Orc Guardians: Prologue by OrcishTendencies

“Away, you ugly beasts!” The frail, white-haired man shouted while pointing a sword towards me just a few feet away. He was backed up by four other men, each around the same age and wearing thin metal

armor. Elderly humans, usually used as a last resort, if at all.

“We’re passing through. Move out of our way or we’ll use force,” I replied directly, trying my best to hold back a snarl. My two brothers were standing behind me on both sides. Orcs, same as me.

“Filthy lies!” The panicking man yelled out once more, taking a step towards us. I feel the eyes of these human men watching me and my reactions intensely. It makes sense, being the largest and

closest to their position. However, my brother Gashmuk is good at taking advantage of situations like this. When the opponent is distracted, occupied or drowned in fear, he acts without hesitation.

A sling, made up of a satchel filled with three heavy rocks is flung from my right side and I feel the rush of cold wind flowing over the side of my arm. The rocks inside spread out and the clang of

rock pounding metal armor on two men can be heard, immediately followed by gasps of air. Two men felled, air knocked out of them as they drop onto the patch of dead grass.

“Nicely done, brother!” I praise Gashmuuk, peering over my shoulder to see the satisfied smile on my smaller brother’s face. He doesn’t look much shorter than Ogrul, our other brother, even though Gashmuuk shares only half of our blood.

Ogrul grimaces and raises his blunted silver Maul over his head, posing as though he’s about to throw it to the men off to the left. They prepare themselves

and I charge forward with my light hammers in hand. A strike with the curved head of my hammer smashes into the gut of the lead man. He goes to swing with his blade on his fall, scraping my chest plating before his sword snaps. Either a blade turned brittle by too many battles or poor craftsmanship.

“Thin metal all around!” I warn Ogrul as he stops the momentum of his mighty hammer and sighs. The last two standing men were approaching hesitantly, wanting to seize the opportunity to attack.My second hand isn’t fast enough and the strike the man took lands on my arm plate. I clumsily drop the other light hammer but Ogrul takes his metallic brick-like weapon and with a single hand, swings it to the side of my assailant. Even though the attack was dulled, the crackling crunch of armor and possibly bone could be heard. Luckily, Ogrul didn’t completely lose it. A quick strike from the blunt of his handle to the last-man-standing’s helm rang him good. The men had the good sense to stay down.

I looked over and past them to the small crowd of humans gathering about and watching in terror. I picked up my weapon, and tossed Gashmuuk’s sling back to him, narrowly missing his feet.

“Hey, Orgoth? It looks like a small village. They sent elders, which are usually used as a last resort or not at all. I don’t think they’re a threat,” Gashmuuk assures me.

“One per arm, Ogrul. I get the bold ones. Gash, you grab the headbashed one,” I instruct, slinging the lead man and the one who struck my arm in two fireman carries.

My brothers follow and we walk towards the bystanders. We watch them scramble and scatter away before only a handful were left, mostly frozen in fear. We approached a tanned, matured brunette woman who was filled out and wearing tight, thin pink clothing. She looked up at us, trembling as her dark red lips quivered.

Somewhere between a scream and a plea to not hurt her forming in her mind, I interject and place the very alive villagers

down before her. “They’re not dead, but they could do with some healing. Tell them not to attack unless provoked or their next opponents may not be so lenient,” I smile slightly and bump her shoulder softly

with my fist, a show of good cheer among my people. For just a moment I believe I see a grin spread across her lips. The other humans get their legs working and run off in an unrelenting haste.

Too lenient.” Ogrul corrects, placing down his share and holstering his hammer to his side. She didn’t like that.

“It’s not like…” Gash began, gaining a death-stare that shut him up from our austere, hardheaded brother as he placed down his man.

“Finish that thought. You can’t let him silence you forever”. I watch to make sure they don’t each go into a rage and kill the other.

“It’s not like they’re used to seeing orcs around here,” Gashmuuk argued, reaching for his chain sickle. Ogrul couldn’t help but smile at him.

“You’re an orc through-and-through, all right!” He chuckled and patted Gash on the back before ruffling his short black hair.

The woman stared at us all the while, seemingly confused as to what she was witnessing. The first time we didn’t get a nasty, scared or angry look from a human.

“I’m Anna,” she stated with slight hesitation, eyeing us suspiciously. “Thank you for bringing our men back. Most leave to become fighters, bounty hunters, adventurers or scholars. They forget about us

until they retire and only return too old to fight.” She looks up at me with the largest and saddest eyes I’ve ever seen and I’m enchanted by her beauty.

“I’m Orgoth. Ogrul is the strong one, Gashmuuk is the smart one. I’m the other one.” I chuckle and feel my face brighten a little, my tusks suddenly feeling huge as I notice them for the first time

in a while. Or at least I notice Anna’s lack of them. Her skin looks buttery smooth and soft and warm.

“So this was all that there was to defend you? There aren’t any more fighters?” I prompt, turning my attention upwards and seeing the dark clouds rolling in. Tiny water droplets begin landing on my face.

“Sadly, this is all of them. The healer fled but lives right over there.” She pointed to the small orange hut made of stone and what looked like straw. We placed the fallen men inside and walked back out.

“They’re going to be out for a while,” Anna nodded over to them and felt the increased rush of rainfall as the scent of freshly wet earth began to fill the dried air.

“We tried to take it easy on them,” Ogrul wiped the water off of his forehead and flicked it at Gash, who pouted and sucker-punched him in return. Ogrul’s black mohawk wilted to one side.

“I’ve noticed, hon. Do you all have somewhere nearby to stay? If not, I hope you’re prepared to travel in the downpour.” She watched my brothers play-fighting before visibly snapping back and looking at

my face.

“We don’t and we aren’t, but perhaps we can make an arrangement? Seeing as your village is unprotected, and the rain isn’t likely to stop soon, how about you let us stay here until your men are

back to normal? We’ll collect payment later and keep you and your villagers safe until then. Deal?” The rain was starting to really pound down now and this really was our only hope of getting out of the


“You’re not going to try and eat, kill, or force yourselves on us, right?” She asked, her face growing a shade more red.

“That sounds like the opposite of protection, doesn’t it?” I smirk and gesture for my brothers to come over.

“If it doesn’t interest you, we’ll be on our way. Let’s go, brothers,” I turn around and her hand shoots to clasp over my wrist-guards. She takes my arm and leads me back.

“Come on, I’ll take you all in. But try and keep low. People might not go back home if they know you’re still here so..I guess you’ll have to stay at home with me for a while.” She nearly drags me as my brothers follow. I’m certain she can feel their eyes burning all over her round and pillowy backside as she made her hips sway with each step.

She steps inside of a fairly large two-story brick house. I have to duck a little to enter, but they get in just fine. I’m thankful that there’s a fireplace and watch the brilliant orange flickers and heatwave just above the flames.

“Your armor will trap the water inside. Better to take it off, but let me go upstairs first”. Anna shoots off, the patter of her footsteps creaky on the wooden stairs a little.

We get out of our armor but our clothes are already soaked. Mostly sweat, as the armor is fairly heavy but the stench isn’t that bad. Probably a little washed off by the rain water.

I shake my head at the white, wet cloth top and brown loincloth that barely covers the important bits. I wish I’d worn pants like Gash. I look over and Ogrul is only wearing a loincloth, his muscular body

peppered with scars. It’s been so long, I forget what an amazing fighter he is. No scars on his face, the lucky bastard. Looking over at Gashmuuk, he’s wearing a full set of cloth, hardly any scars anywhere.

He’s lean, black hair stands straight up and his tusks are small. Slight scar over his right eyebrow. Then there’s me. Tall, almost as muscular as Ogrul, but bulkier than Gash. Scars on my chest and back,

but the most prominent are the three diagonal scratches over my right cheek.

I don’t get much time to think it over, as Anna comes down the stairs in an even thinner silky red nightgown that outlined her curves and I felt my loincloth rise slightly. Her breasts 36DD and nipples poked

through so teasingly. It couldn’t be helped and my loincloth stopped covering anything.

Anna smiled wide, bending low and popping her bare breast through the top of her nightgown. A very dark pink nipple with a decently medium sized areola around it stared at me as I smacked my lips.

“One at a time. Who’s first?” Anna asks, licking her own lips in a painfully slow and suggestive circle. She winked at me and poked her tongue through her cheek, gesturing with her hand to let us

know what she wanted.

What we planned to give to her.

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