Nurse visit

I developed these bumps all over my body and try they were super itchy. My sister in law is a nurse so I asked her about it. She told me try some cream and see how that works. It helped a little but the itchiness kept on. She was like I can come over and look at you, but it won’t be for a few days as I’m busy. But M can come by and look if you want. I said yes, and was prepared for her to come by.

She stopped by and she was like alright take off your shirt so I can see what’s up. I did and she was like oh that’s just a little bit of an allergic reaction clearing up. I said it’s everywhere and I was just concerned. She said alright let me see where else. I was like I would have to take my pants off for you to see. I’m a little embarrassed. She told me she’s a nurse and there’s nothing to be embarrassed by. I’m like yeah but you’re my sister in laws friend and my fiancées friend as well. She was like it’s fine take them off. I did as she asked and she is just staring at me. She’s like I’m going to lift your penis, to see. The minute she touched it, I knew it was wrong, but I got hard. She was really hot and her touching it unleashed something. She laughed and said, I was expecting that. I apologized, but she kept touching it. She started making a slight movement, and it felt like she was jerking me. What are you doing I asked. Well I mean, you seem to be enjoying it, do you want me to stop? Absolutely not, and so she kept going.

I pulled her scrubs top up and revealed her bra. It was pink and lace and I started rubbing her tits. She removed her bra, and I started rubbing her nipples. She got in her knees, and put my cock I her mouth. Some of the best head I’ve ever received. I told her I wanted to fuck, and she got up pulled her pants down and her thong off. We sat on the couch and she started fucking on the couch. I came inside her, and then she got up, got dressed and told me to keep this between us. Was the only time with her, but my sister in law, is a different story.

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