One of the best nights of my life!

I (m34) was dancing in a club. I was pretty drunk and all my friends were already gone. I danced alone to the music and had my eyes closed and was in the music. Suddenly a woman came, pushed me against the wall, kissed me and grabbed my penis and whispered in my ear that she would like to fuck me. I was immediately really horny and hard….she grab my hand and we went out of the club, around the next corner she pulled down her dress and we had a short fuck until I cum all over her. After that she smiled at me, gave me a kiss, said that we will maybe meet again and went away…I hope so much that something like this happens to me more often…I found it so hot that the woman knew exactly what she wanted and just took it…just thinking about it makes me horny. I hope it will happen soon again!

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