Nude Surprise. Part 2

Jess just smiled at him. “Ok.” he sighed “Look at me. Just look everyone in the eyes, and try not to pay attention to the fact that your naked.” Then he handed Jess our room key and said. “We will all meet up later.” and headed into the resort with the rest of the family.

I resigned myself to the fact that I was stuck here and decided to just go with it. I stripped down, and Jess and I headed to our room.

On our way I tried to keep myself covered as I checked out everything the resort had to offer. There was a gym, a pool, a beach, a spa, a tennis court, a golf course, even a basketball court.

As we walked I seen a lot of people, all walking around and doing activities naked. There were all sorts of them. Tall people, short people, skinny people, larger people, some good looking, and some not so much, but no one seemed to care.

We finally found our room, and as soon as we were inside, I confronted her about the resort. “How could you not tell me that this was a nude resort? That should have been one of the first things you told me about the place.” “I knew you wouldn’t have came if I told you. Besides that, you said that you would keep an open mind.” She said. “I am keeping an open mind, but this is a lot more open that I was thinking. I guess I’m already here, and I’ve gone this far. I’ll make the best of it, but I do have some questions.” I said. “Ok. What are they?” She asked. “Do I need to use a towel when I sit, so I don’t leave butt and ball prints? And what if I get a hard-on?” I asked. She laughed a little and said, “The sitting towel is optional. They have crews constantly cleaning for sanitary reasons, and hard-ons are ok. They are a natural reaction, just don’t go around showing it if or hitting people with it.” After a few more questions I was pretty sure I understood the rules and etiquette to be followed.

We fiddled around in the room for a little while and I started checking out Jess. She bent over to put some things away, and her perfect ass and pussy were pointing straight at me. My dick instantly started to grow and within a few seconds, was at full mast. Jess stood up and said, “Let’s go check out the resort.” while grabbing her key. “Umm… I’m not going out with this thing.” I said pointing at my hard-on. She smiled and said “I guess I do owe you for putting up with my little surprise.”

Jess pushed me back into a chair, dropped to her knees in front of me, and tied her hair back. Before I could say anything, she had my dick in her mouth and was slowly, and softly blowing me. She had blown me a few times before, but this was a lot more sensual. She was taking me deep into her mouth, and wiggling her tongue on the bottom of my dick as she did it, occasionally taking it out of her mouth to lick it up and down a few times before returning it.

Her mouth felt amazing. She was keeping really good suction and she was working her tongue like a pro. Every now and then she would try and deep throat me and gag herself a little. Right behind her on the wall was a mirror, giving me the perfect view of her naked body as she was sucking. It was almost like watching a porno, but I was the actor getting blown.

After a few minutes I could feel my load building, and knew I couldn’t hold it. “I’m about to cum.” I said. Jess had always told me to warn her and she would finish me with her hand, which was always disappointing, but this time she kept going.

My load was building fast, so I gave her a second warning, assuming she didn’t catch my first one. “I’m gonna cum.” I said, trying to hold my load back. She started going faster, and moaning. She even reached up and tugged on my balls a little.

My cum was at the base of my dick, and ready to launch. I gave her one loud final warning. “I’m cumming!” The second the words left my mouth, my cum exploded into hers.

My first shot launched straight into the back of her throat. She gagged a little, but managed to keep sucking with fast deep strokes. Rope after rope I threw into her mouth with incredible force. It felt like I was shooting gallons into her, but she was able to keep most of it from escaping. She was blowing me so good, it felt like she was trying to suck out my soul through my dick. She slowed down a little, and I could tell she was struggling to swallow my cum as fast as it was filling her mouth.

My orgasm slowly came to and end, and she came off my dick. She ran her thumb up the bottom, squeezing out the last few drops of cum, and licked them up. Then she slowly licked every inch of my dick, cleaning up every drop of cum that had leaked from her mouth.

“Oh my God, that was hot!” I said catching my breath. “I told you I was going to make it up to you, and that should help prevent any unwanted erections for a little bit.” She said with a smile. “I didn’t think you let guys cum in your mouth.” I said. “I don’t, but you earned it. From now on, you can cum in my mouth every time, and you don’t even need to warn me. That way I can’t change my mind.”

I was more than happy with that news, I figured at some point she might take it back, but I was going to take full advantage of it while I could.

After cleaning myself, and letting my dick soften back up, we went for a walk around the resort. This place was huge, and it had everything that you could think of. It had a private beach, gym, workout area, pool, tennis court, steam room, sauna, bars, restaurants, casino, spa, golf course, and much more. There was a ton of staff everywhere as well. They were also nude, but kept a little lanyard around their necks, with their name and a photo, so you could identify them.

As we checked out to the beach, I noticed a couple off in the reeds. By the movements and sound I heard, I could tell that they were having sex. I asked Jess about it and she told me that sex was allowed around the beach area. If you were in a secluded area, that meant you wanted privacy, if you near the reeds, but not in them, people were allowed to watch, and if you were out in the open, people could join. She explained that it wasn’t a swingers resort, but they wanted a place for people to freely express themselves and let loose if they chose too.

I thought the idea was pretty cool. I was too vanilla to want anyone to watch or join, but I was open to the idea of going out into the reeds later.

After exploring the resort, it was time for dinner, so we went and met with her parents and headed to the steakhouse. On the way, her parents told me that they were happy that I decided to stay and hoped I was enjoying the experience so far.

Continues in part 3

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