New Jock Tales–Freshman year–Chptr 11–Schools Out ! by DiamondDawgDillon

New Jock Tales—Freshman year—Chptr 11–School’s Out !

Schooooooooools out—-for—-summer !! da da da dat–dadadadat.

Yaaaawweee. Finally ! In spite of my model student athlete status, other than football and cheerleaders, I pretty much hated school. It just wasn’t me, and therefore no plans for college. I bolted out the gym doors, and headed straight for my jeep. I was so proud of it, and had gotten tons of compliments. Canary yellow—Muncie 4-speed. 33” Micky Thompson tires. One bad ass fuckin sound system. Edlebrock intake and carb. I ripped my tee off running towards it, then my kicks on arrival. I hadn’t had the top on the jeep since I bought it. Topless, topless, and barefooted. A proud example for white boi trailer trash—even though we did live in a house:)

I was horny and out to get high, and drunk, and some lucky boi or girl was gonna get 9” of hard jock cock today.

But first, lol, just to recap—

The birthday bash down at the diner two weeks ago was awesome. Mom and the girls went all out, with BBQ and banana pudding. Lots of guys from the team were there, including Brad Duncan. Every time Mandy came to our table, she would smile at Brad, and he would blush. One one trip, Brad bolted for the boys room out of embarrassment. As Mandy approached the table, I said to her “Mandy—-look at that butt ! Ain’t that the cutest butt”? Pointing at Brad. Mandy giggled, and responded “Ya, it is kinda cute”. “Kinda”??? I said in amazment. Tell me you wouldn’t give anything to sink ur teeth into that hard jock meat”! Mandy blushed, and giggled again, just as Brad emerges up the hallway from the bathroom. Dustin, of all people spoke up offering, “I hear he has a big dick too”. Mandy grasped her face, with that girlish “Oh my Gawd”, just as Brad arrives back at the table. “Whut”? Brad asks perplexed. Dustin pipes up again, “Mandy wants to check out ur butt”. Now both are utterly embarrassed at our teasing of them so, pointing towards the back of the diner, I just offer “That table down there is empty”. “Hey mom—Brandy gonna take a break” ! “OK hun”.

As I was eating my pudding, suddenly I had the most kinkiest thought—so I decided to take some home. We all rise, and I leave a fiver on the table for Mandy. Walking back towards them I offer to Brad, “OK homie—we did the prelim work for ya—don’t fuck it up now”.

Exactly three years later to the day, both Brad and Mandy said “I DO”. The entire football team served as honorary best men, in full uniform 🙂 This year will be their 25th anniversary. Just thought I’d throw that in there 🙂

Kirk dropped me and Dustin off at the house, and as promised, I hopped on lil bro’s mt bike and strolled down to his house about 10:00 PM, with pudding in hand 🙂

Kirk welcomed me in, and we head straight for the patio. I asked if he had a beer, and he gave me a hard parental look. I told him it was totally cool, that I would never squeal on a client. “An besides dude, I been drinkin and smokin dope since before Freshman year. . Kirk shook his head, prolly wondering what he had gotten himself into.

Finally giving in, he brings out an ice cold one, and I nearly kill it in one gulp. I instantly strip down in the warm Texas night, and went right to work on my big 9” jock cock. Kirk was still amazed at my gift, and being so young, and non-bashfull at showing it off at any chance. After stroking up a few minutes, and spreading my legs a bit more, I jab my hairy ass-hole with my middle finger, and got the fuck juices flowing. Kirk asked if I wanted another beer, to which I nodded yes. (suddenly he’s out to get me drunk ???) As he jumped to the kitchen, I fished out the banana pudding from my back pac. Quickly huffing down the vanilla wafers, leaving just the creamy pudding, and meringue, I take a big scoop in my hand, and grab my thick meat, returning to stroking it up, coating it with the pudding as lube, lol.

When Kirk returns with the beer, he just smiles, and said I was one kinky dude. “Ya—I got the idea at the dinner—this will be the best juice you ever had.

I let go of my dick, and grab the beer—once again chugging it down until almost empty. I hardly did anything slow—everything was fast and hard. I look over at Kirk, and just said “get it dude—get on my big nanner dick” with a grin. Kirk wasted no time in leaping for my big jock dick, and gobbled it down to the pubes. I rolled my eyes back, and tilted my head back into the lounge chair. Oh my fuckin god, that felt great. As he ran his tongue around my shaft, and piss slit, mixing my fuck juice with the pudding, I thought I was going to explode just any moment. Grabbing the two beer cans, I sucked down the last few ounces of each, then grabbing Kirk around the back of his head, began a relentless pounding of his throat.

It only took a few minutes before the abs started to tighten, and with one final plunge, I unload in Kirk’s throat. Five shots of my thick jock rope go straight down, as he chokes up to hold it. Some of my load starts ozzing back out of his mouth as he feverishly laps me up like a puppy. I pushed his head up off my dick, and then something that had never happened—I blasted two more ropes straight up to my pecs, leaving a trail down to my belly. I just grin really big, then raising my feet up into the air, told him to push my legs back behind my ears.

Eager to accommodate, I snatch up another 3 fingers of the pudding, and spread it up and down my hairy crack and hole. Staring down at him, I simply say “munch”, to which he quickly obeys. Finally grabbing his own rock hard dick, Kirk begins to pull it like a mad man, while munching down on my ‘nanner flavored greasy jock hole. It only took a minute before he came up, and aiming for my chest, blasted his own load across my torso.

I scooped up a couple more fingers of the pudding, and running them up and down my chest and belly, mix the juice and pudding together. Kirk gives me a twisted look, and just says “what about the piss”? I flash back an evil grin, and just mutter “fuckin pig”. I relax my body, and close my eyes. Stretching my two arms up and behind my head, I turn my head from left to right, taking a deep huff of my ripe stinkin pits. I unload the stream, hitting me just under the chin, and soak my entire body with my hot stinkin piss. Surprising even me, I pop out another three shots of my thick jock goo, free-handed. As the juices and piss and pudding mix together, Kirk buries his face in my belly, and starts lapping up the mix, again like a hungry puppy.

After both of us just lay there for several minutes, I told Kirk I really should jet—I didn’t like leaving Dustin at home by himself late at night. And if he ever told mom, she would k I l l me. Kirk nodded approval, and I got dressed, sliding into my tee over the milky mess still sticking to my torso. I tied the laces together of my PF Flyers, and slung them around the back of my neck—a jock thing.

Right upon leaving, I asked Kirk if he knew a tat guy. He responded that he in fact did, so I asked him to check and see if the dude would put some ink on me. If it helped, tell him I got a big dick 🙂

Sooooo, back to today. As I got home from school, I quickly changed into some cut-offs and sneaks. Kirk had let me keep the beaters he gave me to wear a couple of weeks ago on my birthday for ‘mowing shoes’. They stunk, lol.

I quickly jog down to his house, and fish out the mower to start his yard—it was his day. It was hot—about 90, and I started dripping in sweat as soon as I got going. Finishing up, Kirk joins me around back at the patio with a tall glass of iced tea—my 2nd favorite behind beer, lol. Just chit-chatting a bit, he offers that he had talked to his tattoo guy, and he agreed to put the tat on me, but late night, and at his house. I said that was fine with me, but I would have to bring along lil bro. “So what is this tat your so urgent about getting”? Having anticipated the question, I fish out the piece of paper I had stored in my back pocket. That big beautiful diamond, with ‘go go diamond dillon’ arced across the top. I explained to Kirk it had been in my locker at every game, right under my helmet. I still had no idea where it came from.

“That’s amazing Matt” I respond with “ya—-and so is this” With that I whip out my big jock dick, and start stroking up. Kirk just grins, and says “oh Ya”

We got at it like usual, cept this time more on the vanilla side. He wanted that thick jock junk pretty quick today I guess 🙂

As we finish up, and Kirk re-fills the tea, he offers that we could go down to “Jakes” house tonight to get the tat done. He would spot me some cash if I needed it, cause he forgot to ask Jake what he would charge me. Also, he had a son about Dustin’s age, so they could hang out together while the rest of us worked on the ink.

I said that all was awesome, to come by about 7:00 and we could go grab some grub down at the diner, then head out. We wouldn’t tell mom, cause she kinda had a thing about tats and stuff, and she already had voiced that she didn’t like the mohawk. Most of us that got them back at homecoming were still sporting them, and decided to keep them for high school.

The diner was busy, being a Friday night. Since there were three of us we opted for pizza instead of burgers. Scarfing it down rather quickly, we head for the door. “What you b o y s up to tonight hun”? asked my mom all cheerful n shit. I hesitate until we were out the door, and as it closes I holler back “getting a tattoo mom”. Kirk and Dustin and me each start giggling, and bolt for the car to escape before mom could come out to stop us.

We arrive about 45 minutes later at Jake’s—he was bout 20 miles out in the country, and there was some traffic getting out of Tyler. Jake introduces his wife, Sheila, and son Nate. The two b o y s head for the den, with snacks in hand to get into some scary movies. The rest of us head downstairs to Jake’s home studio. I shed my tee on the way down, and Sheila compliments me on my ‘tite’ bod. I give a nervous grin and head for the obvious chair. Showing the drawing to Jake, he replied with “Oh ya—that’s sweet. This will be easy, about 30 minutes”.

It was pretty quite as Jake went to work, digging the needle into the muscle of my back right shoulder. He asked about the drawing, so once again I went through the story. Jumping up to re-fill our drinks, Sheila commented on the ‘lump’ in my pants. Blushing, and looking down at my right thigh, I just kinda grinned and softly replied “ya—it’s pretty big ”. Freeballin as usual, and noticing that my jeans were a bit tight tonight, I was packing a pretty big lump. Even soft, I hung about 7” Jake just kept working and the room got quite again.

I took about 40 minutes, and Jake complimented that I took the needle well, being my first time. I checked it out in the mirror, and flashed a big grin, thanking him for doing it. When I asked Jake how much, he cleared his throat, and started slowly with “well Matt, here’s the deal. Normally that would be about a $75 tat. But I got a proposition for ya you might like. We already heard about that big dick of yours—Kirk went into some pretty good details for us. So—-I want you to fuck my wife, and Kirk and me watch”.

A look of astonishment, for sure, came across my face. I just looked at Jake, and replied “huh?” “Ya Matt—fuck my wife. She digs young jock cock, and it’s totally cool with me. We won’t tell either, lol” I respond nervously with, “well, fuck ya”!

Sheila jumps up with joy, and taking a quick swig of her bloody mary, we all go back upstairs to the master bedroom.

Sheila quickly jumps on the bed, and sheds her clothes, while Jake and Kirk take a seat each on the side of the bed. I shrug my shoulders, and drop my pants, and kick them to the foot of the bed. “Oh my gawd honey—he’s so hairy ! And look at that cute tite butt” ! I just flash a smile, and crawl up between Sheila’s thigh’s from the foot of the bed. Spreading her slightly, I dive straight in, burying my face into her bushy pussy, and stick my tongue right into her cunt. Sheila let’s out a slight exclamation, and spreading her more open with my hands, run my tongue even deeper into her wet snatch. I didn’t usually spend a lot of time nibbling on the clit like a lot of guys do, I wanted that pussy juice all over my face !

Eating her out for about 15 minutes, while Kirk and Jake begin jacking their dicks watching, I decided it was time to slip her the meat. Sitting back on all fours, I grab my dick and balls, and guide my now rock hard dick into her lips. As her eyes widen, and she inhales, I drive my thick jock meat all the way in. Sheila grabs me around the small of my back, and I start a slow thrust, in and out of her tunnel, getting her all moist and wet. A few minutes of slow mo, and sucking on her tits, suddenly, she pushes my face back with both hands, and loudly proclaims, “fuck me Matthew—fuck me and mean it”

Well, that’s all I needed. Sitting back on my haunches, I grab Sheila by her thighs, and swing them up and over my shoulders. Maintaining a tight grip, I slam it to her with a moderate trust, and go to town. Quickly jabbing her cunt with my thick pulsating cock, I start sweating, dripping down my forehead and pits. It was hot in the room, but I liked it. Jake and Kirk had now totally removed their pants, and each wide-spread, where whacking away at their dicks like a couple of pent up prisoners. I continued ramming Sheila like a horned up dog myself, and clenching my eyes and teeth, I finally pull out. From her screaming and gyrating around, and the wetness of my pubes, I assumed she had cum. I grab my dick at the base, and aim right for her mouth. BAMM !

Three quick shots right to her face. Then 5 more right between the tits, then trailing down to her tummy. I smiled at my ‘average’ load, but to the others, prolly pretty big. Sheila exclaims “oh my gawd” and I quickly hop off the bed and grab my jeans.

We quickly dress, and I go round up Dustin. I knew he would be getting sleepy, and we were just shy of an hour getting back home. We get back, and I thank Kirk for an awesome night, and put Dustin to bed. Down to my room, I fish out another beer from the mini-fridge, and Light up a joint. Been wanting that all day. Putting on some porn, I grab hold of my still wet dick and go at it. One more nut before crashing out.

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