New Jock Tales–Freshman Year–Chptr 8–Homecomming–PT 2 by DiamondDawgDillon

New Jock Tales—Freshman Year—Chapter 8–Homecoming PT 2

“May I have your attention please—all members of the freshman football team are to report to cosmetology following the final bell”.

Four hours to kick off. As the team gathered in the ‘hair club’ I explained to them the orders we had been given to get hair cuts. “I know it sucks guys, but we don’t want the rep from other students accusing us of being privileged cause we’re jocks, either. The handbook says ‘off the collar, and above the ears’. So—that’s exactly what we’re going to do”. “So—like what Matthew”? “We—are going to get mohawks” There was a long pause before someone finally spoke up. “Hell fuckin ya Dillon—let’s piss um off” Others cheered and yelled ya-ya-ya, but one guy spoke up with “Matthew—we’re gonna get into trouble”. I cracked a smile and replied “ No doubt we will catch some shit if we do this. But, I talked to Barry Holcomb’s dad, he’s an attorney, and he said there is nothing legally they can do to us. The rule is non de***********ive, other than the one line. So, are you guys with me or what”? More roars for the affirmative, so we proceeded. “And guys, when you look in the mirror the see your new cuts, keep ur hands off ur dicks. NO JACKIN OFF BEFORE THE GAME” !

Game time had finally arrived—we busted through the banner, with helmets in hand, proudly displaying our new spiked up mohawks. The crowd went nuts. I could see several of the tigers making jesters at us—mostly unbelievable expressions on their faces. Intimidation—works every time. As I ran past the principle, and other school officials on the side line, he pointed his finger at me. I just shot him a big ‘suck my dick’ grin. He was red as a beet.

OK, so I know ur here for the porn, and not so much a blow by blow of a football game, so I’ll get to it. We won. We beat the tigers again, 21-3. I threw one interception, but they didn’t make it to the goal line. As usual, about half the team, and about 10-12 of the Tigers ended up down at the diner afterwards. Parker had walked up to our table and asked if he could sit down, to which I said sure.

“Seriously Dillon—how in the fuck have you guys pulled this off”? “It’s simple Parker—we just wanted it that bad. All you guys have done for the past three years is defend. Our mission was to take that title from you. A lot harder. But don’t be so depressed—if we both make it to playoffs, then we get to play again” Parker just stared at me, unsure of what to say next.

I invited him to come over to the house, and I would go over some stuff with him. Pretty dangerous I guess, giving the opponent some of your secrets, but I wanted him in those playoffs as badly as I wanted the Mustangs to win it. I promised I would figure out a way to get him back home to Austin tomorrow. He went for it. He should have learned by now not to allow himself to become alone with me. Yep—I was gonna tear that ass up. I guess by now, I was obsessed with Parker’s ass.

We got one of the guys to drop us off at my house. No one invited themselves over, which I did think was kinda odd, being homecoming and all. Dustin hung back with some of his buds, and they decided to have a sleep-over at one of their houses—perfect.

I didn’t waste much time. I was horny as fuck—-typical right after a game. Me and Parker head for the basement, where I first kick off my PF Flyer’s, and rip my tee off. As I walk past Parker, he made a slight comment about my funk, to which I just grin and take a whiff myself of my right pit. “Ya, lol, that’s the stink of a quarter back for sure”. I fish out a couple of beers from the mini-fridge, then a joint from the nite stand drawer. I take a couple of swigs, then light up the joint. I take a hard pull, then hand it off to Parker. He was still a little hesitant, like the times before, but he went ahead and took a light pull. I just grin at him and mutter “light weight” I chug down about half my beer in one swallow, then hit the joint again. It’s about ¾ gone now, and I hand it back to Parker, ushering him to take a longer pull. “You aint trying to get me fucked up now are you Dillon” ? I shoot him a big grin, showing off my pearly white teeth, and just respond “oh ya”.

As I suck down the last of my beer, I jump for the fridge and retrieve two more. “Drink up pussy” I reach to the back of the TV stand and fish out a porn, and pop it into the VCR. As it begins to play, Parker comments I seem to have a lot of gay porn. I strip out of my jeans, bearing the huge bulge of my half swelled cock captured by my game jock. Parker and me plop down on the bed, with Parker still in his jeans, but he had come out of his kicks and tee shirt. I immediately started rubbing on my junk, and took another whiff of my rank pit. “Damm” was all I said, as my dick jumped a couple of times. Parker, just kinda laid there watching the porn—I guess it just hadn’t set in yet what was about to come.

I reach across his chest to the nite stand drawer again, and fish out another joint. I usually had about 3-4 rolled up for quick access. I lite it up and stick it to Parkers mouth. “suck—suck—suck it Parker; hit it hard” Parker obeyed until he had sucked down about a ¼ of the joint. “Hold it dawg—don’t let it out till you turn blue”. I flash anther big grin at Parker, then hit the joint myself, consuming about half of it. I put out the blunt that’s left, and hop up to the fridge to retrieve my 3rd beer. Walking back to the bed, I shed my jock, and my now rock hard jock cock jumps to attention. I head for the nite stand yet again, this time fishing out my trusty tape measure. Standing right besides Parker, I place the end in my pubes, and pull it across the top of my shaft to my piss slit, now oozing fuck juice. I shoot another big rin, and exclaim loudly “Fuck ya dawg—nine fuckin inches” ! I had grown a half inch since fall practice just two months ago. “Not bad for a freshman, huh Parker” ? “Ya Dillon, that’s pretty impressive”. “Ahh come on dude—you packin pretty good urself—bout 8”, right”? “I really don’t measure it much bro” Well, let’s check ya out then dawg. Come on—shuck out of those jeans” More relaxed now, I guess from the beer and dope (which was the point, of course) Parker arches his back up from the bed and pulls off his jeans. I was kinda surprised a bit when I see he was free-ballin, and also was rock hard. Good combo—beer, dope, and porn. I grab his dick with my fist, and place the tape in his pubs, and pull it across his shaft. “Eight inches Parker. Pretty nice fuck stick dude”

I plop back onto the bed, and spread my legs kinda wide, crossing my right over his left. Parker is still laying there, still having not yet touched his dick. I grab mine with my left fist, and start with a slow stroking up and down, squeezing my big mushroom head on the upstroke, coaxing more of my thick stringy juice from my piss slit. Parker just kinda grins, but does finally reach down and start rubbing his balls. I decide now that the ‘process’ is just going to slow, so I grab Parker by the hair with my right hand, and pull his face down to my raging hard on. “Get to work, punk” I order him in a low growling voice. Parker resists, so I instantly cold cock him to the side of his face with my left fist. A whelp comes up on his cheek, just under his left eye, slightly red. “The next one will draw b l o o d dude—now, you know what you came here for, now get to work”

Parker still resits, exclaiming “we didn’t make no bet dude, so I ain’t suckin ur dick—and I ain’t ur fuckin punk either bitch” Oh fuck—he just fucked up—NOBODY calls me bitch, and lives. I slam another left cross, this time right into Parkers right eye. It busts open like a popped balloon. The b l o o d trickles down the right side of his face, dripping down to his chest. As I tighten the grip I still had on his hair, I get real close to his face, and looking him square into his eyes— “Remember Pony League, and when I r a p e d ur ass behind the shower house” ? “Ya, corse I fuckin remember” “Well dude, when I blasted my big jock load up in ur guts—that made you my punk—fore ever. I own that ass. And as far as the bet—that goes forever as well. Every time we meet dude—the winner gets some ass—as long as we both play ball. Now—I gotta hit you again, or you gonna swallow this dick” ?

Parker lays there motionless, not answering, and still not on my dick. I jumped up and straddle him over his chest, with my knees on each side of his rib cage, and pull them in tight. Letting go of his hair, I grab his throat with both hands, and squeezing hard, while pushing his head back into his pillow, I just start grinning, until finally, as his face begins to turn blue, and he starts choking up, he opens his mouth. Without letting go of his throat, I free handedly guide my engorged jock cock into his mouth, going half way down his throat on entry. I pull back, about half way, then releasing his throat, plunge my whole 9” down his throat, all the way to my pubes. Grabbing his hair once again, I begin a relentless invasion of his throat with my thick power stick, each time bottoming out, as his nose buries itself into the forest of my thick dense pubes. He felt so great. Letting go of his hair, I move my hand to the back of his neck, and yank him forward with each down stroke into the depths of his tight throat. Still mostly blue, Parker begins to choke up, and snot starts pouring from his nose, sticking to my pubes with each plunge. I flash an evil grin as I think to myself, ‘oh fuck ya’

I continue the b r u t a l assault on Parker’s throat for about 15 minutes. I was impressed, actually, that he—or anybody could take on my big swelled jock cock for that long, burying it each time in the back of his throat. As I began to feel the ‘tightening’ in my chest, and thighs, I finally jump up off him.

Jumping to the foot of the bed, I grab Parker by his ankles, and in one swift twist of his legs, flip him over on his belly. I instantly jump back to the bed, landing with my knees between his smooth muscular thighs. Spreading my knees, I open him up like a wish bone. I smile for a moment, taking in the tite pink hole that I had already come to know. Reaching for the nite stand, I grab the bottle of lube. Holding it about two feet above his ass, I squirt it out, landing perfectly on his perfectly round hole. Grabbing him again by the hair, I just mutter, “Relax dude—this is the part you been waiting for”.

I pull my right arm back, to where my fist was behind my ear. Then slamming it down to the small of his back, he lets out a yell from the pain. With that I slam my thick jock cock, free handed, into Parker’s tite greasy hole. Letting go of his hair, I grab him by the waist, and began yet another full on a s s u l t, this time in his ass. No warm up, no easing it it, just a brute thrust into his guts, past the top hole into the channel of his intestines. AKA—the sweet spot. It was instant dream world.

As the dope and beer were now doing their on a s s u l t on my brain, I slammed him as hard as I could, each thrust breaking up the contents of his guts. As I pulled out on the upstroke, I could see the mixture of the lube, and Parker’s ass juices coating my dick. It just made me swell up even more. I was past the point of no return. Parker finally began to relax, now totally limp. The only sounds were him whimpering, like puppy. Sweat began pouring down my back, and from my forehead. I continued my a s s u l t of his tite greasy hole, further busting up his guts, going at him like a jackhammer. Parker just made a grunting noise now, each time I slammed into him. Finally, the moment approached. My thighs began to tighten, showing the muscles in them. My abs started flexing so hard they almost hurt. I clenched my eyes, and gritted my teeth. Letting go of his waist, and placing my hands on the bed beside his ass, I began a full on, full body weight

invasion of Parker’s ass. I was fucking him with all my might. My face began to burn, as I felt it turning red. Then—it came.

I collapse onto Parker’s back. Totally covering him, with all 160 lbs of hard jock meat. Our sweat mixed together, and as I caught a whiff of his pits, I exploded. Just laying there, completely exhausted, I let out a rebel yell that was certainly heard half way around the block. I counted the shots, as my thick stream of jock juice filled his guts and ass. Nine shots I gifted him, firing off like a machine gun. My abs continued to flex—like I had just done a hundred crunches. My balls jumped up in their sacs, and into my body. I was almost in as much pain as I was ecstasy. I laid there for moments, relishing the feeling, still nutting into Parker’s ass.

I finally rolled off of Parker’s ass, and grabbing him by the waist, gently pull him back, turning him onto his side so that he could finally breath. As I ran my hand up his belly, I was startled at what I felt. Parker had nutted too—covering his belly with his own thick load of slimy jock jizz. I smiled, and looking down as my dick slid from his hole, the contents of his ass began spilling out. The lube, my jizz, and the ass slime dripped out of his hole, and down his ass crack, and the back of his balls. I grinned at my accomplishment. I had literally fucked the shit out of him 🙂

As I ran my hand up to his still heaving chest, I turned my head towards him until my mouth was just behind his ear. Softly whispering, I muttered “You know what Parker——————————————————————-I think Im in love”

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