Opening to new horizons by HotLightskin

It was on a sunny, hot summer day. Hanging out with my squad on a lake shore in my hometown in Switzerland, we were just fooling around, playing football and bathing both in the sun and in the lake.

We were all young, athletic, handsome young men in the beginning of our 20s and so we loved flirting around with almost every young, hot lady we came accross. It was a game to us, that turned to competition : it was all about who dared most, who got most phone numbers and flirty texts. Snapchat was at its peak, so we would try and get sexy pics from the girls we were chatting with. But that was nothing compared to getting a kiss in front of all the guys.

So we were chilling and fooling around on that lazy afternoon. Some of the guys got numbers from some very pretty girls, but no one hit a “homerun”.

And then, enters the most beautiful creature we had seen all day. She was a medium sized woman, with a perfect body. Curvy and fit, with a natural beauty only enhanced by a nicely balanced make-up. What struck the most was her attitude. She looked so confident, but never arrogant. That was really the sexiest part, and I could feel I had a semi-hard cock just from watching.

We all stopped at the sight, so I guess that’s what made her notice. As we were playing in the grass, we were pretty much scattered all over the place, and I was closest to her. Seeing that we were all staring at her, she turned and placed her towel not far from me, but still too far for me to make any swift attempt at talking to her. Then, she layed down on her belly, sunbathing her sculptural body.

We got back to playing but we never really could take our minds or eyes off her. Or at least I was never able to. She was quite a sight with her amazing, round, toned ass, her flat stomach, and firm tits.

I still don’t know to this day if my mate did it on purpose, but as we were playing, passing the ball around, he hit it way too hard for me to catch it, and so it bounced and rolled to her. I had no choice but to go and get it.

I’m not usually shy with anyone, but her beauty was intimidating me. I still jogged up to her, hoping to just get away with an apology and a smile. As I got closer though, I could tell that she was a bit upset, frowning a bit.

« – Is that even still a thing ? she asked quite aggressivly.

– I’m sorry, what ? I said, unsure what she was talking about.

– I know this is how some of you try launching a first move to flirt but I thought y’all knew better than that, she said.

I couldn’t help but giggle a bit at this situation. I was genuinely not trying anything and yet she thought I was.

-What’s so funny ? she asked.

-I’m sorry, I said, recovering. I was not making fun of you, but I just thought it’s funny because I’m not trying anything with you right now.

-So you think I’m ugly ? I think your stares tell a different story.

I couldn’t help but blush a little.

-No, I said, I think you’re very pretty. Look, I’m sorry really if I offended you…

She laughed, interrupting me. I heard my mates calling my name in the distance, but it was like I was glued to her relaxed, mischievous look. Her white teeth were shining in the middle of her sunkissed face.

-Relax, she said, I’m only playing with you. There, take your ball. Your friends are waiting.

-Ok, thank you, I said, somewhat relieved.

-And don’t do it again unless you want to get roasted one more time, she said as I was turning back around to my mates. »

It really unsettled me, but I acted as if I was relaxed, and at the same time it pushed my excitement a little.

The rest of the afternoon slipped away in what seemed a heartbeat, I was having fun with my friends and everything felt like a dream. I couldn’t help but take quick glances to the amazing and mysterious creature. And I noticed that she did just the same. At first, I thought she was looking at some of my friends and I felt a little bit jealous, but she went once to swim in the lake, and as she got out, I could tell it was me she was looking at. This game of cat and mouse went on for much of the afternoon.

As sunset was approaching, many of my friends had left, some to get ready for a night out, others to meet some girls they were sexting with. Anyway we were down to just three, and we decided to have dinner around a bonfire, on the beach. We had some food left from our afternoon, so we just made a fire and sat in the warm sand, chatting. One of my friends had managed to get a girl he had set his sights on to join us, and she came with a friend of her. They were pretty, but kind of average, and even though we usually competed over being the best wingman for each others, I had no such intentions at that time, so I let my other mate do the work.

That’s when I noticed that the wonderful woman had packed everything and was about to leave. My heart skipped a beat thinking I would maybe never see her again, and although I’m usually not shy, it took all of my bravery to stand up and head towards her.

I got up to her as she was looking down, brushing off her clothes. She was wearing a simple but very nice outfit over her black bikini : a white, ample yet short crop top that was cut just above the curve of her underboob, amd a tight high-waist jean shorts that were pretty revealing, with a pair of sneakers.

« Hi, I said, I…

-Damn, she gasped, startled by my silent approach. Warn me next time you do this, I almost had a heart attack, she said, laughing

-I’m sorry, I never meant that, I said smiling nervously

-Relax, it’s ok, she said. So, need me to roast you a little more, is it ?

-Wh… Oh ! No ! I said laughing. Well, I mean if you want to…

-So, do you usually submit like this to any girl you meet ? she asked, smirking

-No, I don’t. As a matter of fact I’m gonna go now, I said, a little offended

-Wait, I was just joking… what was it you wanted ?

-Well, I was going to ask if you’d like to join us around the bonfire before you go and make my life way more sad than it was, I said, recovering and launching a flirty attack. She was kind of taken aback by the compliment, but accepted it with a nod and a cute smile, blushing a little.

-Why would I do that ? I don’t know you or any of your friends. Besides, they look pretty busy at the moment, she said, looking over my shoulder. »

I turned around to see that one of my friends had started making out with the girl he had invited, and the other one was busy talking to the other girl as they were playfully touching each other. It smelled a lot like testosterone and flirt over there. I turned back around and said :

-My name is Ted, very honored to meet you.

She slowly reached for my hand, shaking it. Her touch was light and her skin as soft as silk.

-Elisa, she said blushing and tilting her head to the side. She was so beautiful I had to control myself not to kiss her right then and there.

-Well, now we know each other, so we’ll go and sit by the fire. I’m not giving you any choice here, I said.

-If you say so, she said chuckling.

-I know so, I answered, leading her with my hand. »

We went back to the bonfire, sitting in the sand, and I introduced her to the others. We had a great evening, with a wonderful sunset puncuated with lots of laughs and relaxed chatting. But I couldn’t keep my eyes off my partner, and she gave it back to me. We got to know each other a bit better. She was Brazilian, but lived in Europe for most of her life. She was a little older than me, but nothing major.

It was a lovely evening. But as night was coming, my friend left with his conquest of the day, and her girl friend said she wanted to come too, so both of my friends left with their girls. Elisa and I said we would stay a little longer.

We were just sitting side by side, diving into each other’s eyes. Hers were of a rich, light brown with touches of green. At some point, I just couldn’t hold back anymore and I leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. With a sparkling look, she just whispered « come here », and I leaned in, meeting her warm, soft and juicy lips. We kissed for a time that felt like it was never ending and very short at the same time. I was getting excited, and she was too, as her repeated looks to my growing bulge were telling me. Yet, she seemed a little bit confused. I asked her :

« -What’s wrong ?

-I.. I have to tell you something but first you have to promise me that you won’t get angry.

-What is it ?

-Promise me, she insisted.

-Okay, I promise.

-Well, I… I am not what you probably think I am.

-I don’t understand…

-I… »

She reached for my hand, grabbed it, and slowly guided it to her crotch. At first, I didn’t understand what she wanted me to do, but then I felt something twitching through the fabric of her shorts. I first thought she wanted to get naughty right there and then, and that these were excited shivers. Then I understood what it was, and I couldn’t help but pull back my hand and look at her in surprise.

« -Are you mad at me ? she asked.

-I… you… what is going on ???

-I’m a transgender, a shemale, a ladyboy if you like,…

-Yeah, I noticed, thank you, but why wouldn’t you tell me before ?!

-You would never have accepted it, and I couldn’t stand that idea.

-Yeah, well, still, you should’ve told me before, I said with mixed feelings. I was angry that she had kind of fooled me, but in the mean time, my excitation and curiosity had risen to peak levels, much to my confusion. To this day, I had always considered and defined me as a heterosexual. The idea that maybe I wasn’t was very upsetting.

-Sit back down, I want to tell you something important, she said. I hadn’t even noticed that I had gotten up in the argument. I sat back in the exact same spot, close to her, somehow magnetised to her.

-I’ve never done anything like it. I usually wait for people to flirt with me, but I go to places where they know, or at least, can guess who I am. I can only imagine how you feel. I’ve seen many straight guys come to these places for a one-night stand ; they all looked confused, or even lost for some of them. But they asked for it. And you didn’t. And I’m sorry for that. But, somehow, I felt an irresistible attraction towards you as you first came to talk to me. And I haven’t felt like I’m feeling this evening in a long, long time. I’ve never felt this way towards a straight guy. Please don’t crush this feeling. I can totally understand if you don’t want to go any further but please let’s remain friends. You’re amazing. I like you, I can’t lose you, she said, her eyes watering with tears. »

It really moved me, but I was still upset, mainly because of the feeling of attraction I still felt for her, stronger than ever. My mind was rushing in all kind of directions, and I couldn’t think straight. I think she saw it and she changed her position to be able to massage my back. It felt really good and relaxing, and I was able to settle down. And all my thoughts led me to the conclusion that I needed to be with this woman, because I had a special feeling I had not felt before.

So after some time spent in a heavy silence, I grabbed her hand, pulled her to me, and started kissing again. It felt like I had lifted the whole world off of her shoulders and she just abandoned herself to me. I started cuddling her, and then touching her everywhere. I was intrigued. Then I decided that it was time to move forward, live this to the fullest so that I could make my mind straight.

So I started rubbing my hand on her crotch, this time out of my own initiative. I felt her starting to get more and more aroused.

« -You really don’t have to do this, she said.

-I want to, I replied. I want to have sex with you. »

Her eyes were sparkling even more than before. She held back, gave me a long, deep look straight into my eyes. Then she hugged me, squeezing me hard. Pulling away, she stood up, offered me her hand and said, smiling : « let’s go to my place. »

Switching up the gears

We got there about half and hour later, as her apartment was quite far from the lake shore. It was a really nice, cozy place just under the roof, pretty small, but decorated with taste and a nice vanilla-perfumed candle scent floating around. She offered me something to drink, and I gladly accepted. She disappeared in the kitchen. I was pretty nervous about the situation, I didn’t really know how to feel about the whole thing anymore. She soon came back with two drinks, two cocktails of rum and fruit juice. « Make yourself comfortable. Play some music. » I needed to relax, so I put a little playlist of blues artists, and I let the music do its magic.

We sat on the couch in her living room, just chatting, laughing and enjoying our evening. She was so beautiful, that at one point I couldn’t help but start making out with her. We kissed and cuddled for a solid ten minutes, getting more and more aroused, to the point where I started masturbating her, and she was happy to return the favor in no time. It was a little bit disturbing at first, jerking her off, as I had never held someone else’s hard cock in my hand before. But her beautiful, warm, shaved and smooth penis felt good in my hand.

So good that I felt like giving her a blowjob.

So I broke up the kiss, went down to her pretty shorts, and began to undress her. I took her hard penis out and gave it a long, nice lick, from the bottom to the top, leaving her gasping in surprise. It smelled nice, so I decided to push it a little, and I took her in my mouth, starting to slowly bob my head up and down, adding a good dose of saliva to it as I knew it feels a whole lot better, trying not to use any teeth. I found it quite difficult trying it for the first time, trying to think of all you need to make it perfect. So I was pretty focused on my practice, and I didn’t keep track of the time but I think I stayed there for five minutes or something, and I could tell she was appreciating but something felt off. So I stopped sucking on her cock, and, silently, went back to kissing her.

She accepted me, and after a while, she stopped kissing, pulled away while holding my face and looked intensely into my eyes. She asked :

« -Are you sure ? Really, it’s no big deal if you don’t want to, I’m super happy with how it’s gone so far.

-No, I really want to have sex with you. I don’t know why, I don’t even know if I’m right but I feel like having sex with you all night. And I was thinking that… maybe… I mean… Okay, I think I want you to try and fuck me. My mouth. My ass. I want you to fuck me. »

She smiled with all her teeth, and even let out a little excited giggle : « I think I can do that. But I’m gonna need you to fuck me too. Hard. Now let me get ready », and she got up and fleed to the bathroom, where I could soon hear the water running. I picked up our glasses and went to wash them in the kitchen, thinking I would wait for her to finish her shower. But ten minutes later, I was still waiting, and I couldn’t hold myself back no more : I had to see her naked.

So I sneaked up to the bathroom door only to find that she had not locked it : she was waiting for me. I got in and I was welcomed by a big cloud of steam. I could see through the glass of the shower that she hadn’t seen me, so I quickly and silently got out of my clothes and joined her in the shower. It was confined so I was right behind her, and my semi-hard cock slid in between her wet ass cheeks, prompting an immediate rock hard erection from me. I felt something hard in her crack, and looking down, I saw a shiny diamond buttplug poking out of her asshole. She smiled, grabbed my cock still not facing me and started jerking me off. It was so good that to avoid a premature ejaculation, I switched my focus back to her and I started jerking her off in return. But it still wasn’t enough, and I had no intention of cumming so soon. So I forced her to turn around, kneeled, and starting blowing her once more. This time, I was determined to have the upper hand. And I did have it for a moment, the overwhelming surprise and pleasure she felt taking over her.

But then she took things back into her own hands, and as I had asked, she started fucking my mouth. I was pinned against the glass wall, as she was holding me by my hair and little by little forcing herself down my throat. I was gagging on her juicy cock, even though it was a quite average sized dick. At many points I thought I would puke or choke, but she mastered it, and I liked it more and more. I started jerking off while using my other hand to masturbate her or massage her balls, that I licked and sucked too.

Then I felt it wasn’t what I wanted, and I started doing something I had never tried : fingering my own ass. And damn it felt good. It relaxed me, and I could feel that she was enjoying it too, because she could really fuck my throat then. And I felt she was getting closer and closer to her orgasm, so I focused back on her, letting go of my self ass-playing to grab her ass cheek, and pull her into my mouth. It really pleased her, and she was about to cum, so I pulled back my head and told her to plaster my face. With a groan, she accepted and finished herself with her hand. She squirted huge amounts of cum accross my face, and as she was emptying, I took her back into my mouth, to taste the sperm of this heavenly creature. I swallowed what was left. I could tell she was both surprised and happy about my behavior. She helped me clean up, and seeing I was still rock hard, she said : « we’ve got to do something about you now. But before, let me do something for both of us. »

I am a clean guy, and I shave my cock and balls to keep it nice and smooth for naughty girls. But I’d never had the intention of fucking myself or having someone fuck me in the ass before. So, I’ve got to say that it was not really a place I took great care of. So she turned me around, spread my legs and bent me over, and started shaving me. It felt good and she playfully touched my hole, which kept me aroused the whole time.

Once done with the shaving, she took a little bulb and filled it with water. At that time, I was quite unfamiliar with anal cleansing.

« What’s that ? I asked.

-That’s an anal cleansing bulb or enema, she answered. Don’t worry ; it’s painless and maybe you’ll just feel a bit funny inside, but you’ll be very clean in a very short time. And, I don’t mean to be rude or crude or anything, but it’ll definitely be better for the both of us. I’ll be able to make you discover much more things once you’re clean, and you won’t have to worry about a thing then. »

That was a turn off for me, and I started to question this whole thing. But then she said « don’t worry, I’ll be quick and you’ll be even quicker to forget it even happened. Trust me, please. » With these words and the sudden remembrance that, after all, I came here to enjoy a whole new experience which was set to make me discover anal pleasure, I came to the conclusion that she was absolutely right and that I was being silly. So I obliged and she did cleanse me in very little time. And soon I would see that she was right all the time, and that she had me forgetting about it and rock hard again in no time.

Pulling me out of the shower and into her living room, she laid on her belly on the couch, wrapped in her towel. She got rid of it, using it as a cover on the couch. Then she presented her ass to me and purred : « now, don’t you have anything else in store for me, you divine fucker ?»

I gulped and got up close. She grabbed a pot of lube, poured a generous amount on her ass, and slowly took her buttplug out. It was so hot, seeing her asshole slightly gaping. She sat back up, signaled me to sit next to her and as soon as I did, I had her between my legs, sucking on my shaft. She was great at giving head, and used a fucking ton of saliva, spitting on my penis, sucking on it, gurgling and gagging. I’m not big, maybe just over average but she told me that she had never had a better sized dick for her.

Suddenly, she pulled me to the side of the couch, raised my legs and started licking my balls, and then my asshole, and she started fucking me with her tongue. It was a whole new world for me, but it was maybe the most beautiful experience I had had. It was the best introduction to anal sex ever.

But I wanted this experience to last, and so I said : « I’m ready. » She looked at me smirking and replied : « No, fuckboy, you’re not just yet. » All the while, she opened a drawer of a small table next to the couch, groping around until she triumphally got a long but not very large buttplug out of there. She asked : « Now, are you ready ? ». I nodded, breathing rapidly. She grabbed the lube, covered my cock, my balls and my ass with it, and then placed the buttplug at the entrance of my asshole : « we’re gonna take it slow and you’re gonna love it, babe, trust me. » I nodded again, and I felt her pushing the buttplug lightly as she used her other hand to stroke my cock.

At first, it was a bit painful as I was quite tense. But with the help of her delicious handjob, I started to relax, and much to my surprise, I let the buttplug enter my asshole. It felt as if I had suddenly swallowed it, but the sensation was really amazing. « Good, she purred, now you’re ready… to fuck me. »

With no other words, she climbed on top of me, positionned herself, grabbed my cock, and slowly impaled herself on my rock hard cock. I could feel every inch of my dick entering her warm, sweet, welcoming butthole and so did she, gasping and shivering when she finally had it all in. I was in heaven, feeling my butt being slightly worked by the buttplug, and having this amazing muse enjoying my cock in her ass.

She started to fuck me slowly. I was almost paralized by the pleasure. She was getting harder, and it prompted me to masturbate her. She gladly accepted, and I could feel she loved every second. But I couldn’t hold it much longer, much to my regret and frustration, so I warned her I was about to cum. She smiled at me and said : « so soon ?! well, I guess I’m flattered really, but I’ll have to retalliate… go ahead and fill me with your cum. I want you to impregnate my ass. You should give me so much that I would drown in it… » Continuing her dirty talking, she pushed me over the edge and I obliged, filling her with so much cum that it felt like I had never came before in my life. « Wow, she said, a bit surprised, I hope you’ll save some for later. »

She slowly got up, and a good amount of sperm dripped on my dick and on my belly. With a malicious look, still standing, she bent over and licked my belly clean, and started descending towards my crotch, licking me clean in the process before draining what was left in my cock with an amazing blowjob. I felt exhausted, empty, but still horny at her sight. « Come here, I said. Let me return the favor. » « Gladly, she answered. »

And she climbed back on top of me, but this time on my chest. She took my head in her hands, and guided me to her semi-hard cock, forcing me to suck, and deepthroat her. She gagged me, fucking my mouth and my throat, using me with a brutality she had not shown before. « That’s my retalliation, she grunted. » I had recovered from before and her remark made me smile and I replied « come on, you’re too sweet for retalliation », and I took her balls in my mouth, playing with them with my tongue as I was jerking her off with one hand. With the other, I slowly played around her asshole, before pushing one, and then two fingers inside her. She was close, I could feel it, and a few minutes of that treatment would have finished her. But that’s not what I wanted. I wanted her cock inside me, I wanted her to fuck my ass and cum inside.

So I pushed her back. She looked at me, confused : « I’m sorry, did I hur… » « No, I cut her. Have no worries. But what I need you to do now is to fuck my ass and cum inside. I want to feel it. I need to feel you. »

Quietly, but with a sparkly, excited look, she got back up, stood back, and then offered me her hand. She helped me up from the couch, guided me to her bedroom where everything was set up. There were perfumed candles, a nice dimmed light and the bed was made with fresh grey sheets. I felt really comforted that it was her I wanted to take my virginity. I sat on the edge of the bed, and leaning back on my elbows, my intimacy fully exposed, I said to her, who was still standing on the doorstep : « what are you waiting for ? Come and fuck me in the ass, beautiful. »

Going all the way

I really felt shameless, comfortable even, and so I raised my legs and started pushing my buttplug in and out. It really turned her on and she approached the bed, pushed me a little further up, and kneeled at the edge. She laid on me, kissing me while letting me feel her rock hard cock rubbing on my belly and on my cock. Then, she opened a drawer of the bedside table, and took out a condom and a large pot of “relaxing” lube. Grabbing her hand before she could get back to her initial position, I looked her in the eyes and said : « no, no comdom. I want to feel you cumming inside remember ? »

She gave me a long, deep look, trying to probe me and see if I was serious or if I may have the slightest hesitation. I guess she couldn’t find any and so she just said « I want to fill you up with my cum too. » These words had me shiver and I just said « Now. », raising my legs to my chest and spreading my cheeks with my hands, presenting her my bare, fresh, virgin asshole.

She poured a humongous amount of lube on me, both on my cock and balls and on my ass. Then she started rubbing it in, all the while laying on top of me and kissing me. She took the buttplug out of my ass, slowly, carefully. She replaced it with her fingers, pushing one, then two fingers up my butt, making slow circles inside. I was feeling everything and it was amazing. Then she took her fingers out, again very careful not to hurt me.

I could sense this had pushed her to the limit of her mental ability to resist penetrating me. So I said again : « Now. » She didn’t need any more to go, so she positionned herself and placed the head of her cock against my butthole. She kept eye contact with me the whole time, and I could see a brief sparkle go through her look when she found my hole was welcoming her dick.

She gently, carefully and excessively slowly started to push against my asshole. I could feel the tip spreading me, trying to make its way inside, and the hard resistance I was opposing. It felt both stressful and incredibly arousing. But I could feel I was too tense for her to be able to do anything, and so did she. So she said : « I’m okay. Are you okay ? » I could only nod to her, as my throat was blocked by the stress. « Relax then, and most of all, enjoy it, sweetheart, she whispered, smiling. You and I are amazing together, and we are having an amazing moment with amazing sex. So enjoy. »

It made me feel a lot less stressed, and with the help of her giving me a great handjob, we got back to the business. She pushed and it was kind of painful, but the pain was overshadowed by the excitement. So she managed to push the whole head inside of me, letting out a deep, satisfied groan when she finally managed. I don’t know if it was this groan or seeing her happy or maybe a feeling that the worst was over, but from there I really relaxed, both mentally and physically. Allowing her to start fucking me thereby, she did initiate a slow back and forth movement, moving only her hips, looking at me with the fire of desire in her eyes and jerking me off.

I was really starting to enjoy it, and I wanted to feel her deeper so I tried a bit of a pushback movement to meet her small thrust. She got the message and started plundging deeper with every thrust but didn’t change the rythm, so that I could adapt. And I adapted just fine, letting out deep, loud, animal moans and groans and jerking myself, telling her to fuck me like there was no tomorrow. And I could see this all had an effect on her, picking up the pace as she took hold of my legs that were resting on her shoulders and pushed them back to get a better view of my tight asshole engulfing her deeper and deeper with every thrust, not letting her get out of there. She couldn’t hold back her pleasure, moaning and telling me how she loved my ass.

And right when I thought it couldn’t get any better, she hit the spot. I was so surprised by the sensation that I gasped and opened my eyes wide. She saw and thought something was wrong so she slowed down but I said, with a high-pitched voice : « keep going this is it I’m gonna cum !!! ». And she obliged, as she understood she was just giving me the amazing experience she had been talking about.

A few of these thrust hitting my prostate were enough to send me over the edge. It was my first prostatic orgasm, and I can’t really discribe how good and different it feels than the penial climax. It just drives you crazy, like something is propelling you into another universe made of pleasure. My physical reaction was just as amazing. I let out a long, loud cry, sounding like a real animal, as my throbbing dick started to shoot gigantic loads with a force I didn’t know I have. The first shot landed on the wall at the top of the bed. The second went in my hair. The third hit me right in the forehead and on my eyebrows and eyelashes as the fourth landed in my beard, adding to my pleasure and to her arousal. The rest splated on my chest and belly. I was covered.

That combined with my spasming asshole pushed her over the edge. Her face twitched and she had a sort of painful smile as she kept crying out « I’m cummin I’m cumming I’m cumming » and finally shot her load inside my ass. That felt incredibly good and her hot, sticky seed was filling me up. She was letting out loads inside and I could feel all of it coming from her burning, throbbing, rock hard cock.

The thought of what was happening gave me like a second orgasm, and even when I thought I had emptied my balls with the previous, I just kept on cumming, with a bit less force though.

This left us drained and exhausted. But I was happy as can be, and she was just as much. She pulled out of me and rolled to my side. She laid on her side, turned my head to hers, and she started giving me long and deep kisses. We stayed there for about 5 minutes. I was completely drained but happy and aroused and thankful to her for what she helped me live. She told me she wanted to clean me up a bit, and as I was making a move to sit and go to the bathroom, she stopped me and started licking the cum I had sprayed over my body, licking it all clean and finishing with a quick yet adorable suck on my dick.

It had turned me on seeing this and I thought I would give her her money’s worth, so I got down to her penis and, to her very surprise, I satrted to suck it clean too. She quickly took her dick out of my mouth and said with some embarassment « you don’t have to do that, you know ».

My sole answer was to put myself face down and ass up on that bed, exposing my cum-glittery asshole and pushing hard I managed to let out a little bit of cum from my ass, which rolled along my balls and dick. I wiped it with my hand and licked it clean, with a slow, obvious and teasy look to her. She sat back and I placed myself on my belly, in between her legs and I started licking and sucking the cum off of her dick. It didn’t taste nothing but cum. So I decided I would drain her some more and I gave her a long blowjob, finishing her off with some rimming.

« Now we can go and clean up, I said. » We were exhausted, but we got to the shower and washed each other. We were both in heaven and time felt as if it had suspended its course.

When we got out of the shower, wet and naked on our way to her living room, she whispered « I can’t let you win like that » and she pushed me over the sofa, bending me with the upper half of me laying upside down on the backrest of the sofa as my lower half just stood exposed. She fell down to her knees and started rimming me all while jerking my cock and balls. She sucked, kissed, licked and spat on my ass, cock and balls as much as it needed for me to just climax once again. I sprayed it all on the backside of her leather sofa, and as I was just about to apologize and say I’d go and get something to clean this, she gently pushed me out of the way and licked her sofa clean of any cum stain, giving me the same look I had given her earlier.

We both bursted out in laughter and kept on teasing, kissing and chatting each other for the rest of a very naked and wet night.

As I was about to leave in the morning, I could see something was bothering her, and that she was not telling me everything, but I kept my mouth closed, unwilling to break the magic of this amazing night with her.

As I said « See you around then », ready to go standing on her doorstep, she began to cry, and through her tears said « I don’t think we will meet anytime soon. » It hurt me but I tried to keep it together and asked :

« and why is that ?

-well… because I’m a… I’m an independent escort. And this was my day off here. And I travel a lot. »

It was a shock, but in a sense I think I was kind of ready for it, kind of expecting it. So I didn’t make any drama, and instead I offered to meet whereever and whenever we could. She was so happy she kissed me like I was her boyfriend, and agreed to it. And actually, we did enter kind of a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship, that we maintain to this day.

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