one-night exhibitionist

I can’t believe I’m writing this. Ever since I can remember I’ve fantasized about showing my body but never really acted on it. In real life I am in fact quite shy and modest.
A few nights ago these thoughts were driving me crazy and all I could think of was how badly I wanted to be seen, so I opened a profile on an app and sexted with I lost count of how many men. The exchange was so hot I was lightheaded the following day. It was some of the filthiest talks I’ve ever had. Things I would usually be offended by were turning me on. I realized I can also be bratty, and thought it was curious how much guys seem to also enjoy that role play. I’m curious to explore further but I’m also a bit shocked that happened and these thoughts are taking a lot of my headspace so I think I’ll need to leave it at that.

p.s. guys, I understand you do love your d’s. but I hope you could see how really it’s not the same as for you seeing tits and being immediately turned on. good dirty talks and teasing is super hot.

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