New Jock Tales–Freshman year–Chptr 7–Homecomming–Pt 1 by DiamondDawgDillon

New Jock Tales—Freshman Year—Chptr 7–Homecoming PT 1

It was Wednesday before home coming. We had had successful wins the past two weeks on the road, scoring a total of 57 points. That definitely put us in the running for playoffs, but still five games to go. The school was once again a-buzz with excitement. And homecoming was gonna be rough—cause we had to play the Tigers once again. After a win over them on opening day, and busting up their three year winning streak, they would be out for revenge.

Mindy Atkins caught me in the hall-way and asked would I be willing to pose for the art class. I kinda grinned and said sure. It would be forth period, which worked out perfect cause I had study hall. I showed up with football in hand—I figured by asking me, a jock type figure is what they were after. There was a podium in the middle of the room, and all the easel’s were arranged circular around the center of the room. I figured must be the spot. As I approached the podium, I ripped of my tee shirt, and knocked off my kicks, then stripped out of my jeans and took a stand. Facing the doorway, I took a pose like I was about to throw the ball, much like the now famous pic of Ronald Reagan—‘cept he was in full uniform 🙂

About this time there were several gasps and ohhs and ahhs from the classroom, and Miss Taylor just walked in. She exclaimed kinda loudly “Matthew—what are you doing”? I kinda blushed a bit, but simply replied “Im posing Miss Taylor—ain’t that what I was sposed to do”? Well, yes—but not naked Matthew—you can’t be naked in here “! “but Miss Taylor, it’s art class right ? Isn’t that what ya’ll do—draw naked people”? “Umm no Matthew, not at high school level” Although I did still have on my jockstrap, She continued it was not allowed, but since I was already naked, she would call the office. After a few minutes of conversing over the speaker in the room, it was decided that since I was already striped down, that it would be allowed this one time. But they better finish up, cause they wouldn’t allow me to do it again. And for me report to the office after the class. “FUCK” I thought to myself.

So the class went well, and as it got close to the end, Miss Taylor instructed everyone to finish up, and I could go ahead and get dressed. Jumping back into my jeans, and lacing up my PF Flyers, the bell rang. Miss Taylor then instructed everyone to leave their drawings in the room, that we didn’t need pics of me naked flying around the school. As I walked out into the hallway, a few of the girls were walking close behind. Finally Mindy Atkins caught up to me, and was telling me how brave I was for standing there in nothing but a jock, and how “cute” I was with my skinny little hairy butt. Finally, I thought to myself—somebody noticed ! I just grinned. . She went on with several of the girls had commented how they would love to see more –maybe without the jock. “I think a couple of the b o I s were kinda stirred up too” she giggled.

So I told Mindy “I tell you what—I’ll be out at the field house, in the locker room after school working out. If ya’ll wanna show up, we will see what happens”. Mindy lit up like a Christmas tree, and turned to her girl friends giggling. I just said “see ya later”.

I head for the office to see what kinda trouble I was about to be in. The conversation went pretty much the same as with Miss Taylor—I thought that’s what I was supposed to do. Not that it was actually illegal, but naked bodies wasn’t something typically taken on by a freshman art class. The principal went on with “and you need a haircut Matthew—your way past the school policy”. I protested that it was just hair, jeez, and that lots of guys had ‘surfer doos’ “Off the collar, and above the ears Matthew—get it done by homecoming”. “And Matthew, you are right in that the human body is a beautiful thing, but according to Miss Taylor, ur packin enough down there to border on the pornographic”. I shot a big grin to the principal, and just said “one lucky white boi”

I was pissed as fuck. It was what the student handbook said, but fuck, prolly half the team had hair down to their shoulders. I went to my next class and struggled through. The hair issue, and possibly a bunch of girls following me around now in hopes of some big jock cock was filling up my mind. School finally out now for the day, I head for the field house. I barely got in and stripped down, and got on a bench when one of the other guys announced there were some girls outside the door. “Ya—it’s kewl, yearbook staff I think–let them in”

As I begin to do some bench presses, clad only by my jock, sure nuff, in walks Mindy and a couple of her girl friends. Mark McCoy walks over behind me to ‘spot me’, although I was pretty sure he just wanted to check out the girls. Mindy starts chatting a bit, me not really paying much attention. As Im looking up from the bench, I can see Mark’s hairy junk above my head. He was wearing just some loose gym shorts, but no jock. It got me a bit stirred up, to the point I wasn’t really concentrating on what I was doing. Finally I just decided ‘fuck it’, and jumped up from the bench, and stripped out of my jock. The girls all exclaimed various things, and even Mark commented “damm Dillon” Sitting on the edge of the bench, I grab a dumb bell to do some curls. With my legs spread pretty wide, and resting my elbow on the insides of my knee, I look up at Mindy and just said “well—who’s first”

Mindy’s eyes widened and her mouth fell open, but she wasted no time in dropping down to the dirty floor of the locker room, and gulping down on my big jock cock. Like most—she couldn’t get much past the head, but it still felt good. Pretty amateur really, but fuck—a wet dick is a wet dick. She ran her tongue across my piss slit, savoring my sweet stringy ‘fuck juice’. She moaned at it’s awesome taste. I like it a lot myself :).

Mindy was going to town now on my thick jock mushroom head, then one of the other girls tapped her on the shoulder asking for a turn. As the girls switched places, I threw the dumbell over to the other arm. Mark was getting pretty excited watching, so he proclaimed “I got some over here girls, if ya don’t want to wait”. The third girl took up his offer, and went down on Mark’s pretty impressive dick. Not as big as me, but prolly around 7 to 7 ½ inches. As I continued to curl, the second girl continued to suck down on my now fully engorged cock. She could get about half down her throat, which was pretty good for a young inexperienced girl.

As things heated up, and the veins on my shaft started poppin out, I could feel my thighs starting to tremble already. I lowered the dumb bell down on the floor, and just layed back on the bench. Mindy wanted back on my dick, so I told her to come get it, and the told the second girl to come and straddle over me, and put her pussy right in my face. She was happy to oblige, and I shoved my tongue str8 into her dripping wet cunt. Mindy was fisting my dick now, and and going up and down my dick with her tight wet lips about a hundred miles an hour. This wasn’t going to last long. I looked up, and motioned for Mark to come in and stick it to her from behind. He was all to happy to do so, and grabbing her by the waist, slung it to her in typical jock style. Mindy let out a yelp, but continued her sucking on my thick jock stick. Mark began pounding the fuck out of her, and the groans got louder.

With the moment almost upon us, as everyone became louder, and the sweat started pouring, Mark was the first to nut. He pulled out of Mindy, and blasted his jock jizz across her back, shot after shot. As Mindy felt the jizz hit her, she ground her pussy into my face, rubbing it up and down my mouth as I f o r c e d my tongue as deep into her as I could. Her pussy creamed all over my face, and I blew into the mouth of the other girl still sucking me for all she was worth. Immediately my juice started flowing from her mouth, as there was no way to hold all that nut. She grabbed my thick shaft and started pumping, with me still blasting shot after shot of thick heavy jock juice across her face and hair.

Mindy let out a yell, and easing up off of my mouth, started pissing all over me. I let out a chuckle, and then a full on laugh as she soaked me in her hot female piss. The others started laughing as well, and Mindy continued to piss as if it would never stop. The third girl was now on her knees again, slurping up the remnants of Mark’s Jizz, and Mindy’s pussy juice. Suddenly someone said someone was walking towards the field house, and peaking out the window, Mark said it was some of the other guys coming to work out.

The girls jumped up and quickly getting dressed, ran from the locker room. Mark and me then assumed positions back on the bench, and I began bench pressing again, with him spotting me. He looked down at me and asked “damm homie, you get action like that often”? I looked up and grinned, “every fuckin day dude—every fuckin day”

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