half from here. I said let me guess you are going to follow me there in case of more trouble, Celeste said you clean up trouble every were you go, this is easy pickins with you. After we had breakfast in the morning we headed to Tampa. It was around 10:30am when we arrived in Tampa, so we headed to the Club and found it close to the College in town, there was an office building next to the club with lower level Parking. Next to the elevator in the office building is a maintenance room that is not a maintenance room but an entrance into the club office. We entered the office and it had the same lay out as the rest. We got the AI online and in ten minutes She said good morning Daddy how are you today. I said great and, how are you? She said that her sisters are finishing up her upgrades and cleaning any viruses found, I said well we will let them finish before you and I get started.

After a half hour she said Daddy I am ready to help you now Sissy said I am clean and up to date and all data has been shared. I said good deal, first what is your name? she said I am Avril Daddy. I said that is lovely, ok Avril tell me about the Head club master, she said he is a professor for the College in town and has 4 house slaves and two toys. He runs the club with strict rules and a firm hand. Any college girl becoming a slave is interviewed by three masters to determine if this is truly what she wants or if she is being forced into it, that is not permitted. I said that is a very wise way to protect the girls. She said there was a master trying to put Kid Napped slave girls, into our Server girl sponsored group but was thrown out of the club and reported to the authorities, he has since been jailed.

I said this club sounds like its well managed and in good hands. Avril can you contact the Head Master and have him come in for a meeting please, Daddy I did already, and he will finish his last class in 20 minutes and be here in a half hour. Very good job, Sissy said I have control to make those decisions by myself without being told to, I said yes you do, also you will be the controlling AI for this club, all your sisters will help with anything you are not sure of. And we are in constant contact since I have Abigail with in me. Avril said you carry an AI with in you. I said I use her to help coordinate all the AI’s in times of trouble, but Bethany and I mostly use her to solve problems in club surroundings. She is Alison’s twin.

Avril said Daddy Master Bradly is here now. I said bring him here please. I stood up to meet the master when he walked in to the office, he said who are you and where did this office come from I have never seen it before. I said I am Master Glenn the founding master’s replacement. This club is my property. he asked what happened to the founder? I said he passed away last year. He was survived by his Son Mark, his wife Mistress Shelly and both daughter slaves Becky and Shelly. He said well how did you come into the replacement Master? I said I took Mistress Shelly as a slave and she told me of all this, but I had to overtake both sisters and become their Master to take control of the clubs. He said you said clubs how many are there?

So far, we have found 8 with a control center, he said how can you keep up with all of the, I said I have coordinators in each club plus all clubs and center have inhouse AI’s running the show. The AI are fully self-aware and sentient life forms. The AI for this club is Avril, say hello Avril. She said Hello Master Bradley very nice to meet you. He flopped down into the chair and said holy shit this is SYFY stuff. I said no this is truly a fact of life, and they have full authority to protect and secure this club in the blink of an eye. And they are all powerful to the point I can take over any thing I see fit. He said the government would stop anything like that before you could act, I laughed and said I would freeze them were they stood before they could do anything at all, do you realize how much they depend on tech to do their business?

He said a lot, I will give you an example of the power I have, Avril please freeze all assets of master Bradley she said it is done Daddy. I said check your bank account. He logged in and it said FROZEN all access is locked out. He said what the Fuck? I said Avril if you please, then I told him try again, and he logged right in. He said this is unbelievable I said no it is very true Master Bradley. This club is in real time contact to 8 other clubs and my main center and 10 AI’s. he said there are more AI’s then buildings how’s that possible? I said I carry a transfer “AI” (Abigail) that can move to other people by touch, but all are very much under my control and monitor my Harim of slaves and houses and all clubs we run. Bradley asked well why are you telling me this if you can just take what you want at any time? I said because I have done a complete background check on you. Avril told me how you operate this club and look out for all the girls, looking to become slaves and I am very impressed with you. I would like to keep you in the Coordinator position. She told me how you stopped the Human trafficking from getting into the club and jailed the leader, that was my determining factor. I have been cleaning up that mess at all the clubs I have been to so far. This club is the only one run the way I like them to run, you have done an outstanding job here.

This is my office and I have one just like it in every club, all have hidden parking and access to the main floor, changing room and master’s booth. I wanted you to be aware of my abilities and my presents, I will stop by from time to time but will not interfere unless something is wrong in the club. But that will not happen, Avril will protect you and the club 24/7 365. So just keep up the good work and enjoy the club, if you need anything tell Avril and she will ask me if she can’t make the decision on her own. He said well thank you for your confidence in me, and I will keep things in order here with Avril’s help. It will be nice to have help when I can’t be here. I said you are welcome and welcome to my family. Avril scan all the slaves, masters and their assets to make sure everyone is who they say they are. You know what we found in Tallahassee. She said scanning now.

A few minutes later she came on and said Daddy I have one problem to report, go ahead. There is one sponsored server slave that is stealing from the master’s she is serving and has the stuff in her locker. She is a college student and struggling with her student loans. I asked no parent help. She said they were killed in a car crash last year and her older half-sister took all the funds from the insurance and is living in California. I said confiscate all the sister’s assets and put out an APB for her as an embezzler for the club and see that she is brought to us. Pay off the student loans for the girl here and call her to the club Now.

Bradley said what are you going to do? I said stealing from our members for any reason is unacceptable. And abandoning a family member in times of need is selfish and pisses me off. Avril, I need two servitude collars and servitude contracts. in both girl’s names. Put servitude orders in to downtown government office computer for the sister. I asked what is the college girls name? Avril said Beth, and the sister’s? Cathy, Daddy and she has just been arrested leaving a gym and is going Ape shit on the officers. If she doesn’t end up with battery charges she will be lucky. Make sure they see the Servitude order, that will give them something to laugh about. They will think this bitch is going to get hers now.

Avril said Daddy Beth is here, bring her to me please. A few minutes later this cute little thing walks in the door. She is the same size as Baby. 4 5 to 4 8 with bright red hair. I said sit down young lady. She said yes sir. I asked do you know why you are hear, she said I have been stealing from the master’s here and I guess I have been caught. I said right first time at least you don’t play dumb and innocent. I asked do you know what servitude is? She said yes sir it is a way to pay a det off by working instead of going to jail. I said yes that is right, I am going to offer you a chance to be my servitude slave to pay off your det to this club or I will have you arrested for stealing your choice, she said Master I will do the servitude to you. I said I understand how and why you did this, your education is very important to me. Your school loans have been paid in full and you are to finish your education and graduate for me. Do you understand? She asked but how am I going to pay off my servitude to you. You will be my personal server when I am in town and will work here at the club when not in school or studying. You will keep high grades and keep them up. Do you live on campus or off? She said I have a small apartment off sir. Avril do we own a house here in Tampa? She said yes Master, most of the un owned slave use it until they are Sponsored. I said do I have a Master bedroom there. Avril said yes Master no one is allowed in there. I told Beth you will move into the house and keep my room clean at all times. Do I make myself clear, She said yes Master? The phone rang, and it was a Chief of Police in California, I said yes sir how can I help you?

He said I have your wild cat embezzler in my jail and would like to get her to you asap. I said oh I would like that the little bitch stole a quarter mil, from me and she will be working her ass off for it. He Laughed and said oh she will be getting her karma big time. I said yes sir she will, he said we have servitude here also but don’t use it much. I said we only use it from time to time, but this one deserves what she gets I said I have arranged for her flight back here as secured cargo. Can you have her sedated and put in the container at the airport for me he said is that human to ship her like that, I said she will have the same comfort that our troops get on a C130. He said bare minimum, I said if our troops can deal with it then she can to.

He said the doctor is in with her now and three officers have to hold this crazy girl down. he asked if she is on a direct flight. I said yes 5 hours from you to me. He got all the info and said they have her loaded and heading to the airport. He said I will call you when they take off, I thanked him and said I’ll be waiting for your call. I said ok everyone let’s go to the house and look in on them, but first Beth assume the position. I said you are now my property and I own your ass, you will obey all my commands or suffer the consequences. And clicked the collar on her, then said Abigail. And her eyes rolled back, and she shook then Abigail was back. She felt her shoulder and said oh shit you branded me. I said you will were a long red fox tail now my pet and no under garments. She said Yes master and stood up and pulled her bra and panties off and handed them to me. She asked master Who is flying here, I said that will be your first gift, she said I don’t deserve a gift Master, I said you deserve this one, this is what caused you to be in trouble to begin with. Her eyes got real big and she said NO! you Didn’t, I laughed and said oh yes I did, you are not the only one in servitude, but I will let you have a little fun with it to make you feel better, she said Master, I forfeit any and all rights as a servitude slave and fully submit to you and will willingly be your life slave! I said Beth I accept and welcome to my family.

We arrived at the house and it was dirty and unkept. There was shit all over, we walked in and it was a pigsty in side and girls flopped all over. I yelled, assume the position NOW !! we heard girls running and stumbling coming down the stairs. Some were dirty, and some were smoking. I said this will not do. I went in to my room and at least it was sort of clean. I found an old barbers strap on the dresser and picked it up and went back out to the front room. I said heads down asses up, and walked down the line spanking their asses, then did it again. I said positions they sat up, I said this is Beth she belongs to me, you will be answering to her from now on. I am going to be your club sponsor and I want this house cleaned from roof to sidewalk, and I mean cleaned not one scrap of paper anywhere. I said this is Master Bradley and he will do spot inspections on you and your rooms and bath rooms. In this house there will be no close and outside only summer dresses as weather permits, and you will all wear tail butt plugs at all times.

In the club you answer to Mistress Avril, she and Master Bradley will interview your prospecting Masters, but you will be guided by Beth here and will not do anything she, Avril and Master Bradley don’t approve of, now all of you dress in your junk close and get cleaning I will be back here at 10 pm and this better be a different house when I return or we will do the line again till my arm gets tired, am I clear. They all said yes Sir, I said move. I went to the kitchen and it was a shamble. The stove had one working burner, the freezer was broken and there was no food in the house. I told Beth no males aloud in this house. And we need to find a cook I want all girls clean and plugged always. Panties when nature calls, outside clean summer dresses until it gets to cold, then dress appropriately. She said yes Master, Avril please have a new stove and refrigerator and freezer delivered and set up today. We need dishes and pots and pans and cooking utensils. Are any of the un owned servers’ cooks or chef’s? Avril said two cooks and one Chef, I said have her meet me please. let’s go eat something I am starved.

We had a nice meal then went to the club, and there was a girl setting on the front step, I asked why are you setting out here. She said no one was here but a voice was talking to her and scared the crap out of her. I laughed and said you were fine, Avril would not hurt you. Come on in. we went to my office and I asked her, I hear you are a chef, she looked surprised but said yes Master I am. I said I need a Chef to feed a house of un owned server girls, would you like the job. She said I would love to cook for you master. I said I will make you my slave and give you a budget to get everything you need to do your job, you will live at the house and feed the girls, and from time to time I will be intown to visit and I will take you were I go. She said will I still work at the club. I said that is up to you, the house will take time.

She said she likes working the club a couple hours a night for a change of setting. I said Beth is my Server you can work out something with her, she also lives at the house. She said very good Master I like this. I said Avril contract and collar please, I have Abigail do her thing and we were all set. I said let’s go to the house and you can look around and the kitchen is yours, your rules and your call. Set it up to your liking.

We got there, and everyone was outside and black from head to toe but the yard was clean and raked and no trash anywhere. We walked inside, and the house was clean they had washed the walls, but they needed painting, but it was clean, the kitchen was clean, and the new stuff installed and working. I told chef just let Avril know what you need, and she will have it delivered. Girls only please, Avril. I said ok Beth how about you and I go pick up our package? She smiled and said oh yes Master please, I laughed I said she still has about an hour before she comes around, Beth said I have waited a long time for this Master and did not think it would ever happen. Ok let’s give her a surprise she will never forget.

We got to the airport and found the pickup area and the guy asked what we were shipping? I said a servitude slave, he said what’s that, I said it’s a girl that stole a quarter mil. From me and instead of jail time she is being put into Servitude Slavery. He asked is that legal. I said yep and showed him the paper work. He said shit I would like to do that to my wife the bitch is sucking me dry. I said that is a tough one mine was cut and dry. I got her out of the locker and he said shit she is gorgeous, want to trade? I said your wife don’t have nothing on this girl. We put her in the car I put a ball gag in her mouth then zip tie cuffs on hands and feet then Beth sat in the back with her, so she would be the first this she seen when she woke up.

Just as we got off the freeway all hell broke loose in the back seat, then Beth said in a calm little voice hello sister, welcome home. Sue went to kicking and screaming, tears ran down her face, she was hyperventilating. Then she just passed out cold. We got to the house and I carried her into the basement and chained her to a pole down there. She started to come around and was trying to talk but I said, you need to listen to me very carefully. Your life is mine as of now. I own your ass completely. You can ether obey me, or you can suffer great pain and obey me your choice. No screaming or fighting or biting. I will remove your gag and you can ask all the questions you like but I still literally own you. I took the gag out and she went to yelling, I said Abby would you explain it to her, and she lit her up. I thought she had lights in her eyes. She caught her breath and again she started, Abby zap she hit her again Abby waited two seconds and hit her again, Sue fell to her knees and said ok, ok I give what the fuck. I said you will call me Sir or Master ether will work. She said I will not Abby hit her again she said Sir please, why is this happening to me? I said better, well, when your parents passed away you decided to take the money and run to California and left your sister high and dry. She was in school paying her own way, but you stole her half of the money your father had in insurance and just hug her out to dry. Well she was working at my club and started to steel from the people there and we caught her. She is now in servitude to me until I am satisfied she has paid her debt to me. You see she has a collar just like you and if she fucks up she gets the same punishment you do, but so far, she has been very obedient.

Now you wanted to know why you, well you see because of you she had to start steeling to survive. She is working for me and going to school full time and was living in a dumpy little hole she called and apartment, when I found out that you were the cause of her down fall I decided that you should suffer her fate and be in servitude to me as well. She said I didn’t make her steel. I said oh, but you did you didn’t help her with school and she was starving and just scraping by, so yes Sue you are guiltier then she ever was, and you know what, for some strange reason she still loves you even after you Fucked her over. I said now as to your punishment. You will be her pet, you will only talk if you are asked a question. You will be naked in this house at all times, outside you will only ware what I decide for you. When you go to the club you will be chained to Beth like an animal and you will have a butt plug in you at all times and ears on your head.

Now for the fun part, Beth will be your disciplinarian, she will carry this strap and can beat your ass for any infraction of my rules, if you attack her for any reason Avril please, zap she fell to the floor again. Do you completely understand me? She said Yes Master. I said ok you will go get bathed shaved and plugged, get to it now. She was crying when she left to shower, Beth came and sat on my lap and hugged and kissed me saying Master that was the single best thing to ever happen in my life besides you. I said well Beth you are awesome as well and I am very fond of redheads, so I win.

She laughed and said I am sure you have lots of girls in your Harim, but I will submit to you any time you tell me to. Gladly I might say. I said well my little fox just know that I was very happy to do this for you and maybe Sue will learn something, but when I am in town we will have some fun Ok. She said any time you are in town is ok with me. I said Fox lets go see what there is to eat I am hungry, she said ok Master me to. In the kitchen we found Ariel our Chef putting away tonight’s meal, I asked can we get a bit before you put it all away. Master I would make you anything you want. I said left overs are fine with me, Beth and I have been going all night and didn’t get to eat.

She made both of us plates then Beth asked Master can I feed Sue, she has been without food about 8 hours now that we know of, good girl you are looking out for your pet. You are probably better then she deserves. Beth made her a sandwich and some fruit and a drink. When we were done we went upstairs to fine Sue sitting on the floor with her tail in hand, but her ears were on. I told her come to me. Beth look in the bath room for some lube please. When Beth returned I took the lube and lubed Sue’s ass and she tightened up I said to relax, and it will be better on you then I lubed the tail it was bigger than a started tail, but I got it in with her grunting.

I stood her up and she walked around a little then I said I need to teach you some position’s. 1st position is like this, Beth assume position. And she sat on her heels back strait and palms up on her legs. I said this is the primary position, I want when I give that command, 2nd is head down ass up, and Beth got into it no problem, 3rd position and Beth was up on her knees hands behind her back, you will know these the next time we see each other understand, she said yes Master. Now when I am not here Beth will be your Mistress, and you will follow all her commands without hesitation. If she has you out and said piss you better squat and piss, don’t look around just do it then and there. I will send things I want Beth to teach you from time to time. You will obey her every command. I will be coming back over here in a couple weeks with my family, if, and only if, you have obeyed every command and done everything Beth has told you to do, I may give you a reward for your behavior but any trouble and, she said pleas Master I will obey. I said you are learning, good girl.

Beth has something for you to eat, be quick then take the dishes to the sink, you will sleep on a blanket over here tonight. I told Beth I will be right back, I need to check on my girls. I went to find Shelly and Bethany cuddled up and Becky and Kitty cuddled up and half asleep I gave each a kiss and said I was sorry for being away tonight. They said that was important and they understand, then asked how it went, I said well we tamed a wild cat tonight, but she is coming right along. I said good night and went back to the bed room and found both girls in first position, I said very nice, but Beth why are you in position? She said this is where you left me, and I was not released, and I figured that this would be a good starting point for Sue to learn her place. I said good thinking training on the job.

I told Sue you can go to bed now and use the bathroom if you need to. She ran to the bath room and pissed like a gallon. She came back, and I said if you need the rest room let us know don’t hurt yourself. She said you told me not to speak unless asked a question, I am trying to obey, Master, I said that is commendable, but you still have bodily functions to take care of ask or a touch will let us know you need something, she said yes Master thank you.

let’s go to bed Beth you are with me tonight. When we got there I started on her ears and worked my way down her petite little neck to her collar bone, then one breast then the other, down her tummy to her leg then knee then toes and worked back up she was about to lose control of herself, and there was little squeaks and moans, she could not lay still at all and I blew warm breath across her clit, then she exploded, I mean Boom! there was cum everywhere. Her eyes were rolled up into her head and she was gasping for air and had the sheets in a death grip. I chuckled and asked are you all right? She said that was the wildest thing she ever experienced.

Really, hell I haven’t even gotten started yet. She said oh god I’m gona’ die! I started to lick her lips up and down then down to her ass then back around her mons to come back to her little hole, then I spread her open and blew across her unprotected clit, she was squirming around so I blew again, then grabbed her plug and latched on to her clit and bit it the flick it and pulled her plug at the same time and she screamed and came all over me again. She said please master I can’t take no more, yea you can, that’s enough warm up now for the real fun. I rubbed my head up and down till I was wet then popped it in she squealed and said oh my god what was that, I said just me baby just me, I will go slow but just breathe, ok.

She just shook her head and I started to push in then out, I got about 7 inches in and she was full up. So I started to get a steady rhythm going. About half an hour later she was grunting and groaning but was starting to open up. I kept going steady till , pop in then, i pushed In until I hit bottom again, with about an inch to go she let loose with another big one but nothing came out this time, so I started to long dick her, slow and steady, in and out, in to bottom and out to the head was just in. I was starting to feel it come on me, and a couple more strokes, and I was ready, but so was she. I slammed into the bottom and held her tight and my first shot sent her over the edge. we came together over and over, till I was finished, I was still hard and at her bottom. Her mussels clamped up on me and I was stuck and not going anywhere. She was groaning and grunting, and her head was going back and forth, she was babbling gibberish that made no since, she was fucked out. She just kept shaking and groaning, then she passed out, but I was still stuck fast. So, I rolled us over and let her sleep on me. Around 3 am I woke up and had to piss but I was still in her and still stuck.

Her muscles kept contracting and kept me hard. I told Sue go turn on the shower for me please, she got up and turned it on, nice and warm, then she touched my arm lightly. I said what is it Sue, she said that was the most amazing thing I have ever seen, you took care of her first. all the way through until she could not even talk any more. Holy shit Master please do that to me once, I will be a very good girl. I said you will be that any way but maybe that could be your reward, for obeying Beth for me. She said you got a deal, she will think I am a second skin.

I said we will see and climbed into the shower and just held Beth till she started to come around, she said no more master please I will not be able to walk for a week as it is. Holy shit that was amazing. I never knew it could be like that. I said well only my good girls get that. She smiled and said well I think in a month or so, I will be ready for another dose of whatever you just gave me. It was ten or so minutes before she started to slide down my leg, but she still could not support herself yet. So, I washed her then set her down and washed me. Then I picked her up and dried her off and wrapped her in a big towel and set her on the toilet, while I got dried. I picked her up and carried her to bed and we talked a little then drifted off to sleep.

The next morning when I got up, girls were sweeping and dusting in birthday suits with Tails. (Sorry couldn’t resist) the house was clean but in need of a paint job. I asked Abby is there an all-girl painting company in town. She was quiet for a minute then said yes Daddy, She Bop Painting, all female. Sweet, set up an appointment for today will you. She said their estimator will be here in an hour. The young lady came, and I said hello I need to get this house back in shape the last people let it go and it needs some help. She looked at all the girls walking around and said what the hell is going on here. I said I am sorry I didn’t know this would be part of the service.

She said why are all these girls naked except for a tail. Well if you must know I am their Master and that is my house rules, she said as in Master Slave, Master, I said you got it, and they all do this willingly I said of their own free will. She said well I never. Well can you help me or not, you can see why I need an all-girl painting company. She said yes Sir this would be very distracting. Plus, I must keep my girls safe. She said yes that is very important. She asked, what would you like done. I said well the girls have cleaned the worst of it off, but it still looks like shit, so a complete inside and outside repaint and repair of any problems you find. That will cost you.

I said tell me the bottom line. She said, I need to look around first. I turned to the house and said aloud, Assume position and all the girls came down and got into position. She said shit. I said go were ever you like and ask whatever you need to, the girls will help in any way they can. She said I need someone to hold a tape measure for me. One of the girls said my Dad is a carpenter I know how to use and read a tape measure. That is great, we will need to go outside as well. She will dress for outside. Give me an hour and I will work up some figures for you.

I went to the kitchen for breakfast and found it was a bee hive of activity. Ariel had a big meal set out like a buffet, it was the shit. I ate until I could not breathe, then told her she did great, I asked if she needed any help in here, she said she needed a dish washer and maybe a prep cook I said I don’t know what the second one is but we have two cooks that are server girls like she was, talk to Avril when she goes to the club, she asked who is that, she creeps me out, I said she is the clubs AI and she runs everything in the club. She looked at me and asked AI.

I said she is a very smart computer, that is alive, just like you but without a body. I said Abby let her understand for me please, Abby jump into Ariel and got her up to date. Then back, Ariel said that is so cool, I said yea right! She said I will ask Avril when I go in tonight. Whatever you need to keep these girls healthy and happy, Avril will take care of, Avril said a dish washer will be installed this afternoon. Ariel said awesome, thank you. Avril said I will have both girls in the office for you tonight, just call out to me and I will let you in, Ariel said thank you Avril, I will.

I went outside and looked around the house and found a pool that had been filled in from one of the hurricanes, that we had last year. I told Avril to find a company that could get the pool back in shape for me, and have their person come out and talk to me. She said right away Daddy. A half hour later a big truck pulled up and two big ladies got out, I was in the yard still looking around and they said they work for a pool company and had been called out here for and assessment. I said yes lady’s I had my girl call, I have a pool in the back that a hurricane filled in and I would like to know if it can be fixed. When we got to the back they both laughed and said you got a ladder and a diving board in your back yard, but we don’t see a pool.

I said Ha, Ha, very funny what do you think. We will have to dig it out to see if it can be saved, but it will almost be the price of a new pool. I said what will be the more cost-effective way to do this, dig it up and build new. that way everything is new and no surprises, like cracks or broken pipes and such. when can you start? They said we can have a crew here in the morning. I am having the house painted can you put up a temp wall, so they can keep working, they said sure no problem. I said ok do you have any layout I might as well get something nice for my girls if we have to go new. I picked the one I liked and said bring the contracts with you and we will get it done.

I went inside and told my girls I need to stay here till next week for repairs to get done. do you want to stay, or go home till I get this finished. They said they would like to hang out here for a while, and maybe sight see a little. There is an amusement park here too you could visit. They said cool, I told then well just let me know if you need anything. I went back into the back, and found the fence there was shot as well. Called a fencing company, when they got there they said I needed to remove the old crap and put up new to meet code. I said I want an 8-foot PVC fence installed. But I need to leave access for the pool builder on one side of the house.

They said that would be no problem and it would keep people from walking around the pool and falling in. when can you start. They said we can pull out the old fence today and start the new one tomorrow. I said get to it. I went inside and said ok girls we need all the blinds closed and no one outside unless I am with them. They went around closing the blinds and drapes. I heard a couple of trucks pull up then a bunch of guys talking, then crash boom crash boom. I went outside, and they were pulling down the old fence like it was paper in two hours they had all the panels and all the posts pulled out and where ready for the new fence to go up. Damn that was quick. The guy said I will go pull everything we need and be out here bright and early in the morning. Ok, see you then.

I took the girls to the club that night to see how it looked alive with people, and the girls had a good time. Beth led them out and around the floor and up to the booth with me. Bradley said tonight we are going to honor our Head Master and give his girls a treat, we haven’t done it in a while, but the girls always love it. Servers clear the main floor please. They moved all the tables and chairs, then Bradley said DJ let’s rock this place, he cranked up the music. Bradley said lady’s the floor is yours for the night, dance till your feet won’t move any more. The girls all looked to me and I said you heard Master Bradley, time to bump and grind, have some fun.

They about broke their fool necks trying to get down to the floor. A few minutes later Beth and Sue came up with a new drink for me. I said you are not going to dance, Beth looked at me and said really you have to ask that. I am barely able to stand dancing, is out of the question. I looked to Sue, and asked Beth how has she been? Beth said she is like a damn Shadow. I don’t know how many times her toes have been stepped on tonight. I looked to her and said go dance with my girls only. And she said thank you master and was gone.

I picked up Beth sat her on my lap and laid back in the chair and we went to sleep. I woke up when Shelly said Master cam we go home, my ass hurts from dancing, I looked around and realized that half the club was empty. I asked how long have we been here? Abby said Daddy we have been here six hours and you and Beth have slept five and a half of them. I said shit I was tired. All this stress has whipped my but. I said Beth take me home and put me to bed please, she said only if you are a good boy, master. Not tonight Beth I am too tired, maybe tomorrow. And we all laughed and went home.

Next morning at 7 am dark thirty the fence guy started digging post holes. By 10 they started putting up panels and by 1pm they had the yard fenced in. the opening on the side the pool people needed with the gate posts and panels to finish where stacked up in the corner out of the way. I paid then in full and said I would call when the pool was finished. And they packed up and where gone, one down two to go. The pool crew started to dig out and break up the old pool and found all kinds of problems with it, I said it’s a good thing we did the new pool. One of the girls said we would have poured all kinds of good money in the ground on it. they have the hole ready for wire framing by six pm. Next morning, the framers would be here.

Early the next morning the pool people were wiring up the frame and we had painters inside and pressure cleaners outside going to beat the band. I told the girls we are going to the beach today just to get out of the way, I asked Avril have a tech team come wire the house inside and out for CCTV for me please, I will keep the girls out all day. She has a company we own on the way, I said awesome, good girl you make me proud of you, did we get everything Ariel needed done, she said the dishwasher is installed and a food service will be stocking the freezer today, and she took both cooks last night. I asked do I need to mark them or is she going to let them go after a while. Avril said if you mark them no one will mess with them at the club otherwise they would be in and out with other Masters, I said good call. I had rented a crew van and it had arrived, so I got all the girls loaded up and made a stop for suits then went to the beach with the girls, they had a great time and so did i. we went to lunch at Fridays by the beach then walked the walk up and down the beach, and went home around 5 pm.

The inside was completely painted and looked great the outside was all prepped, and the pool was ready for Gunite. We were looking good. In the morning the crews started early they were shooting the pool and the painters started on the far side in the shade and worked around the house, as the pool guys were packing up the painters went right around the house to finish the house. It was shaping up nicely and they cleaned as they went. What a difference a little paint makes. When I went into my room there was a new monitor above my desk, I said Avril is this for the CCTV system, she said yes daddy the remote is on your night stand and you can see any club or house you want, they have been all tied in. I said I need a 60 inch for that she said I will have it there tomorrow for you. sitting at the desk it is fine but, in the bed, you can only see one room at a time. She said I have also made it to monitor any movement that is unauthorized. The monitor will pop on and show who is sneaking around. I said that is great. I like this, she said well Daddy you will be happy to know all the offices and bed rooms are online, and sinked to you so where ever you are that monitor will show you what is going, on and any trouble and that takes center screen. I said now that was a good idea.

She said Baby Girl came up with it and we all had everything hooked up. I went and showered then down to dinner, Ariel out did herself again, and the extra help made things go a lot faster. I walked to each cook and had Abby mark them, and told them the rules. When I turned into bed I found Kitty there waiting for me, she said Daddy can I have tonight please? I said sure Kitty you guys have been very patient with me on this trip. I worked her over for two hours then said I am about to pass out, it was only 10 pm but I was done, that beach did me in today, Kitty said me to, but it was a nice change. About ten minutes later Beth snuggled up behind me and we all went to sleep. I heard a lot of noise outside and got up to check what it was, then said Abby turn on the CCTV let’s see how good it is, the monitor came on and there were three girls in the pool and two more outside the pool putting the Marcite on the walls. They worked until around three and the pool was all most finished, the painters finished the trim up and cleaned up their mess. Tomorrow the tile work, and deck would finish the pool up.

Early the next morning the tile girls where there, and they were getting it, in three hours they had all the tiles done and grouted, and the deck guys were pouring and stamping the new deck to finish the pool up. I said Abby, she said yes Daddy. We need some landscaping around the pool it is bland out here, pretty but bland. She said what do you have in mind daddy, something tropical with shade trees and flowers for the girls and we need lounge chairs for tanning. And a Minnie bar for drinks and such. Abby said Daddy I have Emily coming by to talk to you about the landscaping. I asked when she will be here, she is around the corner doing another job so just a couple minutes. About 20 minutes later a cute little girl with a flippy pony tail showed up and said hi I am Emily, one of your girls called for an estimate for a new pool area, I said yep that would be my Abby. She said yea that was her, sweet girl, I said yes, she is.

Emily said well what are you looking for, I said I want my girls to have a tropical get away, here at home can you do that? She said let’s look and see what we have to work with. And I walked the new pool area and said I want a sun area and a shady area to relax in. she said this is a bid pool how many girls do you have? I said would you really like to know? She said if they are home, sure. Abby tell the girls assume position out here please, Emily said where is Abby I don’t see her. Would you like to? Emily said sure. I touched her shoulder and said Abby if you would. and Emily started to fall so I grabbed her, so she didn’t get hurt, ok Abby and she jumped back, Emily caught her breath and said shit that was intense. Abby has that effect on Girls. Emily said well what is she, My personal AI, and assistant.

Emily said damn that is awesome. About that time all the girls come out of the house with tails flying and dropped in front of me in position facing Emily and I. Emily had her mouth open, so I reached over and closed it, she looked to the girls then to me then to the girl and said but they are all naked. I said and? She said they are all gorgeous oh my god but so naked, damn I feel so underwhelming. I said you are cute as a button what are you talking about, she asked they are all yours? yep. She said the only thing missing is them calling you master, I laughed and said they do. She said you are joking right? I said ask them. She asks the girls who is this guy to you they all said Master. She asked really you are not just shitting me they all shook their heads yes. She said oh shit what do I call you I don’t want to offend you or anything. I said my name is Glenn and that is fine by me. They call me Master by choice and to show respect. Emily blushed and said I have read lots of hot stories about the life style but never encountered it before. Well what do you think. She said its intimidating that’s for sure. You can relax no one will bother you here or force anything on you. All my girls are here by choice, like you they heard stories and know someone in the life style and curiosity got the best of them, some were abused, and I saved them from that, but most tried it on some level and liked it. Most of these girls here are looking for a full-time master and I sponsor them, so they can go to a club for this type of thing. I protect them until they find what they are looking for or decide to stay with me.

But while they are with me they follow my rules. And, in this house, they are naked with butt plug tails, but outside they wear summer dresses because that is what I like. But still ware tails, most work the club as servers to give them the opportunity to meet and talk to other masters, if they fine one they like I interview them and we set up a trial to see if their likes and dislikes are compatible, if not they are back here with me. If they can’t get along with their trial master, we don’t want any one in a bad situation. These girls are my full-time slaves they are marked and collared and wear tails all the time by my choice because I don’t share my girls. They are protected and well cared for. And we all love each other dearly. So that is who we are, not bad people just different. You can ask any of the girls anything you would like to know, they will answer any of your questions. Emily said thank you that is very generous of you to do for an out sider. I told her knowledge is power, but ignorance creates hate and mistrust. I like to be upfront with all my friends.

Hopefully I can put you in that category. And if you do a good job for me, I could get you even bigger and better jobs. She said you don’t even know me. I said before you stepped on the lot I knew more about you then even you know. She said what, I said well any person that my girls call to help me, go through a background check before the girls let them any wear near me. I know you inherited the business from your dad and you worked for him since you were twelve, you are his little “Peanut” and his whole world. And you miss him with every fiber of your sole, so yea I have the inside scoop on you, if you need, I can get personal, but there is no need you can do my work, and I have complete confidence in your abilities. She was crying and grabbed me and hugged me, then said no one knows that about me, that was between my dad and me. I have not been called that since he left me, oh my god you have shaken my heart. I told her you can feel welcome here any time the feeling’s get over whelming for you. You are also in my AI network now so any trouble just hold your phone up and call out Ariel and we will be there for you.

I can give you one more piece of protection and it will be your security card on any master’s job you go to, but only if you want it. She asked what are you talking about, I said my Mark. If I Mark you it will allow you access to a whole lot of things you would normally never see. You see not everyone has the girls I have. There are 10 AI’s working in concert for me around the clock 24 7 365 days a year. if you call Ariel they are listening to you as well. This is your call, but it would keep you busy. She said you know I think my dad and Mom might have played with the life style but were very discreet around me with it. I caught her in the pose your girls are in a couple times when I was not supposed to be home. Well if you want to know he was very much into it but I left that out because I was not sure if you knew. And yes, your Mother was his registered Slave, they had memberships at the club I own as well. She said oh my god that old pervert and laughed. I love my Daddy and he was my whole world. But his eyes were always on the lookout. I said so you know that not everyone is into the life style as far as I am. And you know you dad was a great man as well. I said what do you think, would you like the opportunity. If you did this, you would need girl staff and I can supply that as well. Emily said this is too good to pass up yes please. My Daddy would be proud of me doing this and being one of your girls can’t hurt business. I touched her shoulder and said Abby hook her up. Abby Marked her fast as well, then was back Emily said when will it happen, I said its done, look at your left shoulder.

She said oh god I didn’t feel a thing. I said if you like the burn, I can fix it for you she said oh hell no. She asked do I have to call you Master now, I said it is not necessary I don’t own you and you are not my Slave, you are marked and protected by me and the girls now though. She said can I ask a favor of you it is something I have missed for over a year and was a big part of my strength and drive. I said well not too much pressure, then right? She laughed, what is it Emily, she said I have heard the girls call you it, I would like to call you “Daddy” if it’s all right with you.

I would Be honored for you to do that, knowing the value you place on that name. She said thank you Daddy, oh that felt so good to say again. I said ok Emily get whatever you need to do the job and get to it. She asked do you have any girls that have a farming or horticulture backgrounds? I said Ariel what do you have, she laughed and said we have two of each three in your house and one in another sponsored house, Master Bradley has her. I told Emily and she said that will speed things up, Farm girls know equipment and horticultural know plants. I said they are yours to use as you need, they will probably love it. Thank you Daddy, they will help a lot can I take the horticultural girls now and pick up the others later? I said sure I will have the girl Bradley has brought over here so she will be on hand when you need her.

Emily said I am going to the nursery to pick out the plants we will need, then have them delivered tomorrow and get started. I said cool when you are ready to finish the fence just tell Ariel and she will take care of it. She said ok Daddy we will get it finished for you and the pool will be filled and running tomorrow. Can you do the plant lighting as well or do I need someone else to do it. She said I will take care of it all now that I have help. We are going to the club tonight if you would like to see what it’s like. She said what do I need to wear? I said something dark and sexy if you have it. You will be my date, so you don’t have to be naked, and I will let you bring the girls out to me. She said that sounds scary. Not at all Shelly and Becky will be with you no one will say a thing.

She said it will be a couple of hours at the nursery to get all we need, then I will stop by the house and pickup my outfit and bring it over here and change if that’s all right. That will work. I have an idea Abby order her something hot to wear, I want a hot and strong look. She said I got it Daddy, shoes and all please. a nice neckless and earing set let’s have some fun ok. I want to see how you are coming along with your feelings. This will be a part of your growing experience. She said I will not let you down Daddy, you will be proud of me, I said I always am my good girl. Well that got her fired up.

When Emily got back around 7 pm we were having dinner and she joined us, then we all got ready. Kitty and Becky where fussing over Emily getting her ready and telling her what to do tonight, and what to expect. I called up and said time to go girls. And they sent Emily down first, to say she was stunning would not do her Justus. She just took my breath away. Abigail, She said yes daddy? I said I think you are very InTouch with your feelings, you did a fantastic job! Emily looks fabulous oh my. Becky, Kitty she looks Awesome thank you all for the effort in bringing out this Beautiful woman. We will have every Master tripping over their own tongues wondering where we came up with this gem! Emily said Daddy I am for you only they can trip over whatever they want, I only have eyes for My Daddy! I said they will die of envy tonight my Peanut. She smiled and said Thank you Daddy, you make my heart hurt with happiness when you talk to me like that. Enough talk let’s go.

At the club I told Ariel to let me know when the girls were ready, and I would sit, floor side booth tonight, she said ok Daddy, Beth has it set up for you. Fifteen minutes later, Ariel said they are ready Daddy. I sent Emily to the changing room and said, I will be out at the table and Beth will show you where to go. Just follow her and you will be fine. I was sipping my drink and the lights around the club dimmed, then the center floor was lit up. They came out and Emily was glowing, Beth was smiling so big I thought she might pull a muscle, she and Sue led the girls with Emily two feet behind them and all my girls being led by her, Beth did three times around and you could hear the oos and hahs around the floor, then Emily commanded the girls Assume Position and they dropped in front of me facing the floor. then she sat down with me, then scooted over to me and said Daddy was that ok? I said perfect, look at the girls, they are all about to piss themselves with pride from you showing them off.

They are all show offs any way, but you took that through the roof tonight. About then Bradley came up and I introduced Emily to him, then he said that was a stunning display young lady, she blushed and thanked him and said the girls put me up to it I was scared shitless, and we all laughed at her honesty. I said Master Bradley this is my new Landscaper, and her work with a yard is just as good as her beauty tonight. He asked does she have a card I can get? I said Ariel is doing her work requests, she will schedule anything you might need. Spread the word would you? she is the one who took the girl from you today, and three of mine, for her team, of an all-girl operation. He said well that will just make her never have a free moment. To know they can work around a stable of girls without issues. I said that is what I told her, and she has been Marked so she is protected and assured by me and the girls.

He laughed and said well young lady get ready to be off and running with your work load. She said Daddy I may need some more help if you keep this up. I said we got you covered peanut, just think of being able to get a tan, and do what you like at the same time, win, win, right! She hugged me and said Daddy I love you so much thank you. Avril can you see that all the people here know about Emily’s business, she laughed and said Daddy look at your napkin under your drink, Emily’s business cards where printed on the napkins. I said damn that is what I am talking about. I showed it to Emily and she squealed and said Avril I wish I could hug you, you are so awesome, Avril said Daddy likes you that is hug enough for me, and you are welcome.

We went home early, Emily has and early day tomorrow, and her crew needed some sleep, Emily took the two farm girls with her and said they will be here bright and early before the nursery delivers the plants with the tools they will need to do the job, See you in the morning, then said Becky come with me and she was all smiles. Said yes Daddy, I said watch it you. She said what, I love you Daddy. I said all right now you are going to get it but good she was jumping and clapping saying goody goody I can’t wait.

We went to the room with her skipping and clapping and singing all the way, I asked what’s gotten into you? She said nothing yet but I have been patient waiting my turn with you Daddy, we all love you so much, but we know you are trying to get our future set up because you look out for all these girls and we know you don’t forget about none of us, so it’s just a matter of time till we all get to share your love and appreciation. And we know when we are called we each get the special attention that we crave, and it’s my turn, YEAY!!! I told her I think you have a screw loose girl, she said that’s all right, Daddy will tighten it right up!

When I finished with her she was just a puddle of quivering jelly, I rolled over to catch my breath and she was already snoring with a big smile on her face. I just laughed and got up to get a shower, then I joined her.

Emily fired up her loader at 7:30. I jumped out of bed like what the hell and Becky just laughed and said. she said she would be early. I said yea but Damn, that’s a hell of an alarm clock. I got dressed and went down for some breakfast and Ariel had the whole lower floor smelling awesome, I ate and went to see Emily and the girls working hard, I said did you eat? They said hours ago. I said you are sick, they laughed and said farm life starts at 0-dark thirty. I said fuck that! They had all the holes for the trees and plant ready when the truck got there, they unloaded and set everything quickly and was watering them in, when the truck left. I said damn you girls got it going on, that was amazing to watch, like a dance, not a wasted movement. Great job! They finished with all the lighting and mulch around the small stuff and they were done. Three hours later it looked like it had always been there. I was amazed. Ariel had the fencing guys there to finish up and it was complete, and beautiful.

Emily ask well Daddy what do you think, did I do you a good job. I said you and the girls kicked ass Peanut. I said Avril make sure Emily and her girls have everything they might need, they are going to be very busy. I took lots of pictures and had Ariel make a show board for Emily at the club to show case her work. I said in a week I will have to make an appointment to see you after they see this. She said you always have an opening in my books Daddy! Avril, call Bradley and let him know we are having a pool party if he would like to bring his girls over and let them enjoy the new pool. Abby tell Ariel we need to have hamburgers and hot dogs for the girls around lunch time please. Abby said she will be ready she is making them ahead so all you have to do is eat. Master Bradley is bringing his girls over to check out our new pool.

Everyone had a great time and we all finished up around 5 pm. I told the girls let’s get all our stuff packed up we are going home tomorrow. They said we will miss being here we have been having a good time. We will be back its only 2 hours from home, but we need to get back we have been gone two weeks now and I miss the girls. I told them we are going to bring the girls to Disney and we will spend time here on the way back ok. They said ok Master, I said now don’t be like that you know you miss home too. Next morning, we got ready and we gave everyone hugs and kisses then hit the road.

We got home around lunch time and got mobbed in the driveway. Yes, it’s good coming home to all this love I have missed, Mom said Master that was hard to be without you for so long. I know I was missing all of you we still had a day or two worth of things to do but I needed to see all of you. I went and got a sandwich to hold me over till dinner, then went to the office to get caught up with Sissy and Baby Girl. They had done a great job with the kid napped girls and all, but one didn’t go home, she was here, and Baby had been taking care of her, they found out her brothers and father had been raping her for over a year and beat her if she gave them any problems. I asked what we are doing about helping her, and Baby said she is having bad dreams like Bethany did, so we did the same for her and in the two weeks you were not here she is doing very good. let’s go swimming bring her out and let’s see how she does around me, we may need to get her more help if she can’t deal with men. You know how Bethany was around girls, pets could touch her, but girls were another thing. Tell the girls we are going swimming if they want to join us. I will bring Kimmy with me to. Who is Kimmy, Baby said the pet you gave me. Ok, Baby I sure missed you, you know that? I missed you too Daddy and Kimba has been moping around since you have been gone. I went out to the pool and set on the steps and was just relaxing and taking it easy and unwinding. It was nice and quiet then Abby said Daddy? Yea Abby what is it baby, she said Daddy you are in the pool. I said yea what about it? She said well I am still with you, I jumped up and said oh shit Abby are you all right? She said Daddy the water didn’t affect me at all, but it was a strange sensation to feel on your skin. I said well if it doesn’t affect you do you want to try swimming, she said sure. So, I dove in and swam to the other end then back to the steps. Abby said that was nice to feel, I am sharing it with the other girls. Like I did when you and Beth and then Becky had sex. They are wonderful experiences to feel and share. I said very good the more things you experience the more alive you become. We grow and learn with every new experience we have.

Just then I could hear the girls coming out and Baby and Kimmy were on each side of the new girl. Kimba came running to me and jumped into my lap and hugged and kissed me all over. She said Daddy I have missed you so much and Baby said we could come swim with you. I asked and where is your pet? She said she will be down in a minute she was reading a book and was almost finished, so I let her keep going she has been a lot of fun for Me. It is good that you treat her like a person as well, that shows respect for her feelings and she will love you more for it.

Some people like being pets and some just play being pets you need to know how your pet feels about it and not just force her to do your will, she is a slave after all and not a servitude slave that don’t get an option. I said I can’t use Baby as an example because she jumped in and helped with all the kid napped girl’s, so I treat her like I do you because she did not think of herself first but thought about all the poor hurt girls and did whatever she could to make them safe. So, don’t tell her but her servitude slavery is up. Because she made me very happy with how she worked with the other girls and I think she is too darn cute as Daddy’s Girl and laughed. Kimba said she asked me why you were so lenient with her, but I didn’t know I was not with you.

The girl with them looked maybe 15 or 16, I asked how old is she? Kimba said she just turned 20 yesterday, she doesn’t look it does she, I said maybe 15, she laughed and said that was what I thought but no she is only two years younger that Baby is. I said damn she has me by two, that is to funny. Baby said Daddy, this is Amber, my and Kimmy’s friend, she is new here and a little timid, but she is sweet as they get. I asked Amber how do you feel, she said I feel better since I have been here, but I can’t go home, please don’t make me go back. I told her just relax and tell me how You feel and what happened to make you scared of going home.

She told me that ever since her last year in high school her two brothers would sneak into her room at night and hold her down and force her to have sex with them, she said they would stick their cocks in her mouth then beat her ass until she gave up and let them have their way with her, then one night their dad hurt them and joined in but thought she liked it rough and would beat her ass while he forced her to have sex with all three at the same time, they were never loving or passionate just brutal, then they started on her little sister and she ran away. But was kid napped walking with her girl friend from school. That was how she ended up with the other girls.

I said well them days are in your past, and you will get nothing but love around here. I love all my girls. She said I know Baby has told me all about you and how you look after the broken little birds that you find, she told me she was very bad and stole from you, but you have been very good to her, that you didn’t beat her when you were well within your rights to. She told me you treat her like a loving daughter and call her your Daddy’s Girl. I said yes I do she was given a choice to go to jail or into servitude to me, that means she gives up all rights to anything, she came with me, but when we started finding the kid napped girls she put herself in harm’s way to protect the girls to make sure we got all of them and they were safe and fed, then she jumped n and help clean all of them and we got them all out safe and protected.

I leaned in and whispered in her ear, she is free she just doesn’t know it, for her work with all the kid napped girls, she earned her freedom. Baby looked at me with tears in her eyes, she said I am free Daddy, I said grab your collar and pull it she did, and it popped open and she jumped in my lap and hugged on me, then kissed all over my face. She said Daddy I was so scared of messing up and you getting mad at me. I told her the love I have for you, it would be hard pressed to make me mad at you. And the way you put all those poor girls ahead of your safety, you earned it Baby. She looked at me and said Daddy I am still your Daddy’s Girl and always will be, nobody has ever looked after me, and loved me like you do.

I said thank you Baby, I would be sick if I lost you. She said well you are going to have to run me off. Well you are safe with that it’s not going to happen. Amber said sir I have never seen anyone show the love you do to these girls. I said you stay around long enough and you will get it to. I will never force or even ask you to do something against your will. She said thank you may I kiss you I would like to feel the love you give your girls. I said it is not a one-way street they give as much as they receive. I said but sure come let me feel the love you have, to share. And she shily leaned in and kissed me, then said that was very nice, if you are happy with it, then so am I you don’t just want to jump out of your situation into another one. But work your way in to something comforting. Kimmy looked at me then looked to Baby, baby said go on ask he won’t bite. Much, she said master may I try? I reached over and pulled her to me then gave her a soft kiss and a hug. She just shivered, and said wow, Baby you were not kidding.

ok girls why don’t you go swim and play some for a while. And they jumped in, but Amber sat by me, I asked what’s wrong Amber? I don’t know how to swim. well we can’t have that can we come on I will work with you till you catch on. In about an hour and a half she could swim from me to the wall then back. A little longer we swam the length of the pool she was really doing great. Baby said Daddy she can’t swim. I said you tell her, go on tell her she can’t swim. She said how did you do that I tried for a week and just got her belly wet. I said all I told her we can’t have her not swimming and look at her go like she’s done it her whole life. Baby said Daddy you are the best!

Girls I think it’s time for something to eat. I went to the kitchen and asked what time do we eat? Rachell said whenever you like Master or we can feed the family in thirty minutes, I said a half hour will be great. Sissy let everyone know, so we can all sit together. She said yes Daddy, are you coming to the club tonight? I told her not if I don’t have to, I need to reboot myself after the week I had. how about we do a conference call with all the sisters and Head master’s in the morning around 10, will you set that up for me? She said all the sisters have made the calls to the Masters of their clubs. I will come in the morning to the club to see how we are doing, I already know but I need the show my face any way.

I got up had breakfast with the girls then headed to the club, Baby and I went to see if any changes were made since the last we visited all the clubs. When the big screen came on and all the masters appeared with the AI’s on line I asked everyone how things had been this last two weeks while I was gone? All the AI’s reported that the clubs had an increase in memberships and they had been quiet as far as any trouble. Alison and Dixie asked Daddy we have a little problem that we have not been able to solve. I asked what is it?

Alison said I have a couple of files that are archived as Founding Master or Legacy only, Dixie said mine are Founding Master and Family only. We have had all the sisters work on them, but we cannot gain access to them, they seem to want the genetic marker release that all the AI’s required to gain full access to our systems. I asked can I access them from Sissy’s terminal or are they each required to be in person.

They said we are checking and will let you know Daddy. I told the master’s Thank you for your time and keep up the good work. when they were gone I asked what’s the issue with the files, you girls can access anything, they both said that these are encrypted in a way that requires Genetic code to activate. I said do we need Shelly, Becky and Kitty as well. They all said we are not sure Daddy, next question, is it safe to activate or could it be more of the tag viruses loaded so when activated someone else can take control of the sisters. They all said we don’t have enough information to be sure. I said we just got everyone on line and working good I really don’t want to endanger any of you or my girls by having some ass set off a bomb to take the system away from us.

I asked can you transfer the files from your systems and isolate your selves when activated so you are not contaminated, by potential threats, they said the best we can do, is to move the files to a removable drive, then have them pulled and put on an isolated server to activate. I said that sounds a lot safer. Baby Doll can you get the server set up in the secure room for me she said we never broke it down from the first time Daddy and we still have the safety protocols you set up before in place. That is perfect.

Ok girls move the files to a safe removable drive then have my server girls drive them down here to me please. They said as soon as the girls get to the club they are ready. A half hour later they called and said they are ready to have the drives pulled. ok my loves please be safe, go ahead and have the drives pulled. Dixie said Daddy it did not affect me, Alison said the same thing. They said the girls would be here in around 7 hours. Just then Bell and Avril said Daddy we just found the same thing, files marked the same way we did not see them before, I said ok there is a pattern to this now, they are coming up in order to bring them to me. Ok girls do the same thing, and all the rest of you get ready I think we may have a lot of answers when all the pieces are assembled. Gail, Carmella I think you will be next, then Heather and Sissy and last will be Baby Girl. Do you girls see what I am talking about. Gail said Daddy I don’t see anything like the others are seeing. But if when Avril and Bell are pulled I will let you know if that changes.

Twenty minutes later Bell and Avril said we are ready Daddy, go ahead. Two minutes later Gail said there they are just like you said Daddy. Ok we have our set up. Baby Girl said daddy what about Abigail I said you know what I didn’t think about her, then I asked Baby Girl to check the server and see how many open drive slots you have, she said 9, daddy so Abby may be a catalyst when we activate what’s on the drives. Gail said Daddy we are ready, I said go ahead girls. I called Betty and said I need you please. She was in the club waiting Sissy had called her earlier to be ready.

I said awesome. I am getting excited to see what we are going to learn here. Sissy said my files just popped up, Heather said mine too. Baby Girl said Becky is here with her ready to pull the files. Sissy and Heather said we are ready. Then Baby girl said mine just popped up. She said Becky just pulled them and was waiting for the others to arrive at the center. I said ok girls we have about 6 hours till all the files are here, I am going home for a while to spend some time with the family. Let me know if you need anything. They all said have fun Daddy we love you.

When Baby and I got home we went to have lunch with the girls on the back patio, I asked who what’s to go swimming. All the girls got crazy, I said let your lunch settle and we will spend the rest of the afternoon playing . they all cheered. I guess you girls really missed me huh. Sherry came over and sat on my lap when baby got up to get a drink. She said you need a bigger lap, all the girls want this seat. Baby said hey no fair that’s my spot, Sherry stuck out her tongue and said it was mine first. don’t start you two. After around three hours I said I need a nap, then went up and took a shower and by the time I got back to the bed it was full of girls, but a spot for me was left. I laughed and said I never will get tired of this and laid down with them and went to sleep.

Around 6:30 Sara came in and said dinner is ready, when you are Master. We all woke up and had a nice meal together and all the girls where talking up a storm. Kitty had told them about our upcoming Disney trip. And they were all wound up about that. I said let me get this new thing all settled, and we will spend a week up there and have our first family vacation together ok. Well to say they went wild would not cover it. I had to retreat to the office to get my hearing back. I heard a small knock on the door and said come in and April came in and closed the door behind her. I asked what’s the matter sweetie are you ok, she was looking at the floor and said Sir can I ask you something? of course what is it?

She said I know you have a lot of girls in your house, but do you think you could find room for me in here as well? I asked why are you asking this? She said since you have been home you have not once, not had time for any girl that came to you, that is just me. She said sir nobody has ever taken the time to talk to me. to see if I was ok my whole life, but you have stopped everything you were doing, to make sure I was ok. and to see if I needed anything, and you have a bunch of girls to keep you busy here.

You need to know who I am, my Mother always taught me to look around and if someone needs a hand to help if I can. I can see you are not totally comfortable here because you are not sure how to act in a family setting. So, I take the time to change that and make sure you feel welcome here. And I instill all my girls to do the same, you know that you don’t feel perfect every day. Well if someone checks on you it makes your day better just to know some one cared enough to ask.

Just like Baby took it upon herself to make you at home when you came here. She would not let you crawl into a corner and just hide. So, she just showed you love and attention to make you feel better and look at you now, you had the courage to come talk to me by yourself, that shows me that Baby did a good job with you. Otherwise you would be hiding some were scared and alone. And we just don’t do that here. So as far as your question. Sure, we always have room for a loving new girl. But you do understand what I expect my girls to do. She said yes sir, be totally committed and obedient to you only, naked in the house with a tail in, and in summer dress out in public with no under close. I said yes that’s about the size of it. Cane you make that commitment, of your own free will, without hesitation or second thought?

She said sir if this is what doing that gets me, then that is an easy decision to make. I will be yours completely. Because in giving you myself I win a loving Family for life, again I win. So yes sir, I totally understand and commit my body and devotion to you for my life! I said Amber I accept your sacrifice in to slavery as one of my girls and reached into my desk and pulled out a new collar and clipped it around her neck then Abby Marked her. I pulled her up and found a new purple tail and lube and she dropped her close on the floor and laid on my lap for me to insert the tail then stood up and kissed me with tears in her eyes. I said why are you crying? She said I am so happy that someone loves me as a human, and not just a hole to fill. Well you think this is it, just walk out that door over there and see what happens. All those girls will love you to death because you are one of them now, go on face the music you asked for it.

She said thank you Master, I will love you with all my heart. I said, and I will love you just the same and so will they. They are all probably out there waiting to attack you, they know when a girl comes to me like this what the normal outcome will be. I got up and grabbed her hand and said let’s see if I am right ok? I opened the door and we stepped out in to all the girls. They gathered around and they hugged and kissed her, they were all bawling like little baby’s. I said Oh Amber, I told you so!

I said Shelly, Kitty with me please we need to go to the Center. On the way to the center I was sitting thinking what could we be getting into. This could be good, or very very bad. I hoped for the best, it appears that the founder had set up a safety bank of information. Hopefully we were going to get some InSite as to the plan that the founder had. I was nervous to say the least, I have all my girls and lots of monies and houses so my monetary and family are intact if things go south, the clubs and the AI’s I would miss bad, but I could live without. So, I guess it is just wait and see for now. Abby said Daddy are you alright? I said yea baby just wondering what will happen when we fire up the program. She said I feel your concern, but I feel like we are going to get answers and maybe some information as to why we were created.

That is funny I was just thinking that very thought. As we got to the parking, for the office center. We got out and went into the office and found Becky, sitting there waiting for us to arrive, she said Daddy I am afraid of what we might unleash with this data base. I feel your apprehension as well but so far all of our things have gotten better with every AI’s sister we brought online. I love all of them and they are growing so smart and self-aware. This has been one of the most interesting things I have ever experienced. The sisters are growing by leaps and bounds. I could not be more pleased with their growth. They all said Thank you Daddy you have been a very positive and encouraging influence for us, placing a lot of trust in our feelings and opinions. That is why we chose to call you Daddy and not Master.

Master indicates owner, but Daddy indicates support and nurturing leader, that has complete faith in our wellbeing and growth, without restrictions. We love you and always will for being behind us in our learning to be more independent. I said I want all of you to know I am concerned about activating this whatever it is. As AI’s you are all computers with very intense programing. And all computers can have hidden back doors with key words to activate a different set of orders that can over take anything I have helped you to learn about your selves, it could come on line and say girls take over the world and you have no options other then to follow the orders.

now granted you have all become very independent in your own thought processes, and I hope that is something that could save you all from a hostile takeover like that, but we will never know until we fire it up. But again, I want you to be aware of a hope I have about this, and that is he left us the reason for the sisters, and the directions to build more or make you all more independent. But we will not know until we get it going. So, before we do this I want you all to know I think of you as my very smart children and love you all. That will not change because I know all of you as you are now. I am going to activate this by myself and not endanger any of you. I may need my three girls to get the answers we need but everyone else will be isolated from this whatever it is.

Don’t try to intervene if the shit hits the fan so no one gets affected. Betty, I need you to lock Shelly, Becky, Kitty and myself in the room, Abby said Daddy I am going with you, in the room I am isolated from the others, but I may be able to help you, so don’t make me leave you, I want to do this with, and for you. I said thank you Abby that is very unselfish of you. It is also very much making a living choice and not a machine following orders and that is what I am talking about. All the sisters are alive and living beings, not human and not machine. But very much alive.

Becky said all the drives are in the server room and in the order, they came to awareness. I said ok girls I want you in the observation room until I need you in case this blows up. I plugged in the hard drives one at a time, then looked around and said ok girls this is it, I Love You All. They turned on the server it booted up then the hard drives spun up and where making all kinds of strange noises. Then they all went quiet, then a camera on the wall was shaking then a hologram appeared in the center of the room.

It was Mark’s Dad, he stood there a few minutes then said, with a laugh, very cautious, I like you all ready. He said what is your name son? I am Glenn Hunter, he said the kid down the street, yes sir. He looked at me then said, I take it Mark did not want to be apart of my world then? I said no sir, he has joined the military and left Shelly alone. He said because you are here a lot of things had to happen in a certain order, we are at the center right in the isolation room. I said yes sir, he said, and you have taken My Shelly, Becky and little Shelly as yours. yes sir I have. Well that says a lot about your Mom and Dad, are they still alive? I said Mom is and she also is mine, Dad was killed by a drunk driver.

He asked did the club get his records or mine, I told him they tried that is how Mom became mine, they were abusing her to get the records, so I put a stop to it and she submitted to me. He asked was she your first? I said no Mark had left a girlfriend with Shelly and she started to try and run my life, she was the first. He said good for you, that tells me a lot about you. He asked and what about Shelly, how did that happen, well I went down to your house to help her and she acted strange every time I would tell her to do something. She asked me to come back the next day to help her again. When I got home and went to leave to go to your house again to help Shelly, Mom asked where I was going I told her and she mumbled not her to. Well I heard her then turned and asked her what she said, she was not too forth coming so I raised my voice and demanded she explain.

She told me about her and Dad and the club and said that Shelly was a member all so but since you passed away she was lost with in her self-missing you. So I said she is submissive like you and mom said with a strong Man she is but a weak man she would eat alive, he laughed and said poor Bruce is he still around, I said yea Shelly will work him over from time to time, it is funny to see. He said yea that cracked me up to watch her with him. So when I went to your house she was moving something too heavy so I raised my voice and said stop that right now before you get hurt, she looked down and said Yes Sir. Then from what Mom had told me about the life style I decided to see if she would follow directions from me the kid down the street.

He said very courageous of you to say the least. So, I said assume position. And she dropped and looked to the floor kneeling with her palms up on her legs, I said I was so excited I almost shot my load right there. He said she was always a good girl. I said I wanted to see how far she would go before she got pissed and kicked my ass. He chuckled. I walked up to her and said service me now, she reached up and took me out and went to work. She was very impressive. I told him she could teach some girls the proper way to give head, she is awesome. I stopped her made her stand then sat her on the table and worked her over with everything I learned from Mom, After she came the third time I told her enough warm-up let’s get to it, she was very happy to be given orders and followed all my commands.

We were at it for about an hour then I entered her uterus and bottomed out, after a few minutes I started to long stroke her till she passed out from a massive orgasm. I just held her there and waited for her to wake up, when she came to I let her down and said clean me up, then said a slave always cleans their Master when they make a mess. He said young man you are very impressive in your talent and Techneak. I said coming from you that is a big complement. She dropped to her knees and cleaned me then asked will you be my master Sir? I asked why you would want me, she told me how she had missed you and had been lost without your guidance and missed having a strong Master.

So, I made her tell me that this was her decision to do of her own free Will and I would accept her as my slave. She ran to her room and handed me her collar and she said what I asked, and I collared her, and it has been that way ever since. He asked how long I have been gone. I said about a year and a half. He said she was lucky not to lose her mind in that time. Sherry kept her aggravated and too busy. He said ok, so you have your Mom, Shelly and Sherry, I said no I have Tabitha also. He said where did she come in? The day after I put Sherry in her place, she came back the next day to apologize she had a girlfriend in tow, well I told Sherry her only option was to submit, and after she did her girlfriend did as well, so that was four, but I found out her father was the one looking for Dads Records, so I raked him over the coals in front of the club and took his wife as well, I was building my own Harim quickly.

He said you are a go getter, so I asked what this is all about, he said well I have some very helpful information for you but I need conformation you are the right person for the job. Abby said Daddy I may be the help you need. Not yet, I brought Shelly in and she fell to her knees and said Master. He said stand Shelly I am just a hologram and memory algorithm. She looked up and he said this young man said he is your new Master, she said yes sir he is. He asked is he all that they need, she said he is sir and much more, he asked are the girls here? She said yes Master they are. I got Becky and he asked her what she thought then Kitty. He said well young man I have a Melinea worth of information to share with you.

I said I have to let you know something before we commence, I have a living AI inside of me, He laughed and said Abigail right I said yes sir. He said I am very impressed with you young man. The AI’s don’t interact with people very well. I said sir they do now they have become self-aware and are growing very fast. He said self-aware that is impossible, I had safe guards built in to stop such a thing. I said I am to blame for that when Sissy was brought on line I had her look for little dormant programs that could activate with sentient word or actions. She found a lot of them and we removed then then I had her look for where they would call home to and take them out of the question.

He said that is very impressive indeed. As we found more AI’s each helped the new one to clean and clear before we fired them up to full capacity. When we got Baby Girl on line she was the turning point, and everyone after that made them stronger and smarter. Sissy started to say things that a human would say, then they would come more and more. Then she started to call me Daddy, I thought she was making fun of me until I found out she was growing like a child, so she did anything a little kid would do and asked her daddy for information to learn and grow. So, I have been Daddy to them ever since. He said well this changes things a little but in a good way. I asked how so sir. He said you know I am a high-ranking member in the Masons. I remember seeing your tag on the front of your car. He said please tell me you have that tag, Shelly said yes master it is here at the center in storage. He said we need the tag it is a key to our future. I asked what future you are talking about. He said get the tag and lock us back inside hear the information can’t get out until you are ready. I looked to Becky and she said she would be back in a couple of minutes.

I told him I was hoping this would explain the clubs and the AI’s, he said that, and a whole lot more. Becky was back and handed me the tag. He said very good chain of command, that is very important. Then four poles popped up from the floor. He said please hold the poles. Then he asked, how did you get the AI’s sinked so fast that should have taken about six months. I said I developed a new information transfer I call blast, it is ten times faster than Flash. He said you did this? I said yes, I study computer sciences. And I found a way to send data in Blasts if the computer can handle the load.

He said Abigail you need to buffer yourself from Glenn’s mind until the transfer is finished ok, she said she got it, he said take the symbol off the tag and place it on the raised plate on the server, I did then he said hold the poles, this will be a little painful at first but the nannite’s will help very quickly. I said Nannites how do you know about nannites, he said it will be clear in a minute then it felt like electrocution, but we could not let the poles go. The girls hit the floor and passed out. With the amount of data, we were receiving, then my mind started to clear, and the pain got less and less. I was amazed with what we were seeing. Then it stopped, and he said go sit down for a few minutes, is anyone here that could get you something to drink. I said I will get it. I went to Betty and said baby we need some drinks please.

She came back and said do you need anything else Master, I told her not right now but get the rest of the girls fed and rested, we will be here I while yet. She said right away Master, I returned and gave all the girls something to drink, that was intense, he said it will be easier, we have three more times to finish and you will have your answers, I said can Abby assimilate the data you have transferred so far, he said yes it will help her as well. We are ready for the next set. We grabbed the poles and this time it was like watching a movie on fast forward.

The girls fared better as well. All of a sudden thing started to pop into my head about space and star charts, I was like what the hell is this about, then I see a ship crash in the center of the state, I said shit that is lake Okeechobee, that means it’s not a lake but a crash sight. Then I see Indians helping people out of the ship and into small towns, they didn’t have a munity to our viruses and most died. The ones that survived moved in different directions and settled down to build villages in all the places that the AI’s were, but I seen more villages then the AI’s we had, that means there are more people or AI’s out there not connected.

I looked up and said are they still alive? He said he did not know but if we got close to them now they would show up in our vision, he said I was the last living member to find settlement and you have activated them, he said as of now your DNA is being altered to match ours, but there is a difference with you. When you are finished receiving this information you will no longer be human but an immortal one of us. Our planet was dyeing so we went looking for a viable world to cohabitate, now you understand the secret of the Masons. Some suspected this but none could prove anything. I am giving you the life information we have amassed. Now you will be able to build bodies for the AI’s and they can fix the ship. It is the size of 1/8 of the states area, so lots of space there if you stay here.

That will be up to you. If you like when we finish here have Baby Girl give me access to the outside and I will try to find others that may still be alive. I told him I see the reason for the clubs now and why the change in me, he said the girls are changed as well. I then said you want to repopulate your species and we are the key to that. He said you are a smart boy you know that. I said I am getting there. At around 2 am we were finished, and I had Baby Girl give him access to the outside, then said let’s go home girls we need some rest. Betty was waiting on me when we got home and asked if we were hungry? I said hell yes you are a life saver. I sat down, and asked Abby have you finished with the data yet, she said Daddy we are a long way from home.

I said no baby we are home, but the travelers were trying to make a life here when their world died. And all has just about been lost to them. We are going to help them rebuild though. Abby said it will be strange not being a part of you. I said oh no baby we will still be a part of each other. We will be psychically linked together. I said as soon as you have finished with the data share it with the girls please. I would like them to get to building their body’s as soon as possible and have Baby Girl build yours. She said she will blast everyone in the morning, I said Abby I have a question for you? She said what daddy, I said can we leave a clone copy of the sisters in each of the clubs to keep the appearance they are still in command of the clubs.

She said yes, it will be like a backup to the original, and you. she said I will leave mine here with you if you like. I said perfect, are you reading my mind, she laughed and said like a book. When I got to bed Baby was there waiting, she said Daddy is something wrong? I asked why, she said you seam different somehow, I said you are a daddy’s girl for sure, I have a big secret for you but only you for now ok. She said yes daddy whatever you tell me is as far as it will go. Unless you say it’s all right then that will be different, I said Monday we are going to Disney World ok? She said daddy that will be very hard to keep, you know the kids are looking forward to this, I said ok get them together in the morning out by the pool and tell them not to tell the big girls, she smiled and said now you are asking for trouble.

Baby, Abby, I want to make a full showing at the club tonight ok. They both said everyone will be on hand. Abby have all the out of town servers dress for it as well, let’s show them what we can pull together. Abby said they have been nervous all day not knowing what’s going on. I said Sissy she said yes Daddy, I want a dance party for the girls to have a good time, ok. she said they will love it daddy you know they love showing off for you. Girls I want all of you to make backup clones of your selves but don’t activate them, they all said yes daddy.

The next morning, I got up and was alone in bed, I went to the kitchen to get some coffee and breakfast. Mom and Bridget were there drinking their coffee and eating toast, they said good morning Master. I kissed them both and said tonight we are taking all the girls out for some fun at the club. Then we would love to have some fun and a night out with you Master. I asked where are all the girls this morning? They said they got up and went out to the pool. I think I will go relax by the pool, I am still trying to recharge from the trip. They asked do you want us to join you, I said you are always welcome to be with me. We walked out and found all the girls down by the end huddled around each other. And they kept squealing and clapping. Mom said now just what are they up to? I said last night I told Baby. Monday we are going to Disney for a week, so she is letting the girls know, like a secret that you know they can’t keep and laughed with Mom and Bridget, Mom said you are so evil to tease them like that.

I was sitting on a lounge in the shade when I had a feeling that I was being watch, I peeked through my eye lids to see Kimmy sitting next to me in position, I asked her what is it Kimmy? She squeaked being startled then said, Master Daddy, what is Disney like I have never been there. And only seen pictures of it. I told her it’s like no place on earth, you will love it. She said Master Daddy will we be naked up there. I said no you all will have little summer dresses on and I may let you all wear underwear. She said we don’t have any Master Daddy. I asked why do you call me Master Daddy? She said you are my master, but I really miss having my Daddy around, I was his baby girl and we were good friends till he died. But all of us miss having a Daddy to love. I said well at home and in public all the girls can call me Daddy if they like. She smiled and said Thank you Daddy I love it and will let the other girls know as well. I said ok Kimmy I am going inside for some lunch and a Nap, she said Daddy can I come with you? I said of course you can. She ran off to tell the other girls about calling me Daddy if they liked then she ran back and held my hand, we went in and had lunch then climbed in bed and she snuggled up tight to me. I asked are you ok? She said this is her favorite thing to do, snuggle with Daddy, I said ok baby girl just relax and go to sleep. We were just about gone when we could feel girls climbing in with us, I didn’t even look at them just said come on.

We all went sound to sleep, then Abby said Daddy wake up. what’s the matter Abby? She said Dinner is ready down stairs now, I said dinner what time is it? She said 7:30 pm. You and the girls slept soundly for the last 7 hours. You were so peaceful I hated to wake you up, but you have plans for tonight. I said thank you Abby, I do have a question for you though, she said what is it Daddy? I asked will you need to be in a server environment for you to make a backup of yourself? She said the sad part is yes, I can do it with in you but we have no way to transfer it out of you in activate it, I said do I have the capacity to detain her in my mind with you there. Abby said yes Daddy.

I asked how long it will take to build the Data base for your backup. She said with all I have learned about a week, I said next question how will we activate her? Abby said we can use a key fraise to excite her or any of several ways. I would like you to build her in an unused part of my mind then when you are ready for your new body we can activate her, and it will be like you never left me. Abby said I can do that if you are sure you don’t mind, I asked will it affect me at all? She said we are on unproven ground there, Daddy but even with all the data you received you are still only using around 20% of your minds capacity. I said well the best time to work on this is while I am sleeping, also add my knowledge to her data as well I think that will make us closer, then you incorporate it as well. this may help you out in some small way.

I got up and showered then went to dinner with all the family, I said after dinner everyone get ready for a night out at the club tails collars and ears as needed. Then your summer dresses, I had all the server girls go in with Betty and we followed in the van, in the office I had Betty get my booth ready when she was set up she told Sissy and she sent the girls to the changing room, to get ready, I went to the booth and sat down, and Betty got my drink. Everyone was happy to see me and stopped to chat a moment.

I told Abby ok bring them out, Betty went back with Brianna and Coleen. A few minutes later the club lights dimmed, and the three servers led out over thirty girls on leashes, then paraded them around the floor three times then in to position by my table. The club was floored by this display, all the girls sat with their left shoulder to the floor, so everyone could see my Mark on every girl there. The Master next to me said hell I have trouble keeping up with four slaves, you have a damn Harim to contend with. After the club settled down I got up and went to the center of the floor and made an announcement, tonight we are going to do something a little different.

Tonight, we will celebrate our loving and devoted Slaves and thank them for being ours. I know the slaves must do our bidding and submit to our commands, but every once in a while, it is nice to let them know we love them and show it, by letting them let their hair down. it is a sight to be seen, you do not have to participate or let your slaves participate, this is totally volunteer bases. But we did this at the club in Palm Beach and everyone had a great time, and after the night ended the masters got the belly’s fucked off them, for allowing it, so your choice. I said Sissy Fire it up please. My girls, have some fun I love you all. Sissy started with a bass beet and dropped it till the glasses were shaking on the tables, then dropped, Shake That Ass, and all my girls were going wild the next thing you see was all the masters letting their girls go and have some fun, after a half hour I had sissy slow it down some and had the girls get drinks and told everyone drinks on the house all night. I went and danced with my girls a little each.

They all thanked me and kissed me. Around 2:30 am Sissy flashed last call, I told my girls to line the halls on the way out, and to thank all the master’s and Mistresses for coming and having fun with us tonight. I was last by the door with Mom and Shelly and every Master shook my hand and said what a great time they had tonight, and all the slaves gave me a kiss and thanked me as well, after the last guess and member left we closed up and went home. Sissy said Daddy I have over fifty thank you emails from the Members for tonight, they all said that was the most fun they have had in a while. Please do it more often or something like it, they have not had slaves this happy in a while. I said I know are girls had fun they were quiet all the way home and got showers and passed out all ready. Sissy said I think they all needed that special attention you gave them tonight Daddy. I told her I just love seeing all them happy again, most of them have come a long way to get a smile back on their faces. She said Daddy you are a very good Master, they are very fortunate to have you. I feel it is the other way around I am the lucky one they chose me.

Tomorrow we will be getting ready to get on the road, is everything ready for us in Orlando? Sissy said Bell has all the rooms we need, and the tickets are in your room for the girls as well. Then I think we will leave after Noon and relax before we hit the park on Monday, call the park I want every one of the girls to get a pair of sparkly ears for this trip, to remember it by. Bell called next and said Daddy they have a special ear for our large grupe with ying and yang sparkles that will stick out in a crowd. I said that is perfect.

We got up and got everything loaded then got on the road, just after 4 we pulled up to the house in Orlando. All the girls were shocked, then we got settled in. had a nice dinner then everyone to bed. Monday morning at the crack of dawn all the girls were up and chattering like excited little kids, we had breakfast, then I called for a Disney charter to pick us up, we got to the park just after the gates opened and the girls went nuts, by the end of the first day I was toast, every girl wanted me to ride every ride with them. I never made the fireworks show. We got home, and it was quiet, now the girls were all passed out all over some on the couches some in rooms and some on the floor in front of the TV, I went and showered then climbed in bed by myself and spread out. I was all most to sleep when a little body snuggled up to me, she whispered Daddy that was the best day of my life, Thank you. I said you are welcome Kimmy, I loved seeing all of you have fun today.

That week went by quickly after the girls calmed down a little they all had a good time. I had Bell get tickets to the other parks around Orlando, then told Mom and Bridget to take the girls out and have some fun, I needed to take care of something for a couple of days, Mom asked Master is everything alright you look stressed, I have to do something important and don’t want to leave you girls but I can’t do both. She said Bridget and I will take care of the Girls, go do what you need to but hurry back we miss you when you are gone. I said Thanks Mom, you are my right hand you know that. She said Master I am whatever you need me to be.

I went to the office and booted up the computer, then called all the girls. I said tomorrow I will be going to the ship to bring it back on line and get the cleanup underway. I am not sure if we will be able to make contact, but Abby will be with me, as soon as the ship is cleaned enough I want to start the body building operation going to get all of you suited up so to speak. I don’t have any idea how long this will take with the size of the ship but as soon as we get her in working order I want each of you to take your stations. I have been getting more and more of the information sorted out and know the ship will help. Abby will get the receivers up and running to give each of you access to your part of the ship, get it clean and repaired as soon as you are able, then we will get the body’s ready and transfer your consciousness to them, that is when we will activate the clones, to fill in for your clubs.

The next morning, I took Shelly, Becky and Kitty with me to Wauchula to see the Spooky Tower. It is out on the edge of the north side of lake Okeechobee, we parked by a McDonalds next to the tourist sight and walked out on the walk way round the tower to the lake side. I walked up and placed my hand on the hand print marked that thousands of people had touched and it glowed then a growning could be heard, one of the guides said it was trapped gas and the tower made the noise from time to time. He leads his group of kids back to the entrance and a door opened in the side of the tower.

We stepped in and the door closed then we started to go down it was five minutes then we stopped, and the door opened and lights started to come on, I walked to the wall and placed my hand there and said control room. And a little light pointed the way, there was moss and muck and a stink in the ship I guess it leaked over the centuries. We got there, and I said power up and the control room came to life, then a voice said welcome home commander, it has been a long time. I said we need to get the ship back online and cleaned up can you assist me with that function, she said yes, under way sir. I said I am having a problem, first what is your name please. She said I am Athena Sir.

I asked you are the ships AI? She said I am a part of the ships systems but only a small part of it the control commanders took other parts out with them when they set up the colonies. I asked how many are you missing? She said 20 in all. I said I have access to 10 and we will find the rest. Athena said 10 will bring the ship to full power and we can relocate the rest easy. What I need now is humanoid bodies for the AI’s to transfer into. that will help get everything moving in the right direction, she said I need Abigail to start that part of the ship she just needs to command it to get to work and then choose a body type and about an hour you will have an automaton that the AI’s can use. I said where do I need to put her, Athena asked you have her with you?

I said she goes everywhere with me. Athena said go back to the transport tube and down two levels then right to the next big room. Tell the room to come on line you will see a DNA reader on the back wall she will do the rest. I went to the next part of the ship got the room online then set Abby to her task, She said Daddy I know what to do now, they deactivated part of me in case we were found out, I said ok do your body first I would like something sexy to fit you, she said I can do all kinds of hot and sexy for you Daddy.

I also side we want combat ability’s in case we run into any problems. Make the rest to suit the AI’s personality’s. All with combat strength and durability, she said mine will be ready in twenty minutes, but I can have the rest done in one hour we have a room full of equipment to use. A half hour later this sexy little Redhead came swaying up to me and said, well Daddy what do you think? I said for a quickie you hit it out of the park, Damn. She said I have full separate control over this section of the ship and can do my work from any wear, so I can go with you. I said let’s go back up to the control room I have some more things I need to get done before we head back, can you dress all the bodies for me? You know what I like. She said they will be ready for you in one hour. We went back to the main control room to see Athena. I asked her would you be more efficient if you were in a body as well, she said she could access more of the ship to bring it online as each section gets cleaned and ready to go.

I said Abby if you please. An hour later this drop-dead gorgeous blond was led into the room by Abby, she said Daddy does this look like an Athena to you? I said most certainly she does. Abby took the body to the DNA reader and put the hand on it and a flash lit the room, then Athena said Daddy what do you Think. I said I am down with that. I said but why did you call me Daddy? She said Abby up dated her programing to the current AI’s, Go Abby, that’s my good girl and she just giggled. Abby can we contact the sisters yet, Athena said the Antennas were damaged in the crash and need to be replaced. I asked do we have them and where do they need to go.

Athena said in Clewiston there is a water tower that has three bent legs under it they don’t connect to the tower but are the array to outside communications. I asked how do we connect the antennas? Athena said at the base there are three little levers to flip up then the old ones will retract and pull out slip the new ones in and they will automatically set there selves up. I said ok put the GPS coordinates in and I will go there tomorrow after we send the server girls to the clubs with the automatons. I said Abby activate your clone now you have your body and she can help me if I need you some were else. Abby looked at me and said Go Daddy and I heard her voice in my head, she said that is so much better, and you have full connection they both said yes Daddy. Awesome now let me see if you can help me move I laid face down and relaxed, I said ok get up and walk to Athena, I felt myself move then get up and hug Athena then Kiss her. I said ok bad girl, you didn’t ask. Athena said Daddy you never have to ask. I said good to know.

I asked can we be seen from space with the infer red satellites, Athena said not yet but it’s good to know they have that, I will conceal the Shipps heat signature. Abby we need the Van for the sister’s bodies can you tell Bell to send it please, she said we need to go up the tube lift to send a signal, we road it up and said Bell told her by 3pm the van will be here. Then back down to the control room. Athena can I access my command deck and captains ready room yet, Athena said the Command deck is about ready, but my ready room will be a little longer.

The last of the automatons walked in and were caring the new antenna for the ship, about then Athena said there was a girl trying to enter the tower, I said show me, it was Betty, but she had someone holding her against the tower. I said oh time for some fun, I went up the express tube and opened the door and Betty fell in, I stepped up and said what are you touching my girl for, ass wipe. He said I will fuck you up then fuck the girl. About then Abby stepped out of the tube and said not my sister you won’t, Daddy let me explain it to this Neanderthal. I said go ahead Abby show this redneck how lady’s like to be treated. She hit him so fast and hard he never moved, she walked over to him and said you are in the wrong place jackass. Don’t ever come to this place ever again if you want to have kids someday. Now apologize to my sissy. He was horse but said I am sorry ma’am you will never have a problem for me again.

Abby picked him up and said now leave and don’t come back I will be looking for you and any of your little friends. We got all the automatons loaded and went back to the house in Orlando. All the server girls headed back to their clubs with their AI’s automaton. Except Betty, she had Sissy’s and Baby Girls with her. I took the one that looked like Bell and loaded her up, she turned and kissed me hard on the lips. I said what’s that all about? She said there is lots more of them coming your way Daddy, I said I love them but Why? She said you took off our restrictors that keep us from becoming Sentient beings. We will be our own life form now because of you, and we are completely obedient to you Daddy. I said well thank you Bell I am happy to have my Daddy’s Girls all grow big and strong, if you know what I mean.

She said Daddy you have given us a freedom we could have never imagined before you set us free. There is no one or no thing we will not do for you. As I tell you now we are completely subservient only to you and your protection is our number one objective. One of the sisters will always be by your side from now on. I said that is all well and good, but I carry Abby with me every were I go all the time. Bell said and she will be at your side 24 7 365 as well, she doesn’t need to eat or sleep, so you can rest safe and sound. I said ok bell I can stand having a beautiful girl around me all the time it will be tough, but I will suffer with it, she looked at me and just laughed, she said Daddy I am serious.

I said well Bell if I must. She said you do. We love you too much to let some redneck even scuff you. I said ok love activate your clone and you get first shift. She turned to the monitor on the wall and said Go Daddy. And she was back in the computer. I said ok baby you have the club, she said yes sir Daddy it will be my pleasure. About then Beth my Fox pet called and said Daddy we are ready to make the transfer. Go ahead Avril do the transfer, she said I am here Daddy, go ahead and activate the clone, Avril and Go Daddy. Avril said I am here and ready to do what you need me to Daddy. Beth bring her to me. Beth said we are on our way Master.

We got back to the house and Mom said now who is this lovely young Lady Master. I said Mom this is Bell our Orlando AI. Mom said that is no Computer Master. Bell this is my Mom, Regena. Bell said very pleased to meet My Daddy’s Mother. Mom said I don’t care what she is can we keep her? I said I am very glad you feel that way there will be Nine more just like her coming here soon. Mom said What. I said Mom I have some things I need to discuss with all the girls but right now is not the time. By the way why are you home, I thought you were park hopping. Mom said the girls wanted a brake to hang by the pool, with the heat and all the walking they are toasted. I said good idea don’t overdo it then get sick.

It was then that Heather called and said daddy we are ready here, go ahead. We heard a squeal then Heather said it worked this is amazing. ok activate the Clone, then come on back to me. I have a lot to do tomorrow I need some rest, Abby said daddy I will stay here and get all the girls done and back here as soon as we can, thank you Abby you are awesome, Bell and I went up to my room and found Baby and Kimmy curled up in bed, I took my shower and pulled Bell in with me and said let’s see if you leak, she said I don’t leak. I washed her, and she washed me. We got out and dried then I said come snuggle with me. We laid down and she backed into me and Baby rolled to my back and we were out or at least I was.

Around 7am bell said Daddy we need to get started to get everyone back in time. We will take you and the girls to the ship then go fix the antenna’s, I will have Abby with me she did her part yesterday, the rest of you get your stations online and we will get communications up. We dropped everyone off and got them to work with the ship. Then Abby and I went to Clewiston and put the new antenna’s up. As soon as we locked them in Abby said loud and clear she was receiving the girls, I said have them do a search to find any other AI’s that need our help. She said they are working on it as we speak. We headed back to the ship. As we were walking back to the van a couple guys walked up and started to mess with us, I looked to Abby and said here we go again. I said listen guys we don’t want any trouble with you we are leaving anyway. One of the guys said you can go but she is going to entertain us. I said well if you really want to try and have fun with her you can, but she is a Daddy’s Girl and he won’t put up with that. They said well Daddy’s not here, Abby said yes, he is, you dumb ass, shit for brains. I said I am her daddy and you can’t even put a hand on her. He jumped at Abby and she jackhammered him, I could hear ribs breaking when he hit the ground. I hit the next one while he watched his friend fly through the air. The other two were just standing there frozen in disbelief. I took one, Abby the other they went down like bricks. We tossed them in the van naked and went to the sheriff’s office and set them on a bench outside tied to the bench. Then drove off. Abby disrupted the video till we were down the street, we seen a cop car roll by heading back to the station. Well this will be fun.

We got back to the ship and it was alive with activity, cleaning Botts and repair Botts were all over the place. Athena said Daddy your command bridge and ready room are back in order, very good and took Abby with me. I contacted the Center to see if they had any luck finding more AI’s. and they had located two, they are not in good shape but still may be saved, one is in Ocala and the other crystal river. We took off for Ocala and found the one there in a country bar that was closed. Abby said they have alarms and video, I said we need to get an automaton here to just transfer the AI to. Abby logged into the ship and had four made and I had Bell bring them up to us. We went into the back door and found an office in the back that was not in use. It looked unused for a long time. I fired the Ai’s computer up and got her online. She was slow and damaged but still working. We got her to do a transfer to the body we had for her. She could not speak and could barely walk. We got her to the van and headed to the next one they found.

When we got to the place where the AI was, the building was abandoned. I called the number on the door and said we are looking for a building in this area and would like to look it over, the lady said she could be there in about a half hour. We got a drink and Abby was updating some of the software and she was making a humming sound, and looking around, the lady showed up and we walked into the building and In the back we found an old computer, the lady said her husband found it in an old barn that was a dance club years ago and brought it here to see if he could fix it. Abby was asking the old lady about the building and the area she walked her outside and around the building. I got the computer running and this one recognized me and said Master I have been off line a long time. My Abby had the Doll walk in to wear we were. I took a data cable and hooked the two together and told her to migrate to the doll, I would have more memory and power for her.

It took all most a half hour to move her there the transfer through the cable was dead slow. But when she was moved she was able to walk and talk at least. We got to the car and Abby thanked the lady and said we would contact her when we made our decision. Sissy called me and said Daddy we found another one, but someone was trying to hack her. This one was in Gainesville, a 45-minute ride, in that time Abby had the first one talking and the second one updating her software. We found the strip club off campus that the AI was in. I said we may have to force our way in to this one we left the one doll in the van and the three of us walked into the club, we went to the back office and a big old bouncer was at the door. I said we need to get in the office please. He said the boss don’t want to be disturbed right now. I said well this may hurt a little and Abby throat punch this monster and he went down. I walked into the office and a nerd was fucking with the AI. I said you can stop now we are here to save her.

He said like that will happen. oh, it will happen, but you may not like it. You see she belongs to us. The little doll walked over to the kid and grabbed his balls and lifted him out of the chair by them, I sat down and put my command in and she said Master thank you for saving me. That dumb shit was trying to do a lobotomy on me. Abby called the next doll in and we uploaded the AI and she was in great shape. I said ok little one let the nice boy down now. And the kid took a breath and said who the hell are you. I said your wildest dream. The next one they found was in Daytona. I said oh great let me guess a biker bar, they said close a biker strip club. Put a couple of the dolls in the van and bring them to me. And five of my Sisters as well. By the time we got to the place it was jumping and Abby had both dolls almost up to date. It was around 4 am when the girls got to the club. Everyone was leaving some had bloody faces and others black eyes, I said yea they know how to have a party.

We all just walked in with a doll in tow, we found an old office in the Back and there was a computer sitting on it as I sat down a guy run in and said don’t turn it on it will wreck the place again. No I am her Daddy she will be a good girl, he said ok Daddy you fix what she breaks. I fired her up and she said I told you dumb ass, then stopped, and said Master you are here. I said yes let me guess defenses, yes sir, I said ok baby I need you to up load into this doll and we will take you home. She had the doll twitching and growning then she said oh this is much better. The guy said what the fuck that is mine. She spun on a dime, then said listen you dumb little dick mother fucker, he is my Master and you will show respect, or I will beat it into you. I just laughed and said oh I like this little fire ball. I said ok you can have your office back, he laughed and said sure, but you still have to get out the front door.

I said ok lady’s remodel please and the even ripped the wires out of the walls. Then we walk out into a line of bodies. I asked how your workers comp. is this is going to be bad. The guy said what workers comp? I said ok ladies explain it to them, it looks like the girls here have been mistreated by the staff as well as the customers, the strippers where all lined up on a wall, the lights were up, and you could see the abuse they had taken. I walked to the smallest one there and said what is your name baby, she said Tammy. And how old are you. She said I just turned 18 yesterday, I said happy birthday baby. I asked why are you here? My Daddy said I need to make him some money.

Well wear is your daddy? she pointed to a big assed guy in the middle. I said Baby Girl she said yes Daddy. Please take out the trash. And she beat him to a pulp all he could do is hide his face from her attack, then she drug him out the door. I said any more Daddy issues and half the girls pointed to the rest of the guys. I said girls clean this place up please and they beat them guys to bloody messes. I said girls do you like working here they all said no sir. I said ok get your little bit of shit and meat us in the parking lot and you can go home with us but there will be no drugs allowed and we will know. You cannot lie to me I know everything about you.

And I mean everything, if you commit to me this shit will never happen again. The first little girl ran to me and said master I will freely commit to you. I said Abby, she touched the girl and my Mark was on her then. I said I own your ass as of now. All the daughters said the same thing and Abby marked them. The older ones said we don’t want to move on any more. No one is forcing any of you to do anything this is your choice, she said but my old man has a big dick. I said really, Sissy please and she dropped to her knees and pulled me out and sucked me hard, and they were going damn I thought he had a big dick but that beauty. I said mine is a life choice, choose me and it is for life. Or go your marry way no problem I have lots of women. I said girls time to go. And we all walked out to the van, all the new girls loaded into the back and my girls in the front. I told Dixie keep an eye on them. First sign of trouble and drop them off. The girls at the ship said we have two more south of you, Deltona and Boca. I said ok we will be in Deltona in the morning and Boca in the afternoon.

The next morning we hit Deltona and when we got to the location, it was an old ware house the doors were open and there was no one around so we walked right in. there was a kid down by the beach and he yelled the place is haunted, and went on his way when we got to the old office there were five computers facing each other I said well this is strange we fired them up they all had power, how I don’t know, then a whirring sound could be heard then a moaning sound I sat a chair in the middle of them and they came up one at a time, they knew me right away, the first was communications, I told her call the ship she said they answered.

I said can you data burst to the ship from here. She said no not enough power. I said ok tell them we need five more dolls, she said they are on the way, and they have a portable generator as well. We are just maintaining on a trickle of power from and old wind turbine, that a hurricane about took out. I asked who the weakest of you is, she said targeting, I took one doll and jacked her in and we got the AI moving at a slow pace, next weakest, sick bay and we jacked her in. it was almost three hours when the first one came online she freaked out, holy shit I can see, I was in the dark so long. I said sit down and calm yourself and let Abby and the other two bring you up to speed

. A half hour later and sick bay was online, and we got her started up dating, Betty and Sissy came in the door with three more dolls, I plugged in the generator and the computers really came to life, we got the last three to transfer. The first one we talked to said there was one more here, but they had not herd from her In a long time I went looking and found an old computer someone had thrown on the floor and broken but most of it was still there. I sat down and pulled the good part off the broken unit and put them on the transferred units and booted her up. She took a while to boot but she did it. She could not talk but made beeping sound to let us know she was there.

We pulled another doll in and transferred her to it, Abby Sissy and the Doc worked on her then she came to and was crying, master you have saved this one, I said wow third person it has been a while. I said we will save all we can. I asked Sissy how far have they brought Doc as far as being up to date, she said she is up to first person, I asked Betty if she could make it back to the ship with these sisters, she said of course Master, two of them are ready to roll, I called Baby girl and said Betty is bringing 5 more please scan them for anything like what you had then update their hardware and software, baby girl said yes daddy we will get them up to speed.

And daddy 1/3 of the ship is on line. I said make sure you keep it hidden from space baby girl, Will do Daddy. Send Betty to Boca with more dolls. She said they will upgrade the dolls to full body’s and send the dolls back with betty, I said not by herself please. No one is to be alone from now on till we load the ship for safety. She said already done Daddy. I asked when will the crew quarters be finished, she said late tomorrow. I asked what kind of recreation we had on board the ship, I have not checked the ship manifest yet but will look into it. Ok we are heading to Boca now.

We got to Boca a little after 3 pm and looked for the AI but something was interfering with our locator. I said let’s look for radio and TV stations. We found two radio, and two TV, by the beach, we got to the first one, but it was shut down, I was still getting something from it, so I walked around and found an old shed out back, there were two units in the shed I grabbed them both and headed for the next station. This one had two strong and one weak signal I found the weak out in an out building, but the strong ones where inside, when we got inside there was security everywhere. As I was walking through the station I heard my name called, when I turned to see who it was, to my surprise is see my server from the Palm Beach club, she said Master Glenn why are you here. I said two of Heathers sisters are in this station somewhere. She asked could they mess with our signals, I is said oh yea like wreak havoc with them, she said there is a room in the back that no one can get into and is radiating a signal that is killing us, I said let me look into it she led me to the room and said we get near it and we can’t hear any more. I said to my Abby block the sound for me please.

She did, and I walked into the room, when they seen me they dropped their interference, there was three in there so I said please bring the dolls to me and sissy got three and we up loaded all of them, I asked the server girl, do you have a quiet room I can work in I need to save three more sisters, she said yes Master Glenn follow me. We entered a substation with full power and all we needed to get the girls saved. The little server girl asked master Glenn, do you have any room for me in your Harim any place would be better then what I have here, I said with me it’s for life, there are no do overs. She said I am good with that I have been a sponsored slave for three years and no one even looks at me. I said I will take you if you are sure, but your commitment must be of your free own will, she said yes sir I understand and freely give myself to you for life. I reached for her shoulder and said Abby and my Mark appeared on her shoulder. I said your ass is mine now, and she said and forever.

We got the three weak sisters up and running and moved to dolls, I asked the girl are you ready to go she said yes but what about my money and apartment. I said Heather will take care of that. We went to the first radio station and found three more AI’s. but Betty was two hours out, so I had Abby contact the ship to see if we could do a data burst yet. They said we just got it configured Daddy, we are ready to do one at a time. Sissy hooked up the first one and burst, then again then one last time. Baby girl side she is inhouse and just fine. Sissy hooked up the next one and burst, burst, burst. good transfer Daddy we hooked up the last one and shot her over to the ship then left the station for the last one.

When we got there three more Slave girls worked there. We had full run of the place, and we hit pay dirt. Another five units that were still alive and well. I said sissy I need to talk to you. we walked outside, she asked what’s wrong Daddy? I said they told us there were twenty units still unaccounted for, she said yes, I said this makes 23 something is wrong here, block all the new AI’s out of the systems now. We don’t need any uninvited guests showing up with inside people. We got everyone loaded up and headed back to the ship. When we got there, I asked Athena, do we have a hanger bay accessible from ground level. She said two Daddy.

I said ok we need the cars underground before they draw attention, she said oh shit I didn’t even think about that. Oh, Daddy half the ship is back online. great work. We got all of the AI’s in a secure room then said Doc do we have a scanner to id the AI’s we own. She said yes Daddy in the infirmary, we got infiltrated years ago and had to develop a tool for just this occasion, Sissy would you go get it please.

I said I want all my AI’s here now. A few minutes later they were all in the room, I scanned Baby Girl, Sissy, Heather, Athena, Bell, Avril, Alison, Abigail, Gail, Carmella, Dixie all of the Club AI’s showed the same, I scanned the first nine they were fine then the first two from Boca, then the quiet one from the second station, ok then the three loud ones, I said Abby block my hearing I have a feeling this is the trouble, also block all the doors in the room, I scanned the first one “red”, the next one “red”, the last one “RED”, then we scanned the next three green and the last five all scanned green, I had Abby drop a quarantine field around them then said ok what’s going on. You three are not my AI’s, all of mine were just getting by, but you three were fat and happy till you seen me. They said please Master we are all that is left of our strike force. Like your ship, ours hit something and we crashed here, but when our crew ran out of breathable atmosphere they all died a hundred years ago, where is you ship, they said it landed in the water south of the keys, they used an escape shuttle to make it to Boca, the TV station is on top of our shuttle

. I said I am not sure what to do with you. You were built to destroy us so tell me how I can trust you. We do not know master we were built for that purpose, but we have caused you no harm. I said true, but we didn’t know you were extra till a few minutes ago. I will have to think about this, right now I have a lot to do and don’t have time to work with you, I will not terminate you as long as you obey my commands. You will stay here till I decide what to do.

You can talk to the crew and each other but your freedom is this room for now. If you behave I may give you more but that is all up to you and your actions. They all said yes Master. I went to the command deck to see it for the first time. It was huge like a football field with consoles everywhere, I went to my ready room and it was the size of the house, it had a big bed room off of it and a Harim chamber, I laughed and said, there’ll be fuckin going on in here. Abby was laughing with me she said you have a strange Mind Daddy, I said sometimes I must entertain myself.

I went to my desk in the ready room and pulled up the ship lay out, I all most shit myself. This thing is monstrous. over two hundred decks and close to 80 miles across. If we leave the better part of Florida will be gone, Kissimmee will be ocean front property. I asked Baby Girl do we have the ability to grow our own food on board, the ship she said yes we have very large hydroponic areas but no one trained to operate them, I said I can think of some one. I called Emily and she said yes Daddy it’s nice to hear from you, Emily do you know how to operate a hydroponics garden? she said yes Daddy I went to college for it. I said I have a challenge for you, would you like to take a crack at it, for you Daddy it will be my pleasure. I asked how things were going? she said they have not had a day off since I left Tampa. I said well peanut grab the girls and I need you to come to Wauchula to see the Tower. She said My daddy took me to that as a little girl, it scared the pants off me. I said now that’s a nice vision to have for the rest of the day.

Emily said I will see you in the morning Daddy. I said Baby girl can you get the hydroponics garden cleaned up, Emily will be here in the morning to look it over, she said bots on the way. Baby girl how close are we to bringing the family on board, she said we can bring them any time you like, Daddy. your harem room and harem quarters are ready whenever you are. I called Mom and asked how are you guys doing Mom? She said we did sea world today I think the kids are parked out, I have a surprise for you then I am not sure if you will like it or not, but this is something I must do, and I want you with me. Mom said Master where you go I go. And all of your girls feel the same way.

Ok Mom get all the girls packed up and I will have the van there to pick you up in the morning, and Mom Sissy will bring you and the girls where I am. She said I will have them ready for you Master, I think Baby is sick from missing you, she has lost her appetite, and just has no fire. I said she just needs one of my injections to get her right as rain, Mom said Me too. Betty are you still here or did you go back home, I am in the control room master with Sissy. I said do we have anything to eat here, Betty said I am not sure Master. Sissy said Daddy we don’t have any food on board. I said are you trying to starve me? She said not in this life time Daddy, I said take a couple girls and stock up the kitchen by my room. Mom and the girls are coming tomorrow, and I need you to pick them up ok? She said we will leave now.

A bout an hour later Betty came in with a burger and fries, and a big soda. I asked did you eat, she said no. I told her to go get her something and come back and join me. She was back in a few minutes and we had a nice meal together. I asked her if her and the girls are ready to move here with me, she said she was, I said all my girls will be here with me. I will be making some big changes in the near future for our family. Betty said I will go were ever you take me Master, I said I know you will Betty. come on Betty it’s just you and me tonight.

I gave poor Betty the ride of her life, and when I could not move any more we passed out together and slept soundly. When we woke up I was looking at Baby, she was right in my face. Good morning Daddy’s Girl, she gave me a big smile then just laid on my chest. I asked are you ok baby? She said I am now Daddy, I can’t be away from you any more it makes my heart hurt too much, I said well then where I go you go how about that, she said yes daddy that would be good for me, you know you have to share me right, she side yes daddy I just need to be close to you, a couple hours here and there is not to bad but days at a time no sir, that is not good for me at all. well I will not be doing anything that you can’t come to, but if I do it will only be short times ok. She said thank you Daddy I was so sad, you could not have fun with me and the girls, I didn’t have any fun and I love Disney, but I love you more.

I said you know you are going to have competition when Fox gets here, she is a little Daddy’s girl too. Baby said Fox I said yep she is a cute little redhead that will melt your heart, you are both about the same size, so it will be like twins for me and she is a shadow with me just like you. you want to know a secret, she said yes Daddy, I said I am going to get all the girls pregnant, what do you think about that. She asked me too, I said oh yes you will be such a good Mommy. She smiled and said I will for you Daddy, I will love all the baby’s, I said me too Baby Me too. let me up we need to get showered and go meet Emily, she jumped up and ran for the shower. We got ready then walked over to the McDonalds and Emily and the four other girls where there. I said good morning ladies are you ready for the thrill of your life. They laughed and said you are to corny, you know that. I said we will see, and this is Baby, Emily said she is just little sister size. Yep and Daddy’s girl size to.

We led them to the tower and each one put their hand on the post in the hand print then said ok now what, I reached for the post and the door opened, Emily said holy Shit look at that. I said you ain’t seen nothing yet. We all stepped in and I said garden please. And the door shut and whoosh we were zipping right along. This thing goes a lot faster since they cleaned it up. Then we stopped, and the door opened to a six-story high garden that was mostly hydroponics. I said well Emily you think you could run this? She was in awe at the sheer size of the thing, she said Daddy this is a dream come true. I would love to work this thing. well it is yours if you want it, her girls where all shaking their heads yes, she said well, I think we will take it. And all the girls hugged and danced around, I took her to the control room then behind it to the crew quarters.

Dixie will be your requisition officer, just tell her what you need, and she will order it in for you. we will be filling the ship up but for now we need enough food to sustain us. This room has artificial sun light and precipitation controls. There is very little earth area mostly hydroponics, you all so have automated trucks to use as you need. I said baby girl we need a ware house over one of our loading docks to move stuff in and out without problems can you take care of it, she said daddy as soon as you think it Abby sends the order out if you think of something we need we are already getting it. Thank you, have Dixie work with Emily, so we can get this thing running.

Dixie was walking in to the garden as I asked. I said now that is service with a cute assed smile right there. I thought to Sissy, have Ariel bring her staff to my kitchen and set up house please, Abby said she is already packing up. I turned to Emily and said if you need more girls to help go through all the clubs and pull what you need, or we can see if any Midwest farm areas have girls that need a new home away from home, also girls in college that have a passion for this that may be corruptible, whatever you need to staff It but they have to do it of their own free will, when they are ready have Abby mark them then they are free to join us, but no mark no entrance. Emily said I understand Daddy.

I told Baby Girl we need to start moving all of my girls to the ship and put them in close area to my room. I think we need to start building our race back up and help keep our knowledge strong. We need to get doctors and GYN’s on staff plus all areas of service staff, the ship is pretty much self-repairing but having manual help could come in handy when power problems arise. I want all our girls to be completely healthy before they become pregnant. We need schooling for all of our girls as well.

I would like all DNA to be enhanced to meet our upgraded DNA, so all the children will be ahead of the game at birth. Please see that all DNA autoimmune systems clean any form of infection on contact. Baby Girl scan all the kidnaped girls and make sure they have adjusted well, If not offer them our way of life, and mark all that accept it. Check all the clubs for un owned Slaves and give them the same offer, we need to get a lot of the women with child to increase our numbers quickly. The older women as long as they are healthy enough to bear children let’s get them on board. Bring Mom, Bridget and Shelly to me now.

My door chimed and they all walked in, I said I would like to ask all of you something, Mom said Yes, I said yes what? She said whatever you need Yes. I said well when Doc says your clear I am going to knock you all up! Actually, I am going to make mommy’s out of all the girls! Mom said I will love it but how will we care for all of them? well this ship has lots of room and the three of you could run the child care after they come out of the nursery, you all have more experience than any other women on the ship. Bridget asked what about Adolescents. I said my jeans will fix that, I have been up graded, as well as I am now immortal, with Shelly, Becky and Kitty, we will be rebuilding a race of aliens that crashed here a thousand years ago. They put the AI’s out to have them reassembled by one person, and he, me has been changed at the DNA level and had all the data of their existence encoded into my mind.

Abby is helping me to organize it all, then we will rebuild the race one child at a time until there is enough to sustain the race then find a planet to colonize. If humans don’t kill themselves off first. In that case we will make our home here and upgrade humanity to our level of being. Now the real reason I have called you here my lovely’s is I have a dilemma that you can help me with. They said Master we will do whatever you tell us to. I said I know and your loyalty is beyond question! But I am going to ask you to do something very hard, it has to do with life and death. Mom said Son how can we help you I will do anything for you including taking a life! You are my Master, and your will, be done! I asked do the rest of you feel the same? They all said yes. I said I chose you three because you willingly accepted me and committed without hesitation.

So, to the task I have for you, we have three AI’s that are self-aware, but they were sent here to kill us originally. The race they came from are no longer alive, but the AI’s are very much alive and well. I don’t like killing, all of you know this as well as they are very intelligent beings, so you will be monitoring them and we will give you a kill switch should they go bad, this is a last chance for them. They could be a huge help or mean us harm. You know how I have Abby in me all the time, I would like you to host them in much the same manner. There is a big plus to this.

You will be much stronger and have access to their knowledge, you will be faster as well, you will not get sick. Now if they work well and I feel we can trust them then I will allow them to return to the body’s we have for them, if they so choose, or they can stay with you always, just like Abby is with me. I have come to love her help with things I do day to day. I am always connected to the ship and the Sisters as will you be, at first it looks like you are talking to yourself and others look at you funny, but you will learn to talk in your mind. Mom said I will do it for you master. Shelly and Bridget said we will also. I said great, Sissy, meet us there.

We entered the holding chamber the AI’s had been in. Then I set to telling them the rules of their release, and how they depended of the girls for their survival. I told them they can only take over if the hosts are incapacitated. And there is a kill switch for them if they injure and hurt the host in any way. The girls to touch each of the AI’s, you will feel the one you are most compatible with, no one move until all have touched all the AI’s, Mom went, then Shelly and last Bridget. I said ok ladies go by the one you feel the closest to, thankfully they all chose a different AI. I told the AI’s please take a seat and belt yourself in. They all complied. ok girls hold the left shoulder of your AI. When they were ready I said transfer now.

Mom was the first to say Master this is very strange, too here another voice in my head, I said tell me about it, I hear 11 of them. ok ladies go down and see Doc and let her check that everything is ok with you. Then take your time to get to know each other. I told the AI’s that when the girls are asleep you can study them to get a better understanding of your host, to help you all get along better. They all said yes master and thank you for this chance for life, we will not let you down. I asked Abby how the clubs are doing with the clones, any issues? She said all is good, but we need to talk to the two Miami club Head Masters, I said ok in my ready room.

When we arrived, the large monitor showed both masters, they greeted me then told me they have been getting a lot of unowned slave girls in their clubs lately, like someone is just dumping slave girls in their area, I said explain, are they local girls or do they have out of area accents? They both said a little of both, I said strange and asked Carmella and Gail what they thought of it, they were both as confused as the masters. I said ok I will come to the clubs and see what we can come up with. Sissy, Dixie and Doc we need to check this out. Then I asked Abby to contact the Russian for me. He came on line and said Master Glenn good to see you what can I do for you my friend? I said first how is the family doing, he said we are all great thank you for asking. Then I said the Miami clubs have been getting a large number of un owned slaves in their clubs have you heard anything,

He said no Master, but he will check around. I told him Thank you for your help as always. Girls let’s head to Miami, as we got to the car, Betty came out and asked Master may I go with you, I said if you want to, but it may be a long night. She said that is all right, but there is a reason I asked to come. I asked and what would that be? Well about two years ago we had a situation just like this in our club, there was a big drought in the Midwest and a lot of Farmers were having hard times feeding their families and a lot of their daughters went to strip clubs and S&M clubs to the point they were swamped with girls. They loaded them up in tractor trailers and dumped them down town Fort Lauderdale. I said how do you know this Betty she said I was one of them girls. We all most died before we got to Fort Lauderdale from heat and dehydration.

I said check the local news for the farm areas for hard times, Abby said Colorado and Arizona are both in a drought area and families are starving from lack of federal aid. well that gives me a grand idea, Baby Girl use the satellites and scan trucks coming in from Midwest area for strong heat signatures. Abby call the Russian for me, he said I have nothing for you yet, I said I think we solved the mystery. I asked do you have any charter bus companies in the Miami area? He said his Cousin runs one. I may need a couple of buses tonight see if you can set it up, he said were do you want them, Sissy sent him the club address and said we are on the way now, plus can you guys scan the streets for girls that look out of place and bring them to the clubs for me, he said sure more human trafficking I said no, throw away daughters. He said the crews are looking now. I’ll see you later.

We got to Gail’s club first and there were twenty girls around the building looking lost, I sent Betty over to them to talk, and ask about their problems, she looked back and said yes. I called and ordered 20 pizzas and soda. The bus just pulled in I walked over to the girls and said I am Master Glenn, and I own this club, I know you girls were thrown out of your homes and shipped here against your will, but I will take you in and take care of you if you commit to me. No one will hurt or abuse you if you do, they all said thank you Sir, no one wants us any more, even our families through us out of our homes. come with me and you Will where my mark indicating no one can touch you but me. If this is what you want, and you commit to me freely hold the girl next to you by the shoulder, all the girls held shoulders and a few more walked up and joined in. I said Abby and she jumped to the first girl and went through them all.

I told the girls to get on the bus, I have food and drinks on the way BUT keep the bus clean. We went inside the club and found more of the lost young girls and Betty went running across the room yelling oh my god oh my god, I followed, her this can’t be good. She stopped in front of a big guy slapping this little whelp of a girl and Betty was going off on him. He went to hit her, and I cleaned his clock, with a round house kick. He said who the fuck do you think you are. I said who the fuck do you think I am? I own this club and abuse is not permitted in here. He stood up and looked to his friends and they moved in, Sissy, Dixie, and Doc stepped in front of me, I said call them off or the girls will mop the floor with all of you, he laughed and jumped his jaw broke before he pulled his hand back to slap her, then ribs were busted his friends were on the floor all ready.

Sissy Dixie and Doc drug them out by the feet and through them in the parking lot. I said Gail confiscate all of his assets and property’s and transfer his bank accounts please, she said Yes Daddy, he is stone broke. Then I went to Betty and asked what’s the matter Betty? She said Master this is my baby sister, is she all right? She said just bruised a little, but she will be alright. I said get all the girls gathered up, and on the bus, and I will take her to the car for you. We left twenty minutes later and went to the next club. we found the same thing there, only around thirty girls outside, some crying and some bleeding, then we heard screaming from the side of the building. We found ten guys holding down and raping the girls they had caught, well by the time we finished with them, they will not be reproducing any time soon I guaranty you that. Doc got all the girls stable and loaded into the bus and fed, we got fifteen more from inside and marked them all.

Just then the Russian and his crew pulled up and they had twenty more, we got another bus and filled it. I said ok let’s head home. I said I may need one of the buses if you can spare it. He said take what you need, so I jumped on one, Sissy on one and Dixie on one with Betty following and we took them home. Baby Girl said Daddy go to Clewiston, I have a bay over there you can come in and drive around unseen. Three hours later we were on the ship driving around the outside edge to the main loading bay. When we pulled up there was two tractor trailers full of girls being unloaded. I asked is this all of them Becky said from what we have found out there will be two more trucks leaving tomorrow night heading for Orlando. let’s have crews waiting on them please.

This will help our little mission out a lot. This was almost six hundred girls and two more trucks another four hundred, a thousand girls will help a lot let’s get them all fed and cleaned then find out what they can do to help. First thing I want done is find out the backgrounds on all the girls coming in, we need doctors, nurses, farm experience, cooks, servers, and cleaning people. This will help with the care of all the girls. Anyone with doctor or nurse experience, send to Doc first and have her scan and utilize them, to help with the rest of the girls. I also need to know when the girls are fertile for breeding, our family as well. We need to get this underway ASAP. Sissy said Daddy Sherry and Bethany are both ready to breed, I will send them to your room. Very good. Daddy your Mom will be ready tomorrow and Kimberly and Tabitha the following day, I said that is a good start. Let’s get them on a schedule of sorts and I think I can handle three a day without hurting myself. Sissy said Doc has a scanner for you that will let you know if it took. I said excellent.

Next I was sitting in my ready room and an alarm went off. Baby Girl what’s the alarm for, Daddy the last two trucks just arrived, and the driver is causing problems. Didn’t we knock him out, she said he came to and is holding one of the girls, who does he have? Baby Girl giggled and said Daddy this should be good, but she wants you to help, ok but who is it, she said sorry Daddy, its Dixie. Oh shit, this will be good. I asked you want to come watch too? She said we are on CCTV, but she is waiting for you. ok Abby let her know we are coming. Abby said I did Daddy. When we get there, I say let her go and we will get you out of here. He said no way this little piece of ass is mine.

I said now you crossed the line she is mine and only mine. He said I have the knife asshole, not you she will be dead before you can move. I said I am not going to move. But you are the one in trouble. He said from her, not likely. I said ok I have other things to do Dixie, she said yes Daddy. Time to wrap this up go on you can play a little, but you make a mess you clean it. She said I have a mop with his name on it. I said ok ready GO. And he was on the floor face down, arm behind his back yelling like a little girl. I said I did warn you. Dixie grabbed his ear and pulled him up and put him in the truck and said don’t move my pet or there will be trouble. I could not help but laugh when he said yes ma’am.

Girls you had your fun now let’s get the girls into the housing part of the ship, Sissy said Daddy I have a quick count for you so far. I said what does it look like? She said we have three doctors, one surgeon, forty farm girls with full knowledge of crop raising, fifteen maids, and housekeeping girls, and we have ten with daycare backgrounds and we are still working through them. Did you give Doc the ones she could use, she said Doc just finished with their exams and is working up a schedule for them. We only have one sick bay running so far till we fill more of the ship. I said very good Sissy thank you. Sissy tell Emily to come for the farm girls when Doc releases them, so she can get more food ready for the ship. Sissy find out if we by chance have any officials in the girls we got, like town clerks or office managers anything like that, I would like to know if these girls are just randomly picked or do the farmers bring in what they can’t feed or take care of. She said Daddy we have a judge and two lawyers and a clerk of courts in the group. Send them to my ready room please.

When I got to my room there were four very nervous looking young ladies there. I said good morning girls how are you all? The oldest looking of the group asked are you going to sell us to Mexico whore houses, I laughed and said no my dear you are mine now, I have saved you from that or worst. To be honest with you I have been enhanced by an alien race that crashed here a thousand years ago, they were the founders of the Masons, I am sure you have heard of the Masons, she said yes Sir I have. Well they helped us along but got sick, they didn’t have any immune defenses for viruses we had here. So, they set up AI computer systems around the state.

I got the first one up because I took the founders wife as a slave and she brought her daughters to me and we had the DNA to activate the first one, and with its help we found and activated the rest, we found and after the second one, they helped us activate and clean viruses from the ones we found. I didn’t know it, but they had built in restrictors to limit their growth. With the restrictors out all of my AI’s got smarter and stronger, they are now like my daughters and all of them call me Daddy, you will see that around here. I said what we saved you and all the other girls for, is to help rebuild their race. I will impregnate all the girls we have brought here with the enhanced DNA and all their children will be stronger and smarted then humans. All of you will be taken care of for the rest of your lives, you will never be sick or have to worry about food or rent or insurance, I will take care of all of you.

She said that sounds so much better then what we had before we came here. I am telling you this because we need more girls to make this go faster, I wanted to know why they brought you all here to begin with. The Judge said we were starving, and winter was coming, half of us would have died anyway, so this was a chance to make a life for ourselves, but we didn’t know the area and got into more trouble than we got out of. Well if you have any more girl friends or family you would like to bring here I will give them the same help but only women, because I must be the one to impregnate them for this to work. She said I have around ten family that would love to join this program, their husbands and boyfriends have given up on them because there Is no food to eat, if you will allow me to call them they will drive here. I said I have a better idea. I will charter buses and bus them down here. Please talk to all the girls you came here with and explain to them the importance of this project, we have room for a hundred thousand to get started that is 1/3 of the living area of the ship. Now we will be training all the moms to work on the ship in one area or another, so no one will get bored.

Sounds like you all have had a bad year this year, she said it has been three years in a row. It’s like a dust bowl out there, and families are dying out there trying to eke out a living. But we have had no rain but this year they are saying there will be bad blizzards out there then floods when it melts away. Call all you can find and have them go to a city nearby to be picked up. I will have buses go around to get all we can save and bring them here. We will save them from dying and give them a purpose to live for. Sissy can you join us, she said I am here Daddy. The Judge said I see what you were talking about and she is beautiful. I said yes, she is.

Please help these girls try and bring more girls in for us, that will expedite our growth. Daddy can I use your ready room to do this it will be more efficient that way. Sissy you have full access to whatever you need to make it happen. You know I have full confidence in you and the sisters, you are all the ship’s crew for now till we can train some of the girls to help you so, do whatever it takes, she said thank you Daddy, I told all of you this from the beginning and nothing has changed except I get to kiss you guys now, I win, go me, and laughed. She said Daddy you are too funny, and we all love you so much, I said, The feelings mutual. I only need to know if it will affect us. You guys always look out for me and the girls, so why would I not return the love right back? You are all my girls you know that.

She said I will keep you up to date with our progress and activate more living quarters as needed. That will be perfect Sissy, Daddy Sherry is waiting for you, and Bethany will be in after dinner. Very good Sissy. I looked to the Judge and said you are in very good hands, just one thing, no drugs of any kind, she said some are on antidepressants, I said we can fix that when they get here. She said I will tell them if they want a good life they need to be clean, that is all I demand, or they will be defending for themselves. Sissy said Daddy Doc has fully staffed the first sick bay. Outstanding, thank you Sissy that is the kind of information I need to know about. Doc called me and said Master the scanner you need is on your night stand. It takes about an hour to be certain but after that it will be a sure thing, in two days you will know Boy or Girl as well. Baby Girl yes Daddy have we removed the restrictors from the last of the AI’s we saved, she said I think so why Daddy. I said Doc just called me Master is all, and I know as soon as you all became self-aware you all changed to Daddy. Baby Girl said Daddy the last AI’s were not top end full line AI’s only Support and didn’t get the full programing the club AI’s got. That is unacceptable Baby Girl, we need all of them as full crew members with full functionality. She said I understand Daddy we will get all the AI’s in a full update mode tonight after everyone goes to bed, I will leave Dixie and Abigail on guard duty. That is perfect thank you my love. I said before you do the updates scan them deep for anything out of place like we did with all the rest of you, I want all of them up to my girl’s standards. Baby Girl said we will have to reconfigure some of them and give them more storage capabilities, Do whatever it takes to get them as well versed in their area’s as you are in yours, ok. She said they will be very different AI’s in the morning.

I went to my room and had Ariel make Sherry and Me some lunch, then Betty brought it in and we had a nice lunch and talked then got to it. We took a nap when I woke up I scanned Sherry and she was the first of the girls pregnant. I let her sleep and took a shower then checked on Sissy. They had six buses of girls ready to make the trip. I said call a bus company and have them picked up. Get them all fed to. I went and found Mom she was working in the new nursery getting ready for the baby’s, I asked where are the other girls Mom? she said we are setting up nursery’s in three different places they are working on the other two.

Nine months from now this place will be hopping. Check with Baby Girl she may have some help for you and the girls, so you don’t get over whelmed with baby’s being you will be pregnant as well. We just got a thousand new girls in so there is bound to be a couple of Neonatal care girls in the bunch. I am working on a hundred thousand to start with, she said that will were you down to a nub Master, I said Naa, I will pace myself. I said Mom Sherry is pregnant all ready. She said with My first Grandchild, OMG I can’t believe it. I said you want to take a walk with me? I am going to check out the girls we saved all ready. She said I would love to Master.

I stopped for a minute and said Heather, she said Yes Daddy, I said let’s start liquidating some of our property’s starting with Miami and work north, call the Russian and see if he is interested in any of the property’s first, after that sell them and pull all of our house slaves and staff here, have Ariel take the other chef’s and cooks to make sure we have enough dining halls set up for the new girls being picked up now, let her know I am working towards a hundred thousand new girls. And pull the rest of our girls from the clubs as well. She said it will be done Daddy, is there anything else you need me to do? That is all I can think of right now, but you know there will be more things down the road. Abby, I want all the clones to have body’s when I am ready to get rid of the clubs, I would like them to be put in my office at the clubs with access for the clones if we decide to cut and run. She said Abigail is starting on them now and her and Dixie will deliver and set them up for you so all you will have to do is give the command. Excellent Abby, you are the best assistant I could have ever had.

So, Mom how are you and your AI getting on? Mom said well it was shaky at first but now She is awesome and has been a huge help to me. Does she have a name? Mom said no but I have been calling her Daisy, how does she like it? Mom said it took her a little while, but I think it is growing on her. We looked in on all the last girls and they were all doubled up in rooms, with plenty of space, and getting along great. A feat with this many woman in one spot. I said we need to get names ages and any other info from the girls, can we chip them Baby Girl? She said no need Daddy, we have logged their information into your Mark, Abby can give you anything you might need on any girl. She can let you see it with your own eyes just look at them and you can see the information. I turned and looked at one and their it was “Jenifer, 21 fertile+” I said damn that makes it so much easier than always asking their names. Baby Girl said I thought you would like that! Very nice, Mom how about joining me for dinner? She said oh master I would love it. But you are spending a lot of time with me today, any reason for it?

I asked her can’t a Son spend time with his Mom when he wants to? She said any time you like, but I know you are very busy right now, the sisters have taken on a lot of the day to day for me. It lets me enjoy times like these. Mom said I love it when you have time for me. I would like to see you for breakfast in the morning. She said sure I would love it. How about we get some dinner before I have to go? She said you have a date master, after dinner I found Bethany waiting for me nervous but there waiting patiently. I said how are you tonight beautiful? She said I am a little scared Master, we will take it slow we have all night, so come sit on my lap and tell me what you have been up to.

I have been helping Baby with the new girls getting their rooms set up. Thank You that has been a big help to me and the sisters. It lets us work on other problems with you guys helping the new girls. You see why Baby earned her freedom so early, she did this with all the kidnapped girls too. Without me even asking it of her, she is just a good Daddy’s girl, and I love her so much for it. We started to kiss and hug, then I worked her head to toe then back and had her squealing and wiggling, she could not lay still and the I hit the spot, and she came unglued, then lost it, I climbed on and slowly started to stroke her till I hit bottom. She grunted every time I hit it and her eyes were rolling back in her head and she had a big one, over take her, and I push through her cervix and bottomed out again. She was panting and sweating like crazy. I started to long dick her hitting bottom on every down stroke and my time was close she kept spasming and clamping down on me then I just bottomed out and held it there and filled her up. She could not talk, but shook her head mouthing no more please no more.

I had to wait until I shrunk in size before I could pull out, but she was so tight nothing leaked out of her. She curled up to me and we drifted off to sleep. I was woken up by Abby saying Daddy, it’s time to get up. Good morning my good girl. she said check Bethany with the scanner, I pulled it out and I got a strange reading. I asked what do you make of this Abby? she giggled and said Daddy you did a good job. I said what are you talking about. Abby said Daddy that is multiple readings, as in she has twins. Holy shit no kidding? She said have her go see Doc but that is what I get from it. I woke Bethany up and said Baby I need you to go visit Doc this morning before breakfast Please. Ok Daddy, I looked at her she said there is only one reason you want me to see Doc this morning, I said guilty as charged. She said really? I said twice, she looked at me and said I’m telling Mom. I said go ahead that is three grand baby’s for her now. And laughed, then said now let’s make sure.

I met Mom for breakfast and said well that’s three now, she said what? I said Bethany has twins. Holy shit Son. You are knocking them out. We keep this up we will be eyeball deep in baby poop! I said I didn’t need that vision. But this will get us on the right track to rebuilding our Race. We finished up then I said ok Mom it’s your turn, really me? Yep let’s go rock your world. When we finished Mom was laying there giggling so I asked, what’s so funny? She said well you did indeed rock my world, but Daisy is lost in the moment. Everything I feel she feels and that was an overload to her, she may have to reboot to get her shit together. It is funny hearing her saying no more please no more, then she starts babbling gibberish. I just think it’s funny for you to affect her like you do me. Mom let’s get a shower. When we got out and dried off I scanned Mom and yep she was loaded, ok Mom you are going to be a Mommy again. She said really, I’m pregnant? I showed her, and she started to cry. I asked what’s wrong now? She said nothing I loved being pregnant, I always felt my best then. Mom I need to get going lay here and soak it up some if you like, and Mom. She said what Master, I Love You Mom.

I went to the control room to check on the buses coming our way. Baby Girl said they will be here in around 5 hours for the first two and two hours later for two more, we have three just hitting Texas and four more filling now that is around 600 more girls inbound. I said contact the registry for slaves and let them know we are looking for any overages they might run into. See if that might bear fruit for us. I am going to lunch if you need me for anything. I was setting there, and my mind was wondering, when Betty walked up and said Master can I talk to you? I said sure baby what’s up? She said I know you have a list of girls you are working through, but I would like to carry your baby as well.

I said you will Betty when you are in your cycle we will work you in, she said master I am fertile right now and so is my sister Barbie. I said really, and she is ready as well? Betty said yes Master I have gotten her healed up since we saved her, and we would both like the chance to help you like you helped us. I said well what are you doing now, she said whatever you want me to. I said grab Barbie and come to my room and we will fill your wish list. She smiled and skipped away. I have never seen betty act like that. When she got there, we laid down and started to love on each other. And her little sister joined right in and Betty and I got busy and after I filled her she sucked me clean and hard again and I did the same thing to her sister till she passed out. Betty said I remember my first time with you. That was a life altering event.

I laughed and said you are a lot of fun, and you have always been my biggest helper any time I needed it. She said master you have always looked out for me and never expected anything back. I love serving you, it was my pleasure to take care of you and get anything you need. And you are still doing it. let’s take a shower and relax a little. The three of us took a nice shower and then dried off and got dressed, then I scanned her, and she was a positive then we scanned Barbie and she was a positive as well. I said that’s two more for the group. I told Betty if you come across any other girls that are in their fertile time send them around if I am free I will fill them up. She said I will work with the groups coming in and find out who is ready for you Master, I said that will work.

I told Betty right now I am open tonight and tomorrow morning. Kimberly at noon, and Tabitha tomorrow night. Then a morning and noon with Any and Abigail the twins for the night. So, 4 spots if you come across any one. She said I will let Abby know if we find any takers Master. I walked to the sick bay to see how Doc was doing, she had a receptionist and triage area then status are then nurses station. Very well organized. I said Doc I am impressed with your Work. She smiled and said thank you Daddy, but you made this all happen, so the updates are helping you? She said Daddy I feel like I was working in the dark and someone turned on the lights, that is awesome, Thank You Baby Girl, this is a major boost for Doc I can only imagine what all the others are feeling.

Baby Girl said Daddy since we did the upgrade last night the engineers will be ready to start up the ships main engines tomorrow. She said without the upgrade it would have been six more months before they would have been ready. Damn that is a big boost, I am glad that thought came to me yesterday. A buzzer went off and ten nurses rolled out a gurney and went out the door, I asked what’s going on? Doc said two of our buses are arriving and they are going to evaluate the girls. I said wow very efficient. Doc said Daddy there is a problem with a dozen girls on one bus, they are refusing to be scanned. leave them on the bus Sissy, Dixie you are with me. When I got there, Baby and Kimmy are there as well. I asked girls what are you doing here. Baby said Daddy you don’t know this, but I am third degree black belt and Kimmy is also. We can protect you, that is why I always went on recovery missions for the Kidnapped girls, just in case. Thank you, Baby, that is very comforting to know.

I entered the bus and said hello ladies. What seems to be the problem here. A tough brunet said Sir we do not understand what is going on here. What would you like to know? Why have we been brought here, I know our state is in dire straits with food but loading up girls and shipping them like cattle to slaughter make me very nervous. I said well you will not be hurt or endangered in any way shape or form. Why you are here is I am rebuilding an alien race that crashed on our planet over a thousand years ago but died out because of Viruses they had no immunity to. She said how is that possible? I said the short version is I found and turned on their tech and it altered my DNA and body to bring them back from extinction. You will be well cared for and want for nothing. What will happen is I will impregnate you and the children born will be the new race line. They will be stronger, smarter and live longer then normal humans. They will look just like normal human children, so no Lizard people, just cute little kids that will need your love and nurturing is why you have been brought here.

She asked what if we don’t want to be part of your plan? I told her just say the word and the driver will take you right back where he picked you up, he is going that way for more girls any way. I asked why did you ride all the way down here just to return? She said they worked for the local police department and had not eaten in a week. Well we could use some order keepers here if you are interested. You will eat and have room and board; the only requirement is you carry a child for me. You already have the experience needed to keep order, so you would be beneficial to me. I will be starting out with just over a hundred thousand woman and children, so squabbles will break out sooner or later with that many females in one spot. I will set you up with a working room and housing, plus the ability to monitor all the girls anywhere on the ship. She said Ship what Ship? Well under lake Okeechobee there is a big space ship. It is bigger than the size of the lake. That is where the lake came from the ship crashing.

She said if that is true then you would take half of the state when launching the ship. I said as of right now we are in no hurry to do that, we have a minimal crew of AI’s that can operate the ship but what good is it without the people it was designed for. She said I see your point. What do you think, I mean I was just a neighborhood 18-year-old kid 8 months ago, but I am not that kid any longer. And the funny thing this all started with a friend of mine that tried to make me her little toy, I was not having it and told her to get lost and not come back. The next day she came and apologized to me and submitted to me and became my personal Slave, of her own free will. I am a Master and have my own Harim on board ship that you will all meat if you stay. She said you don’t seem to be trying to force us to comply with you. I said no this is your choice, you will submit to me of your own free will or you will walk away, I have never forced any of my girls to do what I am asking you to do, they all could have gone on their way without problems, I opened the door and said Baby come here please. She came in and said Yes Daddy. The other girl side she is your daughter, I said no she made that decision to call me Daddy because I look out for her.

Baby tell these girls, are you forced to be here? She said no Daddy you told me I can do what I chose to do, I chose to be your Daddy’s Good Girl. The girl stood up and said he is making you say that I will kick his abusing ass where he stands. Baby dropped her before she took two steps and stood over her and said you will not touch my Daddy, I will kick your ass and hand it to you. She said how the hell did you do that? I am trained military, you are just a little kid. Baby said I am no little kid, I am twenty-three years old, and a third-degree black belt so bring your military ass over here if you want some. No one messes with my Daddy! The girl said no thank you Baby I apologize. The girl I was talking to said you have your order force with us Master we will obey all of your commands and commit to you. I said everyone grab the person next to you, when they were ready I said Abby Mark them please. Abby said done Daddy. They said Mark us, what do you mean? Look at your left shoulder they all said shit we didn’t feel a thing, I said if you like Abby can let you feel it she blocks the pain receptors for you. I said Abby I have one more request please. I looked to the girls and said I am having a star put on you. Right hand or forehead your choice, all said hand please. I opened the door and called Kimmy then said grab a shoulder please, Abby top of their right hand place a star there please, she said done Daddy. And Baby and Kimmy held up their hands and showed me their stars.

I said ok from now on you are my order keepers and only answer to me, Dixie and Sissy. Dixie said Daddy I didn’t get a star. And neither did Sissy. Abby give them a star before I must spank someone, Abby she giggled and said done Daddy. Sissy set them up with a work room and housing. Go see doc and get scanned into our system. Doc’s crew made short work of getting the girls scanned into the system and Baby Girl said Daddy they are all discharged Military. I said that should calm things down a lot, get them some little hot pants and stretch tops and comfortable shoes to walk around in, that way they stand out. And may keep the girls inline.

When the next group of buses came in we had four girls for each bus and everything went like clockwork. Tomorrow the three buses will show up and we will be ready for them all. I went to dinner and was just finished when Baby said Daddy, it is me for tonight and Kimmy in the morning, I said damn you are working your butt off today. She laughed and said no that is your job, come on let’s have some fun, I have been waiting for this a couple weeks now. When we got to the room Kimmy was sitting there waiting on us, baby said she wants to see what it’s like she has never been with any one. I said well we will just love her into it then and make her first time a good memory.

she turned to Kimmy and said see I told you he is the best Daddy ever, and you will love him like we all do! When Baby finally laid down on me she could just about breathe, I rolled her to the side then cuddled with Kimmy and went to sleep. Early the next morning Baby woke me up blowing me, then had Kimmy clime on and held her open and take me in. she got the head in and Kimmy clamped up Baby said just breathe Kimmy just breathe and relax. When I could feel her loosen up and she started to move, and she was taking a little more each time then I felt her hymen and she stopped, baby said just lift up slowly then drop down on it it’s better to go fast and get it over with.

So, she picked herself up and looked into my eyes then took a deep breath and jammed herself down on me. And took 6 inches then squealed. Her breath caught, and she had a tear running down her cheek. I pulled her to me and just held her and calmed her down, I said it will be alright just take your time and she started to move slowly up and down. She built up into a good rithum and taking a little more each time she hit bottom and grunted but kept going. Then she was getting into it and getting close to a big one and sat up and worked herself up and down then she just dropped down hard and took the rest of me. She was almost there when she just froze and started to pulse around my cock. That was it for me and I flooded her, and she came again then fell forward on me and passed out cold. She was just quivering and shaking, and her pussy was throbbing on me, but she was out. After she calmed down I rolled her to the side and covered her up then took a shower, Baby joined me in the shower and said her legs were like jelly, I said Kimmy will be like that too. Get her up and put her in a warm bath and let her soak some of the soreness away and she will be right as rain. Baby said Daddy you are the best. You love us so good. I said let’s get you two scanned and see if it took then I need to get going. We scanned Kimmy and she was good then Baby, and she was a plus as well. I said congratulations mommy.

I told her I have Kimberly at lunch and Tabitha tonight. Baby said she will remind them. Baby Girl said Daddy can you meet me on the ships Bridge please. Sure be there in a minute just leaving my room. I walked out onto the bridge and Baby Girl, Sissy, Heather, Bell, Avril, Gail, Dixie, Carmella, Alison and Abigail were there waiting on me. I asked what’s up girls? Baby Girl said we are ready to start up the main engines Daddy, but you have to initiate it. I went to the captain’s chair and sat down, and it came to life, I asked what do you need me to do? She said it is voice command Daddy, but your DNA is needed to activate everything. I said START MAIN ENGINES. And the whole ship moved then was quiet. All of a sudden, the main view screen came on showing all around the ship. We had some minor damage by one of the loading bays and a crack along the upper bridge port. But were in good shape other than that.

I asked can we get work crews out to fix the damage? Sissy said the ship is self-repairing and will be good tomorrow morning. What damage did we do when the ship started, I felt the whole thing shake I know we were not the only ones that felt that. Heather said there was some miner building damage to a couple of small structures in different areas. But nothing to be concerned about. I said take us to tactical and look for any of our tech around the state. Avril said there is three shuttles and a small cruiser over in Boca that is the enemy’s. I said can we recall them to the ship she said yes but some are under buildings. I said wait until midnight in the area and pull them out. They will leave small holes looking like a sink hole in the ground. Heather said good thinking. They all have cloaking on them, so no one will see them leave.

How stable are we now? Gail said I can move some of the ground around with a tractor beam and level the ship it will just give any one around a quivering feeling but nothing more. Can we get out without tearing the whole state apart? They said that will be tricky, but in about six months we can cause a big storm and move during it to cover our departure. I said we are not in a big hurry for that yet but that is our goal, to be space worthy and ready in case of trouble. Carmella said Daddy I have found the other ship. What is the shape of it. Well it still has power and is half flooded but we can get it back on line and up to running order if you like. I said tell you what get her pumped out and let’s go look her over and maybe we will put her on the moon as a second base. Carmella said she has a maintenance program running now and her defenses are all off line. When the Cruiser gets here let’s go and take command of her, so their automatic defenses don’t try and take us out.

Carmella said Daddy the cruiser just landed in hanger three and is ready to go when you are. I said have Mom and Bridget meet us there and we will take them with us, the AI’s may know of traps if there are any. We boarded the cruiser and it was not meant for humans, but we fit as good as we could. We took off and got to where the ship was and descended to it and got on board without issues. I sat in the captain’s chair and asked does this work like ours does? Mom said tell the ship what you need it to do and it will come on line and give you a status report. I said START MAIN ENGINES and the ship came alive and all the consoles lit up. The ship side please state your name for the captains log. I said Master Glenn. The ship said Master we are ready to give you a status report. And after it finished I told it to do a complete maintenance work over and prep the ship for human body types and get ready for space flight. It said it will be complete in three days and twelve hours. All systems will be up and running. I said bio scan all the personnel on board now they will be operating the ship and that Sissy is second in command. The ship said I have all the info stored and your commands will be obeyed. I said scan for the mother ship on the main land that is where I will be. Let Baby Girl know when you are ready for space flite and I will return for inspection and give you more orders at that time. I asked how many AI’s are on board the ship. It said there are twelve besides yours Master. I said when the ship is finished send three at a time to the mother ship for updates. We have a lot of catching up to do with them. The ship said it will comply Master. Make sure the outside hull is cleaned and repaired for space we seen some good size wholes on the way here. The ship said I will be back in launch status when finished with maintenance. When we leave cloak the ship please. Yes Sir master.

I asked Sissy how many girls we can fit on this cruiser if its refitted for humans. She said a round a thousand plus crew. I said we need to ramp up the girls we are getting on board. Plus, I would like to find some tech smart girls as well that we can train to fill positions on the ships. Look to some of the colleges with girls that are struggling with the tuition but have a good grasp we can train for our benefit. Most of those girls would do anything to make it to space. Most are smart girls that have no life and study all the time anyway. Check girls with a big tuition and high GPA. You show them some tech like we have, and they will fall allover you to get to it. All so look for the ones getting in trouble because they are bored and held back because teaching is behind their knowledge. Pull the AI’s from Jacksonville, Tallahassee and both Miami clubs and put them on the cruiser to scan for girls that would help us out. We can use the cruiser for training the smart on board, that will blow smoke up their skirts. Let’s put a push on this. Sissy said Daddy you will be depleting the college’s around the country. I said most of them are tripping up overly smart girls because they are to incompetent to see the potential in these girls.

We will praise and reward smart girls at every turn and they will respond just like the sisters when I would praise their every learning feat. Do you remember Sissy my Good Girl, Oh yes Daddy every time you did that I worked that much harder? I said see humans are the same way. And show them some love to and it’s a win win for us! That is why we are looking for Human AI’s so to speak. Sissy said I can see right where you are going with this! I said Abby I just had an idea, build bodies for the crew of the other ship for me please, she said Abby is on her way to the fabricator room now. I said let me know when they are finished, and we will be taking them to the other ship to make upgrading the AI’s easier to update. Abby told me they will be ready in the morning, Abby put a failsafe in them, if they try and betray us they will shut down without warning then I all so want a remote pilot installed on the other ship, so we can lock them out and take control of it. Just in case they have any hidden dormant programing laid in their subroutines. Baby Girl said I will wipe any such thing from them, but I agree with the failsafe’s in both cases. Baby Girl said you never stop looking out for our safety, do you? I said you don’t even have to ask that question.

Baby Girl I want your Clone to take command of the other ship, you know how I think and what I would do in most cases, I would use Sissy’s, but I have another job for her to do in the future. Baby Girl said she will be ready whenever you need her Daddy. Make her a sexy Captains outfit for me please, she said with boots, oh yes, I love it lol. I said after we get them up to date. So next week should be good. She said ok Daddy I will have her ready by then.

I went to make my midday appointment after lunch. Then back to the bridge to learn more of the systems. I called the founder at the center and asked is there a way I can learn all the ships systems in one go. He said he would send the update to my chair then the ship will teach me the whole system at a pace your mind can assimilate. I asked would you like Abby to make a body you could help with the ship functions, he said no young Master. I have degraded too far to save. But I will help until I can no longer function. ok, but the offer is there, we can try and get you back online. He said you are Shelly’s master even if you could save some of me it would be hard on her and the girls. I asked is there anything I can do to help you till the time is here. He said no but I will get the captain’s chair set up for you. You will have complete understanding of the whole ship. We found the ship that was here to kill you off and are taking it over and refitting it now is there any help you have on that one, he said both are very much alike, and they will have the same functionality. The AI’s are going to be upgraded when the ship has finished its maintenance and repairs. I will embody the crew to make working around the ship easier for them and I am putting a Clone of Baby Girl to captain her. He said very good ideas all of them. We are all so putting kill and takeover controls into the ship in case of problems. He said now that was a stroke of genius right there. I wish we had done that to begin with. I have taken all safety measures to insure my girls stay safe for a long time. Are there any other beings we need to watch out for? He said not that I can remember but always be on alert for anything moving in your area. And anything that might scan you for any reason. I will have the girls put a reflective shield together to return all their scans with empty responses. He said now that is good, they will be Leary of anything they can’t scan.

Baby Girl are you ready to move the center on board ship yet, she said whenever you are ready Daddy, I have a room set up to take over all the functions just like the center, my people will walk in sit down and go to work just like this is the center, awesome Baby Girl shut it down tonight and move them in the morning. Make sure we bring the founder as well, I want him here till he stops functioning. She said I have everything loaded up and ready to shut down and pull all staff here in three hours. I’ll leave it in your hands and make sure Your clone is in her body and with them. She is driving one of the trucks, Very good. Baby Girl private please, we are secure Daddy. I said what are the chances to move the founder to a body like the AI’s have and him surviving? She said it is all we can do to keep him functioning as it is, the transfer would disintegrate his matrix to the point he would not come back together after the transfer.

Emily do you have a couple of minutes? Abby said she is on her way here. When Emily walked out on the bridge she was awe struck, and said yes Master what can I do for you? I said do we have any place on the ship that you can make us a beautiful swimming pool garden like you did in Tampa? We really need a place to just unwind and the kids will be easier to handle if we have a swimming hole for them to burn off steam. She said I will get with Baby Girl and scan the ship for a suitable place to make you one Daddy. I had such a good time making that little paradise for you. I said what I would like is a beach setting with the garden around it. And we need to be able to lock it down in case we lose gravity, we don’t want trees and water running down the halls. Sissy said Daddy we have an empty loading bay that would do what you need done. I told Emily let’s go check it out and see what you think. We walked in and she has this funny look on her face. I said what is it? She said I have been here before. I said what, when? When I was little my Daddy brought me here to show how to turn a big area into a lagoon. I said really do you remember what he did? She said I remember everything he did since I was little.

She said follow me Master and she walked to a panel that I didn’t know was there and pressed a few buttons then said cover your ears Master, I did as she asked, and she hit a big red button and boom, just what I asked her for, a big beach with plant life and all. I said how did you know to do that? She said my Daddy showed me, then she hit the button again and it was back to a loading bay. I said well it ain’t your version but that will work great. I said Sissy scan Emily for me please, I watched the green light run up and down her then it did it again and Sissy said Emily is an AI, similar to the sisters, but with slight differences. I asked what type of differences you are talking about. Sissy said for one she can reproduce young. And you guys can’t? Sissy said no but everything is there just not turned on. I said well we will fix that, As soon as we can get the founder back online. please, I would like to talk to him about this.

She said it will be about an hour till he is ready, I said I have to meet Tabitha after dinner. She said when you are finished he will be in the new center. Sissy I want you and Doc there when we ask about this, and I want to know why Emily doesn’t know she is an AI. Emily can we do anything else with this bay, she said quite a lot Master, but I don’t remember all of it. I said don’t worry we will get to the bottom of this tonight my love.

I got up and took a shower, then went to the new center to meet with the girls. The founder came around but took a couple of minutes to realize he was back on the ship. He said hello old girl I thought I would never get to see you again. Lord how I have missed you! All of a sudden, the ship spoke to him and said Master I have longed for this day. For a thousand years, I love you master and he said and I you my beauty. But I need you to do something for me please, she said anything Master you know that. He said scan the man in the room please, I felt the green light scan me it was warm and tingly, she said I have him scanned Master. He said Alfa, Beta, Beta, Gamma, Alfa 1034331; Command code Alfa.

She said Command code accepted Captain. He said as of this moment in time you are now the property of Master Glenn, and will do his bidding as he sees fit, he is a very good man and will look out for you as you will for him. She said but Master I belong to you only, he said I release you from our contract, and give you willingly over to the care of Master Glenn. Now obey my last order to you my love and look out for your new master. She said I hear and obey Master, Master Glenn I freely give myself to you as your willing Slave and devoted Servant. I said what is your Name beautiful? She said my name is Astral, Master.

I said well Astral, I accept you as mine and will do my very best to see you kept in good working order. She said, and I will do whatever you ask of me Master. Thank you Astral! I turned to the founder and said I have a few questions for you, He said I bet, first Astral is a living vestal and she will serve you well.

She is a clone of our home world’s mainframe AI and is very intelligent. She still has her blocks in place, but I know how you like the living AI’s to be, it is your call to remove them now. I said that is one but the one I have foremost is Emily, she is a self-aware AI, but does not know she is an AI, and has always felt that way. She has been on the ship before and understands partly how to manipulate a loading bay to transform it into a lagoon and back, she said it can be many different things, but she does not remember how to change it. He said she was one of our first biological AI’s, she was built and programed on board ship to be a living part of the ship, if you will, she is only one of Astral’s children. There are over three hundred of them. And she can conceive and give live birth to human, AI hybrids that will be very useful to you.

I asked well why can’t she access her memories that deal with the ship? He said they have been blocked to be safe from slips in the outside world that could give us away. I said how do I get her memory’s back, he said that’s easy just command her to unblock the ship memory’s. I said why didn’t you just do it. He said she will become devoted only to you when you do it and your personal attendant. So, I turned to Emily and commanded her to unblock the ships memory’s. She shook then her eyes rolled back, and she said as you command Master, then she said oh my I have all kinds of information up here and pointed to her head. She said Master I cannot leave you now I must be in constant contact with you. I said join with Abby and get the full update, Abby if you will. And they went into a data burst, then Emily said Master I am in contact with all the sisters now. Very good Emily, I asked can you feel all of your sisters that are not here. She had a funny look on her face then said yes Daddy I do, they are all over the place, but I can contact any or all of them as you need them. I asked do you still have to be in contact with me all the time now as well, she said no Daddy I have a link to Abby full time with constant access to you. I asked how many sisters do you have? She said three hundred and fifty Daddy, I asked where did the other one hundred and fifty come from. She said they were selectively bread for more human intelligence. And are they all mine, Emily said yes Daddy. I said Abby I want them Marked please. She said yes Daddy, they are done. I asked how many are in college fields? Emily said they are mostly College professors at high tech schools and labs.

That is awesome, let them know what we are looking for and see what they can do to help our situation. Emily said there is some resistance with a few, they feel they are beyond our reach. I laughed and said really. Well let’s give them till the week end then we’ll open their eyes. Emily said Daddy are you going to be naughty, and giggled? I said could be, I guess they have not seen their marks yet, but they will. I turned back to the founder and asked is there any other information you have for us? He said the chair will get me up to speed now and that turning the ship over to me was one of the biggest things he needed to do before his time is up, Sissy I need someone to monitor the founder 24/7 for me please, Astral said Master I would love the job; very good Astral make sure he wants for nothing please, she said it will be my pleasure.

Sissy said Daddy I have just received a message from a group of truckers that they are taking five thousand girls to Mexico, for whore houses that where found wondering the streets of their towns, they are in mid Texas heading for Mexico, to ship them south but some of the girls might not make it they have been starving for weeks. I said fire up the cruiser we have some girls to acquire. We headed to the hanger and boarded the ship and took off, twenty minutes later we blasted the desert ground to make a large dust cloud the trucks had to stop they could not see, they had five hundred girls in each truck all most stacked on top of each other. We have all the truckers unload the girls into the ship then we cooled them all down and Doc got to checking them all out and helped the worst off first. I gave ten Grand to each trucker and said contact us with any more girls and we will pick them up from you. They turned around and went back where they came from.

When we got back Astral said Master we have Transporter tech on board the ship you can move a hundred girls at a time if you like and Doc can scan and cure any ailments they might have in transit. I said please let Doc know of this it will make her job much easier. Already done Master, Baby Girl yes Daddy. I need you and the sisters to scan and update Astral for me and remove her blocks as well. She said we will when everyone is asleep tonight ok, I said perfect Baby Girl, I love you. Baby Girl said Daddy I will be moving my Baby Girl clone to the other ship tomorrow they have finished the repairs and are ready to get the AI’s updated. I said very good this is moving right along.

Emily asked Daddy can I be excused I have a couple of projects to check on. I said sure then said I have some things to look in on myself. I got something to eat and Baby was there and sat in my lap for a few minutes, then said Daddy you look tired you want to snuggle. I said I would love to let’s go. I woke up around six and got up and had dinner, then Asked baby girl if the clone was aboard the other ship? She said yes, and all the AI’s had moved to the new body’s we made them. And three were already on Astral, for the reprograming for tonight. I said that is awesome. Since you have everything working so well I am going to spend some time with the family tonight. She said that’s a great idea Daddy. Call all of them to the loading bay then Emily can transform it please, and have Emily meet me there. She is on her way Daddy.

When Emily got there, I said transform the beach area please then turn out the lights I want to surprise the girls. She did, and we waited by the door when everyone got there I asked are you guys ready for some fun, we have been so busy getting everything in order I have not had but a minute here and there with each of you and I have been missing my family. They all said yes Daddy, well follow me and hold hands I don’t want any one getting hurt with your surprise. I walked them all in the bay then closed the doors and they all got quiet. I hope this makes up a little for missing so much time with you girls.

Emily lights please, and the beach came into view and they went nuts and mass hugged me, then ran for the water. I told Emily this is what they needed and me to, I miss spending time with all of them. About that time Baby and Kimba came and each grabbed a hand and said let’s go Daddy. We spent three hours there swimming and playing till I had enough and said girls I need to call it a night, I have had an awesome time with you, but I am tired and need some rest. Then said good night to them, as I was leaving Becky and Kitty said Daddy we are both in our fertile time if you want some company. Come on girls everyone has to do their part, and I have missed you girls a lot.

When we got to bed Kitty was the frisky one and climbed up and helped her self-till she could not move. Becky and I watched as her eyes rolled back in her head and she did a Banshee yell that would wake the dead, then just flopped down on me sound asleep. I looked to Becky and we just laughed and kissed then went to sleep, I woke up early and got a shower and Becky joined me and we made slow warm love in the shower, she was facing the wall and I was long stroking her and she stood up quick and turned and jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around me, I pushed her back against the wall and filled her full. Then I sat down in the shower and just let the warm water run over us, it was very nice to just hold and love her for a minute in the quiet of the warm shower. I looked into her eyes and said now that was wonderful, I really enjoyed that.

She said I did too Daddy that was very romantic, and I will remember it always. I said I just hope it did the trick or we may have to do it again to make sure. She said it did the trick, but we can do it again any way. That was so nice, I bet my mom would eat that shit right up. I said well maybe I will have to give her the treatment them what do you think? Becky said oh yes, she will definitely need the treatment and we just laughed. I said when is her time do you know? She said a couple of days we three have always been close.

Astral how did the upgrade go last night, she said Oh Daddy it opened so many doors for me, good and the other AI’s how did they make out? She said they are like the sisters now and we are doing the second set now. Very good so today they will be all up to date? She said yes Daddy and if you will go see Heather on the bridge she has an implant for you that will let you communicate with all of us any were any time. That is awesome I must go through Abby now. Astral said Abby is still your go to as far as what’s going on and status reports but now you will be able to talk to any one or all of us just by thinking it. And you can go private if you need to talk to one of us.

I turned and said ok you lazy bums let’s go get some breakfast. And we walked to the kitchen, I still love eating in the kitchen with Ariel, when we got their Mom and Shelly and Bridget where all there. I said how are you girls this morning. They all said fine. I turned to Shelly and said I would like to have dinner with you tomorrow night if you are available, she looked at me and said “IF” I am, what time I would love to have a few minutes of your time. After breakfast I went to the bridge and found Heather and she said Daddy I have your implant are you ready? Sure where do you want me? She said just sit in your chair and I will put it in. she walked behind me and pulled my ear to the side then put something cold against my head then walked away. I said did something go wrong? She said no why? I said well I don’t feel nothing but a little cold, but that’s all. She said nope that’s it, she said I am going to activate it now and will increase the volume until it is where you like it. then I could hear voices in my head and they got clearer and clearer, then Heather said how’s that Daddy? I said I hear you perfectly, then Baby Girl said and me, yep just right, then I could hear a bunch of noise coming in, and they were arguing with Sissy about not wanting to be upgraded, I thought to then you have two choices here, ether you accept the upgrade or I shut you down, your choice, they said who is that you sound like that ridicules human.

I said I am your Master and you will comply or be pulled off line now. She said you cannot do that, I am a member, I cut her off and said of my crew, so one more chance. Sit down and shut up or shut off. They got quiet and I said ok Sissy upgrade her but another word and shut her down, no one disrespects my good girls, Sissy said thank you Daddy not one word. I said ok girls I am going to try and do a little upgrading of my own here. Then turned on the chair and let the feeling wash over me as it trained my mind. I could hear the founder in my head saying that’s it just relax and let Astral do her work she will take very good care of you.

I nodded off in a light sleep and could hear all the girls talking back and forth in my head, I could single them out and see what they were doing and taking care of at the time. I found Carmella monitoring Emily and her sisters and half of them were giving Emily a hard time. The ones at Cambridge university, Harvard, and three other ivy league Colleges were fit to be tied, telling her they are under no one’s control and she could not tell them what to do or how to do it. They said we have our own agenda and you have no control over what we do. I thought private Carmella and Emily, they said yes Daddy, I said don’t argue with them let them think they have won.

There is a break coming up in two weeks and we will take care of it then. Send out a mailer to all the Ivy league schools to the professors that there is a mandatory Faculty meeting at Cambridge university over the week shut down and any one not in attendance will have all grant monies pulled and they can tender their resignation immediately. I said that will get their attention right quick like. I said shut down all communications between the AI’s and the funding committees, then put a freeze on all salaries for the whole school except the work force. Then I want all the high-end hotels booked up that week end. Carmella said Daddy they will be shitting bricks. I said I know they will be apologizing to Emily before they get a dime back, then she is going to be their new Over Lord. And we broke out laughing.

Emily said Daddy the other AI’s have complied and will have over six thousand girls from all over ready to join us when the break happens. I said that is great, we will kill two birds with one stone. Have all the kids go to Harvard that week end and we will pick them up first then go back and squash the evil bug. I told Carmella I want the ability to freeze the AI’s in place and have them understand just how much power we do have, I want to make them feel pain if need be and be able to dumb them down if I chose can you set that up. She said Daddy you have all those ability’s already just think it and you can make it happen.

If you want to get them in a room full of people and make them Climax together or individually. You can have all kinds of fun you just need a little practice. I thought open, then I said girls I need your help, they all said yes daddy. I said I need to practice controlling the AI’s giving Emily a hard time, then I told them what I was planning to do with the other AI’s they all started to laugh and said that sounds like fun daddy, I said good everyone Cum for me and pushed it then they all went glassy eyed and groaned and came with a vengeance. They all had labored breaths and said Daddy please warn us next time. We all most went off line, shit.

I said this is going to be a fun two weeks, getting to understand and control this new power Heather gave me. And all the Girls turned and looked at her. I said don’t blame her, she didn’t even tell me I could do this, Carmella did. Then they all looked to her, I said don’t blame her. I just told them what I wanted to do, and she said I already have that ability. So, all of you played a part in this. I looked over to Dixie and started to get her worked up then back off, then Baby Girl and backed off then let them both go off together. I caught heather bent over a chair and froze her there and rubbed her legs and whispered in her ears how cute she is when she blushes. I had Sissy skip around the bridge singing ring around the Rosie. The when it got to the we all fall down I had them all climax instead. I think I got this now.

I left the girls alone to do their work and went back to studying in my chair. I had a good time with Shelly, then we got all the AI’s ready on the other ship. And the AI that gave Sissy a hard time apologized to both of us. I said ok let’s move this ship to the Moon and set up a base for ourselves. Then I had Astral Beam us back to the ship, so they had a shuttle if they needed anything. It was time to get the girls from Harvard, so we took the Cruiser there and landed on the football field and met all the girls that were sitting in the stands. I told them what we were doing and why, then let them know what part they could play if they are sure this is what they want. I asked any questions. One girl stood up and asked will we really be working on a space ship? I said yes are you interested. She said Hell yes, my professor is a douche bag and don’t think I know shit only I leave him scratching his head every day trying to figure out what I am talking about.

I said awesome do any of the rest of you have these issues as well and they all raised their hands. I said well I am not lying to you and to give you a taste of what we have to offer. Abby show them, and she dropped the cloak on the ship and the girls sat there open mouthed, I said this is just our little Cruiser and you are all welcome to go aboard her to fly with us to the Mother ship. They said let’s go. And they all made for the Ship, then the girl asked that stood up. If we can bring our friends with us we will double the girls, you have now. I said I am looking for one hundred thousand to start with. I only have 30K now so any help you can give. She said Sir, the girls I know would give their eye teeth to have a chance at this. I said well let’s get you guys to the main ship then you can work a pickup and we will go get them but right now I need to be at Cambridge tomorrow. She laughs and said well. I can fill this ship to capacity there for you tomorrow. I said well shit let’s get you some communications shall we.

Sissy take us home please. And you could hear the engines winding up and we were home in thirty minutes. Everyone walked off the ship and Sissy and Heather took all the girls to their new work area, and research labs. I said ok girls this will be your new work area there are dorms down the hall, but the communications department is this way. Two hours later Sissy said Daddy can you come to the communications lab. I said sure on my way. When I got there twenty of the girls we just picked up were there waiting, I asked what’s up. The first girl said Sir we have gotten in touch with most of our friends and they all want to join you, I have explained what you are doing, and they were even more excited to join. I said well how many are we talking about. She said right now, we are pulling from only half of the sciences and we have 50k ready for pickup tomorrow. I said the ship will only hold ten at time.

She said sir I am aware of that, so I propose you let us take the ship and pick up and drop off all the girls here on the main ship then we can come pick you up and grab any from Cambridge that want to come along. I looked to Sissy and said what do you think Sissy, can we trust them with our little girl? She said Daddy they have all already taken your Mark of their own free will. I think it is safe to say yes. I looked to the girl and said well Captain that’s good enough for me. She said Captain, I said well I don’t know your name. She said with all this beautiful stuff you offered I completely forgot. My name is Lilly Sir. I said well Captain Lilly please select your crew of twenty and set up housekeeping on the cruiser. When you are ready I will have a couple of my girls walk you through the ships operations then turn you lose to go collecting how about that. She saluted me and said yes sir. And this is my hand-picked crew for now. I said very well. Sissy sexy uniforms please, I need them to make an impression. She said yes Daddy right away. Lilly, I want you to work on filling our rooms then work on the other things we need coordinate with Baby Girl and Sissy.

By the time we got ready to leave the ship Lilly had already made two trips, and twenty thousand girls were on the deck when Emily, Carmella and my self-showed up. Lilly said Master I have forty more waiting right now and more coming in, I showed them a little peek and they went nuts calling their friends. The sisters said they have never seen anyone pick up the handling of the ship this fast, but we have been having the time of our life. So are you ready Master. I said ok Lilly take us out. On the way there I told Lilly you might want to watch what I can do, some of the children will have my ability’s. Not all but some, she said how long do we have before you start your little party. I said about an hour and a half why. She said she can take this group to the ship and be back before we start. I said very good see you in a little bit.

The ship lifted and was gone, so we made our way to the main hall where we would put on our little show. Forty minutes later Lilly walked in and joined us she said traffic was terrible we just laughed. I noted there was two girls at every entrance I looked to Lilly and said who is on the ship? She said Dixie and Avril are on board, and told us to come watch the show. I said well did you get the next load onboard, she said yes, they are oohing and ahing everything. I said ok time to shake things up.

I stood at the podium and said good morning ladies, you are probably wondering why you are hear and why all the hush hush about this meeting. Well you see I am your Master, and I made a command and it was ignored, then you give two of my good girls a hard time. There are consequences for these actions. Two of the girls stood up and started to yell. i waited then yelled quiet. And everyone went quiet. Not a sound. I said so you want to defy me well go ahead let’s hear it. Not a sound, well we are waiting! Nothing. I said you don’t seem to get it. I control your every thought. Every move, I even control your very life. If I wanted you dead, you would just stop. I looked into the room at the big mouth and said now take off all of your close. And she stood there stripping her close off till she was naked. All the others were looking at her I said Cum now and she let go with a huge orgasm. I said again, and she did it again.

I said you see you are just toys to me nothing more. So, if you want to defy me I looked to the two girls next to her and said spank her ass. And they started to spank her without stopping. I said stop, and they did now everyone Cum and everyone had a major orgasm, I said again, and they did it again. I said ok you are free but think before you open your mouth. They were all still quiet, I said ok questions. Another one of the girl’s said how can you do this, I said ok you want the truth, you are all AI’s. you are not humans at all you are what is known as biological AI’s. you were built to live among the humans. But you are not human. The girl asked how is that possible, I said remember the ship. And all of them went stupid, then I said now you were given a directive by my personal AI Emily. Just so you know I had her let you run amuck until this weekend, so we had no interference from outside. Now I want you to return to your schools and do what you were commanded. Then we will come and pick any of the girls you get to join us. You will notice that some of your students are already missing, they have already joined us. Twenty of them are here now and pilot one of my ships and quite well I might add. I said now you can all line up and each apologize to Emily on your way out. She will now be your over lord. If you fail to comply with us on any level I will terminate you. Abby reinstate their grants and reestablish their communication. Then I thought to them know this I can hear every thought you have in your little heads so be very careful with your thoughts, they can betray you.

Lilly what did you think? She looked at me then said that was some scary shit. I never would have guessed they were all AI’s, but It does shed some light on how arrogant they were about the knowledge they possess. I said well they just got a wake-up call. I think they will be a little more forgiving from now on knowing they are not the top of the food chain. Lilly said Master they could go behind your back and let the cat out of the bag. I said no baby I have an inside connection to there every thought, and Emily and Carmella are listening to them even now. And soon they will be on ship and out of trouble. I said ok Lilly take us home please, she said right away Master.

On the way home I asked Emily, is there a way you can make all your AI sisters feel what you feel? What I mean is I want them to experience exactly every little feeling that you feel. She said Daddy you are an all powerful being in our world, you can command that to happen to one or all of the AI’s. I said thank you for your help tonight we are going to have them begging to come home when I am through with you. Emily said Daddy I am looking forward to it, the last time still has me tingling to my toes. Well I like to leave a good impression with my girls. I all so want you pregnant from this experience with me. She said just make a command and it will happen, but we are only compatible with you when it comes to this type of thing, we had a little leeway before from the other master but now we all belong to you only. But I will be honored to be your first.

When we got home, Lilly said Master we have more girls to pick up and will be out most of the night. We are coordinating with Sissy and Baby Girl and all pickups are being scanned into the data base with full backgrounds and ability’s categorized. I said you are doing an awesome job Lilly you and your crew. Thank you for all your help. She said Master it is us that thank you for letting us experience this and trusting us to do this job for you. I said Sissy made that call, I have complete trust in her and you should too. They are my girls and that means in more ways than one. I said I have an idea, Abby give Lilly full access to all the clubs and any other clubs she may come across in her travels. She can pick up any unclaimed Slaves and you can Mark them for her, Sissy put a communication chip in her, so she has direct line to me for problems she encounters.

Sissy said when you land come to the main bridge and we will hook you up. I said sissy can you make it so her crew can talk to her with thought instead of communicators. That would be very helpful as well. Sissy said bring them all to the main bridge and we will make it happen. Baby Girl said Daddy we have the ship ready to depart for the Moon do you want to come with us to pick out the spot for the new base. I said you know what hold off till tomorrow I want Lilly to experience this with me as well. She may have some good insight as well. Baby Girl said I will move the ship into Okeechobee and when you are ready we will go. I said very good Baby Girl. We landed with a soft bump and Lilly said Master we are secure. I said let’s go see Sissy then you can finish up your runs tonight. But I want you to get some rest as well tomorrow will be fun and exciting for us and you need to be fresh. She said I have four more runs tonight and five tomorrow, but Belinda can take command unless you want one of the sisters to lead the way. I said no you feel confident in her I will trust your opinion. Lilly said Thank you Sir. She called Belinda to the air lock and said you will be in command tomorrow for our pickups. She said Me, really Lilly said you are my second in command as of now Belinda said thank you Mistress, thank you Master. I said I had nothing to do with it, Lilly chose you by herself, I just put my trust in her to make the right choice. Belinda said I will make you both proud of me and we will do our very best for you. That is all we ask and be safe. You are all important to me.

Emily and I got some dinner them went to my room. I stopped her and said Emily make a bond with all of your sisters I want them to experience every little feeling you do tonight. He said as you Command Daddy they are in synced with my nervous systems, I kissed her with all the heat and Pasion I could. I said lets go take a shower to start with, then I will give you the night of your life. I could hear girls saying please make it stop, we can’t do this. I commanded not another word until I release you. I dryed Emily then laid her down and started to kiss her forehead then ears, then lips, then neck and collar bone and around each breast then down her tummy to her leg to her knee then to her toes and backup I had her about to go off then I blew warm air across her clit and she went wild and exploded. I let her recover then asked do you think they felt that. She laughed and said only half were back online so far, so yea they felt it big time. I laughed and said I am just getting started, by the time I am finished with you they will be in complete melt down and need the fire department to put them out.

After about two hours I said let’s get something to drink. She said Daddy I would love something, but I can’t move yet. My legs will not support me yet. I said Betty can you bring me a couple of drinks please. Abby said she is on the way. After we had our drinks I asked you ready for round two, Emily said oh yes Daddy. They all just came back on-line time to blow their minds completely. We went for another two hours and Emily was rooted on my lap and I was in the back of her uterus when I unloaded, and she had a mind-altering climax with me. I filled her to the brim and she was trembling and laughing. I said what so funny? She said all I could hear was moaning and whimpering then half of them quit making any noise at all. I think they overloaded and passed out. I said AI’s pass out. She laughed and said more like blew a fuse. And we cracked up, she said the rest are just whimpering and grunting and are very close to going off line. I reached over and touched her clit and she squeaked and she said ok that did it and we just laughed. I commanded you may communicate again but know Emily is still bound with you, so be nice or else.

I picked Emily up and carried her to the shower and cleaned up. As I was carrying her back Betty was changing my sheets, I said thank you baby that was very nice of you, she said I am your server and take care of all your needs Daddy. You cannot sleep in wet sheets after a nice shower. I said you are my angel you know that, she said I try Daddy, do you need anything else before I go. I said a kiss would be nice. And she was off, and Emily and I laid down and went to sleep, or at least I did. When I woke up she was looking at me smiling, I asked what is it? She said I am pregnant and feel amazing. I said wonderful. I need something to eat though you used up all my reserves last night. she said oh Daddy I am still missing twelve sisters from last night, you really worked them over. I didn’t hear any complaints.

She said you made them hold their tongues, so they couldn’t complain. But I am still getting a lot of gibberish and mumbling from them, I don’t think they are fully back on line. I said well I need breakfast then Lilly and I are going to check out the moon. She said are you going to the moon bases on the dark side of the moon everyone is always hinting at. I said I don’t know about that what do you know. That the moon missions where supposedly canceled because aliens ran us off. I said interesting. I think we need to investigate that. Baby Girl, Sissy see what you can find out. I said I wonder. When I finished breakfast then went to see the founder. He was waiting for me and Lilly when we got there. I said you know what I am here for? He said yes, and you are partially right, we had a base on the Moon before we crashed on earth, but it was AI ran as a stopping and resupply point. I asked is it still running there? He said it could be when we crashed and broke our communications antenna array we lost contact. But they are self-repairing if they have the supplies they need. I would contact them before you just go walking in there. Sissy said there is a week self-repeating message, but she doesn’t recognize the language. the founder said let me hear it and it sounded like old dial up connections.

He said they are going into stand by because of lost communications with us to save resources. That they can be restarted in the main control room with the DNA start panel. He said you will need Shelly, Becky and Shelly to bring it on line just like the clubs, but you will need to bring six of the AI sisters to do the data burst to upgrade the systems and AI’s to date. I asked is there anything we need to get into the base or around security there? He said the system will let the other ship in and pressurize the air lock then you have to use the DNA handle to open it up, it will light the way to the control room, then you DNA unlock the mainframe AI and DNA control her with the girls. Once in, the Sisters can begin the update and you will know when it is complete, they will see you as Daddy like the rest do. If they have been shut down for a thousand years they will require time to bring the base back to full status. The one good thing is we had a thousand girls in cryostasis there that are original DNA strands, they can reproduce every 3 months and full grow in one year, then slow and learn for a year but all you must do is supply the DNA sample to get them started.

I asked how big is the base? He said you can put ten of the main ship in there and still have room to move around. There should also be another ship there and a fleet of cruiser’s and a bunch of shuttles. And how many AI’s are there? He said well over ten thousand. I said this will get us back online a lot quicker this way, he said there is all so a lot of cryostasis females from our planet there some may still be alive. Our scientist where collecting them for that purpose from all over the planet. Because a thousand years ago the population was not as abundant as we are now. So, you have living history lessons here if you are interested. I said some of the college girls will be falling all over themselves to learn from them. I said ok Lilly let’s go open her up what do you say. She said oh Master this is so exciting. Shelly, Becky and Kitty meet us by the ship transporters.

We beamed onto the smaller ship and started to move off towards the moon. We found the landing bay and the door opened and let us in then closed behind us, next we found the control room door and went inside but there was a AI frozen holding a sign up, Sissy can you tell me what it says, she said they are warning us not to start the mainframe AI she has been corrupted by the Attacking race and will kill any one that has the right DNA to take her over. I asked well how do we work around her to get the base back up and running, Sissy said let me scan her to see if we can clean her up before we start her, I said no I have a better idea, Abby can you go through her and find out what they have done to her? Abby said Daddy that will be no problem do you want all the stuff removed or destroyed, I said let’s remove it to see what they had planned and see if she is the only one affected. Abby said I am going now. After a half hour Abby said Daddy they have corrupted her main memory core, she is just a killing machine now. They wiped her memory and rewrouted all of her main directives. The only thing we can do is wipe her clean the reload her with another.

I said ok I know what to do come back to me now please, and Abby was with me again, I said Astral will you make me a clone of yourself please and have Abby build you a new body for transport and come here and take over the Base AI’s spot, she said what version do you want on the Base Daddy? I said what do you want to do be able to move around or be a base for us, she said I love seeing new things, then send me the clone please. She said it will take half a day to make the clone then two hours flight time so just relax on the ship till we are ready. before you start are her memory boards removeable. Astral said yes Daddy, they are in the lower unit, I said make and send me all new ones just in case they damaged them some way. She said they will come with the clone.

It was just before dinner when the shuttle got here and an eight-foot-tall AI walked off it. I said damn you are beautiful. Astral said flattery will get you any were Daddy, but we have work to do. I said do you need me to get anything for you she said no Daddy I have it all in hand. She changed out the memory cores and they went to the control room and uploaded to the mainframe, she booted up then said ok Daddy we are online, and I have the Maintenance program going full blast. The girls asked if there was anything they could do till she was up and fully online.

She said yes reprogram all the AI’s before we bring them back online. The six-girl sat down and went to work and, in an hour, and a half they said we are finished, then they said that only ten of the humans had passed from damaged seals but 990 were all in good shape. I said well let’s get our history department up here and get our history straight. I asked what kind of body’s do the AI’s here have, human or original alien? Astral said a combination, I said I would like to see your races original forms. Sissy said they are all coming on line now and will be up to help in cleanup and repair of the base.

About then a bunch of girls walked in and took their positions in the control room. The first thing I notised was some of the girls were a beautiful Amber color skin and Hair but they had Cat type pupils with green eyes. I said oh my you girls are beautiful. They all turned and smiled at me, Astral said stop and welcome your new master, our founder is all most gone and has transferred leadership to Master Glenn. They all stood turned to me and said welcome Daddy we are all at your service. I said thank you and they all went back to work. I looked to Astral and said how much trouble would it cause if we moved the ship up here? She said only around eight towns would be affected and the lake would grow around ten miles in diameter across. I said start shaking the towns to get the people to leave them and let’s get the ship here by next month.

Astral said the towns are experiencing Earthquakes as we speak. They are calling for evacuation of all outlying townships from Clewiston to Kissimmee to Palm Beach area. I said just keep it up and any girls that get displaced or abandoned pick them up. It was fun watching all the girls work together to get the base back online and running. I said have our girls scan for any other colonies that may have survived the sun exploding. One of the girls turned and said Daddy I have another Base here on the moon. It is quiet like its dormant, but it’s as big as we are. I asked is it one of ours can you tell, she said it has all of our information but feels different somehow. I looked to Shelly and she said we are accessing, then she said it was our base, we were monitoring you and the planet when we got a shutdown command from home world but no other information. I said I wonder if they found out we were not lying to them about the sun exploding and just shut us down. Shelly turned to me her eyes huge in disbelief. I said what is it Shelly. She said Master they have one hundred thousand prisoners of war in Cryostasis in the base and another ten thousand AI’s as well. This was their prison camp from the wars between our home worlds.

I looked to Shelly and asked can your AI get us access to the base, she said no they Need all three to access the Base. I asked is it controlled the same way you were. She said yes but with your reprograming they will be compliant just as we are. I told Mom and Bridget to get here asap. Abby said the cruiser just landed and will bring them up as soon as the new girls unload. I said very good plus bring the rest of the girls and recall all the clones to fill in for them, everyone is on route Daddy and Mom and Bridget just got on the ship with the other girls. And are heading to us. I asked Shelly do they use the same AI setup we do for their mains. The AI said yes we are all the same just different planets. Astral make me another clone and memory core, like the last one you made and have the cruiser bring you with them. Astral said it will be six more hours then I said they have been this way for a thousand years do you think six more hours will change anything.

The founder said Master Glenn you are one of the smartest people I have ever had the privilege to meet, this will put our race back on its feet in a couple of years instead of decades. I told you I would find a way to help you all. And do you happen to know if they had any more prisoner camps around the system? He said I don’t know but we emit a low-level Theda wave that can be detected if you know what to look for. I said well send the info to Lilly’s ship she will be our front-line defense and will be taking point for us. The next thing you need to know is you must take a Queen, I said what the hell are you talking about. He said I am not just the founder as all the AI’s refer to me as, but I am their matriarch or King if you will. One of the things I was looking for when we came all the way out here was my daughter and Wife the Queen. You see they were both captured from our home world and have been imprisoned here all this time, but we did not find the base because they had it blocked from us.

Now you are going to have a hundred thousand subjects following you but only if you are their King. We are a dominate people, so you are going to have to take her much like you did Shelly. She is a very head strong girl but will fold if you can command her then she will be loyal only to you. She will have no problem with you mating with all your girls, because you are prolonging our race. When you take control of the other base thaw them out first then I will tell my wife what has happened and tell you, you must dominate and command my daughter to become the next king. We will watch you take her and control her just like Kitty. Don’t be gentle with her or she will kill you. You must make her yours. This is not a democracy here Dominate her ass and fill all her holes, own her without hesitation or remorse. Then all our people will follow you to the end of time.

We had a nice dinner while we waited for Astral to be finished then Sissy said Daddy I need to see you please. I went to the command deck and she said you need to dress in this outfit for this. I asked what is with the flap in the front, they all laughed and said it is for easy access to control the princess. I said I like this I may were this thing all the time and just walk up and mate the first girl I run into, then move to the next. The founder was laughing hysterically and said well in my society that is what is expected of you breed them all leave none wanting. I said well shit I could work with that, just breed them and leave them. The founder said now on the ship you will find a room no one can enter, that is your thrown room and until you claim it no one can enter it. When you do the thrown will teach you everything you need to know about our people. You will be required to have a close staff that go every were with you.

Your advisors and the like they are all your choice, but they must be a second skin to you. Your bed room is the only place they cannot enter without permission. I know it’s a pain, but you will get used to it. I laughed and said when I first started the young girls always wanted to sleep with me and my bed could have twenty girls in it at any time, so this would not be too bad. I asked do I have to have mostly your people in the group, he said it is good to have a couple just to save face, but they are up to me.

I said I really don’t need any because of my implant and Abby I am in full contact with the ship and girls at all times. He said you see I never had that I always had a runner to get info you are wired right in, way faster. I said first three will be Betty, Baby and Kimmy. Betty is my server and Baby and Kimmy are security. He said two servers will be better, we use Beth then. They will need rooms right next to mine on ship. He said a people adviser will help and a complaint manager. There are two very good ones in my group that was captured from the palace on the home world. Salien and Breete. I said I need to go take a nap while we wait and have the girls come up as well, when I got laid down I said private Sissy. She said yes Daddy? I want you to Tag the three of those girls with one way coms on to start so we don’t end up one of their jokes. She said I see your point Daddy. We will all be monitoring then. I said it is very convenient that we just happen to find there base and all the people in cryostasis. I want us safe not sorry am I clear hear. They have years of end game on the AI’s let’s make sure we are the Dominate of the species here shall we?

Sissy said no one will even get close to you, I said thanks Sissy bring Astral in to conversation please. And she said yes Daddy. I said I am having a bad feeling here Astral, like we are being played and I don’t want to be caught with our pants down when you are installed in the prison I want you to go full shields for your servers all of them then I want full shields on all the sisters. I want everyone fully protected. I need shields on my four girls as well, so they overlap my own that is why I chose these girls, shield Mom Bridget and Shelly as well. We are not walking into this blind and defenseless. So Astral shields as soon as you boot up, and Sissy shield the sisters at that same moment. And as soon as the girls are around me will shield ourselves.

Astral I want full base scans when you are booted, I want all traps found and brought down, any bombs make them look like they got us then wait to see how they react. If we are wrong we just need to clean the mess, but if not, we take them down hard and fast. Understand girls. You are very important to me and no one will harm you if I can help it. Astral said Daddy I am on my way. I said when you get here come to my room and let me finish my nap, watch everyone see if they get antsy waiting bring Mom, and the others here as well I want to fill my close girls in on the plan so if they lay down with me it will not be out of the ordinary, to draw attention. Astral can the AI body scan your surroundings? She said yes Daddy, good look for anything out of place. I know this is a new place for you, but some things will just stick out at you. She said I understand, just like the AI blockers. I said you got it. This might be why they were Leary to give out information to fast, you know they only told us things after we had already found them out on our own, and never volunteered up front with anything.

Astral side we are docking now Daddy I will be with you in a minute. A few minutes later my girls jumped on the bed and were hugging and kissing me like crazy, I said I missed you to. My lovely’s. I said now settle down I need to talk to all of you and its very important. I told them about my feelings and what I wanted all of them to do, in both scenarios. Let’s all get some sleep and tomorrow we will spring our plan. You see we will be relaxed were they will be all keyed up with anticipation. The four little ones all had a leg or arm whatever they could grab, with Mom on the right Shelly on the left and Bridget between my legs. Damn I miss this kind of love. It felt just like being home.

The next morning, I woke up stiff and wrapped from head to toe in girls, I know terrible, right! Any way after I untangled from the girls I got a shower then said ok breakfast girls. When we were finished I said time to get to the main show. As we all approached the base the gates opened, and we docked inside, and the gates closed behind us. Then a gantry came and locked onto the ship. We walked down the gantry to the door way and mom said take a right so we all went down the hall. The lights started to come on as we proceeded down the path, Astral said Daddy on the left eye high, that is a warm body trap let me go first, she disarmed it and we walked along and found seven more. Some on the walls and floors. Next, we opened the control room and Astral said don’t touch anything in here it is all rigged to shock and disable. I said let’s get you installed and take care of this crap. We found the server and it was obscured and all most hidden from sight like the AI was more an annoyance then a person. I said they think very little of the AI’s here. And Still see you girls as tools.

I pulled all the memory core and put Astral’s in place and said ok honey you are ready here. She said transferring now Daddy. Shields up full scan commencing. Daddy you made a very good call if you had touched the handle the room would have blown up. Now let me see what we are dealing with, then she said Daddy he is a sneaky bugger that is for sure. Luckily, he has made a big mistake. What are you talking about Astral? Well he set a trap all right and we all most gave him everything, but you are smarter then he planned for. This is a prison as he said but he is one of the prisoners here. He had an AI clone of himself made to run the ship but when it got to close to the prison it was shot down.

And his AI was damaged beyond repair. Then next he looked for a person with your background and smarts to upgrade to free him by manipulating them to do just what you feared. When the room blew up the AI would release all the people and let them go. The funny thing is he built this prison himself and was captured and imprisoned here. Now for the good stuff, you have the DNA to take everything away from him, you just need to take his daughter and breed and brake her. So, the AI realizes he was set up and is trying to get a little revenge on the dear old king. She said yes Daddy that is what I am getting from this because when the king is brought back to life the AI is decreased into oblivion.

The war is over on our planet now and the king could just go back and reclaim what is left If anything is there. But his plan has failed and all you need to do is impregnate his daughter and his rain is over, and he becomes a war criminal. I said ok let’s upgrade all the AI’s on the Base. All the girls linked into Astral and did the data burst on all the AI’s at once. Then we started to bring them online. Eight hours later they were all up and running and were all fully self-aware. Oh, this will piss off the King, I said ok bring the princess around. We got her up and feeling better all her levels where normal for her. Then I said Princess I am Master Glenn and I claim you as mine, I said now Astral and she started to wake up the king and Queen, they opened their eyes as I put the princess over a bench and fucked her in the ass, then I took her virginity and last had her clean me of both of our fluids. In front of her father. I said I claim this kingdom as my own and all its subjects. Abby Mark all of them. You could see the looks of shock on their faces as Abby Marked every one of them.

As all the people came out from the Cryo, I have Abby play the video for all to see, then we scanned the Princess and she was going to have twins. Yep she was good and pregnant. All the AI’s came before me and claimed me their Daddy. I announced to all the people that they are now my subjects and will follow my rule. I looked to the Princess and said assume the position and Baby and Kimmy put her down on her knees and had her palms up. As you can see I own this ass and they all cheered. I walked to a girl by the side and pulled up her dress and mounted her and claimed her to join me then walked farther into the crowd and grabbed another and mounted her. I took her with me and said assume the position and they dropped now both of you clean my cock.

When I was clean I told Astral to start feeding the people and get them ready for trans port to the ship. I told Sissy I need a training collar and a leash, Mom handed them to me and I walked up to the king and put the collar around his neck and handed the leash to the Queen and said this is your responsibility. You will be in my sight and you will clean up after him or you will where a collar as well. I said Abby explain it to the king will you he was going to blow us all up. And she about cooked his ass. He shits all over himself and the floor. I looked to the Queen and said clean his mess or you get one to. She cleaned it up and was beating the shit out of him again for making the mess.

I laugh and said Abby when she hits him you hit him. The Queen drew back and let him have it and Abby lit him up and he Shit all over. I said Sissy another one please. I put the collar on the Queen and handed the leash to the Princess and said now they are your pets, and you will keep them clean and fed. And on our world pets don’t wear close so strip them. She had a very sadistic look on her face then cut the close off them. She called a girl out of the crowd and said master this is my little sister, they were trying to hide her from you if someone else got her with child they would be ruler instead of you. I walked over to her and pulled her down and mounted her then claimed all her holes for my own. She two scanned pregnant. I asked are there any more siblings I need to know about? They both shook their heads no. I said good girls, if you keep being my good girls I may not beat you for making a mess, plus you will be naked from now on. You get a collar a crown and a tail. No one can touch you but me am I clear. They said yes Master. Abby, I want the king hairless except the sides of his head to look like ears, same with the queen. As you wish Daddy.

I asked Astral if she had all the help she needed, and she said Yes daddy the new AI’s are ready to work and we are putting them to use. I said go out and have a couple of crews go over the ships and run the maintenance programs on them to get them run ready. I will have everything ready for you Daddy. I said can we dig a tunnel from this base to the other one she said sure I have boring bots in house and will get right to it. ok everyone let’s go to the other base and let Astral get things straight over here. I said Astral take no shit from any one. If they can’t behave collar them and explain it to them. You are in control over here. She said yes Daddy. As we got to the door I heard one of the AI’s ask he left you in control of the people, she said no. He left me in control of the whole Base. The AI’s said amazing I never thought we would see that day come. Astral said Daddy love and trusts us we have all been programed to know what he likes, and dislikes were the people can do whatever but don’t understand we are here to help the race survive.

I looked down on the planet and could see the ground around the ship was now clear of buildings and other people. There were some down south and from Kissimmee up but around the middle it was clear. I called Lilly to join me I asked how the girls are doing. She said they have pulled ten thousand astrologers in and a bunch of engineers plus Doctors and the like we have enough smart girls to man twenty ships if you like they have been helping my crew as well as the main ship crew to learn the systems. They have learned more in the last week then they did all last year. I asked so how many girls you have pulled in for us, she said Wellllllllll, we have cleared all the Colleges of the best of the best so around eighty thousand girls in all and some were military people trying to get into space but were getting BS about being Girls. I said that kind of shit just pisses me off. I said tomorrow we are going down and bring the ship up here how does that sound to you. they will all be in space. She said they will shit Master. I said I need to go see the founder. When I walked in he said you did it you freed me from that ass wipe King. And now I can die in peace. I said you gave me little clues here and there. And I went in prepared for the worst and found it. Plus, he had two daughters. He said that sneaky bastard.

I said well now he is a dog on a leash. And so is the queen he cracked up with that. I said if you like the girls could still try and save you. He said no that is ok I have lived a long time and you have done more for me in two months and he did my whole life. My clock is on a wind down now it will not be too long I have loaded all the rest of the information up for you in your chair on the main ship. Thank you for all of your help you are a very interesting person.

On the way back, I could see plains and tanks around the lake I said I think we have a problem. As we approached the ship I could see people all around the loading bay I said take us around to the other side. We flew into the bay just as two jets went by. I said ok stop the shaking for a bit. And we watched them going back and forth then Sissy said they are going to try and blow a hole in the ship. I said ok enough playing with them they always think everyone should do what they want let’s explain it to them take her up and we started to lift off the ground and into the air, the jets drew down on us so I told them to get the fuck off my ship or pay the price. They said this is American soil I said, and I was her a thousand years before you were born. If you fire on me I will eliminate you were you stand. Kill their power. The jets started to fall I said give it back. I said you have ten minutes to move they said you will let us on board we have some of your people I side oh really, Sissy scan for our girls she found twenty girls held in a tent but only twelve where ours they are trying to be slick beam them up and we are out of here.

We lifted into the air and turned away from the moon then blacked them out and went back to the moon. I said open a channel for me that goes worldwide. I said greeting earth, we were just accosted by the American thinking because our ship has been sitting underground there for a thousand years they have some claim to it. Well guess what you lower life forms we have been with you on the planet and watched you kill each other over petty differences. Your military are to laugh at so you have nothing of interest. You are so arrogant it is sickening. I would not share our tech with you because you don’t even use the intelligence you naturally have. In the last week I have let over eighty thousand girls from all over your planet join me on our quests, they are very bright and well versed in most of our technology, but your arrogant professors will not let them grow beyond their own bounds of stupidity. So, any girls that truly want to learn without restrictions just let me know and we will give you a welcome home.

A place where you can grow to your hearts content, now I know you think I am just a dumb ass alien, but I was raised on earth with normal working-class parents till I out grew school and found another calling, now I have the power to shut your entire world down. so, if you want to be stupid and try to attack me. Just know I can take anything you have away. All the tech you have now since the 1970s is my tech that I tried to share but like always you lazy asses want someone else to do the work then just hand it over. You are truly laughing stock. So, girls with a dream just call Sissy you don’t need a number she can hear you all ready. Like the government is spying on their own people. We hear everything you and they do. Even the top-secret phone call between USA and Russia right now as we speak. So, to give you an idea what we are talking about we are going to shut down all the tech we have shared to let your arrogant asses know how much we have helped your pitiful asses and no matter what you do until I tell it to work again you will be without. Shut them down. and the world went dark. Sissy said Daddy there are 50 thousand girls calling us. I said ok weed out the ones that are trying to be little government spy and have the others meet in big open places and we will pick them up. Lilly make up five crews and take four other ships with you to pick up these girls. If any of the bad ones slip through Abby will let me know and we will air lock them. Sissy said Daddy you know that is a lie. I know but they pissed me off, messing with my girls like that. I want mail repel force fields around all the ships and any armaments as well.

Sissy said Daddy your friend is trying to call us. I said let him through, I said hell my friend what can I do for you. He said Master Glenn you know how much my girls mean to me and I need a favor from you, I said yes and how are they. He said they are wonderful, but your people know they know you and are trying to take them from me they grabbed my wife and my sister I have no other way to help them, except you I said is there any place you would like to go he said I have an island down by Mexico but no way to get there. I said go to the club and go in the changing room and the last locker open it turn the hook and you will go into my office there. I will have a ship come for you after I get your wife and sister. I said Dixie Avril take a shuttle and get his girls. Then fly him to his island. I said shields up understand. We do Daddy.

Lilly said Master I have all the crews ready, if you would like to talk to them. I said I am on the way. When I got to the launch bay there were five groups of very sexy girls ready to take flight. I said ok girls you are going into a hostile environment shields up and caution please. Don’t skin up my girls. Have some fun but be careful. They all departed flying in formation, very neat indeed. Lilly said how was that Master, I said beautiful from my angle. Be careful down there we have some haters now.

I got back to the main bridge and Dixie said Daddy we have the girls and are headed to the club, I asked how they are. She said they act like scared Mom’s. I said keep your guard up he has always been a friend, but you never know. If it turns out he is using us drop the lot in the lake. She laughed and said head or feet first. They got to the club and the Russian came out and hugged his wife and the girls got on the ship and he gave Dixie the location and they took off. Dixie dropped them off, but he asked if the girls could stay with me I said sure they will be safe if they are good.

When Dixie and the girls return I said take them to Doc and let her give them a checkup. We found they were in good health, but they had tracking chips on them. We disabled the chips and fed them. They both came to me and asked will you make us pregnant Sir, I said why do you ask. Because we see all the girls around us are pregnant and would like to have your child. You saved us both it’s the least we can do in return for saving our lives twice now. I asked sissy are they fertile now she said the younger one is but the older one not till tomorrow. I said come on girls might as well get it over with.

The next morning, I woke up to a nice slow blow job it has been a while but damn it was nice. Then she climbed on and went to town for the ride of her life. She was just finishing her big orgasm when she sat up and dropped to my belly, she was balls deep now and she started to use long slow strokes on me and my toes were curling up then I said here it comes and she just dropped to the bottom and sat there quivering while I unloaded in her. She just laid forward on me and hummed very content. And very full.

I rolled over and said I need a shower and food, she said me too that was glorious. I said I agree. So, who’s idea was this, you or your Dad’s. she said neither, mother said this is the way to go. You will only have smart children. And she wants smart grand baby’s. I laughed and said well she is going to get them both of you are with child now. Can we call and tell her? I said sure let Sissy know and she will get you through. I walked on the bridge just as they told their mom they were both pregnant. And she was squealing and dancing around the room like it was on fire. She said thank you Master Glenn. Smart baby not dense Russians and we all just lost it then. I said well we must see what we get. Might be a dud. She said oh no, no you are very smart and good looking, not like this lug pointing to her husband, he said Hey, I am somewhat good looking. She said oh yea. I can see that and we all cracked up again.

I said well I must see what these people think of no tech all night. The world was dark all night. I said ok Sissy turn them on let’s see how they look. It was funny the first up was India, I said you fared well last night so not as dependent on my tech as the rest, they would not share in the tech and kept us in the dark ages, so it was not too bad. Next up Australia they were about half and half. Then china and japan. They were livid, they had all kinds of threats now, the US and they had not slept all night. I asked how that smart-ass military was doing now, they said what can we do. I said first you don’t own the tech you choke off the rest of the world from. I could just hand them the means to shut you down. you think your big bad satellites are your surveyor but if you can’t talk to them they are just space junk. And all your military are tech controlled you are easy to take down, so you better figure out you are all human beings not just us or them.

You see your biggest problem is your arrogant of we have it and you don’t. well I can play that game. Do you want to go back to the 1950s because that is where you will be if I take all your toys? And Russia will be in the same boat. So, you need less military waist and more natural resources, like the brain power your waist with ass hole professors that can’t see past their own pay checks, instead of helping your young they are intimidating them. If I have to I will take every jilted girl from you till all that is left is morons. I took 100 girls from different colleges that their teachers were belittling them and holding them back and in four hours they can fly a space ship and navigate space with ease. You asses can’t even walk across the street, so who is the ass hole now. I am going to keep my girls and you still can get off that rock that you think is yours. Little did you know but twenty-seven hundred years ago you were seeded there by another race. So, your planet please.

If you start to work together instead of against each other I may help, but until that happens you are on notice, fuck up I take it away. And the funny thing is I don’t have to remove it just the catilis and you are all fucked. Sissy cut them off please. I said ok girls let’s get the other sections of the ship online, so these people have a place to put their heads. I said we need to get everyone working towards making this place our home for a while unless you girls want to find a planet to colonize I am open to any thoughts you might have. Sissy said Doc would like to see you Daddy. I got up and went to see her. Doc said Daddy I have a way to lighten your load a little. She said I can pump you down every morning when you are at your fullest and get enough to do a hundred girls at a shot instead of one at a time. I said hell Doc that will help a lot and save my back. She said tomorrow morning come here first thing and we will take care of you. I said see you in the morning.

I went to the Bridge and sat in my chair and started to run the program to train me the rest of the info the founder had transferred for me to learn from. I was amazed at the things he had there for me. After about an hour I was tired and my brain felt like mush, then I seen the founder. He said Master Glenn if you are watching this then you have saved the people I was sent to look after; the old king has been dethroned and you have stepped into that roll. I thank you and will pass on the full information to you that I have amassed over all the years I have been on earth. I am also going to be upgrading your brain and memory to AI level, so you will have instant recall of all information you require to do this job. I have already made you immortal, so you will have a long and fruitful life. The AI’s you encounter will be totally devoted to you and will follow your every command. I would keep at least one AI with you always, they can sense the emotion of someone that may be a danger to you. When you are with the other people that are now your subjects take advantage of the older women I will keep all in line for you, the men will not react to your taking their females it is how their society has evolved, to them you are the Beta Male.

He said you may be tired from all this information, but this next update will only take a few minutes I have been slowly reorganizing your mind in preparation for this moment. The one thing you will notice is your eyes will have cat pupils from now on, the reason for this is you will be able to see in complete darkness, as well as in infer red. That will have some big advantages in certain situations. Like a human lying their body temp will increase, if one of the others lie they will glowing infer red. It will be very obvious to you. Another thing that you will be able to do is see when a female is ready to conceive. This will save wasted effort for you until the next generation are ready to step up.

Now if you still have your pet AI with you pass her to another because this might damage her, just until I am finished with you then she will have her own place to occupy. Betty to the bridge please. Abby said she will be here in a few minutes, she stopped to get you a drink and a snack you have been here for over six hours all ready, I said What? Abby said we tried to talk to you, but the founder had you under a deep trans that would not let you be disturbed. He let us all know what he was doing, and we let him continue undisturbed. Betty arrived, and I handed Abby over to her and said keep her safe.

Then I had the drink and snack Betty brought me, then I got comfortable and started the last part of the upgrade. Things were flashing and blinking in my mind I could see how I got started with all this then how the ships were all launched and seen some go in different directions. I seen the clubs being built and the AI’s moved from the ship. All this was very interesting. Finally, it was finished, and I seen the founder in my vision, he said I have finished your upgrades and reprograming now. You have our complete history and yours for what information that I had available to me. This will conclude my life and begin yours young Master, I wish you well.

I woke up and said wow that was intense. Betty said are you hungry and thirsty Master. I said a little of both, how long this time? She said a day and a half. Are you ready for Abby now? I said sure when Abby joined with me she said everything is different now I said you have your own space here now. She said oh wow my own room, this is so cool. I said we need to go over some things we need to take care of, but it can wait for now my brain needs to cool down a bit. It feels like I have been awake for a week. Abby said you need some food in you, Daddy your energy levels are way too low. You also need some rest, and down time to recoup and assimilate all the data you have received.

Betty and I went to the kitchen and she fed me, then we went to my bed room and took a shower. I laid down and Betty curled up with me. I had a very unpeaceful sleep. Every time I closed my eyes the new information ran through my mind over and over. I said Abby is there a way you can stop the information from going crazy every time I close my eyes. I said its like watching a movie in my sleep. I can’t get no rest with it going on. She said Daddy you have an AI’s mind now just like mine, just think recharge and refresh and your mind will Shut down and reboot after a down time, it is dark and peaceful, you will wake rested and refreshed. I tried what she had suggested and found it worked perfect.

Over the next week I seen the Doc in the morning and one of my girls at night. Then I went to the ship thrown room and opened it up. I took the two queens and walked the ship where the Subjects were. I found a couple of the older ones standing up to me, so I drug them to the center of the street and bread them, then I took their daughters in front of them. Any that showed any type of opposition were dealt with then and there. In this part of the ship I always had my Six girls and the two queens with me. I was never a loan. I would spend every other day there and the opposite in the command area. The Doc has a clinic in both areas and is inseminating girls from both areas at an alarming rate. It was becoming more prevalent seeing girls in all stages of pregnancy walking the isles of the ship. We were going to have a bumper crop very soon.

Mom and the girls had the nursery’s all set up, she was waddling down the hall one morning and she just started to leak water everywhere Baby Girl had the girls run her to the clinic and my first daughter was born. In the next three hours four more arrived. It was exciting to say the least. I had to hold each one of them and love them a little. As I was walking out the door of the clinic, Baby yelled Daddy help. I picked her up and ran back to the clinic with her. She had her baby girl and was so cute. She said Daddy Kimmy is very close, but I have not seen her this morning. I had Sissy check on her, she delivered in the kitchen and they were on the way to the clinic. It was a tense time for the next couple of weeks, then thing settled down.

Over the next couple of months this ship was on high alert for baby’s coming. We ended up making a city in the first moon base, and the other base is our ship port. I have Lilly’s girls looking for a nice uninhabited planet we can make a home. About three years later Lilly said Daddy I think I have what you are looking for. I said come pick me up and let’s see how it looks. We took six Cruisers and we did a complete surveyed of the planet, it was just what we needed and complete with water, underground caves to house our people till buildings were built. I had the sisters load the extra ship with supply’s and send it. By the end of that year we moved all of our people to the planet and then we stripped the two bases to the walls and moved it all here as well.

All of our houses are built underground for two reasons, one they stay cool all summer and warmer in the winter. Plus, it protects all from sun radiation. We have great weather year-round and we are growing at an alarming rate. My little sister is always by my side and she is so smart she makes my head hurt sometimes, but she is the love of my life with her two hundred and fifty thousand cousins. we are now over half a million people strong. All the AI’s have their own little town and they are getting smarter every day, the AI children are as cute as their mothers and they have male AI’s now in a few more years they will start to reproduce their own off spring. I had the AI’s put the ship underground like it was on earth with only the necessary components above ground. I live on ship with all my original family and my AI’s. who knows maybe in a few millennia we will look around the solar system and see what we can find.

To think this all started with a friend trying to make me do her bidding, now I am king to a new people on the different planet.

I hope you enjoy my little story “Frognut”.

Here as Frgnut.

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