New Jock Tales–Freshman Year–Pt 9–Sweet 16, Pt 1 by DiamondDawgDillon

New Jock Tales—-Freshman year–Sweet 16 PT 1

It was the most anticipated day of my life. More than anything football. More than Christmas. More than the day I finally popped out numbers 7 and 8 abs. More than the day I discovered hair up in the crack of my ass. Even more than the day just a few weeks ago when I finally measured up 9”. Lotta of fuck meat for a Freshman. Today, was my birthday—drivers license !

I met it with a bit of melancholy though. The original plan was to be at the car lot, and grab that jeep I had my eye on for a whole year now. It was actually still there. But since the falling out with Mark Mattox back before school started, I hadn’t done as well at getting ‘hook ups’, selling my big jock dick to pleasure middle age women, and sometimes men. He arranged most of that. I was still about $750 short.

I decided to not let it get me down. I jumped up out of bed, dick swaggin half way to my knee. After a quick piss, up the stairs for some coffee, and a smoke. Mom was home from the diner—already snoozed out. I put on the coffee, and head back downstairs. I fish out my moto pants, and put them on freeballin. I loved the tightness of the kevlar fabric—without a jock, there was no hiding ur rod in these puppies.

Back upstairs I pour up a cup. Back downstairs again, this time sliding into my moto boots. They were already getting a bit snug, only a few months old. I figure I would be a sz 12 by the end of summer. I smiled to myself at how I had blackmailed dad into getting me the dirt bike, and all the gear. Son-of-a-bitch should not haved r a p e d my ass, along with help from Mark Mattox, and Maurice.

Putting on the chest protector and jersey, then back upstairs for a go cup of coffee, I head for the garage and swing open the door. It was a beautiful day in May in east Texas. Already heating up for the summer, about 80 degrees. School would be out in just 2 weeks.

Unchaining the dirt bike from his rack (yep—him), I put my go cup in the back pack and sling it over my shoulder. Mounting the bike, just two kicks and it fires right up. I grin as I rev the engine a few times. Already my dick n balls start stirring. I blast out of the garage like it was a tunnel—fantasizing to myself of getting the ‘holeshot up the middle’ That’s motocross talk. I plan to ride in some contests this summer—so we’ll see how that goes. Straight down the street a few blocks to the abandoned golf corse, then across it to the field behind. It had rained three days this week, so I figured the best way to cheer me up was to get muddy. And I loved to get dirty—dry or wet.

I spent about two hours tearing up the field. I was totally covered. I had peeled three layers of shields off my goggles, and now had only one left. Decided I should quit until I could get more peel a-ways, I take off my helmet and casually head back up the street towards the house.

About half way up I see a man flagging me down, looked to be about 40 or so. I roll up to him at the end of his driveway and shut off the bike. I say “morning” and he returns the same, followed up with “you sure are making some noise this morning”. “Oh—yes sir, Im sorry. You don’t realize how loud a dirt bike is with the helmet on and all. Hope I didn’t wake you”. “Well, no actually, I was just coming out to get the paper. My name is Kirk”. “Hi Kirk, I’m Matt Dillon”

“Ahh hell—Dillon—the quarter back”?. “lol, ya—in the flesh”

Well, nice to meet you. Looks like you likes to get muddy”

I flash a big grin, and explain to Kirk it was my birthday, so I was kinda just celebrating a bit. Then I told him about the jeep, and how I was disappointed at being short on money—I really hoped to get it today. “Ya, that’s sad Matthew. So—good looks, super star status—you gotta girl friend”? I chuckle a bit, and respond “naa—I ain’t ready for that tie me down BS. Mostly that’s the girl prancing around school bragging about dating the quarterback from the football team. I got a pretty big dick, so I can fuck just about anybody I want—everybody wants some of Matthew Dillon’s dick”.

Kirk does a nervous chuckle, but finally replies with “Ya, I can see ur packin a lot of equipment down there”. Finally—I had him now. “So, if it’s ok to ask—what actually are you hanging”? I flash a big pearly white smile, and reply “well, just a couple of weeks ago I measured up, and I hit 9”. “Oh my god Matthew, that’s huge”! “LOL, ya—it’s a big piece of meat for sure. Pretty thick too—I love jackin it— I cum like a donkey” I could see the nervousness in Kirk’s face, prolly thinking to himself just this conversation with a juvie could just about land his ass in jail. “Damm Matthew—so, you still got your cherry”? I giggle a bit and reply with “ahh shit no man—I busted my cherry the day I became a teenager”.

Kirk had a look of shock on his face, and I continued with “I was at this halloween party,and to tell it quick, this girl pulled me around to the back yard, behind a storage building. She ask me could she suck my dick. I was a bit nervous, but I had heard guys at school talking about getting their dicks sucked. So I just said ya, and just whipped it out. She commented that I was really big—which even then I guess I was. Shit man, I was just getting started in puberty, and I was already 7”. She got right down on me and started sucking away. She was older, a Jr I think, and was able to take me all the way down. I was in pure fuckin heaven. I had never dreamed something could feel that good. After about 5 minutes of slobbin on me, she came up, and just said ‘fuck me’.

I was amazed—she spun around and just bent over, lifting her skirt up. She wasn’t wearing any panties, and she reached back to help guide me into her pussy from behind. Being that young, and first time, it didn’t take long. I prolly only pumped her about 10-12 times. Then I started, kinda like a chant, ‘oh fuck—oh fuck—oh fuck’. The girl quickly pulled off me, and spun back around on her knees again. But I was so far past the point of no return, that before she could get her mouth back on my dick, I blasted. I shot 5 nuts right on her face. Being that young I prolly didn’t have any ‘bois’ yet, just the semen. It quickly dripped down her face, and she proclaimed “Holy shit—even my boyfriend doesn’t shoot like that”. I kinda laughed nervously, but it felt good realizing that I shot a lot of jizz. And that was pretty much it.

“Damm Matthew, that’s quite a story. So how many girls since then have you, uhh—”. “It’s ok Kirk, you can say fuck. I gotta pretty filthy mouth”. “LOL, ok, so how many”? “Hmm, maybe 10-12. Haven’t really kept count. Even let a couple of dudes swing down me”. “Really—that’s amazing. Not many

b o y s your age would admit that”. “Ya, I guess, but I don’t really give a fuck. Besides—anybody that ever let a dude suck his dick, knows it’s better than girls”. Kirk continues with his amateur like questioning. “So what was that first one like”?

“LOL, I remember it well. I was in study hall, and asked to go piss. I was there at the trough in the b o y s room, just started pissing, when in walks this other dude. Rather than go for the other end of the trough, he walks up right next to me—maybe 2 feet or so. I was already kinda street smart, so I figure he’s checkin me out. I don’t know if he knew who I was or not, maybe it was just gonna be his lucky day. So, I let go of my dick, and leaning forward a bit, put my left hand on the wall, kinda up above head level. I continued pissing for nearly half a minute. A couple of glances showed that he was entranced, so I just kept on with the show.

As I finish up, I bring my right hand back, and tickle the hairs on my balls, which produce another short stream. Then, since I know he’s watching me now, then I take my middle finger and thumb, and give a couple of light thumps right on the top side of my dick head to get those last few drops, right. His eyes kinda widened, and I knew now I had him. I turned to the right, facing him. Putting my hands back into the back pockets of my Levi’s, I nudge them down to just the top of my hairy muscled thighs. The dude finally lost it, and just standing there staring at me, I mutter, “well punk, you gonna suck my dick, or what”? He got a look of terror on his face. Most likely what he came there hoping for, but not really expecting it. Becoming impatient, and a little nervous that I had been gone too long from study hall, I reach up with my right hand, and put it on the top of his head. I knew he wanted it, so I began a moderate pressure, pushing him down.

With a bit of resistance, he gradually gets to his knees, but still just staring at me. I grab a fist full of his hair, and then commanded in a low throaty voice, “suck me punk—or loose your chance”. With that he finally opens his mouth, and takes my dick down, all the way to my pubes. My pubs were all up in his nose. I just held him there for a few seconds. Though just a Freshman, I was already pretty bushy. I measured them one day, and they were nearly 3”. The line from my balls to my asshole was also getting pretty thick, and I had a dense swirl right around my hole. I could smell my own funk, and it was making my dick swell up like a dog.

As I started pumping his throat, in and out, full shaft each time, it didn’t take long—feeling the tightening in my abs and thighs, and my balls rising up, I finally blasted—about 7 shots of my hot gooey junk went flying down his throat, straight down to his belly. He choked up a bit as it was a pretty big load. I yanked him by the hair again, pulling him off my dick. I stuff it back into my jeans, still wet, and half hard. As I headed for the door of the bathroom, I take a quick glance back. The dude had now turned back to the trough, and was whacking away at his dick, lol. As I exited the bathroom, I heard a low sustained groan. Guess he got what he wanted”.

“Wow Matthew, that’s an amazing story”. “Ya— I can just walk down the hallway’s at school and point at somebody. We sneak into the b o y s bathroom, and I get my dick sucked,lol.” “Matthew—I’m just gonna go for broke here. What would it take to show me that big dick, and maybe watch you jack off”? I flash a big grin at Kirk, and respond “I tell ya what Kirk. I kinda like you n shit. I see your yard needs mowing already. You give me a contract on your yard for this summer, and I’ll let you watch me pull a nut. And you will really like it cause, I blow a really big load. And I really want that jeep really bad”. Kirk, still a bit nervous, asks what I would charge him for the yard, and I tell him 20 bucks. He said that was a pretty good deal, and he even had a mower—so I wouldn’t have to borrow one. We shake hands on the deal, and we decided I would get to it right away. He said I could come inside and take a shower, and he had some shorts and some old kicks I could put on to mow in.

It only took about 20 minutes to mow. Corse, it was about 90 degrees now, and I had worked up a fresh coat of sweat, and my pits were already getting ripe. We walk around to the back yard to the patio. Kirk had a shadow box fence, so not likely to be seen by anyone. I drop the shorts, and kick back onto the chase lounge, hanging my legs off each side. I immediately grab my dick and start a slow stroke, while Kirk comments on my hairy legs, and ass. My leg hair went all the way down to my ankles, and was even staring to show on the tops of my feet. As I began tugging down on my balls a bit, and taking a whiff of my now ripe, moist, bushy pits, I swell up to full vein popping hardness, and my big mushroom head starts turning purple. I didn’t know it yet, But I was about to make the deal of my young life.

To be continued

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