OUTBREAK Relief by xxxstoryteller69xxx

Dear Readers,

I am writing to tell my story as a survivor of when the outbreak hit. Being locked down within a city, trapped and accompanied by a beautiful woman.

It was a regular day for me at work. I work in the city about twenty miles from my home. I was out on a delivery and listening to the radio. Some news reports had been talking about some crazy flu that was sweeping through the cities in the US, ASIA, and some other countries. Some reported an outbreak coming and so on. Shortly after that, our local governor goes live, warning citizens the stay inside.

Now, here I am working, driving, making deliveries of packages, wondering how the hell am I going to stay inside. I kinda laughed it off and went about my business, working away. I noticed as I drove around, the city was calm, less people out driving, no one walking, no one at parks, it was strange.

I headed up for some of my last deliveries into a part of the city that was mostly big buildings, downtown high rise apartments, etc. I pulled in to my first high rise apartment while listening to the radio, the governor sending another live message, but this time, issuing a mandatory stay inside order. I had to park my truck underground. This, ended up being my saving grace. As I walked up to some apartments with packages, I thought about just hanging in my truck in the underground parking after and see what happens next.

On my third package, the woman who answered the door was just amazingly gorgeous. I had to think about why I was there for a minute, stumbling on my words. She actually giggled at me and asked if I was okay. Now normally, I wouldn’t be so blunt, but for some reason, I just said it and told her, I am okay, but you are stunning.

She smiled and thanked me for the compliment, telling me it was very sweet of me. I told her my name and she responded, telling me her name is Whitney. I liked that and told her she had a nice name. She just loved the compliments and wouldn’t stop looking at me with her beautiful eyes. I liked how tall she was too. I am tall and she was the perfect height. Whitney had long hair, put up in a bun. So sexy.

After she signed for her package, she asked if I had heard about the governors orders. When I told her yes, she asked why I wasn’t following the rules. She joked about me being a rule breaker, but that she liked rule breakers. That’s when I realized she was flirting with me as much as I was with her. So I responded and told her, as do I . But rule breakers have to be disciplined if they get out of hand.

I couldn’t believe I had said that and as I tried to apologize, she giggled and said yes, yes they do. Like with a good spanking Whitney said. she giggled and told me, nice chatting with me and told me to be safe. I walked away and headed to do my other deliveries.

I was in her building for about ten more minutes and the next message from the governor went over everything, including cell phones. As her message played, lockdown in place, the power in the building flickered. I decided I better get down to my truck, because this whole damn building was electronic keyed. Lights flickering as I headed to the elevator. But I was stopped by a sexy voice asking me to come inside.

I told Whitney I needed to get down to my truck. As I said that, the power shut down. Whitney standing in her doorway, looking at me, she said, well, you’re out of luck that way, and the governor said get inside. I headed into her apartment, thanking her for her hospitality. As she said no problem, she closed the door and we both realized, once closed, being electronic, leaves out the option of leaving.

Whitney said she was sorry, knowing I couldn’t get to my truck, but she also said, maybe it’s better, considering whatever is happening. Whitney offered me a drink, a coke, water, etc. We chatted and discussed what the hell could be happening. It happened quick and was scary she said. I watched her talking to me, just in awe of her beauty. The way her eyes looked right into your soul, so beautiful and powerful, her words and soft voice, a joy to hear.

I told her, well, at least if we’re trapped, we’re trapped together and so far, it seems like we get along. Whitney put her hand on mine and told me she was glad I was there with her. Her hand felt so good and I couldn’t help but respond, but with running my fingers through hers. No words spoken at that moment as we just enjoyed each others touch, her beautiful eyes looking at me.

Fuck it, I leaned in, kissing her. She responded with such a heated passionate kiss, her tongue playing with mine, her hands on my face and head, mine on her, bringing her closer to me. I pulled away from the kiss briefly as I brought her to me, telling her how beautiful she is. Whitney said she hadn’t ever had a man look at her like I had when she answered the door. She loved it and it turned her on tremendously.

She kissed me again, this time, her hands reaching down, unzipping my pants and pulling my cock out. She was not shy and knew what she wanted. Her hands felt amazing, so soft, her fingers wrapping tight around my shaft. She complimented on the length and thickness of my cock as she stroked it. Whitney kissed me again, her hands stroking my cock slowly, but steady. Felt so fucking good.

Whitney was dressed in leggings and a t shirt. my hands caressed her breasts through her shirt, feeling her firm breasts and hard nipples. No bra and such perfect breasts in my hands had her letting out soft moans. My hands then slowly moving down to her pussy, into her leggings, touching her ass, enjoying her very much. Whitney kissed me and stroked my cock, soft moans in my mouth as my fingers found her wet pussy, slipping inside gently, then out, teasing her swollen clit.

Whitney shook, gasping into my mouth, trying to kiss me as I slipped two of my big fingers deep inside of her. Her stroking stopped, her eyes closed, my fingers so wet as I finger fucked her deep. I loved her reaction and wanted more. Kissing her so deep, my fingers fucking her, her pussy filling my hand with her juices as her hand stroked my cock hard and fast.

She told me how fucking good my fingers felt, but she needed my fat cock in her. I reached down, removing her leggings. No panties and so fucking wet. I loved it, her pussy was so smooth, no hair, so pretty and so ready for me to eat, finger and fuck. I laid her down on the couch in her living room. I moved down, kissing her legs. soft kisses up to her pussy. She smelled so good, I could smell how fucking horny she was.

Whitney put her hands on my head as I spread her legs, my lips and tongue finding her swollen clit, her lips so wet and ready to be stretched. I ate her pussy so good, fingering her gently, sucking her clit into my mouth, my tongue teasing her softly, then harder, my fingers fucking her deep and deeper. When she started squirting, soaking my bearded face, she shook and told me how fucking good it felt. My fingers fucking her deep, hitting that g spot so good, her squirting was constant, her juices soaking everything as I devoured her like no man ever had.

I loved her hands and fingers on my head. She was just amazing and she tasted so good. Feeling and tasting her cum on my fingers and tongue, just delicious. After her orgasms subsided, I moved up, missionary, her eyes locked with mine as her legs wrapped around me. Whitney shook and kept eye contact with me as I slowly slipped my cock inside of her pussy. She was so wet and it felt so good, but damn she was so tight, almost had me cumming right away.

I slowed my pace, filling her up as deep as I could. Whitney kissed me, looking into my eyes, no words, just enjoying being so close with each other was electric. Her kisses, her passion and lust, had me like a wild man. I picked up my pace, deeper, harder, faster. Whitney commanded, fuck me, yes, fuck me hard like that.

My cock was so wet, I looked down and could see what looked like whip cream on me. So fucking hot that she was so turned on for me.

My pace picked up to the point where I was fucking her hard. Whitney shook, only able to say over and over, fuck me, yes, fuck me. I kissed her, kissed her neck, nibbling, biting, kissing, her shoulders, anywhere I could kiss and tease her as I fucked her hard and deep.. I reached down, spreading her legs, going as deep as I could inside of her.

Whitney was so fucking tight, her pussy gripped tight around my shaft. Whitney shook and told me she was cumming, fuck I’m cumming so hard she said. I could feel it, her pussy squeezing so tight over and over. I couldn’t hold back, telling her I was going to cum. Whitney pulled me into her, telling me to cum deep inside of her. Doing as I was told, our orgasms hitting together as we kissed.

We stayed together kissing, it just felt electric being so close to her. So much so, that I stayed rock hard and we rolled over, with Whitney now on top.

She looked amazing, her breasts so sexy and her nipples rock hard. She looked down at me as she fucked my cock. She rode me hard and deep, With my cum inside of her and her already being dripping squirting wet the splashing sounds were fucking sexy. Whitney even giggled and told me she loved it and hadn’t ever been so wet with anyone.

I held on to her hips, having her straighten her back. I lifted my hips and helped her rock her hips. Whitney shook, saying oh my god, fuck, fuck fuck. She shook uncontrollably, squirting so hard on my cock. I could feel her g spot hitting the head of my cock as I fucked her. Her warm juices squirting from her pussy running down my balls felt amazing and I fucked her harder and harder because of it.

I took control of her, bringing her close, then moving with her still on my cock, to the edge of the bed. Whitney spread her legs, her fingers finding her pussy, rubbing her clit as I fucked her slowly. Slipping my cock out here and there, teasing her clit with the head, then slowly filling her up again, inch by inch, slowly. Whitney had orgasm after orgasm, shaking and looking at me with so much satisfaction and lust in her eyes. It was such a turn on seeing her pleased so well.

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