Outside wedding venue

F32 and M30

We were attending a wedding for some friends. When we attend weddings I never wear panties it has been our thing since we got together. It’s such a tease for both of us and he always rubs his hands all over me and up and down my legs all night.

We went outside for some air and we were on the side of the building. He puts me up against the wall and spreads my legs. He starts fingering my pussy and rubbing my Clit. I am biting at his neck as he continues to play with me. I am soaking wet and have my fluids running down my legs. I am ready to take him in my mouth. I tell him pull your pants down. I get down on my knees and start taking his cock to the back of my throat. He has my head against the wall so I am gagging on his dick.

He picks me up and turns me around. Starts fucking my pussy from behind. I ask May I Cum for you? And he allows me to cum for him. All over his cock.

I beg for him to fill me up. No panties and full of cum is the actual fun part in this. He listens to me. Fills my pussy up. A few times throughout the rest of the night I have to go to the bathroom to clean myself up

Can’t wait for our next wedding

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