New Jock Tales–Freshman Year–Pt 4 by DiamondDawgDillon

New Jock Tales—The Beginning PT 4 Countdown

The forth week of pre-season training had now begun. All the coaches and staff were now present, and this week we would began learning and running plays, and more section training. Of course there was an important item to take care of right off the bat. I called a meeting just before practice on Monday.

“Maurice —your cut—I think you know why”. “Yes sir” was all he said. OH—in other news, If you want war paint for Friday night, then be at the locker room about 30 minutes before dress out. Some guys from the art dept will put it on you. That’s it guys—hit the field”

As the team hit the doors to run for the field there was a high level of excitement. Finally they got to start learning some plays, instead of just running the track and lifting weights. I lingered behind with Maurice as he changed out of his practice uniform, back into his clothes, and then escorted him from the locker room.

Practice went well. The b o y s learned some plays quickly, and executed them with awesome accuracy. Coach even complimented me on the shape of the team. The team as a whole, had gained 225 LBS at this weeks weigh-in verses try-outs. That was an average of 5.5 lbs each. That’s a lot of muscles in just 3 weeks for a bunch of 15 year old’s. Even our four ‘fat b o y s” had lost an average of 12 lbs in the same 3 weeks. It was going to be great.

The excitement built all week. The team worked extra hard for the opening game. Banners and flags were appearing everywhere—even around town. Some were calling it the game of the century. If we could beat the Tigers, and bust their 3 year winning streak, we would be on our way to great possibilities. If we loose—then party’s over, on first game.

Wednesday had arrived. Practice had gone well, again. The team was getting more excited, and all day at school you could hear students chanting “Mustangs”. I walked out into the garage and just stared at it. Honda Cr 125-rocket, with all the gear. Dad had certainly come through after I blackmailed him into getting it for me. I been so busy with football I hadn’t even touched it yet. Even though an off-road vehicle, I decided it was time to give it a spin. I stripped right there in the garage, and slid into the moto pants, free-ballin. The tite smooth material, nylon and kevlar, gripped around my low hanging jock dick. The white and silver main colors enhanced it’s look—appearing nearly twice as big. I rubbed my shaft a bit making it lengthen a bit more. Damm, that was a big dick. Looking in the mirror leaning against the wall, the seam of the seat crawled right up the crack of my ass. I just grinned to myself. Facing back frontwards, I clenched my stomach, making my abs pop. Raising my arms to the sides, I flexed my muscles. For a 15 year old, I was a brick shit house. Even had that ‘V” going on at my back. I always tried to be more thankful than proud. My body development was exceptional, and rare. I was one lucky white b o I . I glanced over my shoulder to see my lil bro, Dustin, sitting in the doorway, sucking on a Yahoo, watching me show off to myself. I just shoot him a big grin. “Later, lil bro”.

I pulled on my moto boots, white silver and blue, with the thick tall socks, then adorned the chest protector, skipping the jersey. The bike fired on the first kick. Revving it up a few times in the garage, I took in the noise from the reverberation off the concrete walls—I couldn’t stop grinning, and dick was growing by the minute. Dustin came into the garage basically jumping up and down, and cheering me on. Grabbing the clutch, I pop it down into first gear, and tore down the driveway into the street like a screaming banshee. I never felt so alive. It was only about 6 blocks to the old golf corse, where behind it was a huge open field, and then woods. I headed straight for the dirt—I was ready to get dirty and stinkin 🙂

PORN Matthew—jeez the porn !! Ya-ya, I know—Im leading up to it 😉

I ride in the field for about 2 hours doing some basic maneuvers, mostly to sling the most dirt. I accomplished my goal—I was now covered in dirt and sweat, and pretty much smelled like a pig. I stuffed my nose into my ripe bushy pits, inhaling my funk. Sitting on a pic-nic table, I was surprised by a dude about my age walking up on me. I looked up and just said “what’s up” ? He replied and commented me on the bike. Said it looks like I like getting dirty. “Well ya—that’s the whole point ain’t it”? He replied “I guess so” and went on with “So do you always check out your funk after you ride”? I gave a slight chuckle and replied “I get off, actually, on my on funk”. “No shit ? So like when ur whackin off you huff your pits”? “Hell ya dude—I guess it’s the animal in me. My own stink bones me up—or even someone else” ending that statement with a smile, and grabbing my swelled up dick and giving it a hard squeez. I figured with the direction of conversation, I was prolly about to get some head right here.

“Damm dude—is that all fuckin you”? “LOL, ya—it’s me, and I ain’t even hard yet—just swelled up”. “Oh fuck man—so how big do you get”. With a bigger shit-eatin grin I proudly offer “gets up to about 9”; just depends really on who’s sucking it” There was a long pause with nothing being said, so I said I needed to piss, and there was a shower house up the hill. Nodding my head, I motioned for the dude to follow me. We walk into the abandoned house, stinking loudly of piss and mold and mildew. I walk up to the trough, and snapping the button on my moto pants, and unzipping the fly, haul out my cock and balls. Leaning forward, and placing my right hand up on the wall, I let go of my junk and let it hang free. As the strong pent up stream of my hot jock piss begins, the dude just stares with his mouth open. I give him a little grin and just say “big, huh”?

He replies with “big—ur a fuckin horse”. “ya”, I say, “just a lucky white boi”. As I shake out the last few drops of piss, I just turn to face him. Still staring at my now half hard dick, again I grin and just say “Ill let you suck me, but be warned I cum like a donkey”. Without even looking around, the dude fell to his knees, and grabbing my cock engulfed me all the way to the pubes. I lit up my face, as not too many could take me all the way down, even though I wasn’t fully hard yet. Backing up, I took a seat on one of the changing benches, and pulled my pants down to my ankles. Removing my chest protector as well, now gave full access to my wide spread legs, with my low hanging hairy balls in full swing. I raised my arms back behind my head, and the dude then grabs my by the waist and went to town, up and down my thick vein popping dick.

The lip lock on my cockhead was amazing. The fuck juice started leaking from my head almost like I was cumming. I lowered my right arm and placed it on the back of his head. Not pressing—more like guiding his head as he went up and down my thick jock cock. Resting the back of my head against the concrete wall, I closed my eyes, and just totally engulfed myself into the deep cock worshiping I was receiving from this stranger. As my thighs began to tremble just a bit, I softly murmured “soon—” The dude looked up at me for a moment, and smiling, continued to work my heavily loaded jock meat. Just as my abs began to tighten up, and I could feel them popping up, there was a voice. “Damm, Matthew—you just sling that big dick about everywhere huh”?

Startled, I yanked my head to the left, and there stood Kelso, from the team. We had played baseball together too—about 7 of us had come over to football our freshman year. I just smiled and said “what’s up dude”? Kelso, kinda laughing responds with “Up ? Looks like you is what’s up” ! Dude started dashing for the door, but Kelso placed his arm in the doorway, blocking his exit. “Don’t think it would be polite to leave a job unfinished, fag. They’s a really big dick over there getting cold without ur mouth on it”. The guy just stood there, staring at Kelso, slightly trembling. Kelso raised his left leg up and gave a really hard push to the dude, and just said “git, b o y” The dude returned to his ‘station’, on his knees and resumed his cocksucking duties. Kelso, with a big shit-eatin grin, invited himself over to sit beside me, and also lowered his jeans to his ankles. As he began to play with his dick, and fluffing up his pubes, he reaches over and grabs the dude by the hair, and pulls him over to his dick, and commands “now me”.

The dude was now scared shitless, and began a relentless sucking of both our cocks, back and forth. I was getting totally into it, as we roughed him up a bit, knowing to ourselves that we wouldn’t actually hurt him. After a few minutes of this excellent service, Kelso once again grabs the dude by the hair. (He seemed to like doing that) Raising his legs up, he rests his heels on the edge of the bench, and pushing down on the dudes head, orders him to “eat me”. I assume, from experience, the dude knew what Kelso meant. He shoves his face right into the crack of his ass, and began licking his crack, and then probing right into his hairy jock hole. I kinda smirked at first, then leaned over for a better view. I grin at Kelso and asked was it good and he replied “ya—want some”? Eagerly I respond “Oh fuck ya dude “ ! Pushing the dude aside with his foot, Kelso orders him “eat Matthew’s ass” Without hesitation, dude dives right into my hairy crack, just like he had done Kelso. As he probed my hole with his tongue, he came off after a few seconds complaining that I was ripe as fuck. Kelso just laughed, and slapping the dude across the back of his head, says “ya fag—just the way you like it-nice n greasy”

It didn’t take long on this ‘sperm of the moment’ action, to get me to the edge. I breathed out, “I’m getting close yo” Kelso responds with “yank the fuck outta it Matthew”. As he grabs dude by the hair once again, and pushes his head back to his dick, Kelso starts humping the dudes throat, ‘skull fucking’ him. Now shaking myself, and abs popping up like a hundred crunches, I grab my low hanging ballsac backwards, and with thumb and forefinger pull down and squeeze. Working up a mouthful of spit and snot, I spit it out into my right hand, and grab my dickhead, and began the final assult of my thick jock meat. In just a few strokes, I murmur “here it comes”.

Slouching down across the bench, becoming straight and rigid, I blow. BAMM In about 3 seconds, 7 shots of unbroken rope of thick jock juice come catapulting out of my piss slit, flying over my head, and hitting the wall behind me. Continuing to erupt, about 5-6 more leave a thick trail from my face down to my pubes. At almost the same time, Kelso grabs dude by the head, and pushes him down on his thick jock meat to the pubes. Humping his throat, and throwing his own load of heavy jizz down this throat, straight to his stomach. Kelso and me together let out a few moans and growns—not too much mind you, we were ‘str8’.

As we both subsided and got our minds back, just sitting there, covered in jizz, Kelso orders the guy to lick up all my cum. He does so as ordered, then Kelso states he needs to piss. I agree with a ‘me too’, and as I stand to head for the piss trough again, Kelso snaps his finger at the dude, and points to the floor. As he kneels down and lowers his head, Kelso cuts loose a strong stream of piss, right onto the dudes head and face. Flashing a quick grin, I join in on this action, and between the two of us we pretty much soak the dude down.

Finishing up our piss, and zipping up, Kelso then orders the dude to get out. He darts for the door, and within moments went totally out of sight. I just look at Kelso and smile, and ask “who the fuck was that”? Kelso responds “Shit, don’t really know. I think his name is Jamie, but I dont know nothin about him. Just catch him around here every now and then”. “So—-how long you been coming here getting your dick sucked dude”? “Hmmm, about a year, I guess” “Damm”

Kelso and I part, and I hop back on the bike to head for the house. I’m sure Dustin was getting hungry by now. I pretty much forgot about Jamie in a few days, but I would encounter him again—in about five years.

Hopping down the stairs to the basement, I head for the shower to wash all the dirt and grime and jizz from my body. Comming out, there stood Dustin, holding a towel.

“You got a really big dick, Matthew”

“Ya—you’ll be big too lil bro, don’t worry”.

“Want me to jack you off”?

I smile a big flash, and tossel his hair. “Maybe later bro”.

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