Oral fantasies

I matched with a cute girl(31) on sunday and we went for bubbletea that evening. We got to know each other a bit before we started talking about sex and what we were looking for. I told her my biggest fantasy was to go down on a woman, she looked at me and blushed. Luckily I had the apartment to myself on monday night, so I invted her over. She said yes!

She was nervous when she came over, maybe even a little bit surpirsed to see my candle lit room which smelled of lavender incense and vanilla.

We started to make out. My cock began to swell and get hard. I pressed my erection against her belly. She started carresing my cock and asked me what I like. I said I was more intercourse focused but she insisted on giving me oral.

We jumped on the bed and I took off my shirt and shorts revealing my trimmed bush and raging cock. She took me in her mouth slowly and I moaned. Reaching down her back I spread her butt cheeks apart letting her know what was on my mind. After servicing me for a while I told her it was her turn now.

She lay on her back and spread her legs, revealing her tight little brown pussy. I started to caress and massage her calfs, thighs and stomach. When I grazed her vagina with my index finger she was nice and wet. I placed two fingers on her clitoris and started to stroke her up and down. My free hand massaged her perenium and anus. She quivered and quickly rose up telling me to stop because it was so good. I slowly guided her back down before preparing myself for what was next.

I spread her legs wide and slowly leaned in until my face was right next to her vagina. I inhaled her scent, which was an intoxicating musk before gliding my tongue from bottom to top. I then placed my puckered lips around her and started to create suction. I ate that pussy like my life depended on it and it was so liberating… an intoxicating bliss. She loved it and could only moan. I joyously continued. I pulled away and massaged her gspot for a bit with my fingers before putting on a condom.

We started in missionary. At first slow but building into powerful, fast and deep thrusts which sent us both into ecstasy. The sound of our groins crashing together, the feeling of my balls swinging back and forth against her, our moans. Amazing! We then got into a position which I like to call the pretzel dip. The sensations on my cock felt much better. The angle of penetration, and the view were delicous here. She finally finished me off in cowgirl. Next time I will definitely cum in pretzel dip position or in her mouth, as it would feel way better for me.

For the finale I went down on her again and made her orgasm with the help of some fingers. We cuddle and caress for the next 20 minutes or so, clean up, and thats that!

Fast forward a couple days and I am still thinking about eating that pussy!

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