On Display (Kind Of) [MF]

It started innocuously enough. We were laying there in the sweaty afterglow, cuddling and exchanging sweet words of affirmation.

“Our sex life has got SO much better over the last few years,” announced Emily “New things we’ve done have made such a difference.”

Endorphins and dopamine were still running through my system, so my usual brain/mouth connection was misfiring somewhat…

“Yeah,” I replied without really thinking “Imagine what we’d be doing if you hadn’t stopped fucking me for a decade.”

Emily gave me a look an swatted my arm.

“You’d have probably dragged me off to a swingers club or something by now.” She said with a giggle.

“Probably,” I laughed in response “Either that or we’d be on that show where couples try swapping for the first time.”

“You just want to fuck Precious.” Emily admonished with a smile.

“Like you don’t…”

“No… well actually yes… but I preferred it when everyone got together in the big room and the new couple would fool around while everyone else was fucking.”

I remembered the scenes she was talking about. I also remembered the talk we had when watching the show. Emily has a slight exhibitionist streak and she was turned on by the thought of us having sex in that room while all the swingers watched or had sex with each other.

Fantasies are fun, but we both know it wouldn’t happen. Still, with the jogging of my memory, the seed was now planted and a plan began to form.

A couple of weeks ago, we went away on a short break and I ended up typing Emily up and “exposing” her while we had sex. She enjoyed that little bit of role play, safe as she was in the knowledge that I’d never put her in position to be actually seen (unless she really, really wanted it) and she could stop everything instantly with a single word.

I waited for the weekend to put my plan into action, as I knew I wanted to take my time and an after-work quickie wouldn’t cut it. After our usual weekend morning ritual of groggily watching TV while drinking coffee we had our showers. I went first and when Emily had finished drying off she went to the bedroom to find a blindfold, stockings, her collar and wrist/ankle cuffs for our under-bed restraints set out on the bed.

Her face lit up at the prospect of some kinky fun and she eagerly donned the items I’d laid out for her. Normally, I don’t hang around and watch while she’s putting on her outfits, but there’s something about her putting on a pair of stockings that I can’t resist. She put on a little show for me, stretching her long legs out while sitting on the bed, slowly pulling the stockings up her legs and smoothing them them with her hands, all with her eyes locked on mine.

When she was ready, she lay back on the bed and I slipped the blindfold over her eyes before attaching her wrist and ankle cuffs to the restraints.

I could tell Emily was already getting aroused, as she was rubbing her thighs together. I put a stop to that by adjusting the straps so she was spread-eagle on the bed. She was so turned on by this point that her pussy appeared to be drooling. I silently cursed myself for not having the foresight to put towels down on the bed, but I was sure that what was to come would be worth filling the washing machine later.

Once she was in position, I ditched my shorts (the only thing I was wearing post-shower) and joined her on the bed. I switched on the TV, which I had linked to my iPad and began streaming a swingers/orgy porn scene that I found. I picked it because it started as a party, so you could hear people talking and drinking before everyone started fucking.

I leaned in close and explained what was going to happen.

“Can you hear our little party, my love?” I asked. Emily nodded.

“You’re going to be on display for everyone the whole time. A room of strangers are going to be able to see you. I’m going to let then take pictures of you. If they ask nicely, they’ll be allowed to touch you. Are you ok with that?”

Emily bit her lip and nodded again.

I positioned myself so my head was between her open legs and lowered myself down to kiss her glistening pussy. I kissed it gently, before giving it some soft licks. Emily is one of those women who likes her clit to have somewhat rough attention. This gentle tease was torture for her. I moved away as she began to try to hump my face, resulting in a frustrated whine.

I grabbed her Lush vibrator and rubbed it up and down her soaked entrance. She was nice and wet, so the Lush was lubed up naturally and I didn’t need to reach for the bottle of lube. I eased the vibrator inside Emily, causing her to moan as she recognised the device and realised what was going to happen.

I switched the vibrator on and selected a random pattern on the app. Emily moaned again and started to fidget as the vibrations began to flow.

I stepped back off the bed, then leaned down and kissed my prone wife, before briefly leaving the bedroom to retrieve my DSLR. I switched the sound on my phone, so it would make a “shutter” noise when I took a photo, but the proper camera makes a different noise and I wanted to create the illusion of multiple people taking pictures. I didn’t know if she’d be able to notice the cameras flash under her blindfold, but those differences would be a bonus if she could.

When I returned to the bedroom, Emily was biting her lip to stifle her noises as she wiggled her hips and humped the air in frustration, listening to the sounds of the “party” in the background. I smiled to myself. I knew she imagining being on full display for the room of people. She’d probably be still as turned on even if she didn’t have her vibrator.

I took a photo with my phone. Emily reacted to the noise (and maybe the flash?), but she was used to me taking photos with my phone. I reached over and stroked her leg. A flinch in response. I said nothing as my hand drifted upwards, lightly moved across her clit and down her other leg. Was it me, or one of the “guests”? In her fantasy, there was no way of her knowing.

I looked up at the porn on the screen. I only had a few more minutes before the party section stopped and the sex began. Time to move things along.

I leaned down to Emily’s chest and licked her nipple. A load moan was my reward. In her current state, I could see it wouldn’t take much to push her over the edge. I decided she’d earned her first orgasm.

“Are you enjoying being a slutty display piece for our party, my love?” I whispered in her ear.

“Yes…” was the moaned response.

“I think it’s time you showed them how beautiful you are when you cum…” I said before I started kissing her neck as my hand moved down her body, squeezing her nipple before continuing down over her belly, making its was to her soaked pussy. I began circling her clit, eliciting more frustrated whines. Emily began to try to move against her restraints, increasingly desperate to take control with her own hands and get herself off.

“Let them see,” I whispered “Show them what a good girl you can be for me.”

I moved my head lower, taking a nipple in my mouth, sucking and licking as my had began the back-and-forth swiping that I knew would put her over the edge.

Emily suddenly began thrashing against her restraints, arching her back as her climax approached. With my free hand, I reached for my camera and pressed the button to take a picture. The unfamiliar sound and bright flash came at the same time she did. I brief look of confusion crossed her face before the orgasm took her.

“I said they could take pictures,” I said as she lay there trying to recover. “Let’s give them a real show.”

Switching her vibrator off, I eased it out of her. It came out easily, followed by Emily’s gushing juices. She’s no squirter, but when aroused she’s like a river that breaks its banks. Yep. Definitely going to need to wash the bedding. Oh well.

I released the ankle cuffs from the restraints and positioned myself between Emily’s legs, lifting them over my shoulder as I slid inside.

I kept my camera within reach and pressed the button again as I pushed my full length into my wife. Emily reacted with a loud groan, affected as she was by me filling her and the fantasy of an unseen spectator taking pictures of us in her vulnerable state.

The porn moved from “party” to “orgy” as I began to thrust harder into her.

“Listen to the party, my love,” I said “You’re so sexy they can’t help but start fucking each other because they can’t have you.”

Emily strained her arms against the restraints as we fucked, wanting to hold me, grab my arms or shoulders and hold on as she climaxed again. I kept going as she sagged back against the bed. Almost immediately her moans began to increase in volume and frequency again as I coaxed her towards another orgasm.

The orgy on the screen was kicking into high gear at the same time, the room was filled with the combined sounds of my wife and the onscreen women being fucked within an inch of their lives.

As I was pondering out next move, Emily came again, her legs going stiff against me, almost pushing me off her as she writhed on the bed. I held her in place as she rode out the aftershocks.

“Big one, huh?” I asked as she began to calm down

“Gotta put on a show..” she replied with a smile

“Time for the finale!” I said before releasing her wrists.

Emily tried to reach for the blindfold but I stopped her.

“No, my love. They get to see you, but you don’t get to see them.”

I lay down on the bed & pulled her on top of me.

With no hesitation, Emily reached down, positioning me at her dripping entrance before slamming down on me, impaling herself on my solid cock, before grinding like a woman possessed.

She leaned forward as she rode me, enabling me to take one of her breasts in my mouth. I grabbed her ass with both hands and kneaded her cheeks as I guided her rhythm while sucking on first one nipple then the other.

Emily’s moans began to give way to more… vocal… expressions as she began to cum again.

“Fuck… fuck… god… fuck…”

“Listen to the others,” I gasped at her. I could feel my own climax approaching and knew I needed to get her over the line quickly. “They can see how hot and sexy you are as you ride me. You’re making them so horny they can’t help but fuck.”

“Oh fuck… I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Emily began to almost convulse as she came, her arms giving way causing her to collapse on top of me. I was so close, I couldn’t let her rest. I rolled her off to the side of me so she was on her back again and leaped to my feet beside the bed. I positioned myself close to her chest, rapidly stroking my cock until I finally erupted over her.

I lay beside my wife and we were both panting, completely spent. The porn was still playing in the background. I wanted to make a comment about how she had put on a good show for the guests, but the words wouldn’t come.

After a few minutes, Emily reached up and removed the blindfold.

“Well… that was quite something…” she said with a smirk.

“Uh-huh. Oh! I’ll get you a towel!”

I went to the bathroom to grab her something to clean my cum up with, and had to laugh as I heard the familiar buzz of her favourite wand and knew she was watching the porn that was still playing on the TV.

I returned to the bedroom to see Emily doing exactly what I thought she was doing. Without speaking, she sat upright so I could sit and hold her from behind, as she gave herself one last orgasm. I squeezed a breast with one hand and put the other around her throat as she came for the final time.

Emily shuddered and tapped my leg to let me know to release her, before passing me the wand.

“All done, my love?” I asked with a smile.

“All done, darling,” she sighed in response. “For now.”

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