New Jock Tales Freshman Year PT 2 by DiamondDawgDillon

New Jock Tales—The Beginning, Pt 2

It was now Thursday of week one of pre-season training. Coach asked me how it was going, to which I told him I think it’s good. It’s a slow process at first, but by the third week, it will pick up really fast. “They just think Im wearin them out now coach—just wait till week three” I said to him with a big grin. “Just be sure your working yourself, Matthew, as well as your teammates. No good to have a winning team if the quarter-back turns out the weakest link”. “No problem coach—Im on it”.

As I entered the locker room most of the boys were there, just horsin around. Dress was still in it’s simple stage—sweats, jocks, and sneaks. The 4 mgrs were on top of their game—already had the coolers and powdered gatorade ready for the field. I watched my lil bro, Dustin, working his ass off. Damm—just two years younger than me– he was hot as fuck—just like his big bro 🙂 I couldn’t get the thought out of my head—it’s time to bust that cherry 🙂

Most were shirtless, already sweating in the hot humid locker room. Most were already getting a fine hot Texas tan. I felt a stir in my dick and balls, and noticed Maurice tilt his head up and smile. I gave a smirk back to him, thinking of that big black cock, and admiring the sleekness of his smooth dark skin as the sweat ran down his super flat torso. I felt my dick stir a bit more, and turning away looked down at my waistline, and whispered “not now—dick head”. Then I let out a slight chuckle as I got the pun on words I just uttered. I was pretty sure I was still str8, but quick thoughts of jack off sessions with dad when he came in off the road, and that room full of half naked maleness left me confused. I had just yesterday evening after practice nailed Mandy Johnson under the bleachers. As the team headed for the showers, Mandy intercepted me and wasted no time asking me about my big dick. Corse I was proud to tell her she could see it, so we quickly darted behind the stands.

I hauled it out for her, and as expected, her eyes widened and mouth fell open. I just stood there grinning at her, and she commented I was bigger than her older bro. “Ya”? I asked. He was a sophomore, and Mandy said not near as big as me, and hardly any hair. I pushed her openly free info and asked “how do you know”? She just smiled real big, somewhat embarrassed I guess. I simply responded “aaahhhh” Avoiding the line of questioning, Mandy asked if she could touch my dick. I smirked and said sure, “but it might get hard”. Mandy looked at me with a smirk, and then grabbing my shaft at the base, dropped to her knees and took my dripping head into her mouth. She murmured “hmmmm” as she put a lip lock on me and sucked like a vacum cleaner. The pressure on my head was as tite as sometimes my fist gave it when jackin off. She continued to murmur as she sucked on my swelling head. I assumed she was getting off on the sweetness of my fuck juice. I reached up with both arms, grabbing the steel supports from the stands above us. Stretching out felt good, and I got a whiff of my ripe stinkin bushy pits, sweating from the hot Texan sun. “Oh fuck” was all I could mutter. Mandy jumped up, and spinning around while pulling down her skirt, exclaimed “ok, Matthew, fuck me”. I really wasn’t expecting that, but darting my eyes around, and seeing no-one around, I quickly grabbed her by the waist, and slid my swollen jock cock into her tite wet pussy. She felt like a wet sponge, and I carefully drove in and out of her, taking care because of my big dick. It was only my 5th piece, from school, and I hadn’t found any of the girls could take all 8”. With that thought, Mandy turned around and exclaimed, “fuck me Matthew—fuck me” “Damm, was all I thought. I tightend my grip around Mandy, and pulling back, rammed it to her—all 8” “Oh ya===oh ya Matthew, like that” almost screaming. I continued to thrash her pussy, now dripping all over my hairy cock and balls.

The sweat begin pouring from my pits, and chest, now soaking my pubes and balls. The mixture of my funk and Mandy’s pussy juice baking under the heat was about to put me over the edge. It only took a few more thrust into her tite wet snatch before the abs started to tighten. “Oh fuck—here it cums” With three quick slams, I then yanked my dick from Mandy’s pussy, and placing my head right above the top of her ass crack, busted my nut up her back. Rubbing my head up and down her ass crack, and over the outside of her pussy lips, I saturated her with my massive jock load. Spurt after spurt of my thick goo, started running down from her back and ass, dripping to the ground. Mandy quickly spun around, and dropping to her knees again, sucked in my head, and swirling her tongue around my piss slit, sucking in my jizz and her juices, along with my sweat, caused me to literally fall to the ground. Mandy fell on top of me, and continued cleaning up my juice covered cock. Then running her tongue upwards, began licking the sweat from my belly and chest.

I pushed her up and said I should get to the locker room—the guys would be wondering where I was. She smiled, and pulling up her skirt, said OK—later. As I entered the room, most of the guys were already stripped down and in the showers. I quickly stripped down myself, and headed for the center head, with dick hanging even lower than normal. After just a few seconds, all the b oy s lit up in a loud roaring and cheering. Oh FUCK—they knew. My face turned red, and I actually faced the shower as I suds up. As the applause dissipated, one voice piped up “Hey Matthew it’s cool—we just wanted to show our appreciation for ya” Holy fuck—they had arranged it. While I was deeply proud in one respect, I was totally embarrassed the other way. I mean fuck—were they watching ?????

Anyways—turns out Mandy Johnson was pretty much the biggest slut in the Freshman class. So promising her a hard fuck from the quarterback on the football team was pretty easy. I learned later that she had already fucked 12 guys on the team. Holy fuck. A couple of weeks later, just before the opening game, I learned that her big bro, Tony had heard about our little fling. I was worried that some ass stomping was going to be required, but I was surprised when Tony caught me after practice one day and invited me over that Saturday night to throw a 3-way on his lil sis. I was totally shocked at the openness of the family fun, but then thought—fuck it, hell I jack off with my dad—how many do that ??

So—back to today. I order the offense outside, run, run, run. Then do some passing and catching. We soon had to decide on a few for back-up quarterback. I think they were all pretty thrilled at finally doing something besides running and lifting weights. On the inside, defense was again, on the weights. I instructed the b o y s to split up in 4’s. “Each group make sure you get one of these little guys—show them some attention, and make them feel important. “Work um hard—make um hurt–put some muscle on them guys. Make them feel good about themselves”.

As practice ended for the day, Maurice came up and asked if he could get a ride home. I said it was up to Mark, But Im sure it would be OK. Mark shows and grabs us all up—me, Maurice, and Dustin. Somebody mentioned food, as it was now nearly 7:00 PM. I said we could eat at our house, and they all said kewl. On arrival Maurice said he should call home. I said it was fine, that in fact he could just spend the night, and go on to practice with me tomorrow. All that was good, so I asked about food. We all agreed on BLT’s, pork n beans, and tator tots. As we got the food prepared, we then huffed it down like a bunch of starving animals. I bribed Dustin to do clean up with peach cobbler and ice cream later, and us ‘big b o y s” headed for the basement. I quickly slapped a porn into the VCR, and fished the bag of dope from my nite stand. Mark and Maurice just stood in the middle of the floor, grinning at each other. “I dont know about you dudes, but Ive had a pretty long day—and Im ready to bust some spunk”.

“Ya, sure dawg, we can be up for that”. So as the porn began, and I roll up and fire the joint, we all strip down . As we each started playing with our own dicks, Mark reaches over and grabs Maurice, and starts working up his big black cock. Smiling at me he says “beautiful, ain’t it”? I just smile back, and respond with, “ya, it is” “And busts pretty big too, huh”? I just stare at the two of them, and reply “ya, I guess. I heard most Negro’s cum a flood” Maurice and Mark just kind of chuckle at each other, while I still work on getting my own dick worked up. With no further conversation, Mark suddenly leans over, and gobbles Maurice dick down. Maurice stretches out, and lets out a low groan. Shocked, I stop playing with my dick, and just stare the the two of them, with mouth hanging open. “Better close that mouth Dillon, before you get something in it”. Smirked Maurice. I just mouthed the words “what the fuck” Mark motioned for me to return to the bed, and as Maurice scooted over to the side, I jumped back in the middle. Mark then rolled over again, and went down on my now throbbing jock cock, swallowing me down to the pubes.

As Mark works up my now vein poppin stick, Maurice gently rolls me to my side, facing Mark. Then, spreading my ass, dives his strong wet tongue into my musky hairy crack. Working up and down my crack, he then settles his tongue right into my funky hairy hole, and probes. Literally fucking my hole with his tongue, Mark, at the same time, starts tonguing my dick head and piss slit. It was the most awesome thing ever. As I throw my head back, and feel my eyes roll back, they both continue their awesome service of my slit and hole. Of course, such attention didn’t take long to send me to the edge. It had been building since about noon, when I first walked in the locker room gazing at all that young fresh meat. In just a few minutes, I started to tighten up, with my abs popping out, and my thighs becoming a solid mass of muscle. Mark comes up off my dick, and whispers to Maurice “I think he’s ready”

Maurice comes out of my now wet and greasy jock hole, and gave me a hard slap on my ass. Mark grabs my engorged dick, and squeezing it tightly, yanks the fuck out of me, until in no time, IM blowing jizz all over my bed. Shot after shot of my super thick goo cover the sheets, and saturate them from my load. Mark and Maurice gently giggle at me and my massive explosion all over my bed. “Just think how big the next one’s gonna be” chuckled Mark to Maurice. I look around and curiously said “next” ? Maurice and Mark again chuckled, as Maurice rolled me back onto my belly, then took a seat right on my waist. Then Mark climbed up and sat on my back, right on my shoulders, and from nowhere produced a pair of hand cuffs.

“What the fuck” was the only thing I could mutter. Mark just grinned, and replied “relax, homeboi—this won’t hurt a bit”. With that, he grabs my right arm, and slaps the cuffs across my wrist. Reaching up to the wall, he attaches the other end of the cuffs to an “O” hook in the concrete wall. There were several in the wall around the room, and when we moved in we never figured what they were there for. Then, in same fashion, he grabs my left arm, producing another pr of cuffs, and attaches it to another hook to my left. The hooks were a fair distance apart, and they stretched my arms out, stretching my chest to an almost painful level. My chest and ribcage were at full capacity, and I could barely breathe.

“Aight guys, this ain’t funny—what if Dustin suddenly walks in”? “Oh we will take care of Dustin bro, don’t you worry your pretty white face”. With that Maurice grabs my right ankle, and wrapping a length of rope around it, then wraps it around the rail of the bed stand. Mark following suite on the other side, they now had me locked down tight, on my belly, and constricted to the point I could barely move. I was actually starting to get a bit scared. Maurice give me another hard slap on my ass, and in a devilish tone says “ya, that’s right white boi—we gonna make you feel real good now”.

I started trembling, wondering had I pissed off either of the two of them. They started heading up the stairs, saying they would go take care of Dustin. I screamed back at them they better not touch him—I would kill them. Mark turned around and gently spoke “Goaddam Matthew—chill. We aint gonna hurt your lil bro—just that cobbler and ice cream you promised” After about 15 minutes they both returned, smacking their lips. They said they put Dustin to bed, and told him if he heard some noise that it would just be us wrestling around, not to worry. Mark spoke up and said “and hey bro—we even brought you some ice-cream too” ! As Mark and Maurice sat on the bed on either side of me, I suddenly felt an ice cold sensation in the crack of my hairy jock crack. Mark was rubbing the ice-cream up and down my crack, sending a shuddering up my spine. He then probed my hole with his long middle finger, coated in the frozen dessert. I shuddered, and tensed up, but Mark quickly pulled his finger out, then plunged it right back in my super tite jock hole. Several times he jacked his thick finger in and out of my hole, until finally, I relaxed. “I think he’s ready” he said softly to Maurice. With an evil grin, Maurice stood up from the side of the bed—it was only then I noticed that he was sporting a full blow boner, with his huge mushroom head leaking fuck juice, just like I did.

He climbed up behind me, placing his knees just inside my thighs, and thrusting outward, f o r c e d my legs even more open than they already were. The pain was now reaching a higher level, and I started sweating from my pits and forehead. With another swipe of ice-cream in my ass crack, Maurice then plunged his thick black cock into my hairy jock hole-plunging it all the way down. I let out a shriek, to which the two of them just laughed, with Maurice saying to Mark “Oh ya Boss, I think he’s gonna like it” Maurice began an immediate assault of my deep shit canal, slamming me each time with full force, burying his huge black cock to the pubes, and I could feel them as they rubbed across my ass. He continued for several minutes, until finally delivering about 4 quick and extra hard thrusts, unloaded his thick gooey spunk, deep into my guts. Spurt after spurt filled my ass, until I could feel it leaking back out of my hole across the back side of my balls.

With yet another hard smack on my ass (I was kinda getting tired of this), Maurice jumped off me, and with barely a pause, it was now Mark on my back, slamming his own rock hard 10” cock into my greasy slimed up yung hole. As Maurice before him, he immediately went to work jamming his thick monster pole into my slimy hole. By now, Maurice had made his way around to the side of the bed, and grabbing me by the hair, stuffed his greasy black cock into my mouth. Covered in my ass slime and his cock juice, he simply muttered “suck” I sucked down on Maurice thick cock, still hanging about half hard. Working up the spit to wash him clean with my mouth, suddenly Mark cries out like a banshee. “Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuck” With a final plowing, Mark hammers my dripping wet jock hole, and unleashes his own load of cock snot into my already filled ass. As he dumps his seed deep into my guts, just as Maurice had done, once again I can feel the goo oozing out of my ‘used to be’ tite jock hole. Dripping down my hairy nuts, and pooling under them on my sheets, Mark, this time, gives me a hard slap on the ass. He then, Like Maurice, walks around the bed , and stick his thick monster shaft into my mouth, for me to suck clean the ass juice and cream covering his dick.

Mark reaches under my belly, and grabs my dick and balls, and just says out loud “yup, this punk is hard as fuck” In a few seconds there’s a sound of someone clearing their throat. “So—how did he do

b o y s” ? Hearing an all too familiar voice I jerk my head to the side, and almost screaming, “DAD”

“Come on up b o y s—we’ll let Matthew get some rest, and sleep. He’s gonna need it”

With that they all head up the stairs, and on reaching the top, turn out the lights, and close the door.

I was now in a state of terror.

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