Oops! auto-dripping milk on the subway.

Breastfeeding is complicated. It sometimes has a mind of its own. Sometimes it’s tied to your orgasm response further complicating things. Taking a short subway isn’t free of issues always. Doesn’t matter what I wear or do it can get messy. Taking a short ride one day I thought I was safe. It was a short enough ride that it shouldn’t be an issue. I was wrong.

My boobs had gotten bigger for sure and I went up a couple bra sizes. I was a surrogate for a couple. As I was produced milk I gave it to them. After I pump they relax down about almost a size leaving them bouncy in my bra. My shirt is looser too. And I open a couple extra buttons to let my boobs breathe on the subway, I like to give men and women a nice view of my boobs if they want, I’m proud of them. Men strain to look up my skirt, I never wear panties, too fucking hot!! Never wear stockings or pantyhose either, I have nice long legs ending in a silky pussy. Even after the baby I snapped back. My hips were a little wider, but the doctor put an extra stitch in to put me back to 18 year old tight. I was spared stretch marks and a flabby ass. My boobs hung more but they looked good, I think. Big dark nipples that were long when in action or even just happy to see you. Cool breezes by the ocean also.

I looked down and I was lactating. Fuck. I had no choice but to open my shirt and pull my bra down. Lucky for me a couple lactation freaks were on the subway. A well dressed young guy and a young girl. They were textbook adult breastfeeders except young, about 20. We can help!! Holy crap, turns out they’re together. They jumped into action. They sucked on my boobs drinking my milk. Each one had a tit. My clit was tingling. The milk slowed down a little. The girl said “oh oh. Someone’s going to cum. Are you gonna cum. I shrugged my shoulders. “I’m on the edge”. Some spectators were enjoying watching, others repulsed. The girl decided a good fingering is what their thank you for the milk would be.

They sucked my tits and both fingered me and jerked off my swollen clit with a passion. Now my dress was getting soaked under my bum. The girl said, no biggie, you can have my T-shirt to wrap around your wet spot. I asked what she’d wear. She lifted her shirt. She had a trendy sports bra. Smiles. “Close enough, right?”lol she giggled. Ohhh nice squirt.

The milk stopped as we got to the station. It wasn’t their stop but the exited with me. We laughed. Weirder shit has happened on subways. They asked if I’d be into getting together. I’d never fed 18 and 19 year olds. They sorta talked me into it. They had a car and turned out they had money. Live in a nice brownstone!! They picked me up and took me home. I sat on the sofa waiting. They came back dressed like toddlers. Crazy. At least no diapers. I’d seem that. I was spared. They had pink and blue jumpers on. They laid one on each side of me and sucked baby milk. I always got turned on and the girl always worked me off. The last time I got a sort of bonus. The guy went down on me. The girl scowled, he never licks my pussy!!

We did this until I was done lactating. The fact they kept breastfeeding extended it 6 months. Sadly after I was done lactating my breasts looked terrible. They had been DD and were now badly deflated. The nipples were in odd areas. I was depressed. My milk drinkers had money from some income that I never asked about. They arranged a breast reconstruction. Minimal implants and I ended up with wonderful C cups with dead Center nipples that had returned to dark pink. They looked great. The couple said, “it was the least we could do. Thanks” we remain friends. They had their own baby a few years back. The husband and I sucked all her extra milk in the evenings.

We were all lactation freaks. 😉

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