Out of the friendzone (girl talk part one)

*side note: I sort of apologize for making this so long. It started out relatively small, I went back to reread it and I kept adding and taking things out. And it turned into this.*

Saturday night, jeff and Mike are going to a concert, and sherry went with to stay with Rachel to hang out and talk, and of course drink some wine. Rachel has a smile on her face cuz she’s still happy that 2 of her friends hooked up finally, waiting to hear any details sherry was willing to give up! The guys kiss their girls and as they were walking out, jeff says “whatever sherry says, I’m not that big, she’s just that tight!” Laughter spreads amongst them, sherry blushes and they walk out.

“So,” rachel says, “you and jeff huh? Start from the beginning! Who made the first move? What are your plans? Talk to me girl! Give me all the sexy details!” “Well, I don’t know who made the first move. We’ve been close for so long, we’ve cuddled, we have gotten litte handsy with each other for years. But when we went to bed, I got on top of him and took his shirt off of me. I suppose that’s the first move but it had been building! And despite what he just said, he is pretty big!” They laugh. Rachel wanting more, “can I ask?” Knowing what rachel wanted to know, but playing dumb, sherry says “ask what?” “How big is he” rachel asks in a near whisper. They laugh. “I’d say 8 inches! Not sure if it’s appropriate to ask if I could measure!” Laughing again, rachel says “oh please, any guy who says they never measured their dick is lying! How’s the sex? Is he into freaky stuff? He looks like he’d be into something kinky” Sherry giving her more, ” Nothing too kinky I guess… That first night, it was rough! In a good way! Straight fucking, lots of kissing sucking and licking! If he was trying to prove something, he proved it! I had 4 fucking orgasms! To be honest, the next day I was sore as hell! To say being at your house that day was hard, is an understatement, especially after the morning sex! I spent alot of time hoping i wasnt walking at your place too funny!” Rachel loving this, pouring another round, “what’s the plan? Moving in together?” “That’s where it gets complicated,” says sherry. “We’ve talked about it numerous times. And we are not sure what’s happening. We are definitely enjoying each other’s company,” sherry said with a smile. “For now, we agree to be the whole friends with benefits thing, but we do go out on dates on occasion. Literally taking it one day at a time. We went from being friends one day, to going down on each other the next,” sherrys face goes into a funny panic, “it’s a lot to process, ok!?!” They laugh uncontrollably.

“It’s been alot of fun though! He has two speeds: sex and fucking! Some days, we will just have plain sex, very intimate, lots of gentle touching, kissing. Other days, im having a screaming orgasm!” Rachel asks, “do you feel like sharing a story?” “Sherry pauses for a second, trying to think of one that would get her excited. Rachel breaks the silence “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to ask you how good your boyfriend is in bed!” Sherry speaks up, “oh no, I was gonna share a story anyway! One night, I was sitting on his bed after a shower, he came and sat behind me, he started fondling my breasts , squeezing my nipples, kissing my neck and shoulders, than he lowered his hand and started to play with me. I was laying against him, my legs spread out over his, he kept kissing me all over. I had my arms wrapped behind his neck, letting him do whatever he wanted to do! It was very sensual! It was just pure bliss! Ive never felt that before, just….awesome” sherry said while blushing, cracking a smile and chuckle. “Even tho I was laying on him, he was kind of holding me. I felt like, like….a balloon tied to a string. Just hanging out, floating! His fingers were the string holding me in place. Needless to say after a few minutes or 10 minutes, i dont know, time stood still, he gave me an intense orgasm, and held me! I’m laying there, shaking, he kept his fingers in me, my mind has never raced that fast! That orgasm felt like it was rolling around in my body, just rolling up and down, my hair even felt like it was vibrating! Its definitely my favorite moment, EVER,” sherry said with a smile, and rachel just in amazement, moving in her seat.

Sherry continues, “Another day, I got put on call. So I stopped in for a quicky. I walk in, but hes in the shower, so i waited for him on the bed, naked! As he walked in, he sees me playing with myself, i watched as he got hard, and walked to the bed. Without saying a single word, i started giving him a blowjob. He just threw his head back, and held onto mine. I stopped, and patted the bed. He layed down, not breaking eye contact, as i got on top and put him in, the moans were what broke the silence. I just started riding him, never breaking eye contact. It felt spiritual. And I’m pretty sure we didn’t say a word until after he came! Ive had so many orgasms this year, ive lost count! What’s amazing though, he makes sure I’m comfortable. I had boyfriends in the past that just do their thing and that’s that. He communicates his wants amd desires and if I’m OK with doing it, I do it! And im the same with him. Quite a change of pace!” “I’d say!” Said rachel while fanning herself. “Who would’ve thought Jeff was like that!? I think it’s safe to say you found a keeper! Now i wanna jump him!” They erupt in laughter.

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