One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure – Part 3

Brittany was approaching the end of her first semester of Junior college. She had been living with her boyfriend for almost nine months now. Her days of living out of her car and working for the escort service were now buried in her past. She rarely thought about her time with her high school boyfriend. He had walked out on her shortly after getting her pregnant. Post abortion, working for the escort service and living in her car was the lowest she had ever been. Her parents never really wanted a relationship with her after she left home. So, Rickie was her only family now.

Brittany was studying for her very first set of finals when her boyfriend, Rickie, got home from work. He was a lawyer and was a Junior partner. She could tell that he was overly excited by something. He sat down on the couch beside her as she asked him what had him so worked up? “They announced today that since we a huge year financially, they were taking all the Junior and Senior Partners on a four day trip to Cabo San Lucas as a thankyou for a great year. The trip includes the partner plus spouse, or partner plus one. And, you my dear, will be my plus one if you would like to go.” Brittany was floored. She had never even been out of the state; let alone to another country. She got up from the floor and jumped into Rickie’s arm.

The next month was a whirl wind of shopping and planning. Rickie took Brittany shopping for all the clothes she would need and want for her four day trip. Passports would not be needed, since it was all private charter. However, Rickie had to pull some strings in order to get Brittany’s legal birth certificate prior to departure. With finals finished up and all the bags packed, the couple were off to the airport for their flight down to Cabo San Lucas. Everything on this trip would be new for Brittany and Rickie could not be more excited for her. He even had a little surprise planned. Their only requirement was a group black tie dinner scheduled for the second night of the trip. Otherwise, the rest of the time was theirs to spend.

The resort looked like paradise to Brittany. Sun, sand and swimming pools everywhere. Their room was no less impressive. It was a huge suite with a private balcony that overlooked the ocean. And, all the alcohol was free for the weekend. Another perk of the Law Firm. Brittany was out on the balcony of the 10th floor, looking at the ocean for the first time. The sound of the waves and the smell of the ocean was intoxicating. Rickie joined her out on the balcony, wrapping his arms around her from behind. Brittany twisted in his arms and kissed him deeply. “I want you inside me. Right here, right now.” She reached under her spring dress and pulled off her panties; letting them fall to the floor.

Rickie took down his pants, freeing his rock hard cock. He lifted Brittany’s dress and easily slid up inside her soaking wet pussy. The couple went slow; as to not draw attention to themselves. And, Brittany had to bite down on her hand in order to not scream out in pleasure. The combination of Rickie’s cock and the ocean sent her into orgasm in less than a minute. Rickie continued his slow assault into her depths as her own juices began to drip down her legs on both sides.

To his credit, Rickie was able to hold off cumming for almost 10 minutes. During his slow pleasuring of his girlfriend, Brittany had cum at least three times; if he went by the constriction of his cock by her pussy. Then, as Brittany’s fourth orgasm started, he was beyond gone. He pushed up inside her as far as he could go and emptied his balls into her depths. As the two came back down from their first of many sex sessions of the weekend, Brittany suggested they change into their swim suits and hit the pools.

Brittany had picked out a beautiful two piece that had straps that attached the bikini to the top that barely held her ample DDD’s. As the two settled on a couple of chairs in the shade, Brittany got her first look at the wives and girlfriends of Rickie’s fellow partners. All of the Senior partners had spouses who were at least 20 years younger or more than themselves. Including the three female Senior partners. Most of the Junior partners were unmarried. But, their plus ones included these skinny models who all had big boobs and tiny waists. Brittany was the only one who was not a rail thin runway model. However, when she looked at Rickie, he was beaming about showing off his beautiful girlfriend to his coworkers. If Rickie didn’t care about her size, she would try to not let it get to her.

A little while later, while the pair were standing at the in pool bar, Rickie got pulled away by a Senior partner to speak with someone. Less than 30 seconds later, a much older man came up beside her. Brittany recognized him immediately. His name was Brian. He was one of her first clients when she started working for the escort service. She remembered him because he treated her like garbage. He was horrible to her, physically abusive and once he was done, he kicked her out of his hotel room without giving her the chance to even get fully dressed.

He slid his hand down her ass and gave her a squeeze under the water where no one could see him. “I see that one of our Junior partners hired you for the weekend. If you want to make five hundred bucks, me and several of the Senior partners would love to party with you for a couple hours. Think about it.” Brittany was in tears when Rickie got back. She took off for their hotel room with Rickie in tow; not understanding what happened. He ended up just holding her until she had cried herself out.

Brittany told him what happened and what Brian said. She didn’t want to go into details, but she felt she owed Rickie the truth. By the end of her story, Rickie was beyond pissed. He wanted to march back down to the pool and throw Brian a beating in front of everyone. But, Brittany stopped him. She did not want him to lose his job. She just wanted to go home. And although he tired to make that happen, they had no open flights back to the States until the same day they were leaving already. So, the pair decided to stick it out. However, he was not going to let this go unpunished.

Rickie tracked down Brian’s wife and asked to speak to her. Her name was Gloria and she was a typical trophy wife of the Senior partners. She followed Rickie back to his room and sat while Brittany told Gloria what Brian had done, and what he said. Gloria, needless to say, was fucking pissed. However, instead of marching down to confront her cheating husband, she asked Brittany if she was up for some revenge? She laid out her plan and Brittany was more than willing to take part. Just before she left, she pulled Brittany aside and confessed that she also used to work for an escort service many years ago and to not be ashamed of that. She also told her to hold on to Rickie with both hands. Love like his was not common in this field of work.

Brittany managed to track down Brian and told him she was game. However, she wanted a Thousand up front and they would have to come to her room or the deal was off. “What about your ‘Boyfriend’?” he asked. “Don’t worry about him, he isn’t invited.” So, Brian readily agreed and went off to round up his fellow Partners. Less than an hour later, no less than five of the Senior Partners showed up at Brittany’s door. First, she asked for the cash up front. While she locked it in the in room safe, she told the guys to strip and she excused herself to the bathroom to change into something sexy. She asked thru the door if everyone was naked and ready. She got an excited group “Yes!” from everyone. But, instead of Brittany walking out naked, out came Gloria and Brittany with their phone video going.

After the shock wore off of his wife walking out of the bathroom, he tried to blame it all on Brittany. However, she stopped him before he buried himself any further. All of the men present were all married. Gloria informed all of the Senior Partners that she would keep this from their wives on two conditions. Each of them were to pay Brittany $10,000 each. No exceptions. And, if they ever went after Rickie at the firm, she would send a copy of the video to each of their wives. After some very unhappy words, they all got dressed and left. As Gloria pulled her husband out of the room she said to Brittany, “Now go find that man of yours and enjoy the rest of your weekend!”

Brittany found Rickie nervously waiting for her down on the beach. Much to her surprise, he had a huge picnic laid out for them and was waiting on her to join him. He jumped up and gave her a big hug and kiss. He waved at the spread before them. “A present from Gloria. A completely catered beach picnic paid with her husband’s credit card.” They both had a laugh and enjoyed the rest of the evening together. The picnic came with an enclosed Cabana that the couple could be assured of complete privacy. Rickie paid the waiter a big tip and asked not to be disturbed.

Rickie turned to find Brittany butt naked waiting for him on the huge lounger. Rickie stripped off what few clothes he had on and joined Brittany. The two began to kiss, as their hands explored the other’s body. For Rickie, Brittany’s tits were da bomb. Two very huge, very squishable melons with nipples the size of a sharpie. He always made sure Brittany had a huge orgasm from his sucking and squeezing; paying extra attention to her nipples. Brittany tried very hard to be quiet. She had to bite her own hand in order to keep from screaming out loud as her orgasm hit.

Maybe it was the excitement of fucking over those old dicks, or maybe it was the fact they were fucking in a semi public area. Either way, her orgasm was massive and she squirted fluid down on the lounger they were laying on. Once she had finished, she turned around and crawled on top of Rickie; placing her soaking wet pussy squarely over his mouth. She then grabbed his hard cock and began licking and sucking it while bobbing her hands and head up and down the shaft. Rickie never lasted long with her blowjobs. And, he knew to grab the back of her head and shove his cock down her throat just before he cums. It is an amazing turn on for her and loved being choked on his cock as he came.

Rickie learned all of Brittany’s triggers many months ago while licking her bald pussy. And since he had already made her cum hard, the next orgasms usually hit fast and hard. Today was no exception. He managed to latch onto her clit with his teeth as he flicked her clit with his tongue. At the same time, he shoved two fingers up her pussy and began to finger bang her at the same time. In less than minute, he had Brittany cumming and screaming around his cock.

The pair continued like this for several minutes as Brittany started to orgasm back to back to back. After about five minutes of her sucking his cock, he knew he was about to cum. With his hands busy with her pussy, he lifted one leg, put it behind Brittany’s head and pushed down hard. He felt his cock slip into her throat as his first sput of cum exited his cock. After 5 real good shots, he released her head and let his leg fall back down on the lounger. Brittany, to her credit, continued to suck him clean, which kept him rock hard, before turning back around and mounting him.

She slowly impaled herself on him as he reached up and began to pinch and pull on her nipples. Once Brittany had a good rhythm going, she bent down and kissed Rickie deeply. The movements were slow, the passion was level 10 as the sound of the waves was the background of the two as they made love in that Cabana. Brittany had two more orgasms while on top before Rickie felt his orgasm hit. All of the sudden, he arched his hips up and pushed down on Brittany’s knees as he shot his load up inside her. As soon as his first shot of cum painted her insides, Brittany’s own orgasm hit as the couple finished cumming together.

After lying together for 15 to 20 minutes, they got dressed and took a walk along the shore. Rickie stopped her and said, “I think I am going to find a different firm to work for. I don’t want you to ever have to deal with those assholes again.” Brittany cupped the side of his face and replied, “No. Gloria took take of that. They won’t ever be bothering us again.” “I will not allow them to win. You worked too hard to get all your years of service just ripped away.” He kissed her and said, “Well then. If we ever have to interact with them again, you will be able to as my wife.”

Rickie went to his knee and brought up an engagement ring that he had in his pocket. He slipped it on her ring finger while looking directly into her eyes. Brittany just screamed yes, pulled him up and jumped into his arms. She was so excited she was shaking. Once he let her back down onto the sand, she said, “And, we can use Gloria’s hush money to pay for the entire thing!” The two had a good laugh as the made their way back to the hotel. And the best part, they ended up walking past Gloria coming back from the beach. Brittany showed Gloria her hand as they walked by her. Gloria was all smiles. “You keep this one. He is one of the few good ones.” She patted Rickie arm as she left. “By the way, I left you a little surprise under your pillow.”

As the two got back to their room, Brittany quickly looked under her pillow. It was an envelope with five checks made out to her. The pair soon forgot about the money as they were once again, naked falling to the bed. It was a trip to remember; for so many reasons.

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