Old Guy From The Vfw

This past summer I (F20) was at a vfw event with my grandparents and my parents. They are all members there being that my grandpa and dad were in the army.

As I’m there an older member (M50) struck up a conversation with me. It was pretty hot out that day and I had a dress on with only a thong underneath.

And I was very horny too! I had just came off my period a few days prior and was craving sex. My pussy was freshly waxed and ready to go.

After a little bit I told him I needed to go to my car. I was parked down the street. He walked with me. I made sure to let him get a good view of my butt and my thong line as I got something out of my car. Then I think he got the hint because he told me his house wasn’t too far away.

We got in my car and went there.

As soon as we were in his living room his jeans and tighty whities were off and his old cock was in my mouth.

Neither of us had a condom and I’m not on birth control so I said I can either just blow him or asked if he had lube. He said lube I got. I told him he can fuck my ass

Bent over the couch with my dress hiked up and my thong to the side he stuck his fat hairy cock in my ass. My pussy was dripping! I rubbed my clit and had two orgasms as he fucked me

As he got close I told him to cum in me. And he sure did. He was a loud cummer. He came in my tight ass and then slowly pulled out.

Hearing him say i haven’t had sex in so many years was quite surprising. Then he said he felt lucky to do it with a beautiful young lady and especially fuck my ass. He hadn’t done anal in over 30 years!

I wiped my butthole clean and he cleaned his dick and got dressed. Then we headed back to the vfw

The rest of the evening I was around my family with an ass full of cum. My thong just covering my sore hole

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