Older woman at shitty strip club

I like to go this this seedy strip club , not big deal only 2 stages but it’s full nude and the rules are pretty relaxed.

I was sitting at the bar enjoying the show when an older woman sat down next to me and started to make conversation. She was not really what I came here for, at least 50 graying hair , not a BBW but close , but she did have a very cute face, similar to Pam Grier , at least under those lights she did.

She was very friendly offering to buy me another round as I finished my drink.

As we talked she kept scooting closer to hear me better. Eventually she has her hand on my thigh rubbing and then she start to rub the head of my cock and says you must really like her , talking about the dancer on stage.

I’m taken back but am enjoying it to so I roll with it and adjust myself so my cock if free on my pants for her to feel and she starts to feel on it and tell me she loves to tease me.

After a few more dancers she asks if I want to let her play with it for real. We head back to her place.

She had me sit on her couch and she got down to bra and panties and then got in between my legs and we made out for a little before she slowly pulled out my big white cock, she said white guys aren’t usually this big as she slowly licked from the base to the tip. She gave me some amazing head before she let me fuck her.

She layed down on the couch and I put a condom on and started to fuck her when she stopped me and asked if I was clean? How do you feel about cuming in me baby ?
And before I could answer she was pulling the condom off and I was I her beautiful black pussy raw.

I fucked her for a hour in any position I could think of before she rode me until I came deep inside her. We then took a shower together and had a softer more romantic session in her bed.

I woke up to her sucking my cock saying she wanted some more cum.

She didn’t look the same in the light of day , she might have been closer to 60 and not nearly as pretty but she was naked begging for my cum and the pussy did look just as good, so I fucked her until she came then I put her in doggy and fucked her untill o came smacking her juicy grandma ass and making her moan for me.

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